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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 9  FOX  June 5, 2017 9:00am-9:58am EDT

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good good good day everybody, it is june fifth, 2017. karen's here. >> hi. >> we are all in the dark mood >> look at this. >> yes. >> it is monday, that is why. >> it could be monday.
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we will try to make this the best hour, ever. >> this is true let's do it. upstaged at their own wedding. so this guy was asked. >> not this guy. >> no. >> would you officiate, at our wedding. you are our friend will you owe fish eighth our wedding. i have done this three times, for some of my friend. >> yes, um-hmm. >> he does something that i find almost unforgivable and, i would say, ruined their wedding, by his actions. do you know what it is. >> yes, i do. >> you just sit right where you are and i will tell what you happened. >> now we found thisol choir, jo them as they sing song creed bee radio head. >> ♪
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listen to the sound of their voices they are in middle school. lot the production value on this thing: this is middle school. they are all here by the way. >> beautiful voices. >> powe king middle school they are here to recreate this i hope we don't screw this up. >> they can sing. >> how about jen helping to entertain some kid this morning. hi there, jen. >> well, good. >> so some kid are already out of school, it is june 5th, kid will be out before you know it we have somere stuff, coming up, we will go to joey portman in lafayette hill and, play with some toys, because you want to entertain the kid forhe correct, mike. >> correct. >> you are correct, sir. like that. >> so, in the wake of the manchester attacks ariana
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grande had her biglast night, tt she was calling it. show benefit, i think they made 10 million-dollar. the victims of the suicide bo arena after her concert. that was two weeks ago. >> yes. >> two weeks. >> she brought her celebrity friend together. it was a beautiful show. here's a snip it. >> thank you so much everybody . >> ♪ >> the whole crowd was singing look at everybody on stage. did you see ferrell. he was on stage there, yes, he was in philadelphia, saturday night, late, until almost midnight. >> yeah. >> they went straight to manchester and performed. >> yeah. >> good for him. >> she also had a choir, high school choir join her on the
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stage to sing my everything. >> ♪ your my everything >> those girls in that choir this little one, they were actually at the concert during when it happened two weeks ago and they came back and they are singing and this brought the house down. it it was waterworks for everybody. very emotion will beginning that ariana had with the mother of one of the bombing victims olivia campbell. >> i have a pleasure of meeting olivia's mommy a few days ago. i met her, i started crying. i gave her a big hug. she said that, because olivia wt have wanted me to cry. and then she told me that olivia would have wanted to hear the hits.
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>> yeah, olivia, the young lady that she's talking business 15 years old, loves i't what's motional. >> was that miley cyrus. >> yes, they did a due it together they they sat down and started singing together. ♪ >>ri is a very good singer. my goodness. emotional during his performance as well
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god is in the middle no matter is what happening, god is in the mix and he loves you he you. i want to honor the people that were lost or that were taken, we love you so much. so much. >> word of comfort from justin beiber. >> he was preaching. >> look at that. cing with some of the concert people. >> and people tweeting about that during this concert because it went on for several hours. >> yes. >> they found these great moments, put them together and that moment there some people smiling, some people crying, you could feel the emotion. >> director did a great job picking up those pieces of what was going on. cold play was there, black eye peas, katie perry, ferrell took a flight from philly right to manchester. >> chris martin, cold play. >> that whole crowd, ariana fan base they are younger.
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it is an innocent people and you have a performance with all these huge stars that are right in that market. that is why it is so heartfelt on everybody, they sold out so quickly and raised so much money. >> i love the fact that they had it on twitter and everything so people could watch for all over. for us in the afternoon when it first started. it was like whole world was coming together and standing up foreman chester. >> i was looking forward it all over the television, it was on twitter. >> it is the way of the world now. >> watch it on our phone now. >> nice job ariana and everybody. lets get to this. i have been asked three times to officiate at friend goes wedding. >> you said yes. >> i did it three times. normally children of my friend that i have known all my life. i knew to behave. i throw humor into it but youdoe bride and groom certainly so i would be careful not saying
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too many jokes and stuff like that. so, this couple invited their friend to officiate their wedding. you know what he does? he upstages them by asking a woman in the crowd to marry him. >> what? >> so he was best nan and officiating. he stopped mid ceremony to propose to his long time girlfriend whose name is well, jane, i bet it and reveal not only that but that she's pregnant and he wants to spend the rest of this woman toe wedding ceremony. so hijacks the whole thing and puts all attention on him. >> this bride and groom spend $80,000 they dated. they had a kid. they bought a house.
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finally we got our money, we can do guy, like steals the whole moment with his proposal and the girlfriend's >> why would you ever think that would be okay. >> clueless. >> there is no man. >> because he is a man. men don't necessity etiquette. >> they know. >> they don't know. >> he just didn't know. they are not even talking any more. you can imagine the bride is furious. explosion out of her head. >> hold on we have a live shot of the bear. tell me where this is, where is it, sky fox. >> thanks, di. >> our stage floor manager just said where is it. >> it is in the tree. >> is this feasterville. >> it was feasterville. >> it moved. >> it moved. >> is that still county line& road and bustleton pike. >> same tree. >> we are looking from above but megan, we got a picture from roberta, she is up close and she has a great picture
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that she took of this bear. >> i have a question, is that bear on the ground or in a tree. >> in a tree. >> this is not the same tree from feasterville though. i heard the bear came down and took off now he has gone up another tree right by the road convenient for our camera crew >> everybody slowing down, not the same tree, all right. >> different tree. >> look at how convenient. >> it is by a pool. >> is that someone yard. >> somebody backyard. >> wow. >> megan do you have a picture yet. >> she's working on getting it >> we are close right by the scene. >> that is what she's saying i'm detectivessing her now. >> not that if you are soliciting from out of town from watching a hotel room every now and then we do this on our show we find a black bear on a tree and focus on that. >> look at that picture. >> she's close, man. >> she is there right now. >> how did you get so close.
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>> tell her, to call in. i want a play by this by roberta. >> look at how cute, little know, they are thinking about two years old. he had been in doyletown. come on over there. i am amazed he got out of the other tree. >> during te night. >> when they weren't watching and went someplace else. >> he does look cute. >> so cute, little arms up. >> taking a rest, claw on& another branch. >> peeking out. >> why is everybody looking at me. >> that is when you say a bear is cute when he is knock not in your yard. >> not looking at you. >> okay. >> pointing out what police department is that can you tell. the cops are on the scene, man >> it is not like we have a cat up in the tree. you will not get ladder and say come on down little bear. >> they tried to tranquilize this bear yesterday. >> they did.
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>> they thought they had got him with the tranquilizer drug and fired off another. >> that bear for the that off and stayed in the tree. >> f they fall. >> well, yeah. >> he is in the very high up here. >> well, just hanging out. it did look like a residential area though. >> yes. >> it is in somebody's they live right by the road there. take off? did he leave? wonder what road this is. he would know. he knows everything. bustleton pike. >> is county line road >> by bustleton pike. >> where the two come together >> we don't have control of sky fox i don't think we can control sky fox. >> sometimes they can hear us
9:13 am
that is in the a backup that is a center. >> it is almost like a whole >> lot at people watching. >> roberta is one of the people standing on the curve there. she just got pushed back because she was up close. >> we willoo roberta. >> she got yelled at by police >> she's always in trouble with the police. >> she is sleepinghe been looking at him. >> if you know what that place that is has the giant and somerton springs pool
9:14 am
>> yes. >> you guys just didn't dot door bell thing. >> hop the fence and jump in. >> you didn't do dingdong ditch. >> i have done dingdong ditch ing over years. i have hopped fences and jumped in to pool. >> that is funny. >> we used to sneak ride horses. >> what you used to ride horses. >> well, i grew up in rural chester county. we would sneak ride horses and , we would go riding. >> how did you get it off. >> it was out in the field. >> bear back. >> yes, kid, don't do that. >> that is karen. she's a rebel. >> she will never, ever be any good. >> definitely. >> undoubted. >> that was a movie from the 50's. >> sure is. >> james dean. >> james dean. >> you are good. you are on fire again this morning. >> here we go. >> one more shot do we have another shot. >> you are obsessed with this. >> i love bear tree stories.
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>> i can't bear it. >> yes. >> laying out by the pool, they ran quick. >> they were bear naked. >> i like that club, wow. >> can we talk about other news that happened over weekend. >> what. >> you have big news. >> no, not me halle berry might have big news for us because over weekend i saw news or photos, that possibly show her pregnant i tweeted this out. i don't understand, the butterfly ball, and she's on the red carpet. and it is, and, i tweeted about this, and i said am i just bragging that you tweeted it out there how great. featuring a baby bump. am i only one that didn't know she is pregnant. a lot of tweets, more than 2,000 retweets. is what going on. 3,000 likes. people are saying really. she's 50 years old. not that matters.
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people are asking questios. the tweet even made international news. >> mike, hold on. >> you have to figure things out. >> really. >> check out this web site dot au, australia and they are talking bit too and they put my tweet on their web site and in their article because they are doing a round up of what people are thinking this is what i want to ask you what do you think? does she look to you. >> not in that picture right there, sideways but hand on the belly was interesting. that was just an unfortunate picture that was at the top where she had a food belly. >> i never seen her with hand on her stomach that is a universal sign of i'm holding something, carrying something. now is there all these rumors trying to figure out what is going on so they did a round up, on that web site. >> can we put that up againy know what she looks like. >> she looks like a baked potato. >> what?
9:17 am
>> in the tin foil. >> yes. >> but my thing is lets say if she had a great dinner. it happens to me when i eat a lot. >> especially if she hade a bake potato. >> i wouldn't put my hand on my some like that. if i walk around down that people would think something is going on so why would you draw attention. it sees like would you was to not. >> was she pushing it. >> i think they take so many pictures. other pictures she was trying to be really skinny. taking so many pictures. you don't want your hand up. you don't want to do this pose we have a name for that one. you are trying to keep your hand so you want to have your hand bent. a little bit. you need a placement on your body. i have never seen these pictures before. >> do you have a picture i e mailed to you because common was also, honored, last night. >> common, the father. >> no, i just said i e mailed it. >> common law wife. >> i e mailed it, like 5:00 when we had our meeting
9:18 am
so he serenaded her at the. >> crystalis. >> yes, awarded for butterfly. >> yes. her arm likee she was up this. >> um-hmm. >> so, i don't know is what so what. >> see her arm there. >> kind of close, what? >> it is common. >> so he was doing this and he e that. her arm was right there. >> too late for that. >> i have seen other everyone i. >> now if she isn't i feel horrible. variety says she'shobaby bump. she said it so matter of fact ually. that is why i tweeted ant wear. >> you are talking so fast, and seem to be a little concerned. >> because well or ask someone if they are pregnant because you never know.
9:19 am
>> now you are alast night, hase international. they are talking about this in philadelphia. >> i know. >> so a pol guys if she isn't. of variety and some other news sites and they say that she's showing baby bump. >> will that hold up in court. >>good for you, girl. >> i'm the one calling her a in her see if she's done. >> sorry. >> my gosh. >> i love her. great,. >> she's a beautiful human being. second place in the miss ohio pageant for miss america. now miss u.s.a. >> who came in first. >> christie fitcher. >> she married a dentist in dallas. >> yeah. >> okay. do you know what dentist. >> i don't. >> why are you laughing.
9:20 am
>> he might be a known dentist >> maybe your dentist. >> yes. >> doctor huggins. >> she and i hosted the show and we had to spend two weeks, had to, in venice, italy, rome , cairo egypt. >> yes. >> is that the one you had a love affair with. >> there was some kind of hang d us this story. >> i never told this story on television. >> there is a difference between stories in television in the news room and telling stories on tv. now i'm going to get in trouble. i will be in court. >> oh, okay. >> he will would be both jail bird together. >> i really am not body shaping. >> not at all. >> it was not fitcher. >> all right. this is a big day for all of
9:21 am
us, because our friend has a national television show as of today, the q show is going national, today is first day, lets talk to him, do you think he is nervous. >> he has got to be nervous but it will be great, that will make it awesome. >> we need your help and i'll explain what that is about after the break but first another live shot from the sky fox, this is very wide shot but there is apparently a bear in that tree.
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we have some break news out of orlando, sheriff's office confirms a mass shooting, they are reporting, situation has been there there are multiple fatalities. we are work to go get more information, the oraes fice didt that the situation is contain and that the sheriff will together to confirm everything.
9:25 am
we should get an update soon but there has been a mass shooting, officials confirmed this in orlan multiple fatalities, and it is interesting to go think about, because we are coming up on one year of the or land he nightclub shoot happened june 12th. >> orlando has had more than its share of tragedy and that one was so horrific because we had 49 people that who their lives, 53 more injured and we have another mass shooting where we know there are fatalities. so we will get that, continuing information and get ate cross to you. >> so at this point megan is giving us information in winter park a suburb there, in the area and it is an industrial area. so we will work to get more info and checking orange county sheriff's time line because they are tweeting out updates. they are asking people not to call them. they are keeping their lines open to get more information and get media staging area because they will have a press conference, to brief us on the latest. we will keep you updated and let you know as soon as we know. >> 9:25. so we were talking about quincy has a new show going
9:26 am
national. we are very excited for him and our fox family as well. mike went upstairs. >> big day. >> it gooding ready, going up to quincy's office, his area. >> yeah, for some reason i have who the sound here but that is okay. there is what we call the war room, it is quincy's office, it is where he preps the big show, the q show and so this has to be the biggest day, is everybody excited, is what going on. >> oh, yeah. >> yeah. >> so q, good to see you. >> yes. >> how are you feeling. >> great. >> this show the q show has been on fox here, it will go national. >> we're going national, people. >> so tell my which cities will see you. >> we will go to new york. we will go to los angeles. we are going to detroit.& we are going to charlotte. atlanta, phoenix. and we will go to minneapolis. >> now here's the thing, tom, malc, good to see you.
9:27 am
>> good to see you. >> oh, yeah. >> very good. >> meredith, over here. >> look at her. >> the whole country will necessity about you, woman. >> are you nervous. >> no. >> if i think about be any of us and if i don't think bit, i won't be. >> so it is not easy to have a national television show. we have to sell this thing, all right. dy to go, first day. >> here's the deal, i don't want to say high school class >> my goodness. >> and at lankenau high school , part of germantown. i'm being who i am. putting on any airs. >> go in the to radio. >>was first person to ever professionally believe in me. >> you went to los angeles. >> we work with back here and is masked off.
9:28 am
>> are we vacuuming. >> are we ready toe vacuumed the studio. >> yes. >> we like to keep it clean. big premiere. >> we're going national. >> this is a big deal. >> nothing will change. fun. >> i remember three years ago you and i were talking, should i get o radio. i have two kid to raise and a lovely wife. do i take the risk and go for television. >> yes you said you got to s make this thing happen. >> it was a huge risk. >> but in life. >> where is the speaker in here. how do you kill that. >> i don't know. >> do we know. >> no, that is lights. >> what we need is the overhead machine for to be shut off. >> you are not in charge of the technical side, q. what are you in charge of. >> the energy. >> the fun. >> bring it.
9:29 am
>> but we talk, real quickly here you took a risk, and and we talk about it, this was not easy. >> yes. >> you have to raise a family. >> now it is paying off. >> who do you credit. >> first i credit god, got to credit god but it is a hoe of people here, yourself, in seriously. >> we sat down you talked and said we have to do it. >> i credit my mother because my mother, i who my mother nine week ago but cry my mother because she went through a lot the last couple years. >> telling us to rap. >> what is more important then this. >> this is a national television show. >> talking about my mom. >> this is not easy you have four weeks to prove yourself. >> yes. >> if you know anybody in the sit. >> new york, los angeles, atlanta, charlotte, detroit, phoenix, minneapolis. >> call everybody you know and say please, watch the q, show, all this week, and for the next four weeks. >> don't rap us because i was
9:30 am
talking about my mother and her trend and i saw my mom go through a lot last couple years of my life and that gave me the strength to say i can do anything. we are doing it. >> yes. >> do it for your mom. >> doing it for my mom and doing it to get more money,. >> yes. >> don't be kras. >> we have a general manager here, dennis bee bianchi, jim driscoll and maryann vaughn. >> they all have children to feed. >> but so do i. i need more money, guys. >> can i say how proud i am of you. >> i love karen hepp and i love alex. >> well, they are already. >> we love you too quincy. >> we love you guys. >> you deserve this. >> he does. >> he has work so hard and on the weekend he posted about how many no's he has had throughout his career but he has hate, believed and persistent and he has a new show. let's support it, guys. >> 9:30. wait, this isn't ice cream.
9:31 am
>> it is not. >> it is more, it is frozen treat, made up of, bananas. i'm going bananas over this.
9:32 am
9:33 am
9:34 am
>> ♪ >> ♪ >> oh, i'm telling you my co-work verse been raving about this, kevin, for so long. it is, look how cute this, what would you call that? >> the banana bus. >> this is the banana bus, the chilly banana bus. and i go, you know, i'm lactose intolerant, i can't eat ice creamment and kevin goes: this isn't ice cream. >> what is it? >> just bananas, mike. >> what do you mean by that? >> what we serve as banana whips, and that's frozen
9:35 am
bananas frozen, emulsified, come out just like ice cream you. >> beat the heck out of those frozen bananas. common in, oh, this is such a cute -- where did you find this? >> craigslist. >> what was it? >> this is what it was, 1 199, right out of ohio. >> pink? >> , no we bought her pink. >> tell me what it is. >> right. we got the base of frozen banana. what goes on top of our signature topping, this is our chock owe peanut butter crunch. that's the banana, and our peanut butter and jelly. we make all of our own sauce, and everything that we make is vegan, this is perfect for lactose intolerant people. >> none of that. >> no, we don't have bubble guts. then everything gets topped with coconut milk. >> we have some q show audience people ready to dig in. >> dig in. >> real quickly here, show me what it looks like. >> oh, you want to make one?
9:36 am
>> let's make one. >> make one. jared, can you come around? are you good there? >> yes. >> so you got your frozen bananas in a bag? >> frozen bananas in a bag. >> frozen solid. >> woman owe blamo. gloves for safety. >> get this going. >> first push little out. we want to get that good stuff, the creamy stuff like that. >> looks like ice cream. >> it looks like ice cream, might as well be ice cream. >> banana juice. >> your kids want it, your grandmother wants it, your moms want it, it is delicious delicious. >> where cs. >> we do it everywhere, south jersey, philadelphia event, we do things all over the c going o clark park, clark park one of the main stomp grounds. >> people rave about it, are you going to eat i what? dig in. >> so there you go. here's what it look like, here is a fresh guy.
9:37 am
fresh-y-fresh. >> ya, baby. >> that is so good. it tastes like banana identification cream. >> no joke. we doon't need no moon. little -- >> can you get this little girl over here wants some? >> do you want the one mike ate off of it. >> no! >> she's not going down that road. >> all right, we are giving you another one. >> is it good? awesome, beautiful. >> all right, let's get this. >> tell you what, jen, do you have try this some time t tastes like banana ice cream but it is just banana. >> you know we use brody, becaus allergic to milk, so years ago, it is awesome. okay, here is the deal. kids are coming home from have . joey to the rescue, all kind of stuff because again you don't want them in thet them ou. this will keep them out. in lafayette hill this morning.
9:38 am
>> bear's on the move. we'll come right back with this bear on the move, down on the grounds, following the bear watch. perfect dasure huh? i don't know about you gus, but i think a foul ball's coming our way. i'm ready! (crack of the bat, crowd cheers) whoa! almost had it! maybe next time. what about this time? pay me! the new scratch-off from the pennsylvania lottery. with top prizes of 100 grand! that's some catch! (giggles) (crowd cheers)
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keep on scratchin'!
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yoit's shocking actually.l-n. put in tyson fun nuggets. like white meat chicken... and that's it. keep it real. keep it tyson. how do you please the world's toughest food critics?
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with elegant decor and ambiance? nah. just serve up tyson crispy chicken strips. made with real 100% all-natural ingredients. looks like the critics approve. keep it real. keep it tyson. welcome back everybody, we are in miles park in lafayette hill with joey for theman. good morning. >> hi,. >> so the moms are freaking out because the kids will be home now for weeks and months. >> yes. >> let's go through cup many of these real quick. i have to say, i love stomp rocket, you can bring them with you, we brought them to tailgates, keep the kids bus. >> i best thing, turn the screens off tonight get them to have imaginative play, do you have come one products
9:42 am
they can be imaginative. so these are cheap, affordable, fun, even have little ones for the little kids, the glow, and then the dooley, they have every kinds. >> can i do one? >> please do. >> oh. i have to say, nice catch, many of these things are on the roof of my house. >> yes. >> that's great. >> okay, this is something new i haven't seen. >> coup. this is a company that's new in my house, as well, they have all of these really great outdoor toys, looking for great outdoor, great brand. ball that lights up. but one of my favorite, paddles, wham, authorities say that, so what you do, oh, you'll put me on the edge here, four players supposed to play, you can do two if you wanted, well, i lose. >> you're supposed to get it in the thing? >> if you get it in there you automatically win. certain amount of points. how many it takes to get it in. >> do you think i said about this off camera, you know, i have little guys, elementary school, middle school, but bringing them to high school graduation parties, they're bored. but i think all ages can do? >> simple, affordable, and it is outside. >> i love it. okay, weaver 30 seconds left.
9:43 am
these things, i saw a smaller version of this at a pool party. >> yep. you want to play. >> yes, why not? >> put the backpack on. >> oh, this is like a back pack version? >> okay, so i'm good. i'm fine. >> then my turn, orange. >> now the one thing that you don't like about this, each one every these things is 60 bucks? >> yes. i'm stuck. >> you're good. so like sumo wrestling, boxing? >> yes. >> here we go. >> i did see little boys knock the you know what out of each other. >> hey, to heck with kids! >> thank you. common. >> that looks -- >> oh, i like it. but that would be fun for an adult party, too, wouldn't it? oh, get out yourrur fox employees, and co-workers? >> we would always be in those things, wouldn't we? >> oh, yes. we should get that for the morning, we all get in those things. i so want to get to this. because i sawhi video, it is so. neshaminy is so proud of them.
9:44 am
this is a middle school.earn all about them. they'll try to recreate this beautiful video that they did. see off after the break. they're all here. you ready to go? quin was crazy about curls.
9:45 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> welcome back, as we take a live look, the chairs. let's see if sue will tell us
9:47 am
what the day will be like in 15 seconds. >> hope you took bus stop buddy'sdv umbrella. there is out of chester county, still raining there, with the clouds, with the we ext to get to high of 08 degrees today, much cooler tomorrow, and wednesday, back to a warming trends by the i can't wt for the singing. >> oh, me too, the singing will ber by the way? is the bear down out of the me? >> roberta down in the area, she said he's going >> so skyfox trying to catch up with this bear.
9:48 am
freak i shallly, our next guest know this area very ri lee. director. >> jason lee, what did i hi, jason lee. how are you doing. >> pretty fun. >> i what school are you from? >> from proquessing school. >> okay. do you know where this bear is? >> s >> you know the area? >> yes. >> have you ever seen -- have you seen a bear? you've seen it? wow. >> that's good bear knowledge, yo. okay, so, let's roll the radio, this is 1990 radio head to the song creed. >> that's right. >> here it is. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so anybody knows that song, boy, haunting, haunting, you re kree agent philadelphia at the school? >> actually, we new a member
9:49 am
of a group that did this called straight no chaser, one of their rangers, walt chase, he arranged it, and we really liked his arrangement, and i looked it up on line, i was like geez they have this available for actually high school. but i thought our kids would be up for it. so this is what your version looked like. >> so what's the significance of the girl by herself? >> well, an interesting story behind, that but i'll tell you the straight story is she -- i just thought the theme of the song, the lyrics, are, you know, casino every haunting as you said, isolation, lonliness, i just thought things that, you know, in the middle school environment, easily -- >> absolutely, yes. >> so, just to see her kind of walk along all of these people, just not paying much attention to her, but i love
9:50 am
the environment music, incorporating her into the group. >> beautiful. >> okay, so -- >> did they even know about the song? they're middle school. >> i think few kids, parent did, yes. so, popular at the concert. >> okay, so we will try to recreate this live on television now. so yours is all in black and white. the young lady, what's her name by herrer? >> kaylee johnson. >> ready to go outside, there she is. so we will pull ought of in you black and white, we'll leave her in color. and then when she joins the group, maybe turn you all back to color. >> do you think we got any shot of this? let's go for it. >> okay. >> here we go. >> thank you. c myself. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
9:51 am
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>> okay, this is a live shot. the bear in the commercial, of course, wandering around somebody's backyards on the patio. now the barajas been scared, and has gone up another tree. roberto has been standing by giving us coverage of this. roberta, can you see the bear. >> i cannot see the bear now, but i just saw it about five seconds ago. >> it's gone up a tree again. where are you exactly? >> we are on bustleton avenue in feasterville. it was in the tree for a little bit, then it started to wander off. i saw this morning in my backyard i thought it was a dog, it was a bear. >> well, you're got to get your eyes checked. >> that's a big dog. >> it is pretty big, two year old cub, they say, male cub. >> okay? >> that wandered away from its mother. so -- >> roberta thank you for that live report. >> we appreciate t be safe. >> your welcome, thanks, guys. >> think we're having fun here, but you have to be careful. >> live on the trash cans. >> yes. >> you have a bear after day.
9:58 am
>> i just can't bear it. >> stop it. >> it is monday. >> you're up a tree. see you tomorrow. fios built its 100% fiber optic network because we knew that everyone would need faster internet. so we're introducing fios gigabit connection.
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>> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's wendy! [ applause ] ♪ >> wendy: made it! thank you for watching. say hello to my co-host, my studio audience! [ applause ] how


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