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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  February 11, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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blood, the community in disbelief. they're asking for to help catch her killer >> look out, dashcam capture a truck. keep it here, your news is next. this is fox 29 at 10:00
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people in one philadelphia neighborhood want answers after a woman was murdered in her own home. dozens honored winnie harris. i'm dawn timmeney >> i'm joyce evans. the 65-year-old community activist was found dead inside her home last week. now, there are a lot of questions. friends and family want answers. fox 29 jennifer joyce is live at police headquarters tonight with more on the search for her killer. >> reporter: good evening, guys, a week later nonarrests has been made but people who know winnie say there will be justice. >> raw emotion, music and prayer. >> we pray that she will give us comfort. >> reporter: candlelight tears. friends and family came together
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to honor the life of winnie harris. she was a well-known community activist to found murdered last week. >> asking today for everyone here to stand for winnie today. >> this is not a big street. somebody had to have seen something. heard something. >> reporter: sally said she knew harris from the gardening community. >> she was everywhere. >> reporter: harris is remembered as a kind witty 10 funny person with a go getter attitude. she said her days beautifying west philadelphia through greenery and generosity teaching children about planting and life >> she was an example to the kids in the neighborhood. she worked with the kids. and who's going to do that now? >> we got to pull together and. >> reporter: her nephew said the victim was a second mom to him >> she raised me with class, dignity etiquitte.
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a good person. >> the people she touched are picking up where she left off. and planting a seed for justice. >> i'm begging you neighbors to let the law know something. >> if anyone knows any information, please speak up. >> reporter: harris will be laid to rest monday as the search for her killer continues. there is a $20,000 reward being offered for information that leads to an arrest and conviction of the person responsible. >> thank you. in dover delaware, mourners paid their final respects to corrections officer killed in a prison uprising last week. >> law enforcement from all over came to show support for lieutenant steven floyd. the military funeral service was held inside delaware state university's gym, the 47-year-old corrections officer killed during a hostage standoff at the james t vaughn correctional center near smyrna.
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floyd was an army veteran. his daughters attended delaware state university. >> more impressive is the large number of law enforcement organizations in and out of delaware. >> it's important that members we stick together and show support for each other in troubling times and make sure we stick together. >> three other doc workers were taken hostage. they managed to survive the standoff. delaware u.s. senator was there. he posted a message on twitter saying, quote, attended touching and emotional service for lieutenant steven floyd. a reminder of dangerous or corrections and police officers face every day. radar grab your umbrella. rain is moving in. it's dry out there right now. as we take a live look at center city but the rain definitely on
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the way and some places could end see snow. for more continues to be a top si turvy forecast. >> we reached a high of 56 degrees in philadelphia now we're talking about snow. this is going to be an all rain event for areas north, the winter weather advisory in effect. 39 degrees in pottstown. we got 35 in allentown. 45 for philadelphia, 47 for those of us in wilmington. here is a look at your overnight low. upper 30's, mid 30's in the suburbs, 34 but rain moves in so for those of you who are going out maybe going out on the town, you may not need an umbrella. i think really this doesn't get going that rain doesn't really get going until 2:00, 3:00 in the morning, where we do have rain already in south jersey, atlantic city millville and into cape may, they're seeing rainfall. this will be rainy and in the
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event actually up north once again we got a winter weather advisory where they're expecting a wintery mix. for valentine's day it's getting better, full forecast coming up in in just a bit. authorities in cumberland county are identifying a man yesterday afternoon, 23-year-old darryl fuqua died after a police officer shot him after a pursuit. authorities are not saying much. just that there was some sort of chase and an officer fired at him. prosecutor's office said that police found a firearm near him. meantime the national awareness alliance. >> police are searching in west philadelphia during a traffic stop gone pad. police say they were talking to the driver of a ford explore who
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hit a parked car around 3:00 at 62nd and market. traffic apparently started coming toward the officer. he stood on the running board. that's when the driver pulled away with the officer on the running board. the driver sped up and drove four blocks according to investigators before finally slowing down enough for the officer to jump off. the officer injured his hands, leg and foot. driver ditched the car and ran off. police are testing the vehicle for dna to try to identify the suspect the white house trying to be remains in legal limbo. president trump said he may sign a new order on immigration. and that new order could come as early as monday. >> the original ban of course sparked massive protests. garrett tenney has the latest from washington. >> reporter: the president made it clear that he believes his executive order needs to be in place as soon as possible in order to keep the country safe. the problem is his current order is in the hand of the courts.
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court battles a take time to play out. add to that the growing number of challenges coming in from around the country. it's clear these court battles could be playing out a long time. something the president acknowledged yesterday on air force one. >> with speed in mind, the white house is working on a new executive order, which would accomplish essentially the same thing as his previous order but would be tailored to address the some concerns by the judges handling the challenges. one concern repeatedly expressed is the lack of specificity on who the immigration ban applies to. alan dish wits laid out what the new order can include to address that. >> you have to distinguish between categories of potential visitors to the united states. you also have to put a few more due process safeguards into the process so that seems to be fair
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to the courts and maybe toned down >> president trump indicated we can expect his new executive order to come out as soon as monday or tuesday and the legal challenge to new order are also expected to come soon after. in washington, garrett tenney, fox news. albert boscov chairman of the store chain passed away. boscov and advice chairman said in a statement his uncle died yesterday of cancer. albert boscov ran the business established by his father in 1914. he expanded the stores and increased sales to more than a billion dollars. albert boscov announced earlier this month that he had terminal pancreatic cancer and he had wished his workers good luck saying, i love you. it's now officially legal to take ubers in new jersey. governor chris christie signing a order to regularity.
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requirements for insurance and gives the state attorney general the power to decide about background checks. 30 states now have laws allowing the ride hailing companies organizers are still planning to launch the pumpkin competition even though their sponsor backed out. science channel. it will not be returning this year. organizers are looking for other partners and funding sources. this comes after a woman was critically injured at the event last year after she was hit by metal when air canons trap door ripped off. man was also hurt in that incident. >> a show of support for the affordable care act in delaware county. a group of protesters gathering in springfield right outside the office of congressman pat meehan urging him to oppose the repeal of improper's signature
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healthcare law. the group said that more than a million pennsylvaniaians are at risk of losing healthcare if the affordable care act is repealed. >> dashcam with a tractor-trailer on top of a police car. why this could have been a whole lot worse. >> he's only a few years older than his students be 1 high school teacher is inspiring them in a way nobody it is ever has. the crazy deal he made with them that has his students going to college next year.
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people are taking to the streets. today, demonstrators are rallying both for and against planned parenthood. there are talks of pulling funding that ignited both pro choice and pro-life. here's the story. >> reporter: demonstrators took to the streets over efforts in congress to defund planned parenthood. anti-abortion activities say they're energized. he selected mike pence and nominated kneel gorsuch. the pro-life advocates gathered outside of a planned parenthood
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office to voice opposition. >> i'm so grateful to all of you who are helping to stand against the abortion giant. >> met by counter protesters for increased access to women's reproductive healthcare >> we are the people in charge of our government and coming into our city. this is not their city, it's our city. >> reporter: hundreds gathered with pro life and pro choice protesters shouting each other down in ohio, arizona, minnesota and more. >> babies are being aborted, murdered, in facilities such as plant parenthood and other facilities across the united states. 50 million babies lives have been destroyed not all of them have access to the healthcare they need and planned parenthood allows that. you can talk to them about changing. you can talk to them about sex, safe sex, there's so many more things they do than just
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abortions >> congressional leaders intended to defund it part of the repeal of obamacare but the debate about how to scale back has put a halt on efforts to strip the group of its funding, wilcox fox news. drexel students are give, back to those in need in a creative way tonight. ♪ college of medicine holding its 24th annual pediatrics aids benefit concert of medical students and faculty. proceeds go to the dorothyman center which serves children and teenager whose have hiv. >> very talented. soth is this. we showed you how his game winning shot became an internet sensation. a pens bury high school student celebrating instant pain on the basketball court. everybody is talking about nick. that's because on senior night,
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his coach gave the team who has down syndrome a big opportunity. >> nick sat down with sabina kuriakose to talk about it and he says he will never forget. >> reporter: he has always wanted to be getting off the sidelines as team manager and joining his pence bury high school basketball team mates. coach called him in. he remembers it. >> everywhere was like, yeah, and again, and again. that's my boy. >> it wasn't just starting. it was the last regular season home game of senior year. going up against rival bensalem then came time for the shot that would decide the game and the ball was passed to nick's hands. a lot of pressure. you must think nick was nervous. >> no, it was an awesome opportunity. >> fairy tales are stories, this is legend
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>> the crowd goes wild. >> totally emotional night. from the time i saw him in the uniform because i wasn't expecting that. >> the game, crowd, the slam dunk shot meant so much morning anyone else in that room would know. >> i think as a mom and the strugglingses that the special needs kids have it's so nice to see them included and doing well. >> for dad, all those hours of driving back and forth to special olympics, the coaching and the endless support also one thing >> you can tell he just totally -- when i see him like that, so much joy and everything. and makes him so happy. >> reporter: out of all the metals nick won and which he proudly displays, nothing compares to sharing the thrill
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of victory and the key he's truly revolved. >> that's like my thing i always do. and for the special olympics and all of that i want to make that happen >> the video of nick making that game winning shot gone viral. hundreds thousands of people have seen it and his parents say they're thankful and touched so many people can see and share. sabina kuriakose fox 29 news. i love watching that. after he made that shot. it's great. >> it's great. the annual cupid chase happening today. this 5k run raises money to provide housing and employment to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. here's a fun twist with valentine's day just around the corner. runners wore an available or unavailable shirt in hopes of
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sparking a love connection at the event. >> re. cupid's chase happening in moorestown. nicole johnson sending us this video. people across 32 cities in nine states participated in the 9th annual run. >> it could have been worse for this group of polar bear plungers who stripped down. in west chester. looks cold. the outside temperature was a tad milder this morning at the brandywine picnic park. raising awareness about the need for conservation. the event was sponsored by the brandywine red clay aalliance. local wife and mom told by her insurer to get out. her husband decided to fight >> concern of the overall welfare of a patient. that's what i always thought. >> having trouble with your
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insurance company, watch fox 29 investigates story ahead. >> three days away from valentine's day. one candy shop really putting its heart into crafting its chocolate.
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unbelievable video out of while ago proving that you may want to stay off the roads when there's a wind. things could have ended much worse after 90 miles per hour winds sent a truck sailing into a highway parole vehicle. they were responding to other traffic relate incidents when the truck tipped over. amazingly no one was hurt. unusual yet dangerous armed robbery in arizona has police scratching their heads. >> he pulled a gun. what did he demand from the
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credential? three scratch-off lottery tickets. the credential handed them over. the man ran off. officials left stunned by this crime. >> reality is he stole a couple of lottery tickets. he money when he came inform why didn't he just use the money >> a $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading at an retails. it was supposed to be a four-year exhibit but the museum was forced to end an anti-trump exhibit 3 weeks. the museum said the anti-trump exhibit turned out to be a flash point for violence, there were threats, arrests. police had to be posted outside 24/7. the community board said it was never consulted about art exhibit and was bombarded with complaints from residents. we've had a lot of complaints from constituents about smoking marijuana, people
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smoking cigarettes, eating, drinking, littering. urinating. >> i saw a police car and i -- my boyfriend said, that's because there's been stuff happening. apparently it's on social media. the museum issued a statement saying, in part, the installation created a serious and ongoing safety hazard for the museum, its visitors, staff local residents and businesses. there could be something dangerous in your fridge. while several of its popular cheeses are being recalled. he's only a few years older than his students. the crazy deal he made with them that has them all headed to college next career. i'll be tracking the timing of the rain and wintery mix. coming up in a look at your full forecast. make sure to stay with us.
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we remember dr. daniel weemgs, he was a surgeon who in 1891 founded the first integrated hospital. two years later he became the first person to successfully complete open heart surgery.
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teacher in arizona is only three years into his career but already changing lives for the better. he's only a few years older than his students. still, he's reaching limits a way nobody else has >> with the help of a risky bet.
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future of 28 students is looking bright. fox has the story for us from phoenix. >> reporter: in a classroom filled with high school seniors, you'll find a man with a mission. college something many have never imagined. >> until mr. murray. made an act that's been profound. >> he really changed my life. i have no words. >> sierra is many inspired by the 25-year-old teacher during the first three yearses of his career. >> i knew it sounds cornerny but they're the reason why i wake up every morning, i get up 5:00 a.m., i do this, drink the water, chew with bars and i get here early i believe always happy to do my job because it's for them.
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this is their future. >> what was in his future was decided a year and a half ago when he made the same students a promise that made them get to work. >> if you guys can all get $5000 scholarships a piece, i will get your names tattooed on my body. which is why adrian and everyone else knew mr. murray would not let them down. many getting full rides but all reaching their goals. >> i laid in that chair for four hours. >> mr. murray kept his promise, a man who dozens of his students will never forget. now he can say the same about them >> these are the kids will be with me for the rest of my life >> wow, they sure are weather authority, feeling warmer tonight than it did as we take a live look at allentown. temperatures in the upper 30's. but there's rain in our forecast.
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meteorologist monica cryan tracking. are we talking a total wash-out >> through the afternoon i believe we may start to see clearing but we'll get to that in a bit. your high, 56, the average for this time of year, 42, 43 degrees. we are now still above the average high and we're at nighttime. you can see how warm it was today. a lot enjoyed it. unfortunately here's the look in your ultimate doppler. notice we've got rain starting to move its way in. through south jersey we got pop-up showers and more building in behind it. we're going to start to see the rain push through. a lot starts to arrive through the overnight and we can track that on your amount of money cast. just a lot of cloud cover. scattered showers's then starts to lead off as we head into early sunday. this is around 7:00 a.m. you can see some of that actually leading off into parts of lehigh valley including
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carbon, monroe and into parts of lehigh county. that's possibly leading off as a wintery mix. sleet and freezing rain, then also through parts of upper bucks and into the northern parts of berks oh could also see ice accumulation. the rest of us, trenton, philadelphia, wilmington and atlantic city down through delaware. a lot stays as rain, and we're looking through the afternoon, around 3:00 we still are looking at scattered showers and even icing, snow, towards the poconos, but it starts to wind down. back towards the poconos, we could see snow accumulations several inches possible towards the higher elevations. monday looking much nicer, i think we'll see a lot of sunshine into monday and tuesday, it's going to be so windy. here's a winter weather advisory. upper bucks, back into berks county, down through lehigh valley, all the way up into
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north hampton, carbon monoxide row, into the winter weather advisory where we could see ice accumulations to a 10th of an inch and some areas like berk could see a trace or 10th of an inch. 46 in the high for tomorrow, we got the widespread rain with a mix up north. winds anywhere from ten to 15 miles per hour really picking up speed as we head into monday. monday is going to be blustery and chilly. temperatures into the mid 40's. notice here's a look at your future wind gusts. we've got as we head to early monday, kicks up, anywhere from 35 to 40 miles per hour wind gusts, possible but in lancaster, we can see 41 miles per hour as we head to early monday morning and as we head through the afternoon it does start to dive back down. but we're talking temperatures into the mid 40's, i'm thinking it's going to feel much colder than it actually is just because we're dealing with the wind. here's a look at your valentine's day.
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45 degrees lots of sunshine and then wednesday we're talking a return of rain chances. we'll have to keep. keep an eye on this system. looks like a slight chance for rain. it was a major dilemma when her son's school what you having an event for dad. she became a dad for the day. what her little boy had to say about her transformation. >> if you have plans to visit the most magical place on earth. you better put aside extra cash for the trip. how much more will it soon cost you to get into disney world? >> they told me they may shoot a promo. big tv smile. >> go out on the story and i see the news vans, i run the other way. i'm looking for the other side, your side. weird beautiful stories i share them with you but i'm telling
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you, i don't do dress up, news. right, guys? >> fox 29 news, we go there.
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dig deeper in your pockets to visit the happier place on
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earth. tickets to get into disney parks going up. walt disney world said it will cost 101 for children. peak prices will be $124 for adults and 118 for children. the company says that compared to other forms, the family entertainment, the parks still offer a great value. giants foods announced it's removing some cheese from its shelves. it says that it shredded nach company and taco cheese and finally shredded jack cheese could be contaminated. it could lead to death in elderly and children. if you think you got some products, bring them back to a giant for full refund, we got
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the information on our website upstate new york shop has a whole lot of heart for valentine's day. >> holiday treats includes anatomically correct chocolate hearts. the owner of sweet jenny ice cream thought it would be cool to give a heart for valentine's day. the candy weighs less than an adult human heart but other than that, it's just like the real thing. the chocolate is even melted at 98.6 degrees, same as human body. >> the anatomical heart kim buy because i thought it would be a neat play on giving your heart for valentine's day and you also see the cartoon style heart and never a natural start. as far as shape, diameter and texture. the veins on it. it's accurate. >> each heart is made by hand, sweet jenny sold hundreds in previous year, but they've become popular they're planning to sell a whole lot more >> local nursing home battling
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her way back. a local wife and mom told to get out. her husband decided to fight. >> having trouble with your insurance company, watch our fox 29 fox investigates ahead.
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a local family says a wife and mother was in the midst of a battle for her health. then her insurance company pulled coverage. as his wife starts to get well, her husband decided he needs to fight too. it's a fox 29 investigation. here's jeff cole. >> they spent the holidays without the person their lives revolve around. >> is that he lives to see her girls 35 >> a mother of two the wife of edward will never forget may 31st. >> i couldn't wake her up. they said she did had a stroke. that's how this started. >> reporter: this is michelle
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today in philadelphia's magee rehabilitation hospital fit together recover. >> >> ed feared this day would never come. the hospital told him his wife in any never emerge from a coma. >> they were clearing preparing you for your wife's death >> i we don't have to make the decision to remove her from life support. >> he couldn't do it. less than a month after her stroke, michelle eyes flickered open >> past or and two friends there and said she's awake, she began rehab. a systems analyst at a pennsylvania college was paying for her care with his employer provided health insurance from
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the region's giant independence blue cross. he says the rehab was working. >> i'd rush in from work to see her. and what can she do now? where is she? >> i would be surprised and i was encouraged. >> letters written by michelle doctors back his claim she was improving >> things were going very well. >> yes. >> until they weren't. >> correct. >> the bad news came in mid-august. they told segal blue cross wanted michelle sent home >> why? >> that's the reason that they said they cut her is because no words, she no longer qualified for that level of care. >> segal pulled 28 grand out of savings to keep his wife at care one >> i had to do what i had to do. i mean, >> this was your wife >> this is my wife >> independence blue cross declined an on camera interview
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and refused to answer questions on the record about the segal case despite her hundreded ok. it did release statements writing that this must have been an incredibly difficult situation for the segal family and hopes she recovers and returns home >> greater and greater frequency as people become more sensitive to the cost of providing care. >> dr. stewart is a former hospital ceo and an associate professor at temple fox school of business. he believes these decisions are the toughest in healthcare >> the insurance company has legitimate concerns as does the family. how many bites at the apple should a particular patient receive? those are dollars that now can't be spent to care for oh, it's a difficult situation. >> michelle segal was stunned, blue cross wanted her out of care one. >> i knew i was progressing had
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a small level >> ed decided to fight. he filed an appeal and include statements from her doctors including jefferson neurosurgeon who wrote, it was his opinion the patient continued in a skilled nursing facility as it will greatly benefit her. segal challenged as false claims made in blue cross case notes that his college found daughter had received training and would act as her mother's primary caregiver. again, blue cross declined comment. >> there's no idea i thought i could be a skilled nurse >> the reviewer wrote independence blue cross had inappropriate's denied coverage. michelle segal was allowed to stay at care one. blue cross argues it lost the appeal because the viewers saw medical information it didn't have. it showed that mrs. ceiling had made progress was able to
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participate in an aggressive rehabilitation program and approved coverage. >> now, after two denies by blue cross claiming she wasn't ready, segal is receiving more rehab at magee hospital on the insurer's dime. >> i'm happy. i can't wait to be home. ed segal prepared his home for his wife's eventful return but disappointed with his insurance. >> we should not be concerned with the overall welfare of a patient. >> you don't believe that anymore >> no, i don't. jeff cole, fox 29 in his. and jeff reports ed segal expects to get his $28,000 back. he said the process started after fox 29 began asking questions.
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blue cross said it is a mission-based company which puts its customers first this company gone viral. her son's schooling or add dads and doughnuts events, whitney decided to put on her best daddy outfit and make sure son was happy. her son appreciated it and hugged her and told her he knows she'se she'll always be there >> what's up in sports let's talk basketball. villanova wildcats headcoach jay wright 500 this afternoon, having covered on everything cat fans and 76ers broke news about joel embiid before tonight's game, we have the game highlights and of course, the latest on joel embiid next in sports.
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76ers who a are challenged due to joel embiid having missed his 9th straight game. a slight tear in his meniscus. no surgery just yet. had to stop the. miami ripped off 13 straight wins which is the longest this season. to the wells fargo center we go.
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76ers up 7. dario saruc goes to work, one-on-one. gets represented. fights back up and, great game for dario. he finished with 19 points. less than a minute left. here we go. nerlens noel put us that on ice, 117-109. let's talk flyers hockey in order to win games in the nhl you must score goals easy to understand. for the flyers tit has been a huge problem as of late. one goal to show for in the last three games, flyers are now one game on the out of the final wild cards. this was at the -- go figure, mcdonald. provorov was at the right place at the right time. he puts the flyers up 1-0. he had to be settled overtime. wayne simmons waiting gets it and gets it by himself, scores
10:55 pm
the game winner, flyers get a much-needed victory 2-1. jay wright in the 23 and two villanova wildcats for the most part have cruised this season. it has been a weak big east skycam. there's nothing week about a saturday trip to number 24 who beat nova last season. big game for jay wright looking for win 500 first half. nova up five before he find chris jenkins for three, part of a 15-2 november run, led by 12 at half. nova looking really good in this one, up seven, brunson finds, josh hart. nova goes on to win '7357. educate gets his 500th win as headcoach. . st. joe's taking on u mass. it was the seventh hundred game with st. joe's. that's impressive.
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u mass up seven. sack lewis, part of a 16-4 run. hawks lose a tough one 87-76. we end with a beautiful sight that is pebble beach. he's on the t right there. par three. watch this. my goodness, is there anything this guy can't do? i call him a modern day frank sinatra. i don't know if people like to hear that. that's the truth. bill murray trying to top justin timberlake. he love it's playing out there. watch this, he makes the birdie right there. great stuff t beautiful sight and we will be checking in tomorrow for the final round. like i said i absolutely love this. >> gorgeous. >> cat lien in a. right across the way. >> that's our news for this
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saturday night. good day philadelphia weekend begins bright and early at 7:00 mavm
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