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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  March 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EST

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happening right now on "good day philadelphia", it is what a difference a day makes from 60's yesterday, to snow this morning. scottie will be taking your phone calls and e-mails. i know you are not happy. >> they are opened. >> that is coming up in a bit. also ahead, controversy surrounding philly jesus that is what he calls himself why this picture is upsetting a whole lot of people. part of the history, hidden for century has finally been uncovered in olde city. great to have you on this friday, march 10th, old man winter is late to the party but never invited anyway.
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>> yeah. >> hi everyone good morning. good morning, everybody. >> ♪ >> that is right. >> we like the way you do it. >> that is right. >> you like this weather. >> scott's like make it end. >> yeah guys 60's yesterday, it has been feeling lake spring and new we are back to reality. it is still winter. temperatures they are dropping , no snow just yet in philadelphia, it feels like a 36 degrees when you factor in the wind, and hey look at this we have winter weather advisories posted north and west until about noon for pocono mountains and lehigh valley until one. philadelphia county, delaware county, chester county in camden, burlington, ocean county until 2:00. so a little bit slower to snow , so that means that it will linger longer in the afternoon. we will zoom in there philadelphia, montgomery, bucks county, mercer county until 2:00 p.m. where is snow right now. head north and west in
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particular toward pocono mountains still dealing with that snow around allentown starting to see those first flakes, into berks county, we will continue to watch that line move further south ande, temperatures dropping the front has already moved through 26 right now mount pocono, upper 30's pottstown, lower 40's philadelphia and south jersey. look at the clock and snow. moving closer to philadelphia as we say 7:00 o'clock into parts of the south jersey. seven to 8:00 and then continuing down the shore nine or 10 and it lingering we will get that snow in the area between say 10:00 o'clock to noon and then by afternoon it tapers but still could be stuck with the snow squall. now through 7:00 moving from the west, steady yes, sir 7:00 n the early afternoon time frame an inch or so around philadelphia, higher amounts, bob kelly, once we move north and west. so visibility could be a problem and those road could be icy, dicey especially as
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that snow getting. >> you know, these are the war kind. would i rather have 8 inches of snow then this 1 inch stuff we have to play with. it is coming during our morning rush hour on a friday. so we will start off right now , live look painter's crossing 202 and route one. hit and miss depending pending upon where you live if you put down that salt/brine solution and it will start as rain. the rain will wash everything away. it would have been a total way of money. we have flaggers out here. this is live look at route one just off of route 202, some down wires in chad forward. coming autopsy of 202 there is no access south on route one and use 926. it is national pack your lunch , today, day so what would you like to find in your brown bag as you get ready to pack the kid lunch. we have school closings, delayed opening scrolling at bottom of your screen and they will increase, again as we get in the morning rush hour, new
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project on a monday you'll see cones out here on 202 and route one, good news, ring the bell, turnpike connection bridge is opened for business, steve keeley is live, we will go to him in a moment with the details, south on 295 an accident at route 130 but otherwise mass transit, airport looking good for now but we will have a rough morning rush hour, ahead of us , thomas, back to you. time is five credit zero four. spring is just 10 days away but winter is in the just through yet as scott mentioned just a moment ago. we can expect snow, rain this morning. jenny joyce is joining us. we were up late last night judging a talent show at newman goretti high school. how would you judge this forecast. colder temperatures waking you me up here. we are live in quakertown. no precipitation at this point in time. we are wait fog that are happen. home, looking outside saying what are you talking about we don't see anything, it is supposed to becoming a little bit later.
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so probably after 6:00 o'clock this morning. while it will not be a huge snow storm by any means, we are expect to go see a couple inches, north and west of the city, and it sound like it will be that wet, slushy snow, just making for a messy commute. messy roadways. so, anyway, the next couple of hours, we will be out, we will track the developments live here on fox 29. tune in, touch base and we will let you know what we are seeing and please do the same. let us know what you are seeing throughout the delaware valley, again, we do know that it is supposed to be, precipitation that is moving in snow north and west of the city and closer to philadelphia maybe a rain eye snow, mix. thomas, we will send it back to you, we will be out tracking this pending storm. >> it will change, you know that cold does wake you up. i give lomax for the information cation but we will have more on the talent show coming up on "good day philadelphia". >> jenny, thank you. finally right now the
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delaware river bridge is back opened after being closed for nearly two months. we sent our man steve keeley out there with the good news, steve. >> reporter: good news here i and jenny get to be around talent for once last night, being around untalented like myself. glad you enjoyed it. late night and full six hours today, good job ahead of time just don't get too loopy in the last hour like would i do, i get myself in troublesome times. anyway, look at this, now opened it says, i276e, pennsylvania turnpike bridge, to new jersey opened, 42,000 vehicles a day, were using that before it abruptly shut down on january the 20th. here's video from sky fox last night and it opened, without big fanfare, just before 10:00 e right around dinner time that they were going to open it up way earlier then they planned to because when they shut it down in january they said hey, this thing is shut down until
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early april, and that was not good news and it may stay shut down beyond april if they thought there was going to be a problem finding the answer that is they were looking for in terms of the what caused it to crack in the first place and is it safe to you know drive over. so apparently it is safe to drive over. they never found an answer as to why it cracked in the first place. they just will keep tabs on it to make sure it is not cracking again. here are drivers that our man brad sattan talked to last night. >> hopefully they are doing it right way and not just putting a batch on it and slap it together and shutting it down a month from now because there is more issues with it. i know i heard it was like april or something was supposed to be closed until. hopefully they are dock it the right way. >> when i started driving i was an hour ahead of the bridge collapse in minnesota, it collapsed an hour behind me it was like that started a train wreck for everybody, check the bridges and everybody drift add way from it. it takes a paint tore do a little painting to find it. >> i'm all for infrastructure
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bill that trump is trying to get passed right now. i don't know how that will happen, but our country need big, major, infrastructure rebuilding all over our country and all of our states and high ways. >> reporter: so as bad weather hits this way eventually today , the last thing you want to do is make the headlines in a bob kelly traffic report by being the first crash on this bridge since it reopened. so take it easy because remember bridges, freeze, before road surfaces, so, do not you don't want to shut this bridge down with an accident, and take it easy, especially here on this brand new reopened bridge, right. >> you don't want that to happen. you have talent, that word simply cannot describe, my friend, a word smith. >> that is right. >> we will check back with you 5:08. we have sad news a little girl fire fighters rescued from the burning home has passed away, fire tore right through a row home on north bo
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uveer street on saturday. the seven year-old had been in critical condition at children 's hospital of philadelphia since then she passed away yesterday. go fund me page has been set up to help the family with expenses, and you can find that lincoln fox police this morning are on the hunt for whoever shot two men in north philadelphia. it happened yesterday, near ninth and butler street, someone shot two men in their 20's, both of them are at temple university hospital in critical condition. police say shooter fired at lee, 16 shots. battle against drug addiction just got kicked up a notch in delaware county. district attorney jack wheelan and several police chiefs and judges announced a new program to get addicted defendants help and treatment instead of just locking them up. officials expect the first year alone to help more than 100 addicts. >> without a doubt delaware county is setting the stage
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across the state of pennsylvania in leading the way to try to address this great crisis that we have across our country and across the state and, of course, southeastern pennsylvania. >> the second chance court is limited to defendants age 18 to 25 with little to no criminal record. 5:10. philadelphia's main transit agency is taking a big step toward shifting riders away from tokens, transfer and cash to electronic fair card. starting monday, bus, sun way abe trolley users will be able to obtain the new card. city stations are now equipped to accept those card but it will take another two weeks to make them available on all kiosks. no cut off has been set for token use at fair boxes, until now only weekly and monthly pass customers have had access to the card. president trump seeing push back again from his latest executive order, on immigration.
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new york, massachusetts, washington and oregon are joining hawaii, in challenging the revised travel ban. state officials maintain that the ban discriminates by national origin which they argue is unconstitutional. state's challenge will be headed to, will be heard in federal court by the way, on wednesday, one day before the executive order, goes into effect. meantime the new chief on the environmental protection agency says he doesn't believe carbon dioxide is primary contributor to global warming. scott pruitt said there is a tremendous disagreement about the degree of impact of greenhouse gases, that is at odd with what scientists and even his own agency has been saying. according to the climate change panel organized by u.n. , carbon dioxide is biggest heat trapping force. buried history unearthed, coming up next on "good day philadelphia" we will tell you about historical find that puts the old in olde city. good morning, bob. >> you got it, thomas good morning.
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5:15. very good morning. do you want good news or bad news. good news it is friday. bad news that scene will change. we have snow moving n is what the deal. >> we have some snow moving in , thomas, snowing in the poconos, trying to snow as we move toward lehigh valley, eventually that snow will arrive in the philadelphia area in a couple of hours. slower to start but once again that will mean it will linger longer. look at bus stop buddy, ready for that snow later this morning. it is national pack your lunch day as bob kelly was talking b is what your favorite run to much pack. so live look outside our studios, dry, quiet. it is getting colder. we have moisture that will be
5:16 am
moving n so lets take a look at the winter weather advisory until noon for poconos, until 1:00 for lehigh valley and until 2:00 o'clock for philadelphia metro area, and parts of the south jersey. we're try in philadelphia, we're dry in south jersey but off to the west we will zoom in closer, and a few light snowflakes in berks county moving toward allentown and bushkill and then we are looking at that light snow that has been ongoing since overnight last night, first thing this morning toward poconos mountains and that is where a snow fall totals will be the highest. as we focus on those temperatures, 26 right now in mount pocono. upper 30's in pottstown, allentown, lower 40's in philadelphia and also down the shore. so across the philadelphia area for today we're talking about that wintry mix, light snow, most steady, as we move toward 7:00 until 11:00 o'clock. we will end up with an inch or
5:17 am
two of snow, 41 for the high temperature, for lehigh valley , two to 4 inches of snowfall expected for you, wilmington wintry mix with snow, inch or so possible there as well and then down the shore, rain to snow, a light coating, at best, once we move, a little further down the shore. we will end up with an inch or two around philadelphia, higher amounts north and western suburbs, and lehigh valley in the poconos, three or more inches, of that snowfall. so what about that seven day forecast as we head toward upcoming weekend? it will be cold, 33 degrees, high temperature for your saturday, we will spring, forward, so we will lose that hour of sleep but gain it, as far as daylight is concerned and then taking a look at next week, monday night into tuesday, we could that have brewing nor'easter, it could link inner to wednesday, so watching the timing, track, intensity of that system but it if is pans out that could our most significant, snowstorm of the year. >> wow, all day yesterday, everybody that stopped me we
5:18 am
have got this little thing coming here today but what about that storm next weekend? so much going on, in the next five to seven days. come on we will hang out together. 5:18. live look here down wires in chadds ford, a live look at route 202 and route one painter's crossing we have cones out, we have traffic police with the flaggers out here. here's what happened, earlier this morning a tractor trailer traveling south on route one, pulled down some of the wires, right here as you head into chadds ford. for the morning rush hour if you are typically heading south, down toward creek road is there a cool restaurant too on the corner there. we have to go there for a breakfast segment soon. anyhow, use route 926 instead of route one for morning rush hour. good news turnpike connection bridge is opened for business. what a big welcome for everybody from the bristol side to the burlington side, so, three cheers and ring the belfor crew that is did a great job getting that up and running. there cruz just picked up the cones here at bellmawr 295 and
5:19 am
42. but as we see the road conditions, it is starting to change here because of the weather, be careful, in all of the work zones, again, it is tough to see those lane markers, there could be some barriers that are moved around and that of course will be the case not only through the day, but as scottie mentioned it will not get warm. so anything that is left over tonight, we will have that re freeze, each and every night we will have to go through that five step program. media elwyn trent than line running with delays, no problems on the buses, trains, trolleys and here's a live look at the freeway. we are seeing volume popping here, i like to say patches of ice, working their way in to erd the walt whitman bridge. >> picking up this friday morning, bob, thank you. 5:19. developing story we are following, chaos in south korea after a court up holds the president's impeachment. it is a stunning fall for country's first female leader. despite ruling president park
5:20 am
gwenn day has no signs of leaving. it comes in the wake of the corruption scandal. right after that decision protesters they took to the streets, clashing, with at lee two people being killed. the president could still face criminal proceedings. a man with the ax attacked people at a train station in germany injuring seven, three seriously. as people scattered he took off and jumped off an overpass in the station. that is where police caught up with him and arrested him. officials say the 36 year-old badly injured, appears to suffer from serious psychological issues. they say he had moved to germany from the former yugoslavia. man known as philly jesus is once again upsetting catholics. this time, the controversy is over a picture he posted on social media, from one of the most sacred places in the city philly jesus whose real name is michael grant, is standing behind the alter at shrine of saint john neuman and holding up the ceremonial vessel, holding the blessed sacrament.
5:21 am
catholics we spoke to say what philly jesus did is anything but holy. >> as far as catholics are concerned we are not supposed to be doing. that it is a little bit uncomfortable. >> they call me blasphemous, they tell me i'm going to hell , they call me the white devil. >> so grant tells us he feels he did nothing wrong, he says he is a life licensing catholic hain has been coming to the shrine since being a child. clergy there says he is welcomed at the church anytime but they say most catholics know that the vessel should only be touched by an ordained minister and treated with reverence. philadelphia's so-called middle neighborhood could soon be getting a face lift. new resolution in city council is looking for ways to to re energize these communities that some say are on the decline. resolution calls for a hearing to explore ways to stabilize and support those neighborhood the areas which includes tacony, mayfair, germantown have stable home ownership but other economic stability is at
5:22 am
risk. >> i just hope that they create some jobs up here in the neighborhood, it is, stop the crime around here. one of the greatest sort of the not complaints but things you hear from people in these area is i have worked all of my life, we have been the heart of the city's tax base for years, but what is the r-o-i, our return on investment. >> resolution including securing funding for a neighborhood organizations. all city residents getting a fascinating glimpse into life in philadelphia three centuries ago. human bones had already been found last november at this site, in several 300 year-old coffins were discovered last month. but yesterday came mother load , construction crews discovering more than 30 coffins dating back to the colonial philadelphia. >> surprising, but i am in really for this neighborhood, there is so much history and who knows what was there prior , probably many
5:23 am
cemeteries. >> goal, it is to learn something. this is a wonderful opportunity to have a window into some of the earliest citizens of philadelphia, who they were, what their lives were like. >> by law owner of this site p m c property group is in the obligated to do anything special but company has pledged to let experts at rutgers and mudder museum to analyze them and then they will pay to have the bones re intered at another location. jared jacobs lets just say he is a diehard university of north carolina basketball fan but her daughter is a villanova fan. jacobs decided to recreate a moment that represents something totally different to her then it does to him. his beloved tar heels last second looks to nova, in last years national title game. lets take a look at this... >> gives to it jenkins for the champion ship, a national champion ship butter beater for the title.
5:24 am
>> isn't that cool he recreat ed nova's classic championship win out of legos. jared says it took him about 40 hours to finish, but he did it for love of his daughter. pet lovers listen up here pet food recall, we need to tell but before your pooch feed coming up next, stay with us.
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in your health news this morning marijuana use increases risk of stroke, heart failure and other cardiovascular complications, that ace cord to go a new study led by a philadelphia cardiologist. researchers at einstein medical center found that marijuana use alone increased risk of stroke by 26 percent. it raised risk of heart failure by 10 percent. findings come as more states legalize medical marijuana including pennsylvania, and new jersey. a dog food recall has been expanded because of possible contamination with a drug used for euthanasia. e vangers recalled cans of beef, last night for interaction to a anti seizure drug. as a precaution the company has voluntarily recalled its beef and against the grain pulled beef. customers can return products for a full refund. time right now 5:28.
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forget lemonade why beyonce, is all about the water melon now. she has an investment in this we will tell you about it coming up.
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we will see the blue, and snow moving in, and rain toward the south there. scott has you covered, he is the meteorologist with an update. also ahead, a drive by shooting in roxborough but it is the choice of weapon, that may be the clue, police need to find the trigger man. and a warm welcome home, take a look here, for a marine who served his country, great to have him back. very good friday on this friday, it wouldn't be tgif without the friday. good morning, bob. >> good morning, scott. >> we have a lot to talk b big opening in traffic. >> yes. >> yes. hold on. >> ♪ >> that is why you were ready, motown friday. >> this is your play list.
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>> what can we expect. >> we need to play let it snow music because that is what will happen later on. forget about the 60's being replaced by 30's. take a look at the pocono mountains, it is snowing there , so great for the skiers and also the snow lovers, a lot of folks have been saying, where is the snow, today is your opportunity. 43 degrees right now, it feels like it is 36 degrees when you factor in the wind. take a look at winter weather advisory all of southeastern, pennsylvania until one or 2:00 r philadelphia county, delaware county, chester county, burlington, ocean county until two and then take a look north and west we will find that snowfall a few flakes now down toward lehigh valley, berks county and snowing good right now toward poconos. so we are watching that, line of moisture continue to head up further to the philadelphia area, throughout the morning hours and then once again lingering in the afternoon because of the later start time this morning, of that
5:33 am
snow. thirty-eight allentown, 38 pottstown, 43 philadelphia and atlantic city. so now through about 7:00 if that snow continues in the poconos, lehigh valley continues to approach, i-95 corridor so steady snowfall for philadelphia and also these surrounding suburbs from 7:00 until 11:00 a.m. it continues in the early afternoon. we could see some afternoon snow squalls as well. light snow by 9:00 a.m., continuing around lunchtime upper 30's. forty-one for the high temperature this afternoon and then it turns cold, for this evening, as temperatures dip down into the 20's. forty-one is the high temperature in center city, 42 down the shore, upper 30's bob kill which two to 4 inches in the lehigh valley. >> we have been looking, we have been looking and we have flakes. we have confirmed flakes right here on the northeast extension, a look from one of our turnpike cameras up near the lehigh valley tunnel. we have been saying it is on
5:34 am
the way, scottie just said that time line of around 7:00 a.m. we are right on track, uncle louie the storm running late but he is on his way. there is an example of the turnpike road conditions will change and they will change quick through our morning rush hour. we will start off as rain as scott mentioned and then turn to snow. just enough to kind of mess things up, for the rush hour. here's a live look at county line road, so again, some counties put down that salt br ine solution, it was kind of the flip of the coin. it will start as rain, that salt brine will wash away and in the do anything. a lot of townships thought it was a way of money. baltimore pike route one south of 202, tractor trailer pulled down some wires on the overnight. your best bet using 926 heading in to chad ford. great newts that turnpike connection bridge opened for business, opened late last night, steve's their life, will give us details in a
5:35 am
moment but that will be a welcomed relief to the folks, in bristol, and in burlington on both side of that connection and bridge and just watch out in the work zones especially as we start to see road conditions, change, it makes it tough to see lane markers especially in the work zones like over there in bellmawr, thomas, back over to you. >> a lot of people celebrate ago this opening. thanks, bob. 5:35. it was just yesterday, temperatures in the 60's we're loving it. today jenny joyce are we seeing snow, rain where you are or nothing in quakertown. >> reporter: nothing. mother nature is playing more games with us, thomas because a little while ago we did see a couple flakes in quakertown and that has stopped. we are expect to go see snow north and west of the city, one to 3 inches as morning goes on. sometime after 6:00 o'clock when it is supposed to begin as we see more cars out here on the roadway for that morning rush hour, traffic. so, again, one to 3 inches in
5:36 am
this area, philadelphia is supposed to be more slushy and from what our meteorologist is saying, scott williams, kathy orr last night, it will be a wet, slushy snowfall. as we said last night thomas, you and i were at an event. i didn't even wear a jacket. today i think mother nature said hey jenny we want to see that fox 29 snow jacket at lee one more time but i'm hearing this will not be the last time that more snow, potentially the biggest snowstorm so far this year could becoming next week. this is only the tip of the iceberg as we should say because it will get a lot more chillier this weekend and as i mentioned the possible chance for snowstorm on tuesday, thomas. >> mother nature was like hey, i know you got two hours of sleep but let me wake you up with this cold weather. >> that is the thinking. >> thanks, jenny. commuters, finally getting good relief. damaged delaware bridge
5:37 am
reopening to traffic for the first time since january. our steve keeley is out there this morning. hey there, steve. >> reporter: funny thomas i was feeling precipitation as jenny about an hour west of us , who is supposed to get it first wasn't. i said to greg, i said is what falling? he said it is his tears, he hates snow and he was hearing scott and jenny talking about tuesday's snow, yes. >> hopefully he won't flood you with those tears. he does cry a lot though. all right, look. we're smiling, we can joke around. we have good news story to day split is, now opened, i276e pennsylvania turnpike bridge to new jersey, and behind the sign you can make out headlights and definitely streetlights up on bridge. not as busy right now, probably people that got used to detouring around this there is a truck going over it, detouring around this probably thought you know what, i'm going to keep my old route right now until i figure out whether this bridge is safe to cross again because that is the big question, what caused
5:38 am
the crack that shut it down? here is sky fox last night when they reopened it one way at a time. they safely did this. notice in the sky fox video you will see big you mr. trucks. they were not loaded with salt but with heavy steel, they were testing this bridge out before they let the public drive over it and then figured it is good this way, got other way lets open this thing, way earlier then we planned to, early april and that was the best news of all, because the warm weather that we had up until now, cooperated, and in helping to get this things fixed and studied to find out what caused the crack. even though they don't know what cautioned the crack they are confident that no further cracks may happen, and we have all these sensors on the bridge. they are confident that if anything does happen, they will know bit right away. here is some of the reaction last night, to this good news. >> several weeks ahead of schedule, you know, thanks to a lot of hard work buy a lot of people on both side of the
5:39 am
delaware river and also thanks to a little bit of luck especially with the rough weather, we were able to open well ahead of our project april reopening, of the bridge >> i thought thank goodness, being opened, that is best thing, you know, hopefully it works fine and everything. >> hopefully they are doing it right way and not just putting a patch on it and slapping it together and shutting it down because more issues with it. >> reporter: this is happiest day a driver on this bridge can have since may 23rd 1956, thomas, that is this date in history, when this place, first opened, to traffic 61 years ago about. >> i always love the fun facts are we seeing free flow a lot of people taking advantage of the opening are they aware? i'm sure the signs give ate way there. >> reporter: news just broke during dinner time news so we had it at 6:00 they were going to reopen f they weren't watching news and truckers don't watch news they are on the road. so these signs ahead of time
5:40 am
thinks at 6:00, over in new jersey, i'm sure new jersey signs along the turnpike are saying hey, you can take this bridge now, as you used to, so i think that is how they are getting it, word of mouth. truckers talk to each other over cb radios. i'm sure they are getting the word as time moves on. >> they are so programmed to take different route and then see yellow flashing they think it is still close budd now opened. 5:40. fail police say someone is going around shooting people with paint balls in roxborough four people say paint baller shot them on tuesday, detectives say that the trigger happy guys they are driving an older white dodge caravan you see there in the video. they hit one person in the eye and that person needed six stitches. check out what happened to this small plane yesterday afternoon. it is a homemade plane that went off runway and crashed at trenton robbinsville airport. our fresco user detective dan thank you for shooting this video police say the 79 year-old pilot was trying to
5:41 am
land and simply who control. he has minor injuries to his face. in camden county, new jersey it was a special home coming for a local marine. corporal jared hatcher just completed four years in the marines and is returning from a tour overseas. freeholder bill mohand presented hatcher with the camden county military service medal. count down is on for st. patrick's dade parade, which is two days away and bob has a sneak peak what we can expect but first good morning tom. >> day one of the free agency in the nfl and eagles play lets make a deal with the pair of wide receivers. record day for villanova in the quarter finals of the bige tournament, sports coming up next.
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good morning, i'm tom sredenschek, flyers still fighting for a wild card spot, three points out, thursday night was a critical match up with the mapel leafs, up in toronto. second period tied at one and sean couturier, he coughs it up, and then, mapel leafs take advantage. he has the goal. toronto wins four-two. day one of the free agency in the nfl eagles signed wide receivers including alshon jeffery of the bears, one year , 14 million-dollar. best year 2014 when he had 85 catches and 10 touchdowns. they signed receiver torey smith, a one year deal worth 5 million, two additional option years, they released connor barwin. villanova taking on st.
5:45 am
johns, bige quarter finals, 108-67. they hit 15, three pointers, tie a bige record for largest margin of victory in the tournament game. temple goes down to east carolina 80-69. their season is over at 16-16. that is sports in a minute. i'm tom sredenschek.
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5:47. we have flakes, picture from the turnpike, up near lehigh
5:48 am
veil tunnel. don't worry, it is on the way, storm is running late, but it is on the way, and it will impact our morning rush hour here. just enough to kind of make things a mess, because right now you are stepping outside front door live look down here delaware route one, nothing going on, road are dry but again as you get ready to pack your lunch, grab your coffee and kid get aboard that school bus things will change. live look downtown vine street expressway, a lot of townships and counties even in philly they didn't bother putting bri ne down because it initially starts as rain so the rain would wash away all that brine and way of money and time to put it on down. route 47, delsea drive, a fire location, with some local detours, and then just watching all of the work zones as we roll through the day with this change in weather for morning rush hour, scottie has the whole scoop in 15 seconds
5:49 am
good morning friday morning to you. as we look at the allentown area you can see those flakes have begun. it will continue to increase in intensity as we progress throughout the morning. 43 degrees currently in philadelphia, feels like temperatures right at 36 degrees. so cold air continues to rush in, the front has already moved through, 43 atlantic city, 43 philadelphia, upper 30's in pottstown and allentown. where is the snow heading north and west we will focus in on allentown moving toward lehigh valley, berks, county, reading, rather looking at that light snow, and moving toward poconos looking at snow , maybe a couple sprinkles , some rain drops, lancaster chester county moving toward wilmington and then eventually philadelphia rain changing over to snow.
5:50 am
here's the time line now through 7:00 snow starting north and west, steady snow across metro from 7:00 to 11:00 and then early afternoon system starts to taper. we will go hour by hour by 7:00 those flakes arriving in trenton, philadelphia, wilmington moving into south jersey by eight or 9:00. down the shore by 10 and 11:00 t widespread light snow, it tapers for afternoon but there still could be passing snow squals. so here's the expected totals philadelphia, i-95 corridor an inch or so and then higher amounts once you move north and west. seven day forecast shows a cold weekend and then more potent storm as we move toward tuesday of next week, back to you. >> all right, scott, thank you st. patrick's day parade just two days away a major part of the tradition bagpipes and drums. so, bob, you have a magical up close look. >> yes, i did.
5:51 am
magic up close look and look at the little tradition, all right. some of the philly's finest, most brave showed me ropes and explained what it takes to become a part of the famed pipe and drum band. lets take a look. >> ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen in philadelphia, pipes and drums. >> reporter: they are one of the most recognized groups in the st. patrick's day parade, philadelphia's finest and philadelphia's most brave, saving lives and making beautiful music, you will at the same time. when at the parade there is no mistaken, when the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum bandies passing by. rich in tradition and style, the band was started back in 1996. >> our main goal, to honor those who died in the line of duty and anybody who is a philadelphia cop, fireman, passed away, retired, active we are there to pay them in
5:52 am
honor and thank them for when they served. >> reporter: when they are not thanking the fallen for their service... >> ♪ >> they are performing at other events like philadelphia police promotional ceremony recently held at mcgonigle hall, and, of course, the st. patrick's day parade. >> our first honorary is here, the philadelphia police and fire pipes and drums band. >> reporter: while i'm not one of the finest or even the most brave, i was interested in knowing if i had what it takes to be a part of the philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum core. >> can you teach me how to play. >> yeah. >> let's do it. >> at first, here. >> okay. >> i guess you have to have a lot of hot air.
5:53 am
>> ♪ >> you got one for me. >> we do. >> it means we wear nothing under our kilt to show we have nothing under our kilt you have to earn it, you have to put your underwear on your head to let everybody know you too are following the rules. fellows, our new member, bob kelly. >> it is an honor to be a member. >> pleasure to have you. >> i got my kilt, i know how to play the bagpipe, i say we practice for the parade what do you say. >> let's do it. for all of us at philadelphia police and fire pipe and drum happy st. patrick's day.
5:54 am
>> ♪ >> is it okay to look? >> minority ease philly legs. thank goodness i had clean underwear on, mom always said don't leave house without clean underwear. >> are you wearing a kilt. >> they are bringing me a kilt to wear at the parade. it will depend upon the wind. >> what sit looking like wind wise, that will be a determining factor. >> wind check. but before the parade we have a brand new parade route which you will love on sunday we will kick it off at 16th and jfk right there in front of the suburban station and head toward city hall, we will go around city hall and then goe on market street, and heading down toward penns landing, and the cool part, it is that the performance area, the tv cameras and judges stand will be right there on market with independent hall as the back drowned. it will be a great, i think folks will love it. it will be easy to walk from the neighbors, flower show is in town and check it out. >> great time.
5:55 am
>> join us with bob and his kilt, underwear included along parade route from noon to 3:00 t there watch it right here on fox 29. we will take a quick break and coming right back but we will take you inside, this is flower show as bob mentioned opens up tomorrow, a little taste of holland.
5:56 am
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5:57. winter just won't quit we're tracking snow and ice moving in scott has the forecast next
5:58 am
, stay with us.
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