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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 20, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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about that and about whether former president obama wire tapped president trauma and his campaign. >> with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wire tapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. and we have looked carefully inside the fbi. >> more on today' hearings and the white house's response in just a few minutes. at first, developing story. police say they are dealing with some very skillful crooks in philadelphia's lawn crest neighborhood. what's more the store they hit has been targeted before. in this case the thieves got away with about a million dollars worth of jewelry. >> fox 29's bruce gordon was the first person on the scene this morning and joins us live from lawn crest tonight. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, iain, and dawn, it's an mazing story out here police combing through any and all security camera they can find in terms footage that might have shown what happened here at the shopping center.
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we don't know yet what their going to find that search is still on we don't know whether these crooks targeted this jewelry store behind me on both occasions. what we do know, these guys know what they're doing. tiny spikes are meant to keep birds off the roof of the kim tn jewelry store nothing could keep professional burglars off the roof late sunday night. >> i have to words to say. i feel so so sad about it. >> philadelphia police believe the crooks almost certainly more than one of them used a ladder behind the shopping center to get to the rooftop. then smashed through and dropped into the dessert cafe next to the jewelers. they broke through the drywall and entered the jewelry smashed open a safe and made off with estimated million dollars in loose jewels and jewelry. police say the security alarm was tripped but neither the alarm company nor her husband notified law enforcement. >> he sent a family member over
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end drove over to check on the place, and it seemed secure. so they thought something was wrong with the alarm system. >> that it wasn't until morning you're even alerted. >> correct. the. >> reporter: alarm was no doubt tripped when the burglars cut the line to the security system that put a slew of businesses on ice for awhile. >> you got no phone lines? >> yeah, no business right now. no phone. >> reporter: you can't dean business right now because of what these guys did? >> yeah. >> reporter: almost exact toll months ago, january 22nd, burglars hit kim tan by smashing through concrete wall out back making off with jewelry tears the thief action in. in response the owners fortified that wall with a metal plate. this time, the crooks simply moved their act to the rooftop. >> the brazenness of these crimes. repeat crime in one month, you know, very alarming. >> reporter: diane told police and she and her husband moved their jewelry here from adams avenue about year ago because it seemed quieter, safer. now they've been targeted twice by professional burglars. she told me she feels like
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crawling up in a ball but instead, will soldier on. >> i have to stand up. >> my life is here. like i told you. >> reporter: your life is in this store? >> yeah. >> reporter: sad situation. search again is on for security camera footage that might show police something of what happened here overnight. you'll recall the january footage we showed uh-uh saw the thief in action but he was covered from head to toe so it's not clear what exactl exactly detectives will find even if they do come up think footage. repairing the wall that shared wall behind me the jewelry store as we speak we'll have more at 6:00 o'clock. iain. >> bruce, incredible, thank you. philadelphia police say one of their officers was body slammed by a teenaged suspect during a struggle this morning. police were responding to a call of a person with a gun along the 12,000 block of academy road. police say the officer briefly lost consciousness when he hit his head in a struggle with the 17-year-old. that officer is expected to be okay. the teen was later found hiding behind a building.
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police say that teen is also suspect in a robbery at a nearby 7eleven yesterday. in the city's logan section police are trying to figure out who shot a man and left him to die. officers found the body of a 57-year-old man along the 1300 block of ruscomb street just before 3:30 this morning. the vick testimony was shot in the back of the head. police have not yet released the man's identity. >> now to wilmington where dramatic rescue from the brandywine river is caught on camera. skyfox over the scene near the market street bridge. that's where firefighters rescued a 14-year-old boy who was sitting in drainage tube. officials say the teen jumped from the bridge and then swam over there. it happened around 7:45 this morning. and he's doing okay. heartbreak in warrington a5-year-old bucks county boy who was mistakenly choked by the family dog last week has died. john bruno shown here on gofundme page posted by his family. died saturday at children's hospital of philadelphia. according to the city coroner's officer the boy had been under
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sedation in the hospital since that accident on wednesday. he was found unconscious face down in the snow outside his home. police believe the dog grabbed the boys month's scarf and pulled it tight cutting off his air supply. >> now on to fox 29 weather authority. as we take live look at wilmington. spring finally sprung this morning. kind of feels like it outside but march it's been unpredictable. is this weather that was kind of nice today going to stick arou around. >> let's hope so. >> let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr to find out. fingers crossed, kathy. >> yeah. absolutely. you know we will have repeat tomorrow. not as much sun but just as warm if not a little bit warmer we have a weak disturbance that will be moving through from the ohio valley with a few spotty showers or sprinkles overnight. temperatures right now still in the 50s along that i-95 corridor to the south and east. to the north and west we have the 40s but in philadelphia we made it to a seasonal high of 5. the first time in at least a couple of weeks as we go hour by hour you'll see the clouds thicken overnight unsee the few spotty showers moving through
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with this weak disturbance by the morning hours, we'll have the clouds and during the afternoon some breaks in the overcast before sunset. but at least temperatures will be mild. as we look ahead during the overnight, 39 in philadelphia the low. waking up to 31 in the poconos. tomorrow morning in wilmington waking up to 38 waking up to 39 in dover. that's owls 10 degrees warmer than it was this morning. coming up we'll talk about this brief break from the cold then we have a wednesday shocker. back to winter. wow is it going to feel like it and then 70s again in the seven day. but the big question, guys, is it going to stick this time? >> i don't know. [ laughter ] >> roller coaster, kathy. happening now, hearings on capitol hill. the american people well they finally have some answers after months of speculation about rusheareyou russia' role in the6 election. two officials were grilled on capitol hill. joel waldman joins us live from washington, d.c. tonight. joel? >> reporter: dawn iain, good
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evening to you. high drama on capitol hill. fbi director james comey against go protocol he got permission to provide some information on-going federal investigation into russia's meddling in the 2016 election. >> i can promise you we will follow the facts wherever they lead. >> reporter: fbi director james comey for the first time publicly admitting his apartment see is investigate the russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 u.s. presidential election. the director adding that the federal probe also includes examining any potential links between the trump cal pain and moscow. >> because it is an open on-going investigation, and is classified, i cannot say more about what we are doing and whose conduct we are examining. >> reporter: in a flood of leaks from hacked dnc e-mails to details of secret 35 page russian today's see eighty three on trump prompting this response from nsa director mike rogers.
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>> we are also greatly concerned about leaks of classified information as they can reveal the sources and methods we employ. >> reporter: the testimony then turning to incendiary allegations made bynum himself in series of tweets beginning back on march 4th claiming former president obama wire tapped trump tower in the months leading up to the november election. the white house remaining undeterred in its own belief there was some sort of surveillance going on. >> before president obama left open michael flynn was unmasked and illegally his identity was leaked out to media outlets. >> reporter: fbi director offered no timetable into his agency's investigation. saying it could go on for months perhaps even years. >> thank you. jury expected to be seated tomorrow in the trial against former penn state president who is accuse accused of mishandline jerry sandusky sex abuse case. grant spanier accused of two counts of endangering the welfare of children and a single
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conspiracy charge. those are felony charges. jury pool began to be questioned this morning in harrisburg. two former penn state officials who struck plea deals are expected to testify against spanier during his trial. man's trip to mcdonald's drive through in dover, delaware, doesn't get him any fast food. instead of he ends up in jail. cops say 21-year-old octavia lopez hernandez was driving drunk before he fell asleep in the drive through lane it happened over the weekend at the fast food chain on the 900 block of south dupont who it way. police arrested him and charge him with his third dui. that is a felony charge. >> if your commute involves a portion of the pennsylvania turnpike in montgomery county, you may have noticed something a little different today. construction now underway at the mid-county tolls. it will be like this for at least a few weeks as crews upgrade the equipment. fox 29's brad sattin is live along the turnpike at the king of prussia rest to and with all the details fours. brad. >> reporter: dawn, how about we start with some good news much got news, 276 eastwest
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turnpike behind me not impacted at all. the problem just a few miles to our east. that is 476 north and south the expression toll lanes are now closed and they will be for the next three weeks. forget about the fast lanes at the mid-county interchange in montgomery county for the next few weeks. if you're headed north or south and 476 where the blue route meets the northeast extension you'll have to settle for the semi fast 5-mile an hour e-z pass lanes through the toll booths. express lanes to the left are closed now until april 10th because of maintenance work on the overhead equipment. >> our express e-z pass customers are still able to use the traditional e-z pass lanes which are to the right of the express lanes. they should just be aware as they approach the interchange there will be slow moving or stopped traffic. >> expect backups especially as o see pass drivers will converge with those with tickets. it will temporarily bring those e-z pass drivers back in time to the days of jockeying for lane
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position. >> it takes you that much longer to get ez pass because everybody was in the cash lane. >> there were backups this morning. >> you kind of get into auto pilot mode and you know, right f it's all the way to the left i'll go all the way to the left. or if it's all the way to the right, i'll good all the way to the right if you don't realize it ahead of time unyou're in that lane, oh, my goodness, have i to get over, i have to maneuver into traffic. >> reporter: turn spike upgrading electric tolling equipment as part of two-faze improvement project that will include repairs to the concrete pavement and ramps on 276 east and west. for now if you're headed north or south on 476 at the mid-county plaza, give yourself some extra time. >> the traveling public should definitely take their time allow themselves more time to get to their destinations specially during the weekday travel commute. >> reporter: so again this ru runs through april 10th when it's done you won't really notice any major improvements. you're just going to notice the slow down until then. iain and dawn.
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>> brad, thanks. a world war ii veteran says he just has one wish the person he really wants to meet and the reason why. a military vet denied service to a bar. the reason he says he was turned away. and church congregation is feeling god's favor after an anonymous donor lifts a huge burden off its shoulder. >> early morning scare for familiar until mayfair. their dogs vanish. how social media saved the day. ♪ ♪ we buy any car ♪ any make, any model, any age, any price ♪ ♪ from 50 bucks to 100 grand ♪ we buy any car ♪ any, any, any, any at, the gimmicks stop with our ads.
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>> u.s. senators here directly
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from president trump nominee nor the u.s. supreme court. judge neil gorsuch promising if he's confirmed he will be independent on the nation's highest court. gorsuch also said it is the job to be neutral and independent to apply the laws made by congress. >> this comes as his confirmation hearings got underway earlier today. mike emmanuel reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: these days we sometimes here judges sin nine klee described as politicians in robes. seeking to enforce their own politics rather than striving to apply the law impartially. if i thought were that were true i'd hang up the robe. report roar opening statement from neil gorsuch. >> i've served with judges from president obama all the way back to president johnson we listen to one another. respectfully. we tolerate. we cherish. different points of view. and we seek consensus whenever we can. >> reporter: this is gorsuch's us senate confirmation hearings got under way monday. hearings expected to go most of the week with questioning to
5:16 pm
start tuesday. the 49-year-old is known as a conservative us circuit court of appeals judge so far republicans are cheering his nomination. >> you have the resume of a supreme court justice. but i think what's most impressive is your fierce independence from partisan influence. and from any personal biases that you might otherwise be inclined to harbor. >> democrats are questioning whether gorsuch will be an activist opposed to gun control, abortion and workers rights. >> president's steve of starfishes says the nominee before us has a vision, donald trump, that raises questions for people who actually read the constitution oar cares about the rights and protects. >> reporter: if confirmed he would restore a five-four conservative majority to the nation's highest court. >> our job is to determine whether judge gorsuch is a reasonable main stream conservative or is he not? >> for confirmation gorsuch needs 60 votes in the senate
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which means he will most likely need eight votes from democrats. on capitol hill, mike emmanuel, fox news. secret service investigating yet another security incident at the white house. a man was arrested saturday after driving a stolen car to a nearby checkpoint then claiming there was a bomb in the trunk. police arrested a second person that day after jumping a barrier and just over week ago of course a man spent about 16 minutes on the grounds before he was caught. 96-year-old world war ii veteran in kentucky is anxious some to meet president president trump. fallon glick explains why. >> 96-year-old ralph reece dedicated 22 years of his life serving in the united states air force. >> i became a bomber pilot 20-year-old staff sergeant. >> reporter: during world war ii reece was responsible for transporting classified information. but his time in the air wasn't always a safe job. he recalls a day when the plane he was in crashed while going
5:18 pm
125 miles per hour. >> i was sucked out the door hit a stump 20 feet away head first. guard nan angels nobody got broken finger. >> reporter: we nearly 100 years of live experience reece is hoping to meet and share his knowledge with president trump when he speaks at freedom hall. >> i like to talk to him. i sure like to talk to him. i know what takes to make the country great because we were there when the country was great. >> reporter: while the president has been highly criticized for his actions on immigration and health care reform, reece says he has confidence in the commander in chief. two months ago he even had a signed asking trauma top make the va hospital great again. >> he cares a lot about vetera veterans, and he's going to do a lot for the veterans too. yes. >> reporter: most importantly he wants to tell the president this. >> one thing you need to do to make this country great because god's country. god is out of the country.
5:19 pm
put out of the country. we were call the greatest generation world war ii. we want to make this the greatest generation during his teetenure. ♪ >> villanova's season ended a lot sooner than fans wanted and the wildcats got knocked out of the ncaa tournament saturday losing to wisconsin in the second round. >> it was heartbreaker. today the players and coach jay wright meeting one final time on campus. sean bell live at villanova. not the ending fans had hoped for or players, sean, i know you're there with the coach. >> reporter: that's right, guys. i'm here with coach jay wright. he just said not the ending everyone wanted, right? it's not the endin ending that image. how now how we ended last year. far different as losses come was this as disappointing as previous losses or because you're coming off national championship does this feel even more of a sting? >> they all hur, man. it's hard to -- it's hard to compare. probably they all hurt the same.
5:20 pm
they really do. whether you come out -- out in the second round or out sweet 16. it's so final and it just smacks you in the face. you don't -- you're not preparing for being out of it. you're preparing to advance. so they all hurt the same. >> waltz your mind going through post that game? is there a million things you think about that you should have done, should have changed washington you thinking about looking back on that entire game? >> you always think as coach things you could have done differently down the stretch. you think about, you know, in the ncaa tournament you think about preparing these young guys to meet the media. they're crushed and you have a couple minutes to get everybody together. usually in the ncaa tournament i'm thinking let's gather these guys together and get our heads right and make sure we can handle talking to the media and talking about this disappointment. >> how do you tell these guys because the media like you said will kill everyone. all the critics outside are going to say, this is a
5:21 pm
disappointment. but how do you talk to those guys because they don't realize those players the feelings they've had the hard work they put in how do you tell them you're not a disappointment, you were a success for this program? >> yeah, it's two-fold. it is a disappointment and fans and media are going to criticize us, and rightfully so. we were one seed. you're supposed to advance it's a least to the final four. so you have to accept that but then we all have to look at the evident we put in and the, um, commitment to each other. if that was true and if it was 100% h was, with this group, then you got to feel good about yourself. you did everything we could. we made sure this team especially the season they had they feel good about themselves but we'll be honest about things we can learn from not advancing. >> i'm sure there's no watching ncaa brackets, right? >> you're not watching any games? it's over. i'm not doing that either. >> kids are better, man. they're resilient. they come back fast. coaches, i can't watch games yet. >> no games. nothing to watch.
5:22 pm
coach jay wright thank you for joining you. >> thank you. >> back to you guys. all right, sean, thank you. amazon is getting into the fashion business. how the website wants to help you look your most stylish. >> and the way some states are reminding drivers the left lane is for passing only.
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new video of scary moments in paris when a terror suspect attacks female soldier from behind at the city second biggest airport saturday. here's some security video of the incident. the guy tries to wrestle a away the soldier's gun and investigators say a bag the attacker dropped in the video contained a flask of gasoline. the attacker was shot and killed within three minutes during a standoff with authorities. following some breaking ne news. royal jordanian airlines is warning its passengers laptops, cameras and dvd players are banned in the cabin on its flights. the airline sent a tweet out to its passengers say the new rules came from us departments but would not elaborate. royal jordanian airlines does not fly to philadelphia but they do fly in and out of new york's jfk airport. non now to georgia investigators are looking into what exactly what caused a trail derailment this morning it happened in barrel county 60 miles outside of at land tam officials say a csx train jumped the tracks causing major
5:26 pm
problems for the early morning commute. roads were closed for hours as crews remained on scene. the accident fortunate dull not involve any hazardous waste spills and there were no injuries. a veteran in arizona is asking for a policy change after he says he was denied entry to a bar. all because of a tattoo. us marine corps veteran brandon indris says the number 22 was tattooed on his neck. he got it soon after one of his friends took his own life.
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>> police in berks county are investigating after an apparent murder suicide. state police say 50 yeared oh carol zimmerman pounded on neighbor's door and said gary shot me just before she died. police later found 61-year-old gary mar dead in his home nearby after police say he shot himse himself. investigators say it appears to have been a domestic incident. a sign of hope now in the opioid crisis that has hit the nation. overdoses among children may be on the decline. a study shows since 2009, u.s. poison control centers have seen fewer calls about children and teenagers who have ingested prescription opioids still health advocates say the incidents remain a major public health problem. findings publish in the journal pediatrics. and historic delaware county church is counting its blessings someone donated self million dollars to pay off its mortgage. >> can you imagine? still no word though iain who wrote the check. fox 29's jennifer joyce has the
5:31 pm
heart-warming story from sharon hill. ♪ >> reporter: sunday services at the first african baptist church in sharon hill have been a staple in this area since 19 1903. >> we are distinct and we have the privilege of being in this community for a long time, and we're very very proud of what we do. >> reporter: pastor richard says the historic landmark has grown in members and square footage over the last century. never predicting its biggest blessing would come this year. >> we got a call from the citizens bank that said you're free your mortgage. >> the surprise call came in january notifying pastor dent it's $4 million mortgage has been paid in full by an anonymous donor. >> this is a blessing unexpected. but we just can't stop giving. >> reporter: humble reaction and a big reason to celebrate. >> a lot of people don't understand that it takes money for a church. i mean the lights, the air-conditioning, the heat, all
5:32 pm
that has to be paid for. >> reporter: with symbolic gesture. >> this is the mortgage here and we burn it in front of everybo everybody. >> reporter: church community rejoiced. the cherished landmark will be preserved four years to come. >> in the black community the church is the only thing we've ever had to cull our own. we couldn't go to the civic center or we couldn't go to, um, the union league and places like that. we always had the church. it's here where our children learned thou speak and how to stand before audiences. >> reporter: church's pastor of 32 years promises the multi million dollar blessing will not be taken for granted. the church says without having to cover its mortgage it can put its money towards services and expenses like updating its transport vehicles to help church members get to and from medical appointments. the church says it will definitely be paying this blessing forward. reporting from sharon hill, i'm
5:33 pm
jennifer joyce, fox 29 news. ♪ back to your fox 29 weather authority now. as we take a live look at the ben franklin parkway on this first day of spring. yeah. it does even feel like spring out there right now. but could temperatures drop back down to a wintry cold? kathy orr breaks it all down for us in 15 seconds. >> if high to pick a day to be outside this week it would have been today or tomorrow. a day to stay inside wednesday. that's when it will be back to blustery. temperature right now is 52. the high for the day made it to 54 degrees with winds out of the west northwest at 7 miles an hour. you can see how temperatures swiftly piqued and by 4:00 o'clock we reached that high temperature of 54 and with that high temperature we're talking about the first day
5:34 pm
we're at normal in at least two weeks. winds will continue out of the west northwest and cool it down from the north to the south overnight tonight. right along the i-95 corridor still in the 50's. 38 in the poconos. 47 in pottstown and in allentown. 57 in cape may and woodbine it is 57 degrees. ac56. as we head toward oswego lake in the 50's cooler air through pottstown and perkasie in the 50s. fief knee allentown it is 47. as we look at the nation as a whole northeast and mid atlantic on the cooler side. but a huge ridge building in the central plains. and all of this will slowly be pushing forward eventually but for now, we are going to stay pretty much average or below average. so friday we're at 45. saturday 42. yesterday 50. today finally average at 54 degrees. tonight we have a weak disturbance moving through it's not going to bring anything more than a few clouds and a few sprinkles. so tomorrow morning morning
5:35 pm
clouds giving way to some afternoon sun. and then we'll be seeing temperatures falling down in the wake of a cold front that will come through tomorrow night. wednesday is when we feel the big chill. so we have a break from the cold for your tuesday, this huge dip in the jet brings down the sold cold air for wednesday we're talking about high temperatures only in the 40 with the wind it will feel like it's in the 20s. so biting cold for wednesday then that cold airy treats to the north and the warm surge begins to work in for the weekend. so as we look at the overnight forecast in philadelphia increasing clouds a few showers. the low near 40 degrees. during the day tomorrow looking for high temperatures once again well into the 50s. above average at 58. with morning clouds and increasing sun. as you look at your seven day forecast from the weather authority eighths cool down. wednesday we bum it back up thursday, friday pretty decent at 56. a day much like today. saturday we make it to 70 degrees. and then another cold front moves through. more clouds on sunday a few
5:36 pm
showers on monday. but after we get passed i'd say thursday it's looking pretty good guys. highs in the 50s. highs in the 70s. that's spring, right? that is spring. i like that 70, kathy. >> right there. wait a few days. >> flashing. >> focus on that. >> exactly. amazon is getting into the fashion business. how the website wants you to look your most spiel accomplish. >> and there were more than 200 countries on this earth which was has the happiest people. >> a local shore town is changes its rules and it could mean more sunburn.
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5:41 pm
amount of alcohol for fixed price selling three or more drink for the price of one. you know those kind of all you can drink drink specials and prohibit contests involving alcohol. >> large quantities of alcohol being offered at a low price or being offered at a set price is generally where we see more binge drinking occurring. >> across city council is expected to decide on the proposal within the next two months. keep right. it's the law. the way some states are remin reminding drivers that the left lane is for passing only. and the nation's largest water park is now open in our area. what cal la harry has to offer visitors at the pocono mountai mountains. is this the year
5:42 pm
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to improve energy efficiency at philadelphia schools. today district superintendent william hite gathered officils at lankenau high school in roxborough to announce a new program. the goal to improve building conditions while reducing costs and the environmental footprint. the superintendent says it's a pilot program. >> if it proves that we can save up to $300 million, then that's something that we could take to scale across the city particularly with the significant environmental and facility needs that we have here in the school district. >> the pilot program will begin at three schools in the fall. those schools have not yet been announced. it's like a scene straight out of the jet sons. glass elevators, drive in style parking, literally a sky garage located right outside of your condo. fox's phil keating has this out of this world story from miami. >> reporter: the tower aims to be bullet proof like ft. knox.
5:46 pm
you have to pass through three identifying lasers just to get into this room. known the turn table much that's because now it's time to rock and roll. you turn off your car turn off epp gin now you sit back and relax and do absolutely nothing from here it's all done by the car elevator itself. there's a dolly right over there after the karo taits that will shoot out role unthe car, hook it, putt pull it back into the elevator and away you go. now in time lapse this is what it look like. the car elevator trademarked the desert vader after developer gill desert is then pre programmed your private garage where in about two to three minutes you and your ride are home. and that home is a multi million dollar sky pad. right on the ocean high end appliances, your own private pool on your own private balcony and your car visible next to the living room through fireproof glass, yes, car lovers, you
5:47 pm
finally get to sleep with your car. >> what we really wan wanted to create the house home in the sky couldn't innocents what we achieve. we have your own garage. you have balcony with swimming pool. you have all the pope notes you would find in a single family home in the sky. >> each floor has three units bull around revolutionary car elevator shaft and since most of the units are second and third homes, they're likely will never be a wait. 132 units just six left including this four-story $32 million penthouse with 20-foot tall windows and ceilings and a spectacular 60th floor terrace. new resident juan, bought in just on the car elevator feature alone without ever even seeing the floor plan. >> this is the ultimate boy's toy because it shows off your cars and you got your -- it appeals to men. maximum map cave. >> maximum man cave. >> yes. as big as you can get it.
5:48 pm
>> this car elevator itself desert vader is totally american made built in chicago. porsche designed the building's interiors. and for the celebrity or billionaire who doesn't want to talk or see anyone, this building is per fourth you can drive in off a1a right into the car elevator escorted right to your view. views of the ocean as you can see and you'll never have anybody even know you pulled into your home. in in order, phil keating, fox news. >> pretty incredible. >> yeah. target is opening mega store in one of the busiest locations in the world the retail giant has reportedly leased 43,000 square feet for a new two-level story on 34th street right across from the macy's flagship location in herald delaware map man the store will open this fall. the chain will also open 30 small format stores like the ones its opened in center city all across the country. >> a growing number of states including oklahoma, oregon and virginia are racing to set more
5:49 pm
restrictions and even impose fines on drivers they go too slow in the left lane of a multi lane highway. lawmakers say the point is to enforce what they feel drivers should already know. >> that rule we all know the far left lane is for passing only. fox' as neat at a roman is asking what drivers there think about the idea. >> reporter: while allstate requires slow vehicles to keep right, most don't have laws that enforce the unspoken rule. at least not yet. >> they're horrible. they make traffic worse for everyone else and makes it dangerous actually. >> reporter: a bill on the table in virginia could mean $250 fine for what lawmakers calls left lane cruisers similar bill is making its way through the legislature in oregon. valley drivers certainly have an opinion as well. >> you throw a driver driving slower in the left lane. that means all of the faster moving traffic slows down which means the entire under state is moving at the slowest speed
5:50 pm
possible. >> more people are going slow on the left lane the more lane changes people have to do apparently. so that makes more dangerous for everyone else. >> reporter: in various online articles, traffic safety experts say there's no specific research on the danger of left lane driving. but some arizona drivers don't think it's a bad idea to consider some type of legislation that would ensure drivers are aware that the left lane is for passing and passing only. >> california they have bull fin signs on the side they say how long it takes to get from road to the another. put up reminder there is. same thing they put up for motorcycles. they put motorcycles look out for motorcycles they're hard to see something like that. >> i don't know about a fine. i just think they need to put more information out. >> reporter: everyone seems to agree. more information and knowledge could be key to keeping the flow of traffic moving. a net at a roman, fox news. more than 200 countries on earth. which one has the happiest people. >> plus rehoboth beach laying down the law.
5:51 pm
how you relax on the beach is about to change in a big way. an local family says someone snatched their dogs right out of their backyard. >> not just dogs. they're our family. >> they're like children. >> how heidi and kojak's owners used the power of social media track them down. can a toothpaste do everything well?
5:52 pm
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in colorado a real life treasure hunt it's all thanks to very kind man who just enjoys seeing people happy. the man who only gave his first name matt started the northern colorado treasure hunter's facebook page in february just for fun. it has nearly 4,000 followers. matt uses social media to leave clues for fans on where to find the money. >> quite honestly it was just an idea i had. i started the page and it snowballed out of control. it's been fun. >> it keeps me going by seeing their reactions. watching them get excited about it and motivated. >> the prizes range from 20 to
5:56 pm
$50. not bad all comes right out of matt's pocket much that is nice guy. >> that is nice guy. today may the first day of spring but it's not too early to think about summer fun. we're ready for that, right? now you don't even to wait for summer to enjoy a water park. >> that's right. the largest indoor water park in the country is now in the pocono mountains. our jennifer fred wick went to check it it and have a little fun. ♪ >> reporter: cali harry has everything. check this out lazy river for babies but of course they have a lazy river for moms, dads and the rest of the family. that's one of things they are focused on making sure that every kid of every age has something that they can do. don is the general manager. thank you so much for having you. >> it's my pleasure. thank you for coming out. >> so this is something like maybe after we get out of the lazy river for babies we do like seven-year-olds or maybe ten years old. >> this is great attraction for adults and their young children. they can ride together just like the whole family coming down right now. and we have something for every group, every family member in this entire row report park.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: you guys are now america's largest indoor water park. the second biggest is the ca kalahari is ohio. why is it important for to you bigger and boulder than the other parks. >> our company believes doing something bigger, faster, stronger than we did the day before. we never relax. we never rest on our laurels innocents what keeps us on the cutting edge of the resort business and hospitality industry. >> as the general manager are you obligated to try out all the rides all the attractions? >> obligated or do i get to have fun coming out and trying out these attractions? i can tell you last night i got to try out double side that wasn't really nice. new steak restauant. >> we're in the water park. what is this right here. >> these are speed flights. this one guy coming down right now just a straight shot and the other one you have a nice big spin through it it's a great ride. you literally hydroplane coming right down the slide. >> they're very intense. >> we also have the wave pool over here.
5:58 pm
which is amazing. and you said earlier on good day that you have like a couple diffeent settings for the wade pool. >> eight different waves we can set up for the wave pool. so it never gets boring for our people that are having fun. we always want to keep something going that's different. >> i love it. we're in the pocono mountains. this is the biggest in the united states. it's awesome and again it's good for people, little babies on up to adults. >> little babies, every single age group accommodated here at the rei sore. >> i love it. back to you guys in the studio. >> looks like fun. >> it does look lick quite fun. i know they have a golf course around there, too. >> i'd be all set. >> if you're looking for happy place you may want to get plane ticket move to norway. >> it gets top bill as the happiest country on earth. the un agency ranks 155 countries based on gross domestic product per person and other facts like a healthy life expectant tan see. some nor weeks say the structure
5:59 pm
of the country keep us ranks 14th on the happiness scale down a notch from last year. stay with us. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ >> i have no words to same i feel so so bad about it. >> million dollars worth of jewelry gone ripped off by thieves. he how they got in as local businesses very concerned tonight. >> plus, 24 legged family members vanish. a local couple says they were snatched. >> i look at them as my babies. like my children. >> how good samaritans stepped in to reunite these german shepherds with their owners. ♪ live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00. i have to stand up because my life is here like i told you. >> reporter: your life is in this store? >> yeah. >> reporter: a local business owner distraught a million dollars in jewelry stolen but the thieves here decided to take an unusual approach to this
6:00 pm
devastating burglary much thanks for joining us tonight at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off. for the second time in two months lawn cross business owners are trying to pick up the pieces of this stunning heist tonight. bruce gordon water first person on the scene this morning and joins us live now from lawn crest. bruce. >> reporter: yeah, philly detectives spent much of this combing through this shopping center of asian owned businesses looking for security camera footage that might help dem dean if i these crooks. one thing is for certain these guys are pros. >> for the second time in two months, diane and her husband arrived at their kim than jewelry store to find skilled and enterprising burglars had cleaned them out during the overnight hours. she asked we not show her face. >> i feel so sad. philadelphia police believe because just before midnight when the burglars used a latter attach to the rear of the shopping center to get to the rooftop. used tools to smash through the


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