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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  February 28, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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what police know tonight about the horrifying ordeal. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. ♪ tonight in philadelphia, locals pulling together after a hostile act at a jewish cemetery. people of all faiths coming to clean up in the wake of hate. good evening and thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. volunteers are sending message of their own tonight. fox 29's dave schratwieser is on this story. dave? >> reporter: lucy, some news right up front i'm told by a high-ranking police official tonight that the reward in this case has now gone up to $50,000 thanks to donations from the city, some anonymous donors, councilman alan dam and other that is reward now $50,000 for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this case. fbi and philadelphia police continue to investigate. but today was all about the clean up. volunteers bite dozens returned
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to the mt. carmel cemetery tuesday to continue the clean up from last week's widespread vandalism. that left hundreds of tombstones overturned or damaged at the wissonoming cemetery. volunteer bell white is just 14. >> just to help clean up and make it look nice. just whatever i can do to help. >> outpouring of the community has been so heartening just look around. you will see that everyone who has volunteered is ready to do anything. >> reporter: police continue to investigate who was behind the vandalism here while the fbi and us attorney's office have opened a civil rights investigation. federal authorities would not comment but philadelphia police did. >> of course we work on tips and any information that's brought in by the community as soon as that comes in, we take every tip as being serious and as valid working hand in hand can top the hatred and bigotry you heard all about. >> reporter: anger and frustration what many called an act of hate intolerance drove public officials, local leaders and others to stand together tuesday to condemn these acts.
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>> all of us support the police and law enforcement to bring the perpetrators of these acts to justice. >> frankly, we have to make sure that it never happens again. >> reporter: meanwhile, several groups have stepped up to offer help. the building trades council offering to install lighting and surveillance camera cams here to protect the cemetery and provide better security. >> i'm impressed by the generations of community people and family and young people that have come out here to help. >> reporter: now, again, the reward is now up to $50,000 for information about the vandals who did this here at the mt. carmel cemetery. we are told tonight that police patrols here and at two other area cemeteries will now be 24/7 until this is solved. at this point cameras and new lighlighting will be added to te area here and the fencing around the cemetery will be improved. iain? >> all right, dave. thank you. in addition to the cemetery
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vandalism, across the country including our area on monday, there were at least 31 bomb threats reported they were called in to jewish community centers are a day schools according to the jcc association of north america. this week's threats mark the fifth series of attacks this year. bound, gagged and stuffed into a closet for four days. but an elderly chester county woman survived. >> and police are now trying to peace together clues to find out who did that. fox 29's dave kinchen has the story from east brandywine township. this woman has lived in the east brandywine area for ten years and finds herself keeping an extra eye on her surroundings after learning a 72-year-old woman was viciously beaten and kept in closet for four days at this creek road house a short distance away. >> i have to say i don't know how this could happen, because the police do patrol this area. >> reporter: police met a
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relative of the victim at the the house as they inspected the property tuesday afternoon while the victim continues to recover in the hospital. investigators say the elderly woman was badly dehydrated after being found by her daughter-in-law during a welfare check sunday morning. the attack happening sometime last wednesday. >> you live out in the country you don't expect it to happen as much as you do in the cities. but it will happen wherever you are. she's out living in this area probably lived here her whole life probably been part of the community. so nobody deserves that but she certainly doesn't deserve it. >> reporter: sources say the woman's face was covered with a shopping bag when she was found. detectives are slowly getting information from her since she only remembers bee he being grabbed from the back by a man dressed in all black as she got out of her car. that car and laptop are now missing. >> it concerns you to see those type of things when you feel -- you look at it and say where are you save? chester county da's office is investigating this and several violent home invasions
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in recent months but largely believe this is a separate case. one that has residents extra aware. >> i guess just by making sure that the doors locked and being observant when you go out and checking when you go out. there's not much more you can do. >> reporter: police released a description of the vehicle they're looking for. the vehicle belonging the vict victim. they say it's silver 2013 base model fiat 500 with a license plate jtj 0600. again silver 2013 base model fiat 500jtj0600 is the license plate. give police a call if you have any information as they continue to investigate this heinous crime. in east brandywine, dave kinchen, fox 29 news. on to your weather authority now. as we take live look along the ben franklin parkway. if you'll head out tonight you're going to be dealing with heavy rain out there.
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so kathy, what's the latest? >> we have some rain outside our studios in old city, iain, spreading eastward through south philadelphia and cutting right across delaware county into south jersey. all of this will move toward the east northeast and most of us will be seeing pockets of had he vo rain during the evening and late night hours. as we go from chester county through delaware county, springfield into south philadelphia it extends into cherry hill, evesham, mt. laurel, moorestown, medford you name it it's spreading east and it's going to dump possibly about quarter an inch to a half an inch of rain in this spots that we see the heaviest precipitation. seeing surgical winds temperatures in the 50's and 60s more warm air will be moving in. we'll watch as the rain moves eastward during the late night hours and by 11:00, 12am it will be breaking up and moving out. but tomorrow we run the risk of severe weather as temperatures jump about 30 degrees above normal by the afternoon there is a slight risk of severe weather. the main threat will be damaging
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winds. we'll talk more about this with your seven day forecast and show you the records to beat as we begin marcuming up. i'll see you soon. >> talk soon, kathy. we are just a few hours away from what will be president trump and's most important speech since taking office right now he's preparing to deliver his first address before a joint session of congress. the president's speech will focus on some of his top priority including taxes, obama care and immigration. the prime time address comes one day after the white house revealed some details of the president's budget proposal. he wants to add $54 billion to defense spending while stripping the same amount from other federal agencies. now according to some reports, the state department in charge of diplomacy of course could face cuts of more than 30% while the environmental protection agency could get slashed by nearly one quarter. you can watch the president's address to congress tonight right here on fox 29 starting at 9:00. followed immediately by fox 29 news. tonight a south jersey james
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nass ticks coach is in trouble with the law. accused of sending porn to a teenaged girl. police say 19-year-old bradley donkey from jackson township sent the 13-year-old girl inn appropriate photos he coached the young girl at a private facility in ocean county and is now been fired. police say the girl's mother found pictures on her daughter's phone and reported it. donkey is now charged and out of jail pending a future court da date. physical police say they know who killed a woman on friday in port richmond. now they need to find the man. police say 26-year-old andrew cut tendon shot and killed 56-year-old aunt on the 3200 block of mercer street. if police are right, the motive here is robbery. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you know anything, you know what to do, give police a call. in delaware police say drunk driver is responsible for crash involving a dart bus. prosecutorprosecutors charged 3d james mullen from wilmington with the dui. cops say he was driving on i-95 yesterday just south of
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route 141 when he suddenly changed lanes, crashed into another car which then hit the dart bus. six people are hurt though they'll all be okay. mullen is not injured. philadelphia could soon be getting a new park at penn's landing. mayor jim kenney revealing to the website plan philly he's going to announce a $90 million commitment to capping i-95 and then putting 11-acre park. the park will be between walnut and chestnut streets on the delaware waterfront. the money would be stretched out over six years and the rest of the money for the project expected to come from the state as well as private donors. happening right now, philadelphia preparing to become the center of the football universe. this april the nfl draft is coming back to philly. >> yeah, today plans were unveiled for that big 3d event on the parkway. sean bell is on the clock. >> guys, nfl last of draft cinnamon us in with new york and in the last couple of years it was in chicago now it's back in philadelphia. back to where it all started. people forget the first nfl
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draft was right here in philly in 1936. here's what the draft looked like in chicago the last two years. huge, huge production that will once again host over 200,000 people from april twenty seventh to the 29th ben franklin parkway will be turned into a huge football festival for the fans and this will be win/win for the city and for the nfl. >> people will have an opportunity both internationally internationally and in the region to come into philadelphia to see what we have to offer. i don't think there's any downside to this. >> it's not just about the player being drafted. it's about the experience. the nfl does tremendous job and it's going to be free. are you kidding mes? going to be free. they'll be nfl alumni there. interactive games there. people will be involved with just the festivities surrounding the national football league and nfl draft. >> key word free. if it's free it's for me. later in sports ron jaworski talked about expectations for the eagles draft this year. iain? >> nothing like free, sean.
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that's what's up. it's been a mild winter good news for your heating bill, right? wrong. why pgw says that warm weather we were enjoying should cause to you dig a little deeper. >> that's just wrong. lost and found at pha is dishing -- tsa dishing out advice how to keep track of your stuff.
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♪ folk lined up at haagly's bakery in mayfair to get delicious sweet treats. the far nut fried doughnut coated in sugar i'm very hungry and thinking i'd like to have a couple. a lot of folks scarfed down those doughnuts on this feast day a little indulgence before the start of lent. >> don't they look good. it does. >> hope you enjoyed your low gas bills because philadelphia gas works is asking state regulators to approve a more than 11% rate increase for residential customers. it would be pgw's first rate hike since 2010. >> but it's why the utility is
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asking customers to dig diaper that may have you scratching your head. our bruce gordon explains. >> reporter: we found a steady stream of customers pouring into the pgw office on frankford avenue tuesday. none of them happy about bills that may get noticeably larger before the end of year. how about 11-point 3% larger? >> that's too much. i'm on fixed income. and most of my money ties up with my rent and everything and i don't -- i can't really afford that much for it. >> that is a high increase, um, i'm thinking maybe i can find another alternative using space heaters or something like that. because i live in small apartment. >> that's going to kill me. it's going to kill me increase. especially when i'm trying to house homeless veterans. there's no income coming in for that. i'm coming out of pocket for that. >> reporter: the philadelphia gas works serves more than half million customers. the vast majority of them reasonable. utility says since its last rate increase in 2010, winters have
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been warmer and homes and appliances have gotten more energy efficient. that sounds like good news but those factors says the utilities president and ceo have quote caused our sales volume to drop by over 11% since 2009. so wait we were asked to use our natural gas wisely and we did so and we still get socked? i took my confusion to pgw spokesman barry. >> why are prices going down. >> it's an interesting question, bruce, we certainly recognize the concerns that customers may have. >> o sullivan says while the supply of natural gas and all those fish cease have driven the cost of the product itself down, the price to distribute the gas has risen. so too have other business expenses like health care. >> we can't escape the fact that costs in the world around us are going up and we have to cover those costs if we're to mape taken a safe and reliable system on behalf of the people of philadelphia. >> reporter: o sullivan notes even when all the facts are considered more efficient use of your natural gas still saves you
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money. by the way the public utility commission must still sign off on these rate hike requests for commercial and industrial customers as well as residential. we will find out later this year just how big the hurt will be. iain. >> all right, bruce. just doesn't seem right. thank you. traveling, you know this, stressful enough. you got to be where you need to be and seem like something is always coming up. ts avenue has a friendly reminder since traveling can be so hectic. you see those lines. check what you can bring on the plane ahead of time. you should already know if you don't check before. if you try bringing something that's not allowed, they'll take it so how about those things you need to take out of your pockets. right? you got to leave them behind at the screening area. that's what you're supposed to do. you don't have to kiss it goodbye. maybe not be gone forever. no worries now there's a loft and found even for all those unusual things. >> one shoe. you get one left shoe. someone hops on their plane. >> don't feel too bad if you have to give something up to
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security screeners if those personal things could get donated to veterans organizati organizations. all is well that ends well. >> i guess so. >> all righty. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. i wanting to somewhere warm but it's warm here, kathy. >> it's already warm. no need to leave. they'll nobody need to leave tomorrow. by friday you may want to catch a flight out. you may change your mind by th then. let's take look at old city philadelphia. you can see the roads are wet and why not? we have some light to moderate rain falling. temperatures sky rocketing today 20 degrees above normal. a record in philadelphia. we tied a record in wilmington. 60s today. how about 70s tomorrow. ultimate doppler i've been tracking this. light rain highlighted in green the heavier rain in yellow and orange cutting through chester county, delaware county, over into jersey now. wilmington getting in on some of the moderate to heavy rain right now and this is going to continue for at least the next hour or so. sweeping across cherry hill and
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camden county even into burlington county, mt. laurel, medford, and into the moorestown area. mt. holly as well. as we pull back toward south philadelphia, upper darby, drexel hill seeing heavy rain as well. so make sure if you're going out pack the umbrella you'll need it through the 9:00 o'clock, 10:00 o'clock hour. the warmth continues to build eastward highs today in the 60s. tomorrow all this gets squeeze eastward by a cold front make it to 75. it will be just as warm in philadelphia as it was it will be in raleigh and then the cold will be coming. it's 40 in chicago. 35 in minneapolis. back to winter temporarily. these showers and some heavier rain move through by midnight, pretty much out of here. just cloudy skies. and then another round of rain tomorrow morning. by nine, 10:00 o'clock, we see these storms sweeping through and then a squall line forms in the west. we get enough sunshine a lot of destabilization in the atmosphere some lift with this cold front and when we have warm temperatures in the 70s were
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this comes through we could see some damaging winds. that will be the main threat, 3:00 o'clock, 4:00 o'clock, 5:0. that moves through the region. behind it, some strong winds and some cooler air that will be working its way in for the rest of the week. slight risk of severe weather through the entire region that means winds gusting to about 60 miles an hour. not out of the question. could take down some trees even some hail is possible with these storm. so tonight, overnight low temperatures will be in the tees. unseasonably mild for this time of year. evening rain, during the day tomorrow, morning rain sweeping through and then afternoon thunderstorms that will be strong to severe. we are chasing a record of 76 forecasting a high of 75. 70s wild tomorrow for the most part. pottstown 69. wildwood 68. the poconos going for 61. these are the numbers to beat. philadelphia 76. 75 in wilmington. reading and trenton 74. 72 in ac. allentown 67. we could break most of those
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records. your seven day forecast from the weather authority shows how temperatures fall 23 degrees between wednesday and thursday. a morning snow shower is possible friday. and then we warm it back up by the beginning of next week. that's a look at your seven day. sean, we'll send it over to you. >> kathy, the party coming to philadelphia for the nfl draft. ron jaworski talk about the expectation for the eagles in this year's draft and we take a look at a couple possible free agents they might pick up. the phil he's in action and new pitching ace looking good in his first act. check out clay bucks holts and him getting it done next in sports.
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♪ >> this city is about to have a party for the nfl draft this year. ben franklin parkway will be transformed into a football festival which is all great. it's going to be a great time but the eagles don't get this draft right the fans will tear all that right down. the eagles have the 14th or 15th pick in this year's draft which will be decided by coin flip this friday eagles have missed a lot last few years with the exception of carson wentz. josh huff to nelson agholor. this is a big year they need to hit and ron jo wore ski thinks they actually had. >> i think the eagles will probably get it right this time. and get people excited. i don't think it will be some of that they'll look and say this is a project. i think the eagles will pick a guy that will definitely help the team and the fan base will get excited. this is a very passionate fan base. no one knows that probably better than me. >> it look like eagles will have to dole with curt cousins
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another year. washington placed franchise chance on cousins for the second time in a year. first time the team has tag a quarterback twice. he'll be okay because he'll make 24 mill neck year. adrian peterson now on the market vikings will now pick up his option 2017 -- not pick up his option in 2017 he'll be unrestricted free age. pearson was hurt last year but hot mother ditty. eagles and giants will go after him. to the phillies still rolling along in spring training we got our first look at the phils new ace clay buchholz of the oriol orioles. bull buchholz had great day. two innings giving up no hits. the phils go on to win seven seven-five. >> great day. looking good. doing good things. >> looking forward to it this summer. >> that does it for us at 6:00. >> we'll see you right back here at 10:00v a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪ my hygienist told me to try...
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accountant under siege. >> is he in danger of losing his job? >> it would be cruel if he lost his job because of this. >> the guy who stole the show. >> gary from chicago. >> his shocking past revealed. >> then, first interview, david cassidy opens up about his shocking dementia diagnosis. >> that's when i began to be very concerned. >> plus, do you know what you are sleeping on? >> you won't believe what is lurking in your sheets and towels. >> we put a family's linens to the test. >> we got the results from the lab. >> sleeping with the enemy. we are not talking about people. >> that is disgusting. >> i know, it's really gross. >> then, the hunk can i biggest loser host speaks out for the first time since


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