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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  November 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. >> and happening now, the worlds reacts to the death of former dictator fidel castro, people celebrated in the streets of miami soon after learning of castro's death at the age of 990. cuba's infamous former president led a rebel arm toy victory, embraced stove yet style communism, and defied the power of 10us presidents, all during a half century rule. early this morning, castro's brother, raole confirms the death. good evening, i'm dawn timoney. for many americans, castro was a symbol of the coal war. tonight people around the worlds are reacting to a day that will go down in history. fox's bill keating has the very latest for us from miami.
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>> no longer alive. >> reaction, pouring in, as news spread of the dead of -- death of fidel castro at the age every 90n miami's little havana neighborhood, people shook to the streets in celebration. >> i'm not here to celebrate death, but here to celebrate the beginning of the crumbling down of tyranny that has oppressed my people. >> dictator that has hurt the lives of at least four generations of cubans. inside and outside. >> castro ruled cuba for nearly half a century. he seized power in 1959 with the military coup, and ruled with an iron fist. his legacy marched by human rights violations. however, some residents of havana expressing doubt that this news will change anything in the country at all. >> well, there could be change, or maybe things will stay the same. time will tell. one thing for sure, we are
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ready for whatever comes, because we cubans are always red. >> i president obama releasing a statement in part we extends hands of friendship to the cuban people. we know that this moment fills cubans with powerful emotions, president-elect trump initially tweeted fidel castro is dead. but followed up with a more in depth statement saying in part quote though the tragedy death and pain caused by fidel castro cannot be re raised our administration will do all it can to ensure the cuban people can finally begin their journey toward prosperity. as the celebrations in miami continue in cuba, another story. president cast troll, fidel's brother, has ordered nine days of national mourning, with the funeral of the 09 year old dictator scheduled for december 4th. in miami, florida bit keel -- phil keating, fox news. >> you will remember president obama restored diplomatic ties, opening up travel. but on the campaign trail,
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president-elect donald trump promised to reverse all of that. some cuban exile leaders say they don't want to cancel president obama's deal altogether, but rather, renegotiate. >> any concessions that are going to be given to the castro regime, must come with a demands, and the demand must be respect rights of the cuban people. >> all eyes now on the trump administration, and how it will handle us cuban relations going forward. castro's death is triggering intense emotions for many americans with cuban heritage. here in our area today's developments are bringing back some very difficult memories. fox 29's brad sat on joins us with that. >> a lot of local connections here there is afternoon i spoke with rich negative rink, former philadelphia city managing director. he was born here in the u.s. after his parent fled cuba in 1961, his father was targeted
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for assassination, and rich saw it happen. >> to have such a terrible dictator rule for so long, with really iron fist over 11 million people, it is a great day in history. >> fidel castro's nearly 50-year rule isn't just something for the history books. his dictatorship was real life for rich negrin and his family, witnessed the murder every his father who helped free thousands of prisoners from cuba in the 19 60s. >> my dad negotiated for the release of 3,000, and as a result targeted by radical cuban group, owe mega seven, targeted him asomugha as nation, and he was killed when i was 13 for his beliefs. >> richard's grandmother lives in new jersey. when he heard the news of castro's death he was quick to give her a call. >> she was incredibly happy she outlived fidel castro, to show you how hot the passion burns among cuban americans,
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the fact that she could take a breath today, and he was no longer alive and breathing, gave her great, great joy. >> the question now is what is ahead. fidel castro's brother now rules, but at age 85, raol castro soon planning to step down. >> as cuba takes a step toward dem okras up, starts to look at real reform over time, having the united states, you know, put the carrot out there around the economy, and even reducing the embargo more and more, as we have reforms; where we need to go. that's not going to happen overnight. but the steps are there. the president going therefore the first time, and now fidel castro kind of the old garb passing away, good start. >> you're optimistic? >> i'm very optimistic. >> rich says demos rack i has to start with open internet and freedom of the press. says there won't be any overnight change, as you heard, he is very hopeful. dawn? >> all right, thank you, brad. we will of course continue to follow any developments in connection with fidel castro's death. and reaction from around the world, you can look for
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updates on right there on our home page. breaking news tonight. in the presidential election, hillary clinton's campaign announced today that it is going to take part in an effort to recount votes in key swing states, including pennsylvania. one every clinton's campaign counsel made the announcement today on medium. said the campaign joining green party candidate jill stein, worth nearly $6 million to prom vote recount in wisconsin, michigan, and pennsylvania. today said, quote, it is funds mental principal of democracy to ensure that every vote is properly counted. we'll have full look at efforts to recount votes coming up a little later on in this broadcast. >> now, to a developing story in philadelphia's roxborough neighborhood, an hour's long barricade situation at home on river road is now over. police officers dodged bullets, trains on septa's norristown, manayunk line came to a halt, and robots rolled into action during the tense
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ordeal. tonight police say the man who started it all is dead, and there are a lot of questions that still need answering. fox 29's sabina kuriakose has the story. >> reporter: investigators carry out long guns, sawed off shotguns, and handguns from this home along river street in roxborough saturday morning. for nearly four hours, it was the scene after large police barricade which began after police re ponded -- respond today a call with a man with a gun around 5:30 a.m. >> when he arrived, heard additional gunshots, saw muzzle flash, they saw a male with a firearm, at that point they backed out, they made a clear barricade situation. >> swat teams, fire, marine crews surrounded the home which lies along the schuylkill river, a land and water search for 594 year old prospect ensued, while police negotiators tried to make contact inside the home. twenty-five neighbors were evacuated, others told to stay in place. authorities allege the armed man had military training, and arsenal of wept nones his
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home. hours into the stand-off, without hearing from the alleged gunman, swat teams sent in robots. >> we inserted robots with cameras into the property and we were able to see that the male was down. >> the suspect found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wounds, according to philadelphia police chief inspector, joe sullivan. >> it was like something out out of a tv show. >> told to take shelter in her home, alongside her 83 year old mother, throughout the hours-long ordeal. says her neighbor had acted irradically in the past. >> periods of yelling, and screaming, and obscenities, it never went this far to where he was shooting his gun. we new he had them. we were all very nervous about somewhat that unstable having them. >> this investigation is not over. detective right now combing through this home for clues. they're trying to piece together a picture of exactly what led the suspect to allegedly fire shots randomly in the early hours of the
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morning, and without heeding police officers called to stop. in roxborough, sabina kuriakose, "fox 29 news". and an investigation is underway tonight after philadelphia police officer shot and critically wounded a man in kensington, it all started last night when police say two officers asked a man to stop on the 1800 block of east clementine street. we don't know exactly y they say the man, how much, reached toward his waistbands, and the officers reported seeing a buldge under the man's sweatshirt. then police say the man took off running, officers gave chase, but officers say the man eventually fired a gun toward them. they returned fire, hitting the man several times. that man is in the hospital in critical condition. the officer's were not hurt. police say a woman, who was walking in the area was hit in the leg by the gunfire, but the good news is she will be okay. >> to your fox 29 weather authority, now, the start after crisp, clear evening. meteorologist, monica, with more on how the night and the rest of the weekends is shaping up. >> reporter: actually we'll
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see those clouds continue to clear out. so if you can see all that much sunshine today, i think tomorrow is your day. we will actually really clear out this cloudage. you can see, it was cloudy earlier today, and then it started to break apart. want to expand this back though, so you can see, there are showers, snow or rain, north and west of us. up through new york and back into western pennsylvania. they are continuing to push east, but as they do, breaking apart, so we're going to hold it mainly dry for the rest of tonight. here we are taking a look at high for today, 50 degrees in philadelphia. a few degrees below normal, trenton at 50 degrees, atlantic city at 54 degrees. here's where we stands right now, 47, for those of us in philadelphia, we've got temperature of 40 degrees in pottstown, reading, also, coming in at about 43 degrees. tonight, it is going to be dropping. talking 30's, seven -- 37 degrees in the sit, outside the suburbs, near freezing, so be sure to bundle up, dawn. >> thanks, monica, will do. great day to go shopping in haddonfield. the jersey town is making the
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whole weekend about buying great and local gifts for the holiday season. several stores had special deals for today's small business saturday. and as you can see, people were out in numbers to check some holiday gifts off their list. business owners are specially happy about today's turn out. >> this is where you can measure just how successful you really are. if people are making a point to come to support your business, that means you are getting something right, doing something right. so it is just kind of a sign things are going well, and it just kind of boosts your energy for the rest of the season. >> haddon fields' event just one of many small business saturdays going on in our region today. i was out in chestnut hill myself. >> in kentucky, an amazing rescue, involving a pregnant woman. but she wasn't the one who needed help. how she saved a man's life after he caught the fire. plus: you haven't stopped smiling. why? children in one local
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neighborhood really thankful that an area grand ma got the help she needs to keep feeding them. why we have you our viewers to thank for all of that. sean? >> dawn, it is the final week in regular college football season. both penn state and temple have accomplished championship dreams. we breakdown all of the scenarios for you later in sports.
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>> more on a developing story. it appears the 2016 election isn't quite over yet. the green party candidate, jill stein, is seeking recounts in three states, wisconsin, michigan, and right
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her in pennsylvania, where trump's margin every victory was extremely thin, and today picked upstream. fox's garrett ten i has the latest. >> hillary clinton could still end up in the white house, depending on the outcome of recounts in several key battleground states. the chances that far happening, are slim to none, but, still, green party candidate, jill stein; launching an effort to recount votes in states including wisconsin, pennsylvanian michigan, all states where donald trump narrowly beat hillary clinton. while stein admits there is no indication that haak g or vote tampering took place in any of those states, a hands full of computer science expert are claim ago hack choir have potentially influenced the election. of course, there is currently no evidence to support that claim. still, stein says, a full recount is needed for voters reassurance. >> we are standing up for voting system, that we deserve, that we can have confidence in, that has
6:16 pm
integrity, and security, and that we know is not subject to tampering, malfeasance, hacking, and so on. >> reporter: stein has already raised more than $5 million in this effort well on it way to the goal of $7 million. following the election, the clinton campaign said it looks into every report of hacking or voting irregularities, as well, and found nothing. but late yesterday, when the wisconsin election commission received stein's request and agreed to move forward with the recount, clinton team jumped on board. that will post on medium, clinton attorney marker i can al lie as, now that a recount is underway, we believe we have an obligation to the more than 64 million americans, who cast ballots for hillary clinton, to participate in on-going proceedings to end sure an accurate vote count will be reported. the official recount effort in wisconsin is expected to get underway late next week and the filing deadline for pennsylvania is monday, in michigan is wednesday. in washington, i'm garrett
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tenney fox news. >> in center city philadelphia this shopping spree is all about helping other. today burlington coat factory opened it doors to children in need for its annual operation "cold war" for kids. the alpha few alpha fraternity raised more than $5,000 for today's event. they gave under served children in the area a 50-dollar voucher to buy a brand new coat of their choice. it is the third year for this event. the spirit of thanksgiving, alive in a kensington neighborhood, where people doubt that anybody really cared about them at all. we showed you their struggle little over a week ago, one feisty grants mom is fighting city hall, and anybody else getting in the way of her feeding some hungry children in a community stricken by poverty, and joyce evans went back to report on good news all made possible by you our viewers. >> the generosity has been overwhelming. it has been wonderful. >> reporter: and it keeps
6:18 pm
oncoming. >> color books, art supplies, fresh fruit, pastries, bread, every day. someone was calling, someone was knocking, neighbors were like a lady cam on the block and dropped some things off. >> reporter: including a philadelphia police officer, not patrolling the neighborhood looking for folks up to no good. >> came with a whole trunk full of food and so he had gave us about three cases of this juice, all sorts of smacks. >> an officer pulled up? >> pulled up sunday morning. >> that's not all. >> that go fund me had been up little over two years, we had already raised 4,000, now there is 9,000 in there. >> reporter: can't touch any that far yet but -- >> we're loaded with cheese sticks, everybody was great because they bought us a lot of dry goods. >> are you open for business again? >> open for business. open for business. >> reporter: now a -- no announcement necessary. miss monica's door was open.
6:19 pm
>> you haven't stopped smiling. why? >> i am just so happy. >> reporter: she is not the only one thrilled to be here. >> what do you like best? >> reporter: the bad news came during the first visit to 3125 reach street. >> i actually doesn't have nothing to give them. >> reporter: she was able to scrounging up just enough for the kids who came inside thinking that the summer meals program miss monica had run for the past two summers had been extended to go year around. >> but now she is closed. >> reporter: you want her to open back up? these little faces, why monica wright refuses to take no from city hall, harrisburg, or washington, d.c., after she was denied an usda funding for her project to feed hungry kids, and provide a fun, safe place for learning, if only for couple of hours a day. >> we've been living in a
6:20 pm
depressed situation for so long on this block. >> reporter: but her kensington rowhouse does not meet qualifications of the at risk after school meals program. the school year version of the summer program she just ran out of the same house. >> it shouldn't be as much of a fight. you know? in order to do something in your community. but now we have a foundation to get the things done that the city wants done so that we can qualify for the usda. >> reporter: now she is open again. thanks to outpouring of support from our viewers, miss monica says she can continue to fight through all of that red tape, and her struggle to get the kids fed and off the streets. >> we want -- so it is time to come down to miss monica's place, we be so happy, and it be really fun. >> she didn't give up. that will encouraged us not to give up. she is a blessing to the neighborhood. >> neighbor and parent has been volunteering here since the very beginning.
6:21 pm
>> let the christmas of spirit spirit -- spirit every christmas earl. >> i arts and crafts donated by generous fox 29 viewers. >> i tell you the city really proved this is a city of brotherly love. >> joyce evans! "fox 29 news". i like to see those smiling faces, they've started petition drive door-to-door and on line to take the cost out of qualifying for public money. if you want it help out monica and those sweet children, we have information on history resurfaces in one of the great lakes after nearly 150 years of big ship is drying out. tonight we know why it sang, and what happened to the people on board. and do your kids know about pinky? it could be deadly. it is far to easy to get. >> how people are getting their hands on a drug that's not only illegal, it is not
6:22 pm
even meant for human use. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen sign then drive event. heart break-in san antonio texas, good samaritan shot
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dead in a wal-mart parking l someone assaulting a woman and a witness jumped in to help, that's when the attacker pulled out a gun and shot the man. another woman, who was in the car with the victim, was hit by shrapnel. a bullet also hit a bystander, and police say, her injuries are life threatening. you have to give credit for the man trying to intervene. i think anyone would do, that fortunately, this man was too eager to shoot. soap, i mean, i mean, i think anyone would try to intervene if they were to see something like that. >> the woman targeted in the initial attack was able to escape, a police helicopter folds the suspect's vehicle for 10 miles before officers finally caught up and arrested him. >> what sang beneath the water nearly 150 years ago is resurfaced in new york state, two explorers, just announced discovery of ship named black duck, off of lake ontario new york shore. the 144 year old, 51-foot long
6:26 pm
sailing vessel sang, during a strong wind storm, back in august of 1872. the ship's captain, his wife and crew member, the only people on board, all survived the wreck. the black duck typically sailed on rivers for short voyages, they think this is the only fully intact, absolute to exist in the great lakes. well, do your children know about pinky? you can try to google it, but you won't find the deadly effect of this new way people are getting high. how people are buying a drug that's not only illegal, it is not even meant for human use. and you may be focusing on running or sleeping off that thanksgiving meal, but one woman in philadelphia just hit the ground running, and she's not doing it just for exercise, wait until you hear what she is running with and why. monica? >> we have some cool sunshine. we're talking for the rest of our weekend, next week, well, we've got some rising temperatures and rain on the way. i'm talk about the mid week
6:27 pm
soaker coming up.
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>> happening no, the world reacting to the death of fidel castro and the reaction is mixed. the former president of cuba died overnight, at the age of 90. castro stood defiantly against 10us presidents with his communist leadership of the small country. president obama announced the softening of us sanctions against cuba back in 2014. around the world, many remember castro as a tie ran i can dictator. many in cuba considered castro the lead her to brought education and medication to the masses. president-elect donald trump described his legacy as quote one of firing squads, theft, unimaginable, suffering, poverty and the denial of funds mental human rights.
6:31 pm
>> our cherry hill police officer is back home tonight after authorities say a drunk driver going the wrong way crashed head-on into his police cruiser. it happened early this morning, on route 70. that officer was treated at the hospital, and released. the other driver, who has not yet been identified, went to the hospital, as well, and is expected to be okay. that will driver has been charged with drunk driving, and other charges could be on the way. >> the rocky steps at the art museum have been packed with men, women and children, looking to get some exercise to work off that big thanksgiving meal. but, we're betting none of them put in the kind of work out we saw when our bruce gordon met up with cancer survivor all decked out in her red, white and blue. >> reporter: there were lots of rocky steps runners on the day after thanksgiving, tourists and movie buffs and those working off a big meal. but randy had his sites set on one very special step err, there she is, caring a back
6:32 pm
bag, flag, and message. >> doesn't matter how old you, if you set out to do something, you can do it. >> reporter: elaine, 56 year old cancer survivor, ran 10 miles from her childhood home in havertown get to the art museum. and will complete this unusual marathon by jogging the final 16.2 miles up and down the museum steps. 389 trips in all. oh, she trained for it. >> what was your thanksgiving like? you're running a marathon today, most uphill. what was your thanksgiving like? >> we had steak and lobster. >> steak and lobster? >> yes. protein, protein. >> a nurse, now living in las vegas, who preaches healthy eating, healthy living, elaine has made a career out of long distance runs, by just last year, she complete add trip around the perimeter of the us, nearly 10,000 miles worth. she relied on strangers, for lodging, support. >> the only thing i could think of is it was such a
6:33 pm
beautiful display of humanity. >> on that trip, as on this one, she carried with her the ashes of her brother, anthony, who died in 2013, after suffering a stroke the year before. she has spread some of his ashes along her route, but will bring the rest to their mother's graveside in springfield, delaware county. >> he went with me the whole way, and that journey over, and then now it is time for a new chapter and put him to rest. >> 389 trips up and down these steps, is no picnic. i joined her for a single lap and was ready for a stretcher. all 5-foot 3 inches, 117 pounds, piece of cake. >> no word impossible is nearly a phrase that offers an excuse. >> reporter: so at this iconic place, symbolizing the underdog giving it his all. >> i got. >> this don't know what time it will be. >> she hopes to share a story that resonates just like the down and out fight fresh south philadelphia. >> puttings behind hope.
6:34 pm
we can have all of the hope we want. but if you don't have any action behind it, you are going no where. >> at the art museum, bruce gordon, "fox 29 news". and now your fox 29 weather authority, meteorologist, monica. >> i can't imagine running up all of those stairs that many times. my legs would feel like jello. dawn i don't know how you feel, but my legs would be jello if i had to run that many times. 47 degrees at philadelphia international airport. the high today 50 degrees, we will be falling through the overnight. almost by ten more degrees. so, we're expect to go reach the upper 30's, in some locations, even the mid to low 30's, heading out there tomorrow morning, good thing is we've got a lot of sunshine in store for us. we're expect to go start off with mostly sunny skies, few clouds could build in to the later part of the afternoon with a cool breeze around lunchtime, 49 degrees at that point. here we are looking at tomorrow in the afternoon, thinking, we top out into the low 50's, don't get much higher than that though, then around p p.m., getting ready
6:35 pm
for dinner, it will be chilly once again, 44 degrees, with partly cloudy conditions, and i'll show this on your future cast. you can see the delaware vale, once again, clearing out overnight. here is what we're starting off with tomorrow morning. lot of good sunshine, cloud cover, still off to the west of us. and then we could see few passing clouds through the afternoon, into sunday, and then monday once again, a quiet, clear start to the morning. then, by the afternoon, into the evening, clouds move in, out ahead of the system that is bringing us some rain. so for those every you headed to the eagles game, big one monday at lincoln financial, against the packers, it is increasing cloud cover throughout the entire game. 46 degrees, winds out of the south, five to 10 miles per hour. the good thing is, even though we are seeing increasing cloud cover, at this point, it remains a mainly dry forecast. here's what our tuesday morning looks like. you can see that rain starting to move through the delaware valley, to eastern pennsylvania, and through new jersey, this is going to be kind of a long lived system. it is going to be throughout
6:36 pm
the day tuesday, few lulls in the rain wednesday, but then it reinforces some of the moisture as we head into our thursday. so, we are talking rain chances through the mid week. tuesday, wednesday, and even into thursday. if you're bummed out about it, don't be, this is actually something we need. we've got that drought monitor, you can sigh most of the delaware valley, especially parts of allentown, even into northern jersey. under an severe drought. and then philadelphia, surrounding areas, under a moderate drought. here's what we're looking at, less than half inch of rain month to date. that's putting us over 2 inches below the normal for this time of the year. so once again, we need the rain. ooh degrees for tomorrow. not going to see that rain. just going to be cool sunshine, winds out of the northwest at about 13 miles per hour. here is a look at the seven day forecast, we've got 53 degrees on monday. near normal. partly to mostly sunny skies, at least through the morning, into the afternoon, building in that cloud cover. so that by tuesday, we are watching the rain develop, continue wednesday, and into
6:37 pm
early thursday. temperatures, guys, 65 degrees. as we head into wednesday. it is going to feel very mild out, there even overnight, temperatures into the 50's, dawn? >> wow, i'll take that, thank you. in kentucky amazing rescue involving a pregnant woman. but she wasn't the one who needed help. how she wound up saving a man's life after he caught fire.>[a5df]www.e]
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
6:40 pm
this is quite a story, kentucky man is lucky to be alive tonight. it is all thanks not quick action after good samaritan, aerial bogs was stopped in her car when she saw marcus douse in flames after he touched a live electrical wire. bogs, get this, nine months pregnant, climbed a ladder to reach the roof where he was lying unconscious, very badly burned. talk about timing. had he just completed cpr course three days before.
6:41 pm
>> i'm glad that i had that class and i'm glad that knowledge stuck with me, and new exactly what i needed to do. >> he was transport today burn center in george a remains in critical condition. bogs by the way is due to have her babe think monday. way to go. >> alarming news for americans living in one part of our count rip, new study by the university of virginia, finds, that between 1969 and 2011 cancer rates fell in every region of the us except for in rural apalaschia. the region went from having the nation's lowest cancer death rate to the highest. according to federal government data analyzed by the university. cancer death rates were nearly 15% higher in virginia's rural appalachian counties, then compared to urban areas nationwide. researchers say people in apalaschia are more likely to die within three to five years of their cancer diagnosis because of economic, geographic, and political barriers, to qualify, to
6:42 pm
quality cancer care. >> well, do your children know about pinky? you can try to google it, but you probably won't finds the dead eye effect of this new way that people are getting high. people are buying a drug that's not only illegal, it is not even meant for human use. >> listen, if the food is bad, i'm going to figure out something good to say about the food. like oh, this is amazing, right? i'll figure it out.
6:43 pm
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>> do your children know about something called pinky? as a parent it is a question you should probably ask them. new way to get high. it is cheap. you can get it right over the internet. even though it was just banned in the united states, some users can easily get their hands on it. here's fox 29's joyce evans. >> i feel like i'm not even a person any more. >> eric gomez, is only 31 years old. >> i lost ten years of my life. >> in and out of prison. >> i don't eat. i don't sleep. i don't do anything else. >> chris leahy is just 24 years old. they are recovering heroin addict who have injected or
6:46 pm
inhaled whatever was in the packet. this is long as it got them high. >> i knew when i poured it out that it was not heroin. >> took only minutes to find out he was right. >> i od on the floor, not breathing, and the paramedics were able to bring me back. the narcan wasn't really working, yes it, had to get me four, five times. >> chris says doctors had no idea what he took. part of the reason that nobody we've met at the brotherly love house even blinked to hear that there is yet another powerful killer synthetic opioid on the scene called pink, pinky, or by its laboratory name, u47700. and nobody was phased that anybody can get it on line. you're not surprised? >> no, i'm not surprised at all. i'm feeling good. >> devon reeves set up brotherly love house as part of his long time recovery
6:47 pm
mission. he says the stuff he od on in 2007 was nothing compared to what is out there today. >> what we're seeing on the black market, people are mixing drugs like pinky, phentinol, with heroin, to booze the potency of it, what's happening, people think they're getting one substance, actually getting sometimes something a hundred times more powerful. >> essentially we're up over 100 deaths now that since testing. >> and that's just over the past year. doctor barry logan, chief of forensic toxicology; sounding alarm about u47700. after seeing what's coming through the ms -- nms lab tore any willow grove, pa. >> seeing these cases from all over the united states, from alaska, to florida, the midwest, the south, many, many state. >> reporter: he believes it may be only matter of time before it gets a strangled
6:48 pm
hole on every corner of the country, before this man-made drug meant for good joins another dozen or so frankenstein monsters. >> u47700 is a drug developed by a drug company back in the 19 70s, upjohn chemical company, candidate drug for they were considering marketing as a painkiller. but for whatever reason, it never made it to market. >> well, not until the formula made it on the internet, and into the hands of off-shore vendors, who are still filling and shipping orders despite the government's very recent temporary ban on u47700. >> all do you have do is search it. u47700, up pops quite a selection of different products from different companies. even on sale, for $50, less than $50, here's one for $66.70. and the comment, there are
6:49 pm
plenty of them. they talk about how great the high s1 even commenting seriously, though, this is legal to just buy without any security? >> some that far gets caught in customs. but a lot of it makes it through. >> we did not complete a purchase. there is a federal ban in place. but we could have. >> the high might be good but the life is horrible. >> that's if you live. >> it is very dangerous out there. people are using drugs now because the friends they're using with, the people they're use withing are dying. >> the demand goes up. >> when new substance cents out like that, you know, you figure, you know why not? it is sped duck tiff. when you hear about something like that, and it is -- you think like well it won't be me. >> chris and eric working hard, try not to return to that life. >> you know, something clicked in me about a month ago. >> both are doing extremely well so far. >> this is it. i know it. >> they have real goals for the first time. >> i have a daughter, i want
6:50 pm
to be a loving father. >> eric wants to own his own business, chris first wants to regain his family's trust. >> i couldn't possibly express in words to them, because they've heard them before. >> they say society al stigma may be harder than the habit to overcome. >> i get labeled as not just a convict, a junky, a piece of garbage. it is the stigma around drug use, that led us to our problem, and the stigma comes from 30 years of bad drug policy. >> why he is pushing for huge public awareness campaign that would include far better and quicker treatment, for all who seek help. not just those with good insurance. >> to up 30 day waits to get into a treatment center could be dead by then. >> i think it only wins when it kills you. because there is always a way out. >> joyce evans.
6:51 pm
>> there is an answer. >> "fox 29 news". and now talking football. >> that's right, dawn, interesting day here, around these parts of college football. of course, before we do all of that, monday night football coming to town for the eagles and struggling greenbay packers, hear what aaron rogers that should be posted all over the eagles lockerroom. and like i said, a wild day in local college football action. will penn state and temple be playing in their conference championship game? we'll break it all down for you up next. z/
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>> can't ask for anything more than this if you're penn state, all comes down to the regular weekends in college football. rankings can be tough, but
6:54 pm
today it is simple. wins home at home, michigan lost at ohio state, nittany lions will be playing next week for the big ten championship on our airwaves next saturday night. not sure we need to take it any further than that at this point. let's head out to ohio state, first up, number two, ohio state taking on three michigan. this went into over time. fourth in goal. michigan quarterback hits for the 5-yard touchdown pass. tied at 24. this is a great game. second over time, michigan up by three. buckeyes with the possession. and curtis samuel, he takes it to the house. how about this? a walk-off winner. for the ohio state buckeyes, 30 to 27. so, the table has been set for penn state. let's head to happy valley, see what the future holds for the nittany lions. third quarter, play action pass, chris, for the 34-yard touchdown pass, nittany lions up 17 to 12. next possession, same score, sorry steps up, avoids pressure watch this flow. he hits mike, for the touchdown, penn state is
6:55 pm
hitting on all cylinders, folks, nittany lions lead 38 to 12 in the fourth. moments away from clinching birth in the big ten championship game. the out a lot like penn state, and turning the season after struggling to come out of the gate this season. that's right. the owls were three and three after a lost memphis on october 6. since then winners of five straight, and had been rolling opponent these last throw weeks, winning by no less than three touchdowns, in those games. the owls control their own destiny with win over east carolina at home tonight at 7:30, but can avoid all of that drama with a south florida lost. and it looks like temple has to do it themselves. because south florida was ready to play. mr. marilyn mack, takes it up the middle. waiving the ball around like love of bread. doesn't mother. he takes it to the south. up 17. third quarter, now up ten again. takes it to the outside. hit the burners. he is on. 62 yards.
6:56 pm
48 to 316789 temple need to win tonight to clinch the aac east division f they lose south florida clinic chest, of course. staying close, andy tally and the villanova wildcats are back in the playoffs, also known as one double a. nova ninth seed out of 2014, taking zero n saint francis at home. nova quarterback, rolls out, throws across his body, hit injury he had for the touchdown pass. nova wins 31-21, will table on south dakota state next week. let's talk some eagles football monday night. eagles look to stay perfect at home this season hosting greenbay packers monday night. the birds are four and zero at home, clearly more focus when the they suit up in south philly. the greenbay packers on the other hand, they're struggling, losers of four straight, four and six on the season, but quarterback aaron rogers knows the season doesn't start until after thanksgiving. and rogers, greenbay packers can make a run at the playoffs, in fact, he's already chalking up a win over the eagles on monday night.
6:57 pm
>> i feel like we run the table, i really do. i think the offense is starting to click a little bit more. we just got to put together a game consistent from the first snap to the last. getting closer to, that really been clicking at times the last few games, but it can be important that we get going early. >> on the table, bulletin board material. and finally we end with ivy league hoops, penn taking on, navy down one. navy, for the lay up, puts navy up one. fifty-second left penn going for the win. oh, top one here. toss to the charge. navy. comes with victory 70 to 60. >> tough loss. >> college football action all over though. >> i know. >> fun. that's our news for this saturday night. your live lottery drawing is next, then watch utah and colorado face-off followed by your late local news on fox 29. have a great night. thanks for watching.
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