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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  January 25, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EST

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shot several time they question through his pockets and runaway so witnesses saw shooting and then see these guys, go through all this man 's pockets as he lay there is dying. he was shot at 8:30 pronounced dead by 9:39 at the hospital when cops got him to the emergency room as fast as possible. so, that is why it sound, extra vicious because, they shoot this guy, and then, why he is dying there, they are going through his pockets, one interesting thing, karen, inspector scott the small tells us they did find an id on the ground near the guy, and it is not his id so now they are wondering, if one of these guys, become idiot theic drop their id, and then, lead police to them. they are checking them out or if they rob somebody else or just drop that id you don't have your id in your hand with a gun in your hand and rob be somebody but an interesting fact that they found an id
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that doesn't match the guy, who has died and they are not releasing his identification just yet, karen. >> that is a interesting break , we are following up, thank you. other news medical examiner is confirmed that 59 year-old man who was originally thought to have been killed by a falling sign by a nor'easter died of a heart attack. high wind, knocked down the company sign and police originally thought it had fallen, on kerry hall junior, who was sweeping the lot at the time he was pronounced dead at the scene. dealership owner went back and looked at video and said secured video shows he passed out suddenly. >> it shows where he was, showering and the debris up, and putting it this is back, shoving it up, gravel, putting it in the bag and it shows him falling out, signs, and never touched him. >> that is so sad. >> according to the surveillance footage employee stopped four hours, after that sign, fell.
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how about this one tunneling through cinder blocks, burglars had their eyes on a prize, something you have got the in your closet, coming up, on good day, what these guys, were looking for. they got equipment at about $200,000. plus, what a difference a couple days makes that nasty nor'easter finally out of our area but that doesn't mean this is the last of the rain this week sue's tracking our forecast next. but first, hi bob. >> good morning one year ago we were dig out with 20 inches of show, so that wasn't so bad as we go for a ride on 495, they are work town here in wilmington lets go to the parkway where we don't already have enough construction, another, major road in center city gets the cones later today, i'll have have details. sueby has your forecast when we come back.
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♪ >> welcome back, 4:14, and 42 degrees on this wednesday, halfway into this week, and, taking a live look at absecon, along the coastline there at new jersey shore, people are cleaning up, following the nor'easter we have had. in after license we can see the beach is missing right there, because we are doing a beach replenishment project, but swept away from 60-mile an hour wind and, of course, tide , waves, crews will build
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it backup, once again. they will start that right away. what is in store for this day. >> they always do. this north wildwood it looked like that last year after the blizzard and by summertime it was back, pretty amazing. we have a low pressure system off new england coast and it is not, bothering us anymore. you can see a little bit of flurries in the central part of the state, just a little isolated storm there, it is not even a storm, just isolated area, we just have a few thin cloud, and, a look at our next cold front that is coming through, we have a mild day to day, we will start off mild tomorrow but we could get the late tonight, well after sunset, maybe a stray shower or two, and early in the take on thursday with a few showers , probably south of us, as it moves through, so we will have an early high in the the 50's, tomorrow, and then, we will see temperatures drop and get ready for a cold weekend. good thing about the weekend
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is, it will be cold but it should be, and 25 miles an hour wind and 50 this lancaster. 2 miles an hour in philadelphia, and wind gusts as high as 40 miles an hour, to the the north of us, and 23 , still windy in some places making these temperatures feel chillier then they are. 42 degrees is where we are in philadelphia, 30 in mount pocono, could be black ice around there but everybody else well above freezing, that situation should be okay. remember our average high is 40 degrees, we expect to be above average today as we have been, throughout the past seven days as we look ahead to the next seven days after today and tomorrow, things start to get a little bit more seasonal, we have got saturday with a high of 39, 40 degrees on sunday and even chillier on monday, and tuesday but it is january, bob kelly and it will finally feel like it. >> it is, speaking of the weekend, auto show opens up on saturday down here at the
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convention center, start your engines, good morning everybody. route one in langhorne right by the oxford valley mall they are till to go construction for maybe another hour or so. hello northeast philadelphia looking good i-95 coming past construction old construction zone at cottman, you hit cones down there at girard. get ready, ready for a new project is this we already don't have enough projects in center city, jfk boulevard will, go into shut down mode later today there 20th street to schuylkill avenue which is basically 30th street station, they need to repair overhead, bridges on 20, 21st and between the second. you will see detour signs and that will throw folks for a loop, mainly big delay will come from the 30th street station side, into, center city, philadelphia. so we will get used to that one beginning today. the mass transit, septa regional rail lines off to a good start this morning, in problems if you are jetting out of town. we will be in good shape flying in and out of philly
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international, turnpike connector bridge remains close i talk to the turnpike officials last night, they are getting ready to set up about eight of those giant poles to kind of lift the bridge up and that will take about a week and a half before they can get that shourd up there. bottom line alternates remain as they have been the past couple of taste, ape at least we won't to have use our wipers going through the all the that its. we have scudder falls, trenton morrisville bridge and burlington bristol bridge and alternates from the new jersey side. biggest delay has come at exit number five which is burlington mount holly so maybe try an alternate today exit 7a or exit number four. karen, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:18. now to a developing story in the chestnut hill neighborhood absolutely horrifying police are talking to a person of interest, they say, in a very violent home invasion. they say that a man broke into a house on east chestnut hill
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avenue on saturday armed with a gun police say he forced a man to stay put while ordering a 56 year-old wife out of bed and sexual willly assaulted her. police say at the some point the attacker put down his gun. woman grabbed it and tried to shoot him but gun didn't fire. the attacker ran away taking woman's keys, wallet, phone and car. we now know name of the armed man who died in the police involved shooting that happened this delaware. police say 60 year-old bruce a ltonberg are died monday after a brief standoff in police in wilmington. investigators say his friends called him saying he was distraught and had a gun. when police got there they say he refused to drop weapon and pointed it at his head before turning it on a officer and that is when police opened fire, killing him. there is an investigation, underway. and there is a new plea right the now to help catch killer of the bensalem man. police are releasing this new surveillance pictures of the person, and a vehicle of interest in this case. they are trying to catch whoever gunned down brett moth
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in camden back in august at 20th and saunders street. police are offering a $5,000 reward for any new information that leads to an arrest and convictions of the murder. here's a story you will see only on fox, two high end burglaries in philadelphia hours apart and the crooks busted through cinder blocks in order to get inside, they ended up with hauling hundreds of thousands of dollars of stuff away. police are looking into whether these crimes maybe they are connect. dave schratwieser has what they were after. >> reporter: if you are i fan of high end sneakers, so-called sneaker head, a car city on kensington avenue is like the candy store. >> these are 1700, 500, a you this dollars. five too. >> reporter: own shore asked us not to identify him said some sneakers that he sells go for as much as $5,000 a pair, which might explain, why sunday morning a burglary crew , cut through the rear
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cinder block wall and cut the surveillance camera. >> when i got here, the store was empty. >> reporter: police say bandits got away with 200 you this dollars in sneakers and 40 grand in cash. >> it was an hour and a half, minute. >> reporter: how many trips in and out. >> i saw video we watch from the liquor store, a few minutes. >> reporter: two hours before the break in about 2 miles away there was another high end burglary at this jewelry store. thieves cut through a concrete wall. they were caught on camera inside and only fox 29, has the video. >> that happened not the too far from here. ever since then we were watching. >> reporter: detectives are comparing notes on these two big money ripoffs trying to determine if the same crew, pulled off both crimes. >> we just like pushing it off >> unaudible. >> that is what i wish. >> reporter: dave schratwieser fox 29 news good wow, all right. two former aids to governor chris christie convicted in the bridge gate scandal are asking judge to
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postpone their sentencing. it is slated to happen next who. lawyers for bridget kelly and bill baroni say they need more time to review a preventensing report. jury quick both in november in that plot the to close lanes on the george washington bridge in 2013 for political retaliation. we have got a big day and happy news on this one there is a sheriff from philadelphia who was hurt in the horrific, elevator accident. >> feel a lot better then we did when i first got the here. i'm just happy to go home. >> when he says he is looking most forward to when he does go home.
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delsym. the cough controller. this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. no joel embiid, no problem, the sixers taking on with no joel embiid and no joel okafor, still getting it done. down at this game but came all the way back, robert covington, nailing the triple to give them the lead. then later it is noel driving to the rack, right here, finishing with the left. the sixers win 121-110, sixth straight win at home. to villanova, marquette, ville november up a by three. right here nailing the trip toll tie the game up. later make two flea throws. now, with a chance to tie the game up, sends it to over time. but can't get it to go. nova falls 74-72.
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to st. joe's and saint bonaventure, blew 18-point lead in this one. bonnie's josh, right there, hitting the jumper and giving bonaventure the lead and the game. the hawks fall tough 167 to 63. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> thank you, sean. how would you like to go down a massive big slide? yes, that big. well, we finally get a jumbo slide in our area? maybe.
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coming to center city today. the republicans get ready for some street closures because they'll be in town in just a couple of hours to get a live report. and, if you are headed down the shore, you're going to need little extra money if you plan on staying overnight. why your bill could be on the rise. good day everybody, it is a wednesday. it is a hump day. we're halfway through, cannot believe we're finishing up january already. can you believe it? next week is february. >> wow, oh, man. >> flip the calendar and we're good to go. here comes valentine day. >> yes, i guess i should probably take my christmas decorations down? >> little bit. >> they're three quarters of
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them. laughing in the control room. >> well, the red goes with valentine day. >> just take down the green and you're gooing today. >> the pointsetia's are out. >> the storm is gone, still, raining up in new england, around cape cod, but nothing here. winds are still gusting in a few places, especially in the mountains, 49-mile per hour wind gust in mount pocono, 20 in trenton, 17 miles per hour in wildwood, new jersey, right now, at the airport, it is 42 degrees, with 12-mile per hour wind out of the northwest, sunrise, 7:15. other temperatures are all above freezing, so from all of the rain we had the past two days, probably won't see any black ice. but just be careful. rain is gone. mostly sunny skies throughout the day. milder afternoon with a high of 53 degrees. and sunset is not until 12 minutes after 5:00, bob kelly. >> sounds good, sue. 4:31, i did the same thing, never got around taking my big wreath down, left it up until march. put some easter bunnies in it, made it an easter wreath,
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above the fireplace there. good morning, looking good here downtown. everybody's in a good mood. i think today we did not have to use our windshield wipers on the ride in. gave something a break. i think we're drying out, the schuylkill looking good into downtown, same deal here, curbside on the freewayment the delaware memorial bridge, one lane, into new jersey, until about 6:00. some paving and construction, no big delays at the moment. the turnpike connector bridge, on the other hand, that remains closed and will remain closed indefinately. your detours, folks, turnpike officials say they think it is working pretty well giving spreading out the options. you have the scutters falls, trenton morrisville bridge, the burlington bristol. from the jersey side not the same. the big jam is always occurred at exit five the last couple of days. folks coming down from, say, north jersey, if they skip the exit 7a, as the option, their gps has forced them off at
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exit five. that's clogged the township there, mt. holly, burlington-interchange, exit four would be good option today, come over the talcony palmyra bridge. fast we don't have enough project on the big board, closing jfk boulevard beginning today. new project, that's going to send everybody on a detour from 30th street station crossing using market street to come into center city. otherwise, mass transit off to good start, karen, back over to you. >> bob, one of the things we will be watching certainly is the traffic. maybe some protests in center city because it is a site of this year's republican retreat. it will be beginning in just matter of hours. lauren johnson is outside where it will be, good morning, lauren. >> good morning to you, karen. so we've done it again. philadelphia hosting a big time guests here, the loews hotel will be home to the republican retreat. as you can imagine, secret service agents already here ahead of the president's arrival tomorrow. president trump and vice president mike penned are expected to be met by protesters outside the hotel. demonstrations are expected to happen until friday when that
4:33 am
retreat ends on facebook thousands already confirmed to attend at least two planned protests, and this past weekend protests are any indication, philadelphia police are prepared for the large crowd. they tell us, they've proved a demonstration application, for a crowd of up to 3,000 people. >> with other protest it is i've been seeing, i don't think it will be too good. >> interesting choice on his part. hopefully people who are not pro trump come out and support a peaceful role. >> i if it is anything like what i saw on tv for his inauguration, i'm sure he'll be met with picket signs and plenty of people against what he's been doing lately. >> reporter: just five days after being sworn into office as the 45th president, president trump will headline the joint republican retreat on the agenda, healthcare reform, and tax code changes. vice president pence has taken the lead on these, and will join the president here if philadelphia.
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if you are not planning to attends any of the protests, you will likely not be affected by the visit from the high profile guest cents but tomorrow we expect the major road closures to take place in and around this area, when weaver all of those rolling road closures when the dignitaries do start to arrive, karen? >> thank you, we will be busy, appreciate it. in his first week as president, donald trump taking full advantage of his executive power. today expected to sign orders that will help build that wall along the mexican border. on tuesday he signed orders to help expedite the construction that far controversial keystone ex he will and dakota pipelines. this >> this has prompted widespread protest from environment al activist who say the pipelines are death mental to our planet. president said close to naming his choice to fill the supreme court vacancy, appeals court judges kneel govh, and william, pryor, frontrunners. president trump say he will be naming his nominee next weekment the guy in the middle is from the pittsburgh area.
4:35 am
delaware's going to be holding a special election at the end of february. this is ultimately going to decide the balance of power in delaware state senate. the tenth district seat was vacated last week by democrat bethany hall long because she was sworn in as lieutenant governor. democrat stephanie hanson, republican joe marino, vying for her seat f marino wins republicans will control delaware state senate for the first time in more than 40 years. developing right now, police are investigating the shooting death after man in feltonville. and what makes this crime even more despicable, police say, as the man was dying on the grounds, instead of helping him, people tried to rob him. steve keeley is at police headquarters is what we know. steve? >> reporter: it doesn't sound as bad as you made it there. it wasn't just people, it was the people that shot him that picked his pockets. so, it wasn't like somebody shot him, and then other people came along and then took his stuff. so, this was an armed robbery, just that the robbers, the
4:36 am
killers, took the stuff, after they had shot this poor guy. and as he was laying there bleeding on the street, so police say an obvious robbery, but not only did witnesses here tell police they saw this 31 year old man get shot, they say after he was shot, and lying there, in the street, two guys who shot him then went to his pocket taking anything they found. now you can zion our video, there was full red color soft drink bottle left on the street. so perhaps these guys followed this victim from where he had just bought it from and they saw him with a wallet, maybe with a cash wad or maybe credit cards. so they followed him. then armed hold-up. because they saw that he had something. or perhaps maybe they left it there and then left their fingerprint on t1 other thing karen police found next to the guy's body, a id that was not the victim's, so police were checking to see if it is perhaps an i.d. of one every these killers. so that would only not only
4:37 am
make them savage, but stupid. >> well, with any luck it, may be. because we see that as often the case with criminals. steve, thank you. the search is on right now for group of men police say targeted a grocery store in the fair hills section, not once, but twice. those are the suspect walking in, surveillance video from the fine fair market, last monday. police say three of the guys grabbed anything they could get their hands on, just shoving it along, while one of them guarded the door. now, two days later, this same group came back, and they stole from the same store again. there is a lucky man. he is a sheriff's lieutenant, works over at the cjc. they had an elevator accident. well, he's now waking up at home for the first time in six months, been a long road for lieutenant paul owens, he finally left magee, the rehab center, after he was critically injured in a violent elevator accident at the criminal justice center. all the sudden the elevator crashed through the concrete
4:38 am
ceiling of the shaft and left him with severe head and chest injuries. yesterday he said he's just happy to be home. >> just trying to get back to regular life. it is hard but, you know, just part of the process. got a long way to go. but i got this far. just happy to be going home today. that's all. >> there he is. going home. paul owens and his wife have filed lawsuit against the elevator company, and also the philadelphia municipal authority. the city of philadelphia says it has not seen the suit, and cannot comment. >> you may need to bring some more money to atlantic city if you plan to stay the night. it is not to gamble. your hotel bill may be going up. new jersey assembly speaker, vincent, want to add 2-dollar charge to every bill to help pay for the police and firefighters. this would end after two years, and would help to prevent massive police and firefighter layoffs in atlantic city. >> how about this one? guy name you may recognize, former philadelphia officer, now big-time sheriff who just
4:39 am
got nabbed for speeding. but it is what he asked that dispute toy do when he got pulled over that may surprise you. >> one day the children mentioned it to me, made me think maybe i should get involved. vehicles at high rate of speed, parent need to step up. >> "fox 29 news" at 10:00. we go there. every night. by peggy lee playing ]
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>> welcome back, 4:42, environmental officials say the water in flint michigan no longer contains dangerous levels of lead. michigan department of environmental quality is still urging people to use filters or to drink bottled water, because thousands of lead pipes still need to be replaced, the flint water crisis began in 2014, when city officials began using tap water, that was not properly treated, from the flint river, to save money. several former state and local officials face charges in connection to that crisis. there is a florida sheriff hoping to make a big statement with a speeding ticket. you may recognize his name. it is sheriff mike chitwood. he's the son of upper darby police superintendent, mike chitwood. deputy pulled over the florida sheriff. he was going 78 in the 55 zone. the deputy extended his boss, professional courtesy, was not going to write him a ticket. but sheriff chitwood later saw the ticket and said we need to set example for me and everybody else out there, that ticket cost him $281.
4:43 am
>> if you have a protein age err, you know it can be interesting. here is a big question. our own hank was trying to figure out why do kids like to wear shorts in the winter?
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where does it come from? the drive to be the first female official in the nfl. it starts inside. that's why every cup of activia yogurt is made with billions of our exclusive probiotic to help care for what's inside.
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activia. it starts inside. >> good morning, everybody, there is your alarm clock, 4:45 on a wednesday morning, and we are drying out. as mom used to say. live look here at the blue route. no problems at all as you roll out of ridge pike, heading
4:46 am
down toward the schuylkill expressway. certainly, a different morning rush hour ahead of us. things are drying out. did i not have to use the wipers this morning. so that's a welcome. hit couple of big old potholes along the way, watch it specially on the vine street expressway coming into downtown philly. the pennsylvania turnpike, there is a crew working on the westbound side between ft. washington all the way over to norristown. they will be out there until about of. same deal on the delaware memorial bridge. only one lane open into new jersey, making some just repairs, light volume at the moment. and no big deal. but, the big deal remains, turnpike connector bridge closed indefinately, because of that crack that was found over the weekends. now, the alternates from the pennsylvania side, kind of spread out, and it is actually worked out. about 40,000 vehicles being pushed to three separate options. the scutters falls, trenton-morrisville bridge, burlington bristol. not easy detour.
4:47 am
but the pennsylvania side has worked out better than the new jersey side. i talked to the folks last night, they say one of the problems, folks are following their gps system, whether it is in your car or on your phone, if the gps system doesn't have this closure as part of its program, folks come doing down from north jersey, pass exit 7a, it naturally takes them off at the next interchange which is exit five. that has pushed twice the amount of volume into mt. holly, headed over for the burlington bristol. so, keep in mind, if you are coming in from south jersey, maybe exit four, talcony palmyra would be good option today. new project begins later today, the closure of jfk boulevard between 30th street station and center city. so all the traffic will be push onto market street. we love the forecast for today. and there is no one better to give it to you than our sue serio, coming up in 15 seconds.
4:48 am
>> yes, today is the day that the nor'easter pulls away. even rhymed that. but we've got the northeasterly winds rolling in. it will dry us out. but it is also little chillier out there this morning than it was yesterday. solo pressure exits, and clouds are starting to thin out nicely, which means, that we will have sunshine for today. now we've got brief little warmfront, then cold front coming through. so a chance of showers early in the morning tomorrow. maybe about 3:00 in the morning. and lasting maybe through a lot of the rush hour. but mostly south and east of philadelphia. i would call it a passing shower for us. that's not really the headline. headline will be that the temperatures will drop throughout the afternoon. and we've got a cold wintery weekend in store.
4:49 am
still, casino every windy out there, especially, up in the mountains, with 25-mile per hour sustained winds, 40-mile per hour winds gust, but for all of us, our actual temperatures are above freezing. the windchills, though, are in the 30's. so, make sure to dress for 32, 36, 38, or if you're in mount pocono, 16 degrees. so, here's your p day forecast, don't get used to the mild temperatures. >> this will be an early high of 55 tomorrow. after 53 degrees today. forty-three on friday. then over the weaken back to seasonable january temperatures, 40, and 42, respectfully, for saturday, and sunday. and it stays chilly into the beginning of next week. >> in hank's take, the joyce of parenting. it can be interesting. and so our hank is proud father. so one of his boys is in those protein years, and he finds
4:50 am
himself scratching his head pretty often as many of us do. why are kids wearing shorts in the winter? and what's the big deal with all of this bottle flipping? are your kids doing this one with the water bottles? here's hank. >> why do you guys wear short pants in the winter time? >> it is 37 degrees out. >> you too, with the short pants. >> we don't care. >> what ails you boys? it is 37 degrees out. (laughing). >> so we hopped in the car. we drove, pick up it up here, and you kids today. i don't know what goes on in your minds. >> this is my crib. follow me.
4:51 am
>> it is like running a zoo. >> ya, it is. and the animals are about 11, 12 years old. mine's name is henry. first of all they won't stop flipping water bottles. >> hey! >> even in school. >> teachers? >> flipping bottles, quote unquote, dangerous. >> sorry, wait, what? >> flipping water bottles, hazardous. >> ya, maybe mental health hazard. google says this viral video from last year is the original bottle flipper. someone explain this to me? but there is no shortage of such thing. so who really knows? i also need answers, about why my son and his friends wear shorts in january. >> all right, buddies, have a good day. love you. >> turns out the guys have their reasons. >> we're inside for seven hours. >> ya. >> so it is not cold. you're only therefore like five minute. >> then you want to wear
4:52 am
short. >> i guess that's fair, sort of. i mean, i wore shorts into work today to try to get some idea why for myself, and things were cooling off a bit. >> i'm not really cold. but i'm not as warm as i would be if i had some pants on. by the time i got here, i was looking for a last word on the matter. >> the only thing i could. fellow 11 year old parent, jennaphr frederick, the only person to talk to who knows about these things. >> why are they doing that? the jerks are dumb. they go out in flip flops in the snow. ridiculous. i know the mom cops will call me because i'm bad human. but the kid is a jerk, a dummy, a rum i. i don't want to say the swear words on tv. >> and that is the answer straight from the horse's mouth. if you have any further questions, hit me up, or jenn frederick on twitter. and that is my take. where things come from?
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a delicious, savory egg breakfast, without all the bread and carbs. made with real ingredients. an excellent source of protein to help power through your morning. jimmy dean delights frittatas. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back. this is not just promises, promises. this is whole hearted goodness. and it is authentic. so we are going to talk about twitter, a specific tweet. when you think wholesome people, mean, nasty, say whatever they want. but buzz feed put together a list of 32 most wholesome things that ever happened on twitter. and, number one on the list, comes from one of our own, one of our photographers, dave.
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we'll show you last year there was little boy ran to up him and said can you report on my smile, i am isly dave replied, yes, we consideration cameron, it went huge, capturing smiles all around the world. >> did you ever get the winter doldrums? how about this one? we got jumbo water slide coming to atlantic city. we will take a look at the attraction, called the triple supreme. in the summer when it gets warmer from may 22 to june 1st, it is a 170-foot slide, going to be on the beachfront, right outside the tropicana. and it will be one of the local spots until september 5th. that's pretty cool. pretty fun. so would you try it out? let us know. >> some big name lawmakers making their way to philadelphia right now. also, another world lead is her coming to our city for tomorrow, lauren. >> reporter: yes, karen, so the pope came in 2015. we had the democrats in 2016. and now 2017, the republicans are coming for a retreat right here in center city.
4:57 am
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so we can all eat better. >> from the fox 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia". >> and good day, philadelphia. but get ready for some traffic headaches, because we've got a lot of important vips coming to center city. it is the congressional republican retreat, just hours away. and tomorrow the president and the leader of britain will be here, as well. >> heading to prison.
5:00 am
what a fall from grace. convicted former congressman, chaka fattah, said to begin his sentenced to. >> there was man gunned down on the street in feltonville. even more disturbing it is what those shooters did moments after they shot that victim, as he lay there. that has a lot of people very discussed. and talk about determined burglars. they dug through brick, to make their way inside the store. what they were so determined to get. and it was important, it was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. they got it all. good day everybody, it is a wednesday, i'm karen hepp, thomas drayton will be along in about an hour. right now we have bob and sue, as always. good morning. >> we were talking it, seems like thursday. like the crazy storms -- >> nor'easter day? >> it does feel like that. i saw you tweeted about the coffee. i knew would appeal to you. >> breaking news, it is irish coffee day. >> yeah. >> poor a little something extra. >> who delivers? get on the phone. >> a day to


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