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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 8, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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great outside, but in 12 hours, it is going to be a completely different story when you wake up in the morning you could see several inches of snow on the ground or more. depending on upon where you live. the city of philadelphia has declared a snow emergency beginning at 12:01. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm dawn timmeney in for lucy. >> i'm iain page. we of course have team coverage of the weather from today's warm temperatures to tomorrow's snow but let's begin with meteorologist kathy orr. >> what a day today. everyone was outside in their short sleeves and their shorts and now we're talking about going from record warmth to snow shovels and plows and winter coats. it seems almost impossible. i've never seen it in all the years i've been forecasting much it's a huge extreme. today's highs all records. atlantic city 71. wilmington 70. philadelphia 66. reading 63. 61 in allentown. trenton 65 degrees. and guess what? cold front has moved through and significant changes getting underway already. the real cold air lags a couple
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hours behind. williamsport 45. 37 in pittsburgh. buffalo, new york, 29 degrees. so we have the cold. now we need the moisture. here's that area of low pressure that will be developing and moving off the coast. pulling that ocean moisture back toward the coast and that is how we are going to get significant snow. winter storm warnings posted for most of the region. as we go hour with hour, we'll go from the 50s into the 40s and the 30s by midnight. the snow is knocking on our doorstep and you'll see all snow through most of the region by day break but a lot of mixing going on through south jersey and also down the shore. so periods of heavy snow one to 2-inches an hour pulling down that cold air with tremendous lift in the atmosphere. is how we're going to be seeing the snow after such a warm day. poor visibility white out conditions during that morning rush. and even the possibility of thundersnow. coming up we'll time out the storm. we'll talk more about the impacts during the day tomorrow and have those updated snow totals for you so you'll know
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how much you'll be shoveling. iain, that will vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. >> all right, kathy. thanks. of course until now it's been easy winter for area plow trucks with practically no snow to clear from the roads but tomorrow they'll be put to the test as that snow assiege just told you expected to come down fast and heavy. fox 29's chris o'connell in norristown where he talk with penndot. chris dot warm temperatures today change how they prepare? >> reporter: well, no. they're getting a good jump start on it because they haven't had to do anything most of the winter because of the warm winter we've had so far. as you can see, i put on jacket. last hour just the shirt, the temperatures continue to drop. for instance, about 2:00 o'clock this afternoon, 70 degrees just four hours later look at the temperature now in norristown, dipping down to 53 degrees right now as those temperatures continue to dip. we're also seeing evidence of the storm coming. it was clear when we got here a couple hours ago, look at the skies.
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those clouds are beginning to build here above the penndot yard here in norristown. look what else we're seeing he here. a full load of salt, rock salt here because like we said the stacks are stacked high because these trucks now starting to get fired up. >> that was the sound of the penndot drivers filling up their trucks with loads of this rock salt. they'll be hitting the highways about 1:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. they'll be responsible for covering 13,000 lane miles in our area, and they say this will be the largest winter storm this season and really couldn't come at a worst time for commuters. the morning rush hour will be impacted significantly. look for delays and look for school closings. >> we expect heavy snow which is a big flakes, falling at rates of one to 2-inches per hour. what that means is visibility
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will be difficult. this is all going to be during the rush hour. visible will be difficult. the roads will be snow covered. we will man taken them and they will be passible but they will be snow covered. >> reporter: now, penndot is not doing something tonight they form normally do and that's pre treat the roads with the salt brine that's stored in these tanks here since this will be starting a as rain event penndot says pre-treating the roads won't be as effective. they're also asking everyone if you're out on the roads tomorrow, steer clear of those 450 or so penndot trucks that will be out there clearing the roads. last thing they need to make it difficult job even more difficult is having to we've around this traffic. so be careful when you're out there on the roads tomorrow especially during the morning rush. of course we got you covered all night. we'll have more tonight at 10:0. iain, dawn. >> all right, thank you so much chris. here's live look along the ben franklin parkway tonight as evening commuters make their way
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home. but snow covered roads will surely make for a difficult time on the roads early tomorrow. today however no worries of sn snow. they were far in from the minds of people across our area who enjoyed this beautiful warm winter day. our bruce gordon is live in south philadelphia tonight. bruce, i can believe this weather. >> reporter: yeah, we're actually just next to the tennis courts here at fdr park near the sports complex. what an unbelievable day. sunny skies, light breeze as we've talked about already, record-breaking warm temperatures. but i got to tell you for a glass half empty guy like me it just means tomorrow's nasty weather will seem even worse than it really is. >> tennis anyone? save your racket by thursday morning it will make great snow shoe. by midday the temperature in cherry hill had already blown passed the spring like 60-degree mark. yet there was brining truck flying past prepping the roads for the first big snowstorm of the winter season.
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>> playground at challenge grove park was a beehive of activity with parents watching their little ones buzzing around in weather more typical of may than of february. with warm weather today and a half a foot of snow predicted for tomorrow, these families were squeezing i squeezing in se they had the chance. >> woke up this morning and a little bit on the shocked side that i can wear these shorts. >> reporter: do it while you can. >> why not? >> definitely surprised. pleasantly surprised. great to get the kids out and run around and get fresh air. >> i think everybody is excited to have a nice weather. so they're out today and enjoying it 'cause tomorrow we might be stuck in the house and trough link snow. >> reporter: not far away workers at the home depot at garden state park were stocking up on ice melting supplies for a rush of customers already underway by mid morning. some of these folks scratching their heads over temperature drops of more than 30 degrees from one day to the next. >> usually when winter came it was cold and got snow every once
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in while. now it's winter comes and it could be 60 degrees out and snows the next day. it's wild. just wild. >> reporter: others look at this beautiful day as gift and the big snow job ahead as a trip back to reality. >> i love the snow. don't bother me. summer comes, comes. winter comes, nothing we can do about it. just take one day at a time. >> reporter: mr. rivera told me he grew up in chicago so tomorrow's predictions of 6-inches, 8-inches of snow in 3t that would be considered mild. but for us it will be a nasty morning in particular but again we got this gift today. we'll take it. iain? >> we certainly will, bruce, thank you. lots of school closures expected to come in tonight and tomorrow morning. you can see them live on the air on "good day philadelphia". we are starting early for you at 3:30 tomorrow morning. we got you covered. remember you can always get up to the minute forecasts and see live ultimate doppler radar on our we website.
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just head to fox we'll post all of your school closings there. now to developing story. we have been following for nearly four years. today attorneys for all sides reached a multi million dollars settlement in the deadly center city building collapse. six people in the building at the time and one person nearby died as a result. the massive $227 million settlement will be distributed between those injured and the families of the people who were killed on june 7th, 2013. a wall of a building being demolish kim crashing down on top of the salvation army thrift store on 22nd and mark. in that building, rosalyn, lost her life. today her son spoke for her. >> it's never easy burying your own mother, you know, i mean it's very tough, you know, and we are deeply saddened by it as a family. i mean this loss has left a very big void in our family, and it's something that we are learning every day to cope with.
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>> testimony in the case found that the developers company sent several e-mails to the salvation army warning of a dangerous and potentially deadly threat to the store during construction. lawyers say it is the largest settlement of its kind in the history of pennsylvania. attempt by homeowners in one shore town to stop construction of dunes. why a judge says they're help is no reason to stop the dunes. >> beautiful little baby just days old. his mother and grandmother, we well, they already have quite the story tell about him that he'll likely hear for the rest of his life. his wild welcome into the world. dawn, eagles gave an indication today of where they might be headed this april's draft. a veteran defense left go to clear salary cap room. changes for the eagles ahead in sports. >> we remember thomas jennings a taylor in new york city. jennings is getting reddit for
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♪ here's live look at ultimate doppler radars were he continue to track that major winter storm which is expected to bring some serious snow to our area. your full forecast in just a few minutes. there's heartbreak in one philadelphia neighborhood tonight following the sudden death of a well liked teenager. >> 18-year-old had complained of a headache after a hockey game sunday and one day later he died. fox 29's dave kinchen spoke to stunned parents tonight. he's live in chestnut hill. dave? >> reporter: iain, absolutely devastating. the parents and actually coaches declined to talk on camera because the boy's family understandably so upset and so many people just in shock tonight. >> he was a leader. he was constantly being, um, chosen as team captain, not just because he was great hockey player but he was great kid.
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>> reporter: hearts are breaking in the wissahickon skating club community after the sudden death of 18-year-old nick bond outstanding young leader according to team managers who say nick collapsed after leaving the ice sunday and died the next day. >> it's just absolutely tragic. >> reporter: warriors team officials say nick left the ring after telling his coach also his father he had a headache. he later collapsed and was rushed to a hospital where doctors proa performed surgery to relieve pressure on the bra brain. his death on monday ruled accidental by the medical examiner's office which says nick died of complications from blunt force head trauma but coaches and parents say they never saw nick take a hit. >> he was good to his teammates, and so my heart just breaks for them and we're here whenever they need anything. >> reporter: andrea says she knew of nick bond's stand up character without knowing him personally. but now this tragedy has her worried about her 13-year-old son who also plays hockey at the club.
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>> i had a lot of concerns and i'm always watching him on the ice when he's out there now and his dad is like it's fine, it's fine, it's fine. everything looks really rough out there to me right now. report roar banners in the a ren in a have listed nick as captain for as bar back a 2008-2009. and his coaches called him a fierce competitor with a great understanding of team work. a legacy he will surely leave behind for younger players to follow. >> our hearts go out to the bond family. they were such, you know, a dedicated hockey family, and, um, i hope they're getting some solace just knowing how much nick loved to play hockey. >> reporter: so what you look out for as a parent. doctors we spoke with say there really isn't anyone thing to look out for. if you sense that anything could be wrong with your child who plays sports, get them checked by a dr. right away. back to you. >> all right. dave, thank you. federal judge in new jersey says a protective sand dune project can move forward after rejecting residents concerns that it could spread zika virus.
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property owners along the shore in margate have been trying to prevent the christie administration from carrying out the project along parts of the jersey shore that were ravaged by super storm sandy. seven property owners in margate are suing the state and federal government over the project. a camden county family is celebrating a new addition. this is little cade din and the little miracle came into the world all thanks to grandma. ida marie eldridge had to deliver her own grandson when her daughter sam biehler went into labor in gloucester township w the ambulance arrived ems workers found grandma she had done all the hard work and mom and baby they were taken to the hospital in excellent condition. quite a story to tell. >> that is quite a story. >> right. ba tock your fox 29 weather authority now. here's live look at trenton tonight as we track that major winter storm that will bring lot of snow to our area. >> hard to believe on day like today. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr talk about some wacky weather. kathy. >> it's unbelievable much that is a snow baby. >> that's right.
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>> right? >> yeah. we're talking about record warmth today. and just in a matter of hours some snow falling. it is really an amazing his historic event that will be happening in the next couple of hours across the delaware valley. take a look at market street. it's quiet, it's still balmy. temperatures in the 50s. a cold front moved through but the cold is lagging behind and in central pa and western pa looking at temperatures in the 30s. buffalo, new york, at 29. detroit 30 degrees. that is the cold that is come to go night, and our area of low pressure moving off the coast pulling back some moisture and providing us with significant snow across a good part of the region. here's look at the storm timeline beginning from the northwest to the southeast between 2:00 a.m. and 4:00 a.m. the heaviest during the morning rush. that's what makes it so painful as far as getting around. 5am to 9am the heaviest snow that's when we can see some thundersnow and then it tapers front of west to east between 11am and 2:00 p.m. although there could be some afternoon snow showers. when we look at the snowfall
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totals i do think through the lehigh valley and the poconos headinheading toward north jersd even down into northern parts of ocean and monmouth counties eight to 12-inches of snow getting the back side of that storm. five to 8-inches through the philadelphia area and adjacent suburbs in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware, and then two to five in through the central part of delaware interior south jersey. this part is questionable, because we want to know how much mixing is going on. how long will that transition from rain to snow take? it takes longer you'll be on the low end. if it's a lot faster you'll be on the higher end. a coating to 2-inches as you head through the shore points and cape may and southern delaware i don't think you'll be seeing much of anything. in the storm we do have some heavy snow. clinging to trees and power lines and potential for power outage that is heavy snow specialsly during the onset of the storm, and then temperatures will fall. poor visibility and white outdate conditions expected during the morning rush. and that snow coming down so heavy 2-inches an hour for a period of time in the morning. will make for some snow packed
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roads and some dangerous travel. skies have been -- scott has been looking at the range from place to place as far as the snow accumulation. all about location. right, scott. >> it really is, kathy. i mean a shock to the system folks out and about today short sleeves, shorts and tomorrow the winter wardrobe. ultimate doppler showing that snow off to the west. let's go hour by hour and talk about the heavy snow on the way. moving ahead, 3:00 a.m. take look at the poconos, the lehigh valley. it will start there as all snow. around philadelphia, we'll see some rain, briefly changing over to some sleet and then eventua eventually snow. but take a look at places like atlantic city, cape may, moving toward southern delaware, that orange, that is all rainfall. so that's why the totals there will be less. as we move toward 9am we're still looking at that moderate to heavy snow. philadelphia toward trenton moving toward new york city and into the afternoon as that system pulls away we're still dealing with accumulating snow. the poconos, looking at about a foot of snow.
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temperatures stuck in the 20s. the lehigh valley you're looking at about eight to 10-inches of snow. it's going start as snow and end as snow. wilmington you might see a little mixing. the onset early tomorrow morning, but expect around 5-inches of snow there and down the shore, more rain and a wintry mix. totals the farther south you head away from, say, atlantic city to cape may a coat to go maybe 3-inches. but farther north, barnegat, toms river, we're talking six or more inches. kathy? >> it's just amazing. well, as we look live now to reading you can see conditions pretty quiet or i should say old city philadelphia pretty quiet out that right now, but that is about to change. the snow moves in overnight. during the day tomorrow, that snow heavy at times especially in the morning the high 35 degrees. and temperatures will be falling on your seven day forecast from the weather authority it's cold friday but look at what happens. saturday it bounces up to 46. 56 sunday. a loft melting going on. monday, tuesday, and wednesday of next week highs and lows mainly above freezing.
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that's a look at your seven day forecast, of course, we'll have many updates throughout the evening and tonight at 10:00. >> all right, kathy, thank you. a lot of school closing expected to come tonight and toll morning you can see them live on the air on "good day philadelphia". we are starring early at 3:30 in the morning to bring you news, weather and traffic as the storm batters our area. sports is next. stick around. we're back right after this. ♪
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♪ if it wasn't already the off season now officially underway for the eagles. the birds with very little wiggle room in terms of their salary cap which means
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restructuring contracts or the release of veteran players before free agency that starts on march the ninth. today the first domino drops. veteran cornerback mc kelvin cut after one forgettable season in philadelphia. played in 13 games, two interceptions. boy letting him go the eagles saved $3.2 million. free agent cornerbacks mc kelvin added to list of high ticket players who never really made it here. last time eagles drafted a corner in the first round. lito shepherd back in 22. maybe some of that money goes to a running back like this guy deangelo william who played for the steelers the past season. eagles fan tweeted to deangelo hey, deangelo come to philly. not real good response. williams tweeted back ha, ha you guys have a collection of backs just don't want to commit to the run. you want "the q" bed to too mu much. dough angelo williams off the
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shopping list 76ers will be without embiid tonight when they host the spurs. embiid will miss his seventh straight game with a bone bruce in his left knee. sixers say he will also not play tomorrow night in orlando. embiid did light work this morning in camden. hopeful he'll be able to play saturday here against miami. sixers lost six of seven without embiid including a 16-point loss to the spurs a week ago. injuries have created inconsistent see. >> we watch film. you know we so what we're not doing. just a master, you know, the getting back to that mindset we had all through january. >> mc kelvin the first of what will be a lot of moves. eagles want to make a lot of moves careen 88 space. much more to come. >> good. thank you tom. >> that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. see you back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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lady gaga fires back. [ music ] >> blasting body shamers over her bare belly. then, standing by ivanka. >> what the president is saying after her fashion line is dropped by a big chain. and the trump effect. >> you're a bad hombre. >> how bashing the president is turning into tv gold. >> "saturday night live" hasn't seen ratings like in this more than two deck kay. ♪ we're off to see the wizard ♪ >> the shocking revelation about "the wizard of oz." was 16-year-old judy garland molest by munchkins? and, exclusive. the police officer accused of planning an act of cannibalism against his own wife. >> i'm known as the cannibal cop.


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