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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  February 7, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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happening right now on good day philadelphia, caught on camera. screeching tires right in the center of rittenhouse square, police say that this was no joy ride. why this cab had people the in the only yum pink out of the way but running to the rescue. plus, pieces of basketball legend kobe bryant's local legacy stolen what the thieves got away with they they broke in his alma matter. an apology please. this morning the kremlin is firing back at bill o'reilly. >> apparently putin administration in moscow demanding that i your humble correspondent apologize. why the host say if putin is waiting to say he's sorry
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he may be waiting a long time. "good day philadelphia" 5:00 a.m. starts right now. good day everybody i'm karen hepp with the whole gang here from the good day early crew. thanks for waking up and joining us. >> yes. this is a morning where we don't have any rain right new outside but we have to remind to you bring your umbrella because you'll need that umbrella before the morning is through and definitely through early afternoon which is why we only have a six out of ten. i don't think it will rain all day but we have bus stop buddy in the rain gear with showers around and temperatures in the 40's, with temperatures in the 40's. where are those showers? there is ultimate doppler. heavy rain to the north of us in the lehigh valley but we will see pink on radar there too and that indicates a possibility of some treeing rain, and that is why we have a freezing rain advisory for you to take your time, especially in the the lays that he is we just mentioned
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carbon monroe, northampton counties but lehigh county looks pretty we have there i and this contrast it is dry as a bone here in philadelphia right now 41 degrees, wind chill of 38 sunrise time 7:03 temperatures close tore tree ing further north you go and very mild to the south of us 50 degrees in dover and 51 already this wildwood, so no where but up from here temperatures wise, 61 degrees to take, mid take rain and milder afternoon. rain will stop by one or 2:00 in the afternoon. we have a few more showers returning and low of 55 degrees. wait until you see what happens after that. a lot of changes in that seven day forecast coming up, bob kelly. >> 5:02 on this tuesday everybody is going to be heading back to work and school today after that super bowl who will take yesterday. we had virtually zero morning and or afternoon rush hour. it was an upside down kind of a day. here's a live look at the blue route to problems or delays
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coming from south jersey, road are dry right the now but make sure you have a good set of wiper blade later today. today will be crunch day for september and market frank forward line video. the general manager have the septa pointed out the crack found underneath of 60 of the market frankford line trains. its first developed on sunday. they pulled 60 trains out of the fleet. they typically need 144 to run the rush hour, they pull out 60 expect longer gaps between the trains, same as yesterday platforms overcrowded and the difference yesterday, a lot of toll accounts took the take off. so to take will be crunch time here, but they have shuttle bus services which will work out well touring the morning and evening rush hours. the tip when platforms are crowded they will push commuters down to the shuttle buses. if you are going to go a couple stops, the busies not a big tiehl but if you are going
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for a long stretch from 63rd up to girard you will want to make sure you wait for the trains. to take will be a rough day first big day for septa and market frankford line since they advertise cover those cracks over weekend. turnpike connector bridge remains cloud to vehicle traffic and so farrow good down at philly international. karen and thomas, back to you. we will begin with this breaking news out of kensington where we have had a pretty fast moving fire that forced people out of their homes. lets get right out to lauren johnson live at the scene lauren? >> reporter: hi there karen fire crews have cleared the scene here in kensington but you can see what remains of that house fire that started here on jasper street just after 1:00 a.m. lets look at video we shot earlier. couple tells thrust were three adults and several kid inside the home at the time of the fire. they said a hand threw within dog from the top floor of the home but another talk was trapped inside could be heard wining and whim purring that talk never made it out but all
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of the people did and three people who lived at the home next door were able to get out as well. fire was spreading so quickly fire fighters evacuate todd other homes on the street as a priest cautionary measure it took fire fighters an hour to get the flames complete thely under control and this morning a family is difficulties laced several families, the street has been cleared fire crews just leaving and investigation is underway. we understand fire marshall was on the scene to investigate and l and i were here as well to see the condition of the house what remains here, the natalie family will be able to move back in. >> long night, lauren johnson this morning, thank you. a fire in north philadelphia is under investigation this morning it happened around 11:00 last night at a roast home on joyce street. the family able to make it out safely but fire tighters rush into rescue their two pets.
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a carjacked cab tires squealing in the middle of the rittenhouse square that had people left and right jumping out of the way this morning a different scene calmer scene. lets get out to steve keeley on the scene this morning to break this bizarre scene down on this wild ride, steve. >> reporter: what a wild year it has been for rittenhouse square. they had a shooting here in the past 12 months and remember just three weeks ago it was last in the news when someone ordered signs put up no sitting on wall. well, mayor surely let someone have it behind the scenes. signs taken down at rittenhouse square. he said a welcoming place for people to hang out and good thing, some good guys were hanging out here yesterday at 1:30 in the afternoon when sound of the screeching tires got everyone's a tension. what they didn't though some mentally advertise turned guy disturbed the peace. odd how no one noticed a naked guy was hanging around here until after he attack a would
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hand when he got in the cab in front of the carlisle at 3:30. then cabby got out of the drivers side to help her. when tell that nude guy got in and started trying right through the middle will of the park. >> he just took off with the cab, you know, he drove to locust street and from this entrance he drive in the park. >> we heard screeching. he was trying to in a taxi trying to run everybody over. as soon as he saw him everyone jumped in the bushes. he came across the street. he hit another car. he tried to back out. as soon as he tried to stop, he he was about to reverse in the barnes and mobile -- noble and we held them done until police got here. he was naked. when we pulled him out he said i'm mentally ill. take me to the hospital. >> how cool are those guys. maybe biggest hero in the whole group of guys that stopped this guy was the cabby
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first one to fight the guy but those screeching tires indicate that before he jumped out of the driver's seat he hit his emergency brakes which is likely the reason those tires were screeching and other reason why this could not drive that cab faster and kill a whole bunch of people because this park was packed. it was a beautiful afternoon. sunny, over 50 degrees and people got the warning because the emergency break was making those tires screeching to get the heck out of the way or come running toward the cab or stop this guy before he got on the sidewalk here on walnut street and started killing commuters in the afternoon. so how much worse would this have been if these people didn't stop, karen and thomas. >> thanks, so much steve. situation people will be talking about for quite sometime. in the first 100 days of the trump administration, the fate of the president trump's travel ban now in the hand of the federal appellate court. the san francisco based ninth circuit court of appeals will be hearing from lawyers from the federal government and also the state suing trump to
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take. washington and minnesota officials say natalie ban is discriminatory, and harms people. the trump administration argues it is a matter of national security. >> we need strong programs so that people that love us and want to love our country and will end up loving our country are allowed in. not people that want to destroy us and destroy our country. >> let take a live picture from the capitol we have another showdown playing out there inside, because today the senate will be voting on education secretary nominee betsy devos democrats have been pulling an all neither they are trying to block perfect confirm haitian republicans are still expected to narrowly win her approval, two other republicans have switched and said they will vote for her so vice-president mike pence may have to cast the deciding vote. we should point out listing of the travel ban means a second chance for immigrant families turned away
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last month. six relatives of the assali family flew from syria to jfk airport in new york. they arrived in allentown yesterday greeted by governor tom wolf and host of the reporters and photographers. despite having right documents authorities turned them away at philadelphia international the airport nine days ago. now they are here in the u.s. legally and happily. >> very happy and very grateful that a lot of people are supporting us. i did not imagine that this many people here would be supporting us and i'm very grateful. >> reporter: are you surprised a that there before this many americans that supported your cause. >> yes. >> would i just like to say this is who we are. i think it is really wonderful to welcome the entire family, think of what they have been through. >> reporter: both assali family and governor wolf raised intervention of the republican congressman charlie dent to give family a second chance to come to pennsylvania right now russia's demanding an apology from fox
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's bill o'reilly, kremlin apparently was watching the "fox news" host interview with president trump touring the super bowl and several top officials were not too happy about the comments about russian president putin. >> putin's a killer. >> so there air lot of killers we have a lot of killers. what, to you think our country is so nocent. >> kremlin spokesperson says owerily's remarks were unacceptable insulting and apologies are in order. o'reilly addressed this show last night and his response is opportunities hold your breath >> apparently the putin administration this moscow demanding i, your humble correspondent, apologize for saying old vladies a killer. so i'm working on that apology but it the may take a little time. might want to check in with me around 2023. >> remainder of his interview with president trump will air it this otto riley factor. how about this one several sticks of dynamite have been
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talked away. >> still ahead on "good day philadelphia" the odd thing the bomb squad needed to do to tea fuse this situation. and getting a lotly ticket just got easier like a lot easier in new jersey, why you will no longer need to leave the comfort of your own home to try your luck, i love this idea good morning bob. two bucks down on the table ready to going 5:12. we will go for a ride rolling out of the delco say good morning to trenton waking up sue has rain in the forecast and i'll check in with septa coming up next.
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a lot of interesting weather changes in the future. freezing rain advisory to the north of us until 10:00 a.m. because of the pink that you see here on radar is an indication we may see freezing rain from the pocono mountains we just had heavy rain moving through allentown area, and it is a tricky travel around easton around upper mount bethel and all along route 80 up there could be slippery it is just rain because it is very mild at new jersey shore and not much of it but there is more on the ray, in fact by later this morning you will see heavier rain moving in. so if you miss this this morning you'll get it later in the day. bring that umbrella by midday
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we're seeing, some pockets of heavier rain in the metro area through 11 or 12:00 o'clock. then we will get sunshine, and then another round of rain, tonight, now tomorrow, into tomorrow morning. now tomorrow is a take we could get a record high temperature and then cold air moves in and it is so cold we have possibility of a coastal storm, and possibility of some snow, in the morning on thursday. maybe even lingering in the early afternoon accumulating snow. we could get several inches and it all comes during morning rush, few flurries in the afternoon and that should be it for that. it is a big roller coaster ride as we mentioned with yesterday with temperatures and then we will add possibility of the snow accumulation on thursday morning. but right now it is okay with most of our temperatures. 41 degrees in philadelphia, 50 dover. fifty-one in wildwood. very mild. close to freezing to the north of us which is why we have a chance of freezing rain. we could hit a record, yesterday, or tommy should say wednesday's record is 63 degrees, and that is our tore cast high temperature. let's get to it.
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we will get to an early high of 60 degrees. temperatures drop. i mean really plunge, by thursday, it is cold enough for snow, after 63 degrees on wednesday. little hard to process that but that is what will happen and it stays cold, on friday. after the snow. then we are close to 50 by sunday with another chance of rain bob kelly. >> sue, good morning. 5:17. we are good to go right now on the major roadways. live look at 202 in king of prussia, road are dry but sue mentioned with the rain on the way it will be a tough go, grab your umbrella and be ready for delays. i-95 looking good out of northeast philadelphia, get ready for rough ride today the on the market frankford line. let's role video septa's gm yesterday, showed everybody the crock discovered underneath one of the market frankford line trains over the weekend. they have pulled 60 cars out
5:18 am
of service to make these repairs. today will be first busy rush hour. yesterday was light because of the super bowl. there is crack that was found underneath one of the cranes. it is 60 trains, out of service, here's septa's game plan for today. expect longer gaps in between the trains, and lets the come back to the maps here. we will have platforms overcrowded and they will have shuttle bus service running. what i just found out is the shuttle buses were pulled from various routes throughout the city. septa could not be specific where those buses were pulled from, but said that service could be delayed on some bus routes because of the shuttle bus service. it sound liken if you don't use market frankford line, your bus could be delayed or you could have delays out there because of the shuttle bus service. as they are crowded up above passengers will be offered the opportunity to use shuttle bus service which will run on the same route as market frankford
5:19 am
line. little tip to you are only gone for a couple stations say from 63rd, over to forty-sixth probably, okay to use the bus if you go from 63rd all the way into down ton or up into somerset you will want to wait for the train even if a train or two bypass es you because the shuttle bus service will take forever to get you through the traffic lights and all of the neighborhood, to get where you are going. again, brace yourself, be ready, get an early start this is first test of this system here and with the rain on the way, it is not going to be pleasant standing out on the corner or on the platform in the rain later on this afternoon. pennsy turnpike connector bridge is still closed to vehicle will traffic and so far so good down at philly international, thomas and karen, back to you. thanks bob. 5:19. it is hard to wrap your mind around what bucks county prosecutors say a handy hand did to children, 40 years ago. they say this man right here
5:20 am
58 year-old william thomas sexually assaulted children as young as three years old. he lived at a trailer park in morrisville and before that a home this levittown. prosecutors say that thomas kept record of his sexual assault on the children and he claimed they found more than a thousand images of child porn in his home as well as hundreds of pairs of little girls underwear on display. the trailer park owner tipped police off after finding those disturbing items. >> this was a per verse shrine to his criminal conquests and we are merely scratching the surface have of those conquest s, today. to be blunt about it this is a real life boogie man this is your parent's worst nightmare. >> investigators worry william thomas could have more victims out there. he will be back in court next wednesday. 5:20. opioid epidemic has hit our entire area very hard. new jersey lawmakers right now are trying to work to fight this problem yesterday governor chris christie signed a new law to require medical
5:21 am
professionals to discuss the possibility of addiction before they write that prescription to opioids for anybody under the age of 18 years old. this is just his latest way to try to tackle this crisis. in new jersey opioid killed 1600 people in 2015. be very careful where you put your purse, that is warning from philadelphia police this morning. they are hunting for that guy they say he has been targeting elderly woman and snatching their bags in the the northwest part of the city. he has already struck four times, in as many days. well what they have advertise cover at a home in haverford in a freezer created a big reaction and people were really advised. two bomb squads had to be called out to a home and forced neighbors to shelter in place. investigators say there was a family to go clean up and they found eight sticks have dynamite in the freezer when they were clearing out the home of the loved one just recently died this was all taking lays yesterday, that is 200 block of laurel lane
5:22 am
investigators say natalie home owner work this demolition and he had that dine height for quite a while. bomb squad drove the explosives to a facility this delaware county to diffuse them. >> it is frozen so they need to defrost, soak tonight diesel fuel to help headache it remove. >> they soak tonight diesel fuel in order to headache tine might safe. no one was injured and in one was forced to evacuate. kobe bryant is willing to help in anyway he can after a piece of basketball history belong to go him disappeared without a trace. someone smashed a display case at lower merion high school on sunday which is bryant's alma matter. they stole a framed jersey of his uniform several pairs of the signed nike sneaks, 196 state trophy and nets. lower merion police are reviewing surveillance tape for any leads. people this new jersey will soon be able to play the lottery without leaving their
5:23 am
houses. governor christie signed legislation to allow lottery tickets to be sent by private courier, lawmakers say they broadening lottery customer's base. courier services would have to register with and get authorization from the state lottery commission before they could deliver those tickets. >> just looking at a calendar here can you believe valentines day a week away. >> i can. >> did you get your guy or girl something special yet for valentines day. >> that means you are getting something special if you cannot wait. coming up on "good day philadelphia" we are talking numbers here just how much are you spending on your loved one doesn't match up to what others are spending? we will see. if you want to celebrate winter in a palace of ice there's only one place to go.
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time right now 5:26. good morning. are you in the the market to buy a home. couple dozen town homes are coming to the delaware waterfront. >> this is cool, on a property where trump tower almost went up. here's a rendering of this planned property, it is in pier 35 and a half like harry potter when you get on the hog warts express. it the is north delaware and fairmount avenue. originally it would be a trump tower with more than 200 units pier will be a community with about 41 town homes. pretty cool.
5:27 am
here's a question did you buy flowers for whoever your significant other hey be. >> it feels like you are forced. do you want to spend that much on roses. >> it is obligation and you have to say thank you. sauer your money. >> is that your advice, you don't to have buy flowers. >> you have to do dinner. you do need to do something but, well, whatever. it is charade we all go through. >> yes. >> according to the on line market lays, fat wallet, a dozen roses unarranged will cost you about $65. that could explain the nearly $20 billion that americans shelled out last year that they shelled out last year for big v day. retailer say people with south s they spend an average of $100 on their sweetheart for valentines day. i think that is good way to do it and wine. >> home made card. >> i love home hade card. >> yes by the kid. >> 5:37. being told they need to pay up >> coming up at 5:30 why
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their smart tv have been too short, what the ftc says they are to go to millions of americans.
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we have breaking news a fire tears right through a row home we will take you their life in a moment. after protest as cross this country and right here in philadelphia a big battle in court over president trump's travel ban. and, splitting up big three are sixers wanting to trade okafor? this morning we are breaking down trading rumors. good morning, thanks for joining us on this tuesday already once again and we have this roller coaster when it comes to almost everything. we have traffic, with the weather, sue it is freezing. >> that is right crazy, we have a beautiful take yesterday, mild today but there is rain. >> we have to put our hand up. >> wow. >> bus stop buddy loves roller coaster and still smiling with the rain gear on and some umbrellas nearby. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. if you live far north of us here in philadelphia we have seen some rain or freezing rain and some is just exiting our shore points. treeing rain advisory this will 10:00 a.m. for three counties up to the north.
5:32 am
forty-one in the city. we don't have rain yet with you closer to freezing further north we will go. we will get to a high of 61 degrees as rain end by late afternoon and then it this, it stays hield wait until you see what comes after that in the seven day forecast. >> good morning. 5:32. we have a vehicle fire north on 295 it is northbound side heading in toward route 38, but watch for delays, fire fighters responding to the scene there again on the northbound side at route 38. here, rough go ahead of us here this morning on the market frankford line, let's role video from yesterday's press conference. septa's gm jeff, pointing out crack that was found underneath one of the market frankford line trains. this morning's rush hour expect crowded trains crowded platforms they are running shuttle bus services that will run exact same route from 69th up to the frankford transportation center. karen and thomas, back to.
5:33 am
the battle over president trump's controversial travel ban, may come to a head in federal court. >> also his pick for education secretary betsy devos comes up for a vote. let head to washington where doug luzader is joining us, good morning towing. >> reporter: good morning. >> let's start with the education nominee. are they still talking the democrats, is that still happening. >> reporter: yes, they are. democrats probably don't have the votes to stop betsy devos from becoming next education secretary. they came close republicans though, without a vote to say will probably get her through. democrats are just trying to delay this as much as they can but republicans probably have thumbs but it will probably require the vice-president mike pence cast the deciding vote in the senate to get to 51 that they need to get her confirmed. first time a vice-president has ever had to to that for a cabinet pick but she's a honk the most controversial cabinet picks for the new trump
5:34 am
administration. >> how so? where do the doubt lie here? >> reporter: well, i think there was some concerns about the way that she answered a number of questions through the course of her confirmation hearings. democrats are generally full of teachers union and teachers union do not like some of the things she has been advocating specifically support for not just charter schools, for instance but the idea of school vouchers. so that is kind of the broad outline here for why she's being opposed for a number of democrats. i think even some republicans acknowledge she didn't have the strongest performance during her confirmation hearings. she's seen answer a transform ative figure this education and it tea pend how you view roll of the federal government in education as to whether you think that is good or bad. >> another huge issue of course is immigration. this is in the ninth circuit court. what do we think will happen with this? >> reporter: they will take oral arguments today. what they are asking is for
5:35 am
lawyers from the trump administration and from the two states that are suing the trump administration, washington state and minnesota to phone these arguments this. we will be able to hear these eventually because they will headache them public. half an hour, per side, to outline for white house why they think president trump has the authority to ban specific groups of individual from the country, and from the state's perspective why they see this as clear cut discrimination. so they will layout its cases. the it is widely expect natalie court left leaning court they will really side with the states. a lot of legal analyst believe that and if that is the case this will get to the u.s. supreme court. >> back and forth continues we will see how this plays out doug lou said inner washington good to see you doug. we have a number of fires to tell you about. we will start with this one out of kensington. fast moving there, but fire fighters, also very fast, they knock it down as you can see in the video. several people were forced out of their home in the 3500
5:36 am
block of jasper street. this is just after 1:00 this morning, crews did manage to get this blaze under control in an hour. nine people, did escape unharmed, but the fire did kill one family's dog. another fire to tell but this one in north philadelphia under investigation, happened around 11:00 at a rehome on joyce street. that family was able to get out safely. the fire fighters rush into rescue two of their pets. 5:36. a carjacked taxi causing a frightening ordeal for folks in rittenhouse square. the lets get out to steve keeley breaking this down for us steve. >> reporter: well, same brand as the see there called get a cab that was the cab chain involved yesterday and some disturbed guy who did not get pants, shoes shirt or a socks if you get my tritt and also didn't get much notice here in mid afternoon at 3:30 december site being completely naked until after he attack a woman sitting in the back of her cab waiting for her receipt in
5:37 am
front of the carlisle. that is when the driver got out, to help her when the nude guy got in the passenger door and started to attack it would man. that was sound of the screeching tires after the nude guy got in the driver's seat taxi driver wisely had his emergency brake on when he got out which may explain why the tires screeched and smoke. while the guy could not go any faster and that screeching real loud sound alerted everyone to get out of the way in rittenhouse square and not get killed. >> he just lost it. he got to the cab and forced to the ground. he assaulted her a little bit. i tried to intervene. he kind of submitted. i walked away to the curb. he hopped in the passenger seat and driver's seat and then he took off at 20th and
5:38 am
locust and hit three parked cars and then drove into rittenhouse square. >> i was in my kitchen and heard these screeches from outside, usually, there will be a car going too fast but kept going over and over again and i heard screams so i looked out high window and i seen this cab in the middle of the car and just barreling down. it really sped up. >> reporter: so viewer alert as it get back in the 50's and lower 60's as sue's predicting next few days and people trust lighter, too late naked, in public, in the most popular park in philadelphia, should be a big indication, and or warning something is wrong with someone and something worse may go wrong and so big ups to all of the guys who ran toward the naked guy driving that carjacked cab right here in the middle of the rittenhouse square. look at these skid marks main sidewalk through the park right on the corner of walnut
5:39 am
and 18th. it doesn't get to be a busier place in the city then this in the middle of the afternoon on a nice sunny day. they could have had people killed out here left and right >> made a big dippens with those folks running and helping out. time is 5:39. we will check weather and traffic but first we will honor this black history moment. today we are remembering martin delaney abolitionist, journalist, physician and writer. >> he was one of the first three african americans admitted to the harvard medical school. more than that he treated patients in pittsburgh touring the 1800's when so many other doctors were fleeing that city we will be right back.
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i'm sean bell. red hot january sixers are ice cold this february. no joel embiid last night out with knee soreness and last night they had to shot, against the pistons. the game got ugly in the second half down by 20, aaron baines right there testing alley hoop brett brown frustration, is written all over his face, later in the the fourth, andre drum on passes it out, gets it back, and then throws it down right there, sixers lose 113-96 their fourth straight loss. flyers split evening in the second but carter hutton with the great save. he had 26 in the game, meanwhile st. louis paul stag any with the goal right
5:43 am
there off his skate and right in. that is luck natalie flyers are having. they lose two to nothing. patriots arrived back home this boston after winning super bowl 51. i'm sure they have in the slept one bit, parade is today at 11:00. that is sports in a minute.
5:44 am
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sixers are in trade talks centering around jahlil okafor
5:46 am
>> so, esp this is reporting natalie sixers could get a future first round pick, and backup player, in exchange for okafor. the sixers have been struggling to find playing time for all of their centers since emergens of the joel embiid jahlil okafor and nerlens knoll have been subject of the trade rumors all season long. 5:46. lets get a check of the traffic. >> ready to trade in for new september railroad cars. i figured outnumbers here. market frankford line. there are 218 total cars in the whole fleet, 58 were already in the shop. sixty more were pulled out of service because of the cracks which leaves us right now with only 100 cars. that is the issue. fifty-eight were already broken, before they pulled the 60 out leaving us with only 100 of the 218 cars that are used to service the market frankford line. there is the problem. we only have 100 cars right
5:47 am
now for our morning rush hour. what we can expect, longer gap s between the trains, and the platforms will be overcrowded and today is going to be the test, yesterday with a trial run because of the who will take, or i should say super bowl who will take, folks took the take off yesterday because of the super bowl. septa adding shuttle bus service to compliment the train service trains will run all trains, making all stops, no a or b service shuttle bus service will come in handy if you go to a couple stops. if you go from one even to other or northeast philadelphia all the way into town town at 15th street you will want to take the train forever to get those buses through neighborhood making all of those stops and traffic lights. so brace yourself, get out there early crunch time for market frankford line they say volume starts to pop at about 6:45 7:00 o'clock. you want to be on your way and be ready because rain's coming today and that will certainly
5:48 am
impact the afternoon rush hour as well north on 295 a vehicle fire up they are route 38 which is mount laurel interchange. it is off to the side, some left over flares are out there and remember turnpike connection bridge remains close todd vehicle traffic. rain on the way, suebias on the way in 15 seconds. lots to keep track of over next couple days including freezing rain possibility. we have seen some on the the north of us, carbon, monroe northampton counties until 10:00 a.m. have a freezing rain advisory. we have seen that moving through. it looks like this batch of treeing rain is exiting our viewing area we will zoom in closer, and show what you we're talking about. around mount pocono and that area, that still could be
5:49 am
tricky travel down threw upper mount bethel and i80. to the south it is milder, we had heavy rain moving through about half an hour ago and that is gone. here's what is happening. we will start with to daze and warm front that is already come through and this low pressure system which is eventually going to drag a cold front through tomorrow morning. so we have got rain this morning, another little round tomorrow in the, actually tonight into tomorrow morning early morning hours and that is cold front that will bring in that cold air very quickly after possible record high temperature on wednesday and then this secondary low possibly could bring us some snow early thursday morning just in time for morning rush hour. there is a possibility of some accumulation. thursday morning is what we're talking about for this snow. right now 41 degrees in philadelphia 51 wildwood. four in mount pocono. forty-one this lancaster. record warmth is possible
5:50 am
tomorrow and then record for february 8th tomorrow is 63 degrees. we could get there. today's record is 69. we will not make it there. we could get as high as 61 degrees if we get sunshine this afternoon. sixty-three tomorrow and then temperature drops quickly early high temperature, look the at difference between high on wednesday and high on thursday crazy with 35 degrees and yes that chance of snow accumulation on thursday morning still got to watch computer models to see when they start agreeing on that. thirty-two is all we will have very cold day for a high temperature on friday but then we will get milder with rain possible on sun take. getting dizzy guys? crazy out there. >> ups downs snow, rain, it is nuts. >> it is just like a roller coaster we yell at the 32, cheer at 61 sue, thank you. vizio is paying up after it was caught spying on consumers. company agreed to a 2.2
5:51 am
million-dollar settlement. here's the deal, fcc says company tracked people viewing data without their consent and sold that date the a to third parties who used it for advertising. under the terms of the settlement they must delete all data it collected, and, of course, i am roof privacy. this is trending at 5:51. pick up paper, look at obituary, something we don't talk about them. >> i look at them every single day. there is one that has a lot of people talking because it was unusual. >> lets take a look here 56 year-old william harris, of ross township tied after a battle with cancer. according to his obituary the location of his death is in of your business. the it starts with walter was porn in the back seat have the gray hound bus rolling down highway 41 and his infectious personality led to a city wide quarantine. people say he wanted a owe bit
5:52 am
war that i matched his personality, he didn't want doom, gloom. so there you have it. >> absolutely, i see this picture of christie brinkly. >> she return to the sports illustrated swimsuit addition. >> she's a legend, and she shows age is just a number. take a look, there she is alongside her two that cannot be right, two girls, they are grown up they cannot be that much smaller alexa ray joel and sailor brinkly cook who she had with peter cook. she set a record in the 70's after she landed three sports illustrated covers, swimsuit model first covered issue this 1979, she looked good at every age. >> hasn't changed a bit. still talking about the super bowl. i got choked up because well we necessity how it ended. reports circulating that tom brady's super bowl jersey was taken by a team staffer for safe keeping. doesn't seem to be the case.
5:53 am
touring rest conference brady said he put the injuries any his bag after the game and says it disappeared after that texas lieutenant governor done patrick has asked texas rangers to assist this is investigation, and search for brady's jersey. it is a whole thing now. >> lady gaga, it was epic there, half time show, starring lady gaga, second most watched this super bowl history, more than 117 viewers watched her performance and the high is rated super bowl show was katie per any 2015. lady gaga is getting ready to kick off her world tour and she's coming to our area at wells fargo center in september, tickets go on sale, february 13th. looking to have a fury friend adopt a pet there is new steps being taken to direct you to your forever friend, to make it easier, so we will explain.
5:54 am
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exciting news, for art fans norman rockwell's art tour crisscrossing the nation in parts of the europe. philadelphia, one of the exhibit stops, it is call enduring eye teams rockwell, roosevelt and four freedoms, exhibit opens up in june of 2018 at new york historical society and it will end in france, more than a year later the norman rockwell museum
5:57 am
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man strips down name and goes on a joy ride leaving bystanders running for safety. how the man was stopped before he got hurt. naked. plus two big battles for donald trum top day first unusual tactic democrats are using to secure votes against his secretary of education pick. and his controversial ban will be argued in court today. and it is a good day to get outside sue record numbers, i hear, record numbers. good day everybody it is february 7th, 7 days away from valentines day. >> we are one week. >> yes. >> you are on notice.


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