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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 15, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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what is inside you can now buy that may have even more people flocking to wawa. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. we begin tonight with a developing story. gunshots ares heard as customers line up for valentine's day dinner everyone started scrambling. pellet lodged right into the side of a truck. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. police are trying to figure out if that truck or somebody else inside was the intended target. fox 29's dave kinchen has been speaking with the owner live in pennsville, new jersey. dave? >> reporter: lucy, it's a frightening situation and while police work on their investigation, the owner of that business says he's not letting it stop him at all. zoagie feel baby. >> reporter: so much energy. >> she's back. >> reporter: fueling the seem at zoagie's food truck. >> you bite into that nice hot
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crispy bread it will be a beautiful experience. >> reporter: almost like a shooting never hammed at broadway and hook road in pennsville tuesday night. >> thank you, brother. >> reporter: but this hole mark the spot where pellet came darting through. >> you be you can'ting serious d that happen? that did not happen. did it? it did. >> reporter: zoagie says his brother-in-law was at the window with customers when the shot rang out from a vehicle stopped at a light. >> all i heard was pop and they came and looked out and its window and looked over his head and guess what? a pellet, high powered pellet went through the zoagie truck. >> reporter: also known as easel barnes he wasn't there when it happened. but his staff working at the time did not even see it. >> they went and look at the hole and confirmed it. wait, somebody did maybe shoot here. >> no one was hurt anything like that. we got to keep it moving dong what we do on an higher level, man. >> reporter: while he presses on police are looking into whether two similarly timed shootings in salem are related.
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a 19-year-old man was shot in front of pat's pizza in salem. another man shot a couple blocks away while walking by the salem motor lodge. police say pellets were also fired from a moving vehicle. i ain't scared of nobody, nothing or anything. things going to happen, things going to happen. >> reporter: back at the zoagie food truck -- >> yes, sir. thanks, man much love, baby. >> reporter: they work with even more determination. >> she's back. every time a difficulty come you get more excited. get more driven and eat some zoagie. >> reporter: police in salem are working on recovering surveillance video from those incidents there. police in pennsville say they do not have any surveillance as of yet regarding these shooting that impacted the food truck. back to you, iain. >> dave, thank you. breaking news right now out of montgomery county. daycare teacher has been arrested and accused of sexually abusing a three-year-old. michael barbie work at the early learning center program of st. francis parish in norristown. police say he admittedly the the
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abuse when he turn himself in. he's been charged with involuntary deviant sexual intercourse. the archdiocese of philadelphia says he's no longer employed with them and they are cooperating with the police investigation. a spokesperson for the archdiocese goes on to say "prior to beginning his term of employment with the st. francis of a sis sis parish appropriate criminal background checks as well as child abuse clearances had been obtained and he completed mandatory safe environment training programs". a judge has just ruled that police illegally stopped a man beaten by them in germantown in 2015. phone caught the entire incident in april of 2015 as police tried to arrest tyreke carol during a stop on locust avenue a few feet from his home. the video appears to show punc punches and baton strikes as carol struggles with the offic officers. prosecutors charged carol with aggravated assault simple assault, reckless endangerment, drug offenses and resisting arrest. today a judge ruled there was no
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probable cause for police to even stop him. the department has 30 days to appeal. skyfox over the scene of a deadly crash in new castle county. one person died in this crash involving three cars near newport. it happened right around 12:30 this afternoon. this is route 141 just north of box wood road. of course, this all rerouted traffic for quite awhile. police have not identified the person who died and no one else is hurt. on to your fox 29 weather authority now. it is the winter weather authority. doesn't feel like it taking a look at ben franklin parkway right now the wind is starting lip those flags out there. >> you might end up grabbing the steering wheel a little tighter on your way home tonight and might also want to layer up. look how windy it is already. that's what's bouncing our camera around out there. it is feeling chilly again, isn't it. >> exactly much kathy, what's you. >> i'm bouncing over here, too. making me dizzy looking at that. i'll tell you, guys, we're looking at those stiff northwesterly winds and they're
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creating some rain showers, little bit of sleet, some ice pellets and also some snow showers. especially as we take a quick zoom in on bucks county. upper bucks, central bucks, places like plumstead, double lynn, even toward doylestown, perkasie to the east and i should say to the west and extending toward the south and east toward buckingham and even into places like levittown. you can see a few passing flurries with these gusty winds. right now, in the poconos, it's 28. but wilmington 40. pottstown 36. but winds are gusting over 0 miles an hour right now a gust of 32 in lancaster. gusting to 35 in philadelphia. making it feel like it's only in the 20s and overnight wind chills in the teens. so it's back to blustery temperatures falling through the 40s into the 30s by 11:00 o'clock. setting up a cold winter's night but it won't stay that way. i'll talk about spring in the seven day later in the broadcast. i'll see you then. >> all right. kathy. thank you.
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well two, 911 operators arrested in atlantic city over drugs. investigators say shakia wade sold oxy cone don't to jennifer dalton while the two were on duty. two other employees have been suspended without pay. detectives say they were tipped off by a concern citizen all in employees are facing administrative charges. >> big blow to president trump during his first 100 days as his cabinet continues to form. labor secretary nominee andrew puzder withdrawn his nomination this afternoon. a mid scepticism from four key republicans. democrats also criticize the fast food executive for workplace violations at his carl's injury and hardee's restaurant chains. meanwhile president trump welcome the israeli prime minister to the white house today. the leaders are looking to strengthen ties after a tense relationship with the obama administration. and the leaders discussed whether a one or two state solution is the best option for peace in the middle east.
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>> i think that the israelis are going to have to show some flexibility which is hard, it's hard to do. >> i'm looking at two state and one state and i like the one that both parties like. >> we have to look for new ways, new ideas on how to reinstate them and how to move peace forward. >> the prime minister is also meeting with members of congress this evening on capitol hill. a jury has convicted a montgomery county lawyer of raping his own client. 57-year-old vincent cirillo, jr., took advantage of the 22-year-old victim while she was unconscious at her own apartme apartment. the long-time defense attorney took the stand on monday and said the encounter in august of 2015 was consensual but his victim told police that she believes he drugged her. a delaware county wawa getting ready for a big celebration to usher in some up grades and that includes beer sales. >> location in chadds ford the first wawa in our area to offer
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beer. our bruce gordon is live at that location with a look what's new. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, it's no secret, guys, that the big super markets in our area have for some sometime now been selling beer and lots of it. now wawa gets into the competition making this iconic convenience store chain just a little more convenient. cold beer at a wawa in pennsylvania? you're not dreaming. at least not at the store at route 202 and naamans creek starting thursday morning. customers, well, let's just say they're on board with the idea. >> i think it's great. i mean, come here after work and get yourself a nice hoagie and six pack and go home and enjoy the rest of the day. >> reporter: life is good? >> yeah. pretty much. >> reporter: wawa viewed this 7400 square foot store as big enough to fit pennsylvania law and its own policies. the result, restaurant style seating for 30, upgraded amenities and beer sales. the single container may be consumed on the premises and up
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to 192 ounces may be purchased for take out. the chain now 750 stores in six states considers this the next step in its evolution. >> i think we've heard a lot of excitement from the community. we see a great response to our offer in florida and virginia where we have stores that you know offer beer. >> reporter: but southeastern pa is, of course, wawa's birthplace. long-time customers say adding the combination of beer and sitting down makes their favorite store even better. >> for a long time pennsylvania had to go to, um, beer distributors and whatnot and i think it's about time pennsylvania caught up with everybody else. >> reporter: join the 20th century. >> yeah. >> the 21st. >> exactly. >> wawa i don't know they seem to always -- they always seem to come around. i mean whatever they do, it's like -- >> reporter: it's working. >> it turns to gold. >> reporter: yeah. you can say that again. you know these beer and seating options stores require big square footage so for now at least wawa has no plans to
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expand the premises beyond this store in our region. festivities get underway tomorrow morning at 9:00. the big grand reopening begins with, what else, a craft beer tasting. iain, will you be camping out overnight? [ laughter ] >> yeah, right. okay, bruce. good luck with that. >> bruce is camping out. he said he was. [ laughter ] >> probably will be lonely he needs a little company. >> might be some other people there with him. >> that's true actually. you know what, one popular attraction now missing in center city today. >> we're talking about the world famous love catch. what is going on? all a good thing. crews hoisted the statue on to a trailer and hauled it off, and it's about to get overhauled. a complete restoration. officials with the city's public art program say the statue is in need of some love itself. >> it's the, um, victim of a lot of graffiti a lot of scratches. a lot of stickers. um, people really love to sort of put their mark on the sculpture that's taken a toll on
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the sculpture itself and the paint surface. that will be repaired. >> the statue will once again grace its permanent home in love park. after popping up across several new jersey communities, flyers promoting the ku klux klan showed up in bucks county. what police say and why they say they can't arrest anyone. >> the flowers bring people in from near and far to the pennsylvania convention center watch organizers just announced about the world famous flower show. tom? >> iain phillies gm says the phillies continue spring training down in florida plus the first injury to keep an eye on. it's coming up in a few minutes in sports.
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>> new tonight hateful messages turn up in bucks county where police say they are similar to those flyers left around several new jersey towns. police have found flyers promoting the kkk in doylestown& and northampton and they're similar to the ones you see here on your screen we reported earlier this week that the flyers turned up in three new
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jersey towns. text nick klee police say a crime has not been committed because it is legal to distribute flyers but police are trying to figure out where they're coming from. tonight we got sure sign spring is almost here. >> flour show is almost here. and today that was the talk of the town. this year's theme now we know. it's the flowers of holland. the show will celebrate dutch culture include 30,000 flowers. a big attraction will be the dutch eco dome. this is going to highlight the netherlands commitment to green technology. the show runs from march11th through the 19th at the convention sent. i don't know whether you've gone, iain, it's fabulous. >> looks great. how about this looks great as well. rare look inside historic sites at independence mall. our cameras were along for a guided tour this morning getting up close look at some of those popular sights in old city. walking through the ben franklin museum and liberty bell. tours of course always open to the public. go check them out. two very cool things there. speaking of cold, it's getting a
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little colder now yet again and y, it is winter, of course. fox 29 whether authority life look at reading. it is going to be a blustery night in the hundred acre wood all of winnie the pooh fans might know that one. anyhow it will get worse overnight unfortunately. kathy orr, did you read one knee the poo to your kiddos. >> absolutely. love winnie the pooh. i'm cold right now. >> is it blustery in the weather studio. >> it is blustery. there's wind coming right above me. >> pig let is flying by somewhere. >> must be ac. i don't know. take look at ultimate doppler you can see those northwesterly winds and specifically one county in particular getting the brunt of this. it's bucks county. seeing some ice pellets seeing some snow showers from richland through east rockhill through dublin, plumstead and tinicum even quakertown seeing a few snow showers. so if you're traveling along 611 please be aware of that this evening. otherwise, those winds are going to continue to crank. right now it is 42 degrees the high today 53. winds out of the northwest at 2.
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the peak in temperature came earlier in the day. and then temperatures gradually falling to the current temperature of 42. now those winds will be sustained between about 15 and 20 miles an hour tonight. gusting to at least 30 so got to bundle and if you're heading out this evening. poconos it's 28. it's 42 in philadelphia. 41 in millville. 42 in dover. and you can see these northwesterly winds creating some lake enhanced snows even during the day tomorrow, the poconos could see a few snow showers moving your way. not a lot but at least it keeps us in that winter mode. it will be a blustery day the main weather feature will be the wind and hence wind chills will be driven down as well heading out the door at the bus stop the kids will need the winter coats. no shorts tomorrow, kids. look at that wind chill. allentown 13. at 7:00 a.m. it will feel like 16 in philadelphia and atlantic city it will feel like 18. it will feel like 12 in the poconos. during the afternoon these numbers not going up all that much. the winds continue. temperatures will be cold in the upper 30s lower 40s and wind
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chills will pretty much stay in the 20s for your thursday afternoon. here's the good news that is the coldest day of the seven day. and then temperatures begin to rebound. so tonight the low 30 in the city. 20s in the suburbs with that win out of the northwest keeping a chill in the air. a cold start to the day tomorr tomorrow. but a pleasant afternoon with sunshine with those winds gusting to 30, 35 miles an hour. it will feel much colder than that temperature on your seven day forecast from the weather authority there's nowhere up to go but up i guess. friday 44. saturday 60. sunday near record warmth. the record is 68. monday for president's day 59. some showers but still mild for tuesday and wednesday. and guess what? as we look even further into the month, the reminder of february appears to be above average. average between 44 and 47 degrees as we head toward the end of the month. looks likes we're going to be above that. that's been the trend already 5 degrees above normal for the month of february. we'll send it back to you.
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>> i love above normal. >> can i be honest with you. >> yes, please. >> don't you like a little chill in the air. >> i do. >> no, i don't. >> i do. this winter we haven't had. >> it makes you appreciate the spring even more. >> yes. >> why? >> you can still hit golf balls put on winter gloves an parka. >> you can always go north, boston, maine, vermont. >> you can go down to florida and watch baseball. >> which i do a coupe times a year. >> let's talk baseball right now phillies in action call it minor but your phillies down in florida are have first injury to worry about and two corner outfielders have a simple question as they report to clearwater. fine out what it is next in sports. >> ♪ but first this black history moment if you enjoy buying fresh food from across the country at your local supermarket you have frederick mckinley jones to thank. he invented the air-cooling units used in food transporting trucks in the 30s and awarded more than 60 patents over the course of his life.
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♪ another work out for the phillies this morning down in clearwater, florida. expectations seem to be somewhat of a dicey word for this team right now. manager wants them to be 500 into august. maybe go beyond that. maybe even a playoff team. some say, rebuild. some say why not do this all now? you getting this? sean bell trying to sift it all out.
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>> reporter: this off season the phillies brought in a bunch of veteran guys, guys who are used to winning their coming in here trying to become leaders and trying to get the job done now. >> you know i look at it as an opportunity to prove people wrong. >> reporter: new guys are coming in to silence the nay sayers they don't want to rebill. they want to win now and they're trying to add that veteran leadership that they got. >> when i came up, you know, i had veteran guys, a lot of veteran guys around. now the students have become the teachers. and they don't want to hear that they can't get it done. >> phillies right now are a contender. >> who is to say, right. >> whose to say, though? >> okay. everyone in first place as of today and, you know, late into the season we're not setting goals, um, to lose baseball games. >> reporter: in clearwater, sean bell, fox 29 news. general manager mcclendon tock very selective what piece
6:25 pm
he's added to the roster this winter. with an eye towards the future. he's a big fan of the letter p these days. as in practicing patience. >> no team is going to go 162 and zero. and no team will go zero and 162. how we do in between, you know, we'll see. this is a passionate town. passionate fan base that wants to win. so do i. you know, i'm passionate about what we do here and i want to win, too, and i know our manager does and i know our players do. that alignment to me is a good thing. >> one injury note to keep an eye. short stop freddie galvis arriving in camp with a mild groin strain not that serious. bear this in mind he has pull out of the world baseball classic. they tend to become nagging. that's why you take care of them very very quickly. never seen a camp like this with so many mixed expectations, rebuilding team/say they'll within now. some say the piece there. there's a lot of things up in the air. what makes spring training
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great. >> that's right. everyone is unfeeted right now. >> something else up in the air. >> 162-zero. >> temperatures are down. the wind is up. >> temperatures will go up. look at this seven day. this is amazing especially president's day weekend. usually we have a snowstorm. just like clock work every year. not this year. saturday 60. sunday 63. the record is 68. we could come very close to that. and then for the holiday and next week it stays in the 50s. it's at least ten to 20 degrees above normal. >> old man winter has been vacationing apparently. >> he's check out. >> tonight at ten i'll introduce to adorable five-year-old girl fighting a rare disease. now her family is hoping to raise i was wesness and help find a cure for this precious little girl. >> that does it for us here at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside he had decision up next. ♪
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white house in crisis. the oprah winfrey connection. >> he vowed revenge. he said, i will see you in the gutter. >> how this woman, in disguise, from 27 years ago is causing trump new chaos. then -- >> i like to challenge myself. >> should he be flying? >> new information on harrison ford's close encounter with a passenger plane. and -- >> kate upton! >> she's on the new sports illustrated swimsuit cover, for the third time. then, a baby's battle. born with a huge tumor on her face. >> big day. >> now the life changing surgery. >> we are going to go ahead and remove this. >> to make baby sloan beautiful. and --


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