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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 10, 2017 11:25pm-11:55pm EST

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♪ hundreds of police officers in orlando have joined in the massive manhunt for a murderer. the murderer of a police officer and also an he can girlfriend. that reward now stands at $100,000 for any information leading to the arrest of the man you just saw 41-year-old mark keith lloyd.
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authorities want lloyd for the shooting death of his woman master sergeant deck bra clayton yesterday and the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend last month. >> scientists are not certain how therapeutic touch works. if so, how much does it help and for whom? the art of using energy, massage and stretching has been around since ancient times and some medical doctors now hope that rising interest in this holistic therapy may lead more people to get hands laid on them and fewer depending on potentially dangerous addictive painkillers. >> we tagged along with our tech guru anthony mongeluzo as he tried out touch therapy. here's fox 29's joyce evans. ♪ >> i'm anthony monk lewis of lows so. >> he's a tech geek. >> we have a full computer here. report roar his term and this is your tech bite keeping us up to date on every gadget, app and malware out there. >> i just emptied my cash on my iphone. >> reporter: if it's new anthony has probably already tried it. but rapidly growing business has
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come with a cost. >> i sit on my butt all day in the tech tank or at my desk or sitting in chair. my back is always not in great position. >> reporter: then between keeping up with two little girls, playing sports and working out, he gets a knee injury. >> at 36 i'm not that old. and every time i walk down a step -- >> one at a time. >> it hurts literally every time i get an electric shock in my brain that hey your knee is not too happy about this. >> reporter: it got worse. i couldn't walk for three days. >> he went for the latest surgery but for quicker pain relief and rehab, he went old school. very old school. the ancient art of touch thera therapy. >> i know this sounds weird. off knee issue. ankle issue and a hip issue. but we're starting up here. >> sounds weird. looks weird, too. >> down here on the left side your neck. >> reporter: it's his knee
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4 feet away. >> nerves don't operate in isolation we use them as if they do. nothing is inn fin tiff of the brain. >> that's crazy. >> just because something is not traditional medicine or something seems weird or funky doesn't necessarily mean it's bad. >> all the bones have certain layers of -- >> reporter: or it doesn't help. >> as long as it can't help you, what's the worse that the could happen? >> movement therapist rob mahon worked anthony over from head to toe. >> like a pressure. report roar this went on for two hours. >> most of the the feelings going through my head was sheer pain. they rub and very hard. it's also pressure points he's hitting. there's different parts of my body that i could actually feel moving when he was doing it. >> reporter: while it may look brutal. >> if there's any way to get people off or not use narcotic
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pain medications, i'm all for it. >> reporter: our medical contributor dr. mike cirigliano says he's really happy to see more patients trying holistic treatment. but you should still have your doctor keep an eye on what you're doing. >> not everyone needs pain medicines but some people do. one size does not fit all. if it's chronic pain or pain after surgery i want touch therapy. owe want massage therapy as an adjunct to whatever other things i'm using. >> when i worked with an autism patient or an alzheimer's or parkinson's their brain is literally stuck at 02nds. it's stuck in flexion the job is to get it moving again. >> reporter: not every therapist using the exact same method of laying hands on you but the result they expect is about the same. >> this is the brain and the nervous system.
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>> reporter: checking in with anthony two weeks later. >> i like it. i mean i didn't like the pain. it was not an easy thing to sit through especially when you're feeling body parts go numb. tingling everything else. i'm happy to report it does not hurt walking down steps. i have lot of steps i have to do on daily basis. it doesn't hurt. >> reporter: there is a possibility that you can get hurt during a session meant to help. do your homework. get some references. the length of time the cost, the level of pain, if there is any, varies from one touch therapy session to another. the cost a few hundred dollars out of pocket if it's not covered, but if it is, all you need is your co-pay. joyce evans, fox 29 news. >> have you checked our insurance because i got some rotator cuff issues. >> it worked for anthony. i know him. if it works let's do it. >> i'm in. >> tell was. you know who might need touch therapy this poor horse from
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melbourne. survived a plunge into an icy upon. east whiteland fire company says that horse got curious walked into the pond in malvern and fell right through. firefighters rushed to the scene and pulled him out. veterinarian checked him out and he's doing okay tonight. here's hang with what's coming up. it's hank i'm in trenton at the state house covering new jersey governor chris christie's state of the state address he spent most of it talking about new jersey's heroic epidemic. all the details coming up.
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♪ good morning, yes, we have a situation where a cow is moving out on the turnpike. >> kind of looks like he's limping. that makes me sad. the play by play a lot of folks thought it was funny. the drivers were late for work definitely did not think this was laughing matter. cows wandered on to florida turnpike just outside miami. crews eventually wrangled the cows and herded them back to the farm. someone had to cut a fence hole in his fence the cows decided to explore. in your money tonight, a new addition coming to the classic board game monopoly starting today game maker hasbro launching worldwide contest. you get to choose what the next generation monopoly token will be.
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there are a lot of options like emoji, bunny, beach ball to name a few. you can vote on the vote monopoly website you've got until the end of the month to cast your vote we'll learn the results in march. interesting. all right. to night giant announced pulling two of of its products off the shelves. >> you want check your pantry. two items could be contaminated with sal know mella. palmer candy holiday gift bowls and holiday white peppermint hostess twinkies being recalled because of that risk of salmonella. customers who purchased these products should discard under any used parts and bring their receipt to giant and get a full refund. >> beloved nypd detective shot and injured in the line of duty has died. steven mcdonald was patrolling central park when a 1584 old shot him several times. that left him paralyzed from the neck down much despite his ordeal mcdonald forgave the 15-year-old shooter. officials say mcdonald had a heart tack last week when he was only 59 years old.
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mcdonald's son is an nypd sergeant. >> she was accused of stalking, threatening and even sending men to sexually assault another woman but a judge dismissed all those charges. investigators say she was frame. who they believe did it. >> our kathy orr is tracking your forecast. >> absolutely. we're talking about. warmer air moving in after this rain. some sunshine returns as well. we'll take look at the seven day when we come back.
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>> in california, a really wild twist to already strange story. now woman accused of harassing and stalking the wife of her ex fiance' is out of jail tonight after two months behind bars. she even faced charges of sending men to sexually assault the woman. prosecutors say it was actually the wife angela maria diaz who created the elaborate plot to make it seem like the other woman was threatening her. well now diaz faces a shrew of charges. ♪ new jersey governor chris christie gave his final state of state address today as at the state house in trenton much his popularity has slipped.
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>> he looked forward toward the future and zeroed in on one critical thing to focus on in his last year in office. fox 29's hank flynn reports from trenton. it's hank. new jersey governor chris christie gave his state of the state address today. the last one he'll ever give as governor of new jersey. >> ♪ >> reporter: chris christie a family man so his wife and daughter were with him as he walked from his office to the assembly chambers. quick kiss from each in he went hand shakes and hugs with local assemblyman arthur barclay louie greenwald and others it's the state of state. this is how it goes. >> pom many and circumstance out of the way the governor began. >> i stand here today... 2017 the year we resolve problems. >> governor didn't dwell on the past. why bother? popularity has been abysmal in the garden state since he ditched work to unsecond if's physical run for president and campaign for
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donald trump. you want to know about any of that he had this to say. [ inaudible ] >> remember that field book deal bee cock bell from a month ago. we're laughing about it now. things took a weird turn and nobody laughed when newark pass pastor joe carter fainted right there in the roy front row. i called the church then said he'd be all right. those things out of the way governor christie turned to the heart of his address in fact he spent the rest of his state of the state talking about new jersey's heroin and opioid addiction he'll spend the rest of his term he says trying to tackle the. >> our fellow citizen who are facing the disease of addiction not deserve to be stigmatized they do not deserve to be locked up in jail purely due to their disease. they do not deserve to be living on the streets. >> reporter: the governor ran down a list of several measures he wants to take including
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limiting opioid prescription, more fund fog young adults in recovery even legislation that would force insurance providers to pony up for the first six months of treatment and he's going to finish his term beating that drum. >> that mission is my mission over the neck 373 days as governor, and i hope that you will join me in this mission. god bless you, god bless america and god bless the great state of new jersey. [ applause ] >> reporter: governor christie join the club i've spent years doing it and his critics never lacked for ammunition. maybe the focus on heroin epidemic is good politics. i hope he's serious and i think he is. if he makes some headway on the issue, any headway, more power to him. we'll see how it goes. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ snow and ice are moving in on your radar. if you live up here in the
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pocono mountains you could see some tonight. live look at camelback mountain. kathy orr has your full forecast in just 15 seconds. in weather tonight we are watching some temperatures warming up with a strong southerly wind so freezing rain in the lehigh valley changing over to rain and temperatures are warming very swiftly from the south. lock at this philadelphia 41. atlantic city 44. dover 41 degrees. still cold as you head toward the poconos where we're seeing a little bit of an icy mix. in the wake of this warm front temperatures warming into the 50s tomorrow. we will watch as this rain moves through during the early morning hours and then the sun break out tomorrow with a high around 50 really nice day to be outside. we'll finally see this front move through on friday but between now and then, the next
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couple of days are going to be great. strong southwesterly winds will continue to build in during the day on thursday and that means not just temperatures in the 50s but also looking at numbers that will be in the 60s as we work our way toward the end of the week and also into the weekend. but that's when the cool change is going to come. for your wednesday and your thursday a warmup and then this colder air hangs in the balance and could give us a chance of a few wet snow showers over the weekend. in the city overnight, 40. in the suburbs 36. temperatures rising with that rain winds out of the south. during the day tomorrow temperatures around 50 degrees becoming partly sunny. winds out of the southwest five to 10 miles an hour. as you look ahead on the exclusive fox 297 day forecast cast mild but windy on thursday but another really nice day. friday temperatures fall in the wake of a front the temperature 52. a chance of a morning rain or wet snow shower saturday. a snow chance early sunday just because those temperatures are around 32 and of course a change
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over to rain as they warm up through the 30s on saturday. 42 on sunday. the holiday looks wet but mild 42. up to 52 degrees by tuesday. so mid 40s. lower 50s not so bad as we head into the mid period of the month of january. so little bit of a thaw next couple of days enjoy it while we have it. we'll send it over to you. >> kathy there's little bit of good news and there's a little bit of bad news for flyers fans. hear both in just a bit. plus joel embiid putting heavy expectations on the team and he and coach brown talk about having a playoff mentality. that's coming up next in sports.
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♪ the flyers getting great news despite a rough stretch. wayne simmons has been selected to his first ever nhl all star game. simmons has been the only good things for the flyers lately. they've lost eight out of their last 10 it gets even worse against the sabres. second period sabres on power play right here. some great great puck movement right here and that sam reinhardt goal. sabres take one to zero lead. it didn't get any better for the flyer. they're defense which is suspect in this game. later in the first sam after that scored the sabres get a shot on goal right there william, right there for the clean up. the flyers go on to lose four-one. they've lost nine of their last 11 games. to the sixers.
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ben simmons starting to step up his rehab a little bit. he got on the court and did some five on zero team drills today. no update on his potential return but it's looking better and better and for joel embiid he says that's great because we're ready to make a playoff run. that's right he's thinking about the playoffs which is crazy to us but it's something that he really believes. he's dead serious today at practice embiid and brown talked about having that playoff mindset. >> they've heard me say since they've met me that the playoffs and regular season are completely a different sport. it's not even close. and that requires a hardened mind and a hardened way to seat world and so that mentality i applaud. >> we started a winning culture,. we're starting to win games. i have the mindset and i'm sure my teammates have the mindset too. like i said the other day we're seven games out of the playoffs. i think there's chance. >> to college hoopsville notify
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van st. joe's both in action tonight. let's start with the third ranked wildcats taking on the 15th ranked sketchier. first half sketchier was up by eight. but the steal right here and a lay up by josh hart complete a 12-zero villanova run. they never looked back from there. in the second half, it was more josh hart. this guy may be the player of the year when it's all said and done. drives to the rack right here. this is how do you it. this is nba finish right there. dunks it with two hands and he had 20 points on the night. nova cruises to an easy win 79 79-54. the st. joe's and george mason in a fight one. otis livingston and nails the three. st. joe's goes on to lose 75-67. that's the first time george mason has ever, ever beat st. joe's. but more importantly, joel embiid we need to get that guy to the all star game not because we want to see him be an all star because if he it's good in the all star game apparently he gets a date with somebody.
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>> he's in the saying who it is. but word it's rihanna. >> riri. >> wow. >> rihanna. she said get all star game first before you talk to me. >> get him in so he can get a date. >> exactly i need to see it happen. >> shoot your shot 2017. >> come on joel. >> exactly you know he'll post about it on instagram he's very social media savvy. >> all right. lucy what's coming up the next half hour. >> philadelphia's lgbt community said goodbye to one of its most vocal active visit. bill anderson talked to those who knew him best. how they want his legacy to live on. we've got your wake up weather and seven day forecast. there's a whole lot to talk about f i heard kathy right there's a pig pink blob headed our way and it's got wick weather in there. wait until you seem it's in the first five minutes. don't you go away.
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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. out of the gate live look at radar. see that big swath of pink stuff to our west, that is snow and ice and it's heading this way


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