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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  March 30, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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characters a drexel university professor sparking nationwide outrage over this tweet about a us soldier. one of his comments "i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mos mosul. thanks for joining us at 6:00. i'm iain page. >> i'm dawn timmeney that professor is trying to clarify what exactly he meant. our jeff cole is live on drexel's campus in university city. jeff? >> reporter: he's doing it way long e-mail he sent to us from his sabbatical outside us bord borders. george ciccariello maher is re really causing controversy and he's doing it with tweets that don't seem to be going over well here in the drexel campus. >> students roaming the drexel campus thursday seemed unaware of associate professor george ciccariello maher's recent controversy but knew he'd stirred the pot at christmas asking for a gift of white jenn know side. >> he's not a great political science professor in the end of it, and i'm kind of surprised he teaches at drexel. >> reporter: thought reaction thursday upon hearing of
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ciccariello maher latest tweet. some guy gave up his first class seat for a uniformed soldier. people are thanking him. i'm trying not to vomit or yell about mosul. >> so very loaded tweet either say it's pretty disrespect foul for any service member or people in general. >> reporter: drexel would not provide someone to speak on camera but in second revised statement wrote ciccariello maher's statements were made outside the classroom are his own opinion and do not represent the university's views. drexel is committed to and vigorously supports our rotc students, student veterans and alumni who have served in the military. ciccariello maher is on sabbatical at a university in mexico in an e-mail to fox 29 he complained his statement were fed to the outrage machine some on campus were feeling the same way about him thursday. >> i think he should be more more careful with what he says publicly as a politics professor i expect him to love our country and respect what people do it
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for it. >> reporter: e-mail that came to fox 29 from a drexel e-mail address he wrote this to us. my personal views expressed off-campus have absolutely nothing to do with those of my employer, drexel university the best way to support troops is not with symbolic gestures and first-class seats but by bringing them home safely much those who today claim to demand respect for troops show little in how they are treated both in and out of the military. so more controversial tweets from this associate professor of political science here at drex drexel. drexel seems to be standing behind him saying he's these are personal comments. jeff cole, fox 29 news. jeff, thanks. now on to your fox 29 weather authority as we take a live look at allentown. quite now but in about 12 hours it's going to get messy just in time for your morning drive. >> we're talking some heavy rain let's get over to meteorologist kathy orr. fill us in kathy. >> guys we've been talking about this for at least week. not going to be a fun day to say the very least.
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pretty quiet out there and things are going change. temperatures are cool in the 40s and they're not going to change all that much over the next 24 hours. as a matter of fact, what you see right now will be the afternoon highs for tomorrow right now it's 48 in physical. 48 in allentown. 45 in pottstown and the poconos checking in at 39 degrees. our storm system brewing right over st. louis that's the center of circulation. this is going to be moving toward the normal northeast and we're already seeing a few showers well ahead of it in philadelphia and the northeast heading into northern burlington county seeing some showers in abington northampton even zen bensalem and live have it town, flor ren, new jersey, showers of that. few showers ahead of our storm system. coming up we'll time the storms out and show you when the heaviest will be falling. terrible timing for our commut commutes. better last of the weekend and more april downpours in the seven day forecast. under statement when you say april showers. we'll show that you later in the broadcast. >> i guess. thanks, kathy. start your day with the good day
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team beginning at 4:00 a.m. sue serio will be tracking the rape and bob kelly will have an eye on any problems out there on the roads. developing right now, two wild scenes in two states police tell us are connected. tonight, the suspect is dead and his dad is demanding answers. this started in philadelphia but ended up in new castle counsel, delaware. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at philadelphia police headquarters with more information. dave? >> reporter: iain, police say when an officer shot at the suspect in the first scene, they did not know that in fact there were four kids in the van with the suspect. but still this turned out to be a very wild scene in two states. >> i'm struggling trying to just keep this house over my head. a roof over my head in leroy brown, sr. a man with a broken heart and without the money to bury his son leroy brown, jr., the 28-year-old killed in a scuffle with police in new castle county, delaware.
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the second of two clashes he had with cops in two states last night. >> i think they trigger happy. >> coach man's manor apartments in new castle county a police cruiser was rammed by another car all part of a struggle between brown and the officer who shot and killed him. police tell us they went to check on brown after he was shot by an officer in southwest philly but investigators say brown ran into a car to break away. a fight took place before the officer shot brown who crashed the car. he was later pronounced dead. for neighbors there, chaos. >> i heard the gunfire and i thought it was like a car back firing or something. i just didn't kno know what it . >> crazy. very crazy. >> reporter: a couple hours before the delaware scene, philly cops say they drove up to 56th and whitby on a call of a man with a gun trying to pull a woman out of a mini van. officers on scene say brown put the van in reverse and dragged a cop several feet. the woman and four kids inside the whole time.
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officials say the dragged officer saw brown reach under his seat when he fired at brown hitting him. >> i'm not going to say he's one of the nicest kids on the block, but he have an issue with that. >> somebody might say he put officer's lives at risks. the police may say. >> he ain't going to put no police officer at risk. report roar police tell fox 29 brown got away but crashed the mini van with everyone inn sigh. they then got into another car left running and high tailed it away. detectives found the van abandoned at lindberg boulevard. >> it's just horrible. it's just horrible. >> reporter: we can tell you will the police officer in philadelphia who was dragged in that incident had injuries to his leg, hisly bow and forehead but will be okay. we're also told the officer who fatally shot the suspect in delaware is on administrative leave paid administrative leave and was treated and released for injuries. back to you. >> all right, dave, thank you.
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a teenager is accused of terrorizing and raping women on the streets of chester city and chester township. now he's facing a long list of charges. investigators have linked 19-year-old lee to the least nine brutal sexual assault and there may be more victims out there. police say they finally caught hup lee when one of his alleged victims recognized him in a delaware county store and called police. district attorney jack wheel land along with investigators say that lee was arrested in january on unrelated firearms and drug possession charges. while he's been in jail investigators were able to build their case against him. they say he would approach a woman from behind, pull a gun and rob them and then take them to secluded area where he will he would sexually assault the women. >> the scary part of this case if it hasn't been horrific enough is the fact that we believe there are other victims out there that he's done more than this because he's told us that he's committed these acts.
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many, many, many times. we have nine in front of you today. we think there's more out there. >> investigators say lee was arrested and put in prison last february on weapons charges. he was released on parole six months later. investigators used dna taken from that arrest to link lee to the current crimes. burglary suspect caught on camera tonight police are hoping to arrest the guy in this video. investigatoinvestigators in thoy township delaware county say this guy tried to break into a home on rebecca lane friday so if you've got any information, give police a call. prosecutors preparing to try actor bill cosby on sexual assault charges. want to use not on his testimony about getting quaaludes to give women but also his 1991 wrists on trying to sleep women spanish fly. in court filing dr. prosecutors in montgomery county say his comments show a familiarity with date rape drugs and should not be dismissed as just jokes. a hearing is scheduled for monday. students at villanova
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university are protesting a controversial speaker on campus tonight couldn't zebb tiff social scientist charles mur rye gave a lecture this afternoon about president trump. you can see students gathering on campus before murray was set to speak. just a few weeks ago his appearance sparked violent protest at middle berry college. murray has been widely critici criticized called a white national lift. he was invited to villanova university by the ryan center which says on its website it seems to advantage the understanding of the responsibilities of statesman and citizens of democratic society. if you like wine, i think you'll like this. fine wine and good spirits launching a program that's going to let you buy wine online at a cheap cost before it's even available in stores. with the first taste program customers can buy certain wines weeks before their out in stor stores. you're also going to be to able to make the purchase every on the month during a 24 period. each first taste opportunity
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will be e-mailed to the customer before online sale and it starts next month. a man who found more than $15,000 on the streets of upper darby we'll get to keep the cash. robert tracy found that money on his way home from work last march. he says it was in a bankers bank along state road did he the right thing he called police who took the money. a judge ruled that that money should be return to him as unclaimed property. in a tweet up derr darby police superintendent my cool chitwood woad man finally awar awarded unclaimed 15k he found on street in upper darby one year ago. thanks for i don't know hospital neverly. >> live look down the ben franklin parkway. it involves gutting an old auditorium and reopening a walkway that's been closed since the '60's. the project is scheduled to be finished in 2020. former vice-president joe biden spending some time in philadelphia. what he had to say about some of
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those memes about him and president obama. and two people in new jersey under arrest accused of driving a stolen truck. the piece of technology police used to find their suspects. sean? dawn, when basketball players say ball is life they real mean it. later in sports see a player that is scoring in a way you've never seen before.
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♪ these two guys wanted for kidnapping, carjacking and assault are arrested in new jersey thanks to one piece of technology in officers squad car. police in hopewell on patrol when their automatic license
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plate scanner went off. the officers say the pair were driving stolen truck it turns out they were wanted in maryland for the armed robbery and kidnapping of a truck driver. volkswagen has settled environmental claims from ten states over its excess diesel emissions including pennsylvan pennsylvania. payout is more than $157 million. back in 2016, volkswagen reached a 603 million-dollar settlement with 44 states. but that settlement did not cover claims resolved today. volkswagen has agreed to spend $25 billion in the us to address claims from owners, environmental regulators, states and dealers and to make buy back offers. former vice-president joe biden stopped at the university of pennsylvania today to talk about his new role with the university and of course he talked about his relationship with president obama. >> president obama and i have become -- have become very close friends as you probably -- lau [ laughter ]
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>> notwithstanding the memes. [ laughter ] >> god, some of them are funny. >> memes of president obama and the vice-president went viral in the final months of the obama administration. the vice-president also discussed some serious issues students then had the chance to ask the vice-president some questions. you recall he was named the benjamin franklin presidential practice professor at the university. two young kids who live just outside pittsburgh have emotional plea tonight. they are looking for a kidney donor to help save their mom's life. the mommas diana posted this video on facebook. they're holding up signs pleading for donors. dana has a joe net tick condition characterized by kidney disease, hearing loss and eye abnormality. we wish them the best of luck. back to your fox 29 weather authority now. life look at the pocono mountains. pretty picture there. we won't likely be saying the
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same thing about friday, though, meteorologist kathy orr explains why in 15 seconds. in weather we're talking about a big storm moving our way. right now it's pretty picturesque out there in the poconos. but it's going to be changing with heavy rain in the poconos we may even be seeing some freezing rain and sleet with colder temperatures tonight. sunset not until 7:23. winds out of the south southwest aat ten. temperatures in the 40s overnight and during the day tomorrow. ultimate doppler shows a few showers well ahead of our storm system right now moving out of northeast philadelphia into northern burlington county and toward the northeast, willingboro wood lane nepal well even pemberton seeing some showers. our storm system right now is
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over the ohio valley in the midwest moving eastward right over the keystone state. pulling down cold air in the back side of this so this is a snowstorm for western and eastern new york into new england for us we stay on the warm side with drenching downpours especia especially tot this time. temperatures ranging from 39 degrees in the poconos to 48 in philadelphia. 48 in trenton. you can see that southeasterly wind flow keeping it cool as we go hour by hour, the radar filters in and it becomes little bit more widespread as far as the rain is concerned. tomorrow morning it at 6:00 a.m. sue serio and also bob kelly will be talking about light to moderate rain for the morning rush. by the noon hour, it gets a little bit heavier but heaviest undoubtedly is late in the afternoon after about 5:00 o'clock between 5:00 and 10:00 you see those yellows and oranges that's waves of heavy rain moving from the southwest toward the northeast. and after 10:00 p.m. it begins to wind down staying cloudy, staying damp right into saturday morning. we're looking at the totals our
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latest models are saying around 2-inches around the i-95 corridor. less to the south and east. and you can see to the north and to the west at least one to 2-inches of rain with this system. so it is a bit of a soaker especially the dinner hour and if you're going out tomorrow night. so here's what we expect. areas of light rain in the morning much afternoon moderate rain and the heaviest for the evening rush and into the evening hours. overnight tonight low temperatures are going to be cool. 41 in philadelphia. 37 in pottstown. 30 in the poconos. a little icy mix to start. millville the morning low 39. during the day tomorrow, it will be cloudy and rainy and windy the high only 49 degrees with winds gusting to 30 miles an hour that easterly wind is going to put a chill in the air obviously with damp weather it's not going to be fun. bad hair day to say the very least. early shower possible saturday then we dry it out. sunday looks great. lots of sun for the denar dash the temperature 61. more rain, late monday into tuesday. we take a break wednesday.
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thursday more april showers. it's going to be every other day so we'll be able to time our outdoor activities. but brace yourself tomorrow is not going to be fun. >> all right. definite umbrella day. thanks kathy. >> can we get a play off team? just one in the city. >> just one. >> just one. >> that would be nice. >> the flyers can they be the ones that make it happen i don't know. odds aren't looking very good right now. but the guys think they have a shot. the guys talk about their current situation and how they think they can still make the playoffs. phillies in their second to last game of the spring training. injury read eikoff trying to show what he has and it didn't look very good in this one much that's coming up next in sports. this
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♪ six points back, six games left. the flyers don't really have a good shot at making the playoffs at this point. they have to jump past three or four teams and those teams would really have to fall flate on their face for this thing to happen. the flyers taking on the islanders tonight in a pretty much have to win every game left here. not something that's very likely for this team, but the guys still holding on to hope that it can happen. >> it's not a position that we wish to be in this time of the year for us -- we're still until race and, um, we going to one game at a time and we can't -- obviously can't control the other teams but fun to get little bit of help here.
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>> i don't know if we can drop another point. there's a team a couple points up on us. we're able to hold them and check little bit and keep climbing. >> almost show time for the phillies. open day only four days away. the guys doing their final tune ups before the real action starts but hopefully today's game wasn't an omen for the rest of the year. check this out. jared eikoff on the mound getting his last work in before it counts and this thing was ugly early against the yankees base loaded in the first eikoff gave up a two run single. the very next batter things didn't go very well on this one either. shallow blooper that gets down in centerfield. eikoff couldn't even finish the first inning. he gave up six earned runs and the phils go ton get smack 14-one. but this right here is the play of the year. 13-year-old styles his arms were amputated when he was eight months old. no prosthetic no nothing he's
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out there draining threes like it's nothing. and get this. that was a buzzer beater. that was just a regular three. that was a buzzer beater. how clutch. that is clutch right there. incredible. players say all the time basketball players, ball is life. >> it really is live for this kid. it's something that actually he's good at. >> very cool. >> absolutely incredible. >> join us back here for fox 29 news at 10:00. this is video you have to see to believe a motorcycle rider loses control and shoots over cliff and all caught on camera. incredibly he survived but you won't believe where his motorcycle ended up. that will do it for us here tonight at 6:00 o'clock. we'll see you right back here at 10:00. have a great night. inside edition is up next. have a great night. inside edition is up next. ♪
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the famous college basketball referee getting scary threats from angry fans. >> for a referee to get a death threat, completely over the top. and look out! >> oh! >> the motorcyclist who flew off a cliff. >> just don't move, okay? >> he survived. plus, troubled actress mischa barton. what she is saying about an ex shopping around a sex tape. >> complete emotional abuse. then, the famous pregnant giraffe named april. >> her pregnancy really an elaborate april fools joke? and home security cameras. they're supposed to catch bad guys in the act. but this guy found an easy way for crooks to turn some cameras off. what you


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