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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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international airport. some fog has rolled on in. some of us love the rain. for others silver lining is that it's warm out g evening, i'm lucy noland. i'm iain page. if the rain stopped falling in your area, don't put away the umbrella just yet. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. more rain heading this way? >> more on the way. yes, iain. right now the heft yesterday rain has moved offshore so still some lingering light rain drizzle and mist ultimate doppler you can see what's left some light rain moving to the north of trenton a line through our suburbs and also through south jersey but right now, we're talking about the rain coming to an end and then some bigger problems as we head into the overnight and tomorrow morning. right now, you mentioned it. it is mild. 62 in wilmington. dover 65. 61 in millville. some cooler temperatures to the north and west but it's 51 in the poconos. so that's pretty warm for this time of year. visibility right now reduced to a mile and three quarters in allentown. two and a half miles visibility
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in philadelphia. and we expect these numbers to go down or i should say go up when we see the temperatures begin to rise and also that rain come to an end. so this is what we expect for tonight. drizzle and mist will linger. that warm wind will continue. gusts to possibly 30 miles an hour and as the rain comes to an end, the fog may become more dense during the overnight. so coming up, we'll talk about changes coming for tomorrow. we do have more gusty winds, another round of rain, a severe weather threat we can see a few severe thunderstorms before temperatures crash. the tale of two seasons once again. i'll see you later in the broadcast with that seven day forecast. all right, talk to you soon kathy. take live look at the ben franklin parkway don't forget you can check the forecast and radar all around the clock. just download the fox 29 weather app and the apple or google play stores place to go to find it. >> still a lot of questions tonight about why someone shot a
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teenaged boy to death in mayfair. the victim in last night's shooting has been identified as 14-year-old iain willsly. >> police say he was just walking with his friend when the shots rang out. fox 29's dawn timmeney live in northeast where the boy lived and dawn police are now saying it may have been an attempted robbery. >> reporter: well, lucy, police are still trying to figure out why anyone would kill a 14-year-old boy investigators are looking into the possibility that it was an attempted robbery or something else. news of iain wisly's death is hitting hard for one of his good high school friends. >> i didn't believe it. i kept thinking it was safe. >> 14-year-old frank myers is still in shock over the murder of his friend and classmate ian. go fund page started to cover his funeral expenses. after he was shot and killed last night. myers learned the awful use at school this morning. >> i felt terrifying. i was would to you cry in school and everything. i kept the pain inside. >> reporter: myers says the two attend northeast high school together and have been good
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friends wis the sixth grade. >> i heard he got shot. ian. not the type of guy to get shot. he like playing football. >> shot shooting happened about 9:00 in mayfair. police say will see and his 16-year-old friend were walking to a store when two guys walked up to them crouched and shot. >> i was sitting on my sofa watching the eagles game, and i heard gunshots. four, pow pow pow pause and then pow. >> reporter: three of the bullets hit him in the chest. police rushed the teen to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. >> an absolute tragedy. very sad. i mean, how you could be so cavalier to shoot a 14-year-old boy so callus. it's just unbelievable to me. >> reporter: frank myers left school today to check on ian's family. >> i seen his mom cry, his brother cry and charles his brother, he's like -- he never cries. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will come forward with
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information about his killer. >> if you hear anything, you know, please don't hesitate to call. that could be your child that was walking down the street. >> reporter: police are offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest conviction in this case. ianwilsey was shive his 15th birthday next month. instead of planning a birthday party is family is planning a funeral. gofundme page to help expenses over $3,800. you can find a link at if you'd like to make a donati donation. iain? >> dawn, thank you. tonight police have identified the woman who was hit and killed by a septa bus. police say the victim is 64-year-old lydia, of cherry hill. this all happen last night around five on 23rd and chestnut. septa bus was trying to make left turn as it hit the woman and she was pushing a stroller with a nine month old infant inside. the baby was not hurt.
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medics pronounced the woman dead at the scene. >> police are searching for the person who shot a teenage? in bella vista neighborhood. he was on his bike on the 700 block of south juniper street when someone shot him in the arm. he dropped his bike and flagged down a car to take him to the hospital. police say he's in stable condition tonight. last night, there were after him ton night police say they got him. a man accused of sexually assaulting a woman in her bensalem home. prosecutors charged 21-year-old derek anderson with burglary indecent assault recent lated offenses. we were there as he walked to court this morning. police say anderson is homeless and they found him in a abandoned car. they say he broke into a woman's home at the lafayette garden condo building early saturday morning sexually assaulterred her. the victim's 10 year old daughter was home at the time and just feet away. she's not hurt. happening now a big reward and plea for compassion in hit-and-run crash that killed an eight-year-old girl philadelphia girl. accident happened 11 days ago and so far have have been no
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arrests and no major break in the case. police investigators are hoping some reward money will loosen the lips of those who know what happened. >> and they hope little girl's parents have touched the driver's conscious. our bruce gordon joins us in studio with the latest developments. bruce? >> reporter: jay anna powell was on her way home from school that friday afternoon. her three siblings by her side. mom waiting for them to get home. jay anna never made it. a hit-and-run driver saw to th that. >> ayesha pool and james powell huddled with the 19th district police captain before stepping forward to address the hit-and-run driver who took their daughter's life. >> i have to leave my baby today. the hardest thing in my life. i don't get a prom. i don't get a graduation. no marriage. no grandkids. no nothing. turn yourself in. make it better on everybody. please turn yourself in. >> reporter: jay anna was
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struck and killed by a silver nissan all the ma in the intersection of saidrd and lansdowne around 3:15 on the afternoon of november 18th. police believe the striking vehicle was a 2009 to 2012 model and would have sustained damage to the front grill and one health. that damage would either be now evident or recently repaired. >> i want to say is, to the driver, your chance is now to come forward. we promise i was fair investigation of this crash. >> reporter: to help that probe the mayor's office is now putting up a $10,000 reward for information that leads to arrest and convict. driver. fraternal order of police is offering another 15 grand for an arrest alone. >> bring him in today you're paid today. it's not for the conviction you don't have to wait through a long detailed process. you bring him in today, you're paid today. let's give this familiar al little jay anna closure. >> reporter: her parents her extended family, her west philly friends and neighbors marched and rallied and prayed for justice in this case.
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they're pleading for the driver of that altima to do the right thing. >> if you have a heart, if you have a mind, a soul, just turn yourself n it could have been your child, your grandchild. your niece. just turn yourself n you wouldn't want it to happen to your family. why do to another family? >> reporter: james powell her father says he expects this will be a tough christmas as the little girl's brothers and sisters come to grips with their loss. any information is welcome. silver nissan altima likely four to six years old with front end damage or recent repairs to the grill and health. iain? >> bruce, thank you. the president-elect and vice president-elect are planning a victory tour announcing rallies later this week in cincinnati and new orleans, but before that, their transition team working around the clock to build the next administration. president-elect drum pops team a making more major announcement who will fill seats in his administration. fox's lauren blanchard is in washington, d.c. tracking the moves.
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>> reporter: revolving doors in trump tower today as the president-elect donald trump and vice president-elect mike pence continue to hold meetings. the transition team announcing their intent to nominate georgia representative tom price for secretary of health and human services. and former labor secretary elaine chow for transportation secretary. meanwhile green party candidate jill stein still efforting a recount in wisconsin, michigan and pennsylvania. >> there's a huge ground swell, you know, to take back our democracy and to start by assuring that we can have confidence that our votes are being counted. >> reporter: receipt count is expected to begin later this week in wisconsin. but a recount is pennsylvania will be an uphill battle because of missed deadlines. some democrats saying it should go on even if they don't completely agree with it it. >> the stein campaign has right under our system to do this. i don't agree with them doing it. i think it's a waste of time.
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>> reporter: however, mr. trump causing some controversy this morning when he tweeted, there should be consequences for those who burn the flag. saying perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail. many wondering if the next commander in chief should stay off twitter. >> that's part of his appeal and people are so tired of politicians. they want to hear someone give it to them straight. >> reporter: white house has weighed in on mr. trump's on flag burning say it's not the first time the president has disagreed with the president-elect and says although controversial, flag burning is constitutionally protected. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. and more details coming in on the attempt at a coat recount here in pennsylvania. pennsylvania court considering ordering a recount of the presidential election jill stein asked the court yesterday to approve a statewide recount saying malware on a computer could have affected the voting machines. election officials here say they have no evidence whatsoever of a cyber attack. but yesterday's filing by 100
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plus pennsylvania voters says they believe the election results are illegal. you know in the middle of all those holiday parties you're probably thinking about how you'll lose that holiday weight. well, people at a local gym are sweat egg out right now but it's not just to get in shape. the life and death demons they're weight fighting. >> a union two decades in the making the unlikely friendship formed when the woman fled from cuba. >> and new at 6:00, philadelphia city leaders and advocates coming together to tackle homelessness among a specific population. the group that need of better services. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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new tonight the truck driver who plowed into the back of a van carrying comedian tracy morgan has pleaded guilty. kevin roper entered the plea today in new brunswick, new jersey. investigators say he was behind the wheel of a wal*mart tractor trailer in june of 2014 when he smashed into morgan's van on the new jersey turnpike. comedian james mcnair died in the wreck. with this plea roper can avoid prison time by performing community service and meeting other conditions. >> following developments tragic news out of the country of columbia tonight. a plane crash has left dozens of people dead. the charter plane was carrying a brazilian championship soccer team. >> officials say the pilot declared an emergency right before it went down but as fox's phil keating tells us investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly what went wro wrong. >> reporter: rescue workers and first responders combing through the wreckage avenue charter flight that crashed in columbia late monday night. killing at least 76 people
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including almost all of the members of the championship soccer team from brazil. en route to medellin columbia for south american soccer tournament. >> translator: we are supporting with all the neighbor municipalities, logistical matters needed emergency medical staff. this is a tragedy, something that's unthinkable. we are very sad this happened to them because this could have easily happened to us. to any family member. to any player. >> reporter: authorities say at least three soccer players were among the five survivors. relatives of the players now arriving at the team headquarters where officials have set up a crisis center for family members to get information and support. >> translator: we were very moved and shared a lot the dream with them but the dream is now over. >> reporter: plane was en route from santa cruz bolivia to medellin columbia when the radar contact was lost 10:00 p.m. monday it declared an emergency before going down and electrical emergency but there's no other
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information at this time about what may have caused that crash. columbian officials say they're gearing up for a thorough investigation. >> translator: obviously in these types of investigations, we cannot discard other causes. the testimony from the survivors will be as valuable as other facts we're going to have an investigation. >> we just learned officials have lowered the death toll now to 71. brazil's president has also declared three days of national mourning. also on board that plane were six of our fox sports brazil colleagues. our thoughts are with the families of those of all of those who died in this tragic accident. new in the ohio state university attack the fbi now comb through the attacker's electronic devices. the bureau is investigating whether 18-year-old abdul razak ali artan was reading islam member state propaganda. isis said -- >> all i can say is, that they've been here about two years, about the same as me, um, never caused any problems.
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i'd see him and pass him. never really talked to them. >> the campus police officer who kill the attacker on paid administrative leave. the calls for the officer to see a psychologist and get a new gun before he goes back to work. not a good night monday night football for the eagles. they fell to the green bay packers 27-13. the birds were four-zero at the linc before last in it's game and today head coach doug pederson talked about what went wrong. fox 29's sean bell is here to break it all down. sean, not pretty night at the linc. >> iain, what went wrong? well it was aaron rodgers that's what went wrong. they just couldn't stop him last night, plus like you said, fou four-zero at home before this game last night they played like they were on the road. unenthuseed lack luster performance something we don't usually see at the linc and that resulted rodgers going nuts. crazy. he went 30 for 39. 313 yards, two touchdowns and a defense just couldn't get to him.
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they only had one, zero sacks and only hit him twice. eagles are now a game and a half back of the final wild card spot with almost no tie breakers in their favor. before this game, they talked about getting to the playoffs but doug pederson sounded like he was waving the white flag today. >> we're in this business to win games. that's why we're here. um, but at the same time i look at the -- the process and i look at the plan. i use those words because those are words that we use around here. you watch these young kids develop and turn into ball flares and you see the potential and that's why when i say that, that's what i see with these guys. >> yeah he sounds defeated right now. doug pederson starting to talk about the future. but the players still hoping to save this season. later in sports the guys talk about trying to still make the playoffs. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, sean bell. did you shop online yesterday? because you had a whole lot of company. cyber monday hit a new record.
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the final lap thanksgiving holiday shopping raked in $3.5 billion in sales. adobe says shoppers spending topped 12% more than cyber monday in 2015 and when it came to shopping on tablets and smart phones people spent more than a billion dollars using those devices alone. holidays were full swing at the white house. first lady michelle obama put on quite a display this year the theme is the gift of the holidays to reflect on joy of giving as well as the gifts of life, service, friends, family, education and good health. there are many christmas trees each uniquely decorated throughout the building. there's also 56 lego ginger bread houses one for each state and territory made from more than 200,000 legos. coming up philadelphia police officers are trying to track down these two guys. cops say they used spray paint on local store. who investigators say the vandalism actually mentions. and he put what in an officer's drink? what
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authorities say one mcdonald's worker put in two officers sodas that got him fired. and if you love dogs and this is your dream flight a plane full of chihuahuas and the reason they all took to the skies will warm your heart. ♪
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> tennessee schoolbus driver accused of killing six kids in a crash appeared in court for the first time today. the preliminary hearing for 24-year-old jonathan e walker postponed until next month. he faces at least five charges of vehicular homicide in that crash last week. investigators have said they believe walker was speeding when he slammed into a tree. his attorney says he'll plead not guilty. walker is still in jail on $107,000 bond.
5:24 pm
mcdonald's employee in topeka kansas out of job tonig tonight. two police officers got soft drinks with mustard mixed in after the officers reported the mustard drinks mcdonald's did internal investigation while police started a criminal one. unidentified employee got the ax. mcdonald's franchise owner said that the person -- they're shocked by the former employer's actions and that they proudly support law enforcement officers. new jersey's capital could be the focus of episode of this old house. call it this old state house. governor chris christie announ announcing a four-year, $300 million ren know to the 18th century structure to begin almost immediately. christie says the building has structural defects and safety violations. parts of it don't even have sprinkler system more than a third of it is without heat or air-conditioning. and the building has too many code violations to list and it fails to meet rules regarding access for those with disabili disabilities.
5:25 pm
>> to leave the state house in this condition is embarrassment to the people of the state. it impact the health and safe toast people who work here and visit here, and have here. and quiet frankly it's shameful. >> christie says the executive branch of government will leave the state house while renovations are going on. when they're done security screening will be moved outside for better protection from attack. veterans transitioning nook our day to day world now have a head start on their job search. they got big help today in cherry hill. veterans gathered at the crown plaza today for workshops and career advice and other job search resources. both local and national employers were at the career fair and the event was for both veterans who recently ended military career and veterans who just need a little help finding the next job. >> caught on camera, nearly a dozen people bust inside a florida store they take everything they can get their hands on police say what they stole makes this especially dangerous. >> raging wildfires are burning out of control tonight in parts
5:26 pm
of tennessee. who is giving a helping hand to overwhelmed firefighters. hey, kathy. >> in weather we're talking about changes coming our way and another round of rain. temperatures across the delaware valley are going to be pretty warm around here right into the overnight and tomorrow after the rain, well, some problems of another sort in the morning. we'll talk about that coming up.
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♪ tonight volunteer fire captain sitting in a pennsylvania jail cell after prosecutors charged him in the deathdeaths of another firefigh. the attorney for 21-year-old george matos injury calls the death of 16-year-old parker hess quote a terrible accident. but state police say matos took out his legally owned gun and fired at the teenaged junior firefighter. a judge is keeping matos in jail over criminal homicide charges. flames are lighting up the sky in eastern tennessee tonight as two huge wildfires rage out of control. not only are firefighters battling the flames, they're also focusing on puttin puttingt house fires and clearing roads. >> meanwhile national guard is lending a hand making sure people in the fire's path get out. fox's jonathan serrie has the story. >> reporter: raging wildfires fueled by high winds forced evacuation of thousands of
5:30 pm
people in tennessee. officials say more than 100 buildings have also been damaged or destroyed. >> the wind blowing like it was we didn't get to leave. >> the past 24 hours we experienced a wind storm that was up to 80 miles per hour. >> when you couple that with the dry -- the drought that we've been experiencing, everything was almost like a perfect storm. >> reporter: emergency officials ordering people in gatlin burg, pigeon forge and areas near the smokey mountains to leave. several people have reportedly been hospitalized with burns. >> i've got seven kids and i've told all of them, you know, whatever -- whatever happens, material things, they can be replaced but as long as we're safe and everybody is okay that's all that really matters. but gatlin burg will row build. >> reporter: national guard troops are being sent in to help overwhelmed firefighters as dry conditions and a strong weather front are making conditions even worse. >> we're not going to get complacent because in events
5:31 pm
like this you'll find that fires will sit down for a little bit and when the temperatures come up, you get a little wind under it you can be off to the races again. >> reporter: several shelters have opened to house those forced from their homes and officials are making school buses available to transport any additional evacuees as the fires continue to spread. in atlanta, jonathan serrie, fox news. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a live look at a wet wilmington, delaware. it's been raining throughout our area across the delaware valley and we're not out of the woods just yet. your fox 29 weather authority has your details in just 15 seconds. wet, soggy but warm day across the delaware valley with a heaviest rain moving offshore just a few lingering showers out
5:32 pm
there. mainly light rain drizzle and mist right along the i-95 corridor and after the rain ends, the next issue will be the fog that moves in late tonight. if you look at the totals so far, with round one of the rain today, allentown over an inch and a half. reading over an inch. pottstown 1.3. trenton about an inch and look at philadelphia, close to an inch of rain in wilmington over three quarters of an inch of rain, and more coming tomorrow morning. looking live on market street. it's soggy but it sure is pretty during this late evening hour. the temperature 60. that's the high for the day and temperatures may warm a few more degrees. winds you are out of the west right now at about 8 miles an hour. visibility reduced where we've seen that rain come to an end right now only 1 mile in allentown. one and three quarters miles in trenton. so we will see some of these issues get a little bit worse as we go through the overnight. the rain ends, the fog settles in. and by the evening, we're seeing reduced visibility not that great in atlantic city, reduced
5:33 pm
in allentown still to only three quarters of a mile but the big problem comes for the morning. look at this. tomorrow morning, visibility less than quarter mile through most of the area. quarter mile in atlantic city. half mile in dover and wildwood. so not a great start to the day. it will be improving obviously during the morning hours tomorrow. as we look at the temperatures, in the 60s and 50s right now. by 7am, temperatures pretty mild. 50 in philadelphia. 44 in allentown. and in millville it will be 59 but by the time we make it to the noon hour it's 57 in philadelphia and wilmington and look what happens late afternoon early evening. strong southerly winds boost those temperatures we're looking at a temperature of 70 i should say 68 degrees in philadelphia and in dover and southern delaware we're talking about possibly 70 degrees by late tomorrow afternoon. but that's the first part of the story. the second part is the rain, the wind and the threat of severe weather. monica has more on that and it could be little bit of a bumpy ride. monica.
5:34 pm
>> right. what we're expecting is the worst of it to be tomorrow morning the fog. it's not really going to be raining all that much tomorrow morning for your early morning commute. from midnight tonight all the way through 7am tomorrow morning, it's just a mist a drizzle. and then we bump those rain chances up as we once again head into wednesday afternoon. temperatures are going to be warming and they're there could be at time heavier rainfall accumulating across the delaware valley from half an inch in some areas whole inch of rain additional accumulation from what we already saw today. that's pretty heavy rain once again localized ponding to be could be a big problem on the roadways. don't forget about that chance much as the temperatures start to rise tomorrow we could see some of these showers and thunderstorms possibly become severe. we're actually under a marginal risk for severe weather. now that goes through south jersey and all of delaware. now, south jersey includes cape may county, atlantic county, all the way through cumberland, salem, gloucester county into camden as well and the southern parts of burlington county all
5:35 pm
included win that marginal risk. really what that means are few isolated storms could produce some damaging wind and really heavy rain, kathy. >> all right. thanks very much. for tonight we're just talking about the rain coming to an end the fog developing temperatures in the city 50. suburbs 40s. tomorrow 68 with occasional rain the morning will be an issue on your seven day forecast temperatures fall on thursday. but it's pleasant but cool for friday, saturday, sunday, even monday dry the next chance of rain will move on in on tuesday with a high of 54 degrees. but not so bad for the first week of december. we'll zen it back to you. >> sounds good, thank you very much, kathy. coming up philadelphia police trying to track down these two guys. cops say they used spray paint on a local store. who investigators say they mentioned in their vandalism. depending on whether you're a dog person, either a green dream come true or nightmare. flight full of chihuahuas why so many of them took to the skies.
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new at 6:00 the takeover of beasts from another era. where you can see this stunning local display that gives a peek into the world of dinosaurs.
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>> in your money did you set a budget for holiday shopping?
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according to new study by lending tree probably not. more than half americans are shopping for the holidays without a budget and more than quarter of them say that's why they're racking up debt in january. that same study also shows more than 43% say they have some sort of financial regret after the holidays. how does seasonal get away sound. check out this live size ginger bread houts set up inside the ritz carlton dove mountain in arizona. head pastry chef and his team built it in week using 5,000 tiles of bake ginger bread it has a working fireplace it gets cool in the dessert. it's available for dinner reservations for parties up to six people. >> in san francisco travelers were jumping eager to get going. those passengers chihuahua headed to new york. virgin america teamed up with animal rescuers for operation think wawa airlift. so cute. program started in 2010 because of an over population of
5:40 pm
chihuahuas in california shelters like the pitbull problem we've got here. chihuahuas will be adopted in new york demand for smaller dogs is greater than the supply. amazon is working on new device similar to popular echo smart speaker. >> echo answers to alexa of course alexa might be getting a new screen. bloomberg is reporting amazon is looking to improve the audio quality on new echo like device as well add a 7-inch touch screen. according to the report you could use the screen to view the weather and news the device expected to be released sometime in early 2017. it will likely cost a little more than the current echo. >> at&t about to launch it's its live streaming tv service called direct tv now. you can watch on your smart phone or tablet and connect a tv through the internet starting tomorrow. at&t is really hoping to win over these so-called cable cord cutters. prices for the new service starts at 35 bucks a month for more than 60 channels. those prices go up to $70 for more than 120 channels.
5:41 pm
coming up reunion two decades in the making. the unlikely friendship formed while a woman left cuba. >> caught on camera, nearly a dozen people stormed inside a florida store. police say they used a truck to get inside. what they got their hands on that has police work aig round the clock to track all those folks down. ♪
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♪ anti trump message scrawled on the walls of a fresh market in chestnut hill. surveillance video captured two men as they walked to the market on germantown avenue last week. police say they spray painted the building then one of the men captured the images of what they did. damage will cost a lot of money. thousands of dollars to fix because of the stone used to construct the building. know who did it or know someone who posted the video because you can just call police. in south philadelphia, police responding to a call for a burglary found pot instead.
5:45 pm
it happened this morning on the 400 block of cantrell street as police say man fought thought intruder what in his basement. police say they did not find an intruder. rather 172 marijuana plants. he's now facing a list of charges including manufacturing with the intent to deliver. >> service workers at chicago o'hare airport walk off the job. o'hare is one of the busiest airports in the nation and worker at 19 other airports and hundreds of fast food restaurants across the country also walk out today. >> they're demanding minimum wage be raised to $15 an hour. fox's matt fipp is at o'hare airport in chicago. >> reporter: the fight for 15 hits one of the nation's busiest airports service workers here at o'hare walking off the job on tuesday. it's part of their strategy to seat minimum wage increased to $15 an hour. improved workplace safety. >> we are tired of the way we're being treated at the company throughout the airport. we have our wages stolen.
5:46 pm
we get injured on the job. it seems like the company do's not care. >> reporter: this scene being repeat the at 19 other airports across the country. thousands of janitors, baggage handlers, cabin cleaners and wheel hair attendants participating in 24 hour day of disrupt. airport authorities now working with airlines to keep travel delays to minimum. >> the strike is not designed to shut down the airport. you know hopefully that will not have to happen that. may come at some point but that's not what it was designed totter. it was designed to raise their voice, to raise this issue to the general public and to the powers to be. >> reporter: it's not just airport workers. thousands of fast food employees and others in low-wage jobs also staying off the job on tuesday. huge rallies taking place from new york to los angeles. calling for the national minimum wage to be raised what they call a living wage. >> what we're seeing economic anxiety and wage stag nation and wage disparity and poverty. >> reporter: union organizers say the walk out here will end tonight but threaten the next
5:47 pm
time they strike they will shut down this airport. out o'hare airport in chicago, mat fin, fox news. police in tampa florida on the hunt for a group of people who they say used a truck to ram through the wall avenue gun store so they can steal the weapons inside. check out this surveillance video from early this morning. investigators say after using a truck to ram through the wall, of this tampa arms company, as many as a dozen guys run into the store and it takes just 60 seconds or so to clear the guns off the shelves and get them out of the cabinets. deputes say the group stole 40 weapons before they got out of there. the store owner is shaken and worried for his employees. >> it's devastating because i'm not really worried about me. i'm worried about the other guys that work for me. we have my partner, of course, and three other employees that count on this for extra money. full who-time gunsmith and two other gentlemen that workhour part time on the weekends. so they're out of job for now, you know, and think plans of
5:48 pm
holiday money they might had or gone. >> police say this is the third time since the end of last year that a gun store in tampa has been burglarized. on this giving tuesday, science is proving it's better to give than receive. the national institutes of health look at mri's of people who give to charities and check this out. researchers found that giving stimulated the reward center of the brain. releasing endorphins called a helper's high. scientists say other studies show when people take part in charitable giving they report lower blood pressure and stress levels. mother stuck her out of fidel castro's cube today 20 years ago and now she's an american citizen. she part of a special reunion. here's the moment that was decades in the making. >> assan knee's mom stuck her out of cuba in a duffle bug bag. they spent 10 months at guantonimo bay the eight-year-old be friended private first class chester
5:49 pm
gardner who was stationed at the base on humanitarian mission. 20 years later, she was able to track him down. >> i don't have really words to describe how i'm feeling right now. i'm just really -- i feel blessed. gardner lives in anthem this is the first time time the two have seen each on the since they left begun bay cuba for a new life in the united states. >> i'm so grateful right now. i'm so thankful. >> reporter: back in the mid 1990's many cuban refugees waited at guantonimo bay before being relocated to the us. chester gardner was an 18-year-old soldier when he was sent to the base. >> she had an infectious smile and laughter and just everything. it help us all get through. >> reporter: after she left the base the two tried to he can change letters. she saved one he wrote to her shortly after arriving in miami. >> some day i will see you okay when i don't know. you be a good little girl and stay out of trouble, okay. love always your friend and
5:50 pm
godfather pfc chester gardner. >> it took some digging but she was eventual able to track him down after he bought a home in an son. >> as soon as i saw the picture i knew exactly who it was and it was just a blessing and honor to meet her. >> years may have passed but time only brought more gratitu gratitude. >> you show me the true meaning of friendship. you showed me that that we can love others. even if they're not like us or if they don't come the from the same place or the same background and that's what he get from me and it's been a humbling experience could be in guantonimo bay and to have the soldiers like you help us and did you more than serve. you loved us and for that i'm so grateful. >> friendship built under difficult circumstances and a reunion this thanksgiving weekend two decades in the making. i'm andrew has brook, fox news. how powerful is that? milestone for italian woman emma moron know born in 1899.
5:51 pm
yes. 1800's she turned 117 years old today. actually folks believe she's probably the only person left in the and tire world that was born in the 1800's. she's believed to be the oldest woman in the world. she marked the momentous occasion at her home in northern italy surrounded by friends and neighbors. moron know out lived all of her eight brothers and sisters. her doctor credits her longevity to a diet consisting of -- any guesses? >> you won't guess this one. of mainly eggs. >> all right. you may already be thinking about how you'll lose that holiday weight after the holidays. after parties, weekend after weekend people at one local gym are sweating it out. it's not just to get in shape. the life and death demons they're fighting. >> new at 6:00 o'clock philadelphia city leaders and advocates are coming together to tackle homelessness among a suspicious population. the group in need of better services. >> and the takeover of beasts from another era. where you can see this stunning local display giving i was peek
5:52 pm
into the world of the dinosaurs. >> fox 29 is proudly partnered with the kellyanne dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible. you can help by just adopting a family dolan fund is looking for unwrapped toys for children that are all the way up to 18 years old. or target or wal*mart gift cards. you can drop off everything at the wissahickon firehouse on december 5th and 6th. mark december 6 many especially because "good day philadelphia" will be there live until 10am. for more information go to fox or call the number (215)643-0763.
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south philadelphia gym owner believes that working out has been one of the keys to helping him overcome his drug addiction and he's now taking his positive experience and sharing it with other folks. bill anderson went to fearless athletics to find out the unique way they're helping each other through recovery for goodness sake. >> reporter: from the outside fearless athletics looks like any other cross fit gym but program here is trying to help a large the isolated segment of society recovering addicts because the owner he personally knows their struggle. >> cross fit in general is actually what saved my life. i found cross fit early in my recovery it was time where i didn't really have much good going on for me. myself esteem was non existent.
5:57 pm
really the only thing that made me feel good about myself was working out. >> reporter: because of his own challenges will was on board almost immediately when a man walked in his gym to work out and shared a national program that he was developing. >> he told me about his facility and how they offer free cross fit to people in recovery as empower many type program, and it click. i was like that's exactly what i need to do. >> reporter: that's exactly what he did. human strength program was born and now every saturday he opens up his gym for free for people looking for love, support and a good workout in a judgment free environment. >> i like to think of it as empowerment through fitness. the only requirement is 48 hours of clean and sober time, and people from all backgrounds are welcome. >> reporter: it is a supportive environment and most in the gym including instructors are either currently in recovery or committed to removing the negative impacts of drugs and
5:58 pm
alcohol from their lives. make no mistake, the workouts, they're legit. feel bad to stand here watching them work out much this is no joke. will's vision of taking something as personal as his own addiction and sharing his challenges in order to help others it's having an immediate effect. >> the most relatable thing he ever said was that this was one of the things that kind of saved his life. the support having people, you know, cheering you along or encouraging you along the way is super important. >> i'm not addicted but every time i hang out with my friends on friday i have trouble on saturday. the whole day staying in bed and i hate doing that. i was tired of it. >> reporter: negative effects of addiction on the addict as well as their friends and family can be so strong that not only do they lack support, but people don't understand that recovery doesn't mean you can no longer enjoy your life. a point that human strength hammers home. >> being clean and sober can be a positive thing.
5:59 pm
you can have fun. you can find other people that are like minded and build a support network in an encouraging way. >> reporter: in this case it takes on dual meaning for goodness sake will found something to save his own life and for goodness sake he shared it with others. i'm bill anderson. ♪ >> a manhunt tonight for whomever is responsible for gunning down a teenager with a semi automatic weapon. >> i heard he got shot ian. he ain't the type of guy to get shot. >> what may make it difficult to identify the shooter. ♪ some local children try to take a walk in someone else's shoes. how all these shoes are heading overseas to change lives. live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. developing to night in the city's mayfair section, the hunt
6:00 pm
for a teen's killer the 14-year-old victim was gunned down just walking to the store with a friend. good evening, i'm iain page. >> lucy noland. police are trying to figure out why agent. n wilsey became a target. dawn is live in northeast philadelphia where he live. have you been speaking with those who new him. >> reporter: i have, lucy. as you can imagine everyone is heart broken. not even police can figure out why anyone would want to kill a 14-year-old boy. investigators are looking into possibility that it could have been an attempted robbery or something else. still it is not making the pain any easier to deal with. >> i felt terrified. i couldn't believe it. like everybody kept telling me i just couldn't believe it. i thought it was fake. >> frank myers is still trying to comprehend his good friend is gone. shot to death last night in mayfair. a gofundme page already raising thousands of dollars to cover the ninth greater's funeral


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