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tv   Fox Morning News at 4A  FOX  April 27, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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>> breaking news, state police stand-off in delaware, one of the suspected gunmen in the death of corporal steven ballard remains barricaded inside a home. we'll dave you live to the scene. final verdict in another trooper tragedy that sniper who killed a pennsylvania state trooper has been sentenced to death. and, apparently it is no joke, bill cosby says he wants to revive his career. >> it is draft day. let's get the party on the parkway started from the nfl experience to the deals all around our city. good day everybody. >> good day, we've been waiting for. great to have you with us on this thursday, we have a lot to talk about this morning, we'll get traffic in just a moment. good morning to you, bob. >> good morning, everybody. >> getting around, sue serio,
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it will be a butte. >> i it is not just the draft, the phillies have a day game today. >> that's right. >> and the penn relays are today. yes, we are packed with lots of stuff to tell you about. so let's first get to the number which is a much higher number than we're had all week. how about eight out of ten today. because no rain is gone, clouds are around, and we do have some fog around, lancaster, millville, new jersey, mount pocono, experiencing some fog this morning. nothing here in old city. in fact, the roads are dry, looks good, and it is mild. 61 degrees, with calm winds, and sunrise at 6:06 this morning. other temperatures, kutztown, 59. west chester, 59 degrees. starting off in pennsville, with 59. fifty-eight in williamstown, new jersey, and in toms river, it is 58 degrees. so, for the penn relays, this weekend, starting with today, we should get up to 80 degrees by tomorrow, 82, with a chance of a shower early in the morning, but warm by the
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afternoon, and a pop up thunderstorm is possible on saturday. but that's because it is just like summertime. so once again, for your thursday, high of 80 degrees with a little bit after breeze out of the southeast, this one will be good, by saturday, bob kelly, you'll all be whining about the heat and humidity. >> no problem, it is not the heat it is the humid that i will get you. good morning, 4:02, are you ready for some gridlock? here we go. police have the ramps to and from the parkway closed day one of the nfl draft here in town. the vine expressway off-ramps closed through the weekends. trying to get into the city, today is going to be the toughest day yet. the martin luther king and kelly drives pushed off before you get to the art museum, all of the cross streets across the parkway are in shutdown mode. i hate to say it, mr. commissioner, but there will be more people at the penn relays today than the draft because the draft
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scenario doesn't happen until later on tonight. even though we have all of those closures, that have been in effect, the penn relays kick off today, the first race is at 10:00. and in typical years, past, we start to see the gridlock trying to get into university city at around 7:00 a.m. all of that traffic is going to be coming off of the schuylkill, exiting at south, exiting at university, exiting at 30th street. then watch for all of the lanes closures and detours in and around franklin field as we begin the penn relays. try something new today. how about the broad street subway? that runs underground. you won't have a problem at all. the market frankford line from northeast philly or from west philly connect you with city hall or coming in from the suburbs maybe grab coffee, the paper, take nice ride on the regional rails. if you ever wanted to try mass transit today is the day to give it a try. and right now, we have closure because of an over tub tractor-trailer north on 295
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all traffic pushed off on to the 42 freeway, your best bet would be route 130 or the new jersey turnpike. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:04, back to breaking news we're following out of delaware this morning, where stand-off continues after state trooper was gunned down at a wawa while confronting two suspect. >> that trooper, we know, 32 year old steven ballard, eight year in the force. >> man police say killed corporal ballard, took off, remains inside a home. this is fluid store which new details coming in by the minute. >> let's get right to dave schratwieser. >> it is very scary. >> tension filled the night air in middletown as one of the suspect in the fatal shooting after delaware state trooper, barricaded himself inside a home here. beth atkins daughter inside their home few doors away. >> she called me hysterical crying saying she had heard gunshots, people were knocking on our very back door.
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>> light were brought in and state police helicopter hovered overhead in the brick mill farms development. swat teams and negotiators spent hours trying to get the suspect to surrender. he fired multiple shot at police. >> everybody's, you know, surrounding the house down the street from us, and she's on i guess right on our streets. >> i would say i'm totally shocked. i mean, we've seen them few times in passing but our neighborhood is quiet. it is families, just everybody sort of stays to themself. >> nice people. >> the loudest you probably hear in the neighborhoods is kids running up and down the street riding bikes. >> moments after the state trooper was shot to death at wawa parking lot after a confrontation with two suspects. one was arrested on site, after the shooting, the other fled on foot, and turned up here. >> all of these people are accountable for the action that cents that they do. it will keep going on, will get worse, won't get any better. >> neighbors kept a half mile away at local shopping center
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as schools were locked down for several hours and resident were told to stay inside. just after 4:00 student were busted out as the siege went on into night. >> we just had to make sure that we were quiet. because if there was somebody in the school, we didn't want to like put ourselves in danger. >> i hope they just rush the unit, and unfortunately, take him out dead, not alive. >> very difficult day emotions ran high as mourners watched the body of corporal ballad being escort from the christianna in newark by his brothers and sisters in blue. every day citizens with their hat off, their hands over their hearts, moved to tears, as the procession moved along the street of delaware. >> we lost an officer. so it just bridges it, hits real close to home. just hurt for their family and the other officers. i know how hard it is.
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>> certainly our thoughts with the family, as well, ballard's body taken to the medical examiners office in wilmington. >> let's go through recap. there is barricade stand-off that's happening as we speak. it is going on now in middletown, delaware. a suspect in the shooting death of a that state trooper, steph end ballard; holdup in a home there. there is a second suspect, already in police custody. the trooper was killed after a confrontation with them at a wawa in bear, delaware, people who were there describe the whole thing as horrific. >> he pushed the officer to get a little distance, he pushed him, just started running, started running, he started shooting, started shooting probably like 7 feet, started running from the officer. >> my thing is we're performing cpr and he was just not moving. just like -- i was just standing there like shaking. >> i'm petrified. i'm petrified. just like i said no respect for police officer any more. >> so ballard's police radio, and also, what appears to be a
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stun gun, were found on the ground not too far from where that trooper was shot. >> and this does continue to be a fluid situation. as those details are coming in, we'll bring them to you, all of the breaking news, also put it on our website at >> 4:08. developing story late last night, eric frein sentenced to death. the 33 year old convicted last week of killing corporate brian dixon, seriously wounding another trooper in a sniper attack in 2014. frein's lawyers had argued for life sentence, without parole. and emotional video released in the trial of david creato, the camden county father accused of killing his three year old son brendan in 2015. yesterday jurors found video of the very moment investigators told him they had found his son's body. >> no, no, no, no, don't tell me this. >> i'm sorry, sir. >> prosecutors argue david
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creato killed brendan, then dumped his body and creato says he's innocent, and that his son wandered from his home on his own. >> here we r4:09 on a thursday morning, and the nfl draft kicks off today. >> so it is one of these situations we have such hard news and some new developing stories and breaking news, but also want to bring you some of the other things happening in our community. live look at the ben franklin parkway, where you can see, they do have the stage set. they've got the monitors, the jumbro-trons already therefore so many free things that people can take part of, as the league get ready to select its new class of players. >> we've been talking about this for quite some time. several weeks of preparations. >> so now we are ready to celebrate with three days of all of these event and festivities. we've got jenny joyce in the thick of it all to explain. jenny? >> good morning, thomas, karen. so the excitement has been building and today is the day beginning at 12:00 the doors will open for the nfl draft experience with roughly 200,000 people expected to be here over the next three days.
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the experience is meant for families, fans, anyone who is interested in fun. technically don't even have to like football to come down here, admission is free, there will be autograph sieges, player appearances, flag football competition cents, youth clinics, concessions, and zip line. the ffl says this is the largest festival footprint they've ever created, happening here in philadelphia, spanning the size of 25 football fields, the actual draft is a ticketed event and kicks off tonight on the grand stage that pretty much blocks the art museum. any line of site that you have from the ben franklin parkway, you can hardly see the museum, because the stage is huge. they're doing it big for philly. the draft hasn't been here since the event kicked off in 1936. a much smaller scale nfl draft back in those days. the nfl is expecting a lot of eyes on philadelphia over the next few days. 40 million viewers to be exact. that's the number expected to
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be watching this nfl draft happening, again, over the next few days. karen, thomas? >> jenny, thank you so much. we're ready for this one. we need something to bring everybody together. let's see what our city has gotten all decked out. peco crown all about the draft up there. so we will have coverage all morning long, and of course the later hours every good day will be out there in the middle of it. >> did you hear about this one? no laughing matter. >> yes, still ahead here on "good day," why bill cosby is talking about a career come back. >> and also bill cosby, kids have been complaining for years, certainly, oh, school starts too early. well, there is one state in our area, in our tri-state, where they're actually saying school should start later for the kids. hey, bob kelly, also take your kid to work day. >> yes, exactly. i tried waking them up. they want nothing to do with that this morning. straight out of a monopoly game, we got free parking today at the stadium complex for everybody headed to the
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draft. and the penn relays. let's open up the front door and say good morning to the ben franklin parkway. all lit up and ready to go. sue has your draft and relay forecast when we come right back. >> ♪ >> ♪
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we are continuing to follow the breaking news from delaware where the stand-off continues. i saw there is a developing emment of the story from a tweet from steve keeley.
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>> steve keeley near the scene this morning, good morning, steve. >> reporter: well, i've been in phone contact with a neighbor who lives just few blocks from here, not evacuated. we're at the staging area. you can see the road closure here, and this parking lot, full of residents, not allowed back into their houses, and they're all waiting this out in their cars and pick-up trucks. and they've been here since they got home from work, not wanting to go to a hotel and evacuation center just thinking this will ends any minute. since 1:52 this neighbor i've been talking to on the phone has heard series of loud bangs, kind of like those explosions, those concussion grenades, that police will send in. now, delaware state police put out publicly at 8:22 that they tried to blow the front door off, but they didn't get in, and the gunman didn't get out. then at 1:52 this neighbor tells us allowed bang woke him out after sound sleep and rattled his windows. and then, two more loud bangs,
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just after that, after he was awake. then about an hour later, three more loud bangs. then, just at 4:00, allowed banks, followed by two more banks, then two more. so five more kind of blasts just since 4:00 a.m. so that tells you something is going on at this house. and the neighbors say this gunman lives at this house and maybe that's why police didn't want to go in. maybe there is somebody else in there with them that they didn't want to harm, or maybe they fear since he had the one gun, that probably was used to kill the trooper, he may have an arsenal in there. and they didn't know what he had, because he was shooting out at them since they tried to get him just after they learned he was there since the shooting of this trooper yesterday. so that's the story we have not gotten any official update all night. we're waiting eitheron line or in person here. so are the neighbors certainly a lot of them as dave schratwieser met one, the nanny and two young kids, are
4:17 am
stuck in the house, the parent who were at work all day stuck over here in the parking lot. so this is a scene that still is going right now, and we wish we could tell you what those loud bangs indicated, but it sounds like they're trying to do all they can to get this guy it come out since he's not coming out on his own peacefully, karen, thomas? >> we have to wait and see, fluid situation ongoing for 13 plus hours. our steve keeley on the scene. i know you'll update us as soon as you get more, steve, thank you. >> the time right now 4:17. let's switch gears, get a check of our weather. we've had big change from yesterday to today, sue. >> big change, a phillies afternoon game start at 1:00 with the march lens, it will already be in the 70s by then. bring your sunscreen. because it has been pretty gloomy the past couple of days, we haven't been out and about, and you will definitely need to be protected, not only at the phillies game, this is the same forecast for when the nfl draft experience, as well, in the 70s at noon when it get started. so nothing to show you on
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radar. but, it is not going to be an entirely rain-free forecast for the next couple of days, even though it is warming up. look what happens late friday, late tonight, i should say, into friday morning. in the overnight hours, we've got some showers, maybe thunderstorm coming through. the time something pretty good on this. because it looks like it will be an overnight event. should be out of here by the time we get started here on "good day" tomorrow morning. next up, another chance of showers, but this is late in the day on saturday. so toward the time when the draft experience is wrapping up, we will be seeing a cool front come through. and that's what is going won that, so, again, we take a lock at the phillies forecast, the temperature is going to be about 72 degrees, when all that happens, and we will get to high of around 80 later on today. that is a look at your forecast, when we start feeling like summertime, and just get used to that, things will cool off again. we will show that you coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly?
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>> yes, little taste of the summertime coming our way today. 4:18. good morning, everybody, we've got closure of 295. the northbound lanes of 295, all traffic pushed off at the 42 freeway, here in bellmawr, all because after accident best bet, route 130, the new jersey turnpike, all-star high tops, and let's go. >> typically see the jams, expecting 50,000 people there, all by 10:00 a.m. this morning. all of that traffic is going to exit, the schuylkill expressway at either south street, university, see heavy traffic, detours, police presence, 32nd over to 34th, south to walnut and spruce. again all headed right there into the penn relays at franklin field. and of course coming into the city, for the draft, later on today, the vine expressway, has been closed. the off ramp to the parkway closed, remain closed over the
4:20 am
weekends, a lot of traffic backing cars up and over all the way into new jersey during the morning rush hour on the ben franklin bridge coming into center city today again the martin luther king, kelly drive, no one is getting anywhere close to the art museum, and the ben franklin parkway. all of the cross street have no cross traffic, all of the high number streets from 20 all the way up to 24th, and again the no parking signs, being enforced, and heavy police presence, this morning, around the parkway and the art museum. try something new. today's the day, you want to give something a try, the broad street subway or the market frankford line, even if you are not going to the events, just to get into work, into center city, today would be the best day to give mass transit a try, maybe take a nice train ride in from the suburbs, on anyone of septa's regional rail lines, karen, thomas, back to you. >> today would be the day, bob, thank you. 4:20, bill cosby says he is working on new material, and hoping to revive his comedy career. cosby revealed while speak to go some select media outlets.
4:21 am
the 79 year old has been mostly quiet since his 2015 arrest. pleaded not guilty to drugging and sexually assaulting andre constand in his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby also told national newspaper publishers association that he suddenly lost his vision two years ago. >> first on fox, sources are telling us that federal authorities are struck a deal. we have one of the business owners who prosecutors say gave thousands of dollars in bribes to district attorney seth williams, federal prosecutors have charged williams in a multi count indictment with taking cash, vacations, and other gifts from two local business owners, in return tornay ores. the da has denied those charges. he's set to go on trial at the end of may. >> meanwhile, williams is putting his home up for sale. the cash strapped district attorney is asking $450,000 for a four bedroom house on the 7,000 block of woodbine avenue. the listing appears to future several of the items authority have described as improper
4:22 am
gift, or bribes, like a $3,000 couch, and a new gifted by a political supporter. >> best known for silence of the lambs in the movie philadelphia, has died. he really spent 20 years creating hits. he passed away of complications of complications from the esophagus, he was 73 years old. >> he direct add show on fox last night, matter of fact. >> he did, right. >> one of pop's biggest names isn't happy. plan that has madonna calling people fools it, and charlottesons. >> the nfl draft is finally here. see what player would be a perfect fit for the eagles with the 14th overall pick. that's coming up next in sports.
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>> good morning, i'm sean bell. eagles have the 14th overall pick in the nfl draft. and who ever they pick can come in and make an impact right away. well, before the guys through it on the field, they have to do it off. yesterday, the top players visited shriners hospital, and gave some cheer to all of the kids, reddick out of temple, camden native, will be first round draft pick, and he knows the importance of giving back. >> for me, a person like me, i believe that god has so blessing me. so to be able to come back and give and be a bless to go other people, you know, that's the only thing that, you know,
4:26 am
it feels like that's what needs to be done. >> to the phillies and the marlins, third inning, phils down by two. look at that, mikhail franco with the bomb. that's a bases loaded grand-slam. the phils take four-two lead. phils up by three. michael saunders with huge shot. that's upper decker. phils go onto win seven to four. that's sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> 4:26. that tense stand-off continues to unfold in delaware. >> witnesses, we understand, are hearing loud bangs on the home where the suspected gunman is holdup. we'll have another live report in just a moment. ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪
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>> breaking news, shooting suspect remains barricaded up almost 16 hours, after allegedly shooting to death a delaware state trooper. there is a whole neighborhood, which is in lock-down. >> also, ahead this morning, on good day philadelphia, the stage is set, the nfl taking over the town, for this years' draft. we'll take you out to the parkway. >> all right, good day everybody, on this thursday, it is a very, very busy day, also take your kids to work day. so, many of you will be doing that this morning, as well. >> see them running around. >> we have some in our building as well. >> i tried waking mine up this morning, all excited, all wanted to come yesterday until
4:30 am
they realize what time do we have to get up? >> right? >> always fun when you mention it, but when you actually is to get up, not so fun. good morning. >> it is true, i remember, when i used to bring my daughter and she would just fall right asleep in the car. common! it is tough, but hopefully you get chance to see what mom and dad do for a living. let's take a look at the busy day we have today. what a change in the weather coming. you can almost feel it outside right now, so much milder, eight out of ten, no rain to show you on radar. visibility, is only an issue, in wildwood, lancaster, and mount pocono, at the moment. so there is some fog out there, temperature is 61 degrees, in philadelphia, at the moment. so, here's what's going on, calling this sports day, because we've got the penn relays, nfl draft, phillies playing during the afternoon, and by 7:00, it will be about 57 degrees. when folks are arriving at the penn relays, here's 61 degrees
4:31 am
for 10:00. that's when the first race gets started down there, at the university of pennsylvania, 72 degrees, by noon, that's when the nfl draft experience gets started, and one, 2:00, is when we will get cranking with the phillies, and it will be in the mid 70s by then. so we get to about 78 probably around 80 degrees bob kel if i we're not right at 80 it will be close. and that's a much warmer day than we experienced for awhile. >> and today, as you just mention, a loft things going on though, expecting 50,000 people by 10:00 a.m. down at the penn relays, the draft opening up at noon, and phillies game, so all of that volume is going to be out there during the midday. let's go right now, north on 295, overturned truck, with a fuel spill, all traffic forced off onto the 42 freeway. your best bet using route 130 or the new jersey turnpike, lays them up. penn relays open up at franklin field, first race at 10:00. we start to see all of the traffic exiting the schuylkill
4:32 am
expressway, at south street, probably around that 7:00 hour. watch for the heavy traffic, and detours, 32nd over to 34th, south walnut, and spruce streets, will feel the brunt of that, the vine expressway, coming into philadelphia, the off-ramps, to the ben franklin parkway, are closed through the weekends, of course that's all part of the draft here in philly. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. 4:32, back to the breaking news out of delaware. stand-off continues at this hour following the shooting death of a delaware state trooper. >> and we have learned tragically that trooper, 32 year old steven ballard, been on the force for eight years. he was gunned down, while he was confronting two suspect, it happened at a wawa. our steve keeley right near the scene, where one of the suspects is still barricaded right now. steve? >> reporter: i'm in contact with a neighbor by phone. she says it is just terrifying, non-stop, explosions at the house since four am that started at quarter to 2:00.
4:33 am
and she says it is insane, karen nard owe with us here, one of the neighbors, not able to get to her house, nervous and shaking trying keep her still here, and she's in contact over facebook, and she's just one block over. what's she telling you? >> she is telling me the explosions, she hearing boom, boom, boom, gunshots, and she's trying to tell us up here what's going on. and we're telling her what's going on up here. so -- >> the woman i'm talking to, and getting information from, is a nursing mother who is terrified with a one month old baby in the house, is she taking cover or is she trying to look out the window one block over? >> she's -- i don't know where she is in the house. but this is what she is hearing. >> and -- >> we could hear little bit up here, too you. hearing when you hear these echos in this mall, how far away would you say we are from the house where this is all happening? >> i would say about a half mile. >> so anything you hear in the distance. and your thoughts?
4:34 am
you've been out here, look, dot math, this is almost 17 hours where you've been wait to go get into your home? >> since 2:00 this afternoon. >> yes. >> now it is yesterday afternoon, and trooper was killed just afternoon time. do you know anything about -- explain this neighborhood? it looks like a nice subdivision, big leafy suburbs. >> very, people are outside all the time. what's going to happen now? >> the neighborhood association has been sharing information on facebook. i always hesitate to put that on, because i don't know if you are getting it from police, but neighbors are talking about how they fear this guy is in full body armor, were police updating people telling them anything about this person? where were you get that information on from on your facebook? >> well a state trooper told us earlier about, you know, the red cross, what they were giving us, and where we could go, and what we could do, and but i mean you can see a lot of people just stayed here. a lot of people went. but a lot of people stayed too.
4:35 am
>> they gave you an area where could you stay or go to hotel, but a lot of people look, a lot of cars here, a the love people just staying here thinking it would ends any minute since yesterday when you got here? >> yes. i mean, we have dogs in the house, you know, mine hasn't been fed for over 12 hours. >> and then people are stuck in the house, and we know, and a nancy with two little kids where the par rent stuck here. >> exactly, exactly. >> i'm sure it feels surreal to you. but karen, hang in there. it sounds like it is getting over or at least the police are making a effort to. so there is the update. we got a couple of neighbors on line and on the phone, and again, as this happens, right now, since 4:00, non-stop explosions and blasts at this house where they've seen smoke in the sky. they can see the smoke, karen, thomas, balls the house is lit with construction spotlights by police, because they tried to blow the door off, just as it was getting dark around 8:00 last night. they didn't get the guy out. they didn't go in. because they didn't want a second police officer getting killed or even more by this
4:36 am
heavily armed, and if you shoot and kill a state trooper, when he's down on the grounds, obviously, you don't have any fear of shooting any more cops or coming to your house to get you. and that's the thought for police. so they've been making sure no other officers die in the line every duty. and they're trying to make sure no neighbors are getting killed either. so that's why karen and the rest of the folks are being kept back, as we are, and we will let you know as soon as we hear anything, but so far, no official updates, because obviously police are quite busy dealing with this guy still right now. >> quite busy. steve we know you'll give us all of the update out there. as the story unfolds we'll keep you updated immediately on air and also on >> also this morning, philadelphia police officer is suspended and facing charges for the death of a 50 year old man. police say 24 year old adam soto was off duty when his car hit and killed danny dimitri in northeast philadelphia back in january. his family claims soto was drag racing with other off duty officers.
4:37 am
police have also suspended officer tony forest, although, they say tote owe was the one who hit and killed dimitri. >> they were in separate cars at this point i can't speak to whether or not the investigation specifically determined drag races, but certainly at wreckless speeds. of course the striking of soto's vehicle was directly responsible to the death of mr. dimitri. >> officers surrendered to internal affairs, soto faces see zero vehicular homicide. >> the time right now is 4:37. so playing the music, we have this other big story happening today. >> of course the future of the nfl. a lot of people ready for this one. we say rain or shine, but it will be shine. the draft kicks off here right here in philadelphia. >> so it will be pretty exciting, on the spotlight, focus every all of that, so many fun things people: do for free. our jenny joyce, in the thick of it now, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, karen, thomas.
4:38 am
yes, ma'am, admission to the nfl draft experience is free. that is the best part about the event. and all eyes will be on philadelphia, actually, 40 million. that's the estimated viewership over the three day draft. the draft itself is a ticketed event, but again, the nfl draft experience is not. it is open to all, and it is free, 200,000 people expected to attend, and take advantage of autograph signings, player appearances, flag football competitions, youth clinics, concessions, and a zip line. the nfl says this is the largest festival footprint they've ever created, spanning the size of 25 football fields. and it all kicks off today at noon. people who are interested in coming down should expect to pass through metal detectors, no back packs, selfie sticks or smoking allowed, but you can bring an empty water bottle. in fact, that's encouraged because it will be warm over the next few days. karen, thomas? >> all right, that's the
4:39 am
truth, and we will try to have everyone do all of those things, good suggestions, jenny, thank you. >> with the draft also comes a lot of deals. >> still ahead this morning, here on "good day" philadelphia, some of the deep dis counts, and freebies, you can get your hands on. draft day deals coming up. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
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threatens care for seniors and the disabled... and imposes a massive age tax for people over 50. tell congressman costello - don't repeal our health care. judge. >> good morning, 4:41, study out of new jersey that many student will probably be happy
4:42 am
to hear. >> they say you can actually sleep a little bit late. so many schools wake up so early. state report finds 80 press of middle and high school kids, their day start before 8:30 in the morning. now the he had action department of the whole state is recommending the teenagers start school later. doctors say those later start times are more in line with teenager sleeping patterns, but school officials who say when you have the later start time it conflict with your bussing schedule and your after school activities. >> not to mention the parents who have to change their work schedules get the kids to school. >> we can see the driver rate when is we take uber, right? what about whether it comes to the pass inninger. >> i find this little scare. what's one that? well, all about to change, they'll make it easier for to you figure out how people are rating you, how the uber drivers rate you. it will be right there. >> i often think, that am i a good pass inninger?
4:43 am
4:44 am
4:45 am
good morning, everybody. 4:45. we kick it off in new jersey, northbound lanes of 295, and overturned tractor-trailer, and a fuel spill. it is right here, in the work zone, so all traffic that comes north on 295, you're forced to head in toward the walt whitman bridge on the 42 freeway, and then you can pick up route 130 or the new jersey turnpike, from there, and get ready, come on, we've got a trifecta here, we have the nfl draft taking place on the parkway, lays up your high tops. we have the penn relays at
4:46 am
franklin field. and then we're going to play some baseball, as well this afternoon with the first pitch at 1:05 down in south philadelphia. what do all three of those events have in common? people will try to use the schuylkill expressway to get there. that's where we will see the hot mess today. let's try something new. you've been thinking about should i take mass transit? could i take mass transit? today's the day to do it. >> the broad street subway, the market frankford line, two big work horses will get new center city even if you're in the going to the events, maybe just going to work. today is the day to give it a try. how about a train ride in from the suburbs? take the kids to work day. start it off with a train ride. the regional rails, again, even if you're not going to anyone every those three events today, mass transit is probably a good option today. there is free parking, just like in monopoly down here at the stadium complex for both the draft and the pen relay participants from the stadium area. you can take the subway, up to city hall, and then you'll
4:47 am
walk all the way up the parkway to get to the draft, or if you are going to the penn relays, in center city, you can connect with the market frankford line. and that will get you over into university city. coming into center city, for the weekend, off-ramps from the vine expressway, to the parkway, are closed, and again, all roads in and around the art museum and the parkway also shutdown for the nfl draft. what's the forecast like for everybody that's going to be outside today? sue has the forecast in 15 seconds. it is time for the nfl draft cast, same forecast for all of us for the weekend. 80 degrees today. after some fog this morning, few place that is have fog going on, now, there could be early shower tomorrow.
4:48 am
but we recover nicely for the afternoon, high of 82, and then, 88 degrees, feeling like summer, chance of pop up thunderstorms late in the day saturday. but what about down the shore? it looks like a beautiful weekend if you want to just get out of dodge, not deal with any of it. the thing about the ocean water, though, you my not want to take a dip. only at 52 degrees, but looks like we will even be in the 80s all three days of the weekend, at the jersey shore. so have a good time if that's where you're going. don't have any rain to show you on radar at the moment. and, the rain that we are talking about late tonight is a front that's going to come through probably in the overnight hours. at least it will be good timing, if you got to have some rain, should be out of here right around when we get started tomorrow morning 4:00 for good day philadelphia. and then, sunshine, warm weather for the rest of the day. as far as saturday is concerned, it isn't until late in the day, we might see few pop up thunderstorms, or showers, after we get to a high in the upper 80s, so here's that seven day forecast, just to sum it all
4:49 am
up for you, at least close to 80 today if not there. eighty-two tomorrow. feeling like summer on saturday, high of around 88 degrees. but then we cool off considerably on sunday. still, nice temperatures, 72 degrees, chance of shower on monday, and chance of pop up thunderstorm on tuesday. but, somebody ordered up some weather. maybe somebody from the nfl, and they got what they paid for, whatever it was, 80s all three days, guys. >> boy, they have a lot of influence, don't they? >> thanks, sue. >> thank you. time 4:49. uber making it easier for riders to see their ratings, they're ranked. >> so they're prom len display them right underneath your name. so it made it visible, but burried in the settings, you can find it, so uber stays will make the change mutual respect between riders and drivers. probably pretty good idea. company also altered how drivers are rated for the company's pool service, riders can now give a ride, low rating, because of other passengers, without counting
4:50 am
that against the drivers. >> you have to behave yourself in the back seat, karenment amazon alexa expanding her role from personal assistant to personal stylist. amazon i am deuce dollars the echo look yesterday. so the oval shape device has led lights, voice controlled camera, that let you take full body photos and videos to collect and compare outfits. so they can tell you you look like a hot mess at 2:00 a.m. in the morning. >> oh, gosh. >> this will cost $200 once available for now, do you have request an invitation to buy one. >> does it make my back side look big? no. youtube has launched live streaming service, youtube tv offers unlimited access to 40 channels, un lilt dollars dvr space, also free chrome cast. so users can stream the video right to their tv's, available in select cities including hours of philadelphia. the cost will be about 35 bucks, per month, or if you add it all up about 420 a year, it can be shared, here is the best part. between everybody you know, only six users, so you can do
4:51 am
whole family. >> not too bad. ever feel like there wasn't really a barbie doll that was reflect i have of your lifestyle? i bonds they are every day. >> thomas, come up a lot? you can now meet commuter barbie, career driven millennial, navigating the big city equipped with metro card, yoga mat. oh, gosh. commuter barbie set taught attack the day in this parody commercial, okay, created by two new york comedians. now it makes much more sense. the three minute ad details the life after girl on the go, who always seems to just miss her train. the made up barbie comes complete with a starbucks cup, and sound cancelling headphones. pretty clever, and fun. >> i all right, the gold standard, snack cake, you know and love, just got major update. hostess has announced the arrival of chocolate cake twinkies, swapping the traditional yellow sponge cake with chocolate. don't worry though, the cream filling will be staying the same. the brands also says their fudge covered variety will sport larger cake size, even more cream filling, just in
4:52 am
time for the summer. giving you the shakes. >> patti labelle, you know who she is, philly loves her, but that doesn't mean everyone does. what happened here? she wasn't too happy. lilly.
4:53 am
she pretty much lives in her favorite princess dress. but once a week i let her play sheriff so i can wash it. i use tide to get out those week old stains and downy to get it fresh and soft. you are free to go. tide and downy together.
4:54 am
>> patti labelle ' book signing turned into confrontation with protester. >> from "tmz," it shows her
4:55 am
some anti-fur protesters confronting her up at the book signing, for her cook book, it poses fans if and all the sudden they pretended they want add picture, pulled out signs, and started chanting. >> (chanting). >> patti labelle has mood on her hands. >> you can hear them, they say patti labelle has blood on her hands. >> something similar recently happened to kelly rowland also to kylie jenner. >> 4:55, the material girl does not want her material to end up on the big screen. madonna says she's not happy about a new bio pick, planned on her pre fame life. she says that only she is qualified to tell her story, and anyone holes tries to is, quote, charlotteon and a fool. >> stay tuned. 4:52, tends stand-off in delaware. witnesses hearing loud bang at the home where the suspected gunman is holdup.
4:56 am
steve keeley, will have live report. >> and also, that was the picture of course the victim in that case, this is a video of the scene. so, 4:56. also live at the nfl draft. so much to cover on this very busy morning. so many development, and we're on top of all of them. horns on their helmets. ostriches don't really stick their heads in the sand. a peanut is not a nut. and a real john deere is actually real affordable. you learn something new everyday. the surprisingly affordable john deere e series tractors. now you can own america's tractor for just $99 a month. learn more at your john deere dealer.
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to protect our families and our civil rights. he's represented black lives matter, occupy wall street, and parents protesting the closing of schools. larry krasner will reform the criminal justice system, ending a war on drugs and the era of mass incarceration that targets poor and minority communities. because justice makes us safer. not just talking the talk, walking the walk. larry krasner, democrat for district attorney.
4:58 am
4:59 am
right now on good day philadelphia, breaking news in the state police stand-off happening still in delaware. loud booms, have been heard in just the last hour. as the suspected gunman after state trooper is still barricaded in that home. that's the victim. we're live with the latest. >> also ahead this morning, sentenced to death in another trooper tragedy. the sniper who killed a pennsylvania state trooper, will face the ultimate punishment. >> and feeling the draft. we're getting ready for football here in philadelphia. as the nfl prepares to pickets next class of players, and we prepare to give you some fun and deals, as well. >> very busy morning, great to have you with us this thursday, i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. bob kelly has you covered. >> everything going on, and all going on outside today. >> right. >> all of it. >> all of it, that's it. >> also, the science festival, the jazz fest this weekend. >> penn relays. >> right?
5:00 am
phillies are outside today, the draft. >> the weather, knew. >> and the weather is cooperating. in fact it will warm up just in time for all of the stuff to happen. and that's why we're going with eight out every ten today. do have some fog around this morning, and that's a little on the cloudy side, but i think we'll recover nicely. bus stop buddy ready for all of it, no jacket required. there is clouds, some fog, but he's excited, phillies won last night, and that's, i think, five in a row. so, nothing on radar. visibility, not great in millville, and lancaster this morning, so the fog not widespread thank goodness, and neighbor will stay that way. 61 degrees right now in philadelphia, other temperatures, 60 in trenton, 53 in lancaster, in the 50's in hazleton, mount pocono, as women, heading down the shore, 55 in ocean city, 54 cape may. fifty-three in rehoboth beach. we will give you the "shorecast," i just revised it, and in a couple of minute, but it is sport day, with the pen re lays, in the fl draft experience and


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