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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  January 25, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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right now. hollywood and the world has lot of another giant legendary actress mary tyler moore has died. she was in the company of her family and friends at a hospital in connecticut. good evening, i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. moore of course gained fame in the '60s with that classic sitcom the dick van dyke show. she later won four prime time emmys for her work on the mary tyler moore show. >> but her impact went so much further. fox's adam housely has more on the extraordinary live of mary tyler moore. >> reporter: she turned the world on with her smile. mary tyler moore was born on december 29th, 1936 in brooklyn, new york. growing up her home live was difficult. but one thing that always drew the family together was watching young mary perform in the living room when she was eight the family moved to los angeles. it was there she discovered her first love, dance. at age 18 she married dick meeker her first of three husbands. a year later moore had her only child richie. moore's big break would come in
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1961. when she was launched into the national spotlight as lori pet tree on the dick van dyke show for five years the couple's chemistry charmed tv audiences until he chose to leave the show in 1966. during the show, she diss of course the her first husband and married tv exec grant tinker. in 1970 moore and tinker perform the production cole mtm enterprises their first project the mary tyler moore show. she played mary richards a ground-breaking tv character. she lived pinned emily with no husband or said dee boyfriend the wildly popular show ran until 1977. this period was difficult personally for moore. her sister elizabeth died. in 1980 her son accidentally killed himself. and in 1981 she and tinker divorced. around this time she developed a serious alcohol problem and checked herself into the betty forward for center for treatment in 1984. she met these challenges head on saying, you can't be brave if
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you only had wonderful things happen to you. moore earned an oscar nomination for her role in the 1980 robert redford directed ordinary peop people. in 1983, she married third husband robert levine. mary tyler moore showed america her versatility as an actress. championed women rooses rights on television, and will be remembered for her erie pressable spirit and turning the world on with that smile. adam housely, fox news. >> her 2000 sand auto biography moore wrote about her battle with type one diabetes. for years she was fierce advocate for the juvenile diabetes foundation. mary tyler moore was 80 years old. to developing story now. massive sink hole opens up in cheltenham township causing some major problems for people in that area. from skyfox you can see the crater in the road just dangerously close to several homes in fact some people in the area now have a boil water advisory as crews work to try and fix the problem. this is on the 700 block of brook road in cheltenham.
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that's where we find our dave kinchen tonight. dave? >> reporter: iain, we are here in the glenside section of cheltenham township. let me step out of the way. even at this late hour, crews continue to work and try to fix this whole situation while they're searching for cause. crater sits in the middle avenue cheltenham township neighborhood. for hours a truck hanging on to the earth by a thread on the verge of singing be 19 the ground. >> whoo! that's big. >> i didn't know to think. it's pretty crazy could have happened to anyone and we weren't sure how far it was going to go, expand, you know. >> reporter: parts of two front lawns and a big chunk of the 700 block of brook road and sidewalk gone. a toppled over tree the only thing appearing to keep the white truck from crashing to the bottom of the sink hole. >> you can almost put that house inside that hole that's how deep it. >> i heard something around 3:30 that sounded like a large thump and kind of a woosh and, i
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didn't think much of it. but until the police knocked on our door and told to us move our car. >> reporter: neighbors noticed what happened. aqua pennsylvania says they got a call from residents without water and found the sink hole which includes a water main break at the scene. it cut supplies to 65 homes. >> the main that we is a 6-inch water line. it was just about underneath of the sidewalk which has collaps collapsed. and so that's why they're out of the water. >> reporter: it's not clear if the water main break caused the sink hole or vise versa. we saw crews hooking up special lines to homes for a water work around. >> hopefully by the end of the day we'll have -- all have our water back up and running. >> reporter: workers poured cement into the hole with an investigation underway and many neighbors question the strength of the ground they are standing on. >> we wonder maybe if some of this infrastructure should be, um, rebuilt. >> reporter: we understand that truck was secured by a chain. so that's also keeping it in
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place. live look now again crews working on this scene probably digging even deeper to try to find more of the cause here. we can tell you no injuries were reported and part of brook road remains shut down at this time. back to you. >> thank you very much, dave. philadelphia police say they have got the guy behind an absolutely repulsive act in the chestnut hill area. now prosecutors have charged 20-year-old james bradley with robbery, assault and up lawful restraint. they say he walked into a home on east chestnut hill avenue through an unlocked door about 4:30 saturday morning. the victim the husband and wife told police bradley pointed a gun at the husband, while he sexually assaulted the wife. now at some point she says she was able to grab that gun then she tried to shoot bradley but the gun wouldn't fire. that's when police say he ran stealing her car, her phone, her wallet and here's how they caught him. >> what led to his arrest was we processed the crime seen we did recover a septa transpass that
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was left outside in the yard or the driveway area where the vehicle was stolen from. >> police say septa was vital in helping them catch bradley. meanwhile, philadelphia and st. joe's university police are investigating an attempted abduction and sexual assault they say happened near campus. police are looking over some surveillance video of the incident in the area but at this time they have not been able to find any. several students are recovering tonight after a fight broke out at a school on the mainline.
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special honor for beau biden. how the state of delaware spotlighting the legacy its late attorney general.
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that is incredible video from somalia after explosions killed 11 people, injured dozens others it started when attackers from the extremist group he will shabazz stormed into hotel into the capitol and set off suicide car bomb. a second blast came just moments later. terrorist group is known to frequently target hotels and public places where government officials hang out. it was another difficult day for search crews in iran.
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five bodies were pulled from the debris last week's high rise collapse in tehran. authorities say at least 20 firefighter which is killed when the building in the center of capitol buckle after catching fire. so far 11 bodies have been recovered. protesters in washington, d.c. trying to make certain that president trump gets their message so group of seven protesters climbed to 270-foot crane downtown washington construction site just blocks from the white house. the environmental group green piece are calling for resistance to president donald trump. the protests comes a day after trump's administration moved to delay at least 30 environmental rules and froze new environmental protect age see contracts and grant awards. imagine government being able to sue you for protesting. that's what lawmakers in minnesota are right now considering. they introduced a pair of bills that would penalize demonstrat demonstrators with a cause of public safety such as disrupting freeway. while one of the bills authors stresses they're not intended
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for peaceful marches oral lease people are still angry over all of this. so, well, they proteste protest. >> i think that this bill is a great example of the fact that we live in a society that is not only become polarized in terms of opinion but become threatened by defense. >> this applies only to individuals convicted of a cri crime. >> lawmakers are aiming to dissuade protesters that disrupt the normal flow of life or leave damage. winter happen been too bad this -- so far but if winter has got you down, it could be worse. you could be in europe that continent now in the middle of its coldest winter in years. it's so cold in croatia the government called ice breaker to try to get the frozen danube river flowing again. that river of course one of the busiest routes in the area but traffic has been blocked by thick layers of ice and another cold blast expected next week. >> hollywood at the vatican the weekly address of pope francis today after arnold schwarzenegger was in the crowd with his girl friend the couple
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sat in the front row as the pope blessed the audience. schwarzenegger later tweeted photo of him and the pope after he met with the holy father. anti defamation league creating new award in honor of former delaware attorney general beau biden. >> it's presenting the shield award to law enforcement agencies that collectively combat hate groups extremism and terrorism. regional director of the philadelphia adl says group decided to name the award after biden because he was a champion for the most vulnerable. it's presenting the inaugural shield award at a ceremony in wilmington on march 29th. the son of the former vice-president died of cancer in 2015. parents, aren't those pre teen years interesting? they've got our hank flynn scratching his head. hank's take on a day in the life of an 11 year old. what he says his son simply refuses to do. and some big changes to frontier airlines what the discount carrier just announced that could make it easier for you to catch a flight. kathy orr, why fly out of here.
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it's so nice. >> i'm not. tomorrow another beautiful day. a few showers in the morning but guess what? they're associated with a warm front tomorrow the warmest day of the week and then back to winter for the end of january. i'll have the seven day coming up.
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♪ tonight the search is on for the driver who crashed into a 7eleven in wilmington. the photos really tell the tail here. police say last night woman driving maroon honda tried to park in front of the store on the 4800 block of governor prince boulevard but instead slammed into the store. police say she managed to drive away and left all that damage behind. >> local naacp chapter has message for all those against president donald trump's agenda as the president makes his way to our area, the philadelphia chapter president minister rodney muhammed says they plan on being out in full force during the gop retreat in center city this week. muhammed said they are fight fog equality of all citizens specifically says they're rallying against trump's decision to repeal and replace the affordable care act. >> we see this as sentencing millions of americans to slow death in order to satisfy a tiny sector of society that.
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trump has a plan to replace the affordable care act vowing it will include insurance for everyone. >> in fox 29 investigates, a busy highway six-year-old twins and a schoolbus stop. >> man it can be a dangerous mix and why the children's grandfather called fox 29 investigates. our jeff cole is here with a look ahead at his story tonight at 6:00. >> fox 29 investigates opened the new year taking a close look at a south jersey schoolbus stop in the motorists absolutely speeding by. nearly every day we looked we found vehicles roaring past the bus while loaded dropped the young kids their mom frightened out of their wits grandpa started aiming his cell phone at the speeding vehicles. he urged to us take hard look. >> when the little kids said hey grandpa these cars are flying by much that's when it really hit home. >> that's when it made me think i shall get involved pobbly scene how bad it really was. >> reporter: did he and we
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did. tonight at 10:00 we've got more startling pictures of the cars racing by this bus. it's really hard to imagine actually. we've shown the police our stuff. see what they do tonight at 10:00 as fox 29 investigates. it's actually remarkable to see what's happening out there on 322 mullica hill. >> all right. jeff look forward to that. thank you. now back to your fox 29 weather authority and a live look at allentown. what turned out to be a beautiful day out there. can we expect more like this? meteorologist kathy orr and scott williams will let you know in just 15 seconds. after a beautiful day with temperatures in the 50s, the clouds will be rolling back in but in old city philadelphia it is just a great evening to be outdoors. hope you have the chance to get outdoors this evening and take advantage of it right now 52 the high today 54.
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winds out of the southwest at just 10 miles an hour. so finally taking a break from that wind as well. temperatures around the region pretty uniform in the 50s through the philadelphia area. but look to the north through williamsport even pittsburgh northward some 40s somebody 30s. we're going to stay on the warm side of this system 50s in baltimore. even in charlottesville in the 60s. clarksburg in the 60s as well. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the week. with a warm front passing up from the south. so right now we're looking at a clear sky through the evening. clouds roll in overnight. and during the day tomorrow, we'll start off with a few showers. some more steady rain possible through south jersey with another wave moving through philadelphia late morning but by the noon hour it's out of here and the skies will return to sunshine but the wind will be picking up. it will get gusty but temperatures will be warming. take look at the future wind out of the southwest right now and we're seeing peaks in the gusts about 15 to 20 miles an hour. look at tomorrow. by late morning early afternoon a persistent westerly wind gus
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gusting again in philadelphia to 31 miles an hour. >> by the afternoon, you still see this persistent flow and by 7:00 p.m. gusting to about 35, 36 miles an hour through south jersey. so the windy conditions will definitely be rhee returning to the delaware valley that is for sure as conditions begin to change. now, after that, it's going to be back to winter and what about february? scott has been looking at the devil in those details. hi, scott. >> hi there, kathy. we certainly saw a beautiful wednesday. a break in the clouds. allow for those high temperatures to climb into the 50s giving us a break from the nasty weather that we saw earlier in the week. let's talk a little before the about the high temperatures for today. well above average. we topped out in the 50s so a beautiful day across the delaware valley as we take look at the above average weather.
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philadelphia 54 degrees. the average for this time of year is right around 40. trenton topped out at 53. atlantic city mid 50's and take a look at reading along with allentown in the low to mid 50s. so tomorrow once again will be the warmest day of the week. it will be kind of windy. 57 for the high. then by friday, still 5 degrees above average but back to average for the upcoming weeke weekend. temperatures upper 30 toss right around 40 degrees. and then as we take a look at what to expect as we move toward the first part of february, mild above average temperatures toward the lower 48 as we move toward the gulf. but for parts of the mid atlantic, new england, slightly below average temperatures meaning numbers will be in the upper 30s to low 40s. kathy? >> wow. so big changes coming our way. scott, it's winter after all. we're just not used to it this time of year. this particular year. in allentown looking good tonight. skies are clear but those clouds will be rolling in. overnight, 43 in the city. 38 in our cooler suburbs
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increasing clouds and a cool breeze. tomorrow that wind will be kicking in out of the west southwest. winds gusting to 30. the high temperature 57. that's 17 degrees above normal and take look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority. friday cooler but not bad. we'll give 87. the high 45. 41 for your saturday. feeling more winter like for your sunday morning lows in the 20s. monday 38. tuesday 39 and guess what, wednesday is february 1st and temperatures will be in the 40s. not so bad. that's seasonably cool. we'll send it back to you. >> i'll take it kathy. thanks. mother in australia says she always want add fat baby but she wasn't expecting this why her little bundle of joy may have set big records. >> big bundle of joy. benefits of meditation. why researchers say you need to step back, new towed take a deep breath and just relax. >> and some bad news for you wine lovers why your glass of pinot or chardonnay could soon cost where things come from?
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meditation may help your body respond a little better to stressful situations. according to a study in the journal psychiatry, research authorities say people who could focus on the present moment and accept difficult thoughts or feelings showed reduced levels of stress or moans. study authors say meditation is an expensive and finding strength in the case that it can help improve resistance to stress. boeing gearing up for a big year. the aerospace company expects to deliver at least 760 commercial planes in 2017. that's a dozen more aircraft than last year. boeing reported a record cash flow of $10.5 million in 2016. it's expecting even more this year. frontier says it's replacing its planes that try fly out of trenton with larger full efficient aircraft. they'll seat six more passenge passengers. low cost carrier one flight per day with those planes and that first flight takes off on marc march 21. apple came out with their wireless ear pod head cones after a delay the question everyone's mind what happens if
5:41 pm
you lose them. the only option was replacing them which costs from 70 to $160. well you now you can track them with apple find my iphone app available on the next ios update. the app will reportedly pinpoint where those lost ear pods are even if they're in a closed case or not charged. >> what if it's my if my couch. >> it will sound signal much real estate agent showing a home has a wild experience with his client. what the home buyer did that him calling the cops. >> olympic sprinter bolt has just lost one of his gold medals and didn't misplace it. the reason the u.s. olympic committee stripped him of his win. tom srendenschek. >> lucy, good evening. super bowl li11 days away a mid the glamor and glory a player from boyertown pa hopes you don't hear his name called all night. we'll introduce you to him later night. we'll introduce you to him later in sports.
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we couldn't to follow developing story for you tonig tonight. skyfox is live over that massive sink hole in chelten had a ham. crews continue to work on that on the 700 block of brook road and residents there are being told to boil any water. they have to use a live report for you coming up in just a few minutes. known as fastest man in the world got stripped. the international he will limb pick committee rule against bolt taking back one of his gold medals. this stems from doping case involving one of his relay teammates ioc says that runner tested positive for banned substance during the 2008 beijing games. it stripped the entire team of the win. local fourth grade teacher using a class pet to teach some life lessons. two hermit crabs seem so simple. >> the benefits scene unseen are really remarkable.
5:46 pm
fox 29's lauren johnson has that story. when you have one or two or three words that you want to share about your weekend, put your thumb up. ♪ >> reporter: lisa eisenberg wanted to find a way to spice up her fourth grade classroom. >> i know kids love pets. >> reporter: two years ago she stumbled upon the pets in the classroom program and brought it to penn wynne elementary. >> had the opportunity of a number of different pets ranging from rabbits to guinea pigs to fish. >> reporter: she selled on hermit crab. two of them. >> we voted on naming the pets. report anthony and bill had a new home. she needed one more thing a student to care for the class pet. >> collectively the entire class voted for jadin to do the job. but it wouldn't be easy. >> he has down syndrome. >> everyone of these kids in this class learns differently
5:47 pm
than one another. when they say jadin who has more specific needs, they're so willing to help him and it carries out by the classroom. it's not just in here with the crab. >> let's talk about your proje project. >> reporter: caring for the crab allowed jadin to come out of his shell. >> what was the project about. >> crabs. >> reporter: for end tine year jadin completed duties which foster the responsibility and leadership. >> it's motivating and it's fun. they don't see it as doing work. they see it as playing with hermit crab. >> reporter: when it was all over a presentation for students and parents. >> jadin came up with some questions like why do hermit crabs fight. >> special education teacher lauren helped him. >> instead of reading books we watched youtube videos and different things so that's how we did our research. all that information that was on his project was his words and what he learned. so it was really big deal for him to be able to print his information. -- (his information.
5:48 pm
>> reporter: students asking questions. >> one question and jadin proudly spouting off answers. >> he loves to be kind of the center of attention. a lot of times so it was great for him to be able to have that role. >> the payoff from this program is priceless. and you would never think the little hermit crabs that you can pick up on the boardwalk would do so much. >> reporter: liam has taken over jadin's job this school year. >> why do you like anthony better? >> because -- >> because why? >> he's bigger. >> he's bigger. >> reporter: also bigger the confidence both boys have gain gained. >> jadin has an opportunity now to teach william how to take the next step empowers him to be able to do that. >> reporter: the other students in the classroom -- >> kids just figure it out and they work together and they help each other and all of those differences go away. >> reporter: they don't mind
5:49 pm
taking a back seat to jadin and liam's way of learning. >> they learn that acceptance. they learn this little guy might need help. >> reporter: all the while learning life lessons they may not realize. >> these are the things that i believe school is about. especially elementary school. teaching these little people to be people. >> reporter: kids who will grow up to be more sensitive adults. >> it really helps my kids learn and practice empathy. >> when the morning meeting ends, they put the crabs away. >> one at a time. >> reporter: they leave miss eisenberg's class. >> which way? >> this way. >> reporter: with more pep in their step and their heads held higher. >> back to miss stevens classroom. >> hi, buddy. ready to tell their friends -- >> this is bobby. >> about a job well done. >> something like this is just so worth it. it's going way beyond what i ever thought it could do. and now liam wants nothing more than quick snack. >> my favorite is the hermit
5:50 pm
crabs. >> reporter: little things. >> absolutely. >> that can be the big things. >> exactly. great story there. cute kids. >> speaking of kids local eighth graders now know what it's like to be in medical school. temple university's louis katz school of medicine opened its doors to the middle school students from north philadelph philadelphia. they taught the eighth graders how to use tall sound and how to perform cpr. it's all to inspire the students to pursue careers in health ca care. >> parents aren't those pre teen years interesting? they've got our hank flynn scratching his head. hank's take on day in the life of an 11-year-old. what he says his son simply refuses to do. some changes to education in delaware. the course that students will have to take and what lawmakers are doing keep children in school. bad news for wine lovers. why your glass of pinot or chardonnay could soon cost a lot more.
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>> ♪ let's go to kansas. run realtor had a day on the job he has never going to forget. >> started out at any other day showing client a new home. sun it definitely advertisements per day. when tom jones met with a woman to show her a home enounced she was was standing outside waiting didn't is a car with her at the time he didn't really think much it. when he was turning off the lights and locking the home the woman said i'll be right back. walked away. that's when he noticed she stole his car. >> i continued on securing the lights and turning -- locking doors but when i got to the front door she was gone and my car also was gone.
5:55 pm
>> jones called police who were able to track his truck down in three hours but they didn't find the woman. in 50 years of working in the business he says nothing like this has ever happened to him. speaking about things that have never happened in certain areas, a bundle of joy because this is one big bundle, mother in australia welcome brian, jr., to the world little brain not so little weighed 13 pounds 4-ounces and proud mom natasha says, you know, i always want add little chubby baby and now i got one. doctors told her her baby would be on the heavier side so she did have time to prepare. >> i think i was in a bit of shock. the birth was natural and, um, i only had gas. i was still in bit of shock just from that. >> that's like a six month old ready to go. at more than 13 pounds brian, jr., could be the heaviest baby ever born in australia's victoria state.
5:56 pm
♪ hank's take tonight, the joys of parenting. our hank flynn is a proud father one of his boys is in those really interesting yet wonderful pre-teen years. you know all about this. >> yeah, i do. >> um-hmm. >> kids are teenagers now. >> just barely. >> i know. >> hank finds himself catching his head a whole lot. >> why are kids at that age wearing shorts in the winter? and what's the big deal with flipping those water bottles. here's hank. ♪ >> reporter: why do you guys wear short pants in the wintertime? [ laughter ] >> reporter: 37 degrees out. >> most likely because -- >> you too with the short pants. >> we don't care. >> reporter: joey what ails you boy, it's 37 degrees out. [ laughter ] >> ♪ >> reporter: henry and i hopped in the car pick up his
5:57 pm
friends tristan and joey. >> hi, fox 29. >> reporter: you kids today, i don't know what goes on in your mind. >> i'm joey and this is my crib. >> follow me at hall of duty bros 97. >> boys are like running a zoo. yeah, it is. and the animals are about 11 or 12 years old. mine is named henry. first of all they won't stop flipping water bottles. >> hey. >> report roar even in school. >> flipping bottles is quote unquote dangerous. >> i'm sorry, wait, wait, what? >> flipping water bottles is dangerous. >> reporter: maybe a mental health hazard. google says this viral video from last year is the original bottle flipper. someone explain this to me. there's no shortage of such things so who really knows. i also need answers about why my
5:58 pm
son and his friends wear shorts in january. >> all right. buddies, have a good day. love you. turns out the guys have their reasons. >> we're inside for seven hours. >> yeah. >> so it's not cold. only out there for like five minutes. >> it's hot in there. then you want to wear shorts. >> yeah. >> reporter: i guess that's fair. sort of. i mean i wore shorts in to work today to try to get some idea of why for myself and things were cooling off a bit. he's right i'm not really cold but i'm not as warm as i would be if i had some pants on. by the time i got here i was looking for a last word on the matter. >> the only thing i can. my fellow 11 parent jennaphr frederick the only person who knows about these thing. >> why are they doing that? they're jerks, they're drum, they go out in flip-flops in the snow. i know the mom cops will call me because i'm a bad human. it's not my fault. the kid is a jerk, a dummy, a rummy, i don't want to say the
5:59 pm
swear words on tv. >> reporter: and that is the answer straight from the horse's mouth. if you have any further questions hit me up or jenn frederick on twitter. and that is my take. ♪ i'm not wearing shorts. my kids aren't wearing shorts in the winter either they're like me. >> it's not even winter. you don't wear them in spring or fall. >> it's got to be 70 to wear shorts. >> we're about there right now. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ right now at 6:00, morning television -- mourning the television legend. >> now that it's over i don't feel as bad as i thought i was going tom i feel pretty good. i real dollar good we look back at the life of actress may mary tyler moore who died today at the age of 80. ♪ preparing to be back in the spotlight air force one and
6:00 pm
president trump expected to land in philly tomorrow from the airport to the roadways to security. how the presidential visit will impact your thursday. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 6:00. preparing for the president law enforcement is lining local streets barricades are going up left and right. less than week after inauguration president trump will visit philadelphia tomorrow security is tight. with all kinds of groups planning to protest. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00 much i'm lucy noland. >> i'm iain page. just hours parking and traffic restrictions go into effect as the city gets ready to host the new president his first trip out of washington since the inauguration. our dave schratwieser is live in center city close to where many of those protes protesters are d to greet president trump. dave. >> reporter: iain out front of the president's visit tomorrow here to center city, the loewes hotel to meet wit


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