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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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live from center city in philadelphia. this is "fox 29 news" at 6:00. we are starting tonight with your fox 29 weather authority. it was a slushy mess for many drivers across the area today. snow, and rain made for the worse combination in the morning, our cameras caught crews in montgomery county trying to keep the road from getting too slick out there. and here's a live look now, as cars make their way smoothly around the ben franklin parkway. good evening, i'm joyce evans. now, despite today's nasty conditions, we're actually expect to go feel spring like temperatures and very soon. but don't get too used to it, it will be a whiplash kind of weather thing going on.
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meteorologist says from winter to spring in a matter of hours. what in the worlds is going on? >> i'm confused, we will all be confused the next 24 hours before we get more cold air to come n i want to take a look, only just couple of inches fell across the area, enough to create slushy conditions. i am a little concerned for the rest of the evening north and west of town seeing the possibility of some refreezing, places like pottstown, allentown, normal suspects north and west of the city, could see refreezing but from the city points south and east, temperatures now sky rocket to go close to 40 degrees, at this hour. and you know, looking at 15 to almost 21 degrees warmer in comparison to yesterday evening. what is going on? a warmfront is sitting down to the south colds air pouring down, traffic jam sitting somewhere inbetween, it is right along the mason-dixon line where it is separater between some very mild air down to the south.
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eventually the warm our wins out, we will get rather balmy for tomorrow. this warmth is actually producing tornado watches. as you get down toward the south, report of funnel clouds across west tennessee. but, it is all about the cold sitting out to the west, man; this going to be another shot of some cold air, that comes in by tomorrow night. it is icy, bridges allentown through 8:00, 36 degrees, but much milder as we head into tomorrow. 50 degrees tomorrow morning in allentown, on our way to close to 60 degrees. the warmest spot, i do think, is going to be atlantic city, 57 degrees tomorrow morning before temperatures take a tumble once again a loft weather to talk about in the seven day forecast, we will give you sneak peak at the christmas eve forecast, that's coming up in just a little bit, joyce? >> what exactly can that be? thank you. well the weather made it rough traveling day, for people in our area, as you know, it was a scene right here at philadelphia international
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airport, earlier today, they had to call for ground stop on all flights headed to the city. but they've lifted all of that right now, officials say flights have been arriving on an average of one hour and 38 minutes late, so call before go. live images at your fingertips, weather alerts sent to your phone, download it free, from the apple and google play stores. well, we now know who brutally murdered a woman in conshohocken yesterday. police say the killer is the victim's nephew. prosecutors say 28 year old matthew wertz had just been release from the jail when he showed up at his aunt's house, on the 900 block of hollow well street. police say he stabbed the 60 year old, her name is catherine wanamaker, nearly 40 times. when police got there they found wertz stabbing himself in the throat. but they got him to the
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hospital in time. tonight he's facing murder charges and more. >> a man is in critical condition tonight after police say he was shot in the overbrook section of philadelphia. and then he tried to drive away, police caught up with him, at a gas station, at 52nd and lancaster there is was just after midnight. they say he did not cooperate with authorities, and would not give them any details about the shooting. police have found the man, had drugs on him, when they got him to the hospital. nobody has been arrested in this case. well, former astronaut and senator john glenn is honored and remembered at a public memorial service. fox's kristin fisher shows us how his contributions to this country was celebrated today. >> astronaut john glenn with memorial service at ohio state university. glenn passed away december 8th at the age of 95.
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>> we gather this day in this place to grieve senator john glenn's death. and to celebrate a life well lived and to rejoice in his new life that will never end. >> ♪ >> a funeral procession made its way through the rainy, icy streets of columbus saturday afternoon. vice president joe biden just one of several prominent speakers at the funeral, also paying tribute, charlie bolden and retired marine general jack daily. >> one of the happiest people i ever new. he had that infectious smile, even when things looked like everything was crashing down, john would walk in to my office or walk in the caucus with that big smile on his face, and i wonder where in the hell has he been? >> glenn is remembered as a space hero in the united states. after he became the first american to orbit the another 1962. he later made his feet again, oldest person to travel in space after accepting a
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mission aboard space shuttle discovery at the age of 77. glenn also served in the senate for 25 years, becoming the longest serving us senator in ohio history. >> everyone every us on planet earth has benefit from the having him on our team. >> and the former astronaut, us senator, will be burried in the spring at arlington national cemetery right outside washington, d.c. >> numb crust, ohio, kristin fisher, fox news. happening right now, heartwarming reunion in time for the holidays, earlier this week we told you about a random act every kindness from one stranger to another to help give a military home a son home for the holidays. well, tonight, the mother is getting her christmas wish. fox 29's joanne pill edgey is at the philadelphia international airport. and joanne, his plane just landed minutes ago? report that's right, joyce. this is a very special holiday homecoming, made possible by the generosity of total
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stranger. let's get right to the pictures, just about a half hour ago 19 year old austin crane i have of atco, south jersey, stepped off plane here at philadelphia international airport for a very joyful and very happy re aoun juan his mother, and other family friends. no one thought he would be able to make it home this christmas because the family just coined affords the plane ticket. a total stranger heard that lori was selling household items on line to try to raise money to buy a ticket. and that woman stepped in and bought austin's round trip ticket. >> you just don't think that happens any more, and for for her to do that was unbelievable. >> it was honestly, i didn't know, i had to take -- it came out of no where, i was laying down one day, and it was honestly an amazing feeling to know people out there cared and got me here so coy spends time with my family. >> that is great christmas, great christmas.
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it is surreal. i can't believe he's here. >> really special that austin is home. austin lost his father to brain cancer last year, and lori lost her job a few weeks ago. she has three other children to support. so thanks to the generosity of this total stranger. the freni family gets to spends christmas together. austin will be deployed early next year. more on this story tonight at 10:00. back to you, joyce. >> thank you so much for that, joanne. and we're in the last full weekends of shopping ahead of christmas. and people made their way around all of that wintery mix out there to hit up the king of prussia mall. and to hopefully score some deals. it is super saturday, and the stores are pushing big savings and staying open late to get you in the door, and it worked. as our jennifer joyce hit the mall. >> snow, sleet, slush covered roadways, packed with plows,
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salt trucks, to help drivers maneuver the messy streets and take part in historic shopping day. super saturday. >> probably is the best time to come out. because not too many people want to brave these elements. >> a little bit slushy. but i have a four wheel drive car. that will helped. i mean, if i didn't have that, i probably would be staying at home to be honest with you. >> super saturday marks the final weekend before the christmas holiday, which this year also coincides with hanukkah. it is also the day that husband and wife, jason and maria tilt on, decided to pick for their annual shopping date. these two drove to king of prussia mall from central new jersey to relax and enjoy each other's company. while looking around and perhaps cashing in on some sales. >> i'm not going to let a little bit of snow stop us from coming out and enjoying our day. >> althea, also braved the element to mark the special moment, six year old janaa's birthday and a trip to the american girl's store. >> i was driving on 42, 676, it was really awful. if it wasn't for her birthday,
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i wouldn't even have been here. >> perhaps the morning's wintery mix sparred big crowds from bumm rushing kop when it opened at 8:00 a.m. while santa stayed busy taking wish lists from little ones, traffic overall was rather light. the way these shoppers say they like it. >> i have a baby at home. she woke me up early and i figured i may beat the russian get. >> my game plan to come in and tackle the stores before everybody gets here. >> king of prussia mall open until 11. other malls close between 10:00 and midnight, hoping they can give holiday shoppers enough time to check some items off their list. reporting from king of prussia, jennifer joyce, "fox 29 news". meanwhile, the obama's have arrived in hawaii for their annual christmas vacation. president obama will make some history on this trip. he's set to meet with a japanese prime minister after christmas. the pair will visit pearl harbor to pay respects to the victims of japan's attack 75 years ago. prime minister abi will be the
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first incumbent japanese prime minister to visit pearl harbor. >> fifty-five cars pile up in a deadly crash in baltimore. police say a tanker fell from a bridge. what they are trying to figure out now. >> couple wake up and find strange man inside their apartment holding their toddler. what happened to bring it to a safe ends. >> the excitement of the holiday season can lead to trouble. there are some hazards that you need to watch out for. what's in your christmas display, that could put your children and your pets in harms way. sean? >> reporter: joyce, the flyers, believe it or not, are the talk of the league, town and all of the professional sports after putting together a ten-game win streak. did they make 11 in a row today? the answer later in sports.
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>> icy conditions, are believed to be a factor in a 55-car pile up along i-95 in baltimore. two people were killed, and 15 others hurt, a tanker fell from a bridge, the tanker burst into flames, but, investigators don't know right now if the pile-upstart dollars before the tanker crash or if the tanker may
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have caused that pile-up. >> the search is on for pair of armed robbers, who police say struck twice in philadelphia today. take a good look at these surveillance photos. police say about 10:30 this morning, the men stormed into a citizens bank, threatened the teller then got away with the cash. then about an hour and a half later, police say, they hit a td bank on the 5500 block of ridge avenue. in your health tonight. the united states is experiencing it worse outbreak of mumps in ten years. the cdc is tracking the virus in all but three states. fox's casey steegel explains why mumps may be on the rise. >> very scar toy know that something like that is around. >> parents and multiple states feeling anxious, after top us health officials say they're closely monitoring the largest mumps outbreak in more than a decade. >> what we're seeing is highly
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infectious disease. >> king county near seattle reported growing number of cases in at least five public schools, harvard university coping with hands fulls of infected students, since the beginning of the school year, and over at the university of missouri more than 200 people have come down with the virus, cdc says mumps cases have surface in the all but four states, with nearly 4300 infections reported. arkansas is the epi center nearly 2200 cases, in mostly school-age children. >> what everyone around the state can do is make sure you're to up date with your immunizations. >> lack of immunizations in general can much to be blame for the nationwide outbreak according to public health officials. several years ago, rumors circulated that certain vaccines could cause autism in children, while that was later debunk dollars, it still
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terrified many parents, to the point of completely opting their kids out of vaccine programs. something doctors do not recommends to prevent future spread of disease. >> there is no doubt that the number every cases of mumps has decreased. >> this virus can be extremely contagious, transmitted through saliva, meaning it, can be spread by sneezing, coughing, or even drinking after someone. symptoms include fever, swollen cheeks, and even headache. the latest from dallas, casey steegel, fox news. meantime, the centers for disease control and prevention says flu activity is still pretty low this season, but it is beginning to pick up. hardest hit states hit so far are new jersey, new york and puerto rico, also outbreaks in the southeast and the south and the northwest. the cdc recommends everybody, six month of age and older get
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a flu shot. you can get it any time during the flu season but it does take your body about two weeks to build up resistance. dozen innings every children who may not have had any gift to open may have presents to enjoy thanks to philadelphia police. fox 29 was at the annual holiday party at the 12th district in southwest philadelphia, where cops got about 60 kids smiling ear to ear. they gave away shiny new bikes, all kind of toys out there, the children also enjoyed some face painting, that looks cute, magician, and lots of music. >> the icy conditions did not stop volunteers today from making holiday wishes come true for hundreds of children. we were right there in center city as the non-profit support center for children advocates. loaded up toys and more than 1500 gifts were collected for foster children.
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and for kids who have been abused and neglected. they'll be distributed to hundreds of families who may not have had anything to put up zero under the christmas tree this year. i was out there, we've had hundreds and hundreds of donors participate, our area companies, law firms, individuals, we had more than 80 volunteer drivers and over 100 volunteers packing and sorting. wonderful feeling. >> the toy drive has been going strong for 20 years now. well, decking out your home with holiday ornaments, may pose a risk to your children and your pets. fox's matt mcdonnell tells us what you can do to protect them. >> amidst the holiday glow, there is one call you don't want to make. >> calls to poison control doesn't necessarily spike during the holidays, but they can change. >> candy spilled out, you cannot tell the difference. >> medicine that looks like
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candy, it is more likely to be within reach when family comes to town in the daily routine is disturbed. many magnets, a part of toys, also a danger. >> if these are swallowed they can be very harmful. they actually cause a blockage in the intestinal tract. >> certain plants, particularly pointsetia's, cause quite a few poison control calls. but? >> they're actually not toxic, it is kind after myth. >> poison control may not see a spike in calls, but something else does. >> we get calls that pets get into things they're not supposed to this time of year. >> a veterinarian in mill said says one of the most common cause, dogs who have ingested chocolate, baking chocolate more dangerous than milk chocolate, but either can prompt an emergency trip to the vet. for cats? >> the tinsel is a huge one with cats. they really are attracted to it, unfortunately when they eat it, it can bind their
6:21 pm
intestines. >> one concern might be wrapped and under the tree waiting for your dog. bone from the christmas ham can break teeth, cause internal bleeding. so whether your dog or your child? >> was it full strength or dilute in the. >> little caution can help keep the holidays bright. and talk about act every kindness, why eight living strange ers gave to people they didn't even know. >> police back into a car when they think a woman is trapped un the snow. but they got a surprise inside. z/
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♪ ♪ >> santa traded in his slay for some scuba gear, as you can see. this is in france. he went swimming with the fishes at the paris aquarium today. at one point, saint nick had a close encounter with a zebra shark. rumor is, that santa is actually a marine biologist there in disguise, but the young children didn't seem to notice that at all. and, happy birthday to pope francis. the pontiff's turned 80 today, at the vatican, pope francis celebrated by inviting eight homeless people to breakfast with him. and then by attending a special morning mass with his cardinals. catholics believe the day is
6:25 pm
just another way to remember the important parts of their fate. that's the biggest, the biggest blessing i see in pope francis, just reminding us, you know, we are all beggers before the lord, and so through seeing other people's need, we see our own, and that's what i appreciate most about pope francis. yep, i really, really think he is a great holy man. >> pope francis confessed getting older is a little bit scary. and, as usual, he asks for your prayers. >> bizarre story out of hudson, new york, terrified neighbors called police after seeing what they thought was an elderly woman frozen to death inside a vehicle. but police later discovered it wasn't a woman at all, but a life size manaquine wearing an oxygen mask. police say the owner of the car is a sales manager for a company that manufactures medical training aid. the doll is a cpr training
6:26 pm
device. now, police say, the owner of the car was actually upset that police had to break into his car. but the police chief says whenever they think somebody's life is at risk, they'll do whatever it takes to respond. a dear that had made its way into harlem and had made it its home has a lot of people upset tonight following its death. why city and state officials are blaming each other for this. and, we're gearing up for the official start of winter, of course, we are already feeling the chill. but don't forget about your pedestrians, trying to keep everything warm. how you can protect them, in all of this cold. mike? >> some winter snow is across the region this after this morning, rather, however, we will trade that with a mild air down to the south. i'm meteorologist, mike masco, do not get used to the warmth tomorrow. we'll get punched down with a little cold. details coming up.
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>> there is a lot of finger pointing going on between new york city and state officials following the death after deer that was about to be relocated. dana archin has the store. >> i kind of sad, but this is an urban place, and of course it is dressed out. always dressed. >> the white tail deer first spot in the harlem parker year this month where he had been drawing crowds every excited onlookers. >> the deer to me like it was cute, you know, you could barely see a deer in harlem. >> but today the doe eyed animal died, locked in a cage at the care and control center of harlem. this video shows the last time we saw him alive. >> horrible to hear during christmas time. >> it sparked a war of words between the city and state. the city says it recommended the deer be humanly euthanized after found wandering near public housing complex on thursday. but governor cuomo wanted to relocate the deer immediately. >> it is the city's preference
6:31 pm
in the circumstance to humanly euthanize the deer. the death of the animal indicates that it wouldn't have survived transit and relocation. >> it appears the buck died from stress, right before he was supposed to be transport today up-state new york. >> they tried, it is rough, i'm sure, a lot of people are sad, especially the kids. >> a state spokesperson says, quote, we offered yesterday to take possession of the deer and transport it to a suitable habitat. the city did not except our offer, and while we were arriving on the scene, the deer died in the city's possession. >> well, a mother and her daughter are lucky to be alive tonight. they narrowly escaped a fire in overbrook, now, philadelphia police say the mother and her young child, toddler, jumped out of the seconds story to escape, crews rescued them from the scene on the 1400 block of north 61st street.
6:32 pm
happened just before 12:30 this morning. police say the mom and her daughter have significant burns but they are in stable condition at hahnemann hospital right now. the cause of the fire is being investigated. and, now, back to your fox 29 weather authority. here is a live look into reading tonight. we're still a few days away from the official start of winter. but you couldn't tell that by today's weather, could you? i couldn't, mike masco. >> tomorrow is going to feel a little spring-like. and i'm pretty excited. going to get a couple miles in running, strolling, then the cold comes in. and it comes in with quite a vengeance, going into tomorrow night. yes, things will get wild around here. big story, there will be the fog through the overnight hours. you know, looking at philadelphia international airport, there is at least like 20 flights right now to go into san juan, you have two hour delay right now unfortunately. let's take a look, i want to show you ultimate doppler. nothing going on across town, nothing falling from the sky. but talking about reduced visibility for the rest of the night. there is the shot as we look
6:33 pm
out toward the airport. watch out for the visibilities dropping, especially to the north and the west, shining in old city. we will be featuring rising temperatures, 36 degrees, south wind at seven, so we do have feels-like temperature come in at around 30. does feel little chilly. but temperatures are rising. that's the theme. look down to the south. it is already approaching 40 degrees. as you get into millville, atlantic city, 39. let's go north, and we will finds couple of temperatures right around the freezing mark, and these are the areas, like doylestown, or phoenixville, or bethlehem, you know, as you get over some of these bridges, or crossings, you might have to end count area couple of slick spots, as these temperatures are still around freezing, but temperatures will rise for the rest of the overnight hours. now mount pocono right now 20 degrees milder than where we were yesterday evening, so is cape may, and these temperatures are going to take off for the overnight into tomorrow. the trade off of course with the mild air will be the visibilities, dropping, two and a half right now out toward reading, trenton also reporting two and a half and
6:34 pm
millville, throw that in at two and a half. so why are we seeing the mile temperatures? well, warmfront, down to the south, cold air is trying to funnel in. but the warm is going to ride over that, and win out, as we go into tomorrow. this warmth is actually responsible for tornado watches being issued across the tennessee valley, had reports of some funnel clouds across west tennessee, memphis under tornado warning, just north of memphis. this is very dynamic atmosphere, dynamic system in play. flip side of the storm is the cold front producing some snow, from wichita, up toward chicago, chicago is going to be six above by tomorrow morning. so, it is whiplash and real a tail of two parts of the country, where it is mild across the east coast, to now 12 below zero in international falls. look at that, lynn lake it, 2 degrees below zero. that's the actual air temperatures. look at that. it is going to feel like 25 to 45 degrees. so this is some no-joke air setting out towards the west, will push into our direction as we go into tomorrow.
6:35 pm
fox future cast, just nope, we could see band of heavy rains moving through the lehigh valley, overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning, but before the cold front makes a pass, we are going to look at temperatures that will be around 06, this model depicting almost 63 degrees. that's insane for this time of the year. and watch how the front sweeps through here tomorrow afternoon, and knocks our temperatures down into the teens, and mid 20's, that's pretty crazy. this is all within a 24 hour time span. overnight tonight, watch out for the fog. 33 degrees well to the north and the west. thirty-five in town, with rising temperatures, so, we've achieved our overnight lows already at of. tomorrow afternoon, watch for the rain to develop. but we're going to get close if not surpass 650 degrees tomorrow afternoon. here is your fox seven day forecast, 60 degrees tomorrow. that is not a typo. but here comes the cold, man, by monday, 36 degrees, huddling and cuddling monday night down into the 20's, and by next week, moderating temperatures back to the 40's, update to the forecast tonight
6:36 pm
at 10:00. joyce? >> all right, thank you, mike. and some important members of your family may be left out in the cold as temperatures continue to drop after they warm up, then drop again. well, coming up. what you need to know about keeping your pets warm during the winter. >> and after threatening a bowl game boycott, the university of minnesota football team says it will play now, decision that caused them to change their minds. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song...
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>> wilmington police and kids in the community came together for special christmas breakfast. fresco user deck i can chambers takes us to the bancroft elementary school where police hosed the kids for some pancakes this morning. they even got a surprise visit from santa. well, it is the season forgiving. and that's exactly what is going on tonight in southwest philadelphia. the non-profit, outreach ministries, had its annual community christmas program. the event helps families instruments egg with all kinds of adversities such as victims of tragedies and/or fans. addends east not only received gift, but learned about the true meaning every christmas, the organizer says this event
6:40 pm
started in her house, but, had gotten much bigger over the years. >> it is wonderful, we love the generosity and the the way we feel during the month of december to share it with other who are less fortunate. >> and this is the 17th year the organization has put on this wonderful event. well, cold weather is in the forecast, in many parts of the country, bundling up, and cranking up the heat. those are the ways that we know how to keep ourselves warm watch about our four legged family members? fox's brandon smith explains how you can keep those happy tails wagging during the winter. >> oh, here you go, sweetheart. >> for this kitten highness, she is a dream come true. >> hasn't had one in a while, misses having up. >> highness is early christmas gift for heather's brother. as the charlotte humane society says this time of the year they see a lot of
6:41 pm
traffic. >> this time of the season is busy for us, cooler weather coming through, as well. >> now these cold temps we're feeling in the queen city aren't too bad for the cats who typically stay indoors. but for dogs, well, that's a different story. >> place jackets on them, as well. >> for you at home, plenty of things you can do to keep europe pet warm for the winter. >> simple things, like when you get back from a walk, wiping off the dogs feet, not shaving the dog as much in the wintertime, you strip the oils off the dogs. >> the human society has around 75 pets that they're housing at this time. heather said she was happy to do her part in giving an otherwise forgotten pet a loving, warm home, to be part of. >> i like that i was able to help an animal that needed a home, if anything, she will be a lap kitty, especially with my brother. >> well, it was a horrible
6:42 pm
scare for one couple, when they woke up to find a strange man inside their apartment, holding their toddler. what happened to bring the confrontation to a safe end. >> plus: talk about an act every kindness. why eight living strangers gave organs to people they didn't even know. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> some of trump's rhetoric had to do with immigration and what to do with people in this country illegally. that will has many of those people very worried. tonight fox's lauren green tells us how the fate community is reaching out. as the worlds watched donald trump win the presidency, philadelphia resident, gloria, said for the first time since fleeing venezuela, and coming to america, she began to fear that she might be deported. she and her husband and two of their four children are here illegally, after over staying six month visa 25 years ago. >> we all cried that night. we feel very insecure. we feel as though everything has fallen from our hands, everything. >> now she looks to the churches for help. donald trump's campaign
6:46 pm
rhetoric about building walls and deporting millions of illegal immigrants, has caused a huge up tick in the new sanctuary movement. some 450 churches from boston to california have joined forces to become a stop-gap between an unknown future under a trump administration for millions like gloria, offering legal aid, and in some cases, a place to stay. >> matthew 25 talks about when jesus is talking about judging the nations, one of the things they say they'll judge nations upon is welcoming the stranger. >> since the election, trump has solve ends his rhetoric. >> we will make a determination on the people that you are talking about, who are terrific people. >> trump's take reflect the clarified position of the us immigration and custom enforcement or ice in the wake of the new sanctuary movement. saying it will not enter sensitive locations like churches and schools to arrest an illegal arch street methodist in philadelphia now giving san too area to half ya flores, father of 3us born
6:47 pm
children. he's been deported several times but returned. some say churches have wrongly interpreter it dollars their mandate. >> what the church wants to do is defeat the american system of justice, the american system of laws, that these churches benefit from, and say they are above the law. >> the sanctuary movement is somewhat hopeful, the president elect's campaign talk is just that. but meantime, there are putting their fate in what they believe are the demands of a higher power. in new york, lauren green, fox news. well, eight strangers now connected for life after a kidney swap at an illinois hospital that saved four lives. mark needed a kidney transplant, his brother-in-law, brett, wanted to donate. but he wasn't a match. so strand put his name on a list of people willing to donate to a stranger in order for mark to get a kidney from a donor. who was a match. well, the list is part of the
6:48 pm
program at kidney pair donation, in october, brett became a match for another patient, and mark found his match. >> an intended donor, instead of giving to the person they intends today give to, will give to someone else in exchange for that person's donor giving a kidney. it simply matches people together t looks for the best matches, and it optimize z those matches and gets the most number of matches. >> well it, all worked out. the match came just eight weeks before brett was to be married. well, a frightening night for an arizona couple, as they awoke in the middle of night to find a man inside their home, and holding their two year old daughter in his arms. fox's steve craft explains how this story ended safely. >> ten people -- around 10:00, enters this complex, south of warner, police say did he not force his way in. a couple was asleep inside in their bedroom with their three
6:49 pm
month old daughter. and their two year old daughter was sleeping in another bedroom. the mom heard the two year old whimpering, got to up check it out, and saw cohen holding her child. she woke up her husband. >> the dad just remembers confronting the suspect, and the physical altercation taking place after. that will he doesn't remember how he got the daughter away from the suspect. but she does appear to be okay. >> the mom called 911. police arrived, cohen tried to flee, they tazed and arrested him. >> this is a parent's nightmare. you know, to wake up, you hear something, and you're scared to go and check the area, thinking okay, it is probably nothing, but then actually seeing someone, a stranger, holding your two year old caughter. >> neighbors at the ants stunned by this bizarre incident. >> it is really outrageous. i couldn't imagine that happening. i have children. yes, it is just beyond me that someone could do that.
6:50 pm
as a father, i would be like very upset, i think i probably wouldn't walk out of there. >> this is real head scratcher for the police. and they are investigation can be sum up with one question. what was this guy thinking? steve craft, fox news. >> well the university of minnesota football team will play in the holiday bowl reversing on boycott threat about after ten players were suspended. the team was demanding the reinstatement of the players who were reportedly suspended in connection with a sexual assault investigation. no charges have been filed. but the school suspended ten players indefinately. officials did not say why, siting privacy issues. the players have not been reinstated, but minute seat will now play in the bowl game after meeting with college administrators last night. they were told that the ten place will each receive fair
6:51 pm
hearings. minnesota will take on washington state in the holiday bowl on december 27th. and sean brace is here. you came out here with something that was -- >> well, we will get to that. >> couldn't believe it. >> you know it is cold outside. guess where it is ♪ >> where? >> inside the sixers lockerroom right now, joyce, after only playing eight total minute in last night's game, sixers, big man noel is not happy. calling out coach brown. we have the footage and the orange and the black look to make it 11 in a row today. does the streak continue? highlight and your answer next in sport.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
>> for the most part when you have three players listed in the top ten in scoring, no matter the sport, you're going to win games. case in point, philadelphia flyers led by the red hot
6:54 pm
scoring chio jake, who is third, quad giroux, tide for eighth, and wayne simmons, tide for tenth, like i said, oh, by the way, heading into today's game the flyers have won ten in a row, good for the longest winning streak in all of professional sports. looking for 11 in a row down in dallas, taking on the stars, third period, tied at one, here's john. with the lazer shot. no good. but with the steve mason puts them up two to one. flyers looking for the equalizer, empty net. dallas, the flyers pursuit 11 in a row. stars go onto win. great one, right there. when the 76ers selected jahlil with the number three overall pick in the 2,000nba draft, everybody including sixers brass new if no moves were made, and of course, if health wasn't an issue, there would not be enough minutes to go around at the center position. fast forward to last night.
6:55 pm
and noel is lashing out. it seems the kentucky big man, now in his fourth season with the sixers, is processed out. no he will making his second appearance of the season, because of knee surgery, in last night's home lost, to the lakers, had a message for coach brett brown and gm, after the game. >> i just want to play basketball. i don't care who i'm playing with. i'm not -- i don't know what that is about. so i don't care where. i don't really care. i need to be on the court playing basket call. i'm food good to be playing eight minutes right now. that's crazy. that's crazy. that's crazy. >> clock's ticking, sixers, got to make a move now. eagles and ravens tomorrow afternoon, down in baltimore, and of course when you think of the ravens you think of local product superbowl champion, joe flat co. for eagles fans, flacco perfect example whatever carson wentz could be. flacco started every game in his rookie year all the way
6:56 pm
back in 2008, throwing 14 touchdowns, 12int's along the way, but you knew the university of delaware quarterback fits right in, with the ravens. soap, here we are, in 2016. ends of story remains the same. baltimore in so in a position to make a run at wild-card sitting at seven and six, eagles defensive cackle fletcher cox believes in playoff spoiling is on the list, get after flacco. >> he is a great quarterback, another great quarterback in the league, we just have to, you know, be disruptive early in the game, hit him up, hit him, you know, make him do stuff that he's not comfortable doing, and can't let him get hot. i think once you get hot, kind of hard to stop. >> and finally, ring the bell, joyce. right here on fox 29 at 8:00 p.m. we have ufc fight night, that's why i'm rocking the championship bell. for such a tough sport, that's right, i love when fighters have fun. check this out. here is page, and michelle
6:57 pm
water son, having little dance-off yesterday. got little running man, little sprinkler. i tell you what, 5-foot four, 116 pounds, and i guarantee she can make me pass out. she is absolutely gorgeous, too, i would not minds that. but i'm a taken man, so i'll just concentrate on this stuff right here. but look at this. >> is that real? >> where did you get that? >> that ain't real. >> all sort of supplies back there. >> well, that's it for us, thank you for joining us tonight at 6:00. followed by "tmz", yes, if we can get him to put this down, we will see you back here at 10:00 p.m. good night. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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