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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  January 27, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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simple question that scammers are asking to take your money and all personal information. >> keep it here. your news starts in 30 seconds. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia, this is fox 29 news at 10:00. >> we start with breaking news right now out of west philadelphia tonight. police tell us a 48-year-old woman has died after a
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hit-and-run accident. skyfox live over the scenes many scene on the 600 block of north 57th street. here's what we know. police believe a newer model white minivan hit her and drove away. this happened around 8 o'clock tonight. medics transported the woman to penn presbyterian hospital where doctors pronounced her dead. if we have any more information we're bring it to you. >> right now at 10:00 several fires in queen village caught on camera but police say these are no accident. investigators say someone is lighting trash cans or fire. i'm dawn timoney. >> and i'm chris o'connell. it is not just garbage being destroyed in these fires. fox 29's joanne pileggi live. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out if these arson fires respect connected. there have been four fires set
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intentionally in queen village in the last month and a lot of people as you ised are concerned that the next time could be much worse. in the surveillance video there's no mistake. this guy uses a lighter or matches and sets fire to me garbage and boxes in front of a thrift shop on south fifth street early this morning. >> it could have easily burned the whole store down. >> reporter: adam procter found the mess outside the thrift shop when you arrived. >> i see all the cardboard out front is burned up. i look to my left and i see the flower pots all burned our signs are burned, the whole front of the store like the plaque paint was bubbling and then i noticed the car that was parked here completely burned, the back of it, door handles. >> reporter: he called police and checked his store surveillance video of and video from another business. it was all caught on camera. >> we're the fourth place that it happened to. >> reporter: last month someone started a fire outside queen village market a block away from the thrift shop.
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>> as soon as i show up the store i saw the ashes out there. >> one or two occasions someone mad or drinking but when it goes on and on it needs to be dealt with. >> reporter: outside of a market on south fourth the same thing happened. someone set garbage on fire on december 23rd and again on january 3rd, both caught on surveillance video. >> this could be a bad thing now 'cause if a gas tank goes off in a car or it goes further. >> reporter: each of these fires was set between 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning. police said they want to catch the person or people before they strike again. they also say with an arsonist there's no telling what they might light on fire the next time. we're live in queen village. back to you in the studio. >> joanne thanks. skyfox over a crash in bensalem. authorities tell us a car and an atv crashed just before 6 o'clock tonight in bensalem boulevard and jason drive. one person taken to the hospital. mom word on the hav victim's
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condition right now. >> crews are making progress in repairing the delaware river bridge its been a week since the bridge hm connects the pennsylvania and new jersey turnpikes closed after al crack in a steel truss was spotted. tonight the pennsylvania turnpike says crews are replacing eight. towers under the bridge for support. still, however, nord would on when anno word onwhen it will o. >> in cherry hill the show will go on at cherry hill high school east. it's a musical that has divided the community. the school officials decided students will in fact perform the musical rag time exactly as it was written. >> the subject has drawn mixed reaction because of the script's racial slurs. fox 29's shawnette wilson joining us live from cherry hill with reaction from the community. shawnette. >> reporter: well, the superintendent says they will make it clear that they loathe the n-word which is used in the play. he calls it a vial word in our language but his decision to go on with the script as is
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drawing mixed reaction in the community. >> i feel like a lot of people, you know, especially kids in the older grades like they're mature enough to understand that there's a a context for the words that are being used. >> reporter: caleb is in the pit orchestra and will be playing the music for his school's spring production of the tony award winning broadway musical rag time. choosing to perform the play has caused contention in the community because of its use of the n-word. originally the school superintendent decided they would not perform the play but after a series of meetings and discussions today he reversed the decision. the show will go on with the script as is. caleb's father says it must have been a tough decision for school officials to make. >> i think the goal is to be educational and if the kids are learning without being offensive, that's the goal of the community from what i'm hearing. >> reporter: school superintendent joseph mulatch posted the decision on the web site this evening in a letter that started with the sentence words matter. his words read in part these
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are tumultuous difficult times. we believe that while these difficult times provide challenges in ourly educational community they also provide an opportunity and an obligation to educate. we believe we can educate using difficult subject matter in presented in a safe sensitive way. >> we don't feel comfortable saying the n-word and they're saying the n-word n-i-g-g-e-r and hundreds and hundreds of years they said that word to us in a negative connotation. >> if they keep hearing it they kind of get dee and sensitized to word and in life that can rub the wrong person the wrong way. >> with high schoolers i don't see why it's an issue because as they get older this is what the reality is. >> reporter: now the superintendent also says that they plan to have conversation and the curriculum league up to the play and throughout the production just to make sure that everyone can learn from it without feeling threatened
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or disenfranchised. dawn. >> shawnette thank you. prosecutors in new jersey say they will not pursue a case against governor chris christie in the bridgegate. the state does not believe it can prove and official miss conduct beyond a reasonable doubt. the case stems from a complaint filed pie william brennan. he claims governor christie violated the state's misconduct law when he failed to reopen the lanes that were closed in an alleged political revenge plot. christie's office meantime releasing a statement in part saying tonight "the prosecutor's office was crystal clear there is no pace sis for this charge against the governor." >> ♪ >> president trump finished off his first week in office hosting his first foreign head of state at the white house. the president welcomed british prime minister theresa may. they discussed major global issues including the future of nato and fighting isis. trump praised brit's for
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brexit which he likened to his own election victory. >> a free and independent britain is a blessing to the world and our relationship has never been stronger. both american and britain understand that that do. s must be responsive to everyday working people, that governments must represent their own citizensly. >> president trump also used today's meeting to reiterate that he believes torture works. britain takes a vocal stand against it. >> also today mr. trump signed an executive order for vetting measures which he says will keep radical islamic terrorists out of the united states. that order is expected to stop syrian refugees from coming into the country and suspend issuing visas for people from other muslim countries. muslim leaders are pushing back. they're organizing protests and planning on pushing elected officials at mosque. thousands of people who identify as pro life taking to
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the streets of the nation's capitol. the marrer of life is held each year to protest the 1973 supreme court decision row verse wade which legalized a woman's right to an abortion. president trump showed his support for the event tweeting today "the march for life is so important to all of you marching. you have my full support and for the first time in the march's history the vice president also addressed the crowd. >> but today three generations hence, because of all of you, and the many thousands hoop stand with us in marches like this all across the nation, life is beginning again in america. [cheers and applause] >> however, according to the latest gallop survey 79 percent of americans believe abortion should be legal in that either some or all circumstances.
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>> putting the brakes on one of the city's longest running events. thousands of people come from all over the world for the annual bike race in manayunk. but it's not happening this year. >> no, there just aren't enough sponsors top fund the philadelphia international cycling classic. dave kinchen reports from manayunk with more on the struggle behind this year's race. >> reporter: if the rolling hills of the infamous manayunk wall could talk they might say they look forward to the bikes that race during the philadelphia international cycling classic in june as opposed to the heavier cars that pound the pavement every day. no such brake coming this year. >> i'm so disappointed. it's the funnest thing around here him. the city of philadelphia announcing the 2017 race a canceled. >> i'm surprised and shocked. it's wonderful for the neighborhood. >> reporter: it's a big employee to manayunk businesses on main street a staple on the classic racing
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route. >> race comes right on by so we have tents out there as early as 6 o'clock in the morning having coffee and doughnuts sitting there waiting for the racers to come by. >> reporter: this year the human zooms bike and board store will be missing out on the fun along with that and revenue from the international biking groups. >> they come in here for last minute repairs small part that might be needed. they're not buying the bikes but they all stop in. it's pretty exciting. >> reporter: but some city officials say. >> it ain't over. >> reporter: the race runs through the district of councilman jones. now he's working the phones. >> i've been in conversations were it mayor. i've been in conversations with congressman brady who at times i think his secret identity is superman because he on a number of occasions, it's not the first time, where he finds sponsors ships for the bike race. >> reporter: so, we will stay and tuned see how those conversations go to save this race. we can also tell you city officials say they've had a problem in trying to find out
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the total value of this race so that they could better market it to agencies out there. in manayunk, dave kinchen fox 29 news. >> coming up a phone scam you need to know about. the one simple question that scammers are asking to take your money and your personal information. >> and this woman's reaction says it all. she was sitting on a public bus and couldn't believe what was coming towards her. what came smashing into her and and seconds later. >> she's a local woman giving the life to save someone's life. the life of someone she had only known for app couple of weeks. >> i couldn't think if i didn't do something and something would have happened and i knew i potentially could have been a match. >> meet the family she didn't hesitate about helping for goodness sake. >> and our scott williams tracking the forecast. feels a lot like winter out there. >> absolutely dawn and chris. get ready for a weekend chill. how cold it will get and will we see some snow? the full forecast coming up.
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>> ♪ >> tonight several residents in glenside can go back to using their water. officials lifted the boil water advisory put in place for homes in one neighborhood after a massive sinkhole opened up wednesday morning on the 700 block of brook road. the advisory. affected 65 homes but crews continue the work of getting everything back to normal. >> a warp about a scam and a tricky one at that which is making the rounds and you could fall victim to it even without sharing any personal information at all. >> one we haven't heard of before. the bad guys are just hoping you'll say a single word. fox 29's brad sattin has more
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from university city. >> reporter: it starts when your phone rings and there's a stranger on your line. what if i said can you hear me yes you'd say. >> i could say yes, i can hear you. >> reporter: and with that simple word yes the better business bureau a says a scam is born. >> people call you up and they essentially want you to say something affirmative, they and want you to say yes, they want you to say something they can later use. >> reporter: turns out the bad guy on the other end is recording your yes but all they have is me saying yes. >> reporter: sure but they'll create a script ahead of that where they'll be talking and saying are you interested in whatever product or service. do you agree to purchase this and then they have you saying yes. >> reporter: from there they can act as a third party charging you through your phone bill or if they're able to steal your identity your credit card. and even if you spot the change. >> it looks sounds like a verbal contract and when that happens, it's going to become a he said she said situation
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and that's how the scammers make their money. >> reporter: sounds far-fetched but several reports have come into the bbb today and you won't believe this. >> in the last couple days, our office has received a couple calls directly from these scammers. >> reporter: they've actually been calling the better business bureau. >> yeah 'cause they tone know who they're calling. they just dial numbers. >> reporter: most we spoke to today weren't surprised. >> we used that think it was mainly the other that were getting hit. now everybody is. >> i think it's frightening but it doesn't surprise me. >> reporter: best simple advice let an unknown number go to voicemail and if it sounds suspicious when you pick up. >> it's perfectly okay to hang up the phone. you don't have to be polite. >> reporter: it's the world we live in. tell me your name. >> diana. >> reporter: your last name. you do end have to give it to me if you don't want to. versions of these scams aren't new. this was discovered in pittsburgh back in the fall and now seems to be going. the best advice is to simply
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hang up. in center city, brad sattin fox 29 news. >> tonight police in west goshen are searching for the person who held up a rite-aid employee at gunpoint. police say a work entrepreneurial arrived at the pharmacy on the 1300 block of phoenixville pike around 6:30 this morning to open up the store for the day. police say that's when a man walked up behind him and held a gun to his head. the suspect violently assaulted the employee ultimately forcing him to open the safe. the gunman got away with money in a rite-aid bag. if you recognize this man police want to hear from you. the philadelphia school district wants you to see how bad things arely at schools where we and send our children every day. everything fromly leaky roofs to broken windows in desperate need of repair. >> but the price tag in the billions of dollars. jeff cole has the story from school district headquarters in spring garden. >> reporter: built in 1931, the dunbar elementary is on the national register of historic places but age has
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taken its toll. those windows open on a winter afternoon are to vent the heat from a furnace that blasts hot air into the classrooms but it's not just the furnace. the elementary school of 300 kids has two pools of rainwater that forms on its old roof and leaks right into classrooms. >> when it leaks and i have to double up classes or move them to the library or just relocate them,'s an interference to the instruction. >> reporter: the school district says the windows furnace and leaking roof are among 12,000 of what it calls outstanding repairs identified in an assessment of the conditions in district buildings. the stunning price tag, $4.5 billion, 3 billion of which they'll need to spend in the next decade to my fix urgent problems p fran burns the district's chief operating officer believes the assessment provides a road majority district's building repair needs.
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>> we understand the need and i think, you know, if there -- if there was a place and time for infrastructure investment we're ready for it. >> reporter: city schools will have to look to the state legislature cover some repairs costs. a body mayor kenney thinks has failed in its commitment to urban etch today asian. >> it's a very simple thing to fix and that's increasing personal income tax in pennsylvania which is one of the lowest in the country. >> reporter: back at dunbar patch work can be seen on walls and ceilings, construction on a million dollar new roof starts in july while the principal says she fights to keep herm kids focused on learning. >> young person that comes to our school already goes through a lot of trauma and to come into a school where you have a bucket and water dripping into it periodically and you don't know when that's going to happen has a major impact on them. >> reporter: a spokesperson for statehouse speaker mike turzi says what has the district been doing the in terms of repair and says the state has its own big deficit
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and that money is going to be tight t on north broad, jeff cole, fox 29 news. >> in the market for a new car? news out today about what 2017 could look like for the auto industry. the records some think could be broken. >> and ahead police say a man pulls a gun on a convenience store worker and tries to rob the place. but customers inside that store make sure that gunman has nowhere to run. >> ♪ >> now with tomorrow's track here's bob kelly. >> get ready for new schedules on the regional rail for septa. new schedule kicks into gear on monday so make sure you grab a your new timetable. they have it available online so you're good to go for monday morning. same deal for patco changing up the schedules for monday morning's rush hour and we're going to roll into the convention send the auto show opens up to everybody tomorrow through next weekend so that
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will bring a lot of volume our way this weekend coming in and out of the city t you want to be in pictures. tonight until tomorrow morning they're shutting down j.f.k. boulevard and market street so they can shoot a movie. j.f.k. boulevard remains closed at 20th over tom 30th street station. have a great night. i'll see you back here tomorrow morning for "good day" philadelphia weekendly.
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>> now your winning lottery numbers.
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>> ♪ >> we have new surveillance video of a heart stopping crash in syracuse new york. take a look. this dramatic footage released by the bus a. >> reporter: see shows a moment of impact. police say an yap-year-old pickup truck driver swerved into the left lane to avoid traffic and barreled directly into the bus. medics took several passengers to the hospital incredibly no be was injured seriously. police are still investigating what went wrong. >> in minnesota a couple is extremely distraught after thieves stole the one thing they can never replace, the ashes of their mother. >> that was literally the last piece of her. this is kind of a -- >> the couple says thieves rum matched through their car taking a wallet several personal items and the plaque box containing the ashes. the couple says their car was
10:25 pm
the safest place for the ashes because they're currently staying with friends. they aren't seeking punishment or justice they're just hoping that someone comes forward. >> some scary moments at a press conference in chicago when the police superintendent suddenly fell ill. >> make the right -- you okay? that's it, man, just -- >> during the press conference eddie johnson became wobbly and disoriented. medics took the chief to a local hospital for an examination. the department spokesman later tweeted johnson was able to walk out of the building on his own. he was talking alert and feeling better. scary moments there. well, a florida man facing a long list of charges after police say he tried to rob a convenience store at gunpoint. >> yeah, but he didn't make it very far from the store. that's because a customer shot him. it all happened yesterday morning outside of tampa. police say christopher lilly walked in with a gun and demanded cash. a customer who happened to be a concealed carry permit
10:26 pm
holder shot the 31-year-old in the thigh. another customer held lilly down until a deputy arrived on scene. lilly is in jail on more than $300,000 bond. >> one of the biggest musikfesmusicfestivals and we ne line up. >> temperatures are dropping dawn and chris. 35 currently in philadelphia. just how cold will it get for the weekend and what about chances for snow? the seven-day forecast is coming up. >> and see the local man who had only been on the job for a couple of weeks but gives a life saving gift to one of the children she cares for.
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>> ♪ >> a lansdowne mother is asking for help finding her son who has been missing since the middle of november. she says the last time she spoke to him was on november 17 and no one has seen or heard from them since then. 20-year-old william tony lives in west philadelphia but he hung out in sharon hill and
10:30 pm
upper darby t he's a student at the community college of philadelphia. now police say he has no known ties to anyone with a criminal history. his mother says she knew something was wrong the sunday that he didn't show up at her house for dinner with her and his 10 and 12-year-old brothers. >> called his job and he didn't show up to work and that took it to the next level. the night before thanksgiving which we usually spend as a family together that's when i decided to call, get in contact with the police. >> east lansdowne police traced his cell pope to the area of 51st and ranstead in west philadelphia but they didn't find the phone or any sign of the 20-year-old. >> good news to report tonight. pennsylvania governor tom wolf gets a clean bill of health after getting treatment for prostate cancer. last year the governor announced he had been diagnosed were it a treatable form of the disease during a routine checkup. governor wolf received outpatient treatment for several months. prostate cancer is the most
10:31 pm
common cancer among american men. there are approximately 220,000 new cases every year. >> ♪ >> in a new jersey family's dark coast times their nanny brought some light into their lives. a 16 month old little girl could have died if she didn't receive a liver transplant. >> our bill anderson tells to us how that girl's nanny gave a life saving gift for goodness sake. >> reporter: early january a 22-year-old college student donated part of her liver right behind me at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania. they walked it right here to the children's hospital of philadelphia to the young patient be who needed the donation. so in about 14 hours a life was saved and that's not even the most impressive part of the story t the donor was thalia's babysitter but had only known the family for three weeks when she found out that baby thalia had a serious
10:32 pm
disease that could be fatal without a liver transplant. >> i walked in the house and she was watching my kids. she said i want to talk to you about something. she said i want to see if i'm a match for thalia. i its not like donating mood. shmood.she said i already did. i talked to my mom. we're good. >> reporter: kiersten took it upon herself to research donating part of her liver the selfless act that most of us would like to believe we'd do but major surgery for someone she'd known for less than a month. do you think it's crazy. >> i mean when you talk about it it sounds a little crazy but in my head it doesn't. she was nine months old i think when i started watching her. she can't tell anyone what's wrong with her. like she can't spread the word or anything and ask for help. >> reporter: baby thalia couldn't ask so kiersten volunteered. the roscoes and the medical team felt like they needed to make it clear to kiersten despite her willingness to help and desire to down play what she was doing this was
10:33 pm
serious surgery that could be potentially life changing obviously for thalia but also for her. >> i can never donate again so like they had to tell me in the future if i -- when i have a child they say a similar situation or a different one they needed a liver even if i was a.m. complete like 100 percent match i can't donate. you can only donate once. >> reporter: possibly most impressive to me while sitting with kiersten is even at 22 she seems sincerely surprised that anyone thinks her decision is unusual because for her it was just right. >> it's such a small sacrifice when you like compare it to saving a life. i mean, some of her doctors said she possibly wouldn't make it past two years old and all i had to do was be in the hospital for a week and a 5-inch scar in return. like i don't know it seemed like such a small sacrifice. >> reporter: kiersten still healing laid back attitude hasn't changed. >> it was a process, yes. no big deal. >> reporter: baby thalia and
10:34 pm
kiersten are both doing well and the roscoes happiness was obvious. they appreciated finding someone willing to help save a life for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. >> ♪ >> wow, what a gift. >> yeah. talk about a lifetime bond now. >> yeah, i know. you can see it. >> yeah, yeah. that's beautiful. well, tonight flames from more than a hundred wildfires continue top spread across chile destroying forest livestock and entire towns. chile's president declared a state of emergency for international help and just this week the u.s. sent firefighting airplanes to help battle the blazes. the authorities say the fires have killed at least 11 people and burned nearly a million acres of land. >> tonight people across the world are wreck kneeing the 72nd anniversary of the liberation of one nazi death camp. some of the last survivors of the holocaust gathered a the auschwitz to pray.
10:35 pm
survivors wore striped scarves to symbolize uniforms worn by prisoners. political leaders of the jewish community remembered the 1.1 million people who were murdered. >> the numbers they are draw dropping. police in atlantic city issue a warning after six heroin overdoses in just a matter of hours. our hank lynn just got back from a.c. with more on those on the front lines and what they're doing to save lives. >> are you in the ma, for a new car news out today about what 2017 could look like for the auto industry. the records some think could be broken. >> ♪ fios in the house!
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>> ♪ >> tonight i'm sure music fans are scooping up tickets for the firefly music festival after some huge names were announced as headliners. possible dylan and rock band muse are among the performers. the lineup to the east coast music festival features more than 140 acts. other headliners include the weekend, chance the rapper and 21 pilots. the four day festival happens june 15th through the 18th. >> in your money tonight are you planning to buy a new car this year? apparently you're
10:39 pm
not alone. jd power and lmc automotive are reporting today that u.s. auto sales are expected to hit a record in 2017. 17.6 million vehicles are anticipated to be sold over the course of this year. and that's a new record. boosted by the expected economical stimulus and deregulation as of president donald trump. the president met with auto execs earlier this week at the white house. president trump says he is looking to ease regulations to help auto companies and any other companies wishing to do business here in the united states. >> turns out not everyone is willing to wait in line for their starbucks fix. starbucks reported disappointing sales growth today. the coffee giant is partially blaming the congestion in stores due to their mobile ordering system, the order and pay in advance option was supposed to make getting a drink easier but apparently it's caused lots of bottle next at the pickup area in stores. ceo howard schultz who is leaving that role in april
10:40 pm
says the issue has created anxiety among its consumers. not me. i'll wait. i'll wait. well, in new hampshire a burger king manager is back on the job after she and another employee were arrested. >> yeah, they're accused of using secret codes to serve up marijuana at the drive through window. police say an order for french fries extra crispy really meant you were buying marijuana from burger king employee garrett norris. investigators said he went by the nickname nasty boy and o sold drugs overseen by a shift manager megan dearborn. customers find the whole thing disturbing. >> that's disgusting. the whole thing is disgusting. >> do that stuff. it's a playground here. it's terrible. >> both employees were arrested while norris was fired. his manager is apparently back on the job and denying the charges. >> our scott williams tracking your weekend of forecast. i'll tell you i wouldn't mind
10:41 pm
some snow. >> some snow is in the seven-day forecast. in fact, we're tracking several chances. find out where and also just how cold it gets next. >> ♪ >> tragic news out of atlantic city. six overdoses in just a matter of hours. now two people are dead. our hank flynn heads to the front lines top ask what will it take to save lives.
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>> ♪ >> a police suv smashed up after colliding with another car early this morning. that will cop was on his way to investigate another crash involving a drunk driver. around 2:30 this morning it all happened. the driver was driving at 26th and girard when the two vehicles collided. the officer went to the hospital for minor injuries. two people in the other car were not hurt. police are looking at nearby cameras to see who is at fault. >> ♪ >> in tonight's hank's tape the tragic outcome from an addictive drug. police say six people in atlantic city overdosed on a bad batch of heroin on wednesday and two of them died. >> yeah, our hank flynn drove to the front lines to see what can be done to save lives.
10:45 pm
>> ♪ >> you got that demon in you man there's no boundary. there's no lines. no consequences. so, it's kind of like a free for all and things happen. bad things happen. >> reporter: jesus is god. jesus loves you. that's the graffiti written on the pavement at brown's park in atlantic city. maybe it's there to chase off the demons that recovering heroin at ticket eric says frequented the park before it got fenced up a month ago. demons like the one who pulled a knife on him for money. >> just a knife, big knife kitchen knife and he said give it to me and i'm not giving my money away right now because when you're in that frame of mind it's life or death that you get well. >> reporter: eric knows the tough side of a.c. he documents it with his popular atlantic city crest chains instagram account. he says it was sad but no real surprise when six people overdosed wednesday night in a.c., two fatal al. police say all of them were on a batch of heroin called king
10:46 pm
of death. four were revised using narcan which gets heavy use from emergency responders. >> the mother was praising the police department for the use of narcan that saved her daughter a couple evenings before. her daughter was found in the stairwell. she was unconscious. she was overgoing on heroin and the officers responded and were able to save and revive her daughter. >> reporter: he adds that there are scores of those stories you never hear about because thankfully no one passes on but then what? experts like rob snyder says that's the prime question when an addict is really ready to give it up. now what? where do you put them. >> that has been the biggest problem that we're facing with this opioid epidemic. where do we put people that are ready and want the treatment. treatment centers can't handle it. the first thing we got to do is get detoxed and the detox or withdrawal usually happens
10:47 pm
in a hospital before an addict can be placed that of a treatment center where there may or may not be a bed. >> we have a client that's trying to admit and we don't know if we have a bed. we're busting at the seams. >> reporter: so many problems. teens can get heroin easier than they can buy booze. heroin dealers don't proof. don't different people start using for different reasons face different challenges in recovery? send me your heroin stories. we cannot stop exploring this because it's overwhelming us. i'm hank and that's my take. >> ♪ >> on your radar if you have been waiting for some winter-like temperatures, they are back. taking a live look at the ben franklin parkway, if you had your winter coats stowaway get it back out. the chilly time is here. will it stay away? meteorologist scott williams has the details in 15 seconds
10:48 pm
>> wind is definitely back. yesterday's high temperature in the mid-50's. today 44. for the weekend, high temperatures will top out in the upper 30's to low 40's. look at ultimate doppler right now. pretty settled quiet across the area but well off to the west, we're still watching some of those snow showers around cleveland moving toward eerie also around pittsburgh. it's kind of sticking here, maybe a couple of inches before all is said and done but for us look at the colder air. freezing, 32 right now in pottstown. we're looking at mid 30's in millville. 36 currently in atlantic city. upper 20's already in the pocono mountains. so, as we go ahead in time, by 1:00 a.m. we're talking feels-like temperatures north and west into the teens, low and 20's along that i-95 corridor. and then by early on saturday morning 7 o'clock, feeling
10:49 pm
like 21 in philadelphia, feeling like 23 degrees in atlantic city. by the afternoon, feels-like temperatures by 4:00 right around 30 in philadelphia pacific northwest millville, feeling like 30 degrees down the shore. so, that's how you should dress for tomorrow. now, for tonight, temperatures in the suburbs right around 26 degrees, 31 in the city, so pretty much area wide we're talking about numbers below freezing but feels-like temperatures into the teens and 20's. so o-that weekend foxcast breezy but once again those temperatures topping out tomorrow 43 degrees, 40 as we move towards your sunday. down the shore we're talking more clouds than sunshine, high temperatures around 40, it stays kind of gusty. for the pocono mountains flurries, some light snow, high temperatures in the 30's. but feels-like temperatures will be in the teens and also the 20's. now, flurries in the forecast over the next several days but most of the accumulating snow will be well to our west. we have a chance for some
10:50 pm
flurries as we move towards your monday and then again by wednesday but once again, it doesn't look like any major snow or accumulating snow across the delaware valley. it stays well off to the west. that weather authority seven-day forecast showing you will the upcoming weekend. chilly kind of breezy, more clouds than sunshine, a couple of chances for those flurries monday and then again on wednesday but temperatures only in the upper 30's to right around 40 degrees. we'll have to wait until thursday to see if it is six more weeks of winter or that early start to spring on ground hog day. back over to you. >> all right, scott. villanova wildcats look to bounce back after tuesday night's second half collapse. coming up in sports hear from jay wright as they get ready for a very tough matchup versus virginia on sunday. the red hot 76ers back in action tonight and this time joel embiid was back in uniform. would he be enough to get another sixers victory? we've got the highlights next in
10:51 pm
sports. >> chasing news. >> that's the best intro. killed it. >> says you. railroa
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>> ♪ >> the 76ers are one of the hottest teams in the nba. yes, you heard that right. going into tonight's nationally televised game verse the houston rockets the sixers have won 10 of the 13 good for and second best in the league along that stretch and have won their last two games even without the big man mr. joel embiid. embiid back after missing the last three games with a left knee contusion and embiid no matter the snub he's an all-star. it's a joke the league doesn't want him on the stage. what a game by jo-jo. first possession right out the chute sixers embiid with a slam over nene. embiid finished with 32 points and seven rebounds. james hardin an absolute monster on the court as well easy to the basket for the layup. hardin finished with 51 points. sissies lose a tough one, 123 to 118. let's talk some villanova
10:55 pm
hoops. villanova wildcats blew a 13-point lead with a little over six minutes left at marquette. now as we know it's a long season so losses respect bound to happen but for head coach jay wright tuesday's meltdown surely got everybody's attention. >> those losses shock our guys and they're a great wakeup. but i don't talk about it because i don't want us to have to get loses to concentrate on details and that was what the talk was about. >> all right, be sure to join us on sunday when nova looks to bounce pack as they host a very tough virginia squad. number 12 team in the country and that's going down on sunday at 1:00 p.m. right here on fox 29. let's talk some golf. why? because tiger is back or so we hoped. this week marked woods' first pga tour competition in 17 months as he teed it up last time at the windham championship in august of 2015 before undergoing two back
10:56 pm
surgeries. tiger struggled today but a beautiful place to struggle torrey pines california. woods looks physically fit but his game was off. twelfth hole out of the bunker well past the hole h he would bogey that hole. to the third hole, woods normally an ace with his putter but misses this short putt. he finished four over par and missed the cut. tiger's last 16 tour starts missed seven cuts. he'll try again next week in dubai. to the land down under for the men's australian open. rafael nadal taking on dtmetrov. nadal gets the game set and match. nadal will face his rival roger federer in the final on sunday. also how about this serena and venus face it off in the women's final at 3:30 in the morning. hey, wake up catch that and make sure you join us at fox good day in the morning. >> i may be dvring that.
10:57 pm
3:30 in the morning. >> dawn timoney standing by. >> we have a certain kind of music we like. but what about your dog.
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>> what's up america. >> ♪ live from center city philel


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