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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 20, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", the stage is set, america will welcome a new president later today. >> so i just want to thank everybody. we're going to have four incredible years. it will be something special. >> transition of power from president obama to president-elect donal trump happening just before noon time, many people getting on buses, trains, planes heading to the nation's capitol. but not everyone is happy this next president, and many protesters also making their way to washington. team coverage this morning on the inauguration of the president-elect donald trump. good day, everybody. so much going on it is a friday thanks for waking up
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very early and joining us i'm karen hepp. i'm thomas drayton. we have a lot to cover, bob kelly will check on traffic in just a moment, but first, hi sue. >> yes, we will get started with radar because we have rain on the way, i just don't think we will see it around here until later this afternoon. if you have anything you want to do outside you can to it in the morning and then, you will need that umbrella, so, let's get started with a look at radar, and we have a new clicker here, and right out of the booth because of course it is not working and that rain that you see moving through the tennessee valley, it is probably going to be in d.c., around the time of the inauguration at noon but for us, it doesn't look like it will be until maybe one or 2:00 o'clock in the afternoon before we start to see, some rain. calm wind, 34 degrees, outside
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right now with 31 in mount pocono, 27 in pottstown, 28 in reading and 29 degrees in millville. definitely a chillier start then we had yesterday, we will probably stay in the the 40's all day, topping off in the upper 40's but with these temperatures it does look like by the time rain gets here, all we will be dealing with is rain. the it will be unfortunately, bob kelly, in time for the the ride home. >> i'm glad you are excited about your new clicker. >> i'm not anymore. >> well, throw it the out, good morning everybody. 4:02. i got my old click are inn we are ready to go looking live at route one in langhorne overnight construction right here near oxford valley mall. easy off and easy back on just part of the left over construction from the overnight. town town we will go looking good on the vine street expressway, crew did his not work so everything is opened for business this morning. we have one accident, out here , route 202 and mechanics ville road, police are on the scene there. they are working in wilmington
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495 right here their du pont highway and they will be out there until 6:00 and then later today expect planned demonstrations here in philadelphia, starting sometime around noon, open ended all the way through the evening, portions of center city, city hall and independent mall, and then again, that is all kind of coinciding with the inauguration, today. if you are coming into or through philadelphia today, just be ready, for some detour s's closures, beginning at around noon time through the evening rush hour. we will get off to a good start on the rails, in problems on septa or patco and expect a lot of extra volume for folks at the airport and at 30th street station heading down to d.c. for the inauguration, karen and thomas , back to you. time is 4:03. all eyes will be on washington d.c., president-elect donald trump set to be sworn in as forty-fifth president of the you had. >> so from washington to our area we have live team coverage of the very historic day.
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>> it will will take the oath at 11:55 this morning and meet with the the obama's the the white house at 9:55. hour later the motorcade will begin. party got started yesterday when mr. trump and his entire family arrived in washington d.c. >> our own lucy nolandis in the the nation's capitol and she attended many of the events that happened yesterday >> reporter: capitol dome is always a beautiful sight before the sunrise and in just a few hours they will witness history once again. yesterday though i have to tell you that president-elect done will old trump and vice-president elect mike pence had one busy day but, of course, a eat in history. >> ♪ >> reporter: a rock being performance at lincoln memorial thursday night concert honoring the president-elect. hours earlier president-elect trump and soon to be first family landed in washington d.c. it was then off to a leadership lunch, and on to
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the the arlington national cemetery. president-elect trump joined by vice-president elect pence, placed a wreath in front of the tomb of the unknowns in honor of vet rance. the president-elect of the united states, donald trump. >> reporter: president-elect then moved to lincoln memorial for the big celebration ahead of the big day. >> we are going to make america great again and ill will's add greater then ever before. thank you very much. >> reporter: just a few hours this area right around the capitol building will see officials estimate maybe 800,000 people, people who both support donald trump and people who do not support him. we're already seeing protests here or there but in a few hours we will witness history with the inauguration of the forty-fifth president. we're live on the that the mall starting at 7:00, we will
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see you then. >> lucy noland in washington, lucy, thank you. people have their bags packed and they are heading for washington. our steve keeley caught up with inauguration day travel are and he is joining us live from center city this morning, steve. >> reporter: you can see where we are. that is 30th street station behind us. you can hear trains overhead so we're down the road where people board mega buses and things. we have a group planning to leave at 4:00 a.m. they are running a little will late but they have got their signs, some of which we do not want to show on television, because they have some bad word in them but they are here , they say, to disrupt the inaugural events today. they honestly tell us that. i don't know what their plans are when they get to d.c. it the will be a long day for these folks because you can see how early it is and they don't know when we are getting back. we have this group here we will go to video of another group that has a even longer take because they left a couple hours ago because they
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left there city hall. a lot of philadelphians, showing how much they feel about this country whether it is good or bad, pro or against donald trump's presidency about to start and they are giving up whatever they planned to do object a friday. it is may not as warm as they'd like, it could be raining on them once they get to washington but they are willing to put up with whatever they have to put up with, even tear gas i asked them, but they say no problems , we're going to go and let him hear our voices. >> i feel like it is important because i'm able to go and i think it is important to show people in this time, so many people are anxious, so many people are worried about what is coming that, you know, we have the power. the government doesn't have the power. we can hole the government accountable for what they toes sessionally in light of the
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that you go racial, the appointments, cabinet appointments and just the general feeling that the country will be run by a group of billion airs who don't really have our best interests in heart. the that is how a lot of people people feel. we have to show them that we are interested, active and where our country is going. >> reporter: all right. lets come out of that taped video and their busies arriving. so more people leaving. so i will get off the air, grab some interviews real quick as they leave and we will bring you this story when we see you at the 4:30. >> thanks very much. >> steve, some people will tell but some more as it the takes planning to organize the inauguration, it takes a lot of planning to organize what some are calling the inauguration of resist tense. there is two local woman organizing some protests, they are alexander hackette and sean, co organizers for pennsylvania chapter of the
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woman's rights march. wednesday they put finishing touches on the the signs had that they were going to have last minute transportation, they say buses, all across the state are already book, obviously so last minute travelers will to have ride together in the car pool or rental car, people going to the women's right march said they would like to have new administration to know that women rights are human rights. >> when we see how many people are potentially affected by the policies at stake, it is terrifying and i could in the go and stand behind. >> women say between 12,020,000 pennsylvanians are expect to attend the women's rights march this washington. of course, many will go to celebrate and witness history like a group of kid from central high school. jenny joyce is live at the school in logan with the very latest on that, good morning, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. these student are expected to arrive here at central high school in about a half an hour heading down to the inauguration, in d.c. the these students are well
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informed about the political process, in fact, they thoroughly studied this election and had to complete an application with an essay, exam and interest right in order to participate the in today's event. these students are ready to go understanding that they have serious political knowledge. i'm looking forward to talking with them hearing their thoughts heading in to to take it will be a lot of work for them. they are in the just going to d.c. to stand and watch the inauguration they are expect to be fully engaged. they are meeting with political professionals and writing news articles to be posted on a student made web site. karen, central high school is a top hi school in the city. man, these student, there are high expectations for them really pushing them to maximized their potential. we will see the student arrive here at 4:30 with the buses departing at 5:00, back to you >> we know you will be there, jenny joyce.
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>> central is one of the best schools in the entire country. let's break down what is happening. thomas tupped on some of this. at 8:30 when trump's will be leaving blair house we will have coverage of that. 8:45 prayer service begins at saint john's. 9:55 obama's will greet trumps at the white house. at 11:45 mike pence will be sworn in as vice-president. at 11:55, presidential oath will be administered making donald trump the forty-fifth president. this have afternoon at 2:30 the inaugural parade. >> after eight years in washington biden's ill get a hero's welcome home rally being planned in wilmington happening at chase center when they return to the first state biens are expect to attend trump's inauguration and take a train back to delaware. the event is opened to the public. fox 29 has complete coverage of the inauguration day our live reports continue from washington, and throughout good day fill as we look live at the capitol. we will invite to you join us
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live of the coverage of the wearing in ceremony begins at 11:00 followed by the parade. watch us on line at fox 29 to the come, also on your mobile device. but first on this inauguration day did you know, former president bill clinton 's second inauguration was first to be live streamed on the internet the? we will be right back.
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let me assert my firm belief that the only thing that we have to fear is fear itself. >> looking back this morning one of the most memorable quotes in inaugural addresses, president franklin d roosevelt was march 4th 1933. roosevelt was trying to inspire the country to get back on the feet in the wake of the great depression. all right. speaking of tropical depressions but what we do have is a nor'easter heading our way on the weekend, sue. >> right, that is for sunday into monday but you see there is rain that we're watching, out to our west, and south and it is moving in towards west virginia, now heading towards, yes, washington d.c. and eventually so you have header that there is rain in the forecast for inauguration but for us right the now we don't have anything to show you on radar. it is dry at the moment and we will start off with some
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sunshine, sunrise is official at quarter after, 20 after 7:00 so we will see very thin cloud here on the future cast and then we will continue to hoff in the future. by 9:00 o'clock it starts to get pretty cloudy and then around noon time when the actual inauguration is supposed to happen, wearing in and that is rain on the radar down there in washington and probably some scattered showers around our area as well, and then, throughout the rest of the afternoon, and throughout the rest of the evening, it is scattered showers, and, that is going to be your drive home. your drive-in will be dry but drive home not so much. cloud linger throughout the rest of the evening's we will talk later about that second system coming up at end of the weekend. the right now as we walk outside the door it is 34 in philadelphia. thirty-one mount pocono. thirty-four in dover. thirty-one in wildwood. some of these temperatures in the 20's you will have to add an extra layer from what you haddon yesterday. wind chills are not much different from the actual temperatures. what you see is what you get
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basically walking out the door this morning. 40 degrees is your average high and our trend has been above average. we did not quite make it to 50 yesterday and we probably won't today as well, our high should be around 48 degrees but look at tomorrow, mid 50's , and lower 50's for sunday, it is unday into monday which we will get the rain and the wind and in the mid 40's on tuesday. some of that rain could linger , possibly into tuesday morning but it it does still stay well above average and it is, when we get precipitation, only rain in the forecast for january? unusual. >> unusual and probably better than the opposite. >> that is right. >> other option. good morning, everybody. it is friday, 4:17. live look at route one in bucks county where they are ready to pick up the cones and complete construction on the overnight. the nice and quiet shot of the ben franklin bridge n problems at all over any area bridges. the south jersey live look at 295 they are still working
4:18 am
down at the 42 freeway. the mass transit off to the good start. we will see extra volume as we saw from steve's shot down there at 30th street station today probably extra travelers in and out of the philly international heading down towards, d.c., for the big event and here, in philadelphia, planned demonstrations beginning at around 12 noon throughout the city and lasting through the evening rush hour. i got an alert for a new one that will start at temple university on the campus there at 1:00 o'clock and eventually they will come down broad street and end up in front of independent mall here. so center city, city hall area , independent mall, coming into philadelphia, today be prepared for these protests going to be if thing underway sometime around noon and lasting through the evening. and then tomorrow, there is the women's march here in philadelphia, that begins at 7:00, the whole program is probably going to last until three but it starts off at
4:19 am
logan circle will they will walk up the parkway and eakins oval and demonstration underway there right in front of the steps of the art museum so watch for closures, detours , septa routes, keep that in mind coming in the art museum, coming into the franklin institute and whatever is going on, your saturday there will be that closure and detourness effect tomorrow at 7:00 a.m. south jersey, delsea drive, route 47, route 130 construction and we have got jams coming our way on 422 today, we will back it up there 422 between route 100 and route 363, thomas, back over to you. busy friday and busy weekend, thank you. investigators are looking for two people that they want to question in connection with the devastating town home fire in new castle. fire officials are calling this one a arson that happened just after 11:30 wednesday night on tuscany court. our teave keeley was all over this one. actually, jeni the joyce was. fire ripped through three homes and left several people
4:20 am
home less but still one resident is vowing to move forward. we have to think about what our next steps will be. it will be, one month, three months, six months but we will take it one day at a time and trust this god. >> authorities say that the fire caused more than a quarter million-dollar in damage, and there were no serious injuries. many questions over what led to a man's death the in north philadelphia, five five-year old barry kordell hairston died after a violent encounter yesterday. hairston was jumping up and down on that red truck over at tenth and poplar and then he became violent, he said once police came out there to the scene attacking a female officer in her patrol vehicle and that is when he was taserd he died soon afterward. police say those taser prongs never pierced his body. >> it is still too soup to say whether it was or was not a contributing factor. >> they could have did it a different way, i don't know, we don't know what happened.
4:21 am
>> he was a good guy, he worked a lot. >> reporter: police say they thought he was overdosing at the time. officer suffered minor injuries. homicide and internal affairs are investigating along with the medical examiner. fight to allow new jersey towns to paint a blue line on the road to honor law enforcement is heading to congress. several towns throughout the garden state of have painted thin blue lines in the streets to represent the role police serve this is the community. federal highway officials say lines don't comply with road safety rules, so now several lawmakers have introduced a federal bill to how those blue lines. we will keep you updated on the progress of that bill. and developing right now mexican drug lord joaquin el chapo guzman is expect to appear in a federal courthouse this brooklyn today. he is a notorious cartel boss extradited to the u.s. for drug trafficking and or charge s. he landed last night. el chapo made two brazen prison escapes successfully
4:22 am
and spent years on the run as mexico's most wanted man. our peaceful transfer of power. >> all eyes are on the nation 's capitol this morning where about seven hours away from donald trump becoming the forty-fifth president of the united states, we are look live at the capitol, live reports coming up at 4:22, here at where we are coming right back.
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i'm sean bell sixers looking to continue their great play tonight hosting the portland trailblazers. the sixers are six-two in the month of january. joel embiid might have something to prove. embiid will not be starter for all-star game. he ended up fourth behind lebron james and vinny butter but still has a chance to be a reserve coming out next week. steelers/patriots, packers falcons, nfc game will be right here on fox 29, emotion will be running high. >> one of the reasons why i keep coming back, i keep coming back, you just can't, you cannot replicate this every where, the emotion, the feelings that you will have, you know, doing what you are doing with your teammates, all of the grind but what got you here and what you are going through. it will be a special moment. >> lasalle and davidson explorers are red hot, that is bj johnson right here driving
4:26 am
to the rack and finishing strong, lasalle wins 91-83. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. thanks, sean. coming up at 4:30 live coverage of the inauguration and president-elect donald trump will be continuing. >> he will address the nation for first time as president at noon time today but did you know at 1801 thomas jefferson became first president to be inaugurated at the capitol. the his inaugural speech also first to be reprinted in the newspaper. we will be right back.
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today america inaugurates its forty-fifth president and this morning we have team coverage. steve? >> we're watching a bus leave, pulling out of philadelphia heading out of d.c. good morning, steve. central high school seniors are heading to the inauguration in d.c. as well and while it will be a historic trip, it won't be an easy one, they have a lot of work to to when they get to washington. we will talk about it next. live report from the nation's capitol coming up as well. i'm thomas drayton. i'm karen hepp. we have made it through a week
4:30 am
and we have history being made today. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. >> off lot of things to talk about, event in our area, many protests and things. >> a lot in d.c. and there is a lot going on right here in our town today. >> thanks, you. >> it might rain on a lot of it because there is rain moving in but won't be until this afternoon, so i think your drive-in will be okay. we will give you a six out of ten in your weather by the numbers because of the rain coming and cloud that will proceed it. there you see on the radar, right now starting to edge in the southwestern part of the pennsylvania and west virginia , but it will be dry for a while. so, that is what it looks like outside our window, 34 degrees in philadelphia, sunrise is official at 7:18. we have a lot of temperatures in the 20's this morning. definitely cooler then yesterday, pottstown is 27 degrees, it is 31 in mount pocono. twenty-nine in millville. we're below freezing in atlantic city and wildwood
4:31 am
this morning. plan on a little bit of sunshine and then the rain, 47 , 48 degrees for our high temperature and sunset at 5:37 that is our first rain. there is another system coming in as well and we will cover that when we come back, bob. >> 4:31. good morning, tgif. we are off to a good start. here's i-95 in northeast philadelphia in the construction zone or i should say old construction zone between cottman and academy road. quite from it new jersey, live look at 42 freeway, in problems at all heading in toward the walt whitman bridge now we have talked about a lot in d.c. and there is a lot happening here in our area. couple of how muches, demonstrations, land march set to begin at temple's bell tower at 1:00 and that is coming down broad street meet up at jfk boulevard and eventually work over to sixth and market right in front of the independent mall, by about that 3:30 or 4:00 o'clock hour we will add that to planned
4:32 am
demonstrations, that city of philadelphia and police department have on their radar , that begin around 12:00 noon g rush hour, portions of center city, city hall and independent mall. so keep that in behind if you are coming into philadelphia center city today. now mass transit off to a good start this morning but keep in mind as these demonstrations, develop throughout the take, that detours, not only on vehicles but the bus, the buses will be detoured around any of the planned demonstrations. we are off to a good start this morning. we will see extra volume down at 30th street station, folks heading down to d.c. on the train, folks jumping on the planes and heading down there as well. we will have extra activity in and out of philadelphia international. in problems in south jersey currently on 295 and so far so good on patco, thomas and karen looking good. >> bob, thank you. today president-elect donald trump becomes the forty-fifth president of the united states. hundreds of the thousands of people are expect to be in washington to witness the
4:33 am
event. >> it will be so many balls happening there last night we saw video right there and we will carry all of the events and hi lights from that. so many people do not want to miss out on history being made one way or the other and they are heading out, dark and early for washington. lets get out to steve keeley right at 30th treat station, good morning, steve. >> reporter: people we have met are not that group, they are not worried about missing out on history they are trying to disrupt history and they say they will do more than just chant and scream. i don't though what they hunt by that but we are not just sitting silently by. we are looking at 30th street station which is a regular commuter day and we may see other people who are going or just trying to witness history , but look at our video we have gotten video there two different locations already in these early morning hours this from city hall a couple hours ago protesters filling buses to go to it the i hall. we just showed you live on tv a few minutes ago, row testers
4:34 am
leaving from the 30th street station area as well and these people are dedicated to getting the word that they are not happy with the direction of this country, already and they think donald trump will be bad for this country. >> i feel like it is important because i'm privileged enough to be able to go and it is important to show people in this time that so many people are anxious and worried about what is coming that we have the power, you though accounts the government doesn't have the power and that we can hold the government accountable for what they do especially in light of the nawing racial, the appointments, cabinet appointments and just the general feeling that the country will be run by a group of billion airs who don't really have our best interest at heart. that is how a lot of people feel. we have to show them that we
4:35 am
are interested, active and where our country is going. >> reporter: i asked these protesters why don't you just sit home and ignore this like all have of the congressional delegations and they say no that is in the the how to protest to sit home and be silent. we will not be silenced and promise me this woman toll me you will hear us today. guys? >> certainly a lot of raw emotions remain here, thank you. 4:35. group of philadelphia hey school seniors there to watch in person donald trump take the oath of office. >> jeni joyce is over by central one of the best schools in the entire country. good morning, jeni. >> reporter: good morning, karen and thomas. these students are supposed to be arriving here shortly, photographer greg gillroy just got a text from the teacher involve, he said we will be there soon because these buses are supposed to leave central high school at 5:00 o'clock. so these students are well informed about the political
4:36 am
process. they had to complete an application with an essay, exam and interview in order to participate in today's events. these students, they are ready to go. understanding that they have some serious political knowledge, i'm looking forward to talking with them hearing their thoughts heading into to take. it will be a lot of work. they will not just go to d.c. to stand and watch the inauguration they are expect to be fully engaged. they are meeting with political professionals conducting interviews and writing news articles to be posted on a student made web site. so as i mentioned it will be historic but it will be also a very engaging, very challenging, certainly a busy day for these students from central high school. karen and thomas. >> that it will be, thank you. more than 400 men and with men of the delaware national guard have vowed to keep people safe at today's inauguration. they were sworn in yesterday, soldiers from several different companies will play a vital role manning traffic
4:37 am
control points, vehicles and pedestrian can get around the capitol. pennsylvania sent more than a thousand sold tours aid in security efforts. men and women representing the commonwealth were sworn in yesterday and will immediately begin assisting law enforcement throughout the region. our lucy nolandis in washington and she attended last night's garden state ball , lucy. >> this is a taste of new jersey right here in d.c. come with me right now, lets find a couple of, look at all these people. this is hole this one. lets see how he it is right there. >> hi there, how are you to go >> i am i'm from tab nick california, new jersey. >> yes. >> are you with him. >> yes, my husband. >> how did you do. >> well, i missed it. >> what do you think so far. >> i think it is so much fun. it was great eye tea with the
4:38 am
new jersey shore. >> here you go, you have to get in line. >> you had the line but not the speed. >> i tried? she certainly did try, lucy will have many more events happening, of course, our coverage of the inauguration of donald trump will continue but as we head to break, did you know, who was the youngest president on inauguration day. is it really one of those three selections right there? um.
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we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and begin again the work of remaking america. >> that was president barack obamaes first inaugural address this day in 2009, mark moment of historical significance the nation's first black president. he called on americans to come together a economic crisis and they continuing fight begins terrorism. he took the oath of office on the same bible used by abraham lincoln at the his first inauguration as will mr. trump right before the break we asked you the question on this inauguration day who is the youngest president to take the
4:42 am
oath in did you guess it right it was president theo roosevelt he was just 42 at the time. we want to update you on former president george hw bush and his wife barbara they remain in the hospital. forty-first president is in intensive care for pneumonia, the nine two-year old remain on a ventilator but said to be to go better. mrs. bush says she's feeling better, she's being treated for bronchitis. despite their illness their children president george w. bush and his wife laura bush will attend today's inauguration. of course, our coverage will continuing, lets give you another did you know right now at 4:42. did you know that president william henry harrison set the record for the longest speech, clocking this at 100 minutes.
4:43 am
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♪ the united states and like mined nation find themselves directly opposed by a regime of contrary aim and concept have of life. >> president harry truman in 1949, this would begin his first full four year term, his address came as world began recovery from world war two. >> he was trying to draw contrast between democracy and communism at start of the cold war.
4:46 am
>> lets getty check of the traffic, good morning bob. >> one of the presidential address is was 100 minutes. obviously before television and commercial breaks were involved. good morning, everybody, 4:45. an accident here right near philadelphia zoo, this is actually off ramp for schuylkill expressway to fire regard avenue. we have a crash right here at the top of the ramp, it looks like it is also impacting girard avenue, this tractor trailer just pulled up and i'm in the sure if he is involved or trying to get through. this guy witt try to cut around him here that is a tight squeeze to begin with their. this problems on the bennie looking good coming in and out of philadelphia. in problems coming from the burbs. we are in good shape up and down i-95. we have planned demonstrations to take here in philadelphia, that will certainly disrupt traffic flow from about 12:00 noon and through the evening rush hour. so, scheduled through center city, city hall area, couple of how muches and demonstrations set to either, begin or end, at independent
4:47 am
mall like this one right here they will begin at temple bell tower on the temple of campus at 1:00 o'clock down broad street to jfk boulevard right in front of the city hall there and then work their way over to sixth and market. so as these protests and demonstrations are on the have move, everything is nice and calm, detour in effect, septa buses detoured along the way and that will i am ago traffic flow during the afternoon. new tomorrow, here in philadelphia, the woman's march that sets off and kicks off at 7:00 to 3:00 is full event times. they will arrive, and set up on the logan circle, the walk up the parkway and at eakins oval and then that temptation will continue until 3:00. tomorrow during the take in and out of the city maybe going to the franklin institute with the kid or down to the art museum, just be aware, of the activities tomorrow from 7:00 to 3:00 o'clock here in center city. mass transit off to a good
4:48 am
start to problems on september , to problems on patco but we will see extra volume town at 30th street folks heading town to d.c. for the big event. what is forecast like for the travelers? sueby has tonight 15 seconds. we are starting off with a look at ultimate doppler radar but don't worry about using the umbrella right new we will need it later on if you are out all take make sure you bring it with you as we are's try at the moment but things will be changing. 4 degrees in philadelphia right now, 32 this wilmington, 11 in wildwood, notice they are below treeing and they are colder then they were yesterday at this time but because of a calm win just about every where, we don't have a wind chill but it is still wintertime and still
4:49 am
feels like it out there. the average high temperature is, 40 degrees, and we have been above average ever instant is weekend ended and it is 49 yesterday, with a little bit more sunshine we might have have made it to 50 but we should be in the mid 50 's by tomorrow so today, high of 48 degrees, rain rolls rolls in the afternoon and shouldn't be a lot of rain but concern is for the sun take night into monday situation probably afternoon when rain rolls in on sunday and then kicks up with some wind and we could get several inches of rain out of this storm and wind driven rain for parts of the monday as well and even lingering into tuesday this rain comes in several waves. by wednesday it looks nice, bit warmer and 51 degrees and probably another decent thursday as well, so all these temperatures, again, thomas they may not all be in the 50 's but they are all above normal. 4:49. man accused of killing an or
4:50 am
land owe police officer say police beat him when he was arrested. >> they broke my nest, broke my jaw, i crawled out, and they just try to hide the from the news people but i'm here right now. >> we have establish everything we need to to and he can be taken. >> that is the guy right there markeith lloyd accuse of killing lieutenant deborah clayton. he wases in court yesterday to face charges in the murder of his pregnant ex-girlfriend and unborn child. >> lloyd yelled profanities and claimed officers used excessive force. he claims police are making, pretty much everything up that happened the night his ex-girl friend tied. he said he plans to deeven if himself in that case. lloyd was officially charge yesterday in clayton's death and due back in court this morning. in manayunk police are looking for three men robbed a store wednesday night and left employees tied up. it all happened at a store call remix in the 4300 block
4:51 am
of main street. employees told police hat that the man asked for help and pulled the gun out and tied him to chairs. two other suspects came into that store. police say they got away with at least $60,000 in merchandise. meanwhile, in south philadelphia, the fbi is looking for this guy right here, they say that he robbed a you night savings bank on the 1900 block of east passyunk avenue. wednesday just before noon time. investigators say he got away with cash after handing the teller a net demanding money. we will show you a suspect from wilmington in jail accused of having a gun and drugs while on probation, delaware state police say they searched home of the 27 year-old chad smith and they found 52 bags of heroin and loaded handgun. he is not allowed to have a gun or ammunition because of a prior felony convictions. he is usually in a wheelchair but take a look at this video, what a local business owner did that really could change this boy's life
4:52 am
4:53 am
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♪living well time and chance put us at an edge of the new century and new hill len yum but on the edge of a bright new prospect in human affairs. >> this is president bill clinton's second inaugural address in 1997, of course, last presidential inauguration of the 20th century.
4:55 am
when he took office in 93 became first democrat to serve as president this more than a decade emphasizing change and rehall to. welcome back at 4:55. >> four year-old boy with cerebral palsy is walking tall >> this is thanks to a perfect stranger. >> so, let's introduce you, this is lewis right here a pre k student at north main street elementary school in pleasantville, new jersey. his illness has him confined to a wheelchair, but before local business owner stranger heard his uber driver talking about a fund raising effort to buy this 500-dollar hardness. to see crime berk say won't forget fundraiser i will buy that device and he did. >> people say i changed his life but... the truth is he changed mine. >> tell me what that was like when you were standing there.
4:56 am
>> i was happy. >> you were happy. >> yes. >> so cute. >> owe far the harness has been used but lewis's mom will go to north main street to use it at home. >> change ago this life. >> made a difference. of course, our coverage on this thaws ray day continues, both here people are heading town to the nation's capitol and then their life there washington a number of live reports coming up from all over our area and certainly down this washington as well. we will be right back.
4:57 am
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good day, the world is watching our country today as we inaugurate president-elect donald trump, all happening, of course this morning and into this afternoon and we will be covering all of it. >> hundreds of thousands of people heading to washington t c by hair, by train, some supporters, some protesters. >> we have crews all across our area as people get on those buses, trains and cars driving there and certainly getting ready for these protests that will be happening in our neck of the woods. >> we have a lot to cover at 5:00 o'clock. great to have you with us i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp , good morning. >> it is a good morning, so many things are happening, good morning bob. >> lots going on, tgif. lots happening here in our own town. >> including rain, d.c., it will be happening here as well
5:00 am
but in the until later on. we are dry at the moment, just hang on because you will need that umbrella and we will have bus stop buddy as soon as we get that cheese, yes, national cheese lovers take. >> wow. >> wow. we are also colder then we were yesterday with temperatures, in the 20's and 30's, here's where we are right new with the rain moving into west virginia and southwestern part of the pennsylvania, still a while before it will get here. we will stay dry for at least the rest of the relevant i morning. 33 degrees at the moment, sunrise time 7:18, looking at other temperatures, 11 in mount pocono, it is only 27 in pottstown and 29 in trenton and millville, 33 degrees in wilmington and 34 in dover, delaware. so the showers will move in i would say anytime after lunchtime we will get to a high of 47 ape it will be on and off rain throughout the drive home, sunset time 5:07, that is our first system of the weekend we will


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