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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 16, 2017 3:30am-4:01am EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at at 11. it's not just parents who are horrified disgusted and angry over accusations at a local daycare that is part of the archdiocese of philadelphia. i'm lucy noland. police say that man you just saw has admitted to sexually as assaulting a three-year-old child at that very daycare where he worked. the reason police say it was retaliation because the toddler called him a name. our dave schratwieser live at the archdiocese headquarters in center city and dave, i just can't even with this. >> reporter: parents unbelievably disturbed by this tonight. 32-year-old michael barbie is hyped bars on $750,000 bail. the archdiocese tonight calling these charges serious and disturbing.
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>> i just hope that it was an isolate the incident and no other children were affected by it. >> reporter: christine harper was stunned by the arrest the 32-year-old daycare teacher michael barbie on charges of involuntary deviant sexual under course on three-year-old child. >> you just never know. you never know who is lurking in the shadows. >> reporter: harper spoke to fox 29 as parents expressed concern and outrage wednesday evening when they came to the early learning center to pick up their children. >> we had a feeling that something was wrong from the beginning. >> reporter: bill ryan took his child out of the early learning center last year after his wife expressed concerns about barbie. >> my wife really early on we had this -- just an erie feeli feeling, and we removed her from the care of the elc. >> reporter: police arrested him saturday at his home in yeadon on 16 charges. investigators say barbie sexually assaulted a three-year-old girl during nap time in classroom after she called him stupid.
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>> it's terrifying, um, really that this could happen. >> reporter: archdiocese of philadelphia called the charges serious and disturbing. they are cooperating with poli police. they say there was no prior indications. barbie was involved in similar activity and he passed all background checks. >> i'm sure every parent is concerned, but i'm sure the administration is doing what they can. >> reporter: now barbie is no longer an employee at the school. did he give police a statement& after a polygraph test. authorities tell us did he work at two other daycare accepts in delaware county. lucy. >> that right there is frightening. all right thank you dave. skyfox above the scene of a police involved shoot to go night. three philadelphia officers fired shots at a suspect in west oak lane tonight. they are patrolling north lambert street when car alarm went off. officers noticed two guys there. decided to frisk them. one had a gun. tried to run off. they chased him into an alley where officers say he pointed his gun at them. they fired and hit the man more than once. he is in critical condition and
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they arrested the second man. on your radar tonight, a chill in the air. live look at trenton. parts of our area will dip into the 20s tonight. staying under a cozy blanket sounds like a lovely thing, kathy orr, doesn't it? >> maybe sleeping in as well, lucy. >> wouldn't that be nice. >> nice combo. yeah, it will be tough to go outside tomorrow morning the temperatures will be cold and the wind is going to be blowing so pretty uncomfortable on your way out or for the kids at the bus stop. dress them up. on ultimate doppler stiff northwesterly winds and still in bucks county on the eastern part of the bucks a few snow flurries out there. skies will be clearing elsewhere and temperatures falling. it's 38 in the city. the high 5353. winds sustain out of the west at 18 miles an hour. that's a stiff wind. they're gusting over 30. right now 26 in the poconos. 36 in allentown. 37 in wilmington and atlantic city checking in at 36 at the airport. it feels much colder with the win blowing. feels like it's in the 20s for most of the region. but the poconos it feels like it is only 14.
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it's going to be pretty blustery out there. we have a few more sprinkles and flurries overnight. blustery conditions with these strong northwesterly winds and even by tomorrow, we could be seeing some snow showers in northeastern pennsylvania and extending into the poconos. because of that consistent wind and some streamers, lake enhan enhanced snow showers coming from the great lakes. come tomorrow morning at the bus stop it will feel like in the teens in most locations. the poconos it will feel 12. philadelphia, wilmington and trenton along the i-95 95 corridor feeling like 16 and not much better as you head toward ac and wildwood. by the afternoon, some improvement but still windy and cold. wind chills in the 20s and the teens. and that will be the end of the blustery day. after that, temperatures on the rise. overnight tonight in the city 3. chilly and breezy. during the day tomorrow, that wind will be cutting with temperatures only in the upper 30s and lower 40s. a bit of a blustery day with winds gusting to 30 even 35 miles an hour.
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and on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, friday we improve somewhat at 44. saturday 60. how about near record warmth on sunday. lucy the temperature the forecast 63. the record high is 68. we could come very close to that record. monday for the holiday 59. a few showers tuesday. wednesday 56. there's a very good chance that these temperatures in the 50s will stick close to the end of the month. we're running out of time for that snow. >> so did old man winter just decide to take the season off. >> i think he went south. actually he went north. >> he went north. >> yeah. >> that's where he's hanging o out. thank you very much kathy orr. >> you bet. happening right now atlantic city police are looking into a head turning video involving one of their own officers. >> put your hand in my face again i'll bleep you out. >> you have to to to distinguish what is going on quite easy to hear what that officer is sayi saying. one of the guys in the car pulled over shot that phone video. and it has caught fire on social
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media. raising a lot of questions. fox 29's shawnette wilson has more from atlantic city. >> put your land in my face again i'll knock you bleep out. i'm that bleep guy. you understand me. >> calm bleep down. >> all right, sir. >> you feel me. >> yes, sir. >> disturbing video recorded by a young man after he and another person were stopped by two atlantic city police officers. one of the young men posted on facebook after it happened. >> you egan that 90-pound dog will come out and rip the bleep out of you. >> video shows two officers at the window. the driver is being told he can't record the stop with his cell phone. he and the passenger apologize as the officer continues using foul language. >> step out and and bank. i got no bleep problem. >> you got to do all of that. >> stop making it like that. >> steven young sought video on social media. he's the president of the national action network of south jersey. >> i felt terrorized by the words that was used.
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the f bomb word over and over again. the threats of terror over and over again. and it just took away so much from an individual. >> reporter: he says the most shocking part -- >> i'll get that 90-pound dog to basically rip you apart. it brung me back to the era of the '60s report roar police released a statement which reads in part "the language and tone used by our officer in the video is concerning and is not condoned by this depth. the officer involved was wearing a body worn camera when which will be reviewed by detectives ". >> again internal affairs is investigating. the officer involved has been placed on administrative assignment pending the out come. in atlantic city, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. another day more firsts in the trump administration's first 100 days. the president tonight had dinner at the white house with his arrival from the prime mary's senator marco rubio. earlier today the president met with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu.
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trump endorses a one nation solution between israel and pakistan. ad drew mud derry drew his nomination as labor secretary. it cups among scepticism from four key republicans. a dream come true for north philadelphia great-grandmother who finally got her high school diploma after 55 years. she graduated in a special ceremony tonight our chris o'connell attended. chris, you have the story of the day. >> reporter: that's right, lucy. of course for most high school seniors it takes, what, four years to get your high school diploma. but for one great-grandmother in north philadelphia that four years took about half a century or more. and she says she wouldn't have it any other way. it's been a long time coming for dozens of former high school drop outs. their high school graduation. for some, it's been at least a couple of years since they have
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been inside a classroom. but for 71-year-old charlotte burkett it's been nearly a lifetime. >> all my kids graduated. my grandkids graduated. i said i want my diplomat wall too. >> after having four children, nine grandkids and four great grandkids, some of them cheering her on tonight, she can now call herself a high school graduate. >> it means a lot to me to see my momma graduate. >> because when she should have been graduating she had me and the main thing she wanted us all to do was to get out -- >> the single mom left simon greats in the 11th grade after getting pregnant in 1960 leaving just one and a half credits shy of graduation. she is now graduating from ben franklin high school. >> it's beautiful. it's exciting i thought it was going to be hard, but the kids was so so nice to me. you know some of them called me mom. some called me grandma. i liked that.
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>> reporter: bootsy burkett tells me tonight she has no plans on going to college but she does have plans to do something every high school girl always dreamed of doing, lucy, going to her high school prom. she'll be doing in may. >> does chef a date? >> reporter: she says she doe does. >> oh, perfect. okay. that's the follow up story. thank you much, chris o'connell. >> reporter: we'll get it. >> um-hmm. workers and customers scrambled for cover at a popular new jersey food truck as a shot came flying and now police are involved. here's hank. plant behind me axeon asphalt in west deptford the people who control it may shut it down. even though it remains profitable state senate president steve sweeney says he's not above applying a little leverage to keep it open and safe about 100 jobs. find out what he's got in mind. hank's take coming up. one of aretha's iconic son
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songs. respect, 50 years old. the song hit the top of the charts in 1967. franklin's respect became a transform ma tiff song really a moment. not only in her career but also in the women's rights movement. and the civil rights movement. love this song. ♪
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♪ south jersey police are look, to the person who fired a shot into a busy food truck. customers scattered at somebody shot at least one pellet from car in pennsville last night. didn't hit anyone but it did lodge in the side of a zoagie poe's food truck many deck do's not believe a specific person was an actual target. investigate it's do say that two more shootings happened minutes later nearby in salem.
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if you have ever had an encounter with the philadelphia parking authority, you know they take no mercy. if you break the rules. not even when you're the head of the police department. department public affairs department confirms commissioner richard ross got a parking ticket outside the bellevue hotel this morning. it was 9:22am. and he was parked in a zone that's not open until 9:30am. so eight minutes. the department says the commissioner has already taken care of his ticket. ♪ tonight's hank take west deptford refinery may shut down as soon as the summer taking hundreds of jobs with it. a lot of people are obviously very concerned about all of th this. but a local leader says the plant is profitable end may have some leverage to keep it open. hank has that story from gloucester county. ♪ i work from 12 to 8:00 so i
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saw everybody coming in the morning, and are yeah it was enjoyable. >> reporter: mark of paulsboro retired now but he used to work at the nearby asphalt plant axeon specialty products back when it belonged to citgo. the prospect that they might shut down this summer has got >> i know a lot of people will lose their jobs. a lot of families are going to be in turmoil. >> steve sweeney told me keeping the plant open will be a challenge he's the state senator from gloucester counsel senate president and he said the problem the hedge fund that owns axeon. >> to tri to get a hedge fund -- hedge funds aren't known to have hearts but they do like profits and it's a profitable plant many and there's no need to shut it down. >> reporter: it's a shame we don't have smell vision because the knows knows no matter what they got planned for the future they are definitely making asphalt now. no question. why shouldn't they be? new jersey has got plenty of roads to page it will spending billions to improve them so if
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anything the asphalt business ought to be picking up, right? that's the thing that don't mick sense to us. we just passed transportation trust fund with the federal you're talking $4 billion a year in transportation and the next eight years, this plant is one of the biggest producers one of the most productive plants in the nation. so it makes no sense to shut this one down. >> reporter: sweeney adds new jersey pension systems got nearly 300 million invested with the hedge fund in question. lipped say goldberg. he's not above using leverage to keep axeon open. ask anybody on paulsboro's broad street like phil weiss at weiss true value. the town doesn't need to lose that at fault plant. >> all the employees that will be let go in the neighborhood and in the town -- surrounding towns that will shop here will be affected and it's -- it would hurt a lot of the businesses here in town as well. >> reporter: what's going to happen? that's in the air for now like the smell of asphalt in wept deptford when the wind blows eastward. we'll keep you posted.
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i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ you see it, you shoot it our fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. iain? >> lucy, franklin township, new jersey, two bicyclists were struck down by a car on delsea drive. fresco user steven shared this video from the accident scene and police say a husband and wife were riding their bikes this afternoon. the woman is now in critical condition. the driver did stop and has been charged with two counts of assault and hit by auto. ton night in center city guests got to check out a film about former president obama's life. fresco user emma takes us to african-american museum. it's call the obama years. the power of words. the film is narrated by actor jesse james and looks back on the obama legacy. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it. and then use the fresco app and sent it to our newsroom. you might get paid. lucy? >> that's always good. emma gets a lot of money much she's one of our main ones.
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evolution of convenient beer sales in pennsylvania just took a big step forward. tomorrow morning the wawa at route 202 naamans creek road in chadds ford becomes the chain's first pennsylvania store to sell beer. now, here is the deal. you can pop open one beer right there at one of its new restaurant style tables and you can buy as much as 192-ounces which sound like an awful lot to take home. all right. shredder you going wawa tomorrow in chadds ford? >> lucy, no, i'll physical you who should be going somewhere and that's the new england patriots. they should be go to go the white house. super bowl is white house and why every patriot should be there. it's coming up. >> first this black history moment. if you enjoy buying fresh food from a across the country at local supermarket. you've got frederick mc kin the jones to thank he invented the
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air cooling units used in food transporting trucks in the 1930s. he was award more than 60 patents. remember north philadelphia youth football coach. friends and family held this vigil in honor of wayne wis allen at a hunting park field tonight. coach wis work with north philadelphia aztecs noon football program. he passed away last thursday from a
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♪ so shredder aka tom sled depth check take on the patriots who say we won't go. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ the following is not a political paid announcement do
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not adjust your tv to blue or red or sku it left and right. put the remote control down. let me finish. this is about six members of the new england patriots who have decided they will not go with their teammates to the white house when the patriots are invited. we assume they'll be epp sight the. they've given various reasons from political to non political. point tonight is non political. point is, you're being honored at the pin pinnacle of your sport. tom brady will be there and while he says he understands the six absentees to be he said "it's just always something that was a privilege to be able to do because it really meant you won championship and you got to experience something cool with your team and your teammates". but this is the same hypocritical tom brady who stayed home two years ago from the white house. it's sad. he's not the only athlete who stayed home for various reasons and he won't be the last. michael jordan, albert pujols
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among those who skipped before. and they were wrong, too. there will be more. the point tonight is, you win together, guys, you stay together. lucy. >> all right, thank you very much, shredder. actor ashton kutcher hoping to end modern slavery and human trafficking today he took the issue to capitol hill heavy topic of course but the hearing had a light hearted start when arizona senator john mccain joked that he was better looking in the movies. 39-year-old actor blue him a kiss. he gave a passionate speech. all right. i have a surprise forgo you know how much powerball is for right now. >> 310 million. i know you missed out on the office pool. >> i did. >> i have one. >> winner, winner chicken dinn dinner. >> four tickets for all of us and iain page and we have to it with bob the new stand guy who got these for us. >> thank you. >> it's all bob. >> we may be back here
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frost fox 29 studio this is "good day philadelphia". very good morning, happening right now on good day philadelphia, it is the reason so many people may not show up for work today. what i am grant across the country plan on doing to protest the president and it might affect you. >> developing overnight there is a man in critical condition after being shot by police. what the department says led to this shooting. plus: >> put your hands in my face i'm going to knock you out. i'm not that beep guy. you understood me? >> local police officer in this was a traffic stop. so what set him off? well, that's what the guys in the car who got pulled over want to know this morning. >> (applause)


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