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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 5, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. a lot is brewing on your radar tonight. taking a live look at blue mountain ski resort. look at the wind whipping up there you can see the snow on the ground and you know what, you can see snow blanketing our area as well around the philadelphia area. no problems out there right now, though. it's dry. traffic moving across the ben franklin bridge. but that could all change in these very near future. meteorologist kathy orr you've been busy as a bee working on this all night long. by tomorrow at this time lucy we're talking about snow moving into the region. it's not going to be a lot of snow. but it's the most we've seen over the entire region this entire winter or late fall season. for that matter. take look behind me at the airport our camera shaking. winds still out there gusting to 20, 25 miles an hour. temperatures on the cold side. philadelphia 36. pittsburgh 22. detroit 20.
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but look to the west. chicago 10. minneapolis zero. and international falls 16 degrees below zero and that is the temperature. so we will have some wind overnight. combine that with some cold temperatures in the 20s. we find ourselves with wind chills in the teens come tomorrow morning. and during the day, we don't recover all that much. by the afternoon wind chills still mainly in the 20s for your thursday. staying real cold for friday as well. we have two systems to talk about. one is a developing area of low pressure off the coast that's late tomorrow into friday. we have some snow with that. then that moves out. then saturday night another storm follows its path this more offshore but there's a good bet saturday night to see some snow along the coastal planes, southern delaware, maybe getting a little bit farther to the west inland saturday night depending on the track of that system. but tomorrow night the storm we're focusing on or the snow is going to accumulate in philadelphia about one to 2-inches right along the i-95
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corridor. lesser accumulation through lehigh valley by an inch or so and somewhere inn dear your south jersey there will be an area of around 3-inches of snow in a very narrow swath. so not a lot of snow but the timing is everything it moves in late tomorrow night and should be out of here by early friday morning. so we still will have area roads that are snow covered and slick for your friday morning commute. overnight tonight in the city 28. in the suburbs 23. partly cloudy still blustery. so wind chills a huge factor come tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon 38 degrees. the clouds increase. the snow moves in by eight, eight, 9:10 o'clock tomorrow night so by this time tomorrow we'll be talking about snow. early friday morning that snow ends by about seven, 8am. then the sun comes out. saturday bitterly cold the chance of a snow shower late saturday especially down the shore. sunday frigid, monday still cold. tuesday we rebound to 39. the morning low 21. look at wednesday, a chance of rain showers temperatures bounce
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back into the 40s lucy so huge range in temperature but the coldest air will be here sunday and into monday. >> well it is winter. here we go. >> thank you kathy orr. mother nature had all sorts of twists and turns in the forecast lately. always be ready with our fox 29 weather app available on apple and android. a hot breaking story out of new jersey. a young life taken too soon. and now police are trying to figure out what happened. camden county prosecutors say eight-year-old girl died on new year's eve. fox 29's shawnette wilson has the latest on the investigation. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, the girl's mother found her around 1:50 that afternoon by 2:15 we're told she had been pronounced dead at the hospital. ton night the camden county prosecutor's office says the investigation is on-going. this is a picture of eight-year-old sailor rider posted on the facebook page of the cheerleading group she belonged to. sterling lady knights shared it
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along with a post about a memorial fund for sailor. the camden county prosecutor's office says stratford police were call to the girl's home on union avenue. just before 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon on new year's eve after family said she was unresponsive. she was taken to kennedy hospital where she pronounced dead shortly after. in a 911 call, fox 29 requested obtained from camden county sailor's brother tells the operator he needs help for his quote baby sister. he says she's unresponsive and that his mother went upstairs and found her and told him to call 911. >> again, the investigation is on-going and the prosecutor's office also tells us that no one but family was home at the time this happened. lucy? >> all right, thank you shawnette. bullets flew in the middle of the day on neighbors on a local community are worried. police say two men in a parked car in east germantown started firing right near a daycare center. fox 29's dave schratwieser life at philadelphia police headquarters. dave. >> reporter: lucy, those two
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gunmen opened fire right outside a busy corner supermarket sending folks ducking for cover. tonight neighbors tell us they're worried about more gunfire in that germantown corridor. >> i think it's horrible. >> cynthia richardson walk her six-year-old godson home wednesday night down germantown avenue. troubled by the news of a midday shooting here that rattled the enabled. >> with the children all in this area and the daycare it doesn't make it safe. we worried about that. report roar this block of germantown has a busy daycare, a laundromat and the popular town supermarket on the corner. people are coming and going here all day. >> safety should be number one around here. >> reporter: francis guiterrez runs the town supermarket from behind bullet proof glass he says his store was crowded with customers when one of the men being shot out ran into the store to get away from the gunman. >> all the people kind of scared to come into the store now, you know, now a days, because a lot of things going on.
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>> reporter: the gunman got away in a buick luzerne that may have two bullet holes in it. the two intended targets were not struck by the gunfire. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, dave. incredibly emotional day foreman in south jersey who watched his cousin' as cued killer go before a judge. brian dunn said anger filled his heart whehen he saw jeremiah monelle appear by video today in cumberland county court. prosecutors have charged monelle with stabbing 35-year-old tara o'shea watson last month in her commercial township home. dunn says his cousin a mother of two endured years of domestic abuse. >> she had definitely went to the judge plenty of times to get the kids and herself out of state. the judge granted her to leave the state but not the kids. sean leaving the kids behind. he's hurt her for way too long. it's time for him to feel some of that pain. take away his freedoms. >> monelle is in jail without brought.
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he has another hearing on monday to determine if a judge will grant that. on the eve of his funeral hundreds gathered in central pa today to pay their respects to the fallen state trooper. landon weaver's viewing was today in he will tuna. authorities say paul robinson shot and killed the 23-year-old state trooper while he was investigate a domestic incident huntington county friday night. state police shot and killed robinson the neck day after they say he threatened them. troopers weaver's funeral is tomorrow morning. septa officials are trying to figure out why two trollies slammed into each other this afternoon. because the impact left dozens of people injured. it happened at 38th and lancaster streets in university city leaving 46 people with mostly minor injuries. >> just sitting there and next thing i know, bam, i ain't have no hat on new york city glasses. the back of the pole hit me in the back of the neck. >> septa officials say the trolleys are supposed to run 10
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minutes apart. their investigation continues. happening right now, tensions are high in one montgomery county school district. hundreds of residents gathered tonight to speak out about a controversial plan to build a new middle school. they want officials in the upper perkiomen school district to know they are concerned about the cost here. fox 29's chris o'connell was at that meetin meeting. us live now from pennsburg, chris? >> reporter: lucy, two meeting rooms were packed with parents and residents tonight. many of them begging the upper perkiomen school district to halt their plans to build a new middle school. who wouldn't want a brand new $58 million school in their neighborhood? well, a lot of people who will have to pay for it. >> i fear pour my proper value. it is declining. i already have a neighbor that has lost a cash money offer for the sale of their house. >> reporter: a pack house for meeting mandated by the state called an act 34 hearing was the
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last step for the state to approve a new school to replace upper perkiomen's aging 80-year-old middle school. >> the board of the district does not believe it is prudent once again to expand an aging building. the return investment is not fair for the district. >> reporter: the district estimates someone with 200 to us san dollars home will pay around $484 more over the next four years. many parents believe a new school is long overdue. >> this school district needs a middle school building that is designed with the purpose of not only enhancing the learning experience but the social and emotional experiences for middle school students. >> reporter: critics say along with the tax burden a new school will bring more traffic and environmental concerns. several residents even say they're debating on moving. >> should this go through, we have to make serious decisions about whether or not we'll be able to stay in this community. and that kills me. >> reporter: now ground-brea
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ground-breaking is already scheduled for this summer. that's if the state doesn't step in to halt the project after what they heard tonight. doors on the new school could be open by 2019. lucy? >> all right, thank you very much, chris o'connell. got a question for you here. could you give up your facebook or instagram account for a day snap chat, twitter, all of that? what about for a year? how one woman did just that and why scientists say, you know what, she's better off because of it. and -- it's hank and busted small deli owners chops here in west philadelphia about the soda tax coming in hollering at him why is the soda so expensive. >> boy, you'd be shock at some of the reaction. >> it was once a jewel of the atlantic city boardwalk but now the trump taj mahal sits bear, sits empty but atlantic city mayor don guardian wants something about that. during his state of the city address he said the prime real estate on the boardwalk is too valuable to sit empty. billionaire owner carl icon would be happy to sell it to the
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mayor. price tag $300 million.
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♪ a new year arc new hope for hundreds of families. today marked the start of the school year for about a thousand
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youngsters in philadelphia. the first to enroll in the city's new expanded full day pre kindergarten program. this is the signature initiative of the kenney administration designed to give children ages three to five a head start on their formal education. but the city's controversial new drink tax funds it. beautiful beginnings enrollment just double the director of operations says the invest many will be worth it. >> our overall goal for program is that the children are leaving us ready and able to learn. they're able to connect with other children. they're able to respond to other adults. they're able to follow instructions. >> pre k is free for new enrollees subsidized by that drink tax. it saves working parents big bucks over paying to put their children in full-time daycare. but more than a few philadelphia small businesses says it hurts their bottom line. >> ♪ tonight in hang's take hank is taking on the drink tax and funding that pre k program.
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the so called soda tax is affecting a lot more than just soda. as our hank flynn discovered it's not only having a big impact on the person buying those drinks but business owners say it's hurting them. ♪ >> reporter: soda baby. icy cold. hey, wayne. hey, why is the soda so high? [ laughter ] >> soda very expensive. >> reporter: it's not hard to get west philly store owner to gripe about philly's new soda tax. >> my name is muhammed i'm the owner of -- this is the new price for one. >> double up everything. >> reporter: rusty says 40% of his business is drinks. now fall under the new one and a half cent per ounce soda tax. >> this is going to kill my business. report roar he's got inventory for now. so he's delaying the inn aftly substantial price hike. >> $6 to $12.
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>> reporter: icy cold. scared to jack the prices up, right. >> right. >> thomas lee who says the operating margin at his one stop fresh deli baltimore and 47th are already thin. >> i have no business as it is. cigarettes, the special tax. killing mesabi. >> reporter: is the tax too much? in some cases it's actually more than the product itself. >> save a lot or shop rite sells this for 1.39. the dollar is going to be 1.53 because it's 101-ounces. the tax is more than the price of the soda. isn't that outrageous? >> that's david day of dave's beverages forgotten about the beverage business than more people know. the city won't make nearly the money it thinks it will from the tax he says because small business owners will dodge it. >> they're going to go to camden and buy their soda. there's lot of wholesalers in camden. in delaware county. they're going to go there. buy their soda and just go back to their delis.
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it's the same thing as the cigarette tax. >> maybe he's right. the city controller announced today that the cigarette tax will bring in $26 million less than projected and another thing. the beverage industry is appealing a local judge's dismissal of their lawsuit calling the beverage tax unconstitutional. dave says he thinks eventually the tax will be thrown out entirely. to me if the tax can get higher than the value of the product itself, it's crap. i'm hang, and that's my take. ♪ you see it you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. iain what's up tonight. >> lucy ambulance on its way to crash in montgomery county involved several vehicles also ended up getting into an accident. fresco user katrina shot this video for us. the ambulance was on its way to a four vehicle crash in montgomery township just before 6:30 when it was hit by another car just before it got to the scene. one person was taken from the
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hospital from the scene of the original crash. fortunately no one involved in the crash with the ambulance was injured. some locals grab a drink for good cause in conshohocken tonight. the fundraising event was held to support the women's march of philadelphia. the march is set for january 21st in cities across the country to bring attention to gender equality. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it. then make sure to use the fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you very much iain n your health do you think you can go without facebook, twitter, instagram, or snap chat, i cou could, one woman says it's definitely worth it and that science backs her experience. last january daryl la bunting dumped her thousands of followers to see if she could survive a year without them. people are calling it, well, a digital detox. researchers found constantly brows and oh on facebook creates feelings of envy. affect your well-being. one group quit facebook for we week. other group continued as normal. the group that quit reported an
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overwhelming positive impact on their happiness. and speaking of things people can never get enough of. sean bell joins us right here right now. >> we know that's not true. [ laughter ] >> but thank you. >> you're welcome. >> lucy, howie roseman had his press conference today and he seemed real cocky and confident. he talk about his plans for the off season and even took shots at chip kelly while doing so. i'll tell you why he
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♪ sean bell takes on eagles general manager howie roseman and comments he had for former eagles coach chip kelly much his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ howie roseman taking all
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types of shots at chip kelly today. without saying chip's name howie used a back to the future reference to basically say he can't go back and fix the mistakes that chip kelly made. mainly the decision to get riffed big-time players such as desean jackson and lesean mccoy. terrible move. just awful by chip but don't go throwing stones when you live in a glass house. i hate that i'm standing up for chip right now but howie has a laundry list of bad decisions too and we can start with the decisions he made last year. howie hates chip so much that he immediately got rid of everything related to him. including giving up a running back that we so consistently needed this year. demarco murray is third in the league in rushing yards and has nine touchdowns he got rid of key company alonso now the leading tackle on a team that's going to the playoffs. let's not forget roseman brought in dario green-beckham which hasn't panned out yet. howie although i agree with you let's show it down and wait
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until you finally get something done. >> thank you very much, sean. carrie fisher and her mom debbie reynolds family is laying them to rest together during a joint service tomorrow. the family says public memorial later will be quote a hollywood event. tmz reports the public memorial will have some of their costumes reynolds singing in the rain to fisher's princess lea outfit. no date as of yet. every want to do to live next to celebrity family. >> you sean bell. >> you did. beyonce'. >> duh. >> you know. >> how about the obamas perhaps? >> sure. >> okay. according to new survey you're not alone kathy orr. the obamas came out on top in zillow annual neighbor survey. obamas led the way with 14% of the vote coming in a close second with 13%. dwayne the rock johnson followed by chip and joanna gains of hgtv show fixer upper. among the celebrities considered zillow's worse neighbors of 2016 justin beiber he egged his
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neighbors in los angeles area. >> um-hmm. >> left lots of damage. he led the way with 36% followed by rob kardashian and blac chy chyna. >> you know what i like the worst list. >> i think obamas would be too boring. >> you think so. >> i like boring. [ laughter ] >> i like boring. >> beiber, kardashian. >> no. no. >> i'm all good wiggly the drama you'd get tired of it aft the first egging. you'd be done. >> beiber does something i get to sue him. egg my house. [ laughter ] >> i'll get a couple of those ms. >> looking at the bottom line. >> you're all about that, right kathy. >> we'll bottom out over the weeknd with temperatures highs in the 20s lows in the 20s and teens. snow moves in tomorrow night. and then early friday another chance of brush by late saturday night especially down the shore. it's a two for. >> all right. 4:00 a.m. back with fox 29 morning, "good day philadelphi
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this is good day philadelphia. >> happening right now on good day philadelphia, a eight year old girl dice suddenly on new years eve. the focus this morning on the investigation. and breaking overnight. one man is dead after an early morning shooting. why officials think there may have been two gunmen. >> plus macy's is cutting thousands of jobs and closing dozens of stores including several in our area. we're going to tell you which locations this morning. >> and a heart breaking lost for villanova. oh, for the first time in history, the nation's top ranked team lost. we'll have some of the highlights coming up. certainly watch that one. >> we felt the pain. but so much to be proud of. great to have you with us on this thursday. >> j. wright, were they holding him back? what was going on there? >> a lot of act


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