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tv   Chasing News  FOX  May 24, 2017 12:30am-1:01am EDT

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>> in a creepy down. police are trying to connect this foot with possible missing persons in the area, will this mystery be solved? >> we're off. >> you are speaking about something you have nothing to do with. >> they are a bunch of fools they should be fired. >> my daughter's pictures in the third floor.
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>> a grizzly discovery was made in quiet northwestern new jersey town. a resident in town found a sneaker washed up from delaware river, in that sneaker, a severed decomposed foot and partial ankle bone. police took to facebook to adjusted situation let residents know they are working with county medical exam inner office to find out more.
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it has describe a white reebok athletic speaker, women's size 9. they are working on the age. to bring close our. also we covered heavily this county has a large bear population. no one is sure of the details of what happened yet. it has just been a couple of days. they have been researching in missing persons in the area, there are no missing persons posted in new jersey state police in warren county. there are a lot of missing person that are missing from new jersey state police web site.
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now a spoke with a couple residents to get their take on what they think could have happend. >> nobody said they were worried just seems strange. nobody had a comment on what happened. no comment other than they found a shoe with a foot in it. >> does anything like this, does this happen in this town? i know it is quiet. >> a real quiet town, not too much happens here.
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>> to be liberated. >> high thought new york was going to be a dream. >> it was diverse, i got here, i was disappointed with the particular part of new york. >> being openly gay in russia is dangerous. >> you say beaten, anyone come up and beat you? >> of course. >> your neighbor. >> absolutely, everyone who is has lack of knowledge. who has lack of tolerance and ignorance, they can bit beat yo, i got beaten up badly. >> many gays who were russians come to united states, to new york thinking it will be different. >> i amopenly gay. just in america. >> many gay russians, they say what they experienced similar to what was happening to them in russia. >> i started doing by activities
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here, i got to know there are people, there is a lot of violence. >> these wants change. he is proud to create first russian gay pride parade on the boardwalk. >> look at you right now, all of you are my friends. >> dimitri was proud to be a part of the russian gay pride parade over the weekend. a couple of days later, he doesn't feel comfortable kissing his boyfriend in public. >> i prefer be more safe than just express my feeling. >> he was out at laundromat, with his boyfriend, and felt the emotion and wanted to kiss him, but felt, no, not safe. >> it was my decision to not kiss him. i don't know what would happen after that. >> how many people at russian gay pride parade. >> he said about 300 people. >> were people throwing things
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at them while marching? this is a stretch to say that they feel unsafe if they were able to march, that confro contradictions his point. it seems this is a far cry from the discrimination and intolerance in russia. >> called the nypd and guns, when they were morning during the -- marching during the gay pride parade the cops were there. >> people there to protect you, you act a certain way, versus when you have to go behind closed-doors in a regular setting they will treat you differently. >> i think you should almost just branch away from community, as this point, i cann 't you want to have ties to maybe you come from with regard to other community, but at-this-point -- >> learn better english. >> wow. >> there you go. >> no, he didn't. >> yes, i did, of course,.
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>> a recap of what is trending on twitter. after the bombing at ariana grande concert at manchester arena in london monday night. freelance writer david levitt wrote. last time i listened to ariana grande, i almost died too. >> oh, no he didn't. >> well i guess somebody missed the memo, if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all. >> wondering what president had to say about the bomber? >> i will call them from now on evil losers. because that is what they are losers. >> trending. >> i wish, a philadelphia teen could make it close to a championship to do something equally as awesome as this. a philadelphia team. >> ♪
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>> until then, here is the chasing rendition of what i like to call, chase-arang. ♪ yeah ♪ yes, circles. >> trending. >> i don't watch the show but i have gleaned through twitter that family drama and a bad stylist for entertainment of the evening. i am sorry that is all i have. because last night i was consumed watching videos like these. until tomorrow, friends, bye. >> ashley, you were chasing a
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story, how about a country music star from jersey. >> a special guest with us. pay thpeyton taylor quite the nr herself in country world. >> thank you. >> peyton is originally from new jersey, her family moved to nashville about 5 years ago, so she could pursue her dreams, he is going to perform her beautiful song famous. peyton take it away. ♪ i couldn't wait, friday night. you had your arms around me.
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a small town cinderella. we drove around that little square like elvis and priscilla ♪ look at us. a bans o ray bans on our eyes le california movie stars. ♪ reflection in the store front, main street king and queen, caught up in the moment, living the dream ♪ see all of people passing, eyes on us like the cameras flashing. everybody knew our names ♪ everybody fanned the flames, they all looked at you and me as though we were famous ♪ we were famous ♪ oh, main street king and queen, you and me babe, we were famous ♪ oh, we were famous ♪
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[applause] >> thank you. thank you. >> awesome. >> peyton, you are famous. >> oh. >> you have have been doing such a great job with your career, working with hit songwrite ire - >> right now it has been a while since i have been in studio recording, but, two guys believed in me, which i am so thankful for. wade kirby and phil mcdonald, we call him phil billy for short. a character. probably some past year we have just got stuck in the studio, we said we'll just find that sweet spot and the songs, when they come out it will be the best. it has been a lot of finding who i am. >> thank you. >> you are awesome. >> thank you.
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>> a company that makes alcohol infused ice cream has opened its first store front. >> how much do i have to eat to get tipsy, i said that depends on your ice cream you won't believe what they put in tyson fun nuggets.
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it's shocking actually. they're made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. like white meat chicken... and that's it. keep it real. keep it tyson. how do you please the world's toughest food critics? with elegant decor and ambiance? nah. just serve up tyson crispy chicken strips. made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. looks like the critics approve. keep it real. keep it tyson. >> anna -- anna. unattain able.
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>> a penguin who lives in a zoo in japan has created a social media following, it has fallen in love with a an an -- anime character. 10 years ago, coupled with another penguin, so he has been keep his distance, but since this anime character has made his way in, he has been out. >> the deaf and blind himalayan cat vanished in fort lauderdale. but the owner got a call who found lilly on a construction site, they used power of social media that reunite lilly with
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her father who was in californ california. they had a tearful reunion. >> we're eating ice cream. and we're drinking. >> woo. >> welcome to the show. >> right, two of my favorite things combined, alcohol and ice cream, tipsy scoop, they have opened first store front in new york city. first to start outsides a regular food feature, until i found out its founder melissa is 29 years old. so immediately i turned it to part of my series that explores young professionals with unconventional jobs. >> ice cream making runs in my family, i was interested in perfecting my homemade ice cream ris pes peas. recipes. >> i was adding alcohol in the beginning to make it softer, it would be awesome.
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>> she did catering, with push cart things at friends weddings, then wholesale, then a couple of her videos had gone viral, people were showing up at her production facility in east harlem thinking there was a store front, now a shop on east 26th street, you notices long line too get in, it opened two weeks ago, next to that is the 21 and older sign. >> all of our flavors are up to 5 percentag% -- alcoa shol alcot depends on your is cream tolerance. >> got it. >> i know we all top try it, we can start eating it. >> i started ahead of you. >> go ahead.
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>> seem sorry. >> i asked her some business advice for young entrepreneurs. >> start really slow. i think it is a well the easier to start just a little at a time, then see how it goes, and see if it is something you really top invest in. >> the bourbon is working. >> good for her. >> this is good. >> a great date spot. oh. hey! >> jerry? >> he wants to know if it got on the carpet. >> the carpet i clean, jerry. >> don't worry. >> the new carpet. >> you're out. >> you know what. he is trying to get me upset.
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>> all right, here it is coming. >> let's not ruin this. oh, yeah. >> look at that terrible video caught on surveillance in westchester pa, a man is making fun of a man wit cerebral palsy, walks up to him, and sucker punches him in the face, he was arrested, i can't believe these things happen. >> only in florida, a 34-year-old jennifer driving on i75, she hit what she thought was a fox, it was a gator, her car flipped over. the gate oa golden state or is -
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gator is dead, she is okay. >> killed the gator? >> kill the gator .
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>> michael. >> oh.
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you have to go in there and explain and throw taylor out. >> i don't have my mic, i got kicked off the set. .
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>> you may have speed but i'm not really ready, i don't have speed yet. >> of georgia saw graduation was an unattainable goal, he had to stop going to class for personal reasons, his teacher, handed him a cap and gown. >> thank you. >> congratulations. >> thank you, i love you so much. >> i love you took you good. >> yes, ma'am. >> she spent her extra hours outside of school making sure he had credits to graduate high school. >> rehearsal 8:00. >> thank you. >> biggie, biggie. can't you see.
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now you can still see him, mural is staying up. woo! landlord changed his mind, he is not making the renovations like i talked about yesterday. >> are they giving back $5,000. >> that was no financial disclosure on the agreement. >> outside of the belleville public ruby larrpublic library , a sign that states look at us now, look at us now. the renovation, including annex. a lot of eyes on this facelift. >> the taxpayer money down the tubes, we've been involved in several lawsuits that i'm aware of, they put the glass on, it was leaking. >> another neighbor i spoke
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with, called the library renovation a disgrace. she shared with me all of the these pictures on facebook messenger, pointing out all places she said that the renovation falls short, also one of the big points of contention is plaque that has old library president name, who pled guilty to tax evasion chargers last february and is awaiting sentencing. many believe that were shading practicing going on. >> i called -- looks like a styrofoam dog house, i don't know why -- i library is a place to study, you want quiet, you want to be able to read, you know, you need proper light, why would you put an addition with a roof of glass? >> i have reached out to belleville mayor, and also
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current library board president. and i am awaiting a response from both. >> do you know who has been to this library? >> can i guess? >> do you know? >> yes. >> chasing news executive producer jerey. >> jerry! >> this was jerry library. >> this is -- jerry. yes he learned to read. that happened. >> is there a lawsuit? >> the damage has already been done but they want to find out how it was financed. why it looks in the condition it is now. and also they say, their property in taxes are going up. >> thank you. >> hey, guys, i am tyler editing assistance here on chasing news. >> ricky, make me look so. >> never one.
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i am obsessed with star wars, i have 6 star wars tattoos. and i plan on having two full arm sleeves of nothing but star wars, i guess i am kind of a nerd. i have a motto i live by, dogs over people, if i could have any single dog, in existence i would much rather have that than friends. >> number 3, i have 4 cars, all volkswagen. i grew up working on old ones with my dads, i feel like i have the same passion for them,. >> i have been riding dirt bikes since i was 6, it started with a quad my brother and i had, crashing into trees and fun
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stuff. number 5, if i have to rate my sarcasm 1 to 10, it would be a 6. >> if you want you can follow me on instagram, i don't smile that much, i am a really sad person, a really sad person. i don't really smile that much. >> another great night of chasing news, thanks for watching, governor christie up to his same old story blaming everybody else for problems that he has helped create. #corrupt christie still on twitter, see you tomorrow
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homer: d'oh! ♪ (clears throat) yes, uh, the students of springfield elementary have each created an alternative energy vehicle. one of which will ensure the future of humanity as determined by a short race across the parking lot. (mumbles): yeah, yeah. and now, uh, what is your car powered by, uh, fat little boy? hydrogen-powered fuel cells. ah, hydrogen-- yeah, yes, wonderful. my car is powered by the wind! oh, how it blows. mine is potato-powered. i keep tell you i'm not a potato. be quiet, hash browns! dad, i'm so excited! i think--


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