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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 24, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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>> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. 11:00 o'clock and people in the city, the suburbs, down the shore are all cleaning up tonight and in this case here preparing for the next high tide. live look at radar right now. this is the issue. this nor'easter sparing no one. although the heaviest of the rain is moving on out, we are clearly not out of the woods y yet. heim lucy noland. this powerful storm brought down trees and knocked out power to thousands and sent the ocean waters flooding our shore points. we've got you covered though. our dave schratwiese schratwiesg the major problems for commute commuters. kathy orr is tracking when this may finally move out of here. we'll begin with o'connell getting sound blasted in avalon, new jersey. chris g job, you got the goggles on. >> you really have to, lucy.
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a lot of people asking me why the goggles tonight. if you are in unprotected area like we are right now in townsend's inlet, we're just getting blasted with sand, bla blasted with white wash from the water. i clocked 54-mile an hour gusts the last hour coming off townsend's inlet right here. we were all over the jersey shore towns tonight. we were in atlantic city, we were in ocean city, here in avalon, stone harbor, much the same all over. we're getting reports wildwood, almost every street corner was flooded earlier tonight. especially in the low-lying areas. well luckily most of the rain has moved offshore lucy as you were saying but now we're contending with these winds. we understand they're going to be pounding us all night. again, especially in these unprotected areas. one of the things that happens when this kind of wind comes these nor'easters, beach erosi erosion. local municipalities throughout the night have been checking
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beaches and they're going to get a handle tomorrow on how much erosion. but i can tell you by experience, any time a nor'easter comes this way, you're going to lose a couple feet of each of these beaches. depending on which one it is, tomorrow they're going to know. so once again, all night tonight these winds most of the rain has moved out. but if you are on some of these long the beaches very careful once again winds upwards of 50, 60 miles an hour gusts and that will most likely continue through the night. here townsend's inlet we're in the middle of the road here. that's because it's closed. the white wash here a couple cars have moved over who are but it's just crazy out here. as this storm continues. guys? >> you talk about keeping safe. you keep safe there chris o'connell you and the crew get back in that van. you know, meteorologist kathy orr i know that you were watch wagon chris o'connell is up against. he's clocking winds at 50 miles an hour getting sand blasted out there. >> just amazing report from chris this afternoon and tonight
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down the shore. because that's obviously where most of this action is. so thanks so much to chris and his crew. you can see this persistent on shore flow. chris is in the thick of it so rain but the wind is the huge story and for the rest to have night, we're just talking about occasional rain drizzle and mist not such a big deal but the big deal is the wind gusts to 35 miles an hour overnight in the inland areas and then those winds slowly dying down but still gusting to at least 45 so it's that persistent flow and that wave action that's going to create possibly some devastation with beach erosion. the coastal flooding will continue overnight and tomorrow. we do have one more high tide to wait out. current wind gusts 44 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia out of the northeast because the storm is still to our south that's why we have that northeasterly wind. atlantic city gusting to 51. that's at the airport. that's 9 miles inland so chris seeing wind gusts over 50 miles an hour down the shore and wildwood and rio grand gusting to 43 miles an hour. temperatures are going to stay pretty persistent with that on
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shore flow. 38 in philadelphia. 37 in allentown but we have wind to talk about and wind chills come tomorrow morning only be in the 20s. here's the center of the storm intensifying nor'easter. we put the stream line analysis on it so you can see how intense the storm is. it passes to our south and our east and on the back side of this, once the storm passes the wind shift to the north and then the northwest so a colder whipped for us tomorrow. future cast shows the rain slowly moving out but still rotating shrew in waves tomorr tomorrow. so for the morning rush may get caught in band of rain during the afternoon a few more bands really moving through you can see that western edge clearing out as the storm pushes through new england and then we dry it out for wednesday and that's when the sun returns. so overnight tonight, 38 in the city. they've in the suburbs. the wind still the major story with winds gusting to 35 inland at least 45 down the shore. tomorrow still gusty. even in philadelphia. winds gusting to 25. the temperature 42. on your seven day forecast,
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after the storm, looks pretty decent. wednesday and thursday really nice. friday 46. over the weekend it is still dry and then by monday, increasing clouds an temperature of 38 degrees but chris is right, lucy, tomorrow once everything calcalms down we'll be able to s is he the damage of the beche rogue. high tide tomorrow between four and 5am. after that we'll see what happened after this classic nor'easter. back to you. >> the not just the beach. this wild weather created dangerous mess on roads and with more rain, more win on the way commuters are bracing for more headache. fox 29's dave schratwieser joins us live from cherry hill, new jersey, and, dave, we are not out of the woods yet. >> reporter: lucy, not out of the woods. good news. the three eastbound lanes of route 70 reopened within the past half hour. the westbound lanes pse&g crews wouldn't to work there. downed power lines and snapped poles.
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they're still working on replacing them. we'll see how long it takes to get that done. this has been a crazy weather day tragically it ended with one death and it end the up leaving commuters with lots of time on their hands. >> it's a little obnoxious but nothing you can do. >> reporter: lisa conwell spent her money afternoon and evening waiting patiently at 30th street station for her amtrak train back to liberty college. >> i'm going to lynchburg, virginia and i'm delayed by 2.5 hours. >> reporter: lisa wasn't alon alone. dan stood staring at the big board watching all the delays that were posted. it ran from an hour and 15 minutes to up to three hours. >> it's not looking too good. i'm seeing two, three hours. so expecting the worst. >> maybe the wind. >> reporter: it was just before 1:00 monday when police say winds ripped this sign from the wall next to the d and s auto sales lot. it fell on top of 59-year-old carey haul. >> can't believe the guy got killed. i can't believe it. >> reporter: police say hall was an employee at the small car lot off old york road.
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he was sweeping in the lot when the sun fell and pinned him against a car here. >> i can't believe the sign when it fall down. i can't believe it. the wind, you know, strong wind. >> reporter: in cherry hill, high winds caused electric poles to snap and tilt along route 70. causing authorities to shut down the roadway in both directions. work crews brought in big generators to help restore pow power. >> that detour definitely gets in the wave thing. >> reporter: doesn't like like it will get cleared up any time soon. >> no, not at all. banking on that. >> reporter: now, again, all eastbound lanes of route 70 are now reopened. again, the westbound lanes crews still working there down around old orchard road. could be closed for a few more hours. possibly into the morning. so check in the morning before you come this way on the westbound lanes of route 70. back to you, lucy. >> all right, dave. you know what lot of people are sitting in these dark tonight with temperatures also dropping. here's the latest numbers we're looking at 5,000 peco customers have no power.
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very close to that anyhow. pse&g says about thee hundred customers are in the dark. ac electric has more than 17,000 and in delaware more than 1200 customers have no power. live look at philadelphia international airport. you can see the camera bouncing around it is still windy out there. on twitter phl said expect delays whether you're coming or going as always check with your airline for the status of your flight. his first full business dee as commander in chief and president trump has a new cia director. vice-president pence swore in mike pompeo to head the intelligence agency. foreign relations committee narronarrowly approved rex tilln to become secretary of state. pundants expect them to confirm him. donald trump stayed very busy today day. the first issue as hiring freeze for federal agencies the second blocks federal funds to international non governmental agencies that provide or promote
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abortion. the president also withdrew from the trance-pacific partnership agreement. meanwhile his first meeting with republicans in congress will likely be on thursday right here in philadelphia. the gop is hosting a national retreat at the lowes hotel. to a developing story that has a lot people stunned. two women who lost family members in the war in various wars became the targets of extraordinary ugliness. unbelievably. protesters went after them when they attended an inaugural ball for veterans in washington, d.c. fox 29's shawnette wilson sat down with one of the women, sister to fallen marine travis manion. she joins us live from they're hometown in doylestown. shawnette. >> reporter: lucy, one of the women was actually concerned that something could happen after seeing all the violence that happened earlier in the day. but neither thought that they would be the target. >> we felt very comfortable and it looked like people were peacefully demonstrating which
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is, you know, totally believe in. >> reporter: what ryan manion didn't know is that some of those same protesters would soon turn ugly. >> as soon as we started wal walking, you know, they all turned to us and kind of converged on us, and got in our faces and were screaming really vile obscenities in our faces. >> reporter: manion says it happened when she and her friend amy looney were in washington friday just as they arrived for the veterans inaugural ball where the american legion hosted a tribute to medal of honor recipients. >> the thing we couldn't believe was the hate in these people's i. they remember looking at us with such hay dread and they had no idea who we were. >> reporter: manion was invited because she started travis manion foundation 10 years ago after her brother was killed in action in iraq. looney's husband was killed in afghanistan. they say the protesters were back again as the event let out but manion says that time they got physical. >> man came up. he was wearing a mask, and he kind of chest bummed me from the back and i banged into amy and
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then, um a group of women about three or four women came up, got right in our faces, started again screaming really vile things not just in our face but in the face of, um, a little boy that was walking by his ground mother crouched down got right in his face. >> reporter: and the women were lucky neither of them were seriously hurt or i should say hurt at all in all that pushing and shoving. lucy? >> all right, still unbelievab unbelievable. thank you very much, shawnette. nobody likes burnt toast not only does it taste bad now researchers say you've got a bigger reason not to eat it. why they say that charred black stuff is risky to eat and -- >> i would like to meet with him in new york and spend a little quality time with him because he is 90 years old and i don't want something to happen where if he gets ill and he's in las vegas i can't go there. >> she says she's the daughter of comic legend jerry lewis. why is she living on the streets of philadelphia? new jersey lawmakers taken a
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big step toward banning cat did he clawing much the assembly approved a measure to ban the practice the equivalent of cutting off the tops of your finger. the bill bans another procedure where cats keep their clause but several their tendons. if a measure passes violators face a fine of $600 or six month jail time.
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♪ in the wake of a number of complaints about racism in philadelphia's lgbt community city leaders are taking action. the city released a report today that finds discrimination is still reality in the neighborhood. city leaders say businesses and social services must have policies that follow philadelphia's fair practice ordinance. violator which is face fines and court action. ♪ in hangs toes take tonight the daughter of comedic legend is homeless on the philadelphia streets. at least we think who that's who she is. the daughter of comedy legend jerry lewis. hank has her story. >> reporter: people who believe don't need to be convinced. people who don't believe will never be convinced. >> i'd like to help you out right out of hotel. >> hey, lady. [ laughter ]
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>> sound familiar? susan lewis who claims to be the daughter of comedian jerry lewis and who has the solid proof to back it um. after philadelphia weekly william kenny broke the story susan's homeless on the streets of northeast philly i had to talk to her but first i had to find her. >> hoping to find her today. thank you very much. a pleasure to meet you. >> most folks i talked didn't know susan she and her constant companion david would be at target, no luck at the cafe at giant on grant. bingo. >> i bought sushi and we talked for hours. too much to go through. first, bonafide. susan took a dna test jerry lewis pop singer son gary lewis nearly 10 years ago that says with near certainty that they have the same father jerry lew lewis. >> they found that we had 88-point something% positive
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proof and also 17 out of 22 rare markers which is almost impossible for siblings to have together. what we figure out is gary is the old defendant and i'm second. >> reporter: the thing they have different mothers. gary was born to jerry's wife at the time while zhu zhu san was born to model lynn dixon jerry's lover for several years. susan scene jerry from time to time. he was always good to her. >> through my childhood it was sporadic. we'd run into each other in a theater or charity ball or wherever, upping, celebrities got together and my mother always got them together, and she was a great hostess. >> reporter: susan has written auto biography block from print several times by whom she says she doesn't know. bottom line susan and david who she calls her step brother have nowhere to go. both are on disability. victims of separate car wrecks over the years. these days david says that's all
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it takes. >> the situation is very very difficult to pull yourself out of it. >> we do very good job of it. >> all do incredible job of taking care of one another and yours. >> they're clean, dry, sober but they do need help. one person on twitter said jerry lewis' daughter what about everybody else's daughter. >> good point. the difference susan should have a lifeline to help the same guy admirablely based billions of dollars for the mews caw lar distrophy association if you got a place for them reach out to me on social media. i'm hank and that's my take. interesting. you see it, you shoot it, our fresco users are helping us show what's going on in your enabled. iain, what you got. >> lucy our fresco user derek chambers sending us videos from the scene of a deadly police respond season. police responded to the 1700 block of west 13th street around 6:00 a man in a house had a gone on him at some .1 of the
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officers shot at the man killing him. the delaware department of justice is now investigating. police have not released any information about the man who was shot and killed. fresco user arlene lee takes us to a fun outing in university city celebrating the 100th anniversary of girl scouts in eastern pennsylvania. a lot of people attending the event at steep tap house tonight they served special smores cocktail in honor of the new smores girl scout cookie a part of those proceeds go to the organization. this may have been a familiar site for you tonight. depending on where you live fresco user vincent wade shows prepare crews from atlantic city electric fixing power lines in little egg harbor township much this outage was on laurel lane just one of many areas without power today. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use the fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy. >> in your health tonight eating burnt toast and poe at any time tow could be cancer risk. the british food standards agency says when starchy foods
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or roved, fried or grilled they produce a certain chemical. research shows that chemical increases cancer risk in anima animals. so far none has shown to increase it in humans however. researchers say humans are exposed to too much of it. they're launching program in britain to get residents to cook toast and potatoes until they are merely a golden yellow. sean, what do you exposing us to tonight. >> lucy, super bowl we'll have to watch a couple former eagles play in the game. i'll tell you why howie roseman's excuse for trading one of them is absolutely ridicul
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♪ sean bell taking on the eagles trading away a player and getting it wrong again. his commentary in 15 seconds.
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♪ howie roseman got dead wrong with eric rowe and he just can't admit it. rowe was making plays for the patriots and now headed to the super bowl. eagles traded away rowe after just one season with the team and at the end of the year roseman said in press conferees he didn't think that, well, they would resign rowe. he wanted to get rid of him and get value back which really makes no sense because rowe's on rookie contract unsigned through 218. so there was no reason to get rid of that guy this early. the team just basically gave up on him. so today roseman gets on wip and backs off the contract talk a little bit and said the reason rowe was traded was because, well, he wasn't going to play. the coaches didn't have him high on the depth chart. how did that work out? rowe was clearly talent eagles could have used, so roseman wrong on both
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fronts whether you're talking about contracts or on the depth chart. which is fine. no one perfect but howie, just admit you got it wrong once again. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, sean bell. tonight saturday night live is sending very clear message barron trump is off limits. he's 10 years old. the late night comedy show indefinitely suspend one of its writers she targeted the president's youngest child. that writer katie rich tweeted what she was was a joke about the president's young son she deleted her post and apologized on twitter saying she deeply regretted the tweet. we now title of next star wars movie it is star wars episode eight the last jeddi. this picks up right after the final shot of the force awakens but if you're about to get in line at the movie theater you got to sit back down. star wars the last jeddi is scheduled for release on december 15th. are you big star wars fan. >> i'm sorry, i'm not.
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how many of these can you make? eight, nine. >> lot. >> prequels. sequels. >> people still care like that. >> it's a whole galaxy and universe to explore. it is infinite, sean bell. much like our weather currently. my goodness. this nor'easter keeps on giving and not in a good way. >> it hasn't even moved by. it will pass by tomorrow morning on its way to new england. we still have rain and win lingering tuesday but look at the rest of the week it really looks nice weekend not bad either as we round out the month of january. >> i was going to ask you what month is it again? because this is -- this is march. it feels that way, doesn't it? >> all right. >> don't worry, i'm sure we'll get a deep freeze soon here. we're back here at 4am for your morning news "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob kelly are your go to people tomorrow. you are going to need them and they've got you covered all
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good day, philadelphia. tropical storm force wind, major roads closed, mass transit mayhem, we have got this powerful nor'easter not going anywhere right now. so what to expect for your morning commute and the rest of this day. and people hoping, putting sandbags down that maybe that will keep high tide is a way and some of that flooding as well with you we have you covered before you head out the door. we have sue tracking weather and when will this be moving out of here and bobbies monitoring our commute where we have had so many problems, as we look at some of the scenes around our area. good day, on this very busy tuesday it is january 24th i'm karen hepp. >> good morning you guys will be so bus think morning. >> it will be a morning where we are still dealing with the storm. >> still raining. >> yes, still raining, windy and now we have wintry


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