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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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man strips down name and goes on a joy ride leaving bystanders running for safety. how the man was stopped before he got hurt. naked. plus two big battles for donald trum top day first unusual tactic democrats are using to secure votes against his secretary of education pick. and his controversial ban, will be argued in court today. and it is a good day to get outside, sue, record numbers, i hear, record numbers. good day everybody it is february 7th, 7 days away from valentines day. >> we are one week. >> yes. >> you are on notice. >> yes.
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>> good morning to you. >> let me see i'm excited about this warmer weather. >> we have a trade off. we have had in rain in philadelphia, we have had a round of rain moving through and another round coming through today. that will be your trade off and we will give you a six out of ten in weather by the numbers. there it is, buddy toss have rain gear because we have showers around through morning and through midday. the rain just passed by to the north and another area to the south just leaving the shore, and some of that was freezing rain. we have a treeing rain advisory for carbon, monroe, northampton counties until 10:00 a.m. temperatures slow enough that travel could be on the slippery side. it is try here this philadelphia at the moment. look at how hield it is already, 45 degrees right now. we will get to a high of potentially 61 with midday rain and milder afternoon and it will be warmer tomorrow because temperature went go that low tonight, only in the mid 50's. very unusual for february, but
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wait until you see temperature swings and chance of snow that we have in the seven take forecast. bob kelly. >> yes, put soap in your mouth 6:02. good morning everybody. here's a live look at i-95 southbound headlights coming out of northeast philadelphia heading in towards girard avenue starting to see beginning of the morning rush hour and here's what we have from septa, longer gaps between the trains on the market frankford line, platforms will be overcrowded, septa putting shuttle bus services for morning rush. to take will be the test, yesterday we will call it practice because a lot of folks took the toews off because of the super bowl game we didn't have a real big morning rush hour. if you are going from only 63rd only to 54th or 34th over to 15, couple stops the bus will to the trip for you. if you go from one end to the other the train is what you will wait for. here are some numbers, 218
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total cars on the market frankford line? fifty-eight were already this is shop, busted for various reasons. you take out the 60 that were pulled out because of the cracks, that is why the cracked situation seems much bigger then it really is because now we only have 100 cars out of the 218 total on the entire market frankford line. the lets go to lauren johnson live at girard avenue station of the market frankford line. what are you seeing so far there this morning. >> reporter: hi there bob septa promised they would have people here on staff waiting to help people manage the crowds because they maintain safety as their highest righter. shuttle buses they promised are as well. hope is to have everyone direct people to the right place either train platforms or shuttle buses. septa leaders are anticipating huge crowd, during the morning peak hours and for a.m. commuters that means from right now until 10:00 a.m. change to service went in effect yesterday as bob
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mentioned after a crack in the main load carrying beam was advertise covered on a market frankford line cars on friday night, one of the septa mechanics were performing scheduled vehicle overhaul work at that 69th street shop when advertise coverry was made. more inspections revealed an additional car with the crack. in the interest of the safety septa pulled her cars that have indications of a crack. as a result half of the cars are now off of the line which impacts the regular weekday service asked you'll. >> we think we can increase car count to the point where we will get close to running normal service, hopefully fairly soon. we want to have move quickly but we don't want to rush and make a mistake to create another problem. >> reporter: we understand as of last night, 108 out of the 216 cars were functional, but half of the fleet still means big delays. many of those cars are running in pairs, so now septa is saying they are trying to dis
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assemble some and repair fully functioning cars to get shore cars back on the track but this morning mike and alex , shuttles are here at girard station and septa employees helping people navigate this big mess that we will have have on our hand for the morning commute. >> wow. >> probably quite a while too. >> we will see how it goes this morning for breakfast. we had a couple fires, this one in kensington fast moving fire leaves several people burned out of their homes. crews racing to the scene on the 3500 block of jasper street. just after about an hour they got it under control. trouble is, it is ripped through two row homes. nine residents did escape un harm but one of the family dogs died. a fire in north philadelphia is under investigation this morning. it happened around 11:00 last night at a row home on joyce street. family was able to make it out safely but fire fighters, rushed into rescue their two
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pets. alex, i you know i spend a lot of time in rittenhouse square. >> yesy swear to you this is not the me. i was not there yesterday. >> it was someone who carjack a cab, in the middle of the rittenhouse square and people left and right jumping out of the way. you heard those sound, my good this is. >> he end up naked, end up naked with his pants around his ankles. i'm glad nobody got hurt, that way we can laugh about it a little bit, hey steve. >> reporter: mike, i got to admit, i'm honest, my first indication when i saw this story break was this a hold over from mike's syringe break here a couple weeks ago because weather was nice. you were telling people to show up in least amount of clothing as possible. i thought maybe late for your party or still hanging out from your party. but look, this is having a
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serious angle. look at skid marks through middle of the park. how many times have you been standing on this very spot. you would have gotten killed if you were standing there when this guy came tearing through the park. sound of the tires screeching, why? likely taxi driver when he got out to help woman in his passenger seat waiting for a receipt when this guy opened that door first and started attacking her. he probably left his emergency brake on and this guy could not go any faster or do anymore damage and kill somebody. it came out to walnut. 3:30. you know how bus think place is. it could have been way worse month. man had scrapes and cuts, the guy, we have got from a police source, is wearing pant now. so he is dressed now in jail or in the mental ward. >> we lost his hike. he has orange pants on now probably. 6:07. another she down is playing out in capitol hill to day at noon senate will vote on education secretary nominee
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betsy devos. democrats are pulling an all neither trying to block her confirmation, and devos is still expect to narrowly win her approval with vice-president mike pence set to cast deciding vote, should there be a tie. >> there might be a tie, they would have to get a third republican to vote against her >> they are saying that just might happen. >> state of the president trump's partial travel ban is this is hand of the federal court this afternoon. san francisco based ninth circuit court of appeals will hear from lawyers from the federal government ape state suing the trump administration >> washington and minnesota officials say it is discriminatory and harms residents. trump administration arguing it is a matter of national security that ninth advertise trick is considered the most liberal in the entire country, we will see what happens. have you heard of dripping >> what is this. >> a dangerous new trend among e cigarette users. why it is becoming popular with teens and what parents should though.
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a potentially explosive situation, in delaware county, what was found in a freezer that forced the bomb squad to respond.
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search on for two men and woman wanted in the string of armed robberies in south jersey. >> their target, gas stations. >> police have shared this surveillance video you see here only with us here at fox 29. they say officers, say that they hit three spots in
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burlington county over weekend and string of the robberies in the area have business owners really concerned. >> it is bad. i mean you got to you know watch your back the whole time these guys here they don't care if they are on video or what. a guy at citgo station up there a couple years ago put up a fight and then he died. he say give them what they want. >> suspect got away with 700 bucks from the two robberies. police say they have good leads and they hope to make arrests soon. anyone who recognizes suspects are urged to call west hampton police. 61:00. you are watching tv but is your tv watching you. >> what is this. >> company paying up big this morning, for tracking viewers without their consent. we have your eyes on you, bob. >> my eyes are on the schuylkill expressway here eyes on the conshohocken curve picking up volume here on the roads and starting to get crowded on the market frankford line we will check it with septa, sueby has rainy
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forecast when we come right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ it isn't just about vision, it's about care. nobody cares for eyes more than pearle. 6:15. we have a freezing rain advisory continuing until 10:00 a.m. carbon, monroe, northampton but we did see freezing rain in lehigh county , be aware of that, although latest round of rain is now moving out, and another
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one with some heavier rain, involved, and we saw thunderstorms moving west to east across pennsylvania. so before the morning is through there is more rain on the way but also mention that earlier round of rain is heading right towards boston where they are having that parade starting at 11:00. there could be mix of rain and snow for them up there. few showers around mostly in bucks county this morning, at the moment, but as we mentioned there is more on the way as this low pressure system tracks to the north and that is our rain for today. now we will talk about what will happen on thursday? after cold air moves in, wednesday afternoon and evening, we will see a big dramatic change in temperature from earlier high in the 60's on wednesday to plunging temperatures. here's a low pressure system that could bring us some snow, possible accumulating snow, on thursday morning. stay tuned for more on. that right now 45 degrees in philadelphia. fifty's to the the south of us but only at freezing in mount
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pocono, where we did have freezing rain earlier. 61 degrees. the here's tomorrow, early high at 11:00 at 63 degrees. temperatures plunge in the afternoon. high of only 35 on thursday, and then with that snow mostly coming in the morning, could get a couple inches out of it, again more to come on that, very cold day on try with a high of only 32 but by sun take we are backup close to 50 f showers, bob kelly, you got all that straight. >> got it all straight. lots going on. 6:16. good tuesday morning. live look at the blue route 476 right here near broomall road are try right the thousand but as sue mentioned things will go downhill as day rolls on here with that rain on the way. here's the deal with the market frankford line, which you can expect longer gaps between the trains. look ate, fast book, twitter and getting information here. it looks like last train that came through girard avenue was packed to the gills. that is why the shuttle buses are beginning here at girard
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avenue with fewer trains folks that start their way out of northeast philadelphia once that girard avenue train gets pack it will start bypassing commuters can get on the shuttle buses and shuttle buses will get them into downtown. same situation will happen at 69th street. shuttle bus service plus the train service, combination of the both scenario there hopefully we will get septa through rush hour. expect delays, be ready, it will be a tight squeeze, to take will be rough, a lot of folks had take off, they took the daze off because of the super bowl. it it was like practice but real tiehl this morning and when rain starts to come in it will be ayuky miserable afternoon rush hour, dealing with the situation on the market frankford line. turnpike connection bridge that remains closed to vehicle traffic because of the crack they found in the beam a couple weeks ago extra volume of course over scudders, trenton morrisville and that burlington bristol bridge. mike and alex, back to you.
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bob, we will talk about dripping now. >> okay. >> a new study shows dangerous trend growing among e cigarette users especially teenagers. >> mike's right, thomas it is called dripping so what is it. >> it is chase ago this buzz, right, greater buzz. study focuses on this new vap ing method called dripping. the those involved say it could be dangerous in a greg number of teens that are doing it. so basically e cigarettes they are designed to slowly release liquid from a wet creating a vapor but using who practice dripping drop liquid directly on the hot coil of the e cigarette and produces a thick smoke and they get a greater bus more flavorful. study found one in four high school teens who use e cigarettes have tried it. researchers say tripping is causing or could cause serious health concerns here. of course, expose users to higher levels of the nicotine and carcinogen and can lead to
6:19 am
greater risk for cancer and you could be more addict, mike and alex. >> stop the dripping, please. >> yes. >> all right. >> thanks, thomas. do you say vizio? >> yes, tv headachier. >> they make vizi ot v ising a up after it was caught spying on customers. company agreed to 2.2 million-dollar settlement, fcc says the company tracked people viewing data without that are consent and sold that data to third parties, who used it for advertising. under the terms of the settlement vizio must delete all of the date ate collected and improve its privacy rules. >> it is interesting, they were spying on people. >> people asked me all the time, i will see you tomorrow on tv if i can see to. >> you try to creep them out that way. >> yes, put some pants back on >> you are watching us now, we see you.
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yes. put that down and get the a napkin you have a little something right there. >> time to wake up. >> it is, back cover of the daily news, i had it right here, the cover, shows jahlil okafor and apparently he is close took traded to the pelicans. fun to live in new orleans but what will we get back. what will sixers get back. the there is talk of that too.
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good morning i'm sean bell going in to last night's game flyers had only 12 goals, in their last eight games, and the trout, continued, against the blues. the flyers, could not buy a goal in this one. threatening in the second, right here, but then with the great save. he had 26 saves in the game. meanwhile st. louis, game went like this paul stagany gets a goal that goes right off of his skate and right in. that is flyers luck. they go ahead ape lose two to nothing. sixers and pistons this game got ugly in the second half, down by 20, baines with the
6:24 am
alley hoop and brett brown with the frustration written all over his face. he drives to the rack. he gets it back. he throws it the down. sixers lose 113-96. their fourth straight loss. patriots arrive back home in boston after winning super bowl 51 yesterday. i'm sure they have in the stopped partying, ever since. their parade at 11:00. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> so there he is, jahlil okafor, big time trade rumors that he may go to the new orleans pelicans espn is reporting natalie the sixers could get a future first round pick, i don't know how far in the future and backup player in exchange for jahlil. sixers have been struggling to find playing time for all three centers because jell has been playing so well, so has nerlens noel. so we will see what happens but it could happen very soon as a matter on have fact.
6:25 am
the head line, pretty good head line, pretty creative. okafor who. should it be whom? okafor whom? but it doesn't sound as good. >> it is not the as catchy. >> okafor who. >> you have to say it just like that, who. >> well, a local piece of basketball history is mace nothing lower merion high school someone smashed opened a display case with kobe bryant memorabilia inside. >> wow. >> framed jersey of bryant's high school uniform, several pairs of the signed nike sneakers, 96 state championship trophy and net that were stolen. school officials say they have little monetary value. i thought they would have more value, it is kobe bryant. >> would you think so. >> but it holds more important memories. >> compare the value of it to like the memories, maybe it isn't. >> state championship trophy would be worth something. >> high school jersey. >> that would be worth
6:26 am
something. >> how about tom brady jersey that has not been found and they think that might be worth half million-dollar. >> joe walled man on our show yesterday in houston they thought they found it. he said they found it. >> they thought they found it, now team is saying they do not find it and texas rangers, not the baseball team, you know what i mean is this the police the texas rangers. >> they are not police, they aretive rent from the police. >> yeah. >> texas rangers that is whole another level. >> they ride horsees they wear cowboys hats and a star. >> they are looking, they are looking for the jersey because they don't want to give texas a bad name, sue. >> they are on the scent. >> they are on the scent of tom brady's jersey. >> we're smelling rain in our future. even though we don't have anything in philadelphia right now is there another round heading our way, we will tell you when it gets here and a little bit more about what will happen on thirst, all coming up in your forecast, staying dry, steve. >> reporter: sue, i have been watching you for close to 20
6:27 am
years and maybe mike can correct me when i'm wrong and maybe it happened when i was off one kay, i don't think one time you ever had bus stop buddy completely nude dressed for the warmer weather. >> am i right. >> you are correct. >> reporter: that is our story >> it will not happen. if youin a palace of ice,winter there's only one place to go. and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ♪ you can find it all, only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your winter getaway at
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dozens of cars are still out of service why today's delays could be worse then yesterday, get ready. we had taxi cab chaos in writ up house square. listen to that. a naked man goes on a dangerous joy ride through rittenhouse square. we have footage. meet woman who shot this. and morning rain bringing record warmth, our way. let's enjoy it while it last because is there a threat of winter weather coming and bringing this all to an end. we could have snow. >> snow thursday morning. >> will it be sweater worthy thursday morning i hope, i like to wear sweaters. >> people love when you wear sweaters. >> have you have sweater laid out and ready just in case. >> i do have it, it is blue, ready to go. the it is 61 to take. thirty-six tomorrow. >> now record for today is 69. we won't break record to take but we have a good chance tomorrow because record is 63. we're calling for 63. meanwhile it may seem weird buddy has rain gear on because it is in the raining in
6:31 am
philadelphia right now but it will be before the morning is through. temperatures in the 30's and 40's. you can see scattered showers to the the north of the city, and we have a few town this delaware but there is an area of heavier rain that will be here in the next couple of hours. we will keep an eye on it with you and radar but up around allentown we have had heavier rain this morning. we will see more right now, carbon, monroe, northampton county still under a freezing rain advisory for round number two, it still might be cold enough for freezing rain, try here in philadelphia with 45 degrees. sunrise time is 7:03 as days get longer and longer. thirty-two in the mountains. but 51 in wildwood. 40 degrees in lancaster. thirty-eight in trenton. the it depend where you are how much you have to bundle up we could see scattered showers , throughout the evening drive, so about 61, 62 h temperature today and then talk about big change and chance of snow for thursday coming up, bob kelly.
6:32 am
>> good morning everybody coming up at 6:32. an accident on i-95, live look at i-95 southbound right here near betsy ross bridge in the left lane, if you are coming southbound, penndot arrow truck kind of blocking some of that left lane as well. so, that is a delay out of northeast philadelphia. we're starting to see volume popping on the freeway. everything is dry right thousand but it is all going to change once that rain moves in. here's what to expect on the market frankford line. we will see longer gaps to take between the trains. platforms will get overcrowded the trains will be packed as well. before those platforms become overcrowded because of the shortage of the trains. septa added shuttle bus services for both morning and evening rush hour, a couple tips, if you only go a couple of stations, then that shuttle busies a good option but if you go from say girard avenue all the way out to 69th street wait for the train and those options will be available for you. this is a busy morning.
6:33 am
because yesterday a lot of folks took the daze off with the super bowl. it was a lighter then normal morning rush hour so brace yourself it could be a rough one especially the evening rush, when that rain rolls rolls in, mike and alex back to you. >> we want to get back to the morning russias things are ramping up a little bit. >> lauren, what are you seeing >> reporter: so we're 30 minutes into the rush hour that septa says will last until 10:00 a.m. what we are seeing are shuttle buses ready to take people to places that they cannot get to limited cars on the track. we see, septa, woulders here helping navigate their morning commute. yesterday was busy but today could be busier with people back at work after super bowl sunday. so, it is a holiday after that late night game. new issue for riders since last week because on friday a mechanic discovered a crack in the car during routine inspection at 69th street station stop. then another car and another crack. because of that cars were pulled out of service, with dozens of others as a
6:34 am
precautionary measure. now, limited cars means limited service and that can mean delays and much longer wait times. >> we think we will be able to keep increasing car count to a point where we will get close to running normal service, hopefully fairly soon, we want to hoff quickly but we don't want to rush and make a mistake that will create another problem. >> reporter: many of these cars on the tracks run in pairs and what happened with these inspections is they have noticed one car might have a crack, other fully functional. now they are trying to dis assemble and pair them to fully functional cars and that will get more cars back on the track, last night, guys, 108 out of 216 cars were functional but half fleet means major delays for morning and evening commute. >> reason for all of those buses shuttling people. we will check back with you. 6:34. developing in kensington a fast moving fire leaves
6:35 am
several people burned out of their homes. crews racing to the scene on the 3500 block of jasper street just after 1:00 this morning. they manager to get the fire under control in about an hour but now that they tore through two row homes. nine residents escaped one harm but the fire killed one family's dog. do you want to get back to the naked guy at rittenhouse square? this is a carjacking causing a frightening ordeal for folks in rittenhouse square. was this yesterday is this yeah, just yesterday afternoon >> yes. >> so, a lot of people were there and rittenhouse square because it is so popular on a nice day a lot of people saw this, steve. >> reporter: even without mike here rittenhouse was a mad house yesterday, and as everybody knows it is surrounded by high rise, so any noise in the middle of the park really gets echoed and amplified. it was up some before the siting of the carjacked cab driven by name guy that created skid marks right
6:36 am
through middle of the park on to the busy walnut avenue, walnut street sidewalk and then into walnut street it self philadelphians do what the best philadelphians do instead of ignoring and waiting for cops to arrive they stepped in and acted like center city super men. >> he just lost it. he smashed a cab and threw her to the ground. he assaulted her a little bit. i tried to intervene. he kind of submitted. i walk away to the curb and he hopped in the passenger seat and to the driver's seat and he took off, maybe 20th and locust and hit three park cars and then drove into rittenhouse square. >> i was in my kitchen. i heard these screech trust outside. usually there will be a car going too fast but it kept going over and over again and i heard some screams. i lied outside my window and i
6:37 am
saw this cab in the middle of the park and it is barreling down. it really sped up. >> alex, put yourself this this passenger's mine she's this is back of the cab, she got a ride, she's waiting for her receipt. the door opens. there is a naked guy there. if that is not frightening enough. then he starts attacking you. then fortunately when's tack her he pulled her out of the cab or she would have been in the back of the ride for this whole ordeal. so why this guy jumped in the passenger seat first if he will steel a cab, knows. he is not mentally all there. and that is why he is in the hospital right now in closed, leads to a hospital gown with this ties from behind and hopefully tied real good. guy that likes to be nude may get nude again. we can make somewhat jokes about this because no one was seriously hurt but when you think about skid marks and how busy on a nice and sunny afternoon and how many people were here good thing sound of the screeching tires warned everybody to get the heck out of the way.
6:38 am
would you have stepped in, a lot of guys watching, wonder would i have done that? those guys were pretty brave to do that instead of running away like everybody else. >> it looks like a couple guys were punching him. >> yes. >> they helped out. >> they musted had emergency break or something like that. >> why to we get good footage. when screeching started our intern lindsey here pulled out her cell phone. you live in that area. >> i do. >> is that all of your foot age of the cab going through the park. >> no, i was up in my apartment when i heard screeches. i was getting ready to come down to fox. but first i hope everybody is okay but second thought i need to get my phone to film this. >> this is your foot age. >> yes around what time. >> 3:30. >> how did you know you heard screeching and then what did you think. >> you hear screeching around the square if the carries going too quickly because cars drive around there but i heard it going over and over again.
6:39 am
i think i heard a scream. it height have been more screeching. so i decided to look outside and i saw this cab in the middle of the square and weird thing was its was going down pathway where people walk. it wasn't bumping into anything when is what you think of if something is driving away or something like that. >> what street is this. >> that is walnut street. >> that is walnut. >> yes. >> really close to 18th, what is tom blade i upset about. >> yes, 18th and walnut where barnes and noble is. >> so many people in the square, what were people doing and getting to the side, lot of people on benches, they were moving away baby carriage s and carting them away. it was weird because they were running in panic but people running were people trying to stop the car. >> that is interesting. >> how many people do you think were trying to run and stop this guy. >> about half a dozen at least
6:40 am
>> half dozen. >> yes. >> good job. >> thank you. >> thanks for sharing the video. >> were you taking a nap. >> no, i was getting ready to head down here to a meeting. >> nice job. >> thank you. >> can you get me some coffee. >> i will soon. >> investigators say family found, eight sticks of dynamite in a freezer, when they were cleaning out the home. the loved one who died. it happened yesterday on the 200 block of laurel lane. fire investigators say the home owner, worked this demolition and had tine height for quite sometime. but the bomb squad did have to come out, and they took care of it. this is this delaware county. they had to diffuse the dynamite stick. >> it is frozen so they need to soak it, defrost and soak tonight tease he will fuel to help make it safe for everyone >> nobody was injured and no one was forced to evacuate, i
6:41 am
guess sticks were frozen. they were able to handle that. >> yes. >> 6:41. new jersey watch day two, tomorrow brady's super bowl jersey is still missing. authorities are now being called into help find this piece of history. >> they say it might be one of the most important sports memorabilia pieces in history. >> yes. people are flock nothing to a berks county backyard after someone makes a once in a lifetime discovery, what was spotted there, it is attract all these people.
6:42 am
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6:44. accident on southbound i-95 at betsy ross bridge taking out, what would be the left shoulder here causing delays. also, some delays starting to pop up here downtown philly on that vine street expressway. here's the situation with the thumbs. you know, market frankford line there is 218 cars in the whole entire fleet. well, 58 were already in the shop for various other situations. so 25 percent of the fleet was already in the shop for repairs, and then they pulled 60 additional trains out, because of the cracks from sunday so right now that is why we're only dealing with 100 cars, so, less than half of the total cars in the the street are operational this morning. longer gaps between the trains , the platforms when
6:45 am
they become overcrowded passengers can opt for shuttle bus service for morning and evening rush hour and shuttle buttses are running the same route as market frankford line , the bus service, a tip, if you go a couple stops that is great but if you go from girard all the way out to 69th street you will want to wait for the train. septa says to expect some delays, on the bus routes one through six because they pulled the buses, from those six routes in order to help for the shuttle with using this morning. even if you don't use the market frankford line, and you use buses this will have an impact on your morning commute when rain rolls in later this afternoon it will make for a messy, afternoon commute. speaking of rain, sueby has details in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
we're starting off with a treeing rain advisory in the poconos mountains, carbon and monroe counties in northampton as well. we saw freezing rain up there earlier, there is a little bit of rain around lehigh valley right new but watch this area, which is around hageers town, maryland right now, area of heavier rain, headed first towards lancaster county. we will see what happens after that. our earlier rain is now heading toward boston at the 11:00 a.m. they have a big par regard for their super bowl champions. they are probably going to get wet the or maybe see snowflakes or a mix. there is allentown. you might see light rain are, freezing rain there around tinicum township as well. that is where we are at the moment but real quick look at the timing, rest of the rain shows between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. when we will have heavier rain rolling through and then sunshine by two or 3:00 in the afternoon when we will get to 61, 62 degrees to
6:47 am
take. tonight we will have another round of rain coming through an early high in the lower 60 's and then cold air comes in very quickly. by wednesday night we will seal rain changing over to snow, and there is 4:00 in the morning snow throughout the entire area possibly accumulating. this computer model is subject to change. best we have right the now snow lasting until ten or 11:00 o'clock in the morning maybe a little after that. stay tuned for more on that. so here we go at 61. 63 degrees and then temperatures plunge on thursday and friday. try's high only 12 and then back in the mid 40's on saturday with a chance of rain and high of 50 on sun take. i'm dizzy. >> i don't know what to wear. >> something different every day. >> i know, right. >> all right. we're on jersey watch. tom brady has not seen jersey he wore during his super bowl since his historic performance
6:48 am
sunday night. >> get us up to speed. >> at one point we thought it was found but nope, still not. >> settle gone and will likely never be found. you cannot even authenticate it, to be sure it is real deal after that. so think way super bowl jersey was taken, additionally maybe a team staffer, for safe keeping but that was not the case. two teenagers posted a picture saying they had jersey. they say in that was just a joke. right now police there in houston are working with nfl security with other state and local agencies, to investigate the lieutenant governor of texas dan dan patrick has asked texas rangers to assist in the investigation. >> i put tonight my bag. i came out. it wasn't there anymore. it is unfortunate because that is a nice piece of memorabilia if it shows up, someone let me necessity we will try to track that down. it is such an exciting game.
6:49 am
>> list of potential suspects and search for jersey very lint, teammates, coaches, family members, staffers, news media members and an auction expert who sold deflate gate football said jersey brady wore in the super bowl could bring in more than a million-dollar if it had been sold at auction. >> would i think so, a million-dollar. >> yes. >> he has one more super bowls then anybody else. >> that was one where he won. >> yes, all dirty in the end, went in overtime only time with overtime game. >> being from texas. >> yes. >> when you call in the texas rangers that is a serious thing. >> you are in trouble. >> you are in trouble. >> have you seen what they look like. >> check norris. >> like chuck norris if anybody will find that jersey it will be chuck norris. >> what do real texas rangers look like. >> well, these are real ones. but they wear cowboy hats, very texas and they have a texas ranger museum, i have been to that a couple times in
6:50 am
waco. they are intense. >> yes. >> they are. >> the fact that their called in i think they will find it. >> i think we will. >> by the way, aren't patriots having their parade today super bowl will parade. >> they are. >> i hope it those, rain. >> tom brady posted about it. >> what did he say, he is excited. >> he is excited. >> five times he has done this >> five times. >> tive rent every time. and someone, and and, sign in. today we will remember martin delaney. he was a journalist, physician , writer. >> he was one of the first three blacks admitted to harvard medical school and he treated color a patients in
6:51 am
pittsburgh during 1800's when others fled city, he stayed there to treat everyone that he could.
6:52 am
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:53 am
know you can save today for what's important tomorrow. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo! i mean, whoo. when i saw that, hand, a meteor shoot ago cross the midwest, on monday, that would be yesterday, last night, and
6:54 am
that not only lit up nighttime sky but social media brought people in wisconsin saw it, illinois, illinois, michigan all reported seeing this streaking through the sky. meteorologists say it the pro tuesday aid sonic boom, that shook houses and there is this word on if the meteor completely broke up or if a piece, fell to the ground. and, you will see lot. >> yes. >> all the way? hope it breaks up. >> okay. now at one point in my life i considered myself a birder. >> a bird watcher. >> yes. >> that is pretty cool. >> where would you go. >> in kansas. >> it was in kansas and little set up, outside window, you know, for finch feeders and
6:55 am
other kind of birds to come in >> you would watch and identify them. >> i had a book, i still that have bird book and write town what i have seen. i have never seen one of these people are flock to go berks county, just so they can see this one type of bird, alex. >> so, it is not just any bird but it is a black backed oriole. >> black back or will oriole, the only other one ever spotted in the u.s. was in california and it was likely just someone's pet. so birders believe this is the first one ever found in the wild in the country. when word got out more than 750 people showed up from a dozen states. >> this is berks county yes. >> i want to nose where this house is. >> this could be the first, record of the bird ever seen in the united states and we just like birds. the analogy i came up with if you had a once in a lifetime
6:56 am
opportunity to go to the super bowl and you had to take it now, that is what this was like forbidderrers. >> mike, you should go. >> i do want to go. no one knows how this one bird got from central mexico into berks county. now i don't know if that bird will be affected by the travel ban. >> stop it. >> he is already here. >> okay. >> that is true. >> when i first came. >> i don't think he had documents. >> when i first came to fox i thought i was a birder. >> really. >> i said steve keeley is like a rare bird. when you come into the station you make sure you don't miss it, you don't stop and watch. >> you don't come in very often he stays out there in the field he is an odd bird. >> it is an event though. >> all right, septa riders, here we go again, people asking for your patients, i would be, my patients would be running out.
6:57 am
>> this is happening again. >> they had 218 cars and now they have found more cracks now down to 100 cars and now they are using buses instead have the rail system. >> we first told but this yesterday but today they are saying to daze could be worse. >> more people are on their way to work because so many people took off after watching the super bowl. >> oh, well sue. now we have been reminding to you bring your umbrella but looking out window you're thinking it is no the raining here in philadelphia, look what is on the way here comes more rain, and we will tell you about the possibility of, snow, coming up soon.
6:58 am
6:59 am
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a wild ride through rittenhouse square. a name man, goes on a dangerous joy ride and sending bystanders scrambling. how the cab was finally stopped. fight to go save lives, a new law in new jersey aims to stop addiction before it happens. how this preventive measure could lead to fewer teens getting hook on painkillers. and, president trump facing two battles to day why the fight over his new refugee ban restriction could come to a head in federal court. will she become our new education secretary? how democrats hope to defeat her nomination


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