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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  March 15, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11:00. tuesday night and nor'easter is out of here but what a messengers seashore tonight. flooding and beach erosion. no matter where you are tonight you're in for a 1:00. temperatures dropping off the cliff whatever was wet it's turning to ice. i'm lucy noland. trees and even roofs couldn't hold the weight of this heavy snow and sleet. thousands of people still have no power tonight and school delays are running at the bottom your screen. we've got you covered all the way around though. chris o'connell at the wind whipped jersey shore dave schratwieser talking to folks digging out in philadelphia. let's start with kathy orr. kathy, just brutal out. >> it sure is lucy talking about falling temperatures. everything is refreezing and we have some fairly cold wind chills on tap. right now it's 25 but it feels
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like it's 11. that sustained wind out of the west northwest at 18 miles an hour. skies are clearing but those whipping winds will continue tonight and even during the day tomorrow. take look at these impressive storm totals. poconos pick up the most snow as expected 2 feet and bethlehem over 13-inches. philadelphia at the airport six. mt. holly five and hoe kess zen delaware over 4-inches of snow. right now mainly in the 20s right now the poconos at 12. but when you add that wind, it feels like it's nine below in the poconos. seven in pottstown. 14 in millville. it feels like it is only 10 degrees above zero in trenton and it's going stay that cold overnight. we have a huge trough that is built in the east and the cold goes all the way down to the deep south atlanta 34. 32 in raleigh. so it's going take a long time to push all this back north as we go hour by hour, we have a partly cloudy sky overnight. strong northwesterly winds tomorrow gusting to 35 even 40 miles an hour. creating some snow showe showerd
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maybe few afternoon snow squalls. so please be aware of that for our evening commute. wind chills are going to be brutal come tomorrow morning. in philadelphia it will feel like it's only about two. pottstown feel like 08:00 o'clock reading and lancaster with below zero numbers during the day tomorrow, the wind keeps up temperatures will be in the 20s. wind chills in the single numbers. and into the teens. overnight tonight, the low temperature in the city 22. teens in the suburbs. with wind chills in the single numbers. winds gusting to 30. that winds takes the warmth exposed from your -- away from exposed flesh. on the seven day forecast from the weather authority still gusty for thursday. temperatures climbing above freezing. finally for st. patrick's day it's cold. less wind the temperature near 40. saturday snow showers changing over to rain showers with a high near 50. and then sunday, monday and tuesday a good deal of sunshine with highs in the upper 40s to
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around 50 degrees. those morning lows still in the 20s to the north and west where we saw the most snow it will be very slow melt. lucy where we've had 2 feet of snow that's a good thing. >> well this is true but that high of 30 kind of is concerning. all right, thank you very much, kathy. old man winter clearly not letting up down the jersey shore. folks are dealing with high winds and high tied the focus is beach erosion and coastal flooding. fox 29's chris o'connell in avalon. down here at the jersey shore, it certainly wasn't snow that was the problem with this winter storm. but it certainly was flooding and beach erosion right now we are on the beach here in avalon where just a couple days ago, they started staging this huge equipment here to replenish the beach here in avalon and this is really becoming a regular thing. these nor'easters are just causing havoc with every wind that blows, with every wave that washes on to the beach, it
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really washes away some of this precious beach line. take look what we saw in ocean city. you see the waves just carving out the beach. taking away 20, 30, 40 feet of beach and this is what is causing that beach erosion. just nasty, nasty waves crashing on to the beach in ocean city. three or 4 feet above head high and that is what causes this beach erosion. we talked to couple surfers who were out there today. we couldn't believe they were surfing in what looked like a washing machine. >> hardest part was either musting up the courage or insanity to give eight try to be honest with you. >> reporter: nearly every shore town reported some sort of beach erosion during this storm but governor chris christie says not to worry. there is money in the budget to hopefully replenish some of these south jersey beeps before the summertime. in avalon, chris o'connell fox
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29 news. >> thank you chris. familiar scene across our tri-state area i mean if you were around and out today you saw trees falling over everywhere. crews biz silly repairing power lines that knock them down from the storm. to night they're still working to get the lights back on for people who are in the dark on this cold night. peco still has 933 customers without power. in new jersey, pse&g is working to get things back up and running for 9,000 customers. atlantic city electric says now less than 5,000 are still powerless. now some owners are in the dark. others are picking up the piec pieces. the weight of the wet snow and ice brought down roofs close calls absolutely. fox 29's dave schratwieser is in center city and, dave, a the least it was just close calls, right? >> reporter: close cause and in those cases. we'll talk about the cleanup a still a lot of cleanup work to do tonight. look at 17th street here in center city still work to be done here. we traveled across the city tonight checking out the plowing operations including south
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philadelphia where tra dig alley those tiny side streets they don't get to a in long time after a snowstorm like this but improve many this time around. >> private contracts behind the wheel of mini front end loaders hard at work tuesday night clearing those tough to get through side streets in south philadelphia. >> i'm happy. very happy. >> reporter: phil watson lives on the 1100 block of cantrell street. he peek out his front door just before 6:30 and saw this his small side street with a plow on it hours after the snow stopped. >> very unusual. very unusual. last year i wasn't happy. >> i know that it's a slow process. >> reporter: story was a little different up in germantown where we found long long-time resident tanya campbell standing on aborts forward rode unhappy with the clean up effort there. >> they have bypassed this street and they afterwards -- days afterwards and we have to get out to go to work. >> it's sounded like a bomb and
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really squared me. >> reporter: marie williams hope schooling her six children tuesday morning when wet snow and high winds caused her front porch to collapse. >> i look out the window and i seen that the roof collapsed. so i look out the door and i noticed both roofs collapseed report roar terrell williams was standing on that front porch shortly before the collapse. >> funny thing about it was, i was literally standing out here before i went to work i was talking to my wife in the door. >> reporter: fortunately no one was injured in four separate roof collapses and porch collapses around the city tonight. let her children go outside but they had to finish schoolwork first or they could have been on that porch when it collapsed. the work ahead is clean up and rebuilding. >> tough day for travelers. things should be back tomorrow at philadelphia international airport. you're looking at a live shot of the airport right there on the right side. you can see the cameras bouncing around yeah still windy out.
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airlines plan to resume normal operations but of course you ought to check your flight status first. airlines canceled more than 450 flights today. the snow still impacting public transportation. septa got a whole bunch of changes in effect as we speak. not great day for this septa bus driver stuck at 13th and spruce. some bus routes are still suspended tonight regional rails operating on modified schedule. be sure to check with septa before you head on out. talk a walk in delaware county that's what you heard. the sleet and snow made for heavy lifting when shoveling and slower drive for people who did hit the roads. some say hey, this is nothing. >> it's a piece of cake. it's just people in detroit or chicago would laugh at all the big fuss we make over this. people just need to, you know, get grip, you know. >> really can't argue. in all 15 municipalities
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declared states of emergency for help cleaning all that snow off the road. damaging winds main problem in delaware with gusts as high 50 miles an hour. new castle county that big pine tree that you see right there could not with stan the force of wilmington. trunk just snapped and toppled into a home. at the mary manor trailer park on second avenue and also crushed a couple of trucks nom one is hurt. amazingly. this was just one of several trees knock down in that neighborhood. this winter storm whipped up trouble friend p beyond our ar area. take look at a bridge in boston massachusetts today. the roads have been completely slicked down by snow and ice and tractor trailer driver lost control and jackknifed. no one is hurt but you can bet this made traffic already bad open worse. developing news from the white house for the first time president trump is releasing some of his taxes. for 2005 president trump made more than $150 million and paid $38 million in income taxes. white house released this as
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msnbc claimed to have obtain his forms from that particular tax year. white house says publishing those returns would be illegal, calls it a desperate attempt for ratings. till now president trump declined to release his returns claiming he's getting audited. the snow that fell today, yeah, it was very heff z meeting the local group helping complete strangers for goodness sake. picture is worth a thousand words. the person in that ambulance had to get to the hospital stat and it was a big drive. then guardian angels stepped in. ♪
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♪ toddler in desperate need heart transplant snack dab in the middle of the big storm got to where he node needed to go it took one big he have. the hospital 23 moo old needed to get was 80 miles from where he was at. the national guard, penndot crews and state police joined forces and escorted the little guy and his family to to hospital in danville. he made it because of them. in new jersey, parts of willingboro people lot of power early this afternoon and they decided to outside to clear their cars and shovel until all that power was restored. police manned intersections like
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this that you see at jfk way after trees fell on to the road. one resident said pse&g told them power would be back on by the end of the night. >> i have a generator. i have a generator 3000-amps i can use it if i need it and we've got plenty of food in the house and stuff, you know, and so we're good. the only thing we won't have is heat. >> the wind poses a continued threat of course as power lines came down in different parts of the area. stelle windy out there newark, delaware, a reported kidnapping last night was a hoax. police say that this woman 23-year-old brenda aiden told police an armed man came up to her from kristin mill apartment complex forced her into her apartment, robbed her, well today police arrested and charged the woman after they say detectives realized her story was inconsistent. two salem county men in jail accused of shooting two men with high powered pellet gun much police say they went on a crime spree on valentine's day.
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randorandomly selecting victimsn pennsville and salem. they shot up a food truck. surveillance video did lead to their capture though. ♪ philadelphia law requires people clear their sidewalks of snow, right? our bill anderson met a group who's helping people who simply can't comply with that law with this heff vo snow it's extraordinarily tough for the disable and the elder toll mofette all. it's hard when it's not heavy. but there is help out there and some people are helping their neighbors in need for goodness sake. here's bill. >> salt the equipment. leave out there with a smile. free of charge. >> reporter: there are elderly and disabled who can't get out of their homes and so there's group that decided to dig them out. just because. just for goodness sake. >> always tell myself, if christ were to see disable willowier medical problems and health problems would he just pass? >> abc men or abled body men of
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christ as the name suggests are driven by their faith but for the last sick years with no consideration of religion, race, location or anything else, if you're elderly or disabled, just e-mail or call them. >> they'll come and dig you out free of charge. >> like our slogan says deeds not words. it's all about deeds. let's go out and help the folks that need our help. >> reporter: team spreading out all over the city shoveling people out. i went out with jackie and his team and quickly found out this was much more than a token gesture. >> starting off in south philly. west philly, upper darby, and tell me they'll end in the northeast. they'll be doing this all night. but it didn't take long to figure out why they're so dedicated. while they shoveled i spoke to a disabled senior who deeply appreciated the work that the men did. >> as a big help to me because i cannot shovel because of my back. >> reporter: men of abc finish the small south philly house
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quickly keeping in mind that they had several more to do. basically if there's a need you'll go? >> if there's a need we go and we've been receiving calls since yesterday. >> reporter: as they headed off to their next stop my time with abc men for the day was over. >> we're off. i haven't lifted a shovel yet their work is done out of the kindness of their heart materials cost money and they can always use volunteers. so if you're interested in helping out, or if you need to be dug out, just check out their website. >> not anything especially unique or innovative about what acb is doing. they just chose to. they're people in need. people snowed in. so they decided to address it and help them out and they do it every year, every snowstorm, for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ you see it you shoot it our fresco users helping to show what's going on around you. iain, what is up tonight? >> lucy arc fire fight in center
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city made even more difficult in this frigid weather. one of our fresco users on the scene at 15th and chestnut. flames erupting inside a abandoned building this morning. crews managed to put out the fire in less than an hour. the cause still under investigation. depending on where you live downed wires may have been a familiar sight today. thomas benson tax us to the scene. this does not appear weather related. a truck took down the wires non one is hurt. when you see news happening take out your phone and shoot it and use that fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. lucy. >> thank you much, iain. u.s. regulators approved new drug initial treatment for post menopausal women with the certain type of advanced breast cancer fda approve it yesterday. a pill that slows the spread of cancer by blocking two proteins that lead to the growth and division of cancer cells so it sounds like a smart drug.
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the drug is for women who have certain type of me tas tick breast cancer. all right, sean bell so you're talking about the patriots. >> yes, i am. teams need to cutter off all communication when it comes to the patriots. they're absolute cheater and they need to be stopped. i'll tell was they did now and what teams need to do when it comes to new england patriots. that's coming up next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell taking on the new england patriots and why he thinks they are cheating again. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪
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♪ new england patriots are flat out cheaters. i don't real noel what they did now but they have been doing something illegal it's like this team has cheat code to mortal combat or something every move bell belicheck makes another team keeps doing dumb things to make them better. this is a rant or me crying over spilled milk but i can stand this. how does new orleans saints trade brandon cook to the pats. tom brady already makes 55 athletic guys look great. stop trading away players to belicheck. every time a team does something with the pats they become better and that team becomes worse. yes, they cheated when it comes to the dee plate gate and spy gate and the tuck rule now teams are just making it easy for them. so for the sake of the rest of the league and fans everywhere,
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outside of boston, stop dealing with the patriots. i'm sick of them, lucy. >> yeah you're not the only one, sean. ivanka trump brand is focusing on avenue forrable jewelry previously some of her higher end stuff sold for $1,000 per peace. new line will cost less than 100 bucks per peace. company that monitors such sales says that ivanka trump's sales increased by 347%. between january to february. more avenue forrable. she's not hurting. >> on your radar a lot of people are hurting when they're outside right now it's cold. >> it is cold. >> sean loves the he's hoping it sticks around for a long time. >> that's a negative, okay. i need sunglass weather and t shirts. >> you'll have sunglass weather but not t shirts unless you're in the gym. >> overnight temperatures in the 20s and teens. wind chills in the single numbers tomorrow morning. as we look at the seven day
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forecast, 30 that will be just about it for your wednesday. 35 thursday. st. patrick's day is friday. the high temperature near 40. luck of the irish we turn a corner and then it gets better. some rain showers early saturd saturday. sunday, monday and tuesday sean there's your sun. high temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 but that is still below average for this time of year. we should be in the lower 50s. but not the case. not this march. >> the thing is, february was incredibly warp, right? >> the warmest ever. >> and we're coming off incredibly warm two-year stretch worldwide as i recall. >> you recall very well. >> so it's march trying to make up for all of this. >> yes. >> that's what it is. >> nature tries to seek a balance. >> is it going to trying try and seek a balance in april. >> probably. >> can i have the 60. >> you got to go to florida. i'm out of here guys. >> entertainment news straight aid had he on fox 29,. back here at 4:00 a.m. for "good day philadelphia". sue serio, bob kelly you'll they'll be layered up, right. >> icy concerns. >> they got your weather and
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traffic covered all morning long
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from the fox 29 studios this is "good day now good day g out. the nor'easter has come and gone dumping snow, sleet and rain in its wake. icy roads and freezing temperatures. and, in the dark because of yesterday's storms, and strong winds, thousands of people are without power this morning. when the light are expected to . >> and president trump's tax returns. the white house provides numbers ahead after leak threatening to reveal just how much he earned and what he paid to the government. and a comedy of errors. the viral video that had millions in stitches shares their story about what happened. >> good day everyone, it is wednesday, march 15, 2017. lauren johnson in, how are you guys. >> i'm doing good. that would be me if i was allowed


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