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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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27th and van buren streets. he is a ninth grade student ate john dickinson high school and currently at ai children's hospital. we do not know his condition. we will keep you updated as we get more tore. he was shot in his left arm and abdominal area. we will get more information on that. okay. it is 9:00 o'clock. good day it is monday, november 28th. >> hi there bob. >> i'm only guy in the building i think today, all morning long, it is all of the ladies. i'm here, calming down, getting my coffee, we have our green on. >> we are ready for monday night foot paul. >> ready to go. >> we're ready to be here. >> i'm little nervous, i have been very nice and quiet here. >> yes. >> you can represent for the the fellas. >> representing for fellas. >> we have girl power here, karen. >> we know we have that. >> speaking of girls how about this with ivanka getting backlash. >> she's taking flack for photo of her son when he turn eight months old. here's a photo. why social media is
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criticizing her for her caption. can you see that. can you see that. >> ♪ >> more holiday songs that get you in the spirit. well, billboard says that they know, top selling holiday songs, to add to your play list. >> hey, bob. >> and if you want to burn off that turkey and those left overs then hop on a trampoline, what? the new twist, that is jumping, for 50 percent more fat then running. get me a trampoline. >> facebook says you put on this weekend and about how you are giving up soda, working out and weren't going to drink. >> that was all just a hoax. >> yes. >> i don't know who posted this, it looks good. i just said copy and paste.
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>> yeah, right it didn't happen. >> well, elf on the shelf is back. he started popping up in homes this weekend. so, we will take a look at creative spots where he has appeared. >> what? >> where is this. >> those elfs are so creative. i love when parents post them. >> look at this one, good one. >> playing connect four i love connect four, fun game. >> for kids don't know elf comes right after thanksgiving. >> um-hmm. >> every day, watches what is going on and then flies back to the north pole, and to report how good you are to santa. >> so exciting, every sickle morning my kids get around and running around where is elf now what will happen. you have a elf at your house. >> yes, came, on friday morning as he arrived and flies back to the north pole. you cannot touch him. you can't talk to him. you just see what is going on. >> is this your elf, no, a picture there last year, we used the little lego guy to
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tie down the l if. folks have gotten creative. he doesn't just come and pop in and sit this is chair: he is creative. imagery elf. >> he is there every day for christmas. >> he wants to go all around the house and have some fun. >> some of them bring candy, leave messages. our elf is more traditional and hangs out so to be can touch him because we're a really curious in our house. one of the biggest tans is my middle son maclin. real busy night friday night. not only did he come but we had tooth fairy. they were flying around. >> you had some action in your house. >> all he wants for christmas is his two front teeth because they are both out. >> yes. >> you have to do like the door, string this is door and all that. >> he was determined on that second one because he knew about the song. they were hanging sideways. he twisted it. he went down to see. >> yes. >> so that was pretty continue. >> he pulled out his own tooth then. >> yes. >> there was blood all over.
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they think that is cool. >> yes. >> do you think the l if and tooth fairy, maybe met in the hallway. >> crossed paths. >> sometimes that happens. >> we have had confusion where, you know, we have had confusion in the past. >> yes, okay. >> how about, tom loudon who is my god when it comes to all things christmas. he told me, true story about projecting images on halloween. i got one for christmas. my house is all decorated. he goes all out with everything. all of his decorations. e elf is just like them and is pretty creative. >> he they call this 1efie and he showed up christmas ornament for his daughter riley and taylor. so, the l if will bring gifts. >> i love them. >> gifts, candy. or just like their family. super creative. >> no wonder we love, elf. >> yes, not every elf brings gifts if you are watching. you want to go to uncle tom's
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house, that is fine. >> the point is, you have to be good with elf can tell santa and then you get gifts. >> yes gifts are coming and depend upon how good you are, santa and elf goes back reports to santa and tea pending upon how good you are that is how many you get for christmas under the tree. do we have picture i sent in of our elf this morning. of course, to we show that one? no, that is not the one but that is okay. >> the he was coming down a sip line from our christmas tree to our table. >> we can get that one up there. >> yes. >> yes, you have a elf sip line. >> he was creative, he used all kind of stuff around the house. >> that is so cool. >> that sound like fun. >> speaking of gifts and everything, cyber monies happening and we are trying to get those good deals. so can, i'm calling you dan the tiehl man. >> how about mike jerrick's favorite gift, gift card, so easy to do a gift card. here's the tip.
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check out gift card we have talk about that on good day. you can get discounted gift card. here's the tip, get a discounted gift card at gift card, banana republican, 15 percent off the the faith value and then go to banana republic and 50 percent off today cyber monday, and you'll save 65 percent if you do it that way. >> now you are talking, that is what i'm talking about. >> yes. >> now you are talking. >> yes. >> thanks, dan. >> keep checking on that. >> lets get back to ivanka trump. people are tweeting me bit. she took an instagram picture to celebrate her son theodore hitting his eight month milestone. ivanka says i cannot believe he is eight month-old today. ivanka wrote happy birth the day little teddy bear. well, that comment, put something on social media, people by second every little thing and received criticism. one worker wrote, that is not
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how birthday work. another person said parents can have as many birthdays as they want, it is love we have for our child. another critic says shoot i forgot to wish my birthday on a random day in november. >> so funny. >> ivanka said lol, you are right, only baby's first year have life celebrate a child's birthday on a monthly basis. >> my niece aubrey, so cute, that, you know, more organize parents then i am, they have t-shirt or hat or holding the sign and every single month. one month, two month, three months, i love those pictures. i think it is great. you cannot call it a birthday. >> they are upset that she called it a birth the day. >> what is great about facebook now, you can get those instant shares, like memories, i think they are called where it is six months ago, five months ago, one year ago, two years ago but it is not a birthday. >> did you do that with austin. >> i would say it would be cool to say eight month-old today, five months old but not
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happy birthday but happy birthday means you need a cake, i want a gift. you call me happy birth the day, i want a gift. >> i need candles good allison said we celebrated our grandson's birthday every month for first year, cup cake and candle. >> that is a first child thing. >> yes, that is the first child. >> after that, no. >> once the fifth and sixth child comes along, honey. >> grab your book bag and get on the bus, it is time for school. >> we have breaking news, we have your elf picture. >> so this morning when i came down, this is what i was greeted to the l if on a sip line from the chandelier down the to the kitchen table. >> i love it, so cool. >> yes, he gets creative. >> what is his name. >> body. >> not real creative there. this is the initial sighting of our elf, little sign that says i'm back. he is sitting on a coffee cup,
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and look what is behind him there, some little, dropping for christmas. >> oh, high goodness good did austin, he got a kick out of. >> he gets up, maybe a little too early running up, down on the weekend to look. we can wait until 7:00 a.m. we don't need to get up at 4:00 a.m. to go look at the l if. >> it is exciting. >> yes. elf needs to sleep too. you don't want to wake he will will if up. >> sometimes when elf does fall sleep and forgets to move, isn't that something. >> yeah. >> one of the tooth fairy nights, it does happen, we have been there. >> tooth fairy could be late, to stuck in traffic, you never know. >> maybe elf had a sick dawn, getting himself together. >> scrambling when that elf falls asleep. >> so now that it is monday, how are you feeling, how are you. >> feeling good. >> how are you, karen. >> fine. >> apparently a lot of people say that. average adult says the phrase
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i'm fine, around 14 times a week. >> so guess what only one in five adults actually mean that when they say it. one in ten always lie when talking about their emotions. why? because they think person asking isn't interested and more convenient to say i'm fine and be done with it then to explain how they feel. that happens a lot in the work place. how was your weekend is this great, thanks. if you were to say i woke up, i had a headache, i tried to do this and go through this long list. i'm in the trying to do that good are you fine? how are you doing. >> you wouldn't believe it, then went on this whole long list. the just trying to be polite saying i'm fine, but deep down you are probably not good do people want to know how you are doing when they ask. >> you know who really does. >> and sometimes people can catch you off guard. when they are just asking to be nice, and sometimes by sharing and having a real good experience where you do unload for a minute. you have a connection you wouldn't otherwise have, if you just brush by them.
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sometimes people will have, great advisor be helpful or listen. >> or opening line, how are you doing? i'm fine. okay, i'm feeling sick and go there there. depending upon what their response is. >> some people use it as a greeting. how are you. >> they don't really asking they are just saying hi, that is how you are doing, they just say hi. >> you know what i mean. >> if you ask, you have to be prepared for the answer because it is a question, you are asking a question. >> it is nice, woman i see at the gym, i hadn't seen her for a couple years. i said you are gone, back. we were talking. the it turns out she had a baby when i had a baby who is now three. she was mentioning i heard the story about you that her child had leukemia. one of the those we had a long conversation between what we normally wouldn't have. sometimes by getting more you get more out of life. we have those long chat. it really meant something. it is good news, she's doing good. she can't say enough good
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things about chop. >> you guys had a moment. >> we did. >> so, it is okay to unload. >> when you ask, mean it. the just mean it. >> spend a little time together. >> how are you this morning. >> i'm a little tired. i had four days off that fifth day back, come 2:30 in the morning, that alarm went off this morning, ahh, been dragging. >> meanwhile. >> how are you doing. >> four days off. >> yes. >> do you think people are in a better mood because people had an extra day not you but people did have an extra day off. it is football monday. we have that extra day. world is a better place. >> i think it will be interesting because with the four day weekend, some of us had a four day weekend. >> yes. >> and then you have the football game tonight, which is right after a late night game. >> tomorrow is monday. >> tomorrow could be another first personal day. are you saving your personal days. >> do you think some people might be. >> tomorrow is definitely a
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monday and people are skipping. >> calling in sick. >> some people call it a sick vacation. >> yes. >> it can go either way, eagles win we will be all be tired but happy but if we're tired, angry, that is not good. >> never good. get your free dunkin' donuts. >> bobbies not a happy elf. >> no, no sleep. >> how about this, city in japan figured out how to create a place that will calm your senses while driving your heartbeat through the roof. why would you want this. so, the mayor of this town says that he will be building a amusement park in the city men for hot springs. the it will allow to you soak in the tub souping down a roller coaster wearing only a towel. here it says, it you tube video gets 1 million views. >> look at this. >> this cannot be real. >> then the attraction will be built. >> it has, to be built. >> okay. >> so, that water. >> you sit in the car, that is filled with water, which is
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like a hot tub. >> yes. >> what if you are coming down and your towel is not talked in. >> they are wearing bathing suits. >> here you go, you will get in, okay, watch. >> the carries filled with water. >> so, basically this is peoples bath water that is dropping on you. >> ugh. >> no. >> i don't know how i tiehl about that. >> it is basically a water park. the what is spa part. i think spa is massaging, relaxing. >> there is nothing relaxing about taking kid to an amusement park. >> i think kids will like it having water every where. >> but that is like a water park. >> how do they clean it and how often is i'm just saying because if all you have on is a towel. >> what is your filter system. >> yes. >> expecting parents, listen up, you have a lot to buy before your baby arrives but there is one thing you should
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not be wasting your money on. >> i think this is great advice, and so true. it is not toys that are okay, formula, diapers a necessity, we need. that don't waste your money, on baby clothes. this he blow through it within weeks, so if you are buying infant, premature, they are zero to three months they are out on have that within the first couple weeks. they say all that adds up quickly. truth is you will be getting so many race, and gift from friend and family so don't ways money on clothes. one or two things you need to have and then get hand me downs. people with my kid they do that. don't waste it on the baby clothes. there is plenty of money to be spent as kids get bigger on jackets. >> like austin he went through growth spirits and went through clothes, only wore it once or twice and what is great is we have older nieces and nephews, so we get austin hand me down's. >> but this weekend, austin was looking dapper. he had a nice little suit
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there going on. >> we went out for thanksgiving dinner which never gone out for thanksgiving dinner present. >> pulling it up. >> instagram, facebook, he wanted to buy a shirt that had a pocket square because i wear pocket square. >> like father like son. >> so we wore an orange shirt and matching tie. i was just going to wear a button down and sweater. they said no, you have to wear orange shirt and a pocket square. ran in my closet, found closest orange shirt, pocket square, went out, dressed up with a pocket square. >> so cute seeing pictures, little grown man. >> yes. >> little, father/son moment. the pocket squares were flying out all through dinner. >> now will he only wear pocket square, next time i see him. >> pock square, i have a whole collection of pocket squares. he has his first start. the it is a start are kit. starter kit. >> makes sense. >> speak of pocket square, quincy has got one. >> hey. >> how is everybody doing. >> look at you rocking that.
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>> what is that. >> that is cheerios. >> well, i'm sorry. >> yes. >> welcome to the show. let's compare quincy's then to little austin. >> that was my austin. >> yes, so cute. >> so cute. >> we are on the front steps, bottom left corner he has tie and matching pocket square. what is so cool he didn't have a jacket but pocket square in his shirt, like in his little shirt pocket there. >> oh, okay. great idea. you can just do that. >> yes, adorable. >> i love it. >> stylish. >> thanks for pulling that up. >> yes. >> i can't. >> that kid has soul. >> i know why you did it because soul train award were last night. >> yes. >> we need to recap big moment. i stayed up late watching the whole thing. the it was good. >> music was amazing. >> yes, he was all over it. >> best seat in the house, they kept showing him.
9:18 am
it was great. >> we will start because he was man of the hour, teddy riley, man, because they did a big tribute to him. he got legend award. >> yes. >> of course we can't go through all of it the because he had so many songs. it was a really great moment when he did remember the time. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we can keep playing here, there is tito to have him out there and bobby brown being there. >> i was surprised.
9:19 am
these were songs that he produced. i didn't know he did the show for doug fresh. can we talk real quick. i didn't know aaron hall, he needed help last night. his voice was a little off. i was only one that felt that way. he was a little off. >> look at you. >> he came out. i was like is what wrong. i wanted aaron to be all there. everybody else was all themselves. they were in their rhyme. >> even teddy, he is a hazing, but his voice, lot of out of tune. he does out of tune he is not known as a singer but great producer. so he sounded like roger epps thing. >> yes. >> it is okay with that. i was just confused that, you know, i was looking out, teddy, aaron, and i was squinting, and then the bald head, the things, little process. and the thing, it is just threw me off. >> just okay. >> it would be video if we had
9:20 am
sound of that. >> let's listen. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> of course, this is beginning, is there one missing, i love how when they were in philly a couple months ago in summer, he has his even special interest. they come out and they bring him out. >> is that what you will say. >> yes, he has gained a couple pound. i love jazz. >> he has a grand entrance. >> he's a grand entrance probably because he cannot do the dance moves anymore. let's be honest. are we being honest. >> that is horrible. >> but his voice is still the same. >> yes. >> i love that song. >> they sounded great last night, but here's another issue. at the end of the performance,
9:21 am
sysco says he introduces everybody. you know you are sysco. he is like, you know, group is named dru hill and lead singer is dru hill. >> maybe he was just thinking about this is my fellow song and wait we're back. >> he forgot. >> how about, brandi. >> before her this was a hazing. we have tributes, they bring out all these people that come up and sing and do. that brandi, she doesn't need anybody to do her tribute. she can do it all on her own. go girl, go brandi. >> ♪ >> so, this was amazing. she was doing all of perfect hits, quincy. >> loved it. loved it. brandi has an album, right,
9:22 am
1998. never say never. i think, the 20 year anniversary is 2018. she needs to go on tour and do that album. >> she needs to. >> fred jerkins from pleasantville, new jersey. they produced the 58 bum. >> to see jill scott talk about her. she did grow up. to see her now. the she's great. >> she got lady of soul award. >> yes. >> more details. >> good. >> this emmy awards, i don't know the names of the award any more. >> let's just do it. >> the convince a wards, the q awards. >> then she can come on the show, and it all make sense. >> yes. boom. >> watch the q on fox right here, we will be right here. >> thanks, quincy. >> thank you. >> did you know it is national french toast day. >> what. >> we will bring in the chef because we have a twist on this breakfast classic. >> are you ready for this. >> let's eat. >> okay.
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well, for this week you got to try this we have new take on one of our favorite breakfast food, i love, french toast, and it is national french toast day this just makes sense. so with us we have our lovely representatives, from the lovely cafes around the area we have bob kelly, bob, you should be pretty much by now an expert on breakfast. >> i have been waiting to have french toast all morning long when i heard it was national french toast day. um, studio smells fantastic. >> it does. >> i will go down the line and bob will take a bite out of every single one. >> taste tester. >> yes. >> we will start down this end here. i have microphone here. >> i am mike passarella, representing busod pizza and we have a canola stuffed french toast with chips that are sweet chocolate, banana and pistachios. >> that looks good, really
9:27 am
good. >> um. >> it is so huge. how much does that cost. >> thirteen dollars. people finish it. >> they do. >> yes. >> i like about that when i do breakfast segments, you have a take out box. this is breakfast and lunch. >> let's move on. >> i will try these two and you do those two. >> i'm joe sigh from a cafee lips, thinks pumpkin canola french dough, cheese, pumpkin, mapel soaked walnuts and the hallow bread, french toast. >> i can taste the pumpkin. >> where are you from. >> where is that located. >> on 13th street. >> thirteenth street. >> how much is this. >> this runs about 12 or $13 as well. >> not bad. >> sound good. >> all right. next one. >> squeeze on down here. >> i'm damon from kensington quarters. >> okay. >> fishtown. >> old fishtown gang. >> yes.
9:28 am
>> this is scrapple french toast. grilled french toast, deep fried scrapple, egg, and sage brown butter. >> let's get down here. >> come on, i'm sorry. >> i will get some syrup in here. >> ready. >> thank you. >> lean over, lean over. >> that is good. >> that is good. >> so, scrapple, that is different. are you good with scrapple. >> scrapple is good. >> last but in the least, you are. >> donald from taproom from 13th treat as well. >> look at this. >> thinks our fried chicken trench toast. sour dough bread, cooked as french toast, deep fried chicken thigh, apple and slaw, sunnyside up eggs and black pepper mapel. >> there is fried chicken there? where are you located. >> we're on 13th street. >> on 13th street. >> that looks good. >> my goodness, do you have
9:29 am
any sessions today, national french toast day or is this your special itself. >> this is what we run on a weekly basis, you know, unfortunately we're closed on hon but we have celebrating french toast day. >> well, that sound good. >> we have specials all week long as well. >> perfect. >> you have to dip. you have to dip in the eggs. >> yes. >> that sound like that is way to to it, bob. >> bobbies the expert here. >> thanks very much. we appreciate it. happy national french toast take. all right. now we will check with jenny because you we're looking for some things made in philadelphia. >> reporter: good morning, alex. we know all german market, christmas village right next door at city hall. we are live at dilworth park where we are showing the hade in philadelphia vendors. we have several tents here, including these glass works which makes great gifts. we will be right back. we are checking in on
9:30 am
duffy, putting together good day art. send in your words. do you need more word. >> absolutely. >> use the #fox 29 good day.
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limits' get back to braking news out of wilmington where a teenager in the hospital after being shot near a school bus stop and lauren you're live near the scene. have you found out any more information? >> alex, it happened here in the middle of van buren and 27th in wilmington, delaware, see up on this lamp post here, a piece of crime scene tape, dangling from the lamp post. the only sign of the crime scene, that was here earlier, more evidence, though, of the early morning shooting, you can see this honda accord here have a bullet hole in the front windshield, it travels right into the front passenger seat. wilmington police say just before 7:00 a.m., a 15 year old flagged down a school bus driver, saying he had been shot. he was hit in the left arm and the abdomen.
9:34 am
new castle county par med ex treated him on the scene here. he was later taken to dupont children's hospital. neighbors who woke up to the gunfire on this block describe this street as chaotic in the moments after. >> good shot. powerful shots. filled with chaos, but when we looked out the window, we saw some kids going up this way, saw some kids jump on the bus, and some of the bus stops, telling the kids to get on the bus. >> i heard about five shots, five, six shots, as far as what i heard, you know what i mean? real big, really loud, my son had just left and said, you know, i'm going to school, about five minutes later that's when i heard the shots, came out here, luckily he was already on the bus. and came out here, and that's when i seen all of the madness >> and that second father that you just heard from said he had to drive his daughters to school because the scene out here was so chaotic with police on scene, he also said police actually approached him, and frisk him saying he
9:35 am
matched the description of the shooter, right now, they don't have any more information about the shooter. they have no one in custody and there is a grass roots organization that's been here on the street of wilmington that's come out asking people to come forward with any information they may have. alex, karen? >> horrible, just going to the bus stop. >> so scary. >> thank you for that update, lauren, hopefully the teenager will be okay, we'll take a break and be right back. big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year.
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cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> soy we're checking back in with artist dan duffy doing philly word art, whose stuff is all over the area, working on good day philadelphia. now, we have one important, i can't believe you let this out. i always say it wrong, jawn.
9:39 am
>> yes. >> then someone says seinfeld, mike jerrick always talks about seinfeld. but looks look you're almost done. we'll keep checking back in. >> skull. >> -- schuylkill. >> oh, schuylkill. >> i'll help up the spelling. >> thank you, dan, over the weekends talking about what we did, over the holiday weekends, my parents were in town, we got to see the philadelphia tree outside of city hall for christmas village. this is my parent here, we took a picture there, this is our favorite time of rear. -- year. we call it holly days. very special for our family. also pretty cool, another family that wanted to take a picture, they watch "good day" live every morning, the jordan family, from southwest philly. so good to see them. they made me feel like a family for their christmas card. so cool walking around christmas village, getting to experience to see everything. but one part i maced, made in philadelphia section, you can see hard to find to buy items made here. so jenny joyce is there showing us around. >> oh, she is checking things out. >> hey, jen.
9:40 am
>> i also maybe doing little shopping here myself. some really, really beautiful merchandise, alex, as you said, made in philadelphia market. so all of the vendors that we're talking, to all local to philadelphia. so this one in particular is salve ron creations everything all of the jewelry here made out of vintage kin, also, some nice hands warmers, some scarfs, as well, so everything to check you off your christmas list. so i'm joined by thomas boar, i know that you're also in charge of the christmas village right next-door. talk about how this is different live here at dilworth park? >> we started doing made if philadelphia last year together with the center city district dilworth park to bring local graph people, yes, to center city philadelphia. for showcasing their art. so we have, yes, jewelry designers, glass blowers, woodwork, candle makers, all kind of designers. >> this is live look an
9:41 am
embroider err. so this is pretty cool. and i know over the weekend talking about shop local and support our local stores on shop saturday. so, here, if you come down to dilworth park, enjoy the christmas village right outside. you can shop local. i want to talk little bit more about the glass art chris fox is showing you here, really beautiful art. now can you tell me how this works? do you have any idea? >> well, we have a glass below here at the market. she also dot live demonstrations meanly at the weekends, and they do, yes, real fine little birds, insect, it is really amazing, if you, yes, see that. >> how about that? so thomas, this is your store here. you're from germany. can you talk about how these gifts might be a nice christmas holiday token? >> yes, of course. so first they make fantastic little ornaments for your christmas tree, but not only for christmas, you can
9:42 am
decorate them all year long, and people really like them, and they're quite popular. >> love it. and you guys operate out of kennett square. so again it is all local shops here. what do we have, 35? >> thirty-five local shops. >> thirty-five local shops here at dim worth park, along with ice skating, christmas village, happening here, now through christmas eve, back to you guys. >> pretty cool. so jenny, i was there over the weekends, and i missed this, we're part of the square area is it so we can make sure to see it? >> reporter: sorry, alex, can you repeat that? >> what area is it? so we can make sure we don't miss it? >> what area? oh, yes. so, this is dilworth park. so right outside of city hall. i know we have the big christmas tree out here, with the ice skating, we're down at city hall. so pretty much if you can make your way to city hall you will find it is all of these white tents surrounding city hall and on the interior that's where you'll find the christmas village, so they're two completely different things, next year when love park reopens, that's when the
9:43 am
christmas village will return to love park. but for now, they're here, side by side, nicely working together. and it is shopping central here. >> okay, thank you, jenny, that's the key. so white tents, because christmas village -- >> so the white tents where she is now. the wooden buildings is the normal christmas village, but all rid there at dilworth plaza. >> you know the christmas tree, decorated by the set design fresh hamilton. >> really? how cool is that? >> it is cool. it is gorgeous. i love it has the liberty bell instead of the star. the trampoline work out, this i think i would want to do. >> okay? >> here is all you need to know about this thing. it is fun. it burns 50% more fat than running! come back to free house fitness. we'll be right back. and crunch it, and crunch it!
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hello, peco. so i'm calling to see if you can help me save on my energy bill. we can do that. great. i live in a post-war, pre-war, mid-century home and the heating system is a turbine, hvac, reverse hydrogen, boiler pipe unit. well sir, i can see that you live in a twin and based on the size, your usage has been spiking. ♪ that's exactly what i thought. if you're not an expert, peco can help. we have lots of ways to help you
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save energy and money. peco. the future is on. >> sounds like today may be the day to go out and enjoy, because it may not last very long!
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>> yes, this is the day to get outside and squint and use your sunglasses, because you won't need them. you'll need the umbrella. you'll have to do the trade off starting late tonight, into tomorrow morning. so, at this time tomorrow, this, our neighborhood, will be a little soggy. we have warmer temperatures, though, for mid week. so at least only talking about rain and much needed rain that could add to up 2 inches or moreover the next couple of days. we are looking at temperatures that are still on the chilly side, but we have reached 40 degrees in philadelphia, 34 in mount pocono, just above freezing in reading, right at freezing in lancaster, and 44 wildwood. headed to 55 today in the 60s tomorrow, and wednesday, but we've got wind driven rain tomorrow. and possible thunderstorm on wednesday. we do need the rain though. it will last into thursday morning, then dry out, at least in time for the start of the weekend. >> okay, thank you, sue. well a lot of people are waking up today feeling heavier than last week, so time to do something about it,
9:48 am
right? specially -- >> oh! >> not wasting any time. i love the sounds, the look of this work out, jen? >> trampolines! >> yes, really cool. good morning, we're in free house fitness. dana is here. so first of all, it is a re-bound err work out. >> yes. >> not like the 19 70s trampoline stuff right? >> no, pretty challenging, yet fun work out. >> let's tell people the difference in the apparatus. first of all these are different? >> yes, bunji's inch sed of springs. a lot of times in your local store see cheap spring rebounds err for little kid, which is fun, but made to with stand son receive year sweat, serious jumping, bigger, taller, and the bunji take more impact, which is good for your joints, makes unstable surface which makes the jump more challenging. >> so they're doing pretty cool stuff back here, we talked a little off camera. this is literally for gist about anyone? >> really it is, very accommodating to all levels, all act, even if you haven't worked out in a while. >> thing you also said, it is
9:49 am
okay if you don't get all the dance steps or moves all the way because you're kind of in your own little world? >> on your own trampoline, if you need to slow down, don't catch the beat, you're not interrupting anyone else, in your own little wormed, so go at your own pace. >> we told people that you can burn 50% more fat than running. there is science behind that? >> international journal of core science in 2016 did a study, and they counted that it was more fat burn on a rebounder than in running, and that's because you're moving in three dimensions, using way more muscles, because the surface is unstable. >> it is crazy, and you're having fun. so one of the things when i came in, i was jumping way up and down, up and down, i want people to notice it is kind of we have a minute left that it is like a lower jump, right? like you don't want people going like this. >> this is fun but not fitness. so the challenge of a work out is jumping down into it, so more after pump action of your legs. >> okay? >> and pushing down into the rebounds. >> we have that large muscle group of your legs, you're
9:50 am
totally forking. >> your quads, glutes, hamstrings, then use your eastbound to stabilize, see they're going -- >> this is insane, why do people in south philly need this work out? >> cardio, all need some sort of cardio exercise, good for our hearts, our lungs, but not a lot of great choice when is inside. so rebounding is awesome option. >> i also feel like like i love the class, we talked about it little bit. how many times can you do this? for here you could be dance moves, all kind of stuff. >> exactly. so you're moving more three dimensionally on a bike, awe though spin is a awesome work out, little more full body challenging and little more interesting with the choreography you can see that they're doing it. >> when mike the camera guy got on, i thought he would do about a four? what do you think he did? >> i think he did like a seven? >> oh,. >> eight? >> show everyone, you are indeed deed, mike said he was able to sweat a little bit more. i have to say, mike also says after doing three jumps up and
9:51 am
down, his sides hurt. >> not surprised. >> yes, bob, you and mike, might want to come here, and just get it on. get it done. torque that back. >> so avenue tam poe lean at home. i can probably do in a. >> i like that. >> go down local, don't go like this, bob. >> that's the fun way. do it the hard way. >> don't go like this. >> i know we need to do it,. >> oh, thank you, jen. well, billboard magazine bridges us top selling holiday songs every all time. of course already playing holiday music, right? just in time to add them to your play list. they use neilson play list, ten holiday songs downloaded to most over the past 13 years. so coming in at third place, well, christmas eve. by the tran siberian orchestra. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> that is good. coming in at two, this frozen
9:52 am
favorite. you want to build a snowman. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> then the top spot, shouldn't and surprise, though. mariah carey all i want for christmas is you. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> you can't help but smile when you hear this song, like really, it is so good still. >> there are so many favorites. earlier today doing the little drummer boy, i like sleigh ride, so you can always let us know over the next several days. >> yes? >> i'm sure we will be playing more holiday music. >> i was in the car yesterday, austin, actually listened for the first time that grounds ma got run over by a reindeer.
9:53 am
hysterical. is this guy funny? grandma got run over by a reindeer. >> we have to check in on dan duffy, finishing up our good day art. he says it is ready to go. see what it looks like, or closer look whether we come back.>[a5df]www.e]
9:54 am
9:55 am
9:56 am
fox 29 has part nerds to help as many families as possible, you can help by adopt ago family, looking for unwrapped toys for kids up to 18 years old, or target or wal-mart gift cards. drop them off at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. and good day will be live there, on december 6th, until 10:00 a.m. for more information go to our website okay, you ready for the
9:57 am
finished product? time for the reveal. this is the fastest, well, here we are, fastest one you've ever done, dan? >> absolutely, yes. >> how long does it usually take to put these together? >> sometimes i've spent over 100 hours. >> this was one and a half. >> one and a half. but looks great. so what are some of the things you notice, seeing a lot of positive words come through? >> a lot of positive words, we watch you guys every day, so i fully new that this is what people would think about you guys, energetic, engaging, funny, family. >> i love it. >> cool words like that. >> and you create this, we see good day philadelphia. all through words. you didn't draw any lines here? >> that's right. through the words. the image, it appears. >> okay, so once again, how can people reach you if they want to see this? >> philly word art. com. check us out philly word art at social. at the made in philly christmas market at center sit. >> i we just saw that, thank you so much. dan dan, this is really great. so, bob and karen, let's figure out where we will hang this one. pretty cool.
9:58 am
>> oh, i think the lobby, right in the lobby. >> get ready for monday night football. go eagles.
9:59 am
10:00 am
. live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? it's going to be -- ♪ >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: right back at cha. thanks for watching. welcome to my company hokocomp o audience.


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