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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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help put your mine at ease when you walk out the door. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. the philadelphia airport is getting busier and busier as lots of people are getting a start on their holiday vacatio vacations. but will mother nature spoil your travel plans? not too many problems out there today as many people are out doing some shopping and just a light jacket actually and definitely not bad at all considering we are just days from christmas. good evening, i'm dawn timmeney. >> i'm iain page. perfect today for anyone traveling early for christmas but if you're hitting the roads this weekend it could be some problems with your forecast. meteorologist kathy orr tracking that potential trouble for us. kathy? >> right now it feels beautiful out there. if you're going to the linc tonight, wear a jacket because it will get a little cool but for now temperatures are still in the 40s. we have a clear sky and a little bit of a wind. temperatures well they vary from north to south 32 in the poconos. look at millville, dover and atlantic city, 44 in
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philadelphia it's still 44. 42 degrees right now in wrightstown. you can see the winds out of the north northwest gusting to 29 in philadelphia. gusting to 30 in atlantic city. putting a little bit of a chill in the air. so if you're heading to the linc of course kick off 8:15:38 at the start of the game. by the end of the game 35. northwest winds consistent at about 10 to 15 miles an hour make you feel little cool for fans in the stands. coming up we'll talk about rain that will be moving in for the holiday weekend for your christmas eve it. it will be snow out through the midwest if you have travel plans that way. christmas day, looking decent for now. we'll check that out, and getting warmer in your seven day forecast. that's not supposed to happen as we head toward the new year but this year, looks like it will. i'll be back with that information later in the broadcast. iain, i know you're going um-hmm. um-hmm. practicing that golf swing. >> that's right. thanks kathy. if you see postal work in your neighborhood with their hands full of packages don't be
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surprised it is their busiest day of the entire year. they are working hard to make sure all the holiday gifts you bought get to where they're going all time. >> we've all felt the stress of wondering and waiting in that package is going to arrive by christmas. fox 29's brad sattin followed one very busy postal worker around today and is live in north philadelphia. hey, brad. >> reporter: hey, dawn. yeah, they're al busy we're actually at the spring garden station of the post office here where they are still working in the building behind me. they dropped off delivered today about 4,000 packages that's double what they normally do as we mentioned earlier it's now three days before christmas, and still some people are coming here dropping off packages. save to say ricardo and his step daughter lydia are a bit behind schedule with christmas less than 72 hours away only now are they mailing off this gift a pair of soccer cleats to a family member in mexico. >> this is the last minute stuff. so we have been procrastinating a little bit. just a little bit.
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>> reporter: the big busiest package drop off day was on monday which makes today the busiest delivery day for the post office. as if carrier paul had to be told that. >> does today feel like it's the busiest deliver will he day of the year? >> yeah, it does. it's a lot of work but, you know, that's what it's all abo about. so we're almost at the home stretch. >> reporter: his route usually involves 12-mile walk each day wisely today he'll be driving loading up the truck he and 34 other carriers at this station will cover 21,000 addresses. >> it's been a long couple of week here. >> reporter: carriers like paul haven't had day off in two and a half weeks. turns out even other carriers rely on the post office. this is a shipment coming from fed ex. it's the postal service that will take these gifts on the last leg of their journey. as paul makes the rounds today about half of his knocks on doors went unanswered. and so with time running out he'll try again tomorrow. what all neighborhoods need is a person like janice jones who agreed to take in her neighbor's packages while they're at work. >> be honest aren't you a little
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carry yous what might be in there? >> no. uh-uh. no. no. i don't -- i don't even know. i don't even know whether any of them are for me. so i just don't -- it's all right. i just receive. >> reporter: meanwhile paul is back on the truck off to the next stop. >> it's hard work but it's nice seeing people smile while we get their pang catches to them. >> reporter: now f your plan is to mail your package tomorrow the post office tells me there is still a chance it could get there depending on its final destination. hopefully, though, dawn, it is not mexico. >> all right. thank you brad. as we look live at allentown, don't forget to download the fox 29 weather app. whether you're heading to the post office or across the country we will have you prepared it's available for apple or android phones. well, developing right now a tragic ending for a missing teenager in montgomery county. the 14-year-old girl was found dead after being missing for months and now employees say her own mother is a person of
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interest in this investigation. agencies across three counties even the fbi are now involved. >> we do want to warn you the details are difficult to listen to. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in doylestown tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, this case is moving even at this hour. we can tell you the mother is charged in the disappearance of her adopted daughter but the question is, who will face charges in the actual murder and once again we do want to tell you the details may be disturbing to some. >> it pains all of us, um, in this holiday season to come before you to talk about, um, a matter like this. >> reporter: prosecutors from 3pa counties working the death of 14-year-old grace packer first reported missing from this abington township home in july. two hunters piped finding her
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dismembered body in a wooded area of luzerne county months later. >> it's sad day whenever you have to announce that a missing dean teenaged girl was found. but not found alive. >> reporter: the case as grizzly as it is strange. detectives say grace's mother sarah packer vanished after reporting the disappearance. neighbors tell fox 29 the family moved from abington township just days later. >> pretty sad, you know. little girl missing. >> reporter: affidavit of probable cause says sarah packer told police grace left home after an argument about spending time with a friend. though the friend's family says no such plans were he have made. what's more, police say the mother was reluctant in giving information to them, and never told key family members grace was missing. packer hit with child welfare end dame dame many and obstruct. >> sarah packer is now being held for trial on those charges. affidavit says police tried to call the mother for a month before she started talking again and she never told cops that she
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moved the familiarly from abington township all the way up to quakertown. >> we didn't really know them too well. they were in pri pretty quick. they kind of kept to themselves. >> reporter: it gets stranger. case documents say a typed letter allegedly from grace was found saying that she was sorry for being a burden and leaving the family. but detectives say a 14-year-old could not have written that. the mom is charged in the disappearance but no one charged yet for the death. >> because our investigation is on-going, we will not disclose today the means by which grace was murder the. >> reporter: court papers also say that sarah packer received more than arthritic hundred dollars in federal money for disability funds relating to her care of her adopted daughter. but she never reported that her adopted daughter was missing during the time she received that money. that's part of the investigation as well. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. new jersey families who suspected a hired home health
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care worker abusing one of their loved ones can now get a surveillance camera rah from the state. attorney general christopher perino announced details of new safe care cam program. the state will let you borrow tiny camera for 30 days to keep app eye on care worker. this year alone nearly thee hundred certified home health aids were disciplined for crimes on and off the job. >> you really don't have, um, any idea how they're going to behave when no one is watching. they can have all the necessary credentials. they can be great on an interview, but they can also be an abuser. >> for information how no pick one of these cameras up or report suspected abuse head to our website police in camden county are trying to figure out who shot and killed a woman inside a home late last night. someone called police to the be a let village housing complex along state street in cam just
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before midnight. officers say they found the 34-year-old woman she later died at cooper university hospital. investigators say they're not sure of a motive at this point and they have not yet released the victim's identity. emergency crews used a drone in camden county to search for a marine missing for several weeks now. clementon police tell us that they didn't find any sign of 29-year-old lance james on tuesday. our cameras were out on the silver lake waterways the new jersey state police marine unit searched for him. last time friends or family saw james was back on december 2nd when he left the hide away tavern after an altercation. police need your help to find a man accused of swiping phones from a local cell phone store. investigators say this video got a good shot of the man they say he walked into the at and t store on south street and while worker was business is he with customers he snatched up some of the phones on display and then ran out of the store. police aren't sure which way he took off along south street but if you recognize this man police want to hear from you.
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also, police busy pulling over drivers in one delaware county city, but they were not handing out tickets. what they got instead. and sean bell is at the linc for us tonight. >> getting ready to play spoiler to the giants play off hopes or play off seeding. when we come back we'll talk about how they can learn from the last time these two teams played. >> and bob kelly fox 29's official master of holiday spirit is checking out some incredible light displays in cherry hill. hey, good evening, everybody. we're having a very kelly christmas. we're dabbing around the christmas tree doing the dab. doing the dab as we check the lights in cherry hill, new jersey! dear road. check them out when we come right back.
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♪ drivers getting pulled over in chester today. well they got quite a surprise. in the spirit of the holiday season the chester police department rewarded drivers who obeyed the law with free turke
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turkeys. they gave out 100 turkey citations to people all across the city. officers say this is a way to give back to the community and also improve relations. we believe that every encounter with law enforcement doesn't necessarily have to be a negative encounter. >> okay. >> we're trying to show, hey, sometimes we do good deeds. not just harassment as some people would interpret that. >> he pulled me over and i was like, okay, i didn't doing in. i was just trying to home. >> she got a turkey sigh teague. the officers pulled over people for driving with a seat belt. using appropriate turn signals and driving within the speed limit. that's good thing. >> yeah. all right. this is also a good thing. time to celebrate a very kelly christmas. >> fox 29's bob kelly checking out holiday lights. it's your neighbor, you live neuroglia that's my hood. things are lit there in cherry hill. >> reporter: you're right, iain. we're going your house tonight. everybody going iain's house after this for sleep over, okay.
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>> yea! >> good evening, cherry hill new jersey. they got them coming in the wagons. they're up and down on the coldest -- cul-de-sac here. we'll did a little swing around this is an entire block. there's junior's to us got it all started 30 years ago. off to the right you got gary's house. okay? and then over here is gary's mom's house, anna marie. how long have you been doing this. >> over 20 years. >> 20 years. you got good classics. go ahead mike take look. you got the choir boys. they're the old time plastic. >> we got a lot of that. >> where do you find this stuff? >> actually my son bought it from somebody that used to live on bancroft. >> okay. >> so he bought the entire of all the plastics. >> kind of keeping it in the neighborhood. >> absolutely. yup. >> so now, it's your house here. your son lives two doors up. >> yes. >> junior across the street. this has to be the most festive block anywhere. >> we have a great time. >> i can imagine. >> now do you do all this yourself? >> my son does it.
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>> big question does he help clean it up? >> oh, yeah. >> good. >> yup. unbelievable. how has it been with the wind and the rain and all of that? has that been giving i was hard time. >> it's not too bad. some days you can see the blow ups, you know, they've had their days. >> do you have a favorite at front lawn? >> no i like it all. i think it's all just great. >> it looks great. >> sesame street characters. snoopy. >> you got it all. >> i'll tell was this is definitely a festive block here. it's dear road, just off of chapel avenue in cherry hill, new jersey. we have had a fantastic time this month very kelly christmas. thank you to everyone who sent all the pictures in of your homes. if we didn't get to you this year we're coming back next year. so from all of us here in cherry hill, new jersey, to all of you at home -- merry christmas! >> we're all going to iain's house afterwards for a
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sleepover. >> look out, iain. >> i always got a bunch of people at my house any way. it's all good. merry christmas to you guys as well. all right. back to your fox 29 weather authority. we saw it out there. all that's missing is the white christmas. >> um-hmm. >> it doesn't look like we're going to see it kathy orr. >> certainly doesn't. i heard that iain has great man cave, too. >> i do. >> they're all going to head over there, iain. >> we are looking at a mild night here. you can see old city philadelphia the entrance to penn's landing it's just a really nice evening to be outside. little bit of a wind though so be aware of that if you'll be heading out or heading down to the linc for the game tonight. temperatures 44. the high today 53. northwesterly winds at 16 putting a little bit of a chill in the air. the wind because of cold front that moved through and fair weather high pressure that's building on in. temperatures right ailing the coastal plain in the 40s. 50 degrees in ocean city, maryland. to the west we have some 30s toronto 36. rochester new york 37. pittsburgh 36. even in cleveland it is 37 degrees. so temperatures fairly uniform in the wake of this front. we do have a stiff wind out of
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the northwest still gusting to about 25 miles an hour sustain in philadelphia at 16. a sustained wind in wilmington and dover at 21 miles an hour. so definitely be feeling that chill. airport delays pretty few and far between. newark a 73 minute delay. you have to go clear across the country to see any additional delays still in los angeles a 70 minute delay we do have that storm system that will be moving into the midwest. so i think chicago could have some issues late tomorrow with plana rifles and departures. great weather though for the whole eastern third of the nation during the day tomorrow with this fair weather high pressure sitting in place. moving offshore temperatures warming with what we call a return flow on the back side of this. nice southwesterly wind and that will peak temperatures about 50 with sunny skies. traveling up 95 north or south no issue. as you head toward the west, cleveland not problem. late tomorrow afternoon you can see some rain and even snow moving toward chicago and also toward the great lakes. and that's the storm that will
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be bringing us the rain by saturday. so friday, no issues along the east. even through pittsburgh and cleveland. no problems. it's really saturday for us that we begin to see the rain by 7am. it rains throughout most of the morning and then some heavier showers moving offshore at about 1:00 o'clock, 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon. for hanukkah beginning saturday evening, christmas eve, skies should be clearing. christmas day looks great. overnight 31 in the city. 26 in the suburbs mainly clear with a seasonal chill. tomorrow the high 50. a good day just to get some last minute shopping done and get outdoors. during the day on saturday, that's the rainy day. sunday looks great for christmas day. monday we have kwanzaa looks nice. 53. 50 on tuesday. wednesday 44 degrees and by thursday as we head toward the new year some showers. maybe a morning snow shower but still temperatures in the afternoon rising to 52 degrees looking like a warm end to 2016. we'll sent it back to you. >> all right, kathy, thank you. certainly a great night tonight
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too for the eagles game. >> yeah especially because the birds last home game of the season. sean bell is at the linc tonight with a preview of what's coming up in sports. >> it's cold out here. a couple guys came out and in shorts and turned back around and put something on heavier. we'll talk about how they're going to deal with o'dell beckham, jr. he's going to have a problem. we'll talk about that when we come back for sports. fios in the house!/www.ever] dave this fios party is da bomb!
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♪ carson wentz out here getting ready to ball up and
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make something out of this season that's really been kind of a disappointment. but right now, they're playing for pride. they're playing for ego and of course, they're playing for their job much they have to get it done and they have to carry some momentum going in to next season. but if they really want to win this game they have to stop o'dell beck happen, jr. he's beast when he plays anyone but especially when he plays the eagles. last time these two teams played he had two touchdowns then had the yards but killed them when it mattered. the guy that's going to aside dealing with mills talks about how tough that guy is. >> you know it's going to be a battle. you know it's going to be a challenge. he's one of the best if not the best receiver in the league. i could have said that about a lot of guys we played this year for sure it's a challenge but it's one -- all the work through the off season all the work through camp and practice one you look forward to. >> hopefully they can learn from what happened last time these two teams played they lost
6:25 pm
28-23. they had a chance to win it all at the end but carson wentz through an interception to collins that ended this game. carson talks about how he can learn from that last game to win this one. >> came up about a foot short just missed jordan, um, and we thought we had one there. we thought we had one there. came up short. much like the story in a lot of these other games. um obviously i remember we started off slow. i started off very slow. we battled and stayed in the game and we had a chance to win at the end. >> you can catch "game day live" on a special day saturday at 10am howard eskin, myself, gary cobb, dave spadaro will break down this game and look ahead to the final game of the year, and don't forget about the temple owls. they have a chance to make history within their 11th game of the year the most in program history. they got on the road to annapolis for the military bowl to somehow get it done through all the controversies this year.
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of course, like i said i'm here, they're playing the giants. eagles trying to play spoiler to their playoff hopes. beautiful day. the players getting ready and hopefully we can end this season with a great two-game stretch. back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> that would be nice. >> that would be. giants and cowboys. let's hope. >> two game stretch. >> coming up tonight at 10:00 a wild ride by a semi truck on busy highway. police say the driver just falling down drunk and this whole thing was caught on video as you can see this guy told the officer he had a few beers but something in the truck suggested he wasn't really telling the whole truth. >> um-hmm. >> well, that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00 and 11:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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>> ivanka trump air rage. >> the couple booted off a plane after confronting ivanka trump. >> one passenger was hurling insults at ivanka trump. >> and more airport drama. the tv commentator breaks down over this body search. >> there are boundaries they shouldn't cross. >> behind the scenes with the jeopardy contestant who died before her tv debut. >> what was that like to see your sister on stage? and exclusive -- the dramatic confrontation between the family of the reality tv star and her suspected killer. plus, look out. the puppy who jumped out of a car


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