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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  February 27, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EST

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i have no idea what kind of person would do this, i just haven't had time to cry. unimaginable act of vandalism, hundreds of headstones, toppled in a jewish cemetery in northeast philadelphia. who is stepping up to help repair damage. also ahead bill cosby due back in court today what he will be asking the judge to change in his upcoming sexual assault trial. the academy award. >> come on, la la land. >> this is not a joke, moon light has won best picture. >> oscars fail wrong winner announced for big award of the night, how it happened plus other big winners at last night's academy award. >> note to self, carefully read the envelope. >> yeah, really. >> make sure you have the
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right envelope we have to figure out what went wrong. good day. >> doves a good weekend. >> i did. >> did you. >> well, you know, it was restful uneventful. >> good morning to you. i'm thomas in for mike, big change in the weather it is monday february 27th, 2017. sue, it is chilly this morning >> reminder it is still winter it has been all along but just didn't feel like it for quite a while including half of the weekend. your number today is an eight out of 10 as we get milder then we were yesterday. but that is not until later on you need winter coat, gloves, at the bus stop just like buddy and maybe a little straw bring for national strawberry day. hopefully you didn't put away winter coat thinking that was it. oh, no. 34 degrees right now. not much wind. it is feeling like 34. sunrise time is 6:37. days are getting longer. temperatures a lot of them in the 20's this morning. thus, the very warm coat, probably a hat, gloves, if you can find them. at least no precipitation
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really to show you on radar this morning. so let's talk temperature for later on in the day. it looks like we will see a mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon. we have a high of 57 degrees, breezes out of the southwest, that means it is warming up when we see southeasterly winds. that forecast for today, but another roller coaster ride in store when you see that seven day forecast you know what we're talking about bob kelly. >> need your coat, don't need that coat a lot of that over weekend. you need your coat this morning dressing the kids and heading out. live look at 95 near girard avenue. police are on the scene. they have gave a little push to the disabled that was northbound right here near girard avenue. starting to see volume popping in the morning rush hour, a freeway, delays coming in towards that 295 interchange and construction picked up and gone. we're readied for a morning rush hour but we have an opening set, any minute now about eight minutes or so, burlington bristol bridge, set to go up at 6:10. you know the drill. what is tough is this is one
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of the options for that closed turnpike, connector bridge. this is your option, grab the jumbo coffee and be ready for delays, we have a new city, suburban transit schedules in play, some tweaks, minor ones on the bus route on the city and suburban lines. i have put a link up to septa 's web site on both my facebook and twitter page. so just check it. bus driver may not be late to daze you could just have the wrong schedule. otherwise i-95 looking good, no problems over ben franklin bridge and we have a crash up in the rhawnhurst section of the city at fauns analgone. vandals target hundreds of headstones in the jewish cemetery and community members of all faiths are coming together in the fame of peace and love. >> questions being raised this morning. fox 29's lauren johnson at mount carmel jewish cemeteries in wissonoming this morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning thomas and alex. police have not called this a hate crime just yet buzz
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people of the jewish faith believe that they were targeted specifically because of their beliefs, discovery was made on sunday morning, when families started to come to mount carmel to pay their respects to loved ones buried here. one head stone turned to two and at the end of all of the counting number was upwards of 500, tomb stones have been toppled over in a deliberate act and police think it happened under the cover of the darkness on saturday night members of the jewish faith showed up in big numbers to help make repairs, as did people of other faith toss offer their support, even children, expressing their feelings about what happened. >> i think it is good that we're doing this and i think it is bad that the people would like do that bad stuff like push over the stones that means a lot to people. >> axis always better than talk. at this point there was action taken and this is reaction. it is to fix things that were wronged. >> reporter: and the mayor hoping to right wrong as well
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in a statement he said hate is not permsible in philadelphia i encourage philadelphians to stand with our jewish brothers and sisters and to show them that we are the brotherly love and sitterly affection. the mayor also promised to prosecute whoever is responsible to the fullest extent of the law, the cemetery closed this morning because now, alex and thomas, it is a crime scene. >> really a sad sight to see, lauren johnson, thank you. bill cosby will be back in court this morning for his sexual assault case. >> it is a change of venue for comedian and defense team are seeking. steve keeley joining us this morning with that story from norristown, steve. >> reporter: we are still four months from cosby's scheduled june 5th start of his trial and now we have another pretrial motion to get through today. this one whether to move the trial out of montgomery county and away from this court house as cosby and his lawyers want or at least they want to bring in a injury friday people live outside of montgomery county here to the courthouse, for the trial.
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now the district attorney's written answer to this request is to essentially that cosby's case is among 50 alleged sexual assaults, that are so well known, every where, that quote he cannot find a jury any where completely owe live just to the facts surrounding this case. now on friday, the judge ruled , that only one of the 13 of those 50 victims that the district attorney wanted to call as witnesses will be allowed to testify in this trial, and that one is known as victim number six who says in 1996 cosby gave her red wine and a white pill which knocked her out and then she woke up, sexually assaulted. that was eight years before the case that cosby is on trial for right here. and again, the trial likely not object over by july 12th when cosby turns 80 years old. well, thanks so much for that update, steve. we will update you, this will happen at 10:00 a.m.
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i'm sure he will head in the courthouse during the show. on the oscars has many people talking this morning with one of the biggest mix ups in the history of at contacted my awards. >> big oops because wrong film was announced for best picture lets take a look. >> the academy a ward... for best picture. you are awful. come on. >> la la land. >> there is a mistake. >> moon light. >> you guys won best picture. >> moon light won. >> this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid i read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. moon light has won best picture. moon light. best picks tour. >> he wasn't too happy. >> at least he said my friends from moon light please, come on. >> as it turns out warren beatty was confused because card said emma stone la la
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land and he helps mated. later we will playful hesitation because it is a long way and feye was like you are being dramatic. >> it is worse he passed to it feye and said aim in the quite sure but we will let you do it >> check this out people are reacting to this, but, the miss universe pageant especially because they know how this feels. they said have your people call our people, we know what to do. they sure do. >> steve harvey saw that and was like it does happen. >> has he tweeted yet. >> i haven't check his time line. >> a lot of memes this morning >> i'm sure he will have something to say for sure. >> much more ahead. we will play sound bite and hear from warren beatty at 6:45. amid all this shocking loss in hollywood actor bill paxton passes away on oscar weekend. touching tribute meant to honor one of his most popular rolls. talk about drama, daytona, find out which driver over
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hollywood is mourning passing of actor bill paxton. >> amazing actor. family representative said the 61 year-old actor died after complications from surgery. it is still isn't know what kind of surgery, you know bill paxton from blockbusters like
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aliens, twister, apollo 13 and titanic. his final big screen role will be the thriller, the circle, upcoming in post production right now. >> avenues of the paxton's death broke storm chasers organized this unique tribute using gps markers they pulled out his initials in kansas and oklahoma. organizers at this spotter network says paxton's character inspired hundreds, if not thousands of meteorologists working to day. long time peoples court judge the honorable joseph wap ner passed away as well, retired l.a. county superior court judge died yesterday after a week of health problems. wapner presided over the hit show the peoples court for 12 years and heard thousands of cases. he was opinionated, passionate , later received a star on the hollywood walk of fame. judge wapner 97 years old. watched him after school he would come on. i spoke to him several years after he retired from peoples court. he was so thrilled he had a
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chance to expand the knowledge of the courtroom, you know, to millions of people. >> that is true, reaching through tv. >> 6:12. big mistake stole headlines at last night's oscars but they were other big moments as well we will show them too see memorable performance to open up the show and some of the jim i kimmel's digs at donald trump. congress and president what is expected when president trump address is a joint session for the first time, as command inner chief. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy...
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. we're all ready seeing our sunrise. it looks like a beautiful start to the take but don't let that sunshine deceive you. it will be a chilly, start but a milder finish. now yesterday if you went outside at all it was windy and cold. we had a high temperature of 1 degree below, average. so now we only have had six days in the entire month of february that have been below average, it has been a warm month and we are on track still to be the warmest february, ever. plenty of precipitation down to the south and west but none of that is expected to make it here until tomorrow, and then tomorrow's precipitation will be with a warm front so we are
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looking at i am going to sneeze, i felt it coming on, pardon me. let's proceed now to the future cast, by tomorrow morning we could see a sprinkle or two, maybe a heavier shower here and there and then another round of showers in the evening. that is with a warm front. so the air is mild, maybe in the 70's gannon wednesday, with a few showers in the morning, but the possibility of a repeat of saturday, with strong thunderstorms coming through, colder air behind those storms with the cold front and then a chillier change, by thursday. so again this is wednesday, that will be our change over today but before that happens wednesday we will probably get in the 70's, crazy weather because we're in the 20's in allentown, lancaster in the 20 's, 32 in dover, 34 in the city and in the 20's north and west of us as well. we got to wear that winter coat today you may not need it this afternoon. maybe lighter jack wet 57 degrees as our high. sixty's on mardi gras tomorrow
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and then for ash wednesday when we have that dramatic change with the possibility of more thunderstorms just like saturday, then we will see that we are back to a chilly thursday, windy, so even if we get to 50 degrees it won't feel like it. still in the 40's, very wintry friday and saturday but milder , again, by sunday. so reverse, of last weekend where chillier day is saturday , and warmer day on sunday. got that straight. >> they got that, pay back. 6:17. it is monday. bottom line make sure kids have their jackets on this morning you will need it looking live, to two separate accidents here on the schuylkill expressway. look at this one here, it is eastbound from king of prussia we have people walking along the roadway. it looks like this guy is off in the grass here. we're all lined up eastbound right here near matsonford road between king of prussia and the blue route. even got some cars it looks like in the left lanes. we have a half dozen cars, all lined up here in the eastbound
6:18 am
lanes coming into philadelphia another accident eastbound on the schuylkill express waste it is right at girard avenue on ramp right by the zoo there coming from new jersey 42 freeway no accidents but an opening that was set for 6:10. we're in a delay here on the burlington bristol bridge traffic stuck on both sides as we watch that freight ergo on by. new city and suburban transit schedules in play today septa made change effective yesterday i put a link up to the webb page with the changes on my facebook and twitter pages. otherwise 95 no problems at all coming in the city but we have crash in the northeast at faunce and algone. 6:18. three times legal limit is what a man's blood chop content was when he drove right through a crowd at a parade saturday night. we're looking at the video right here. thankfully no one was killed but 28 people were hurt.
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neilson roseto is his name and he is being held in jail after his first court appearance yesterday. he is facing multiple charges. judge set his bail at $125,000 6:19. president trump is preparing to layout his legislative agenda. >> he will deliver his first joint address to congress tomorrow. >> speech is expected to include president's plans to create jobs, tax reform and securing border. while hosting his first ball last night, president trump says he hans plans to replace the affordable care act. >> as most of you know the other bam a care has had tremendous problems. i won't say in front of the democrats i will just say it to the republicans, it doesn't work. we will have it fixed. we will repeal and replace. i think you'll see something very, very special. >> president trump is expected to sign revised version of his immigration order on wednesday , meantime white house continues to search for the source of the leaks to the press. seeking access to personal government issued cell phones,
6:20 am
from communications staff. and days after several news organizations were banned from the white house press briefing the new york times responded with a tv commercial president trump heard about this ad he tweeted try reporting accurate liz and fairly. the 302nd spot tightled truth is hard aired during the oscars. no shortage of drama in daze tone a, crashes knocked several big names out of the 500. we will tell how forged ahead for his first ever win there.
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good morning i'm sean bell phillies spring training rolling along and hopefully bats can come alive this season just like they did yesterday. phillies, taking on the blue jays already up three-two in the third andres blanco with the solo shot right there to right. phillies progression on offense will be the difference all season long. they have scored 10 runs and beat blue jays 10-three. to college hoops lasalle, taking on u-mass and explorers continue to have a rough, rough year. look at this u-mass zach lewis
6:24 am
with the spin and floater. lewis had 37 points in this game, the explorers lose their fourth loss in five games. daytona 500 tons of crashes in the first race of the year, 10 car collision right here with 59 laps to go, jamie mcmurray and chase elliott started this one as a wild, last couple of laps, curt bush comes away with his first daytona 500 victory. that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. wow, looks like it was interesting this year but what about this, clay thompson and rest of the golden state warriors are in philadelphia gearing up for a mash up with the sixers tonight. these photos were tweeted out at practice. golden state has clinched a playoff spot in the western conference and looking to finish with the best record in the league once again. joel embiid will in the play for sixers tonight. tip off at seven. more moves espn reporting
6:25 am
that andrew bogut will likely sign with the cavilers once his contract is bought out by sixers. buy out deal would have to be reached by wednesday, last day a player can sign with the team and be playoff eligible. so, sixers acquired bogut when he traded nerlens knoll to the mavericks. he never had a future. wasn't a good fit. i thought he would go to boston. >> did you. >> kind of the surprise for cavilers, he is a great rebounder, great passer but hasn't he been hit with a number of injuries, his knee. >> yeah, i think he saw he only played 20 or so games this year before he was traded he is hoping to get health i and get back out there. whether or not he will help cavilers only time will telly don't think he will help them in the playoffs. he has had a number of injuries. only time will tell. his knee, hamstring, but we have seen players overcome injuries. >> i just want to know what will help sixers then.
6:26 am
>> that is a big question. >> i was walking past store and ben simmons jerseys are on sale. i said my gosh. >> you have your own ben simmons jersey. >> i have my own shirt. >> did you wear it to the game >> next time i will wear that for sure but so promising and then he is in the playing. >> they keep pushing it back. he will be ready at this date and then two weeks later we get another update and we can only wait. embiid as well. >> like joel embiid said just trust the process. bill cosby facing a judge again today, what he will be requesting ahead of his trial later this year. but first lauren, a very disturbing story this morning, lauren? >> hey, good morning, thomas. more than vandalism, more than a crime, it is simply beyond bee levies how police are describing 500 tomb stones toppled over weekend. we will tell you about more of the investigation and how community is responding after the break.
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6:30 am
talking about. oscars many won't soon forget. great to have you with us on this monday morning i'm thomas drayton in for mike. >> good morning, it is february 27th, 2017a lot of people missed this big moment. >> yes. >> on twitter, saying what i saw this first thing this morning, it cannot be. >> this doesn't make any sense >> wait to sees video. >> bob, we hear there is a accident that happened. >> nasty crash, i counted eight cars in my camera shot here. this is live look at schuykill expressway eastbound between gulph mills and blue route. we have about six cars off to the left here. we have three or four off to the right. the state trooper just pulled up to the scene here and as you can see eastbound in king of prussia and approaching 476 it looks like they have all of the traffic stopped right now, and is what tough is that they will have to try to get some
6:31 am
of the rescue squads coming in through the delay here again this all just happened a few moments ago on the eastbound side if you are getting ready to leave the house right now leaving king of prussia and coming in towards fill a use conshohocken state road or gulf road past that wawa there to get yourself. if you can get on at the blue route eastbound you will be in good shape. the second accident happened eastbound schuylkill at girard after knew on ramp a dreaded ramp coming around the curve there so two early morning accidents in the last 15 minutes here, on the eastbound schuylkill. coming from new jersey, headlights, seeing some volume working your way in towards philadelphia there up and over that walt whitman bridge no problems on the bennie but, the burlington bristol bridge is slow in both directions from an opening that happened at 6:10. so we are still hanging tight with the closure on both sides how are we go to go dress the kids? sueby has that answer, right.
6:32 am
>> yes, but first a look at a beautiful sunrise, there is bus stop buddy. he will need those shades pretty soon but he needs winter coat. there we go, look at that, just an orange, beautiful skies this morning. it is nice that it is 6:32 in advance of the official sunrise time and it already looks this bright. so it means spring isn't that far away but it is still winter and it feels like it out there. 34 degrees, with just a little bit of the breeze and your official sunrise time isn't that far from now 6:37. it looks good out there but it is cold, 20's to the north of us, 20's to the south of us, and then 34 degrees here, 32 in dover and atlantic city. nothing on radar. lets get to that high temperature because yesterday was 46 degrees to day with the mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon a high of 57, milder then yesterday, another roller coaster ride, guys, coming up in that seven day forecast, hang on. >> it is quite a ride, sue, thanks. members from the religious
6:33 am
states are banding together after vandals desecrated a jewish cemetery in our area. this time in wissonoming. rewards are being offered for an arrest in the case. lets get tout lauren johnson at mount carmel jewish cemeteries this morning. lauren. >> reporter: this frightening discovery was made here early sunday morning when families showed up here at mount carmel cemetery. they were showing up to visit their loved ones and man did they walk into something they did not expect. it is not just criminal, more than vandalism but beyond belief after the initial call to police and discovery of one family's tragedy police did a walk through and discover the number was up to 500 tomb stones, toppled over. the mayor offered his condolence to the families affect, jim kenney promised to go find, charge, those who are responsible, saying hate is not permsible in philadelphia. authorities have not named a motive in this case. they are not calling it a hate crime. they have no suspects. but victims believe whoever committed this act is motivated by current political climate in our country.
6:34 am
>> the scale is quite devastating, you know, having just seen what happened in st. louis and other muslim communities and churches targeted, it is, hard to see this level. this is not just a random act to topple so many headstones clearly it is a concerted effort with inn tenth. >> the effort to destroy and deface here in philadelphia follows a similar vaned list many in suburban st. louis at another jewish cemeteries where more than 150 headstones were toppled last weekend. the vice-president visited that cemetery and condemned act but many groups are now looking at the president, including muslim organizations and they are calling on donald trum top outline a plan to combat these rising forms of hate all across the country. mount carmel cemetery is one of the four at this intersection, police investigated, looked around to see if anymore tomb stones were targeted.
6:35 am
it seems this is only jewish cemetery here, and this was only one where vandals struck. >> it is just disturbing. hopefully someone will come forward and talk to investigators. thank you. back to court for bill cosby this morning. >> his legal team is looking for change of venue just days after a small priest trial victory last week. >> steve keeley is in norristown at montgomery county courthouse with more, steve? >> reporter: when cosby walks in through these doors in july he will be 80 years old. seventy-nine now. turns 80 july 12th. that should be about a month into his scheduled trial which is set to start june 5th. what is happening today is latest pretrial motion, to establish where the trial will happen, or, where will the trial jury come from, another area? that is what cosby and his legal team wants. he wants a bunch of people from outside montgomery county thinking he cannot get a fair trial within montgomery county howver, district attorney has already had to answer this request in writing and says
6:36 am
that because cost biz is a celebrity, alleged to have committed 50 sexual assaults he cannot expect to find a juries any where that is completely other believe just to the facts surrounding this case, and to quote, the judge now the judge also had to make a ruling on friday. it was a one page decision, that the district attorney cannot call all 13 of the 50 victims he wanted to testify in this trial to establish cosby's alleged pattern or behavior of drugging and sexually assault would go man. judge did allow d.a. to have one testify known as victim number six, who was an assistant to one of cosby's agents back in 1996, eight years before the allegations that he is on trial for, that woman, victim number six, says cosby gave her red wine and a white pill, knocked her out and then sexually assaulted her as she was just too helpless to move. again, that case not on trial here just the case, with the temple assistant from 2004
6:37 am
just under statute of limitations which is why he is on trial here to begin w alex and thomas. >> thanks, steve. we will continue to update you throughout the morning when bill cosby arrives at that courthouse. 6:37. dover police department is mourning loss of the two officers tragically killed in an off duty i car crash. patrolman robert defont and james watts were killed when his jeep wrangler crashed in the utility pole. it happened at 4:00 a.m. yesterday on hazelville road. state troopers say watts was in the wearing a seat belt and was eject from the vehicle. both pronounced dead at the scene and accident is under investigation. talking about a horrible discovery along the delaware river in national park, new jersey. authorities say a woman was walking her dog when part of the someone's leg washed up from the river. gloucester county medical examiner is taking a dna sam tomorrow try to figure out who it belonged to. philadelphia police this morning investigating what a pit bull killed a man late friday night in olney.
6:38 am
the 21 year-old and dog were found in his apartment on rising sun after knew. neighbors say victim and his brot had only recently found eight month-old dog when a friend went to check on the man he saw the dog through a crack in the wall and victim was not moving. >> the dog was trying to get through the crack. i ain't opened the door. it wasn't letting me in the door. i looked through the crack. it was trying to jump through the crack. it attacked me. it wouldn't let me in the room it wouldn't let me in the room i could not check the pulse or nothing but from my standpoint i could ot see his chest moving. >> victim died at albert einstein medical center. police say autopsy results should help determine what happened here, the dog was taken by animal control. 6:38. falling enrollment in pennsylvania's 14 state colleges, may cause some schools to close. pennsylvania state system of higher education says it plans to hire a consultant in the next few weeks and they will look for recommendation that is could include consolidating the degree programs and revamp
6:39 am
ing the waste state schools are market to go get some students. chain i university is one of the schools that could be targeted. it has lost half of the enrollment in the last several years. passing on the crown the new miss philadelphia has been crowned. >> she's 22-year old nia andrews, and yes, 96th miss philadelphia, and this was the 96th pageant, at drexel university's mandel theater saturday night. they showed off their talent and boot i for the judges. she looks so excited. >> is it hard to hold back from the cry. >> it has got to be. >> yes. >> beautiful. >> winner takes home a scholarship worth $5,000 and you also get a chance to come on "good day philadelphia" in the studio to talk with us. she will be here to talk about her big role and what it is like to be miss philadelphia. >> only 24 hours after, less than 24 hours after being crowned. she will be in the 9:00 o'clock hour. >> i'm sure emotion will be still be there. 6:39. lets talk about the big mistake that stole headlines at last night's oscars but
6:40 am
there were some memorable moments as well. we will talk about the performance to open up the show and jimmy kimmel's digs at donald trump.
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>> producers mark, fred, jordan. >> song writers won academy award for best original song is from our area. he grew up in ardmore. his song city for stars, from la la land, took home the honor. this is his first academy award coming up we will have much more from the oscars, but first here's bob kelly. >> good morning, everybody. 6:43 on this monday morning. no, ed mcmahon did not come to my house with the check for publishers clearinghouse but this is new parade route for st. patrick's parade. we will begin at 16th and jfk and walk up, around city hall, and then go east on market street, right on down to independence hall as the backdrop, for the judging stand and, of course, for our tv cameras and after groups perform they will walk right past our station here on fox 29. new parade route will look good and, of course, parade
6:44 am
right here on fox 29, sunday march the 12th. here's a live look at an accident scene, nasty crash here on the schuylkill expressway, one of the domino crashes, we have got four or five cars here in the left lane, look at this fellow here he got smacked from the back and front pushed up on to the grass here on to the shoulder. this is eastbound right here before the blue route, 476, kind of between gulph mills and 476, and they are intermittently stopping traffic here. what is a shame is they are trying to get rescue squad and tow trucks in but look at stuck traffic here permitting emergency vehicles. somebody in the back here, an ambulance trying to get up and that is what is so crazy about the schuylkill. they are repairing and widening these other roads but nothing at all being done about the one busiest roadway in and out of philadelphia. when we have an accident like this it is stuff. there is no shoulder or very
6:45 am
little shoulder, is there a couple down trees that are just sitting off to the shoulder from the storm last week that could be preventing some emergecy crew from his getting on through. but again, here's a live look from the chopper. sky fox over the scene. police, he will try to go up shoulder too of that eastbound schuykill expressway. so this is between gulf millions and 476, on that eastbound schuylkill side. we have folks working their way out of king of prussia in towards philadelphia, this will have a domino effect on the feeder roadways, actually, what we're looking at there is westbound delay. so that is the delay, gaper delay, as you can see here, heading on out. so the accident itself is eastbound with a westbound gaper delay all right there near 476. sueby has the forecast in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
it was quite the roller coaster ride last week as we got in the 70's and went from 73 to 46 degrees over the week end. just a few clouds around no precipitation. lets get right to that forecast we're in the 20's and 30's this morning but going up to 57 later on. warmer still on tuesday, mardi gras, and 74 degrees on wednesday, but wednesday looks to be a repeat of saturday with strong thunderstorms in the afternoon and then much chillier after that, again, thursday, friday, and saturday , warming up again, on , sunday. is there your roller coaster ride. it just keeps on going. >> big talk they are morning is, the oscars last night. so lets start off with the big
6:47 am
winner. moon light took home big's ward which is best picture. casey affleck won for best actor in his role foreman chester by the sea which they were surprised. they were expecting denzel washington to win. emma stone wins for la la land viola davis won for best supporting actress in fences. first african-american woman to win an oscar and tone a ward for acting. and ali wins for best supporting actor for his role in moon light. he was also first muslim actor to win an academy award as well. >> is there more highlights. here's karen hepp joining us from the news room with more high lights from the show. >> hi there guys. so many moments. the biggest is huge mess up they had in the beginning when they announced wrong film for the best picture. >> the academy a ward for best
6:48 am
picture. >> you're awful. >> come on. la la land. >> there is a mistake. moon light, you guys won best picture. >> moon light won. this is not a joke. >> this is not a joke. i'm afraid they read the wrong thing. >> this is not a joke. >> oh, lord that was a moment. everybody there, absolutely shocked by that one. so that was big screw up moment. lets take a positive moment, of course we have justin timberlake's opening was amazing. take a look. >> ♪
6:49 am
>> he did a great job, jimmy kimmel had a lot to joke about during his opening mono log. >> great actors here in hollywood one in particular has stood test of time for her many uninspiring and over rated performances. from her mediocre early work in the deer hunter and out of africa to her under whelming performances in crammer verse crammer and sophie's chose, meryl streep has phoned it in for more than 50 films over the course of her lackluster career. meryl, stand up, please join me in giving meryl streep a totally undeserving round of applause, will you. >> i love. that how much fun. >> big moment, everybody is
6:50 am
talking about is emma stone's speech. she won best actress as you talked about her her role in la la land and thanked her co-star ryan gosling. >> thanks for making me laugh and always raising the bar and for being, the greatest partner on this crazy adventure. >> yeah, nice moment there everybody talking about viola davis acceptance speech she won best supporting actress for her role in fences. >> there is one place that all of the people with the greatest potential are gathered and one place and that is the graveyard. people ask me all the time what kind of stories do you want to tell viola and i say exhume those bodies. exhume those stories. the stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw
6:51 am
those dreams to fruition. people who fell in love and then lost. i became an artist and thank god i did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life. >> a lot like character there from fences. she's first african-american woman to win an oscar, emmy, tony award for acting. whoopi goldberg won that triple crown but her tony came from producing the musical and not acting in it. that is first for viola davis. certainly an awards show we will talk about for quite sometime. >> yes, for many reasons. as we were going through that we were having discussion about different stuff. >> halle berry's hair, viola davis speech. she doesn't write out her speech ahead of time and it comes to her when she goes up on the stage. >> she had an out line of what she had to say.
6:52 am
>> thomas doesn't believe that >> i think you know what you will say. >> i had not watched it before it sounded like i watched movie fences like she has a huge mono log and it was like that i had dreams to and hopes and dreams and what it means to have a life. very interesting, yes, words by her. >> okay, all right. >> i guess she know those words, so interesting. >> do you write out your speech when you get your awards. >> you probably received a lot >> except for sitting in the front row like the last awards show. >> no, they put me there and i didn't know that. it was awkward. i didn't want people to think, you know, i thought would i get it but write out your speeches. >> i don't write it out but you have a sense of what you will say. when i first my first local emmy, i didn't think i would win. you can tell by at place, there is three people clapping , in san francisco in the sacramento market. i was under dog. >> is that what you said. >> yes. >> i don't remember.
6:53 am
>> yes. >> i had a couple drinks. >> yes. >> 6:53. >> forget hype, one baller is proving size doesn't matter navigating up and down the basketball court. >> but first we will honor ophthalmologist patricia bath. >> first doctor to receive a medical patent in 1986 she invented the probe, which revolutionized the treatment of the cataracts.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
sometimes being the shortest person you have to improvise. over the weekend nate robinson who stands 5-foot nine did just. that robinson who plays for delaware 87ers which is the affiliate of the sixers, appeared to get trapped by two players, do you see right there robinson did what no other man could on the floor, he went between the legs of the other players. he managed to get there. >> what. >> that is amazing. >> i loved that. >> it is like a harlem globetrotters move. >> or and one tapes that used to come out and everybody used to rave about. >> do you see the short guys. >> don't judge people by their size. >> you would be a good player.
6:57 am
>> yeah. >> lets check bill cosby this morning. steve keeley on that one out of norristown. >> temporary no parking signs are up and barricades meaning no park nothing front of the norristown montgomery county courthouse. that means one thing bill cosby is coming back here.
6:58 am
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this super absorbent core turns liquid to gel, for incredible protection that's surprisingly thin. so i know i'm wearing it, but no one else will. always discreet for bladder leaks an unthinkable act of hatred. >> i have no idea what kind of
7:00 am
person would do this. >> vandals toppled hundreds of headstones in a jewish cemeteries leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage but is there love in the face of hate. who is stepping into help pick up the pieces. requesting change, bill cosby will face a montgomery county judge later today, the big change he is asking for ahead of his june trial. plus how an important ruling late last week could impact his case. major oscar oops. >> the academy award goes to for best picture. >> you are awful. come on. >> la la land. >> there is a mistake. >> moon light you guys won best picture. >> moon light wrong. >> this is not a joke. >> wrong winners announced for biggest award of the night causing chaos at academy awards. what presenters say, what went


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