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tv   FOX 29 News at 5  FOX  March 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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story we are following closely tonight. a situation shutting down i-95 traffic brought to halt a sniper style shooting in northern liberties. now police are on the scene using high-texas meeks to try to find clues and recreate what happened. kind of like scene out of the of month movie. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney. police say when bullets went flying they almost hit a woman what they don't know who fired the shots and why at her. fox 29's dave kinchen live in northern liberties tonight with the very latest. dave? >> reporter: a lot of questions that police are trying to sort out this whole area was he can tiffly shut down when swat teams went looking for that shooter. the search for the shooter and questions comes now. crime scene investigators spent tuesday afternoon looking over two trucks parked at dee lila's nightclub and this window in a vacant apartment building under construction across the street. it's all a part of a sniper style shooting probe in northern
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liberties much police say bullets came within inches of a woman who owns dell lie la's in the parking lot. >> that's really scary. i mean if that was me it would be -- thank god she made it you know. >> police were putting up crime scene tape as people passed by with questions a day after cops say the owner of the club was getting into her car when the shots rang out. one bullet hit the driver's side of the windshield. the other going into the driver's side of the truck. just inches from the woman. >> we're at spring garden stre street. front and spring garden here. it's nice here. you got million dollar homes coming up and shots being fired at a car for no reason. >> reporter: if there was a reason, what was it? police say they don't know just yet. >> at this point in we do not know if shut intended target of the shooting. >> reporter: detectives are looking for surveillance video of an incident that forced the shut down i-95 and mass transit nearby. causing a jam that nelson says she got stuck in. >> it doesn't matter where you go no more. it's dangerous.
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we have kids around here. and you never know. god for bid if one of the kids get hurt. a stray bullet could hit anybody. >> reporter: same time the clu owner reported gunshots construction workers in the vacant apartment called 911 reporting gun blasts coming from their location. swat cleared the building didn't not find anyone. investigators confirming strike marks on this open window but they can't yet say if the marks are from the shooting. >> did the bullet come from the window? >> that's the one we're still working on. >> reporter: and we understand police are making progress. one thing is for sure. here in the area, a broad and spring garden there are a lot of cameras including cameras in the back of the club where police are looking as well. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you. back to your fox 29 weather authority. promised live look outside of our studios herald city a lot of us saw rain even thunder and lightning today. >> and now as we take a live look at ultimate doppler radar you can see the rain is moving
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out but now the big story is the wind. we could see some strong gusts to night. >> but the good news we should see the sun pretty soon. let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. kathy? >> did you hear it? i mean it woke me up this morning. rumbles of thunder, it shook the house at one point but heaviest rain is out of here. still some lingering showers and a heavier shower moving through dover cutting across the bay into south jersey into cumberland county across the area we picked up quarter an inch and over half an inch. mt. holly .61. half inch in philadelphia and wilmington. temperatures basically in the 50's. right now we have an area of low pressure right over the chesapeake and this is going to move eastward. we'll be drying out overnight tonight but as you mentioned the winds will be picking up. so additional showers through this evening. maybe a rare rumble of thunder. winds will increase gusting to 25 miles an hour and of course we'll see areas of fog. some of this could be locally dense so please be aware of that into tomorrow morning. coming up we'll talk about how intense those winds get
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tomorrow. a late week soaker and a sunny stretch. the focus of the seven day will be this storm that will be become a coastal storm and will bring very heavy rain. it will be a washout i'll see you later in the broadcast with details on this and your seven day forecast. >> kathy, thank you. one week after a two-year-old little boy was found dead police make an arre arrest. this man is charged with child endangerment and abuse of corporation. officers say nesmith was jones tear character last week police found the toddler laying on bed naked in a home in okay, west oak lane. he was pronounced dead a short time later. investigators are waiting on autopsy results to determine how that little boy died. dad shot in the face after confronting the man who robbed his teenaged son. overnight police say the 15-year-old son and his 16-year-old friend just picked up take out food along the 6100 block of market street when the gunman first approached asking for some money. one of the boys took out some
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money and the guy pulled out his gun and stole 40 bucks. the boys walk home and one of them told his dad about what happened. the father then went back to the scene to look for the gupman and was shot by the robber. >> when police responded to investigatovestinvestigate theya 37-year-old man suffering from two gunshot wounds to his face. he's. (until critical condition however he is expected to survive. the gunshot wounds to his face. police say the gunman was caught on surveillance video running away but they are still onley look out for him. >> happening right now, the cleanup begins at the philadelphia cemetery that was damaged by vandals. thousands of people from all over have donated money to help with the restoration and security at the mount carl mel judicial cemetery after vandals toppled more than 150 headstones last month. fox 29's bruce gordon joining us live from wissonoming. bruce? >> reporter: dawn, the police investigation into who responsible fort vandalism is
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going nowhere we are told despite a big reward for information. but the task of repairing these grave sites in some cases making them better than ever before, well that work is indeed under way. in a steady rain, thunder booming in the distance we watched as love and community defeated hate tread and bigotry one stone monument at a time. >> understandably the community has been really anxious to see this place restored and see the gravestones tended to. >> reporter: late in february, vandals overturned more than 150 gravestones at the 200-year-old mt. carmel jewish cemetery. volunteers came out almost immediately to clean up and try and right the toppled stones but this is work for professionals. and so stone masons under the supervision of monument restoration experts set about the painstaking work of resetting the massive markers. >> any of these that have fallen over oftentimes they went over easier because they were unstable and because you had it
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had subsided what is involves is basically lifting the major part of the monument placing it out of the way then lifting the base and then resetting it. >> reporter: the work does not come cheap. the jewish federation of greater philadelphia raised $220,000 for the cemetery restoration. not all of that money came from the local jewish community. >> a broader wider effort for sure from all over greater philadelphia but also from all across the country. >> reporter: how does make youly. >> amazing. such an outpouring of love and generosity. >> among those touched by the vandalism here six-year-old morgan stern from parkland florida who sent philadelphia a box of hand painted stones for place many on the repaired gravestone an ancient jewish tradition sent along this message. >> so many people that knocked down the tomb stones at the cemetery so i wanted to make the whole world feel better so i papered lady bugs.
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lady bugs are good luck and a little bit more love. >> those stones are already being put to good use. >> we now have on the weinstein's grave hand painted stones to show assign of respe respect. >> restoration work here is expected to on for the next two weeks or so then a break for the passover holiday and reassess many of what lies ahead. the public outpouring of support here is already made this a victory over the vandals. dawn? >> absolutely, bruce. thank you. meanwhile, philadelphia police continue to search for the young people hyped the vandalism at a synagogue in mayfair. police say two children were captured on surveillance video throwing a rock through a window at the temple ma man 93 mora cen e-z eth synagogue. police are are not ririing the have you yo to the public because the sames are between the ages of 12 and 14. >> a man who was shot as he tried to rob a laundromat in
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fair hill. 41-year-old marcus quinones put out a knife and demanded cash at the laundry center on the 2900 block every north fifth street sunday afternoon. the business owner grabbed a gun and shot the guy. quinones faces numerous charges but the business owner will not be charged. turning now to president trauma pops first 100 days in office. the president welcoming police leaders from all over to the would it house today and among them philadelphia's fop president john mcnesby. the president told the group he will back police 100% and thanked them for their support on election day. meantime drama on capitol hill. more democrat are calling for the gop chairman of the house intelligence committee to recuse himself from the on-going investigation into russia. president trump meanwhile is changing the us approach to climate change. fox's joel mailed waldman has more for us from washington. >> reporter: president trump signing another executive action today rolling back the obama errors clean power plan it will
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suspend rescind or flag for view more than half dozen environmental measures. it administration says it's their latest effort to restore energy jobs across the country after years of what they call regulatory assault. >> my administration is putting an end to the war on cole. going to have clean coal. >> meantime looking to hang on to his job as chairman of the house intelligence committee, republican devin nunes many democrats now calling for his recuse al after it was revealed nunes secretly visited the white house grounds the day before announcing that he'd been shown evidence of incidental surveillance of president trauma pops transition team. >> there was no sneaking around. i walked -- i walked on to the grounds. said hi to people. you know, did not go to the west wing. >> reporter: this afternoon there are even more questions after nunes canceled a hearing on russia where former attorney give testimony. >> when you put all of this together, what you see is behavior that is consistent with
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a cover up. >> reporter: yates was fired by the president for refusing to enforce his first travel ban but the white house denying the latest allegations reported today by the washington post suggesting the administration was also trying to keep the former ag from testifying. >> i hope she testifies. i look forward it to. >> reporter: house speaker paul ryan cease no reason for newspaperness to recuse himself from the russian probe fellow republicans senator john mccain says congressman nunes has explaining to do. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. huge flames in california. what was burning that had firefighters scrambling to keep other buildings safe. and this guy just swiped that huge flat screen tv and walks i was way right in the middle of the day. how police say he snuck right into the house. president trump's spills the beans. what he told a crowd and the secret he revealed. and it didn't seem& suspicious because she looked like she worked there. what police say this woman walked out of a target with
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stand all who claim cosby assaulted them. because only two accuse accusern testify his lawyers are asking for any mention of the on the women to be excluded. bill cosby is set to go on trial in june. philadelphia district attorney seth williams has three days to find new legal team his bribery case. we were there as williams left court today. his lawyer wants off the case because he says seth williams can't afford to pay him. judge ruled today that the lawyer has to stay on the case until williams finds new representation. williams says he can't get a new -- he can get a new attorney by friday. the city is not paying williams legal bills. williams is accused of taking more than $160,000 in cash and gifts in exchange for favors. a juror who voted to convict penn state former president of child endangerment last week is now speaking out. victoria, says e-mail from graham spanier to two other university leaders in 2001 showed that spanier new kids were at risk. the jury found spanier
5:16 pm
mishandled a report that former assistant football coach jerry sandusky sexual al abuse add boy in a university shower. a guy caught on video making off with someone else's flat screen tv right in the middle of the day. check it out. police say the guy broke into a home on north 19th street in west oak lane section. he got in by taking off a window air-conditioner then he pushed through the window. police say the guy also stole some credit cards before getting away. >> you don't have to look far in parts of philadelphia to see just how bad the heroin epidemic has become. our hank flynn took a trip to kensington today. that's where some long-time residents are just fed up with this. that's heroin needle lying on the side of the street right next to a school. and residents tell us those needles are everywhere. here's hank. >> reporter: it's needles like this one in the gutters of elementary schools like that that has one kensington man who was afraid to talk speaking out. i'm hank. my take is he's had it up to here. >> i called 911 time.
5:17 pm
six times at night. 911 called me back and told me to stop abuse the system. >> reporter: what. >> they called me. said don't abuse the system. >> reporter: jerry never leave ken sink tone he raised his family there. look at these pictures he took. sick and tired of the heroin trade happening right on his stoop. the selling, the using the prostitution. this is it. he's at his witnesses glenn i took the trash out two weeks ago and there's a dude laying in my trash. i mean, that's where he belongs really that's my opinion. i mean people feel sorry for these people. i don't. i'm tired of it. >> reporter: it took lot for him to call us, and more to talk on camera. he's been shot out over his back fence he says for speaking out but it's the trash the refuse in the street making the marine veteran crazy needles in the street in front of nearby schools he asks, when did this get to be okay? >> it's a joke. this is nothing kids should grow up with. >> reporter: lot of cops especially by the conrail tracks users go to to do their thing.
5:18 pm
about the needles and caps in the gutters one addict told me slobs are slobs regardless of addiction. >> if you're a pig, you're going to be a pig whether you're high or not. it's your mentality. if you're that kind of person, you're not going to be anything different than the way you were when you weren't high. >> reporter: jerry doesn't care. redone. row reach out to police and district one councilman mark squilla to whom he sent petitions calling for clean and drug free block. squilla's chief of staff says she hasn't seen them. jerry broke them out for me. four pages, 150 signatures all from his block. he is sending them again and i'm evident mailing me. if he's so done with it all i had to ask him, why hasn't he left. >> why should i? that's the problem with the city. everybody runs. >> why run? >> you don't run from where you're born and raised. the people are doing this don't belong here. they don't own a house here. >> reporter: jerry is bunga din. he's a better man than i am. i'd be long gone. you see dark humidity sometimes in tough neighborhoods say no to
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drugs, that will bring the prices down, ha, ha jerry keep your head down and call me if you want to talk again. we'll follow up with council to see if they got your petition this time. ♪ i'm hank and that's my take. ♪ two of new jersey governor chris christie's former aids are set for sentencing tomorrow in the bridge gate scandal. bridget kelly and bill ba rope knee hoping to avoid prison tile and legal teams filed briefs seeking probation and community service today. prosecutors however want to sentence of 37 to 48 months in prison. kelly and baroni were convict evidence conspiracy, wire fraud and other charges in connection with traffic tie ups at the george washington bridge in north jersey if you're looking for get away how does puerto rico sun. frontier will offer flights as low as $59 from philadelphia to san juan beginning in june. the discounted flights scheduled to operate year round and it's all part of the airlines ultra low cost carriers expansion in
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our city. the $59 deal is available for travel on most tuesdays and wednesdays from june 13th through august 9th you got to book by tomorrow night to get that specia deal. philadelphia pizza shop owner who uses his business to give back is set to open a new location. rosa's fresh suppose slated to open new shop in university city in july. rosa's opened its first shop three years ago in center city. and encourages customers to pay for other people who cannot afford to eat. two police officers back on the job after an attack. the unusual weapon they say the suspect used. and a mom is upset about the way her son with special needs was treated by tsa agents. why she says they crossed the line. and we were contemplating charges of breaking and entering but i ran that off the chain and they decided against it. >> not who but what broke into one home and caused quite the raucous. ♪
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check out these flames. 100 tons of hay going up in smoke in california. that fire broke out inside a shed in southwest fresno early this morning. fortunately no one was hurt. firefighters worked to make sure the flames did not spread to another shed nearby. no word yet on the cause. tonight two police officers in florida are recovering from what police are calling an ambush style shooting. this is the pick up used to rush the undercover officers to the hospital in miami last night night. the plane clothes officers were shot while investigating gang activity. one of the officers is in stable condition. the other is already out of the hospital. at least one of the officers did return fire and so far no arrests have been made. meanwhile, police say a suspect attacked two officers
5:25 pm
with bleach. the two officers were responding to a stand by call. a woman wanted to get her belongings from a home but things between the two parties kind of got hot quick. so the officers tried to take someone into custody but then they were both doused with bleach in their faces. the officers called for backup to help them get control of the situation. >> just one of my buddies there to help me out in all hahn never tee. i was a little scared. >> that was very scary situati situation. uniforms can be replaced and those guys can't and their vision cannot be replaced. >> both officers were treated and they're now back on the job a day after it happened. three people at the home were arrested during the confrontation. a mother is upset about the way her son with special needs was treated by tsa agents at dfw airport she says he was patted down publicly by a tsa agent and she says that agent crossed the line. jennifer williamson posted this video on facebook. she says her son aaron was detained and they were quote
5:26 pm
treated like dogs because she requested agents to screen him in an other way per tsa rules. williamson said her son went through the metal detectors fine but she didn't want him to endure an invasive pat down because he has a sensory processing disorder. the tsa says new procedures have been implemented during the screening process that requires them to go through a full body pat down. the tsa says the officer did not nothing wrong but should have explained what would happen during the screening for the child. jennifer says her son was traumatized for hours after that pat down. a couple with young baby now in jail. how police say they tried use the five month old to make mon money. and new life for the old revel casino. how you can virtually play on its gaming floor. kathy? >> we have a few showers to the north and west of the city and these out through baltimore and washington may rotate through south jersey and delaware but the bigger story is going to be whipped and the washout for the end of the week. i'll have details on that coming up. >> all right, kathy. thanks. major surprise for drivers along
5:27 pm
highway in california. a horse and a mule broke through a fence and ran down the under state. obviously it brought traffic to stop. officers managed to round up the animals. ♪
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5:30 pm
will the sun return? kathy orr will have full weather authority forecast in just a few moments. new charges now with sixth alleged victim for a bucks county handyman accused of several -- serial child issues. thomas facing 26 additional counts falls township police say he raped a victim when she was child in the '90's. thomas word a charged with dozens of crimes involving five other children. police say he kept a shrine to those prier verse acts in his morrisville trailer. >> the revel casino in atlantic city is still shut down but the city is trying to appeal to customers in a unique way. owner of the casino has launched a free play gambling site on its website. that's just for fun. the site allows visitors to register and receive credits for online machines and other games. owner glenn straub plans to reopen the casino under a new name called ten. straub is suing new jersey gambling regulators at the moment arguing that he does not need a casino license to reopen the business.
5:31 pm
well some area students stood in silence this morning facing the grim prospect that their beloved campus in princeton could be sold. >> being that these were west minster choir college students that couldn't last long. >> ♪ >> music majors made their final pleas to parent college rider university to not sell the west minster campus as the rider board of trustees entered into a meeting to decide by mid afternoon there was encouraging news. rider is looking for a partner they can keep west minster as is where it is. >> there has been some preliminary inquiries from other institutions. but we are pretty confident that there's going to be a fair level of interest in people wanting to talk to us about west minster choir college. >> initial plan to bring west minster on to rider's campus was met with severe criticism from the west minster community and beyond that criticism at least for now seems to have been
5:32 pm
heard. in camden, parents advocate fog better schools shared with they found to be the biggest needs in the district. the group says they met with 8,000 families over two years. they told the district superintendent and the school board the district needs many improvements including high quality after school programming arc better evaluation process for teachers as well. >> and we're asking that that practice of last in first out be abandoned by the cam city school district so that children will have fair shot at a great education. >> morton says on average less than third of students in any camden school can do the work that is required of them. ♪ >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. a live look at trenton on this tuesday evening. after two mornings with rain and fog, we are hoping for an easier commute tomorrow. kathy orr will break it all down in 15 seconds.
5:33 pm
we have a lot of fog out there in the pocono mountains. so foggy we really can't even see our picture. visibility down to about a quarter of a mile or less there if you're heading that way on the northeast extension or rout. right now temperatures are fairly mild. 50s through philadelphia to the south and east. how about 64 degrees in wildwo wildwood. to the north and west 50 in pottstown. allentown 51 and the poconos a foggy 45 degrees. on ultimate doppler a few spo sy showers through the region. crossing the bay into cumberland county near fortescue heavier rain moving there. elsewhere just a few more ling lingering showers through the evening and patchy fog will be an issue possibly a little bit later on tonight and most areas. so we have a cool easterly flow moving in through areas of south jersey into central and north jersey but staying on the mild side in philadelphia in millville and even through dover
5:34 pm
as we widen out you can see mainly in the 50s with some warmer air to the south. our warm front didn't quite make it threw keeping it cool throughout the afternoon. as we go hour by hour, with the winds, we'll see these winds picking up late tonight into early tomorrow morning. so by 7:00 a.m. winds gusting to 25 miles an hour in allentown. 22 miles an hour gusts in philadelphia. millville gusting to 23. that's out of the north. so it's a cool wind for us. temperatures will be warming in the afternoon. still seeing some gusts to about 20, 25 miles an hour through the day on wednesday. quiet day for your thursday we get a pass with some sunshine and then we're watching this area of low pressure move through the ohio valley on friday. it will redevelop off the coast as a coastal storm by saturday. but bringing a good deal of moisture so right now, it looks like a late week washout any plans that you have for friday make sure they're indoors. when we look at the accumulation both of our long range models putting out an inch and a half for philadelphia but some higher accumulations possible elsewhe
5:35 pm
elsewhere. 46 the overnight low with areas of fog slowly clearing overnig overnight. during the day tomorrow those winds kick up but it will be a sunny day and temperatures make it back into the 60s which is a few degrees above average for change. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority a pleasant day for your thursday. the friday soaker. showers linger into saturday. and better days ahead. sunny for sunday and monday 61. mostly cloudy a chance of more rain on tuesday. guys next couple of days will be good. the best until sunday. back to you. >> all right. kathy, thank you. call him a real life doctor do little how one doctor is helping animals worldwide. and why film promotor has to remove smurfette from all their advertising in one town. >> and a local town is changing the law when it comes to your dog. what you'll no longer be a loud to do with your four legged family member. ♪
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groceries. but can you pay through the app that's what i want to know. >> wine lovers rejoice and raise a glass to 2016. it was one of the best years for wine making on record. increased rain in california helped tremendously leading to one of the largest grape harvests ever. 2016 was not only a landmark year for production, vineyard owners say the quality of the wine grapes have also improved. don't expect to get too excited though 2017 may not be as good. >> i think production will probably be down in' 17 and i think that's going to be a result the vineyard basically have been underwater for weeks. >> heavy storms have hit california wineries especially hard leaving them drenched. experts say we'll just have to wait and see. israel's trawl orth dock jewish community forcing a movie feud studio to rethink advertising. >> the pr company promoting smurfs the lot of village removed the smurfette character from billboards and posters in
5:41 pm
unisraeli town. it doesn't want to offense the city's residents who send shun images of women. orthodox press avoided publishing pictures of hillary clinton during last year's election. a couple with a young baby is now in jail. how police say they tried to use their five month old to make money. and -- >> there was glass all over the floor, glass all over the bed. >> the intruder that caused quite a ruch cause inside one home. >> sean? >> eagles made great upgrade today. see what super bowl winning player they added that will make an immediate impact to that defense much that's coming up later in sports.
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a couple in tennessee accused of trying to sell their own five month old baby on craig list. they tried sell the child for $3,000. undercover agent met with them, paid the three grand and says the couple handled the baby right over. that's when the pair was arrested. they are facing multiple charg charges. in your health tonight a warning about that homemade slime. the stuff kids and teens love to make. then post videos of online. parents across the country say their kids are coming to them with red hands and they're skin bubbling in fact the family of 11-year-old in massachusetts says she got second and third degree burns. the do it yourself recipe behind slime has box rah in it which is unsafe if not diluted correctly. slime has glue and water in that recipe. it may soon be state law in florida to designate parking spaces for pregnant women. similar to handicapped parking spots. the law says retail stores or shopping centers with more than 100 parking spaces have to
5:46 pm
include at least one parking space for moms to be and they have to be located as close to handicapped parking as possible. the proposed state law would also require stores to designate an area for breast feeding. lawmakers across the nation have put the brakes on cell phone use while driving but what about texting and walking? in hawaii law mack kearse want to make it illegal to use a cell phone while crossing a street. yes, that means people who are walking and it's not just cell phones. pedestrians would be banned from using pagers, laptops, video games, even cameras. while crossing the street. >> the number one reason for pedestrian accidents and fatalities in hawaii is inattentive behavior on the part of the pedestrian and the driverdrivers. hawaii ranks 13th in the nation for states with the highest pedestrian deaths. take a look at this. this doctor do little of sorts is helping pets get back on all fours by providing special
5:47 pm
service. fox's julie banderas has the story. >> reporter: from dogs and goats to miniature ponies and other animals, this doctor do little of prosthetics is helping animals walk again. derek cap pan in a runs animal ortho care a virginia based firm specialize in specialty mobility devices for pets. it was amazing to see her run like everybody else. to not have to hold it up so that it didn't drag on the ground. it was -- it made me heart feel good. he began his career making prosthetic limbs for humans including injured army veterans. but about 12 years ago, he spotted a gap in the market and began making prosthetic legs for animals using highly durable medical grade plastics. >> honestly when i saw angel marine it was very close to being one of those cases i couldn't think could help because such a severe case. and seeing her walk zen us videos and having her here today
5:48 pm
walking just a dream come true. like a miracle. >> it's really a great thing. the prosthetics and it wasn't for that, she would have never made. >> while he's not a vet, he says his practice is a cost effective alternative to more invasive procedures at the vet. >> a lot of times you walk into a vet facility spending hundreds of dollars and you're not getting anything. this is actually giving the pet mobility. it's giving them a leg to walk on for a low cost. >> he says the future of prosthetics is likely in 3d printing which he says is costly now, but may become more affordable in years to come. in new york julie banderas, fox news. >> pretty cool. they say a diamond is a girl's best friend. now many are coming straight from the lab with global demand for diamonds rising. lab grown gem stones are getting more popular. typically they were used for industrial reasons rather than jewelry but many buyers say they like the lab grown diamonds because they can be ethically sourced. companies that make diamonds say
5:49 pm
they're identical to ones found in the earth and will be more marketable as more people understand the process. scientists fine the world's largest dinosaur footprint look at that. they found the print which is more than 5.5 meet across remote part of the northwestern part of the country. they believe it belonged to giant don know sore which four legged plant eaters with long next and tails. tree trunk legs and just cole loss sal bodies. >> wow! a case of foul play in wisconsin a feted suspect caught breaking and entering a wild turkey flew straight through a second story window and wound up trapped and scared. sheriffs deputes were called in to bail the bird out, and set it free. ♪ >> president trump spills the beans. what he told a crowd and the secret he revealed. a big bust in chester coun county. officers seized a monkey? but that's not all. what else police say these guys
5:50 pm
were keeping in the house that landed them in handcuffs. didn't seem suspicious because she looked like she worked there. what this woman walk out of target with that's worth $40,000.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> forget hello adele maybe say goodbye to life on the road. the pop star reportedly told an
5:54 pm
audience in new zealand touring is just something she's not good at and she may never do it again. adele is wrapping up her sold out world tour in support of her blockbuster album 25. it is the end of an era here on fox 29. after more than a decade on the air bones is wrapping up after 245 episodes and 275 cases solved the popular series finale it ends tonight. >> the show stars by the way are both say after 12 seasons it will be difficult to say goodbye but they didn't expect the show to last this long. two say they think fans will be extremely satisfied with how their story ends. >> it's kind of like the fireworks at the end of the fourth of july. >> i think at the same time it's going to be very satisfying for the fans, um, and i think, um, hopefully, i hope that they'r they're -- we do it all for is the fans. >> yeah. >> i guess they'll tell us how they feel about it. >> of course they will.
5:55 pm
it will be on social media letting you after the show. they took souvenir from the sets. badges and took whatever they could stuff in their bags. so the series finale of bones airs tonight at 9:00 right here on fox 29. then after the show stay with us for the fox 29 news at 10:00. >> i love that show. >> i know do you. president donald trump may have spilled the beans not on national security related issue but rather on his own grandchi grandchild. the president's son eric and his wife lara are expecting their first child in september. eric says his father was so excited about the news that he told a room full of people about the pregnancy and told them it's a boy. eric's wife says she told the president they hadn't even told anyone yet. the couple later announced the pregnancy on twitter. ♪ our world has its share of darkness but bill anderson looks for the light always. parents of premies face so many challenges and many have to face down fears of leaving their baby
5:56 pm
or babies behind in the hospital. tonight bill introduces to us a to a woman doing everything she can to comfort them and more for goodness sake. it was pretty hard because i didn't get to see my baby, hold my baby. >> reporter: unless you're a parent of a prematurely born child you probably don't understand what many of the parents go through. >> when you have a premature baby you have to leave them in the hospital and it's the most awful feeling in the world. >> reporter: fairy tale childbirth so many look forward to can be complicated when the children come earlier than expected. >> two months early kind of have to go back to work while they're in here being taken care of and so i can save up more leave when i come home i can be there and spend time with them. >> kelly was faced with the reality premature twins i met her at holy redeem her hospital where she gave birth having premies opened her eyes to the
5:57 pm
experiences of so many families. >> we spent three to four weeks here in the summer of' 14 at holy redeemer hospital. i spent about three months trying to figure out a way to give back. >> reporter: give back to the nurses and doctors who treat families so well. and give back to the parents who are facing an experience most unprepared for. her desire to give back inspired kelly to launch the super hero project. >> super hero project is an organization that supports families with neonatal intensive care babies. anything from gift cards to words of encouragement to care packages. and angel eye cameras have been the biggest thing we've done so far. >> reporter: she's raised tens of thousands of dollars to support families and to install angel eye cameras. the cameras attach to incubators an allow parents to see or even speak to their children 24 hours a day. >> any time i just am thinking about them and just wondering how they're doing i turn them on it it can be klee 3:00 o'clock in the morning. 12:00 o'clock in the afternoon i can just see they're breathing.
5:58 pm
>> cameras are used by parents who can't possibly stay at the hospital constantly. but also by parents who are separated from their children while facing complications from the birth. >> my husband went to the nicu and he came back and he said britt you're not going to -- he said you're not going to believe this. he said you can see him life. i was like what? >> he logged in and we could see him right on the camera. >> reporter: they've also become away for nurses to give the parents cheerful notes or updates on the progress of their children. >> so they can see the notes on the camera. >> yeah. >> that's very cool. >> when they get bigger if they drink a little bit of the bott bottle. >> it changed me to know that, you know, there's a way to give back and to change people's experiences for the better if you just dig deep. >> ♪ >> reporter: my day in nicu and the challenges the parents face was new to me. but what wasn't new was seeing another person who learned from their own challenges and figured out a way to support others who
5:59 pm
may face them in the future for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. ♪ aww. >> that is pretty cool. of course i had triplets or my wife did. >> right. your wife did. >> exactly. i was there. 33 weeks. they were in the nicu for awhi awhile. it could have been cool to see them. they're fine now. 13 years old. >> you can relate. >> i can relate to that. >> absolutely. >> good job. fox 29 news at 6:00 starts right now. ♪ a community comes together to rebuild after vandals hit this cemetery hard. >> the community has been really anxious to see this place restored. >> massive effort to take back this sacred ground. plus the police bust that ends with a monkey? these guys are now in jail. what police say they smelled that tipped them off. ♪ >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
all right. 6:00 o'clock and we take live look at allentown. just one of the spots hit hard by those fast-moving intense storms today. take a look. the rain and lightning moved through. not that fast. time lapse from reading but at some points you could barely see a few feet in front of the cram. >> it was crazy out there. moving to live radar you can see the green is starting to clear out, but our wild weather is not over yet. there could still be some rain and the wind is really picking up. good evening, thanks for joining us i'm dawn timmeney. lucy is off tonight. >> i'm iain page. wasn't a good day to be outside whether you were out in wilmington, delaware, waiting for a flight at philly international airport or just in old city you needed an umbrella on hand if you didn't want to get wet. fox 29 meteorologist kathy orr is here. also thunder and rumbling early this morning. >> spring wake up call for sure. ultimate doppler shows a few more lingering showers this one crossing the bay into cumberland county and cape may county, n. we will be seeing areas of fog. as you mentioned visibility down to two and half m


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