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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  December 28, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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>> for the love. >> we had another shot, during commercial break watch was that camera? >> it was like a look at some of the apartment builds, getting ready on the set. >> oh, they won't take it for legal reasons. you degrees no fun. >> and oh!
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>> beautiful view. we are looking. there it is. >> yes. >> okay, stop. >> waiting for somebody to pull back the curtains. >> thomas, me, and sue, because alex and mike are off today. >> we are inside that hotel right now as we speak, ya, let the conversation begin. good to have you with us everyone, 9:02, this wednesday, getting lucious you mention alex and mike have good day off. good morning, great to be with you. >> do you mean that? >> you know, i actually do. >> i see the sincerity in your eyes. i can feel it. >> where else could i get such a conversation. >> you like doing the wedding -- going to weddings? >> ya. >> i thought it was nice, the wedding party -- >> i like being a guest at a wedding. i wasn't always wild about being in them. time when i was sue serio professional bridesmaid. i was in a lot of wedding in my 20's. >> i would love to see those
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pictures, i had a closet full of dresses, every bride said oh, you'll be able to wear it again. >> so -- >> it was all good. >> there is this wedding gift. we want to know how you feel this, blasting newly married couple. she was asked to pay for something during the reception. >> it is shockingly petty. that's why it is so surprising. shockingly petty. we'll tell you what it is coming up. >> also, we have a surprise. one of the best things you may see all day. we think about the things we get, or we don't get, in our lives. well, what this child got for christmas, it is life changing, it is amazing, and may make you cry. >> now you're either one of two kinds of people. you either enjoy your shower in the morning, or a shower at night. how the timing of your bathing can affect your state of mind. >> can you do both? i do both. i do one in the morning, one at night. >> you are a clean guy. >> is that what it is? i'm also a very dry guy. >> well, you need to
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moisturize a lot. >> but -- >> trying to figure it out for a minute. >> your minds went so many different places, didn't it? you take a hot shower in the morning, hot shower at night, and i don't moisturize, so i feel like it is that is little tmi. >> don't want to get ashy. >> this morning talking about this all morning long, really was heart break whg we heard the news. remembering carrie fisher certainly her iconic role as princess leia in star wars. >> she was person that so many of husband a crush on, even as a little girl. i had a crush on both her and luke sky walker, because she was my hero in the day. if you look at her, oh, so awesome. she is powerful, cool, and pretty and neat. i just had this little sticker works stare at her, she is so pretty. so, she was one of our, you know, people that had a lot of people that had a crush on her. so we will think about crushes. you saw the episode from friends? take a look. >> did you ever see return of the jedi?
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>> ya? >> do you remember the scene with the jabba the hut? >> well, jab a had as his prisoner parenthesis lay a. >> ugh. >> princess leia was wearing this, um, gold bikini thing. it was pretty cool. >> there is the gold bikini thing. >> i have a feeling, sue, you wore that? >> there has never been in time in my life, and i have been many size size in the my life, never a time. >> i could see you rock that, i know nia has that beautiful hair. ever put had your hair up in the beautiful buns? >> no, we did braids, but no. anyway, i guess the point is
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that many people felt like ross did in friends. >> i love how you bring it back. >> because of her wardrobe, because i have nothing to crib from my life to that. >> the celebrity crushes. i think we've all had them. you had one, didn't you growing up? >> growing up, i had a particular love for sting. all of his music. so i used to listen to him, young teacher, the subject, you know, whatever, totally ann prepare re at fantasy. anyway he was one of my crushes growing up. i thought he was smart, funny, and i like he was justine i bop err, clever, cool, talk about big issues. >> answer has aged very well. >> he is a sexy man. >> crush face. >> you just grin from ear to ear. >> she lovers him still. >> i remember even in college i i heard he was at a party, and we tried to go, to get that brush of fame. but he's been married for decades. so one of those success stories, another reason you love him.
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a guy that stays with the girl. they're happy. no, i never even got to meet him. how about you? who is your crush? >> i don't know why the news room was appalled by this, but it is moriah car. >> i well, who didn't have a crush. >> remember, back in the day. >> i would actually stand, you remember the record stores, the big posters up? i would actually -- i would ask the manager if i could have the post when he they're done with it. and i would have it, laugh. >> had a couple of post nerves my room. do you remember she performed for the first time, show time at the apollo, performed i believe it was vision of love. watching it like wow, who is this so would always stand in line, get the singles, listen to it in my room. have the post ers up. >> this was before the crazy days. >> now, like she would be so much work. she is so high maintenance. >> yes. >> i'm all about the crazy. and that she is. and so ya. my childhood crush. >> but i can see from that video why would you absolutely feel that way. >> yes. >> so who is your crush?
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>> that was post or pre all work. >> well, i can't talk, because it has been number of years. >> just saying. >> in a different way, yes. >> all right, well, you know, i don't know about you, but in our relationship you always have an exception, like if you can get him, you can have him? >> oh, oh. the one pass? >> yes, yes. >> on the list? >> this is your hall pass? >> well, bridges us back to yesterday, in madmen, it is mr. john hand. who played don draper being won many awards for that role. and even though the character was despicable in many waste, this man. >> what is it, the bad boy? >> well, maybe. i think there is a little bit of that. but there was just something about him. and during the show, they provide an insight into his past, so what possible motivation why he might have been the way he was, despicable in many ways, but i don't know. i don't know that you can put
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words on it. but there he is. >> you like them dark. i like them crazy. and karen? >> i like -- sue was mentioning the list, and looking the list, along list, i like lenny kravitz, chat imitating. >> you know my other one, darryl hall. >> no. darryl hall? >> ya! >> did you -- i thought you met him. >> no, i have never met him. i don't think coy speak. if he came in right now i would not be able to speak. >> how about david cassidy? >> i have met him, yes, he was very nice. >> but not on your list? >> so let us know who your celebrity crush is, sharing them all morning long. asking before that, who was your celebrity crush. >> we'll share throughout the hour. >> sure. >> even your current crush. >> who would be on your list? >> you know what? gabrielle union, i find butte any everything, so. i have a long list, i'll post on twitter. i don't discriminate. >> i bet you're even on the list, karen.
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>> thank you. >> once you buy the special someone, you decide to get married it, cost a lot of monday. >> i sure does cost a lot of money. that's why some couples cheap out. they will say we need to you pay for certain items of the wait until you see this one. sue, explain what happened for this british woman? >> yes. she said she attended a wedding, and the bride and gram charged her two and a half pounds, that's about $3 in american, for a cup of tea. and $6 if she wanted to get a hot chocolate. so, she used the screen name stingy wed to go ask people on line if it was renal for her to be upset about being charged to have a cup of tea at a wedding reception. now, some people agree the refreshments at receptions should be free, while others say the lady was being unfair to the couple. >> now, i guess, i don't know enough about this story to know if that's the only thing she was charged for, but the meal at the reception was included, and -- >> do you think --
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>> to charge extra for tea? >> i think beyond taxi, i think even bad when you have to charge for drinks at a wed that can happen, like alcoholic drinks, cocktails. >> by the way that video we were showing has nothing to do with this couple. that was just generic wedding video. >> that's another couple. >> so you think a cash bar is bad enough if you have to go to the wedding ceremony and pay for your own drinks. >> like your tea and coffee at the end, so everyone gets home safely? you can't charge for tea and coffee. >> i think if you can't afford it do you have scale it down. and just do what you can afford, phone it has to be small he and you can't invite everybody you want. personally, if i couldn't do it righty wouldn't want to do it at all. >> what about byob? >> no. >> bring your own booth until. >> no, that's a good time. >> that's the kinds of wedding i want. >> that's awesome. >> everybody's happy because they're drinking what they want. >> what about when you throw a party and they bring the plastic bottle and then they enjoy your top shelf? is that a no-no at a party.
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>> never happened. >> that's the type of people i roll with. >> because they're serving the top shelf, so ya. >> take it home with them? >> , no no, like you can bring -- some people say you can bring a bottle if you want, to and they come with the plastic bottle of volume did a. >> then they don't drink -- >> they don't drink what they bring. >> they want the good stuff? >> like the kettle, the gray goose. >> smart friends, common. ya. >> is that what that means? or i need new friends? >> don't have many. >> don't have many. >> all right, well, i think we -- i would appreciate opinions on this, because i don't know. it does seem petty to charge for cup of tea at a wedding. >> and i want to know how they charge. my sister and brother, younger than i am, talking about how you can split the bills now, have you charged that, how would you even charge somebody for your tea or coffee? have you seen this? you go out like to a big group thing, maybe bachelor party, you all split the bill, do it once you have signed up charge
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like 17 bucks for the continue end whatever it is, and they do it a lot of times when traveling? >> well, that certainly simplifies things in trying to do math in your head which i can never do. >> way in, tell us what you think, should you be held for any kind of bill? >> guests, provide them with food or drink, sore. >> i i have a question. are you trouble getting your adult children to leave the nest? you are not alone. such an issue that a movie called failure to launch was made about that same issue. so take a look at this. >> well, you know, you would be amazed how many adult children are still living at home. now, it is my opinion, that the root cause is lack of self esteem. >> oh, oprah talks about that all the time. >> oprah don't know crap. heck when i was growing up, nobody had self esteem. we turned out fine. >> our rock, al. >> all right, so deal billion deal with the problem of kids over staying their welcome at their parents home. officials at a rehab center in illinois say they'll actually teach your millennial how to grow up for a fee of course. >> how much?
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>> $28,000 a month. >> what? >> patience will learn life skills, like cooking, cleaning, even just showing up for basic life skills. the center was founded ten years ago to treat emerging adult brains and help kids with depression. the depression part i can understand. but $28,000 a month to teach your kid how to be an adult? >> wow. >> isn't that your job as a parent? >> hopefully you've done that all along the way, so at the end you don't have to fail. >> well usually, own age, buy them a place, then you can kind of kick them snout. >> that's what college is for. >> have to pay for college. basically if you have kids, no win situation. right? >> kidding. >> we have an amazing kid with us today, amazing. >> this is noah. know, a i have a feeling you'll be supporting your parent before long. you'll be launch so high, because you are not only here because it was a benefit for
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the walnut st. theater that got you here, right, because it was a prize in the auction, but you also perform in the theater as well? >> i do. >> so what show are you in right now? >> at christmas story in the media theater. >> christmas story, yes. and you are in the ensemble. we can see that almost every day now through the eighth of january. >> pretty much, ya. >> how do you like it? >> so much fun. i love being with all of my friend, in the past, performing for a lot of people. >> you real dow bonds with all of the kids in the show there. >> yes, spending so many time together. >> my daughter was in couple of shows there at the media theater when much younger. even with the parent and everybody, you sort of feel like a little family, don't you? >> ya, do you. >> and you were also in this same show at walnut st. theater last christmas? >> i was. >> right. so now what's your favorite song? because they took the movie with ralphy and you shoot your eye out, put music to it? >> they did. >> what's the best song in the show? >> probably when you're with, because all of the kids are going back on the bullies and
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so much fun to watch. >> ya, ya. everybody wants to get back at those bullies, right? and even though it takes place on the 40's. it seems timeless, don't youy? >> pretty much. >> so how excited are you to do the weather sue? >> very. >> looking forward to it. >> so what grade are you? what school do you go to? >> eighth grade bala cynwyd middle school. >> hi everybody. >> and you have your mom and dad here with you. you have another sibling, right? >> no, i am an only child. >> he thought about it, oh, no. >> well, anyway, we are glad that all of your friends and family are watching today. no pressurement because we're going to get to very relax relaxed forecast. we have a holiday coming up this weekends, right. do you big plans for new years eve party? >> kind. >> do you like to go outside and make a lot of noise at midnight? >> no. >> well, anyway, we will have the forecast for new years ivan new years day, but it will be presented by noah cher. it is coming up 15 seconds.
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>> noah is hearing move over little bit this way. so you can present to us the seven day forecast. >> start being today? >> 43 degrees, sunny, cloudy. tomorrow it will be 44 degrees, snow to rain. on friday. >> yes, the snow just in the morning. no big deal. >> friday, 39 frees, some sun. >> saturday, 43 degrees, new years day sunday, it will be 49 degrees. >> and what it, going to rain new years day? do you think it will be dry? >> pretty much. >> it looks pretty dry. >> yes, we will hole off the rain until monday and tuesday of next week. looking forward to the rest of your vacation?
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>> i am. >> but your vacation is not a vacation, because you're working? >> yes, so -- >> so once again, media theater, the show is? >> christmas story. >> and it is now through? >> january 8th. >> noah sher everybody. >> thank you, noah. awesome job. amazing. >> thank you, guys. 9:18. so most of the people either shower in the morning or the night. i'm morning person, thomas? >> i do both. >> both. so, that says a lot about you apparently if you shower or the morning or the night. new study that found the timing affect your state every mind. comes from harvard. so according to the study, morning showers can help you get your creative joists flying, and also beneficial for stress the out workers. researchers say showering helps you relax. it is that warmth. makes you feel little more alert. stimulating your creativity and showering at night can help you fall asleep more easily.
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nighttime showers regulate body temperature, cooling you down, and preparing your body forties. >> makes sense to do both. that's my favorite study of all time. because both are really good. and not right or wrong. >> little lazy in the morning, though, actually have to turn on the water, step inside, shower, dry yourself off. moisturize, get dressed. it is a process. >> it is. it is one of the, every my existence, that's when you finally wake up, especially on these hours, making yourself to get in for great day. >> hi,. >> third day. >> we will tell you, at 9:19, about chrissy mets. so she is a starve one of the most famous shows on television of the year. claimed shows. >> what's the show called? >> the two of us? you and us? on nbc? >> this is us. >> this is us. such a great show. >> well, she feels attack by her fame. what's that mean? she'll explain.
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>> welcome back, fast lane. >> you, when you crash into one of those fences, ahh. that's not happening, obviously. >> fv star, have impact, with a simple message. >> her name christine matson, one of the stars on the hit show this is us, and revealing in a interview how she deals with people who track about her weight. this is you with a what she has to say. the way i stand up to bullies; with kindness and love, because i think that's what they really need. actress speaking to people magazine. >> nice. but i don't know how you always do that. give you insight how you should do that when people are
9:24 am
saying -- >> said it is tough, especially dealing with people with social media. you can write whatever you want about a person, obviously the number one thing has been her weight. but she also signs a contract, that within her contract, means her character throughout the season, has to lose weight. and so in her contract, she said, she happily did it, kind of motivating factor to lose that weight. so she is aware that she is, you know, full size woman. but she says she will deal with it on her own terms. >> good for her. so difficult. a lot of people talking about who their celebrity crushes were, some say christian bauer, we have someone who said one of my favorite respect oh, steve perry. kathy said she loved his voice. all of these years later. >> you got one that says rob lowe? >> one of my favorites, thank you from that one, from edith, thank you some of the celebrity crushes. hey, mariah carey, too, not the only one. >> get ready for the new year, have some fabulous style. look at this, sequins, little
9:25 am
sparkle, little shimmer. so you want to look fine when you head out when the ball drops. >> cool jacket. >> right? oh, look at the cut-out. wh. a on the hip right there. some of the looks straight ahead. >> ♪
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welcome back. so, many of are you going to be going to parties that have near celebrations, and of course, you want to look good for the new years celebrations. >> i actually got invited to couple of parties. i feel like i'm one of the cool kids. >> what are you going to wear? >> i need help from kevin parker. from fashion week, i really do need help, kevin. i really have no idea what to wear. >> good to see you. absolutely glitz, glamor. you have to have your statement pieces, bowtie, you
9:29 am
have to access rise, you have to be, you know, ready to go just celebrate and just look great. >> so if it shines, you're in? >> if it shines, you're, in new years eve, all about glitz, glamor, standing out. >> let's bring in a modem. she stands out. she pa-pow. >> she looks amazing. a local designer, charm leita could you tour there is model looks amazing in this shim are you bell sleeve sequins down with this amazing necklace. make sure when you access rice with sequins, you don't overdo t just kind of have one statement piece. really stand out. >> okay, so that's definitely a statement piece right there. >> if you walk into an event with this, you are going to stand out from a far. >> and it look like new years eve. you wouldn't want to do it every day, but for new year eve it is right on. he chose a she that doesn't compete with the dress? >> because you want the dress to stand out. so you want simple shoe. and have the dress just be a world of its own. >> how much does that run
9:30 am
about? >> this dress is 250. charm leita couture, local designer, amazing. >> what are some of the hot colors? dealing with black, gold? >> gold, metallic, rose gold, kind of want to stay in the gold family for new years eve. >> excuse me, look who just -- look who just showed up at the party. >> speaking of pow-pow. >> amazing piece, this dress, and you will make a statement in this, especially, if there is somebody at the party that you used to dathan you want to make them jealous, this is the dress to wear. >> your revenge dress. >> giving a shade literally. how do you feel about shades at a party or inside? >> shades you wear to the party. you take them off once you get inside. >> you always see that one person walking around. >> walking around with shades on. that's a no-no. but you do walk, when you walk through the party, or you have your fur coat on walking in the party make sure you have it on. your statement shades. >> i feel like the cuffs she is wearing, look like the wonder walt cuffs, powerful, cool, sexy, fierce right
9:31 am
there. how much is this costing being break it down. >> the fur, fauxfur cost about $25. the dress itself cost 125. the shoes were about $30. so i mean great look. >> under 200 bucks, amazing. where did you get the faux, fur for $25? >> actually from macy. >> no. >> yes. >> i thought were going to say vintage. how about the sunglasses this they're hot. >> actually in my style closet. always got to have some things in the style closet? so you're the one washing around the party in the shades? >> no, i dress people for that. yes, absolutely. >> all right, let's take a look at the next look. some of us, you know, we don't necessarily always want to wear address, not right for the body or style. we want the impact statement maybe you want more coverage? >> utley. definitely want if you are going to an event, you want to stand out, you want to wear your tuxedo pants your metallic jacket, sequin shirt. just kind of just enough glam,
9:32 am
glitz, not over done, not too much. you want to have your nice shiny clutch. and just, you know, little great. >> this can go from event to event. so it doesn't necessarily have a particular event that you have to go to. >> how does it look without the jacket? i don't know what's under neat? once you hit the party can you take that off? >> you can take it off if you're daring enough. >> wahoo. >> the camera was panning out. you didn't see all of that, okay. >> sleeves or no sleeves? >> i mean, sleeves are definitely n but for new years eve, everybody goes, with you know, sleeveless, sometimes, all depends the event you are going to, you know, the jacket that you wear over top. you know, it is to all depends on how you want to stands out for the event. >> we can show part of t i think it is really cool. you chose to go with a boyde suit. so it has some cut outs, as well, we see cut outs on the red carpet, with the dresses. >> this way you can show a little bit of skin on the side where you may feel
9:33 am
comfortable. i love the hipbone. wow just popping that one out. wearing pants, hipbone showing. >> not too much. you just want to make sure you stay covered of course. you don't want to pop out too much. but you definitely opportunity have on, i mean, honestly for there is you can throw on nice blazer and really rock that out. >> this time of year you want to be little sexy, have some fun bringing in the news year. >> so let's see what the men can be rocking this time of year. male model, i appreciate that. good morning, sir. what's his name? >> his name is mitchell. >> hi, michelle. >> we didn't get the names of the other two models. >> well, i love it now. >> what's your name? >> welcome back. >> doesn't juan to be identified, we understand. >> what's mitchell snaring. >> blazer, slacks by j press boutique, local designer, amazing designerment make sure you walk into a party and stands out. so the guys, you don't want to
9:34 am
go too glitz and glamour, but have something that stands out. bowtie has little bit, bowtie, actually from good friends of mine, leather bo toast, and he's showing philly fashion with number of different ties, amazing designer, just have the leather bowtie, little bit of sparkle, but for the most part just kind of keep it simple. you know, have your watch, arm bracelet, rock out that way. keep it certainly but very sophisticated. >> i like the lining inside the jacket. has little red. so okay to do black on black on black and little pop of color? >> obviously with the bowtie, have little shimmer and shine in it? have absolutely. >> what are they doing with the lapel? is that crushed velvet? letter? >> crushed velvet? i like that for winter. nice look. >> yes. >> how do you feel? would you go out like that? oh, he is ready to hit the town. >> mitchell, what is your day job? do you have another job? >> karen! >> just teasing. >> he's a realtor. he's a realtor. okay.
9:35 am
>> i feel like this is becoming a dating show. >> not for me. >> can we have you come back. >> so, if all else fails, and you just have to deal with what's in your closet, what do you pull? the basic black? >> you can pull the basic black. make sure you access rice perfectly. base being black dress, make sure your necklace is a statement piece. or if you are wearing a sequin dress, make sure your ac advisories aren't competing with the dress. just have to make sure you now how to edit the look before you go out. make sure you're on point. >> amazing, kevin, we love it. thank you so much for coming in. for all of you models, all beautiful, looks are amazing. thank you so much. >> thank you so much for having me. thank you century 21 for the blazer and the different looks that we have, as well. >> i love century 21. >> thank you. thanks, ladies. thank you, gentleman, kevin. >> so let's lever behind this dress, now all dressed up for 2016. do you feel it? easy ways to bring in the new year relaxed and refreshed.
9:36 am
as we look at the cubical. coming right back.
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welcome back. 9:39 we have breaking news as you can see damage there we have a number of cars involve with an accident, in delaware, sky fox is over the scene, this is in the wilmington man or section. this happened a short time ago the it is still going on. thinks on i295 southbound only one lane as you can see is getting by. it looks lake there is construction in that area, clearly on the opposite side, we're going to stay on top of this situation and update you throughout the morning. 9:35. people are weighing in on this celebrity crush on twitter, barbara says tom selleck was
9:40 am
her big crush back in the day. >> oh, yeah. >> you dig the mustache. >> i was there. >> sharon says, what did sharon say, shemar moore. derek says brandy, and jordan sparks. and man rye at the old mariah. ninety-three. he goes into detail. >> yes. >> stages of elvis. >> and that hair. >> yes. >> and was it prebreak down, post break down. >> okay. a new year, 2017. which means a new you. >> we all like to focus, try to to better, we will be less stressed out there. there is a technique to help you when it comes tour stress control and your anxiety in the new year. sue, it is called. >> mindfulness based stress reductions or mbsr. >> you had me at mbsr. >> meditation, yoga.
9:41 am
that is calm to mind and cultivate aware this is but there are lots of things you can do in a moment of panic or anxiety to center yourself. problem is and i have been through this before you are so panicked and anxious that you forget the different techniques. so here's a way thaw can combat anxiety and try to keep this in the back of your mine. here's the big one and this one i can always remember, breathe. breathe deeply, in through the nose, out through the mouth. >> i tried doing that one day i left work such a stressful day. i walk outside, take a deep breath and... >> that is karma of the world. >> yes. >> you know, you forget about all of the troubles of the day >> yes. >> yes. >> what else do we have. >> while you finish breathing, drink water and drink more water to stay hydrated it really does help. exercise, of course is a great
9:42 am
thing because it gets endorphins going. >> yes. >> and drink less alcohol and caffeine but of course when you are stressed out is what first thing you want to go to. >> that bottle will. >> an occasional drink. >> this is a big thing in the past couple years. my daughter does this, around exam time when she's taking a break to destress, adult coloring books. >> they are all of the rage. >> colored pencils. >> i see them every where. >> i have not heard about this >> it is in whole food and every place in between and people just sit and color and stay within their lines or not and it toss calm you down, a craft, you know, i like to kn it, it is just repetitive thing. >> by the way, the square you knitted me, the washcloth, yes >> it disappeared. >> what? >> you probably got mine. >> so, you have knitted me a
9:43 am
square the other day. >> call than use it as a washcloth, dish towel. >> bye it is destressing while you did it. >> coloring books i don't get. adult coloring books i don't get. >> sometimes it is motion of doing task and activity and you cannot really fail. i like to do word with friend because it is mine less, simple, and i do that and it quiets my mind it takes your mind off of whatever is stressing you out. >> hughes i can. >> pick up a good book. >> music is next thing on the list. here's one i have never tried, hold an ice cube in your clean muched fist. >> what about ice cube in the glass. >> all right. >> try that. >> it is difficult when you have downtime and your thoughts are consuming you, put on some music, keep track. >> other good advice i got was change your air, if you are inside, go out, if you are outside, come in. to you are feeling freaky,
9:44 am
change your air. >> that is word of wisdom. sue said that to me before and i quoted that to other people. so many dozens of times, and hundred percent believer, it works. >> it is simple, easy to remember. >> let's change the air. >> okay. >> let's go out to trenton with master of disaster. >> this would be a distraction >> i feel less stressed after this, hi there, steve. >> reporter: thomas, if you have a sip of eggnog every time karen says eggnog. >> i would be in a coma. >> i guarantee, i guarantee by 8:00 o'clock you will be under the desk unable to do the rest of the show. >> steve, we have to go to break. >> here's why, this could be a long tease because we have both salt trucks and monster trucks. first part of the tease, the salt trucks, they are laying out that liquid that bob kelly calls brine. >> i call it liquid salt. >> we have that storm, potentially, coming tomorrow
9:45 am
so they are already doing that in bensalem. that is sky fox live. now come back to the trenton, sun national bank center. here's monster trucks. kick it up. that is how loud they are. so we will try to to a live shot with that noise after this commercial break.
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they say money just can't buy everything, an 11 year-old
9:48 am
had his biggest wish come true on christmas this one is sows special. let's take a look. >> yes, yes. >> last one. >> what is that. >> can you read it. >> yeah. >> hello. >> he is crying because it just change his life. his that i am is landing and that is a certificate that shows his mom's husband has officially adopted him. that is his dad. that is why it is so emotional we're together. we're a family. so his whom, janelle posted this on facebook and said when he was just five he wanted to harry daddy. so they could all have the same last name. and now they do.
9:49 am
>> they get me all the time. another one was posted on you tube, and it was one, a teenager, i think 13 or 14 and she had adoption papers and she wrapped it up and gave to it her dad and she was like i want you to adopt me. >> so special, when you have something like, some families are born, some families you make. >> your child by choice. >> it is a beautiful thing. >> i love that we can share that with you. so many great memories over holiday season. our steve keeley, we showed him before the break, he is about to tackle something monstrous here. >> who is the man behind the curtain. >> hey, i'm like wizard of oz behind the curtain. reason i'm here we will be behind a sound roof curtain, kind of. that is zane, he owns these two trucks we will feature, monster muddies what you are looking at. it is now running. that is 100 trucks of dirt, and come on over here.
9:50 am
i know, you cannot see anything but if our viewers can hear you what are we doing here today. >> we're getting ready to tear a lot of stuff up here at sun that the bank center. monster busies doing a time event right now. we have wheely competent to tition, monster truck free style, we have eight of the biggest trucks, monster jam has and we're excited. >> we're moving back further in the concourse, he shut off his engines, is he waiting for to you signal to drive. i love live television especially these feature things where i can make a goof out of myself. is he waiting for a hand signal. >> he went, did his thing. >> we have seen the whole show for the morning show. >> well that makes it easy so now everybody can hear us for sure. >> that truck is yours. grave digger truck, somebody elses. >> yes. >> that is ours and master of disaster, the red chevy is over there, master of disaster is a brand new truck for this
9:51 am
year. >> your sonnies offer here do you mine putting him on tv. come on down here for a second i need a kid's perspective. i know you know this more than the average kid because your dad does this for a living but why do little kid find these big trucks in the big pile of dirt so cool. >> i think they find it cool because they don't get to see it that often and you see big trucks go over then what you see on the roads. >> you have seen this a lot. is it still cool and this is boring every time you see it. >> it is cool, when they go, they go over stuff and still cool when they go around. you have an in with the owners of these trucks. are you going to be able to drive one of these days when your feet hit pedals. >> yes good is that what you do for a living because you are born in the family. >> yeah. >> you live in lancaster. you see amish buggies. you don't want to ride a buggy instead. >> to. >> what do you think of the buggies.
9:52 am
>> boring. >> do you think amish people do they ever come to the show. >> we see a couple of them every once in a while. >> that is complete opposite of the omish buggy. >> so what is this kid's name by the way. >> cj. >> what does it stand for. >> that is my name. >> you have a cool name, every kid, when i was a kiddy wanted a double letter milk name because football players i loved had that and, of course, i was than the cool enough. for ten year-old you are a good spokesmen for this company do you realize that. >> yes. >> that was a spur of the moment, sorry, cj but did you good. >> thank you even on christmas break you got an a. >> good job, my man. >> tell the viewers we have three shows coming upstarting tonight and christmas break. perfect week to do something other than a movie. and friday you have a matinee at 1:00 in the afternoon and at 7:00 all these shows are. you come to the trenton sun center. what about that early thing you have on friday that is
9:53 am
special for kid like cj's age, before the matinee you call it pit party. >> first and foremost all shows are the same. all four will be the same content. height have different tricks here and there but friday afternoon, before the matinee show it is one of our favorite times. we are all fathers and moms down there. we all love kid. we have pit party meet and greet before the show hour and a half before the show you get to come down get our autographs and stand beside truck and take pictures. it got me hooked, two or three years old. one of the favorite things to do and that is one of the cool things, we are all able to meet and greet, we don't stay hidden there everybody. after the show we have post show autograph sessions. if you don't get us in the pit party we will sign autographs. great time. it ain't for kid, it is mom, dad, everybody has a great time at monster jam. we are excited to be here. >> kid watch our show. every kiddies wishing were you their dad even if they have a great dad who doesn't want a dad monster trucks. we will show you stinger, we
9:54 am
have a business relationship. these things are so popular, guys that fox runs this and if you would happen to flip it around and see when it was on they did 17 hours straight on fox sport one. this is still popular now it is on that the tv and "fox sports" is running this constantly. if you don't see it in person you will see it on tv eventually. >> i. been able to go. tickets are hard to get. steve, thank you. >> i want a machine ter truck now. >> wow, it seems to be official, this is a weird, weird paring, isn't it. so, jennifer lopez, drake they are an item more than just friend we will talk about it after the break. they told me to be quick.
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
jennifer lopez and drake, both post same pictures, society official? rihanna does not like it she has followed jen, you can
9:58 am
weigh in. >> way, have a great day. >> bye-bye. by peggy lee playing ] [ goat bleat ] [ crow caws, music continues ] this is gonna be awesome! when it comes to buying a house... trulia knows the house is only half of it. and with 34 map overlays like playgrounds, demographics, schools, and more... you can find the right house and the right neighborhood for you.
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trulia. the house is only half of it.
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> now you here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> wendy: i'm glad that you're watching. my co-host


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