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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. 11:00 o'clock. concern tonight in bucks county over what boy says happened to him. he told a man -- he toll police a man tried to lure him into his car. i'm lucy noland. that student says he was walking to his bus stop when the man drove up. police are trying to figure out who that guy in the car is and where he went. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live in levittown. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, unbelievable. you know this boy was simply walking to his bus stop at this corner behind me. now, he got lucky. the driver who approached him actually scared off easily and took off. but parents tonight are still uneasy. what police say happened at the village of pembrook apartments on mill creek road would frighten and sicken parents. or any adult for that matter. >> it's crazy. so many kids around here. it's a shame that things like
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that happen around here. >> reporter: eric federer heard about a man who tried to lure a boy into an suv in levittown near where he's living lives. he's reliving the fear that comes along with raising kids. his two grandchildren live with him and he's constantly concerned about protec protectim now more than ever after hearing this. >> don't go near nobody she don't know and she knows all that ready and always stay with a friend wherever she goes. that's what i try and instill here. >> the incident happened around 7:30 tuesday morning when young boy was walking to the bus stop at the entrance to the apartment complex. a man in dark colored suv pulled up and told him to get in. he did the right thing. said no and kept walking. the suspect pulled off. >> seems like there's lot of desperate people out there stalking children. >> reporter: and police say they will be increasing patrols around bus stops in this apartment complex. meanwhile, they believe the man
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was driving an suv, dark gray color possible possibly a ford explorer. lucy, back to you. >> breaking news out of west oak lane. where someone shot a man 10 times. skyfox over the 2200 block 76th avenue. police rushed the victim only 19 years old to albert einstein medical center where doctors pronounced him dead. no arrest as of yet. of course as i told you it's breaking. we'll get more to you as soon as we get it. one man is dead from single gunshot to the head in frankfo frankford. police say it happened just after 8:30 in the 4500 block of melrose street. philadelphia police are looking for clues into what happened here as well. on your radar tonight, got a slight chance of some rain but the big weather news today is the temperature. live look at the always pretty wilmington riff front. look like -- is that the wilmington riverfront? it look like phl to me. nice dress rehearsal for spring today. no coats, no scarves required. kathy orr is going sleeve less.
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i was looking at the monitor behind you. >> that's what i have. i have phl. that looks like a bunch of airports. now that was wilmington. wilmington 68 degrees. that was a record. atlantic city had a record. no dice in philadelphia the record 72 but quite warm n philadelphia the temperature 55. the high 67. this number going down as cooler air slowly make its way into the region. poconos 52. wilmington 61. dover still 62 if you went out this evening, it was still quite a beautiful night. as we widen out you can see this blue contour through parts of central pa and upstate new york where the 30s are all of this cooler air will be working its way in and temperatures tomorrow will only be in the 40s. we're talking about 20-degrees cooler tomorrow than it was this afternoon. we're watching a few sprinkles moving on through associated with a cold front. the big deal is going to be the air behind that front. we have a cold area of high pressure. northwesterly winds will be blowing tomorrow. not the most comfortable day but
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colder still for your saturday. tomorrow's high item which are with that northwest wind around 47 degrees with some sun. and then the snow moves in by late morning early afternoon on your saturday. it moves up from the south and it may be mild enough in the upper levels of the atmosphere to change some of this over to wintry mix and that will keep at accumulation down. this is more of nuisance on your saturday than anything else. we anticipate temperatures to be in the 30s. so pretty borderline. temperatures saturday between low and mid 30s. light snow about a coating to an inch maybe up to two in some spots but that wintery mix will be working it's way in and some icy patches and slick spots on any of those untreated roads during the day on saturday and into saturday evening. by then the precipitation should have stopped. overnight in the city, in the 40s. partly cloudy the temperatures cool. tomorrow we're not going to bump that new jersey with high temperatures in the upper 40s that northwesterly wind 10 to 15 gusting to 20. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, that light know and wintry mix for saturday. sunday cloudy and chilly little
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bit of a wind for the holiday on monday our day of service a shower. 44. temperatures warm up for tuesday and wednesday even thursday is pretty decent. with the average high around 40 degrees niece numbers 10 degrees above normal from tuesday onward. but a chance of a shower pretty much each day. lucy, this is pretty decent for this time of year. i think by the end of the month that cold that we associate with january it will be back. >> i figure as much. so enjoy this while we can. thank you very much, kathy. one of philadelphia's hottest places to hang outdoors like in weather like this is laying down the law. it's a new law. you can no longer sit on the wall that surrounds rittenhouse square. and that doesn't make a lot of sense to a whole lot of people. fox 29's chris o'connell is live at the square. chris you were breaking it's law last i talk to you. you were sitting right there. brazen move on your part. >> reporter: i'm off now. too much vandalism, too much graffiti and frankly too much pot smoking. that is the drive behind a new rule here in rittenhouse square
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where you can no longer sit on the wall here in the park. you've seen tons of people on the walls here. having lunch, relaxing, watching the world go by. well these walls sitting here is a no-no and police are now actually patrolling to park to get people off these walls. you got kick out for sitting? >> they didn't kick me out of the park but you can't sit on the wall any more. a bunch of people were sitting on the wall. they're trying to stop it now instead of like waiting until the summertime. >> you have a lot of homelessness in the city here. you have a lot of other issues. and for them to be concerned about somebody sitting on the wall is just a little bit absu absurd. >> this is a public park i thought. >> um-hmm. >> but you got your elite that want a serve way they going to have it certain way. >> benjamin franklin said we shouldn't give up freedom for security. i don't know what kind of security we're getting for not being allowed to sit on the wall. >> reporter: you're
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protesting. >> yes. >> reporter: a police officer tells me today he actually kicked off a couple dozen people from these walls today. as for what kind of penalty, well, if you refuse, it could eventually lead to a disorderly conduct charge. as for that deterrent for pot smoking here in rittenhouse square, well, frankly by the smells of things, they got some work to do. lucy? >> all right. thank you very much, chris o'connell. it is up to the house of representatives save president obama signature bill. they pass add key budget measure that will make it easier to undo the affordable care act. today's vote basically towed party lines much the way it did when the bill first passed. more than 20 million americans have health insurance who did not have it obama care. president-elect donald trump wants to keep aspects of it including protection for people with pre-existing conditions. also on the capitol hill, the confirmation hearings for president-elect's cabinet continues.
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trump's pick for secretary of defense rue tired jenn james matos has no plans to stop women and lgbt community from opening serving in the military before matos can join the cabinet congress must approve a waiver. it passed a senate. it's on to the house that tomorrow. that waiver let's military officer out of uniform for less than seven years lead the pentagon. vice-president joe biden is tonight the newest member of an exclusive club just the fourth ever recipient of the presidential medal of freedom with distinction. our bruce gordon has been covering mr. biden since his days as u.s. senator from delaware. bruce, quite an emotional day at the white house. >> reporter: you got that right. hook when your fellow medal winners include pop john paul the second, ronald reagan and general colin powell, you are in pretty impressive company. i'm pleased to award our nation's high yell civilian honor the presidential medal of freedom. [ applause ] >> mr. biden seemed genuinely
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surprised and deeply touched by the honor be stowed by his boss the president who praised his record of accomplish many as a long time us senator and two term vice-president. >> this gives the internet one last chance to talk about our bromance. >> i joseph robert ed biden do -- >> biden was the first ever delawarean to serve a presidential administration and was widely perceived as having a true seat at the table for major decisions. >> i can say i was part of, part of the journey of a remarkable man who did remarkable things for this country. >> vice-president joke as he often does about his much better half, his beloved wife. >> i am jill's husband. everybody knows that i love her more than she loves me. [ laughter ] >> with good reason. >> the vice-president talk at length and passionately about his partnership with a man he says he has come to view as his brother. biden said of the the medal
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around his neck, nation's highest civilian honor -- >> this is beyond what i deserve. but it's a reflection of the extent and generosity and your spirit. >> the presidential medal of freedom has been awarded since 1963 to political leaders, scientists, art, sports and cultural legends civil rights icons. the following the trump inauguration biden will return home to delaware to do policy work at ud and at penn and he'll continue his efforts on behalf of cancer research. lucy quite a day. >> yes, indeed. thank you much, bruce. a judge has denied former congressman chaka fattah's request to say out of prison while he appeals his convict. a jury sentenced him to 10 years in pri for racketeering. he said there are errors in his trill the supreme court changed the legal definition of bribery after his conviction. during september sentencing hear judge ordered the former u.s. representative to report to federal prison on january 25t
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january 25th. the justice department internal watch dog looking into how exactly the fbi handle the hillary clinton's e-mail case. the inspector general says he is launching a probe into the actions of both the fbi and justice department officials leading into the presidential election. they're going to look at whether fbi director james comey followed established policies in the investigation of clinton's e-mails. democrats blamed comey's handling of case as part of the reason that she lost to drum many that would be hillary clinton of course. next at 11:00, hank's take. it's hank. i'm in germantown with robins. her son james memorial. he's been dead since last february. shot dead in the street. you know anything about who killed him? speak up. just a minute. the search is on for this group of guys. police say they keep committing the same type of crime over and over again. what cops say the trio is after.
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what happens when neighborhoods stop talking to police. it is a story that we brought you time and again. crime happens, witnesses are too afraid to come forward or reluctant to get involved and it keeps too many grieving families from finding justice just closure. our hank flynn did his best to see things through the eyes of a heart broken mom fighting for her murdered son. here's his take. ♪ they're afraid to look at me because they know they're guilty. they know the truth what happened to my son. nobody wants to reach out to say anything. >> reporter: it's pretty simple. her son james walk was gunned down in broad daylight a year ago february on west seymour street in germantown. nobody has been arrested and she wants justice. >> it just tears me apart every every night, every day i'm like i'm not going to say i'm losing my mind because i have to keep my mind in order to fight for
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him. >> reporter: james walking down seymour street as it approached royal a street he practically grew up on to go visit a friend on the day he was killed. >> according to eulalio the shooter waited for james right here at this corner. royal and seymour james walked down. the shooter was waiting for him right here. >> right here. right here with a gun in his hand. >> reporter: as james approached the shooting began. and as he was hit, 12 times in all, james protested to his killer that whatever the reason for the attack, the gunman was shooting the wrong guy. >> like the neighbor said, she heard james saying with his hand up in the air, man, i didn't do it, man, i didn't do it, man. i don't even know what you're talking about. i didn't do it. i didn't do it. that's all she heard. >> reporter: the streets have been quiet since then at least on the subject of james death. yeah god for bid anybody who knows anything step up and you know somebody knows. >> that's the problem. in germantown, wherever in
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philadelphia no snitching code. nobody wants to tell anything and nobody wants to break the code. somebody has to break the code to stop. >> reporter: 277 murders in the city last year most remain unsolved. the deck working james case says it's clear people close to the victim aren't coming clean with information. why not? what's your excuse? snitching, that's weak. use anonymous tip line. if you've got issue foe on james killing or on any other man up or you're party to the dangerous streets you live on. i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ we are getting another look at the people accused of a string of atm thefts and robberies. before it was kind of grainy hard to see. this is not at all. this is happening throughout our area. upper chichester police say these three men broke into the fresh and easy store along chichester avenue last month.
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investigators shared these photos with us today. cops say the men stole all kinds of stuff and broke into store's atm. they say the trio is behind similar atm thefts in northeast philadelphia. you see it you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your neighbor. iain, what you have. >> new exhibit is now open at drexel university and fresco user arlene lee was there fort unveiling tonight. the exhibit is called 125 years drexel and the city. it celebrates the university's 125th anniversary and it looks back on the bat past of drexel's involvement in the area. check out art objects donating by the founder anthony drexel on display. fresco user emma shot this video for us at a packed house at the tacony holmesburg town watch meeting parishioners from the temple actually show up in force after their synagogue was vandalized for a second time. there's a $10,000 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of a person responsible. in north philadelphia, that's not old faithful that's 6-inch
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water main that broke around 10:30 this morning. 50 or so people had no water for awhile as crews worked to repair it. their water is back on tonight. officials are still looking into why that water main burst when you get news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. lucy. >> all right. thank you much iain. in your health tonight, cvs is self a rifle generic version of the epipen. it will charge about 110 bucks for two-pack of the life saving allergy medication which is about a third of the cost of the upcoming epi generic. up epipen became a flat point in the debate over surging drug prices when the company that make it jack up the price by more than 400% increase. insurance company cigna is dropping the name brand drug from it's 2017 coverage sean bell what you dropping tonight? >> i'm not dropping anything. san diego is actually dropping something. the chargers are headed to hollywood and it's terrible
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idea. see what the mayor of san diego had to say and i'll tell you why it's such a bad idea. that's coming up next in my sports commentary. >> have you played the lotto recently sean bell? because you better get your ticket and check it. somebody in north philadelphia is $120,000 rich err. won't buy i was football team but could get you way out of debt. lottery officials say someone hit the jackpot on treasure hunt ticket. that person bought it at the wawa on the 3300 block of grant avenue. the ticket matched all five balls. 01, 13, 22, 25 and 29. ♪ mom, i just saved a lot of money
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♪ steve made a bad decision. and he will regret it. san diego didn't lose the chargers, the chargers just lost san diego. >> that's the mayor of san diego politely ripping the chargers ownership for leaving and of course when a team or player leaves players fans need to burn thing. i don't agree with that but i do agree with the terrible decisions decision to move to la. los angeles didn't have a football team for years and there was a reason for that. the los angeles raiders left because the city couldn't properly support a football team and now you want them to support two? they didn't even support the rams which they full season of after having a great turn out
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the first couple of games, they just had a huge problem filling the seats at after that. place like la, there's way too much to do. no one wants to go and watch a terrible football team, plus they'll be playing in a soccer stadium for first two years that only holds 30,000 people. so lucy, really only matter of time before this thing fails. i hate to say it. >> it's failed before. i just have to say. la used to have a team a long time ago and lost them. they had another team and lost it. thank you sean. fresh theme a philly favorite. you know all the words. so good british singer song writer ed sheeran. british radio show asked him to sing it. i'll bet you never heard it like this before. ♪
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>> i like that. gratz groovy. >> love it. i grew up wanting to be the fresh prince. >> did you. >> i love everything about it. i love ed sheeran too. >> so do i. >> he might actually might drop to now. right. >> he has. to i love it. i absolutely love it. >> that is a really cool version of it. i like that. to more enter taken many news straight ahead on fox 29 tmz, dish nation then stay tune for chasing news followed by the simpsons. don't now how you'll top the ed sheeran thing. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news, "good day philadelphia". is it a sleeve less day tomorrow. >> no. >> you'll have to wait for march or maybe april. >> sue serio and bob kelly have your traffic and weather covered all morning lon and clearly they will not be sleeveless. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: the girl squad was out yesterday, taylor swift, selena gomez. one of them won. >> taylor swift -- harvey: no, the other one. >> this one won. go, miguel. >> it was the other one, sorry. [laughter] >> kim kardashian at l.a.x., flying to dubai. are you leaving those in custody, kim? she's got these huge sunglasses like we have never seen before. >> she said she wore them because she was getting lasered on the plan. >> how do you get lasered on a plane? >> it's high power like this and the turbulence goes like this and the whole plane cuts in half. [laughter] >> one of the best videos of 2017 so far, it's serena williams dancing in a sports bra in see-through leggings. >> he said this is the best video of 2017. that is not accurate. >> you have seen a better video in 2017? >> there's something to come, i know it.


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