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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  February 21, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11.
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how did two september tra trains slam into each other at the 69th street terminal. federal investigators have converged there tonight to answer that question. the wreck came at the height of the morning rush and disrupted service for hours. subway train ran into the back of a stopped train at the 69th street terminal in upper darby of course about 8:00 this morning. the impact sent those trains into a third, four people are hurt including the train operator who is in critical condition. fox 29's chris o'connell live now at the 69th street terminal in upper darby. chris? >> reporter: lucy, that team of investigators with the national transportation safety board arrived on seen about four hours ago. that investigation continues work lights have been brought in to help those investigators work through the night. meanwhile, septa customers, the people who ride on these trains, the people who ride on these buses every day say if it is not
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one thing, it's another. >> something breaks down at least once or twice a week. >> reporter: as the investigation begins into septa's upper darby train derailment commuters wouldn't, what's next? >> i've about had it. they keep raising prices and just dropping service. it's getting rough. >> reporter: commuters complaints are just the tip of the iceberg for what has been even by their own accounts a bad year for septa. last summer, a third of the brand new silver liner rail fleet was taken out of service because of a defect. in november, the system was paralyzed by due to a transit workers strike. in january, two trolley cars collide injuring dozens. and earlier this month, more rail car defects. this time on the mark frankford el. >> do you feel that customers may be losing faith in the authority? >> well, i certainly hope not. >> reporter: septa officials admit this career year has been a string of bad luck but many of
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the disruptions had been safety related to prevent too much failures. >> inspection processes enable us to fine these things and get ahead of them before they cause a problem, so i think that's indicative of our processes are working. >> reporter: even with all the problems, some commuters wouldn't travel any other way. >> i think septa is great. it gets me where i need to be. >> reporter: as we bring you back out here live. that is one of the two collided rail cars here outside the market frankford el at the 69th street terminal. ntsb investigators will be on scene throughout the night to try to figure out exactly how this happened. septa officials do tell me, though, the market frankford el will be up to full service in the morning rush hour tomorrow. lucy? >> let's hope it is. thank you much, chris. the problems do not stop there for septa tonight riders who usery john rail spend more time than usual waiting for their train.
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septa tells us signal work led to delays on several lines. when we dropped by jefferson station we saw delays as long as 60 minutes on some lines. bob kelly of course has you covered tomorrow to track that morning commute on septa and of course the roads. "good day philadelphia", you know, starts at 4am. in camden county, a young woman was spoking outside her home when she says a man tried to pull her into a car. it happened eye around 9:00 night. the woman told police the man got out of white suv started ask her how to find his way out of the neighborhood. but then she says he grabbed h her. she screamed. he let her go and drove away towards sicklerville road. a man and young child are in critical condition right now after car slammed into their stalled van this afternoon. a 28-year-old man and two-year-old girl were in that van on woodhaven road. the driver hit them is also hurt and in the hospital stable. on your radar tonight,
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remember sunday's weather? ah, it was so nice. spring like temperatures. 70s. live look at ben franklin parkway. little chill tonight. what's ahead might have you reminiscing about sunday. because it's going to feel like that, right? >> sunday everybody was outside. >> i know. >> it was unbelievable. >> in sports. >> crowds everywhere. you couldn't get into anyplace around center city philadelphia. >> i know. >> we can have a repeat especially friday, i don't know if you want to jump start the weekend i would suggest coming down with little cold. >> you would never do that. >> i would never do that. >> never would you do that. >> take look at old city philadelphia the temperature right now pretty comfortable it's 42 degrees. the normal low for this time of year is 29. it will be nowhere near that. it's going to be a balmy night with lows mainly in the 40s across the region. as you look at the northeast blue contours mean cool air, 30s and 40s. 50s little bit farther to the west in cleveland louisville in memphis still in the 60s. we're talking about some may like warmth moving in.
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today's high temperature made it to 51. yesterday we were at 58. you can see tomorrow inching a little bit higher in the 60s. thursday and friday, those will be the days that we will remember for a long time. this warmth could extend right into at least part of the weekend. so as we look at the country we have a huge ridge of high pressure building in the east. the cold air stays to the west. and the northern plains and we're talking about four days at least of really unseasonably warm weather with temperatures running about 20 to 30 degrees above normal. so overnight tonight, 42. mostly cloudy. temperatures really not moving that. winds out of the southwest at about 5 miles an hour. during the day tomorrow, we'll have the clouds in the morning. a few sprinkles. dope be fooled by that. because the sun will come out in the afternoon and temperatures will rise into the lower 60s and skies will be partly sunny right through the afternoon. sunset closing in on 6:00 o'clock. as we look at the records, though, thursday's record is 75. friday's record 74. it will be close on thursday.
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friday i think we will be breaking that record. we're on track for the warmest or the second warmest february of all time. and those records go back to 18 seventy two. take a look at the seven day forecast from your weather authority. 63 wednesday. thursday near record warmth, 73. friday we're looking for record breaker of 75 degrees. lucy it still stays warm on saturday. 71. and the huge change comes sund sunday. then it's like a slap in the face. back to reality. 48 degrees. get the fleece back. monday 50. a shower possible next tuesday. the last day of february it's 52. >> here's the thing it stitt still doesn't seem like winter. are we going to have winter at all we've got few weeks left. >> we're running out of up to. we really have the first two weeks of march and then the odds really -- >> you don't think we'll have a big snowstorm, nothing. >> it's looking i'd say 30% chance. >> you have a chance. >> going 30% on this one. all right. we'll see how it goes. i kind of miss it. i got to tell you. >> thank you kathy orr. >> we have breaking news. police arrested a man for
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shooting at willingboro vfw. brandon washington now facing a itemed murder charges. burlington county prosecutors say he shot two guards last thursday during a ladies night event after he got kick out for stirring up trouble. both guards survived. happening right now, a search to get three guys off the streets for a crime that sounds all too familiar one of them sucker punched the victim. the other two went after the man after he fell to the ground. that attack sounds like two others we told you about in the past month alone in philadelphia. dave schratwieser is live outside central detectives. dave? >> reporter: lucy, police say these three suspects were lying in wait when they saw the victim come down a back street in center city on his way home. when he pulled out his iphone to call a friend, they made their move. >> i hear it's happening a lot. , you know it's kind of a scary -- it's kind of is a scary thought. >> reporter: vicious attack caught on video in the 200 block of south camac street in the
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heart of center too. the victim spoke to fox 29 by phone tuesday night. >> the one punched me in my throat and then the other guy put me in a choke hold. >> reporter: detectives say thethree suspects were lurking in center city in the hours before the random brutal attack. when they found the 30-year-old city resident with a $700 iphone 6s, they moved in. >> when you look at the video before the attack, it looked like they were looking for someone to rob. they were, you know, up to no good. >> three very sad people that are coming into the city and doing things that they shouldn't be doing. >> reporter: attack comes a few week after a similar incident in the 1200 block of south broad street. a 25-year-old walking down the street was jumped by four men. >> it could be the same guys much this still under investigation also. >> reporter: just two week ago, a 24th and lehigh a third attack. a 55-year-old man was proved by three males from behind. one punched him in the back of
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the head and knocked him unconscious. >> that's dangerous kind of situation so got to be careful. maybe some some pre cautions. >> reporter: now, police say that the suspect in this case -- suspects in this case may have been in and out of stores in that area so they're looking for surveillance video before and after the attack. hoping to get a better look at the suspect. the victim in this case was not seriously injured. lucy? >> that is good indeed then, thank you very much, dave. a hoax all a hoax. philadelphia police say the report of a carjacking and child abduction that had them converging on the logan section last night was nothing more than than that. and so prosecutors have charged a 22-year-old pizza delivery driver with making that false report. they say marcus fletcher admit he made it all up because he was the victim of a hold up and did not like the way police were investigating. did he it to watch them quote work harder. >> new guidelines about immigration reform and president trump's first 100 days.
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the president making good on campaign promises to get tough on illegal immigrants. the department of homeland security announced new policies today. it's beefing up border patrol security and prioritizing undocumented immigrants convicted or arrested. the american civil liberties union is fighting. says it will challenge all of that. also, today, president trump condemned for the first time a growing number of antisemitic icidents across our nation. >> it's terrible. i think it's horrible. whether it's anti semitism or racism or any -- anything you want to think about having to do with the divide, anne semitism is likewise -- anti semitism is terrible. >> trump made the comments on a visit to the new african-american american history museum. showing up in front yards across our area but can a sign actually help unite the nation? >> it's very sad we have to remind people to do that. have a sign tore mine people to be decent. >> people going to embrace the
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call to turn away from hate for goodness sake?
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in two other incidents this month. burglars in upper merion and hatfield also got into the businesses by going through the rooftop vents in such like that. ♪ our bill anderson has been talking with folks who hope a sign popping up across the country can unite us. it's read on one -- red on one side for republicans. blue on the other side for democrats but the message something we can all hopefully embrace for goodness sake and that message no hate. i put the sign up. i saw my neighbors have them up. i don't know how you can disagree with that. >> reporter: if you walk or drive through several neighborhoods in our area, you probably have seen the red and blue hate has no home here sig signs. they're non partisan sign that is express an opposition to hate in several languages. >> i got one at a local store. but they're being distributed through social media across the
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country after someone in chicago came up with the idea to counter the divisive political climate that currently exists. >> our home offer all the artwork for free. download it yourself and get it printed. >> reporter: robin and joe are south jersey organizers and they say the response has been more than they expected. reaching people with whom they couldn't previously find any common ground. >> the response has been widespread and incredibly positive. from places even you wouldn't expect. i had someone yesterday who basically someone who posts on facebook every day you all need to calm down. nothing this bad and he said hey, can i get some signs? i was like, are you going to -- are you going destroy them? he was like, no, who cares who i voted for. someone has to start sending something that isn't just anger. >> reporter: it's just a sign to many it's reminding them of
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what hahn neverly should be an obvious message. >> to me it doesn't correlate with a specific political party or agenda. it's just the idea to treat everyone with decency. which is very sad that we have to remind people to do that. have a sign to remind people to be decent. >> reporter: sadly even as i passed dozens of signs making my way to glenside, pennsylvania, stopping by to put a sign on my pan's lawn they requested. my parents are politically aware but not controversial even they wanted one of the signs were they found out i was doing this story. ♪ >> reporter: there were examples of people of different political views who remain sadly divided. one person distributing signs declined to speak with because they questioned our station's political agenda. at glenside home with a black lives matter and has no home her sign targeted by someone who left a letter calling them racist hypocrites. but neighbors stood firm in their belief that even if we
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sometimes fall short, our goal of rejecting hate and division, that goal should remain. >> personally i don't think hate has a place anywhere. anyone who wants to write a letter to say the opposite, i got to believe they may have hate in their heart. so hopefully we get more neighbors to put them up. >> signs are available online norbit teach every community if you want to spread the message or heat people know that your home is open to having more discussions. nor goodness sake, i'll bill anderson. >> ♪ you see it, you shoot it. our fresco users are helping us show what is going on around you. iain washington do you have tonight. >> lucy, tonight police are looking for the shooter had killed two men in wilmington. fresco user ronald romeo take us to the scene now at 22nd and market. it all started just before 11:0e say a 23-year-old man was shot in the head. and died at the scene. the second victim also a 23-year-old man was shot in the chest and arm and has since died
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at the hospital. this fresco user caught a long line of folks waiting for shuttle buses after today's train accident at the 69th street terminal. buses were used by septa officials work to get that system balk on track n washington crossing, historic park, 58 new americans took the oath of allegiance to the us&-úy several dozen ceremonies will belittled held throughout the week around the country as part of on-going president pots day celebration. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and then use that fresco app to send it to our newsroom. lucy? >> thank you very much, iain. your health tonight eating lots of pieces can come with a side of mercury which is a possible risk factor for lou gehrig's disease. so says new study conducted by dartmouth college. lou gehrig's disease or ls is a is a debilitating neurological condition. this study doesn't directly link seafood, mercury and the disease, researchers say you should be a aware the mercury levels in certain foods until
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more studies came in. many researchers believe als is more likely to develop in people exposed to certain environmental tock since such as lead and pesticides. sean bell what you got? >> lucy the lakers made the biggest move of the year it didn't involve player. this isn't just for the lakers but the entire nba. that's coming up next my sports commentary, p
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♪ sean bell is taking on irving as in magic johnson and says he will save the lakers.
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his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ ever since the late great jerry bus pass eight way lakers franchise has been a joke. absolute loser despite kobe bryant having a couple season where is he tried to save the day. but finally they got something right. magic johnson will be the new president of basketball operations and jim bus are out of here. this isn't cub check's jim bus ran this franchise into the ground with magic this team is actually take a step forward. magic has a basketball mind to make basketball decisions and can actually at tract big-time players because of his basketball knowledge, and his
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business acumen and already making deals. he traded away lou williams to the rockets for corey brewer in a first round draft pick. this will be a good move for the nba because lakers when they're good, eyes are on the team. more money being made. and a better product is there to watch. lucy? >> good michigan man that one, too. all right. thank you very much, sean bell. did you watch the mick tonight on fox 29. if you did we got good news for you. the show is coming back for a second season. fox made the announce. you can watch the mick right here on fox 29 every single tuesday. country music singer eric church taking a step in his fight against ticket scalpers. he is canceling more than 25,000 tickets to his spring tour including at one show in reading berks county. his management team found those tickets were in the hands of people looking to resell them. so he's putting them back on sale for fans to buy. the concert in reading is may 18th. how does he know that you're not
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going to resell them again if you buy them? >> i don't know. >> i'm just wondering that. >> there's no way to check that. >> just no way. >> i don't know. and then what if let's say i bought the tickets to reading but then i couldn't go with my kid because something came up ike my kid is in lacrosse orp something like that? and so now i was trying to sell them to my neighbor and now it's canceled? i'm just wondering. >> i don't know. >> those are all good questions. >> i'm wondering about the weather. >> he's it's going to be great. tomorrow in the 60s we go 70s. it's unbelievable. for thursday, for friday, for saturday. and then it comes crashing down on sunday but hey 48 is really not bad. >> we'll take it. >> exactly right. we're back here at 4am for fox 29 morning news and "good day philadelphia". sue serio and bob welly have got you covered all morning long. ♪ in our suvs,
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book your african adventure now! announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: guess who we got last night? we got kendrick lamar. we didn't ask him about alex trebek and how awesome he is. >> buy a chopper and have a doctor on speed dial, i guess, mad city. >> troo beck wil -- trebek read all of the rap lyrics and had the contestants guess which rapper it was from. >> when they did do kanye, the shades that alex trebek threw on him, he's like i hope kanye doesn't tweet me now. harvey: i love that you watch "jeopardy!" you seem like more of a "wheel of fortune" chick to me. [laughter] >> tom brady's jersey has been missing since the super bowl. the cops valued the jersey. >> it's high are than $100,000. >> it can't be more than 2. >> it's higher than $200,000. harvey: how do the police value the jersey? >> i guess the complainants -- >> this is inflate gate. [laughter] >> nick jonas was in studio city at the arcade game where you play basketball. he sank 10 in a row.


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