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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  April 5, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 11. first at 11 a story you'll only see here on fox 29. rap video gone wrong a huge gun is seen sticking out of a van. good evening i'm iain page. now man is under arrest and homeland security investigators are involved. our dave schratwieser has got exclusive story for us he's live in north philadelphia. dave? >> reporter: iain, 20-year-old airport worker cyrie saunders is behind bars tonight on $25,000 bail facing weapon charges after he was caught with an ar15 assault rifle while shooting a rap video here on the streets of north philly. as darkness fell at philadelphia international airport wednesday night, airport employee cyrie saunders wasn't at his post refueling vehicles here. he was behind bars. police say saunders was spotted by city firefighter here near
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this septa overpass at 16th and indiana in north philadelphia. with a loaded ar15 assault rifle pointed out the window of a van he was riding in. the firefighter dialed 911 and officers pulled the van over here at 16th and ontario. inside they found saunders and the ar15 loaded with 43 rounds of ammunition in the back seat a guy with a video camera. police say saunders and the cameraman told them that they were riding around north philadelphia shooting a rap video. they also told police that the ar15 didn't belong to saunders or the cameraman it belonged to a friend. police arrested saunders, confiscated the ar15 and the video. sources say it allegedly showed saunders loading the high-powered rifle and pointing it out the window while the pair was driving around. sources say saunders works at the airport for a subcontractor
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refueling shuttle buses and transport vehicles. police say his arrest has now drawn the attention of airport officials and homeland security investigators. now saunders remains behind bars tonight. the investigation into this entire incident is on going. iain. >> all right, dave, thank you. a delaware county monsignor is accused of stealing more than half a million dollars from the philadelphia archdiocese. 77-year-old william dombrow from darby charged with wire fraud. prosecutors say he diverted more than $535,000 in archdiocese funds for his own personal use. from 2007 to 2016. mon zero your is now on administrative leave and tonight in a statement the archdiocese says the account was immediately frozen when they got word from the bank and they are cooperat cooperating with law enforceme enforcement. on your radar tonight soaking rains. here's live look at reading. today was a perfect ten but tomorrow not going to be the same. kathy orr a here now.
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kathy i guess rain gear and umbrella required tomorrow. >> via few choice words to describe tomorrow i'll keep them to myself, iain. >> good idea. >> looking at ultimate doppler with these storms moving very quickly toward the east from ohio and they will cross right into keystone state within the a matter of a few hours. they're moving east about 60 miles an hour and if we do the math, they'll be here between about 3:00 and 5:00 a.m. we have flood watch for most of the region. we're talking about one to 2-inches of rain across a wide area, so flooding a real concern. here's look what to expect. soaking rain one to 2-inches across the region. the potential for damaging winds and even an isolat isolateed too within pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware, maryland, even in the baltimore/washington area. so not necessarily right in philadelphia or our suburbs but we'll keep an eye on that possibility a flood watch of course for our creeks and streams running high. that flood threat will continue even after the rain ends.
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between 3:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. we have showers and thunderstorms. you might be woken up between a rumble of thunder. between noon and 4:00 gusty storms we'll be covering that on facebook and on the air during the afternoon bite evening the rain will be tapering off. we go hour by hour. the clouds thicken over the next couple of hours. the rain moves in during the morning rush. sue and bob will have the latest on that and get you through the morning by the afternoon if the sun breaks out, that could destabilize the atmosphere and these storms could be popping up again during the afternoon. that's what we think will be happening. some scattered severe storms and then you can see it drying out during the evening period. here's look at the rain amounts and you can see between one and 2-inches of rain. this just changed in philadelphia. but about 2-inches of rain possible there. that severe weather threat is real. where you see the green a few severe storms are expected. more scattered storms throughout delaware and south jersey with a slight risk of severe weather. and then as you move south of washington, even stronger threat
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of severe weather. these are the threats. wind damage there's a high threat of that. not everywhere. but reports of wind damage. flooding a moderate threat. hail as well. tornado threat is low. once again but there could be isolated tornado. overnight, 49 in philadelphia. 38 in the poconos. the rain moves in. heavy at times. some storms in the morning. during the afternoon, some scattered strong to severe& storms. winds gusting to about 30 and it's storms could gust about 60 or 65 miles an hour. but a mild day. the temperature 62 degrees. on your seven day forecast from the weather authority, a few lingering showers for the phils home opener. you know it's never a perfect day but it gets better over the weekend. 50s and 60s. monday 75. tuesday near 80. feeling like summer. wednesday a chance of storms but summertime storms the temperature 74 degrees. we'll keep an eye on it be here for you all morning and all afternoon into the night. iain. >> all right, kathy thanks as kathy mentioned tomorrow will be a soaker good day starts at 4am
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tomorrow. sue serio will track the rain for you bob kelly will have the impact on the roads from the rain. without food stamps many people would not be able to put dinner on the table every night but now there's a scam going around. fox 29's chris o'connell joins us live in west philadelphia with this story. chris? >> reporter: iain, that is right. you know you're not supposed to be able to buy food stamps on facebook or craigslist or anywhere else for that matter, but we found out that's exactly what's going on. >> they give us that for us to eat or have what we need. >> reporter: for families on food stamps it's a lifeline to nutrition and helping put food on the table. but selling food stamps on facebook, it is happening. fox 29 viewe viewers sent us the posts one woman in north philly selling $150 in food stamps for 125 bucks on the sixth of the month. and here on craigslist. where you can get 195 bucks in food stamps for just $95.
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>> ten people come in here with a snap card eight of them want to sell me they food stamps the other want to use them. >> reporter: we found taxpayer food stamps for sale all over social median actually contacted some sellers. didn't take us long to get text back from people wanting to make deal. >> we just got a text. how big is the problem? after a major crack down, the united states department of agriculture who administers the program says in 2015 more than 46,000 recipients were disqualified from the food stamp program. and more than $86 million in fraud was reported. now the department of agriculture has hundreds of investigators that are doing thousands of investigations into food stamp fraud. the u.s. da has a food stamp fraud hotline. we posted that on our website much iain. >> thanks chris a pilot survives a close call after his fighter jet goes down near a residential
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enabled in maryland outside washington, d.c. air national guard pilot did eject safely non one on the ground was hurt. when the f16c crash in the woods just 200 yards from some homes. investigators are now looking into why that crash happened. tonight north philadelphia community is mourning the loss of three men gunned down just days ago. a vigil was held at the same spot that that violence broke out. residents are now hoping to send a message of piece. our fox 29's shawnette wilson was at that vigil and joins us live from philadelphia police headquarters. shawnette. >> reporter: iain, $60,000 reward remains for information that will crack that case. as you mentioned vigil was held tonight because what happened has left a community in tears. >> ♪ >> reporter: pictures of three young men whose lives were taken on the 1100 block of west styles street in harrison plaza monday hang near where they were
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murdered. >> anybody know any information about who gunned them down come and step up and talk. >> reporter: friends and tally know them as ron ron, tie here and bub. the community came out to mourn their loss during a vigil and philadelphia cease fire stopped the violence rally this evening. >> these brothers was trying to get they live together. but the streets was calling. >> reporter: ron ron's family including his grandmother and aunt shed tears as people took to the mike to call for piece. >> you really don't know they heart. they was three boys. >> reporter: several people made a specific plea to end black on black crime. >> we talk about the white man and we talk about cops and everything. but we killing each other. >> reporter: others urged the community to take back their neighborhood by speaking up if they know who did this. >> this has got to stop. it's not about snitching. it's not about anything like that all the gentleman in the community step up. >> reporter: police believe there were two shooters that
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they are still looking for. a fourth person shot survived. iain? >> shawnette, thanks. coming up big plans for the former trump taj mahal in atlantic city. who is moving in, plus here's hank. >> reporter: nothing but fun tee concrete hide away underneath i-95. for skaters it's heaven on earth. hang's take coming up. >> uber wants to take to you citizens bank park for the phillies opening day. the ride sharing service a offering a platt rate of $2.15 accepts for uber pool rides for trips to and from the ballpark. now trips have to begin or end in philadelphia. the deal runs friday from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. ♪
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♪ have to tell you about casino aft casino closing in atlantic city tonight a rebirth. what was once the trump taj mahal is about to get a big makeover. today hard rock announcing it will dump more than $300 million into the former taj to create the hard rock atlantic city. new jersey governor chris christie and atlantic city's mayor say this is a big deal. >> this is an extraordinary brand that is coming here to atlantic city in a very very big way. >> to everyone that has anything to do with bringing this back including our governor i am very grateful to see hard rock announcing today i'll look forward to great 2018.
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>> the casino will add 2,000 slots and games and will feature a lot of rock star memorabilia. restaurants of course are known it should open by summer of 2018. ♪ it's the best. we know every inch of this spot. >> it's happening i'm at the fdr skate park in south philly. one of the greatest living art projects i've ever seen. my take is, long may it live. carlos skates the fdr skate park like he built the place. because in a large part he has. >> once you're skating it, it gives back because it's your peace. you love it. you sweated for it and now you're just skating all over it doing whatever you want. so it works in everybody's favor report roar skaters come and go. some have been there all long for 20 years carlos and others swapped between skating and building. today wood project is to connect
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wood where the concrete stopped here build a wood rink and connect it to the capsule. >> concrete gets expensive. plus they must 68 and skaters take ownership at fdr. call it community if you want. that's what it is. >> it's cooperation. things like this can't be built without a lot of cooperation arc lot people a lot of friends wo working together. >> reporter: park is large the skater built except for a couple of early pyramids in the middle the city put up and it works for everyone really. peter tony hawk foundation organic hierarchy isn't unique but it is special. >> if you go you'll see people there who are territorial and they don't mean that in a bad way i mean they're protective of the space and of the people who use it. >> reporter: skill level is high at fdr don't go there to learn to skate board. wait until you're good at it. if do you go, help out a little. the place is living, breathing, change and it's it's really co cool. i'm hank.
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and that's my take. ♪ heart sick grandmother is speaking out tonight after the arrest of a teenager in a violent crime spree that claimed her grandson's live police say 17-year-old m making stewart ste a high powered laser sited handgun from a security guard on march 26th then used that gun in a string of armed robberies and the murder later that night of 17-year-old tie seem chaney in west philadelphia. >> case over my many years of law enforcement i've never seen someone who steals a gun and on a spree like this over four days injuring people, robbing people. >> he was trying to harm lot of people but for what reason? what has these people done? not just my grandson but what about these other people? what have they done. >> they helped up a lot of other people's families. >> chaney lived with his grant mother in her we have philadelphia home. stewart is in custody facing a list of charges. you see it you shoot it. our press so users are helping
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show what's happening in your neighbor. dawn, what's going on tonight? >> iain, fresco user nick takes us to chester in delaware county to the scene of an apparent shooting. you can see police setting up evidence markers there on the 1300 block of west seventh street. it happened about 1:30 this afternoon. nick tells us the vick testimony was taken to the hospital. no word on that person's condition. high school seniors from all over camden county are honored tonight at the best of class awards fresco user nicole johnson shared this video. students recognized for community service, school spirit as well other achievements. government leaders and volunteers in camden used this gorgeous day to clean up their city. fresco user nicole johnson seng us this vitter yo of volunteers taking part in the eighth annual camden clean campaign. today was the kick off day for this year' even just the first of 12 more schedule clean up events throughout the spring and the summer. when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone and shoot it and then send it to the fresco app and zen it to our newsroom. iain. >> dawn, thanks.
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in your health tonight, four months after philadelphia's ho hotly debator tax on sugary drinks went into effect, the beverage industry is still fighting. today, an attorney representing some restaurants and those in the beverage industry took to a commonwealth court in pittsbur pittsburgh. they argue the 1.5 cents an ounce tax violates lou that limits philadelphia's tacking authority and should be struck down. an attorney representing the city says the tax is not on soda but on its distribution to retailers in the city. >> ♪ what great day to kick offspring tradition. the subaru cherry blossom festival back in west fairmount park. kids dressed in kimonos and officials broke the traditional saki barrel to launch the weekend long event the 20 year the festival going on in philadelphia. sean what's coming up in sports? today former jay williams duke star got out of pocket yesterday when talking about
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patrick ewing getting the georgetown job. i'll tell you why jay needs to knock it off and respect the georgetown goat and his position coming up in in meeks sports commentary. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. >> good evening, everybody. keep in mind even though the draft party is not coming till the end of the month no parking restrictions in play earlier this morning they put up the no parking sign asly the 2400 block of pennsylvania avenue right there in front of the philadelphian condos to the side of the art museum. they'll be setting up the big broadcast trucks in that area. so pay attention to the no parking signs in the area of the art museum for the next couple of week. one lane along 322 tomorrow between route 1 heading down toward i-95 and expect delays again on the northeast corridor both amtrak and new jersey transit with adjusted schedules in and out of penn station. we'll check the wet jam cams and sue will have the forecast when we meet you right here tomorrow morning starting at 4:00. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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♪ sean bell takes on former nba player jay williams and his disrespect of patrick ewing. his commentary in 15 seconds. ♪ ♪ this is a full-time 24/7365 gig. patrick ewing willing to grind every single day after living luxurious lifestyle of being
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assistant coach at the nba level? know if i trust it. i think danny hurley was better high. who knows we'll find out. >> really jay, knock it off man who are you to disrespect patrick ewing. >> i like jay i real dollar but you don't know squat about patrick ewing's work ethic. jay went on an and tyrant basically questioning if ewing would work hard enough. you saw at the end of the video it's basically because he was trying to stick up for his boy for his guy. jay, come on, man, ask around. patrick ewing is one of the hardest working assistant coaches around. has been for decades now. i was in charlotte at the same tim he was before and after practices he was working out players doing everything he can do and everyone respected him and his work ethic. so ask around, jay much it's okay to question whether or not he's the best fit but it's not okay to question the man's work ethic and how hard he'll work. you don't know what he'll do. iain. >> sean, thank. music legend barry man low
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opening up about being gay. 73-year-old singer tells people magazine he hid his sexual will the for decades because he thought it would disappoint fans. manilow married his long time manager gary kief in 2014 at their home in california. all right. final check of that -- >> need clicker for this one. drum roll, please. >> take look. we do have storms moving our way they're moving very quickly at about 60 miles an hour. they'll be here during the overnight between 3am and 8am talking about showers and thunderstorms. then if the sun breaks out another round which we expect in the afternoon and in the evening everything tapers off and we look at the damage. >> all right. kathy. thank you enter tape many news coming up fox 29. tmz and dish nation then chasing news and the simpsons. we're back at 4am for "good day philadelphia". have a great night. thanks for watching. ♪
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- >> kendall jenner has a problem, her new pepsi ad, everybody hates it. it's the most tone-deaf thing i have seen from corporate america in a long time. >> it turns out the cure to police brutality was about 240 calories, man. >> harry styles. so there's video of him shooting his music video. you see him getting in a helicopter and raised hundreds of feet in the air. >> are they going to have him like pretending to fly in the music video? >> i hope so! >> we got nikki bella, who just got engaged to john cena. we usually say a person with the ring usually spends three months salary, is that what he spent? >> we like to break rules in the cena house. >> there's no way he spent three months. >> hey, three months, is that gross or what you take home? gross? >> we got drake and we got political with him. we


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