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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  November 30, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> good day, it is wednesday, november 30th, 2016. taking a foggy look at philly. barely see the art museum at the top of the screen. >> supposed to clear out by noon, sue? sue lovers itly just call on her. >> yes, dense fog advisory just extended until 11:00 a.m. >> oh, being. >> thank you, great to have you with us.
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>> we brighten things up with our conversation, how about that? to stay at home, not to stay at home. that's the question. >> one mom being called foiled, for staying home with her children. how she is holding back. >> it is back, empire, yaz, sore eye a, on the 17 magazine. what the stars have to say about their rumored relationship, the hot actress that's appearing on the show. >> trying to shop, get the best deals on gift, so let's go for the tech i in your live. the stuff is that they want to have and the best prices, the cool edge gadgets that you could put under the tree for this year. >> feel like they always have everything, though. >> one every them, billion pictures on our phone, but how many pictures do we have? >> oh, you're planning ahead. >> no more pictures any more. cool gadget, just print them right on out. >> oh, i like. >> how about snap it? >> sign me up.
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>> learn more about. that will here is the big question, starting to get reaction on social media. how much do you trust your partner? like really trust your partner? well, one woman, she sparked a fire storm on line after claiming that we are all capable of cheating, given the right circumstances. so her original post says that people are absolutely certain that other halves won't ever chute are dilute g themselves. people feel very strongly. some agree, while never truely know anyone else, what they will do. other insist their partners are 100% committed their relationship works never hurt them. then some people saying well what do you call cheating? because then there is that. >> the person cheating, flight. >> you have to clarify. >> definition every cheating? that's not cheating. >> some people are saying though when it comes to cheating, you are doing something would you not do in front of your spouse, you shouldn't be doing it. >> does flirting constitute cheating? >> no. >> if you're flirting with that in mine, that's one step toward it. >> what if they are flirting in front of you? >> that's disrespectful.
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>> say i was out with the boys, and i flirted with someone? >> who would say that? i mean? >> absolutely. >> you go out, get couple of numbers? >> telling on yourself? >> no, i believe in a hundred% honesty, i feel like living in this bubble, wacking down the street, and oh, she is attractive there is person is attractive. would that bother you? >> no, that wouldn't bother glee a lot of people are like well what do you mean they are attractive. and i think that ruins relationship. when you don't have the open dialogue, when you can you know, say it together, i find this person or this interests me intrigues me, not to say you are going to do anything, but once you put little standards, start stifling a relationship, that's where noon some problems. >> hole on. i'm all for honesty. >> dr. dre ton. >> if you went out, flirting with someone, oh, little fun, you come home say okay, i was flirting with someone. what do you expect to happen next? >> oh, that's great, have a great day. >> you know, i was out, got
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couple of numbers, nothing. >> are you in a committed relationship saying this? >> well -- >> yes, if you are a committed relationship getting numbers from someone you think is good looking. >> you don't think i should say anything? >> why are you doing it? if you are in a committed relationship. >> i'm just saying if you're out. oh, see now? >> i believe 100% honesty in a relationship. i think a loft people are very capable of shooting when they say well now i know what my mom or -- my manor woman is doing, all it takes is five minutes. >> and alcohol. >> five minute, that's kind of quick. >> absolutely, you know, you have a couple of drinks. >> too much alcohol. i have been shock in my life. my best friend, people i have known, we've spent talk in a billion years, deep secrets that they held. and i had no idea. i'm always amazed. so this woman was specific in calling out men. i think most men given the chance certainly step out.
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i think a lot more common than people think. and i am shock by the people. >> i hear it from a lot of people they get bored in their relationship. >> well, harder to stay in it and not do it. >> it is easy, all of these avenues, key can go on line, not like back in the day, go to the grocery store, see a person, instant connection. now it is on line, pick up an app, you know, you can cheat just like that. >> i mean got to be hard. karen you can speak to there is since married and everything, what i think about i know i am the single girl but there has to be with someone, and keep them entertained, keep it exciting for the rest of your live. one person for the rest of your life. and it has to be a big job to make sure they're taken care of. i mean, you get older. you change. things you want to change. >> i know some women who won't allow their men to see them without make up. >> i have heard of that. >> always wash tonight, and some guys prefer them. >> you got kids and a life. i feel like you can't -- that's later in life. date all the people.
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put your best face forward. you need the person to be with you when you are sick, when you cry, hole your hands, because everybody can be there when it is good. everybody wants when you it is good. >> i want if you read some of the comment that you are getting what people think about this. how do you keep it fresh? i know everyone different in their relationship. do you designate date night? do you go, you know, because when you're out on date we see a lot of this. >> people -- >> big problem ma relationship. that's subbing, flight. >> real quickly though, linda says: my husband is very catholic, follows the ma'am the to the t. he looks for sure, but that's it, no touching. that's where the line is. then. >> all men are cheaters until one man treats them like a queen. i thought that until i found my husband. another: ridiculous, both women and men cheat. you know what some people say. men and women cheat. women are better at that time.
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>> what? >> men don't pay attention to the details. women are detail oriented know what kind of things to say and do. >> love to hear what you say about this. a lot of people on their phone, it is called suck, basically when you just can't put down the phone. >> oh,. >> well, we're socially active. >> is that what you are calling it? uh-huh. >> but it drives you insane when you see couple. i see, i mean, they don't even have a conversation sitting at the same table. go out, no phone policy? >> we do. my husband looking at sports, looking at the game, wants to know what the buddies saying, what's going happen. i know we do it all the time. >> you don't mind? >> i do mind. >> honey? >> do you ever say honey can i just have your attention right now? >> no, i forget what i was trying to say, literally the paper, this thing, i'm trying to tell you something important. can you just look up. >> so it does bother you? >> of course it does. >> if your husband is watching you, put down the phone, would that bother you on a date?
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>> i remember when i was in high school. guy did it for long time. we had a thing we would not look at phones. even kind of carried over, even like dating recently. it is like you're looking at your phone, it makes oh, something going on? hey, oh, something? what's going on over there? >> what about when they do this, typing and then they put their phone face down? >> oh. >> they don't want you to see -- >> how about this? he has the phone, and you kind -- just moving next to him and he's like oh, hold on, what you doing, when you can't show me what's going on? >> does it make you suspect something could be going on? please weighing it, if they are texting and face down they don't want that message. >> or have it covered to the side? >> secret, private. does that affect snug. >> you know, of the privacy screens now, your phone looks completely black from anyone looking from this side or this side. so could you just go all day, not be worried about it, and they still can't read t but when it comes it like checking this, i remember this guy used to have this saying, and and you
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would look at your phone, phone check, okay, let's tack couple every minutes, make sure we're not missing anything crazy and then get back to on the date that kind of thing. >> so maybe once a month exchange phones with your partner you can look at my phone? >> no, no, no, listen, go looking for something, you are going to find something. and i feel like as a former phone checker, i don't did it any more, former phone checker, i always -- there is always something you don't want to see. >> good political estimate sometimes it really is like an innocent thing or whatever. and nothing more to t but you can find something and read more into it. i think that's smart. >> all right. i want to talk about there is stay at home moms? >> yes. one blogger taking offense after someone called her spoiled, yes, call her spoil. wrote up her entire experience on the site babble. she said someone once called they are spoil for staying home with her one child. in the post she wrote: i was angry but also hurt. as a young 23 year old mom, i was so insecure in my new role in life. most women discovering their police in this world, finding their passions and partying late into the night.
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marrying young and becoming a mother had been my choice, but it was one i was still acclimate g to. i was happy to be home with my son. what i wanted. but it doesn't mean it came easily or without sacrifice. >> goes on to say, long story, you know, most difficult decision you can make as a parent. specially as a mom. >> so it often changes i've worked, and not work. i've seen different sides. we have to be less judge mental. guy saying this you are spoiled, he has a wife with four kids, like staying home with one kid? that was his frame of reference. so i think important, unless you walked in someone else's shoes, you don't know what's going on with them. you don't know what's happening with them. us a just live with what we are are dealing with and not judge. >> did you face that edge though? with your first child, question whether or not you would stay home? >> not with my first. stay at home with my second kid, for two years, i did on the work. -- i didn't work. i stoneboat sides, been that way, then it can be hard to be at home. a loft work. both ways, a lot of work.
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>> work. >> and some people can't afford it, both par event to work in order to keep things going. but we check in with meredith, producer of the q. you are a stay at home mom for awhile. now you are back at work. what do you think, calling a home mom spoiled? >> i would deaf any not call a stay at home mom spoiled f anything i was always jealous when i work. i did the opposite. instead of staying home when my kids were babies, when most stay at home moms stay at home, i stayed at home when my kids were five and seven. that's when i left work. so i would consider myself spoiled at that moment because my kids were in school and i had six hours basically to myself. to run all of my err ants by myself, to clean, to prepare their meals, to go shopping, you know, to do all of those things that normally you would have kids with you, that make things ten times harder. i mean, not to say that, you know, any stay at home mom job is not easy. but i don't think that it is definitely not spoiled. i mean, one kid is hard.
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>> how much did you involve your partner, your spouse? in your decision? >> when staying home? he was very supportive of staying home. just made life easier for us, because he worked crazy hours, and so did i. i work on good day. so i had to be here in the middle of the night. towed work long hours. so it is just easier having one person, you know, to be able to take the kids to school, not having to worry about who will pick them up. that's hard for working parents. who will pick me kids up watcher if one is sick. who is staying home with them. >> meredith when you lefty was so jealous. >> i know. >> like i can't believe you are doing this. i'm so proud of you. >> i know. >> what made you come back? >> "the q". >> yes? >> they called me back to come to the q. >> and all of those expense every jewels that you're wearing? >> my costume jewelry? >> love it. >> and we love you on "the q". >> oh, thank you. do you watch at noon? >> of course i will be watching. >> monday through friday. >> thanks for sharing, meredith. >> thank you. >> hey guess what else is back? >> empire is back tonight.
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took a break over the thanksgiving week. now it is back. and yes, just celebrated birthday by the way. and they're featured in the latest issue of 17. don't they look good? >> are they dating? >> they confirmed in this article they are not dating. even on the show they had something little going on. nope, just friends, really good friends. and when she needs inspiration, she said she thinks of her role model. michael jordan, kobe bryant, beyonce, when working out in the gym or working at, first once, you know, when you want something, do you have put that work in. >> let's go back to those two. i have never seen empire, i know. >> oh,. >> i am usually working or doing something else, like sleeping. >> we love empire. >> we will be watching tonight. you be tweet withing alex. >> they have good on screen chemistry? >> oh, yes, empire wrap, talk about the hot moments. >> you are missing out. >> wrap it up in 30 seconds, if you had to. >> what, empire?
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>> the whole show. >> thirty? >> i know we have lures, he is the head of empire. >> and the lion empire? >> and music empire, yes, topping, she went to jail for him for little bit to cover up some stuff. >> she came back. >> foul out of jail and back. now there are so many things that happen. they try to keep the dynasty going. also three sons. >> one was shot. >> yes. one music career. >> he came back? >> only because i've been watching you. >> yes? >> you've been keeping me in the know. >> so we've learned -- >> mariah carey, guest? >> well, guests, coming in for guest spot, me a long, yes. so she is starring also in the tv version of beaches in january. >> remaking it? >> oh, that will be amazing. >> don't ask me how i know, but back in january, lifetime remake of beaches. my mother loves this. every week. >> and come watch. and i would be like there is
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only one movie in my life that made me cry. beaches is sad. do you want to know what it is? i can't watch it in school. charlotte's web. >> oh. >> that darn spider dies, oh, my gosh. >> spoiler alert. >> if you don't know by now. >> wait. out of all of the movies out, there all the movies? >> i think my parents died at dumbo. >> bamm bye? >> that's one. >> sue,. >> i'm not your average bear. >> sue? think of a move that i made you cry, i know you will give us answer in 15 seconds. we'll try to guess over the next 15. >> charlotte's web.
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>> national weather is advice says the conditions conducive to fog, timing throughout the rest of the morning, look at the viabilities, there isn't much, quarter mile in wilmington, millville, atlantic city, half mile at the airport, so your flight may be delayed, this cold front, touching off strong thunderstorms, more moving in to alabama. it is very slow moving front. so we will have rain from this. with us for the rest of the day. we've been checking around, gatlin-berg, tennessee, knoxville, very heavy rain there. that might be good thing. that's where they've been having the wild fires. 65 degrees. watch out for thunderstorms any time today. things dry out tomorrow. and by friday, back to seasonable chilly temperatures. it is the first weekend of december, coming up. and by sunday it is really going to feel like december. >> sue, if it is going to be december i guess it has to feel like t the shopping
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season underway. if your a tight on time, have a long list, consumer reporter steve noviello, telling us about cool tech gift, steve, help us. >> good morning, we have my annual gift guide air on your station last week. and now breaking down some of the cool gift ideas. when we talk about technology, it is the cat gore that i people ask us about most. what we try and do is find stuff that is just a little bit off the beaten path for you. we do have few staples, like this guy right here. the vizioe cast series television, 4k, ultra hd display. the reason we chose it really all about price point. sixty-five-intel vision, 4k display, for only 850 bucks. cool thing about this is you can download the vizio smart app to turn it into touch screen remote, then cast content from your phone, to the screen. a thousand apps, hundreds of thousands of shows, movies, millions of songs, or you can of course watch cable
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satellite or over the air tv. if you would like to update the sound of your system but don't want to have to update all of your technology, we chose the fresh e bar. this is 70-dollar price point. but what makes it so cool, is the connective at this. take a look at the back here. talking blue tooth, rca connections, digital optical, even head phone jack will work with this which means any television manufactured since 1999 is compatible with this system. also, has kind of really cool and fun look, with this leather trim, and different fashion colors. and again it is 07 bucks. even if something were to happen to it, not the worse thing in the world. let's move over to here, the sprocket from hp. zero inning photo printer. scnc printout photos from instagram, even camera on your phone, the app allows you to edit your photos, add captions, frames, these two by 3-inch print-out also are stickers, as well. so kind of cool thing for the
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kids there. about $130 price point. next up, talk about this. this is the lamp champ. one of the first things we chose for our tech section this year. because it really is so useful. picture. >> this you're on the road. in a hotel. looking for that usb charging cable. it is just not somewhere close. so, you pop this in where the light bulb goes. then the light bulb goes in on top t becomes an usb charging station. the need thing about this, is that even when the light is turned off, this will continue to charge your usb powered devices, comes in a $20 price point. finally for you i know in my house all sorts of old cables laying around, because here's what happens. i buy them, i plug them in. then point of contact they start to bend, start to fray. they start to break. they start, they stop working. this is called snake-able. here is how they solved that problem. their cables are manufactured with independently moving ball
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joints. so what happens is that this restricts any sort of harsh bends in the wire, which means, no hash, bends, no stress, no stress, no fraying, no worries about having to replace it. these, about $23. obviously that's just the tip of the iceberg from what we are showing you on the table. complete tech section, more than 30 items, more than 170 in our full guide. find link not only my facebook fan page but of course your station website. >> i have to check it out. steve next we will be seeing you, will you be looking different? >> this is the last day of no shave november. follow me on social media. we have, thank you so much. have surpassed our fundraising goal for this year. so we had great time raising money and raising awareness for the cause. yes, ma'am, the last day of the beard. i'm thinking next year when it comes in, it will be even grayer. >> oh, sign every wisdom. that's for taking part in the calls. see the headphones there?
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people asking facebook and twitter where i got this mug, not sephora mug. >> it does look like a sephora mug. >> they like t they want to get it. where did you get it? >> home goods. >> we were debating earlier in the show, oh, rudolph? >> no it is not rudolph. i was like hello, the red nose? >> cousin of rudolph? >> no. >> smekle. >> you're probably right. >> commercial break? >> we get down to business, like what kind of reindeer is that? >> i'll get awe snowman, and i think there is a christmas tree one. >> and i may give one away to one of the viewers. >> oh, look at you, holiday give away. >> bought them last year for stocking stuffer. >> just call this -- >> these are leftovers, not re gift. >> re gifts? >> kind of re gift. you know what? >> i'll get awe calendar.
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>> okay, bearing it all, how the calendar is highlighting true beauty, exposing unfair expectations placed on women in hollywood. plus, surprise. wait until you see who is in the drivers seat of this picture. the a list star giving college student free -- can you guess who this is?
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> is it poorelli? >> is that where it comes from? >> new 2017 calendar, titled emotional. fourteen actresses took part in in year's calendar, did it without make up. sometimes without clothes, and with the promise the in-photos were not photo shopped or re touched at all. the a listers included nicole good man, loopy, now the photos taken by famed photographer, peter lindberg. and he told e on line he wanted to convey a different kind of beauty. look at these.
9:26 am
uma thurman right there. >> napita. >> i think they all look so beautiful with or without make up. i think this photographer, i mean, he is obviously extremely talented, these are beautiful pictures. >> they are. >> i think some of those people look better without make up. >> true beauty. what you really look like, instead of covering it all up. >> there is amy schumer. she did this last year, posted topless wearing just, well, as you can see, heals and underwear. she described her experience, her picture as being beautiful, gross, strong, discusting, and flawless. all her words. >> i think it is great. it shows that like we're all human. this is what makes you you. >> hard to get this, hard to feel confident about your body. if you feel that way, i mean, go for it. go for it. >> i just think it is refreshing. we always see people all like standing in these positions and this and this and this, and whatever, and we're all polished. like to see fresh face. >> we make jokes about the belly there is and that. but at the end of the day do
9:27 am
you have feel good about who you are. >> so true. >> specially with social media, oh, you look this, you got bags, you talk about this, you know, you just got to shake it off. let it go. not everyone will love you. >> amen. >> don't let anyone take your joy. >> and you have to keep forging ahead. all created differently. we have to except that. >> i remember one guy told me he was doing big speech and he said that you don't have to be the president of my fan club. that's my job. and i thought that was good. you should have your own fan club, love yourself. you shouldn't expect that from anybody else. i thought pretty good. >> look in the mirror. ♪ >> yes. >> people like me. >> (laughing). >> oh, stop. look at you. hold on, karen. >> yes, yes. movie with the maze? >> oh, that's right. >> the help, there you go. yes. >> s&l being stewart whatever it is? >> smiley --
9:28 am
>> got both of us here. >> i have the best of both worlds. >> let's check in with our friends wmmr, preston and steve. holds this amazing food drive every year. bob, you are there. stamp out for hunger? >> oh, what happens when phil i's number one morning radio show hits the road? take a look at this. this is not your daddy's tonka crane. i'm in the amquip crane. take a take a look at the parking lot, look, even santa claus is shear. we will begin side the tent live with preston and steve when we come right back. ♪ i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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mom washed our clothes. credibility as handymen. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? we can't look this good! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can.
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my cmine too!hange is super competitive. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. well, wmmr preston and steve they hold a food drive every year. this is amazing what they get to do. >> spirit they bring in. they brought in a million pounds of food for philabundance and even bigger hall this year. >> lets get out to our own bob
9:32 am
kelly. how is it going. >> good morning coming to you live from xfinity live here in south philadelphia. you camp out for hunger. eve been here, preston and teave, philly's hottest radio station. look what happens when they take their show on the road. this is what i want a live studio audience with a live band, but this is probably the biggest, hold on, let's move the mayor aside. mayor's town here. >> how are you to go bob. >> this is unbelievable. this is what i want a live studio audience. house band. i was just up in the crane. it looks fantastic. >> yeah, i haven't been up there yet. >> i remember when you guys started this thing, it was at adams mark hotel. >> yeah. >> one truck. >> tenth. >> we had barrel with the fire in it. >> we had to beg to get wood to come out. >> yes. >> we had a food drive. >> that is it. >> that is all we had good how many years ago was that. >> this is our 19th year.
9:33 am
>> wow. >> that we have done this. >> nineteen years. >> wow. >> take a look at the crowd back here. this has got to get you juiced. you talk to a couple million people a day but really just in the studio ourselves. that has to fire you up. >> when you see it face-to-face and everybody coming down when it is all day long, all week long it is impressive and cool to see people coming together like this. last year this group of people, and others who came back and clinted managed to raise 1.1 million-pound of food. >> wow. >> for philabundance. >> wow. >> can goods in the truck. notice how folks watching at home can take part in this event. >> very simple. the just come down to xfinity live right here at the sports complex. we take donations starting at about 6:00 a.m. we will go until 9:00 p.m. if you are in a hurry just drive your car in drop them off. we have volunteers. they will take the food f you want to come in we have stuff to partake upon. we have breakfast, lunch, dinner served here, wawa coffee served here all day
9:34 am
long. other shows, pierre robert will be broadcasting live, jackson will be broadcasting live as well. we have a golf simulator, pop shop, we have stuff to do we have prizes to win. and also, if you i for got what i was going to say. >> you love me. >> i do love you, it is true. >> as far as getting here just fine the information at preston and or but we'd love for to you come by. >> how has it been this year, we had eagles on monday night. played last night. >> the flyers played last night. >> sixers tonight. >> sixers tonight and there is i concert tomorrow night. we're trying to work around that. as much as you think that would drive more traffic here, it kind of sometimes can be a deterrent because of the traffic issue, you know, people necessity there is like monday night game, it was a little slow as far as donations. we did bring in food, it was cool but caused issues for people getting where they need to be. we have special parking set up. if you text word park to go
9:35 am
39333 you'll find out where you can park even though there are events going on. >> we have put a lincoln our web site fox, it is non-perishables, bring it on down here. >> yep. >> for everybody out in the crowd here you guys give yourself a big round of applause. this is great. thank you for allowing us to be part of this. we have a link up here. i have looked up donations on our facebook and twitter page. good luck for the rest of the week. >> great, we love you bob, thanks, man. >> 933 wmmr the philadelphia's number one radio show. >> i love that they do this every year. you know you are important when they put up your name. >> yes. >> bob kelly, everybody, hold on. >> yes. >> well, did you hear about kanye west? apparently he cannot see his kids. one person choose to go keep north and saint away from their dad.
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♪ >> welcome back fox 29 has proudly partnered with the kelly anne dolan memorial fund this year to help as many families as possible. you can help by adopting a family at dolan fun looking for unwrapped toys for children up to 18 years old. bring a target or wal-mart gift card. drop them off at wissohickon firehouse on december 6th and 7th. she will be out there december o 10:00 a.m. all of the information is on the screen, get to fox or call (215)643-0763. hope to see you out there. >> wonderful thing. >> now we have a question and i wanted to bring sue in for this one, okay. >> okay. >> you'll see why in a second. do you have an iphone or
9:40 am
android? experts say your smart phones cannery veal key traits about your personality. so this is where we move forward then, sue, recent convert to the iphone is that right. >> right. i have to say i'm grateful because this is my work phone. the company again with usually provides with us phone. i'm grateful for what i got. i loved my android. now i have an iphone. >> she was so upset. >> i was in the news room saying it will be okay. iphones are great. you'll love it. >> i didn't want to a slave to apple. >> is that what it is. >> did you you get the cover as well. >> no, i bought that. >> no, i make it my own. >> so, hey sue do you love your iphone yet? it is not working. the it is a personality issue. >> yes, what is my personality if i like android. >> we will talk to android users. that is where your hearties. researchers at lancaster university, in england, yes, they found that people with androids are more likely to be
9:41 am
older. >> that is true. >> older. >> okay. >> and weren't as interested in status. >> yes. >> less likely to break rules for personal gain. >> yes, that is it. >> but are honest. >> i try to be, yes. >> that is how people should be, they should not worry about status. >> i'm grateful. >> she's grateful. >> gratitude is her attitude. >> rest of us stuck with apple what does it say about us. >> not the that we don't like apple. >> i love it. research found, i'm team ieven if all day. they found they are twice as likely to be young females. >> yes. >> and they view their phone as a status symbol and less concerned with owning things. >> exhibit a. >> no, no. >> that is not the true. >> well, yeah, i guess we will take that. >> yes. >> my gosh. >> how you about palm pilot, to you remember that.
9:42 am
>> i used to want one of those palm smart phones so badly. ahh, i used to beg, i used to want that but i never got one. >> black bring, i was never black bring, just too -- >> i loved the black bring. >> yes. >> i like the little rolling ball, the pearl, what i really wanted was a t mobile side kick. i would see people flip in and flip out. >> do you remember the razor. >> yes. >> yes. >> i'm so old we had beepers, when we were reporters in the field. >> but we have cell phones, you had to pull over to the side of the road and use a pay phone and then got the big brick phone it was so hot it was melting the side of your face. >> yes. >> i wonder what the nokia1 on it, and, you know which one i'm talking about. >> i forgot what model it was. >> i remember when i got the a car phone, as i called everybody. i'm in my koran my phone.
9:43 am
>> yes. >> mine was the no, it is just technology. >> those three minutes, after 7:00. 6:59 looking at my phone. now i can make the call. >> jen freddie's out, she's accessory, with a few holiday outfits. hi there, jen. >> hey, i'm in neiman marcus. we're talking about holiday accessories. i have to call my husband and tell him what is on my wish list. you can hear from the fashion director of neiman marcus, right after this. these are things that didn't get in the segment.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
holidays are a time when people want to go extra to go to those holiday parties. people want to put on their bling, sparkling things. >> bling, bling. >> jen is with to to of the most fashion possible people to help us dream of what we can afford some day, stuff that is so cool, jen. >> would you you believe it is one person. she's fashion director of those neiman marcus, andbergdorf good man. >> i have seen you you in fashion shows before. i have left leaving, and, thinking every single thing, so happy to have you here. >> my whole point. >> so we have amazing models. thing we are talking about
9:47 am
this morning is the holiday accessories, right. >> absolutely. >> so i think what we're most excited about is all of the high shine, gold metallics out there we are loving the bomber look. bomber is till an item. i love this bag, it is kind of a modern day clutch. so, it is not, you can wear it as a clutch but love that you can wear it, asymmetrical, wear it over your shoulder so you can hold your cocktail, you can socialize and that is a lot of fun. >> i love that it looks casual but extra. >> absolutely. >> that is how we live this day. we all go from day tonight and there is so much going on in the holiday season that this is, you know, perfect place. i love the high shine forte, as well. >> okay. >> then we have another look which is, kind of the ripe berry tones that are very important. we're loving gucci, alexander mckelly is doing a great job with adorned bags, top handled
9:48 am
baggies very, very important. please focus on these shoes. they are absolutely divine. they are, you know, sort of the sand willal, the adorned shoe, again very important. if you highlight any accessory this season, make your shoe, overly decorated, it is emotional. it is kind of shoe to put on your mantle piece after you are done with the party. >> i saw a couple of these pieces back here and said you need weather report before you wear a shoe like this. you said if the weather is rainy, just make it a decoration. >> if you are like me you wear these meme slide around the house. >> of course, do you. >> the slide, adorned and very inn trick kail slide vice important. i'm loving these, as well. it is dresses down great with rolled off kind of flared pared of jeans. it is fantastic. the slide is also important. we're seeing these brocades and lorax and liquid gold. >> will they go into syringe.
9:49 am
>> absolutely, this high shine we will see a little bit of rose gold, coming for spring and velvet is very important. and, we think of velvet as a very precious fabrication but you know, i asked or clients to look at it as sort of the new suede. it is very casual. we have great boots. we have great sandals. this is great. you can wear these were stockings too. it is cold. you can kind of layer it up. we're seeing a lot of it in ready to wear as well and that is something that is continuing to spring, and delicate tones and views. >> ready for my wrapped fire questions. so you just said a question i ask it is winter i want to wear open toe. i can do it with a tight not old fashion nude stocking. >> yes, yes. >> and then what if i'm your wish list for christmas. i mean you have access to all of this. >> wish list is in trouble. >> what is number one accessory that you have seen and you just, you will be
9:50 am
buying it this season. >> well, definitely very excited about an adorned shoe. i have my eyes on this fully encrusted pearl gucci shoe. >> is it right here. >> right here. >> yes. >> that is my must have. >> your must have. >> yes. >> when advertising, styles. >> i love it. >> another thing i'm really excited about are these top handle bags lah petit, in french means little toys, they are great top handle bags with a fur pompon, they are whimsical. it is all about having a sense of humor this holiday season. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> i know you are here for a big fashion show for our closet, a great organization. >> yes. >> we love, i love that you find the tallest, and least attractive, most gorgeous on top of gorgeous, but, and, the world, she's now looking. >> the world is realizing that
9:51 am
jen is 3-foot two. >> they are in heels. they are not that tall. they are in heels. you guys are in heels, right. >> yes good it has nothing to do with me. >> all right, jen, thank you. safe ride vice wait until you see who is in the driver's seat of a picture we will show you, a list star given college students free lifts. >> who could that be. >> who do you think it is. here's the latest, kanye west apparently can't see their kids. one person choose to go keep north and saint away from their star dad.
9:52 am
9:53 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local ed jump record,
9:54 am
fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. it is a ride home they went forget university of texas students getting a vice. university of texas by the way. they have a surprise free ride
9:55 am
from... matthew mcconaughey. >> all right, all right, all right. >> all right, all right, all right. >> yes i love him how much fun is that. >> so, of course, he went to ut. he has been a big ut guy, university of texas. he has a golf cart to give students a safe ride home and as part of the student government program called sure walk offering dart rides and walking permits for students out late heading home. mcconaughey showed his school spirit wearing his burnt orange color. he graduated in 93 with a watch lor's degree. he always goes back to help out. university of texas/austin and does things at football games. >> great thing, all those college students won't remember a thing, they were out drinking, give them a ride home. >> yes, math the you mcconaughey. >> that was real. >> we have a kanye west update. kanye west. >> well, it is one of those his wife has been by his side, kim kardashian but she's having second thoughts having their children there very stressful, dramatic time.
9:56 am
they are only three. >> i can understand this. source tells people magazine kim does not want children to see kanye looking sick, right. >> so she has been keeping the baby. he's only 11, saint and three-year old north, away. i think that makes sense. people tried to read in what is going on. this is a volatile time. sometimes it just happened a minute ago. so, that is what is happening right now but there is some interesting, you you know, sources saying he is really paranoid. he hasn't been getting enough sleep. >> i remember when i was young and my grandparent were really sick. my parents said you know we probably shouldn't see him this way. once they get out you can see them. as i got older things got better. >> you get to a earn is age you understand that kim doesn't want her kid to see if kanye is in a paranoid state, he is sleep deprived, whatever the case may be you want to hold kid back instead have explaining why daddy is in the hospital, when is chained up with handcuffs or just there on his own tree will. >> that is true. >> that is their dad.
9:57 am
you want them to have good memories, when he is feeling better and not when he was sick. >> well, we have learned some of the top acts scheduled to head line the next coachela music festival. >> let's guess, beyonce. >> yes. >> this will be her first time performing a set of her own. head lining for first time, rapper kendrick lemar taking the stage, radio head, mark their third time head lining the festival. two weekend festival gets started april 14th. have you guys ever been. >> have you. >> no, i have not. >> it sound like fun. >> i never even heard of it. >> you never heard of it. >> no. >> it is all big stars, go. i see pictures on instagram. i never go. it is a big deal. >> some of the fashion, and stuff with the flowers, and the stringy, you know, strings, and all that, people wear that. >> back in the day free flowing. >> yes. >> it is a music festival. >> yes. >> we will all go. >> take a photo. >> so, if you can keep your
9:58 am
head up in this weather, it is nasty out. >> make it a safe day. great to have you with us. >> have a great the day. whenever i try to grow out my hair, strands always break off.
9:59 am
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