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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 25, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm EST

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sglef. a day for family, friends and fun, be people across the area enjoy beautiful christmas sunday and volunteers make it holiday special for people left fortunate learning the true meaning of christmas. your news starts in 30 seconds. this is frocks fox fox 29 news at 10:00.
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no white nature. only chance to see powder, man made at the poconos mountains. santa brought sun and beautiful weather to the delaware valley. good evening and happy holidays, i'm iain page. lucy is off tonight. today's above average temperature perfect for some time outside with the policeman, but we're tracking changes in your forecast, fox 29 monica is here, we could have kind of a colder end to 2016 >> i'm sure a lot of people were hoping this would continue all of that sunshine and warm temperatures, i asked you to send in pictures whether twitter on facebook how your family got to enjoy the holiday. you can see piper in philadelphia. and in the kimmels in reading pennsylvania had matching attire for the occasion. how great is that. not as matching but just as cute, this is my family in media getting down for the christmas holiday enjoying dinner. you can reach me on twitter. search for me and tell me how your family enjoyed the holiday i continue.
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we got the manor are a, second day of hanukkah. you can see temperatures are at 11. your high today. tomorrow we're going to see temperatures return to the 50's. this is kind of the tope turvy day. temperatures will be rising after your typical afternoon high time will be in the upper 40's for about 3:00. 7:00 into the low 50's and continue to climb into tuesday. i've got the forecast coming up. beautiful the weather was ideal with spending time with love ones and the philadelphia area got plenty of places, brad sattin is live in south philadelphia. so many people end their christmases at the movies. >> i don't know if you have
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suggestions for me but i could use one. christmas obviously the second night of hanukkah, it is as a result, a big movie night. folks have been coming in stop here light features as well but it is not the only holiday tradition in town. why enjoy just one christmas tree when you can take into 124 of them? more than 8,000 people spent christmas at longwood gardens, sounds of the season, featuring doug list first decked output >> it's cool because it represents the music j. >> every grade wants to come here. they always make something new. >> reporter: this 30 foot tree was a perfect photo op. turns out it's not a tree at all. >> it looks like tree. it's fantastic. it has 1300 different plants in it. composed of poinsettia. ivy and/or kid. >> reporter: it's become the
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traditional at the museum of jewish history. 1,000 visitors enjoying clay making and a special exhibition on bill graham, a hole croft survivor. who went on to be a camporee to the stars >> as the museum as grown and expanded and we're a museum of all people for all backgrounds. >> reporter: these young ladies are visiting philly for just the day from china. never mind many of the historic sites were closed. what was left to do? >> eating. >> eating? >> where to burn the clears after that christmas meal? the skating rink at winter fest from penns landing sold out. after skating. enjoying the night by the fire. >> meeting new people. we don't even know them. they invited us over for their heat. >> reporter: you're taking their heat >> we're borrowing. sharing heat.
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>> that's what the spirit >> it's christmas. >> reporter: christmas spirit alive and well. talking about movies i went inside to ask them what most people are seeing, the top three fences, hidden figures and sing, which is an an made film. those are the three biggies. i'm looking for recommendations, i can't vouch for them. iain if you know any, i'm looking at to the movies new year day. >> rogue one i hear might be good. ♪ the faithful gathering at basilica st. peter and paul. this catholic mass at the principal church for the diocese commemorates the day jesus christ was born. in west philadelphia special holiday for kids and senior citizens as well. the church of christian can compassion handed out more than
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500 gifts to members of the community. the children and seniors enjoyed a christmas nativity scene with live animals and spectacular performances. >> cheers at the vatican as pope francis comes out to celebrate the traditional christmas day mass from the balcony of saint peters basilica. an estimated 40,000 gathered to hear the pope's message of hope and peace the main themes across the globe, especially in bethlehem, the birth place of jesus. >> reporter: in world bee set by violence and terrorism, the message was about peace, faith and co existence from bethlehem to the vatican. the faithful attended mass at the church of the nativity, the birth place of jesus, the big draw always being midnight mass. latin patriot arc potential
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stenian, he was one of several palestinian leaders to log the passage of the the un resolution friday. it was on the minds of people who attended mass. tourism numbers were up in bethlehem because of the quiet at least compared to last year when there was wave of terror attacks in parts of israel including jerusalem and the west bank leading up to christmas and on christmas eve and christmas day. while it may be calmer, there's an underlying tension as terrorism and war continues to plague the middle east and that was part of the message today at the vatican. ♪ . >> reporter: thousands packed saint peters's square to hear pope francis' christmas message calling for peace and co existence in a world he says scarred by war particularly in syria. pope francis said it's time for
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weapons to be filled forever in syria and the international community to actively seek a negotiated solution so that civil co existence can be restored in the country. the pope offering a blessing of peace to those who have lost someone dear them to because of, he says, the brutal acts of terrorism which have stoned fear and death into the hearts of so many countries and cities. in jury reduce lump, fox news queen elizabeth used her time to praise the country's olympic team and others who inspired her through the 2016. >> even with the inspiration of other, it's understandable that we sometimes think the world's problems are so big that we can do little to help. on our own, we cannot end wars or wipe out injustice. but the humanitarian of impact
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to thousands of small acts of goodness can be bigger than we imagine. >> the queen's message was prerecorded. the queen and her husband are celebrating the holidays at her private estate but a nasty cold kept the queen from attending the church service. russian rescue crews are continuing their search for bodies after a plane crashes into the black sea. russian authorities believe all 92 people died on the plane. disappeared from radar minutes after departing. the passengers included dozens of singers and russia's military choir. they will not ruled out causes of the crash drug terrorism. a powerful earthquake shakes the southern part of chilly. no report of injuries, 7.6 quake hit before 11:30 this morning local time in an area that's not very populated about 22,000
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people though did lose lose power line israel is promising to retaliate. israeli benjamin netanyahu says his administration initiated the resolution demanded it be passed. >> reporter: strong condemnation continues to pour in from israeli leaders lashing out against president obama for essentially allowing a you have no n security council resolution, a israel some of the ambassadors including the u.s. jerusalem to reprimand them on christmas day, it's a sign the seriousness with which israel is taking the matter. the prime minister having harsh words for the obama administration >> as i told john curry on thursday, friends don't take friends to the security council. >> reporter: they passed the first since 1979 condemning
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israel. israel accused president obama of engineering the vote. secretary of state john kerry said settlements spawned terrorism and risked the two-state solution between israelis and palestinian, he believes the tension will further the tension between two >> they will say the world will be no matter what we do. the extremist among the arabs be say terror pace >> donald trump slammed the obama administration saying after the u n things will be different after january 20. >>. >> reporter: netanyahu voweling to get it rescind adding he has alleys in washington. both republicans and democrats were voweling to take up the matter. fox news. here at home. one person is dead after an overnight crash in south philadelphia. this happened just before 2:00 this morning at broad and washington. police say the driver of a 2010
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honda acord ran a red light and hit a fire hydrant. driver died and the person in the other car is in stable condition. . four people are in the hospital now after a hit-and-run accident in north philadelphia. police say two cars crashed into each other. but then one left the scene. this happened around 3:30 at 22'nd and glenwood. medics had to rush two people to hahnemann hospital and two kids to saint christopher's. none are life-threatening. police are still looking for the car that took off. coming up january will be the first time in ten years that the gop will have control of the house. senate and the white house. not all republicans are on board. the unexpected issue that got lawmakers clashing with trump. not everyone cosied up at home this christmas, why some folks woke up bright and early to be with complete strangers. >> you will certainly be the life of the party.
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giving back and giving up. hours of sleep that is. >> it's hard to get out of bed in the morning on the second day of winter break. >> andrew rosen sister, brother, mom and dad, didn't just leave the comfort of their beds and nice home in saint david's. they went from the mainline to the mean streets of west philadelphia. >> to be honest, that's the beginning. i don't think we really want to go. now that we're here feels really good to be giving back to the community and to help out people
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and after it always feels woirjt like i would definitely do it again. >> reporter: a 13-year-old boy learning that 2016-year-old lesson of christmas on christmas. it was his microphone shy mom's rachel's idea. >> focused on making the world a better place. she wants to make sure the kids carry that. my wife gets involved in some kind of activity that help to understand that life isn't always the way it is out in the mainline >> when they look out the window from mainline on the way here, what's the conversation like? >> pretty abrupt change. once you cross mainline avenue you see things get tougher. >> reporter: rose send's left for 30th and lancaster. for his own two sons, the same age as andrew rosen it's for the about seeing what they got under the tree, it's how fast they can get here to help those without trees, to his and even homes.
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>> mentioned my son being here. they wake up christmas morning, most kids wake up christmas morning run down and they want to see exactly what's under the tree. my kids got up excited about coming down to help people and that's phenomenonal to have children that have embrace the vision of what my wife and i do and to be able to impact people's lives >> we have the whole afternoon after us. we can spend our morning wrapping gifts for the children that are in need. >> what's that like watching kids open gifts >> it's like having the feeling of joy knowing that you helped to wrap these gifts. >> reporter: there were lots of practical gifts for the difficulties too, including 27-year-old, first in line hours before opening this morning with his mother, dorothy. both homeless but together on christmas with everything they own and these folding carts. evicted last month over a couple
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of hundred bucks in unpaid rent. he said he wasn't just here for the hot breakfast but told us his christmas lift >> are you going to get a wrapped gift as well >> yes, sir, i was hoping to get a gift. >> what are you hoping for? >> two tubes of toothpaste and list to her recent or wash cloth and a town hall >> we got toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, soap, all sorts of different things that you just see in your every day life that you wouldn't think much of, but it make as difference. and we got a lot of bags here for people. they will be really -- they will really help out some people. >> reporter: chip and carolyn came here from newton in bucks county to cook, clean and give the gifts of caring for people they never met before today >> this is what christmas is about.
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the gift don't mean much at all. it's about sharing it with people and connecting with the community. >> it's nice to give back. try to give back to the community. try to give back to those that in time of need, especially on christmas day. not a lot of people have the ability to have a great breakfast. we're here to give them great food and gifts of >> doing great. >> absolutely. >> reporter: we got to share that with you too. watching kareem's big smile and his mom's facing appreciation getting that toothbrush, toothpaste, list to her recent, wash cloth and towel and meeting a mainline family. when you leave here, you think you got more out of it than the things you're handing out to people >> i think that's generally true. i think that you, you know that you haven't solve all the problems in the world but you feel like you pitched in a did something that matters. >> great stuff. here ap live look at
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independence mall with a second candle in that giant ma nor is now aglow, hanukkah will continue through january first, it's not the end of the year yet but drawing to a close, it's not new years eve but we want to take a little bit and take back a look at review and what a year it's been in 2016. let's take a look at some of the things happened. here's january, you remember, pop my david bowie lost the 18 month battle with cancer. he passed away in january. february, the zeka virus that had us all panicked, the who declaring zika a public health emergency, that's calmed down. broncos also won the super bowl. in march, nancy reagan passed away at 94 at her home in los angeles. in april, we had the panama papers, that kind of massage leak of document that is exposed a lot of things. one of the only first stories that became one of the big hacking stories in 2016.
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in may, of course, the senate confirms eric finney, president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima japan. in june, heavy champion muhammad ally passes away. july, donald trump officially became the republican party nominee for president. that was in july. he's going to be sworn in on january 20th. in august, we had astronomers announce the discovery of a new earth like planet and voted to remove their president from office. in september, mother teresa was declared a saint and cranonized by pope francis in the vatican. october. we had hurricane matthew hitting the southeast united states and rain over the bahamas. that was a big weather event for us. in november, the chicago cubs break the curse, 108 year curse. you saw that here on fox. in december, the u.s. navy
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commemorates the 75th anniversary attack on pearl harbor and john glenn passed away at 95. speaking about a year in review. join us on new years eve next saturday, we got a special fox 29 year review, we took a year back, it's going to air at 10:30 after fox 29 news. still to come, unexpected issues, some lawmakers clashing with trump. christmas for a sick little boy, how one town gave him the present of a lifetime.
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cause of fire in delaware county is still under investigation, flames broke out at a home in glen mills. delaware county. just after 1:30 this afternoon. the home has extensive damage but thankfully no one was injured. president-elect trump and republican lawmakers are gearing up for january when they will control both chambers of congress and the white house for the first time in decade. what can we expect? christian fisher is in washington with a preview >> both president-elect trump and house republican say their number one priority is to create jobs and to do that they're
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going to try to make american businesses more competitive by lowering the corporate tax rate. they differ slightly in the detail, trump plan would cut it from 35% to 15% while the house will cut it to 20's % but today, house majority leader said bottom line the tax rate will go down. other improving border security and repealing and replacing obamacare, two issues most republican lawmakers and the president-elect see eye to eye. one issue mr. trump may run into trouble. especially with conservatives on campell is his trillion dollar infrastructure plan >> what you can do currently today, the regulation is to build a road. you wait a decade for that. you can see the reforms there. and what i like about president-elect trump doing, he brings that business idea in. >> reporter: expect things to move quickly as soon as he's sworn in. he set the schedule so that the house would be in session far more frequently during mr.
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trump's first 100 days in office. five-day work week instead of the three to four day. >> we will not miss this window of opportunity. they want to see change and we're going to make sure it happens >> this is the first time in tenures republican have controlled the house, senate and white house and clearly trying to make the most of it. washington, christian fisher, fox news cary fisher is still in the hospital. the message her mom has for fans unbelievable special christmas gift for one little boy he'll be reminded of for years to come. how one town gave him the present of a lifetime. monica. >> reporter: clouds are moving in on the radar, we'll be tracking the possibility for some of those clouds to actually produce to isolated showers, i've got the forecast coming up.
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george michael who got his start with the band wham died. he died peacefully.
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tmz reporting he died of heart failure. he's well-known for the holiday last christmas and don't let the sun go down on me and i believe. >> cary fisher remains in stable condition after what's being called a cardiac episode. she reportedly got emergency treatment on the plane before being rushed to a hospital. her mother, debbie reynolds posted a message on twitter thanking everyone for their prayers a special christmas gift for a little bit in cancer battling cancer. >> every birthday, christmas, that's all he wants, garbage trucks, models, he watches videos of garbage trucks. today's gift was better than a model, a real truck. assault and was even there with helpers, the city of lawrence and an anonymous donor known as the chief elf helped with delivery >> they heard about his story
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from children's mercy and wanted to do something special for the holidays >> he's been through multiple transplants, spent five, six months in the hospital doing various chemos and all the side effects that come with it >> the new truck helped him enjoy a rare holiday home from the hospital. he can't keep it but the little man got time at the controls thanks to greg pruitt >> we've known him few years now and all of our crews know had my, and have been following his progress. and so another opportunity to step in and make dagan's christmas wish come true, we'd be glad >> got to play with the new toy, elves left trash beans and he got to test his new noisy toy. sounds of joy for the courageous little collector. a moment of happiness certainly not wasted on anyone. >> christmas is a wonderland
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time of year and it is about the kids and just to be part of this is just fantastic. wonderful thing. >> obviously seeing your son who's been through so much over last year and a half, you know, have some joy, and something that's, you know, pretty special that he'll remember forever is awesome. >> it is. and of course the trash truck didn't technically belong to d, a gan, but his picture will stay on the side for the foreseeable future. his dad says he's nearing remission and they're hoping he can see his trash truck for years to come. you know what santa does when he's delivering those, he works off the christmas cookies, 300 santas took place in mass don't anyway. it's about a mile. it's been taking place the past three years. monica is here to tell us about our warm weather today. seasonal >> we reached highs in the low 50's about ten degrees above average. now, we're dropping. here's where we stand. it's 37 degrees in the city.
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31 for those of in his pottstown. we actually have below freezing in millville. dover at 33, reading in the low 30's. some will drop into the upper 20's the rest of our evening and into the overnight. you're ultimate doppler radar shows things are still clear and dry, but not for long. we're watching a system that's going to be moving inform here's the leading edge of that cloud cover continuing to move through western pennsylvania. this will push through overnight. we're going to increased cloud cover and there is a channels for isolated showers to pop up. actually, could pop up by tomorrow morning as temperatures are at the lowest. in location into the 20's and 30s, we're talking about about a freezing rain event. this will be early tomorrow morning, isolated if anything, but we still have a freezing rain advisory for lancaster, berks, lehigh valley, south of the poconos under that freezing rain advisory. please be careful.
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there may be a few slick spots out there have not it's also rain into monday afternoon. let's take a look at your futurecast. once again, here you can see that brief window of possible freezing rain. then as we head into the afternoon, switches into rain, still isolated showers chance of into monday afternoon, a little bit more numerous by tuesday early morning, some will be asleep through most. as we head to the rush hour. it continues to push into south jersey and into delaware out by tuesday afternoon, we may see peaks of sunshine and it continues into wednesday. here's what's interesting about this, temperatures monday afternoon, going to continue to climb overnight so that by tuesday afternoon, we're going to reach highs in the low 60's, here's the average temperature for this time of year, low 40's, we're about 20's degrees above that as we head to tuesday afternoon. wednesday and thursday, temperatures do start to decline back downwards.
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>> we're looking at a lot of cloud cover throughout the day and isolated shower chances in some of the northwestern suburb, it could lead off as freezing rain creating slick spots. northeast wind five to ten miles per hour. here's a look at that 7-day forecast. we're going to see the temperatures into the upper 50's, low 60's on tuesday. everywhere mild, a.m. showers to begin with. then by the afternoon starts to move out. wednesday colder temperature, 45 wednesday, with mostly sunny skies, another chance for rain on thursday, friday, 42, it's going to be windy, cold, as we start to head into the end of this year, the new year, 42 degrees new years eve and back into the 50's as we head into the first, iain >> i like it. monica. thank you. that will do it for us.
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keep it right here for fox 29 sports the eagles not in action but we will discuss what they should be asking for in the off season. plus we got a christmas day treat, a great game between the steelers and ravens one team still has a chance to get the ultimate presents coming up next in sports.


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