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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. right now at 11 dangerous cold set in across the delaware valley. no matter where you are tonight, bundle up. as they love to say. i'm saying it. your fox 29 weather authority says these are by far the defendant temperatures we've seen this season. good evening i'm lucy nolan. how long before the mercury rises? meteorologist kathy orr is here with your forecast at 11. kathy, it is a little brutal. >> it will be awhile. not so much rise tonight but we will get that underway tomorrow. good evening everyone. i'm right now across the delaware valley temperatures still. philadelphia 20 degrees. but elsewhere temperatures in the teens. lock at millville. only six. wrightstown six. in the poconos it's a little bit milder at 10 but wind chills are cold as well below zero right now in the poconos.
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high pressure over us that provided the clear skies that is moving out. clouds will be moving in. we have a warm front. warm air below this but you can see some snow that's edging toward our far northern and western subs bush the lehigh valley and the poconos. that's a possibility for tomorrow morning. the rhett of us stay cloudy with a high of 39 degrees. but we do have winter weather advisory because of the moisture moving in our far northern western suburbs and lehigh valley and poconos tomorrow morning and into tomorrow night. temperatures are going rise but will they be rising fast enough up north that's the question? light snow possible tomorrow morning. then tomorrow evening temperatures will be around 30 degrees. slowly rising and that advisory area. so there is the chance for a transition of some snow or sleet to freezing rain before we warm it up and it changes over to rain. there could be slick spots in that advisory area come tomorrow night. for the rest of us, we see the clouds temperatures warming during the day tomorrow and then tomorrow night we see another warm front moving through and as
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that does we do run the risk of seeing a few scattered showers and maybe even a few flakes to the north and west. other than that, we will be seeing some drying conditions and also temperatures that will be warming up as well. i'm having a little issue right here with my clicker. there we go. overnight tonight, temperatures will be in the teens in the city. 9 degrees in the suburbs. increasing clouds and cold again tomorrow 39 degrees. some snow freezing rain especially late tomorrow night far to the north and west and take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. morning clouds wednesday but look how that temperature jumps up to 51. thursday 60 with a threat of a shower. friday temperatures will be falling late but the high 58. saturday 40 and look at sunday this is another wintry threat. a morning mix final toll rain as temperatures warm and for your holiday on monday looks good. a chance of rain but temperatures in the upper 40s which is 7 degrees above normal. we should be at 40 degrees so any time we see any temperatures kick above that lucy consider it
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luck. especially in the month of january. >> absolutely. it will be magnificent. thank you very much. some of you aren't just suffering, of course, in the cold kennel has been talking about you're suffering with a. or the flu or some other bug and cold and flu season is only just gun. fox 29's shawnette wilson live in center city. shawnette there's a lot going wrong around there. >> reporter: ya a lot of stuf stuff. people commenting on my voice today. it's just sinuses i'm not sick i feel like i always have sinuses but you would hope that met people are bundling up in this cold weather but not everyone is. what we found out that sometimes it takes getting sick to learn how to deal with these frigid temperatures. >> i'm trying to fight right now just like ugh the worst. >> reporter: tracy digs is a fighting a but sean completely dressed like it tonight. neither was her friend. >> yes. yes. yes. >> for example whatnot to do right now film whatnot to do. >> most people were bundled up as they walk against the wind and stepped around leftover snow.
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two reasons why a lot of us are miserably sick and we're only nine days into the new year. with the harshest weather yet to come. >> i've seen a ton of viral upper respiratory infections. bad sore throat. muscle aches. i've seen the flu. i've also seen sinusitis. dr. mike cirigliano says his office has been revolving door of people looking for relief from wintry lated sick necessary. >> lots of people are going inside, and when people go inside, they interact with each other and they share viruses and all kinds of critters. >> reporter: dr. mike's advice is simple, dress warm, eat well, get rest and stay hydrated a sinus rinse before calling in for antibiotics. >> gibbs says yes, but something else. >> take my vitamins. um, just not believing that i'm sick i'm going to jeddi mindset myself into not believing i'm glike dr. mike says people
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should pay attention and make sure they're staying hydrated. that's something that you need all year round. people only think about it in the summertime. back to you. >> he's all about that nettie pot. it freak me out little bit though. >> shawnette, thank you so much. here's a question for you. was it a freak accident or deliberate act that's what new jersey state police are trying to find out after they say a 50-pound dumb bell through through an suv's windshield critically injuring the 75-year-old driver. the family says jack de karlo has severe injuries to his head following what happened to the turnpike as he and his wife drove through salem township. they were headed for myrtle beach. >> shocked. i couldn't believe it. shocked. so, you know, you never think something like that is going to happen. we don't know if somebody intentionally did it so, you know, it's -- it's just a freak thing. it's just a shame. >> shower is. state police are asking anyone who may have witnessed what happened to give them a call. the victim's wife is not hurt.
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happening right now, a big diamond ring worth $50,000 is missing tonight. police say a man walk into a jeweler's row shop in philadelphia, asked to see the ring then pocketed it. but what that man said next was enough for the employee to back right off. fox 29's dave schratwieser is live tonight on jeweler's row in center city. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police say the man threatened to kill one of the store employees as he force his way out jeweler store with that $50,000 diamond rink made his way to the patco line to makes his escape. jewelers tell me this took a lot of guts with the cameras and cops here on jeweler's row. >> everyone that work in this industry you first thing you learn about is security. >> robert lance handles thousands of dollars of jewels every day. his neighbor had been robbed, he and his colleagues went on ale alert. >> everyone is always on guard. >> robbery occurred at mack's
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weiner's jewelry store. the suspect pre end tended to be a customer browsing until he spot wad he want he asked to see a 24-carat diamond ring. he was out the door with the ring worth 50 grand. >> someone had a lot of guts and did the wrong thing eventually they'll get caught and pay the price. >> reporter: robbery took place despite a police presence here and lots of cameras. even private street security for some jeweler deliveries. >> such rare occurrence. it's just a very seldom thing that you see. this street is very very well protected right roar report right before valentine's day last year two thieves stole $400,000 in merchandise from barsky's jewelry store on jeweler's row. in april, 2015, an employee at this jewelry store was kidnapped, tased and tortured in a botched robbery attempt. if they look at the video they're going to recognize the guy. he's probably from around here. maybe over in jersey. >> reporter: now despite the threats no one inside the jewelry store was injured again
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if you have any information on the suspect you can calling central detectives. luce gee. >> thanks much, davely. developing right now in orlando police work aig round the clock to track down the man they say murdered one of their own. mark keith lloyd killed master sergeant debra clayton. orange county sheriff deputy norman lewis died in a traffic crash during the scramble to find lloyd. this morning's chain of deadly events began when police say lloyd shot and killed clayton outside of a wal*mart mart. the officer approached lloyd who police say had been on the run for several weeks for the murder of his pregnant ex girl friend. also in florida the suspect in the fort lauderdale airport mass shooting made this first corners. santiago told a federal judge today he does understand the charges against him and that he could face the death penalty. prosecutors accuse the iraq war veteran of opening fire at the baggage claim filling five people and wounding even more. in delaware county, a struggling
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family is hoping for answers after a building contractor took off with their life savings. he was supposed to build a new addition for their special needs children. three years have come and gone and it's not even close to done. fox 29's chris o'connell has the family's story from netter providence township. >> reporter: talk about a double dose of bad luck to one of the sweetest families you would ever meet. you may remember the brooks family here at their netter province township home we introduced you to them three years ago. when a contractor schwinned them out of their life savings. well, we came back to visit them to find out not much has chang changed. >> all paul and janet brooks ever wanted was a larger home for their two growing teenagers. both children are autistic. so the family of four on a limited income put every nickel they had to build a three bedroom addition on to their home.
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that's when contractor started the job and left with all of their money. we're stuck. we're stuck living like this. i sleep on sofa bed with my husband and my daughter and son sleep in the same room together. it's hard. >> we also told you about how contractors promised to help this family. but even those promises were broken. and now the family is left with just the drawings an concrete foundation of an addition they doubt they'll ever see. >> we were hoping that we could stay here and make this our retirement castle and everybody has their own room. >> reporter: for now this family will stay a little closer than they'd like. >> you just want to cry. you -- it's so upsetting because we got this close. this close. >> reporter: if you have any idea on how to help this family drop us a line. we'd love to pass those lines along. chris o'connell fox 29 news. wouldn't it be great to help them. about to be a family of a favor in trauma pops white
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house. his son-in-law jarrod will serve as one of his senior advisers the pick of you have haven't today's husband is raising a number of questions about whether trump can make the appointment under federal law to get kushner who's a real estate executive into the white house. the trump campaign turning to federal court ruling. in 1993 that's when two judges found that anti inner loop tow pitch laws were not intended to apply to staff positions at the white house. indoor smoking bans have been around for awhile now, right? are they really helping our children? specifically children with asthma. but researchers just found. here's hank. it's hank i'm in northeast philadelphia where someone has thrown a bunch of rocks here at temple. a note to those responsible in just a minute.
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that's 150 meg internet, tv and phone for 79.99 per month. only from fios. ♪ philadelphia fishtown neighborhood new feature kind of a mini grand canyon of sorts. and for the second day running philadelphia water department crews have been working on the 2300 block of east boston street after a sink hole quite a sink hole swallowed two cars on the block yesterday morning. 17 residence still do not have water. half dozen have no gas. sewer break led to crack in 6-inch water main. the water department says water main breaks can happen in the winter months when ice cold water from the delaware or schuylkill rivers hit rigid and
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old cast iron pipes. >> water we're pulling not system treating at our plant and putting into the distribution system is at about the same temperature as the river. so -- >> reporter: nearly freezing. >> nearly freezing. >> reporter: that's putting pressure on these pipes. >> correct using are using flexible iron pipes. handful of customers will have no water and no gas for at least a week. ♪ why did did someone throw racks at a jewish temple in tacony. police are trying to figure out who did it and determine whether it was a hate crime. our hank flynn has a word or two for the vandals whoever they are. ♪ >> reporter: the belief it's a
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hate crime. because it happened both times right before the service began. >> reporter: you might be in some trouble. what happened you get together with the buddies the other night and decide to throw some rocks through the pretty colored windows here at temple in taco tacony. >> what's a matter with you. you could have hurt somebody. >> literally hit me as i was walking by and this past friday night, we had many rocks thrown through the window. we have six broken windows. >> reporter: on the other hand you haven't done anything that can't and fixed the glacier's local union was here taking measurements and they see what you did for what it is. don't know, don't care, ignorance much they're stepping up to fix the windows you broke free of charge. >> all i had to do was make a couple phone calls. plenty of guys here to help me that live right here in the neighborhood because we still do live here. we raise our children here and we don't like to see any of this. >> reporter: on the other hand what you did is hurtful. but it's also disrespectful much these people have been worshiping here since 1925 a
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long time before you were even born. they matter in this neighborhood. who are you to throw rocks at them? what do you do for anybody? what do you even know about jewish people? >> i would ask why does he see the need to do this? what motivated him to do it? and bring up the positives of what takes place inside this building and share with them and try to teach them some positive things about the jewish religion. >> reporter: another guy matthew haley tells me that he thought what you did wasn't even a hate crime. he says you're just dopey. >> i don't feel it was a hate crime or like ant anti jewish act at all. kids seeing shiny pretty windows and throwing rocks at them. >> reporter: okay. so at the end of the day, you know you're wrong. because you ran, right? so now you got this choice. you can take ownership little responsibility, step up, admit what you did, little community service maybe a few bucks for
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the windows and more than likely you'd be forgiven. maybe that's not your style. i can tell you this. you your problems, whatever they are, are yours. and they weren't created by the jews or the muslims or the catholics or the irish or the blacks or the puerto recanes. nobody until you take ownership of those problems you'll remain your own worst enemy. nobody else. that's my take. ♪ you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighborhood. iain? >> lucy montgomery county fresco user tyler burke sending video of a house fire in upper merion township that broke out on the five hadn't dread block of west blearer road. fire crews got it under control about an hour later. nobody was hurt. and we don't know yet what started the fire. now wilmington, delaware, where fire investigators are looking
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into the cause of a house fire. fresco user ronald romeo was there as first responders were on the 800 block of west street. they were able to contain the flames just before 5:00 tonight. no one was hurt. when you see news happening be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and make sure to use the fresco app to sent it to our newsroom. luce is a. >> make some cold hard cash. in your health looks like indoor smoking bans are helping children breathe a little easier. researchers reviewed 14 years of date on emergency treatment of children with asthma at 20 hospitals across the nation. researchers found that those asthma related visits fell off more and more every single year after a local smoking ban took effect. now the team found no such decline in locals that did not have the bans in place. you can read all about it in the annals of allergy, asthma and immunology. a schoolbus driver faces charges after eagle eyed police officer spotted something wrong in west physical.
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the driver left a seven-year-old boy alone on his bus while he stopped for an errand this afternoon. when the officer spotted the child alone he waited for the driver and when that guy show up, he told the police officer he needed to use the restroom but the cops saw a money order in his hasn't. we don't yet know which bus company he was working for but we do know he now faces reckless endanger many charges. sean bell? >> lucy, right now the sixers are ruining some of their big men and they need to make a move right now before they waste all that talent. i'll tell you who they are wasting and what they need to do next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell says sixers are
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wasting one of the players talents much his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ the sixers need to do something quick before they waste jahlil okafor' talent yesterday he went sector straight game without playing not because he's hurt or has restrictions bough but simply because the coaches decided not to play him. that's a huge problem for so many reasons. the first being no young player will get any better by riding the pine. he's way too good for that. he average 17 and seven last year plus he's one of the most gift the young post players in the league, he's good enough to play but he won't get any better if they don't actually put him in the game. second major reason is, you can't leave him on the bench.
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because his trade value falls drastically. teams are not going to offer a lot of things, arc lot of players for someone they know you don't even want plus how do you decide if he's even good enough to trade if you don't play him with jahlil okay for if you don't play him with joel embiid. brett brown has a log jam at the center position too much talent is being wasted and stunting players growth with the way they're happened link thing. it's not good, lucy. >> hopefully they'll listen. sean, thank you very much and you much in france police arrested 17 people they say are behind kim kardashian's robbery a few months ago. employees say the suspects range from 23 to 72 years old. among the man who has been kardashian's limit mow driver fueling rumors this was an inside job. in october, mast gunmen stormed her hotel room, tied her up, gagged her and stole more than $10 million worth of jewelry. amazing. of course she was -- wasn't she tweetintweeting out on instagrad
11:26 pm
snap chatting all that jewelry. she doesn't do that any more. >> here's a bit of a surprise. prince had almost a million dollars worth of gold bars each one worth 10 ounces and he had 67 of them there. also, at his estate, 12 minnesota actually part of his estate 12 minnesota propers worth 25 million bucks. i loved prince. >> he had a lot of money. >> yeah. >> a lot of tal leapt i'll tell was. >> yeah. >> i loved him. the thing like all these people that passed on last year they were like part of the stories of my life growing up. you know. just like -- >> it's sad. >> yeah. >> it's warming up. >> yeah. >> all right. 4am fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". that will make you smile, too.
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harvey: there was a lot of stuff happening at the golden globes last night, but the biggest drama was in a driveway at a famous hotel. >> the chateau marmont, it was raining so hard it was like a river going down that road. johnny galecki, he has trouble. this was this guy walking out and you see him go, boom, lands on his back. harvey: it was really one of the best i have ever seen. >> cops in paris nabbed 17 guys involved in the robbery of kim and her jewelry. >> 17? >> when you have split up that money among 17 people, it's not even worth it. >> i know what you got to do, you got to kill off some of the people. >> that was the problem. 17 people were involved. there should have been three people left maybe. >> meryl streep won the cecil b. demille award at the golden globe. went up and made a beautiful speech. >> hollywood is crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if you kick them all off, you will have nothing to watch but football and mixed martial arts.


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