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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  December 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ before live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11:00 authorities in berlin germany say the could be a terrorist attack. at least 12 people are dead after a tractor into a popular christmas market in the german capital. nearly 50 people are injured. and witnesses and authorities alike say this does not seem like an accident. good evening, i'm lucy noland. this attack is sending ripple effects around the globe tonight. here's what we know right now. police arrested a a man they believe is involved in the dead al tack. he died as paramedic were treating him as you can imagine it has been cray yacht tick as this happened. large groups of locals and tourists tried to get out of the way. germany's top security official says initial evidence points to an intentional act and the white house has condemned what it says
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quote appears to have been a terrorist attack. witnesses described pure horror. >> hit the side of the barriers and then carried on passed us. i spoke to two people who were lying on the floor with broken limbs. they were going to be okay. i saw one guy being dragged away with blood on his face. >> isis and al-qaida have both called on followers to use trucks to attack crowds. so far no perp or group has claim responsibility for the violence. german authorities have arrested the suspected driver of the truck as well. we are on top of breaking news on a busy night at of course, you'll find all of this on our home page. meanwhile tonight russias' foreign minister says the meeting of russian turkish iranian leaders will go on as planned tomorrow despite the deadly shooting of russia's ambassador. turkish policeman faces accusations of assassinating andre car lob at a photo
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exhibit. relations between russia and turkey have been tense over the syrian consulate. turkey is not see eye to eye with the syrian president whom russia backs and we have brea breaking news mt. laurel, new jersey. a man has died in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. skyfox right now is live over the scene. just beyond interchange five. police say a pick up slammed no a tractor trailer right around 9:45. police say the victim was passenger checking something in the back of the tractor trailer when the crash happen. the driver of the pick up is in critical condition. we do not know how the other driver is doing. the southbound lane is closed right now and you will want to avoid this entire area. developing right now, more problems for septa. it has been a full delays and cancellations for regional rail lines. started when a power line went down in jenkintown which led to power problems with the trains. fox 29's brad sattin live at
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jefferson station in center city. brad, we're hoping slowly but surely some progress here. >> reporter: yeah, we are hoping. this is really been something else. septa's website is reporting residual delays of about 15 minutes as a result of that downed line that happened almost 16 hours ago. that line has since been fixed but it has exposed septa's manpower problem. big delays this morning on septa's regional rail. a down downed wire in jenkintown ground train traffic to stoop leaving passengers stuck and causing delays system wide. >> the main problem was getting to work an hour late. >> reporter: by early afternoon the line was fixed but residual delays forced the cancellation of several trains into the evening rush hour. >> i came down for the train and the board said the train to norristown was canceled. >> because of work crews the delays impacted the availability of engineers in the afternoon.
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manpower shortage that passengers say is obvious. >> usually it goes from three minutes to eight minutes to 10 minutes. sometimes 20 minutes until the next train comes. >> reporter: how often? >> daily. >> reporter: septa promising improvements are coming. >> we have a lot of, um, of our people in training right now. so we're hoping that in the next few months we're going to see a big difference with, um, being able to, um, graduate those engineers and conductors so that they can start working the rail line. people should start to know, um, that they're going to see improve manies. >> reporter: they are not going to be any quick answers. we do know about 22 new engineers are expected to come on board in the next couple of months. but if you factor in retirements, the shortages, lucy are expected to continue. >> all right, thank you brad. on your radar tonight no shortage of bitter cold. we're tracking a warmup. meteorologist kathy orr is here your for of your first forecast at 11. >> get ready to break out your bermuda shorts tomorrow. >> that ain't happening.
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not for months. >> not for a long time of lit gradually get warmer. morning low temperatures in the teens and 20s. and we will be rebounding over the next couple of days maybe even hitting 60 in that seven day forecast. right now 27 a long way off from that. wind chills right around 20 degrees. that's wait feels like. not much of a wind but it's out there. eight in the poconos. 20 degrees in allentown. 27 in wilmington. millville 26. but hook at the northeast as a whole. very cold in canada all ban kn knee, new york nine. quebec four below much these are air temperatures. we'll watch as that cold air gets replaced by a southerly win tomorrow. we'll make it to about 40 degrees that's a huge improve many but still below average for this time of year. the normal high is 44. so tomorrow we'll be below average. wednesday, thursday, friday, we go above average by friday we'll be pushing 50 degrees and in that seven day, we will make it well into the 50s and into the 60s. so overnight 22 in the city.
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17 in the suburbs. we don't have to be concerned about the wind tomorrow but at the bus stop make sure everybody has their winter gear. look at these morning temperatures. allentown 15. pottstown 16. trenton wrightstown millville in south jersey 19 degrees. 17 in lancaster and only 21 in wilmington. tomorrow 40 degrees the high. plenty of sun. not a lot wind. so very comfortable on your seven day forecast look at this pretty good lou cease. winter begins on wednesday it will be 46. 48 with a chance of a shower on thursday. near 50 friday. saturday christmas eve parly sunny 55. hanukkah begins saturday evening it will be very nice. sunday for your christmas looks like we have a chance of a shower if we hold those showers off it will be warmer than 50 degrees. and by monday, a few showers and 62. remember, last year christmas was pretty warm. this year looking on the mild side really not a chance of white christmas at least in philadelphia this year. >> the poconos and you can go skiing as well. there you have it. >> thank you very much.
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>> that's where you have your snow. >> thank you kathy montgomery county pediatrician recently arrested for child porn has died in jail. the district attorney's office tells us 48-year-old david s. kennedy died in montgomery county correct al facility yesterday. we do not know how he died as of yet. earlier this month prosecutors charged the pennsburg pediatrician with five counts of sexual abuse of children after police found he had sexually explicit photos of children on his phone. decks are now investigating kennedyss death. happening right now, it has happened yet again. robbers have targeted the owners of another asian business. the early morning robbery happened on the 100 block of west god fro avenue in olney. police say a couple in their mid 60s had just come home from a restaurant they run when three men forced them to the ground at gun point they got it way with cash an gun. fox twin's spoke with their son who is upstairs sleeping at the time. >> my mom and dad were still
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trying to fight them off. they're yelling out my name. i came down. they grabbed my dad's bag and begun and they ran really scary. worried because my parents they're very close to retiring. >> we have no reports of any injuries. call philadelphia police if you know anything about this. you decide 2016 the electoral college makes it official. republican donald trump will be the nation's 45th president come january. lectors made in state capitals across the land today to put their stamp on the decision made with voters in november. roughly 200 protesters gathered at pennsylvania capital to bash president-elect trump and plead with 20 republican election tours to choose anyone but him. the vote played out as expected there in harrisburg with all 20 gop lectors voting for trump and vice-president mike pence. so the vote is official. with hard feelings remain. >> he's tollly irrational. he's a narcissist.
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he's manipulative. he's a liar. >> i listened to argument but no argument i heard ever overcame the argument that pennsylvanians voted for donald trump. >> trump becomes the first gop presidential candidate to capture the keystone state since 1988. new jersey's 14 electoral votes wept to democrat hillary clinton as did delaware's three votes. in south philadelphia, one community is playing secret santa for children in need. their goal to make sure as many children as possible get a special present for the holiday season. and that includes a 10-year-old girl who is battling cancer at chop. fox 29's jennifer joyce tells us how one neighborhood is supporting lexi's fight. >> reporter: south philly row home turns santa workshop from the living room to the basement sits stacks of donated presents for local children to open this christmas. >> this is like a little girl's outfit report roar this community as adopted 30 families organizer of making a south philly christmas wish samantha,
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says a 31st was just added to the list. meet lexi, a brave l south philly super hero battling stage four lymphoblastic lymphoma. >> we call her our little wonder woman because she's fighting like a true super hero report she'll meet wonder woman local this week. a local teen has agreed to play the part and hepat smile on lexi's face while she recovers from her latest dose of chemotherapy at chop. >> her only wish is to be home for christmas and that's what we're fighting for right now. >> reporter: friends, family and strangers lifting the little one's spirits on her facebook page fight with lexi. the diagnosis has taken toll on the entire family emotionally and financially. the community is stepping up to help. >> what lexi is in need of is monetary donations. gift cards. >> she work wig a team of people to set up a bang account in lexi's name. the donations will help her parents janine and william, a retired philadelphia police
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officer fight to care for all five of their children and tackle medical expenses. >> it's so overwhelming the kindness of people. >> i told lex so's parents that we are willing to help beyond christmas whatever you need. >> news of early humbling christmas gift brought lexi's mom to tears. >> this past week it just got so big and i'll just -- i'm overwhelmed and i'm so thankful that they're supporting my little girl to fight this. >> jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. >> now if you would like to help lexi's family, this christmas, reach out to the organizer samantha directly. you can find her contact information along with that story on fox we are of course in the middle of the new season and so far experts say things haven't been so bad. but if you're still waiting to they get to flu shot stop procrastinating like i am. a very specific reason is behind why we should all get vaccinated and -- too many of our seniors are
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sick and are shut ins don't get a loft visitors during the holiday but but today i'm traveling around way non-profit stopping by, seeing them, bringing them gifts just letting them know people care for goodness sake.
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♪ we hear so much about the live and joy of the holiday
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season. not everyone has people around to share it. bill anderson continues to spe spend -- he's spreading holiday joy for goodness sake. >> most people during the holiday season their celebrating and enjoy family and friends. for some particularly our seniors it can be a really sad and lonely time they don't have anyone to come and visit them. i'm out today with a non-profit that is stopping by bringing gifts, making sure everybody knows during the holiday season that they're not alone. >> started a week ago with sixth graders from saint jew zen school in clifton heights who donated their weekend to make gift baskets. today the teen from home care company they spread the joy. >> we can forget about some of the older adults that live at home they're alone. they have family that only visit them for a if you hurst year. >> first stop was to see 92-year-old world war ii veteran
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irvin and his 99-year-old wife mary. >> lucky we can even get around. >> he's lucky he caught a young lady like you. >> that's right. >> he struggles to get around these days even though their family still comes to see them they appreciated the visit isn't it was nice have you come in. a surprise but nice having you here. >> in the brief period of time i was there i learned that his key to long life are unusual to say the least. he really likes potato chips. >> i'm good, thank you if his doctor and wife haven't been able to stop him from smoking high no chance. >> oy felt like i should yell at you and say you shouldn't smoke. >> but you're 92. >> you know what they say to me now? >> keep up the good work. good all right. one energetic visit down. and back on the road with the jevs team to meet alfred and harriet. >> stopping into possible's
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houses even with christmas presents you meet some characters. >> alfred and harriet were equally spirited. >> your agent is letting me talk to her. is that okay? >> he doesn't shut up, that's why. >> you're laughing. you agree with that? >> equally enjoyable -- >> doing anything you want. >> anything i want? >> almost. [ laughter ] >> equally appreciative. >> make sure you knows people are thinking about you during the holidays. >> i appreciate that very much. >> we both appreciate it. >> it provides home care every day but today was about remembering the seniors who have always been there for us and take a moment to be for them for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. i love what bill does because you fine out about programs that you had no idea existed. i'm so proud to have this on our staying. so you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show
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what's happening in your hood. iain was got tonight. >> fresco user clifford at the scene of an overturned truck in south philadelphia. created a traffic backup on the schuylkill expressway. this is what it look like south 11am at the south street does it exit. nobody was hurt when the truck flipped on its side. river rink in old old city septa bus drivers got to show cree grave have the. they decorated the buses each second on display represents one of the authority's eight bus districts. bus driver volunteered their personal time to work on the buses. and kids in mt. holly who may not have presents to open under the tree will now be able to. thanks to town's police delivered hundreds of presents for local children fresco user nicole johnson shared this video as they were wrapping the guests all part of the department pots annual operation saint nick. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then make sure to use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom so you can get paid. lucy?
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>> paid is good. especially during the holiday seas in. teachers in the chester upland school district shelling out their own cash to pay for school supplies because budget short falls but now those teachers and their students have a whole lot to look forward to. for the past two months teachers in nearby districts collecting donations and we were there more than 100 volunteers brought in the special delivery. >> they are under working under very difficult conditions doing the best they can for their kids every day. spending their own money on school supplies they're colleagues across chester and delaware county wanted to show their support and their appreciation for what they're doing. >> the teachers collected thousands of supplies during the drive. we have got good news and bad news in your health tonight. the flu season hasn't been bad so far, but things are starting to pick up. so says the centers for disease control and prevention. the hardest hit states so far new york and new jersey. the southeast and northwest are also dealing with outbreaks cdc
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recommends everybody six months and older get a flu shot. you can get the shot at any point during the flu season but it takes your body about two weeks to build up resistance. so sean brace just because you had a flu shot last year, sorry, got to get another one. >> yeah, it was on my things to do. >> on your list. >> yes. >> don't jinx it now. >> i'm not. feeling good. >> okay. >> especially right now. >> nothing personal. it's just business. all right. need to stop criticizing the college athletes for wanting to get paid and start understanding it's just business. my commentary next. fios in the house!/www.ever]
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♪ sean brace takes on players skipping out on bowl games much this commentary 15 seconds away. ♪
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it's a business decision, nothing personal, son. that's what teams will tell you when they pass up a player coming out of college due to an injury. well, now the shoe is on the other foot. over the last week, two super star running backs leonard for net and christian mccaffery both in college are skipping bowl games due to getting ready for the draft draft. translation, business decisions. as usual, the outcry from the people that believe college athletics are holier than thou are upset. look, i get why you think it's quitting on your team. but we're talking about a lot of money here. perfect example what can go wrong. take dallas cowboy rookie smith. smith blew his knee out playing line back notre dame in the fee teas bowl. game that didn't mean anything. he was supposed to go in the top five last year nfl draft instead he was selected into the second round and ended up costing himself and his family over $25 million. seems pretty easy to me.
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also, how come nobody ever says anything about the coach that leaves for the millions. perfect example sorry matt ruhle former temple coach who is now -- not coaching the owls in december 27th instead he's counting his money in waco, texas. to wrap it all up times are changing stop streeting these kids like self fish outcasts and realize it's nothing personal. it's just business. >> speaking of business, sean brace, pop group tim harmon know may want to think their name. they're a foursome now. >> fourth harmon know doesn't sound as good. camilla just announced she's leaving the group. fifth harmony form in the second season of the x packed in 2012. since that time the group has released two albums they have also scored four top 40 hits including work from home which is one of the biggest selling singles of the year. the rest of the group says they plan to continue with the four remaining members. all right. anybody else excited about star wars on this news desk right here. >> yes. >> yes. >> thank you.
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earlier crew was not excited. rogue one star wars story number one at the box office. it scored the second biggest december opening raking in $155 million in the us. second only to the last star wars film the force awake owns. >> which was great. >> i know -- right? it opened in theaters last december. my daughter and i i forced her to watch everything ahead of time so she could be caught up to that. rogue one tells the story about of how rebel forces stole the plans for the death star. disney moana which had been number one for the past three weeks a distant second earning 11 million. >> that's all. >> you're a good mother for making your daughter watch star cars. >> you will sit down and watch star wars with me and you will enjoy it. >> mommy star wars. >> so true. oy didn't make her dress up with lea with cinnamon buns on her head. >> i wouldn't go that far. head. >> i wouldn't go that far. >> thank god.always wins.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: boy, talk about a fall. president obama is going to be moving from the oval office to working in his garage. >> president obama's living in a rental house in washington, d.c. he's doing some renovations. it's a couple car garage. one of them is going to be his office. >> you have ever been in your office in your garage? harvey: he will be writing his autobiography with a bicycle hanging on the wall. >> big night out ravt last night for kim and kanye. first time they've both been seen together. harvey: what kind of jewelry is she wearing? >> not much. >> you don't see people change very often. harvey: when you have a gun put to your head, it changes you. >> i guess that's right. harvey: when you're being hogtied in the bathtub. >> ezekiel elliott. you saw when he jumped into the salvation army kettle. he got a flag on the play and penalized. but someth


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