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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 9, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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we begin at 6:00 live look at the pocono mountains looks calm and beautiful right now. this place is going to get whole lot of powder for skiers this week. the system heading toward us right now with the potential to drop a few inches or more in some areas. and make for a messy morning commute. this could be just the beginning of some late winter headaches. thank you so much for joining us at 6:00 i'm lucy noland. iain will be back here at 10:00. as far as the weather goes such is the case in march in our area you get the full range of weather. let's get on over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> lucy, indeed. about month ago the same thing happened. in february. we had temperatures in the 60s and 70s and, bam, it turned much colder and we had snow the next day. that's will happen again tomorrow morning. still 65 in philadelphia. 41 in the poconos. 59 in lancaster and 62 degrees in wilmington. so how can it snow? well, the arctic cold is coming. we're still seeing winds gusting to about 22 in trenton but those winds slowly subsiding. we'll watching an area of low
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pressure ride along a frontal bound dream this is going to expand a plume of snow right in time for the morning rush. so most of this sticking to the grassy surfaces at first especially around philadelphia. to the north and west, we'll see eight accumulate on untreated surface in the lehigh valley and the poconos for sure. by about 5am you can see the snow in the lehigh valley. then by about six, seven it moves toward philadelphia around 8:00 a.m. right through the ci city. and then it sweeps on out. rather quickly by noon it's pretty much out of here. that area of low pressure intensifies off the coast and we run a risk few snow squalls in the afternoon. winter weather advisory until noon for about two to 4-inches of snow. coming up we'll talk about those specific snow amounts. a biting wind chill and guess what, next week, there is potential for a coastal snowstorm it it would be the biggest of the entire season, lucy, in mid march. >> isn't that how it goes? all right. let's take live look outside our old city studios it looks beautiful and cal.
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you can get the latest conditions live look at ultimate doppler radar on we do have breaking reusse note. one thing that may help the commute tomorrow morning the delaware river turnpike bridge is about to reopen. big deal as you well know. officials in both new jersey and pennsylvania just announced the bridge connecting the turnpikes over the delaware river is set to reopen sometime late tonight. it closed in january after crew found a crack in a steel truss. 42,000 vehicles used that bridge every single day. still developing to night an ax a attack in germany this video into our newsroom about the past 30 minutes or so after an ax attack at the main train station in duesseldorf. now police now say they do have one person in custody. five people that we know of are hurt. we still don't know their conditions though. police are searching for others who may have been involved. happening right now, jury selection has begun for the man accused of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers killing one of them. though it happened in pike
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county, jury selection is in west chester. prosecutors say 33-year-old eric frein killed corporal byron dixon and seriously hurt trooper alex douglas outside the bloo blooming grove barracks in 2014. the trial is set to begin on april 3rd and frein could face the death penalty if convicted. in philadelphia's old city construction site has turned into an ar archeologically dig d all the excitement captured the attention of pretty much anyone who happened to be in the area. that would include our very own bruce gordon joins us live from the spot of this discovery. bruce, as we were saying, this definitely puts the old in to old city. >> reporter: yeah, it absolutely d look around year from now, this sight 218 arch street is likely to be ready to open as a ten-story apartment building but tonight, well, it's centerpiece of underground history mystery.
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handful of three century old coffins had been diss covered during excavation for his apartment tower on arch street between second and third. tuesday morning that brought the moment with the unearthing of more than 30 coffins dating back to colonial philadelphia. find had curiosity seekers straining against 45 privacy fencing for look at history. of course in this neighborhood, colonial cemeteries are almost a predictable stumbling block for builder. >> every time i walk past a construction site in philadelphia i expect it. >> reporter: when are they going to find something and these guys are going to have to stop. >> it turns out the site was a baptist church cemetery dating 1707. back in 1859, the cemetery was moved to mount mariah but clearly not all of the remains made the trip. now, bones from more than 50 men, women and children are being painstakin painstakingly y archaeologists and an throw polls and students from mutter institute and rutgers camden. >> the goal is to learn
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something. this is a wonderful opportunity to have a window into the earliest citizens of philadelphia who they were, what their lives were like -- report among the most heartbreaking finds tine 93 coffin no doubt built for a toddler or even an under fan. the mind reels of the stories these simple wooden boxes contain. >> you think about who these people were and, you know, what happened to them, and, you know, is there anyone else buried under there? what was going on in this neighborhood back then, you know, i imagine it look completely different. >> reporter: by law the owner of his site pmc property group is not obliged to anything with these remain. the company is allowing experts from rutgers to mutter and analyze them. they'll pay to have the bones reinterred at another location. those who live and work around here marvel at the philadelphia stories unearthed with each new turn of a shovel. >> there's so much history we don't know about. >> literally be 19 our feet in this case. >> exactly, yeah. >> reporter: work at the site wrapped up a couple minutes ago.
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experts want to get these remains out of the elements you heard that forecast just a couple of minutes ago and into their lab just as quickly as possible. to that end some of the coffins have been removed this afterno afternoon. the rest of the area has been covered with a plastic tarp. lucy white an exciting scene out here. >> certainly s thank you much, bruce gordon. we have tragedy after hope tonight. little girl firefighters rescued from burning home has died. we first told you about the fire on saturday. it just tour through a row home on north bouvier street in west oak lane. the seven-year-old has been in critical condition at the children's hospital of philadelphia since saturday. but her family tells us she has passed on. our prayers go out to them. gofundme set up to help the family with expenses. they need help. you can fine a link on fox developing in new jersey tonight, burlington county prosecutors hope a new reward will help get to the bottom of nine unsolved murders. the earliest dates back to june of 2015.
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five of the killings happened in willingboro, two in pemberton township and the other two in beverly city and florence. investigators say in every single case the victims died of gunshot wounds. prosecutors are now offering a $5,000 reward in each case. making eight grand total of 45,000. the battle against drug addiction got kick up a notch in delaware county. today district attorney jeff whelan and several police chiefs and judges announce add new program to get addicted defendants help and treatment instead of just locking them up. >> without a doubt, delaware county is setting the stage across the state of pennsylvania in lead the way to try to address this great crisis that we've had across our country, across the state and of course across southeastern pennsylvan pennsylvania. >> the second chance court is limited to defendants ages 18 to 25 with little to no criminal record. in south philadelphia, the search is on for this man police say tried to steal seafood from
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asian supermarket. police just released video from the 1100 block of washington avenue and they say on sunday the man pulled out gun and ran off when security tried to stop him. so it's hard to see but if you recognize him, if you know anything about this, police would love to hear from you. incredible story now. a one woman's journey to help they thought she was just gaining weight lot of weight. but a trip to the doctor's proved it was much more serious. the 71-year-old is now opening up about her life-changing surgery. fox 29's dawn timmeney has it all. >> i thought i was becoming a short fat little round little lady. >> reporter: 71-year-old mary clancy of saint claire schuylkill county struggled with her weight for years. she says she tried dieting but nothing worked. she just chocked it up to genetics. >> i just kepting chubby eighty three. i look like my ain't mary. >> reporter: at 365 pounds the 5-foot one grandma was unable to get out of bed last year due to a blood clot that her leg.
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she was taken to the er where doctors were stunned. >> they did the cat scan and said surprise! and i was surprised. because i thought it was fat. >> reporter: it turn out to be a whopping 140-pound malignant stage one ovarian tumor. >> it was slowly killing her. when i met mary she couldn't speak too words without having to take breath. this mass was so big it pushed up on her diagram muscle and she couldn't bring. >> oncologist and his team carefully orchestrated the surgery last november. they were able to safely remove the extraordinarily large mass. plastic surgeon dr. randy wojciuk removed another extra of 40 pounds of excess skin. >> 40 pounds of skin is a lot. probably ready for two piece this summer if she wants, but -- >> mary spent 26 days in the hospital but says she now feels like a brand new woman. she lost half her body weight in five-hour operation. mary now weighs 147 pounds and
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is deeply grateful to her dedicated doctors. >> i can't tell you what a wonderful experience this was, you know. it could have been a tragedy. i'm alive and i'm well. i'm happy. >> reporter: doctors given mary a clean bill of health why she may be a smaller version of herself, she still has a larger than live personality. in allentown, dawn timmeney, fox 29 news. hard to even imagine that. drive by shooting in roxborough but it's the choice of weapon that may be the clue police need to find who pulled the trigger. and the cast of it's always sunny in philadelphia could be a bit smaller next year. the actor who says he may not come back. >> lucy, good evening. eagles said they would get weapons for quarterback carson wentz. they opened the checkbook and found him some targets. who is coming and also who is going coming up in sports.
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philadelphia police say someone is going around shooting people will paint balls in roxborough. four people say the paintball lower shot them on tuesday. detectives say the trigger happy guys are driving around in older white dodge caravan. they hit one person in the eye. that goodness that person is not blinded but they did need sick stitches. new flying option out of philadelphia international airport. alaska airlines will begin non-stop service from philly to san francisco starting this summer. they operate service non-stop from philly to seattle and will start flights to portland oregon in may. sane patrick's day is just few days away as we've been telling you. but it is now officially irish month in philadelphia. ♪
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a lot of excitement at city hall today complete with irish music and dancing. that's where myhr jim kenney proclaimed march as high irish mom you can catch the saint pat treks day parade live right here on fox 29 from noon to three. catch it again we rebroadcast on st. patrick's day at noon. one of the tv stars it's always sunny in philadelphia could be leaving the show. glenn howard ton who plays dennis may take a break. always sunny films right here in philadelphia airs on fx and right now it has two more seasons in front of it. courtesy of the atlanta zoo. two giant panda cubs introduced to new day room habitat. the twin girls just turned six months old. they're also excited and happy and they seem to absolutely love their new living space. the atlanta zoo says the pair enjoy running and climbing. they're the only two giant panda
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twins in the u.s. you know what, the most precious part of this video i don't know that we'll get to they both actually fell asleep one right after the other. i might have to post that on facebook. back to your fox 29 weather authority right now. live look at philadelphia international airport. not a fan of snow? you might want to leave town right about now. we're tracking snow tomorrow and next week so let's get back on over to meteorologist kathy orr. >> yeah, it will be one of those weekends lit continue into next week. lucy, i think in the end march will be end up being colder than february was. february about eight to 10 degrees above normal. behind me old city philadelphia. the high was 68. it's still 65 degrees. tomorrow morning a wet slushy snow. like we saw about a month ago. didn't materialize to a lot in the city but more to the normal and west. 41 in the poconos. 59 in allentown. 58 in pottstown and 62 degrees in wilmington. as you look at ultimate doppler here's our arctic front with moisture and what's going to be happening is the cold is going to be moving in and area of low pressure develops along the
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front and will intensify off the coast. that's how we'll be seeing the snow. tonight we will see the rain, changing over to snow very quickly in the region. skies mostly cloudy and getting down into the mid 30s. as we go hour by hour, the snow moves in during the early morning hours two, 3:00 a.m. through the lehigh valley make it down to philadelphia by about six, 7am in the morning. slower now see temperatures pretty much borderline along the i-95 corridor but allentown 31. the poconos 27. that's sticking. then we see some slushy snow through south jersey not accumulating to much maybe on the grassy surfaces pretty much out of here by noon with linge lingering strong northwesterly winds that could produce some snow squalls. so bursts of snow late in the afternoon so please still be aware of that. as it will be windy accumulations possibly around an inch into philadelphia area. coating to an inch to the south. one to three in our suburb mainlmainly on the grassy surfao start untreated roads could snow on them in the poconos three
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plus. three, four maybe even 5-inches of snow. wind will be an issue friday night. look at these wind chills mainly in the teens. saturday morning wind chills only in the single numbers. it will feel like one in philadelphia. three below in reading and the poconos it will feel like 3 degrees below zero. then fast forward to monday night into tuesday. we're watching a coastal storm and another area of low pressure. these two come together or phase into an east coast snowstorm by monday night into tuesday. this would be our biggest snow of the entire season and it would come in mid march. hard to believ but it's definitely happened before. so during the day tomorrow, we are looking for snow showers mainly in the morning. minor accumulation in the city. temperature around 41 degrees. as we look ahead for philadelphia sane patrick's day parade in the morning it's going to be cold wind chills in the teens. by time the parade starts at noon a mix of sun and clouds a temperature of 30. sunshine at 3:00 o'clock. when the parade ends with a temperature of 35. your seven day forecast from the weather authority.
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saturday and sunday are cool winter like for your monday, it's calm before the potential coastal storm on tuesday. morning snow showers possible wednesday depending on the track of this system and then thursday chilly the temperature 39 degrees. with a luck of the i rush with us on sunday, lucy, just cold and sunny. i'll take it. >> yeah, better than massive snowstorm. thank you very much, kathy. so the storm could make the one that kathy has been talking for very interesting morning commute. sue serio and bob kelly is your weather and traffic conditions starting tomorrow morning at 4:00 op good day physical. well big weather day. big sports day. >> great thing about today is. >> what. >> the middle of march. the day the college kids who don't get paid and the nfl guys who former college guys who get paid a lot of money. >> oh yeah. >> a lot of money. start with college kids. the ones who don't get paid. villanova with a record setting day at the big east tournament up in new york. what the cats did to get into that record book. and the eagles said they would put pieces around carson wentz. well today the puzzle started to
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♪ to spend some money in the world you've got to free some money. never let the facts get in the way of good story. eagles approach the start of free agency today with a plan a plan that required sacrifices. they let go popular defensive
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end connor barwin this morning and by doing so cleared close to $8 million off their salary cap. they needed the cash they were about to go spending on the other side of the ball. they entered a name linked to them for most of the off season former chicago bear jeffrey. only one year worth 14 million jeffrey had four game suspension this year for using performance enhancing drugs. former baltimore raven and 49er tori smith one year deal for 5 million with two option years. smith speedster who one time second round pick but his numbers the last two years in frisco weren't pretty eagles signed guard chance wore mack who had played with the titans. how about national championship for villanova. not necessarily. how about the performance they put up against saint john's today in the big east tournament. how about they crush them 108-67 in new york. they raining threes of where inside the garden. 15 of them. who was the leading scorer not jenkins and not hart.
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>> dante did he vin chen cho had 25 points. a chancing to one-on-one with sean bell. >> josh and crew did a great job of getting myself open. so much attention on them especially josh. he gets in the lane defense collapses the ball reverted to me i got to make the right play. i found myself open lot tonight and i was feeling it so i let it ride. >> was this your best game, was josh thought it might have been and that's perfect timing, rig right. >> i think it was our team's best game especially towards the end. nobody let up. we didn't get comfortable witness lead and this is great time to have one our best games. >> it doesn't hurt that you just couldn't miss, right? >> yeah. >> it fetal like you were just throwing it in the ocean. >> it doesn't hurt at all. >> throwing it in the ocean guys. i might miss but he didn't tod today. temple taking on east carl the american athletic conference tournament. temple needed big one. the run end dad.
6:26 pm
east carolina beat temple final 80-69. last but not least lasalle and atlantic ten tournament taking on davidson out in pittsburgh. lasalle 19-point deficit to three but conceal the deal. they lose today 82-73. days like that,, good cats. go villanova. spend a few more dollars for the eagles why do i get the feeling they're not done yet. >> it will be interesting to see how it all shakes out. >> still remodeling to do in novacare complex. >> skyfox live over the delaware river bridge. we told you it would reopen sometime tonight. we're staying on top of this. it's a biggy. >> connects those turn spikes. >> it's called a segue. >> much more tonight at 10:00. that does it for us here at 6:00. have a great night. we'll see you back here at 10:00. you know what's up next,. >> inside edition. >> there you go.
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♪[ music ] the hiking teen's murder investigation. the eerie similarities to the slaying of two cousins 400 miles away. >> is there a connection? what the grandfather is saying today. >> then, robin thicke 911. >> the call made to police as a custody visit turns ugly. >> this child is literally begging for me and everyone to call 911. >> and -- >> get out! >> the cruise ship video everyone's talking about. it's happened before. then, baby jessica, 30 years later. the little girl who fell in a well. her life today. plus, actress brie larson, and that moment from the oscars that caused such a stir. what she's saying today


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