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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 6, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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whoo! i mean, whoo. love and support when things are not looking so great when they are not shining. >> keisha knight pulliam and cosby a show of support on day one of the bill cosby sexual assault trial, why rudy was there and where is camille, cosby's wife, and who is exactly kelly johnson. and what police are saying about this video, appear to show teens attacking a man with disabilities. he pull is it to right field, it is, off the top of the wall, i think it is a home run run but umpires have not
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signalled. now they do. >> listen to this, i will not make this up, the phillies made history last night. >> what? >> what the odubel is going on here, he busted out, just days after talks of sending him to triple a. >> odubel herrera does something at the plate that has never been done before. >> win? >> just kidding. >> the phillies, the phillies, won a game. >> yes. >> three in a row. >> yes. >> and i have the reason why. >> okay. >> later on in the show. >> okay. >> it is june 6th, 6/6/2017. >> it is 6:00 o'clock. poles just opened in new jersey. >> stand back everybody, get back, get back.
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>> everybody stay calm, you will all get into vote. oh, wait. >> it is primary election day, um, alex. >> live look at cherry hill park, on kings highway, and the biggest races for the state's next governor. hopefully we will have a big turnout. >> it is only about the governor of the state. >> six democrats and five republicans are looking to replace governor chris christie when his term end. other races are part of it too , state senate, semmably seat, this is important, so lets just remind you in case you forgot, get up and vote. >> the polls close at 8:00 o'clock tonight so you have plenty of time. >> listen. >> the bird are chirping. >> crickets. >> that is the morning version of the crickets. >> just, take a number, get in line, everybody calm down, all right. here's sue. >> okay. it is downpour heading our way we will start with radar.
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here in philadelphia it is not pouring it is about to we will zoom in closer to show you the orange and yellow headed right in the city and in delaware county, down in wilmington, delaware. heavy downpours hit you already. basically right along i-95, heavy rain is coming our way, right now, so we are going to give you a six out of 10 in weather by the numbers today with bus stop buddy, rain gear , yoyo, it is national yoy o day. stop yoyoing around and get out the door because fog may slow you down. we are down to 2 miles visibility thanks to the rain moving through and it is getting wetter in olde city with 61 degrees. we are heading to a high of 67 , with showers and thunderstorms on and off throughout the day and tonight down to 53 degrees. bob kelly, good morning to you >> good morning, yo, yo, yoyo. >> good morning to you. on a tuesday, here's a example what we are dealing w live lot the schuylkill expressway.
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we are in the middle of a heavy downpour, we have a disable here off to the shoulder. big puddles. again so much rain in such a short period of time. drains are blocked. look at this guy going through it looks like log flum here on the schuylkill expressway and that example repeating itself all around the board, up and down the famous 95 corridor as sue likes to say or just said. ninety-five by cottman avenue. visibility getting knocked down and watch it at girard avenue again there is no shoulder. drains are locatedin the travel lanes. that is where we are seeing heavy ponding. on vine street expressway some heavy rain, watch it working your way through detours on the vine expressway. equipment problems on the market frankford line with 15 minute delays there delays on a lot of the regional rail line the first couple of trains out of the gate and yesterday's water main break in abington pushing everybody on the detour. 900 block of edge hill road, use easton road this morning.
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mike and alex, back to you. yesterday i didn't expect much from the cosby trial but boy i was wrong, um, first day >> they started out strong. steve keeley has a recap of what happened in the courtroom yesterday. >> reporter: i only get a minute so i cannot recap eight hours. i'll talk about day two and what we're expect to go day is not a witness but decision, from the judge after hearing arguments for and against allowing prosecution's next witness will deciding whether she's allow to testify and mother of kelly johnson who was witness number one here yesterday, who back in the 1990's was a young staffer at william morris talent agency when bill cosby was their biggest client and star. he took an interest in her calling her at home, even said erect mended doctors for a sick relative. had her and her family see them in las vegas. they put it on to demonstrate a pattern. they wanted to show what happened to the woman in 2004 that this trial is about
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happened previously to kelly johnson eight years before, and cosby invite heard to his bellaire mansion, gave her a large white pill but wouldn't tell her what it was. she tried to hide it under her tongue. he made sure she swallowed it. next thing she wakes up, her dress is hike up over her weigh, he is putting lotion, and having her touch his private parts. so she was too afraid to tell everybody, beside close family including her mother. we don't know yet but dot math , victim is now 55, her mother has to be close to cosby's age 79 and maybe she will be up next testifying today. we learned, for the first time hot prosecution may also call as a witness and that is a toxicologist who will say that the victim in this case, that this trial is about, had same symptoms, same effects that quaalude even though cosby maintained he gave her just benadryl. >> okay. just getting started and
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already big headlines. we will have a attorney to go over what happened yesterday as well. >> yes. >> philadelphia police are investigating a domestic dispute that turned deadly in hunting park. it happened in the 3,000 block of percy street. twenty-nine year-old hispanic man was transported to temple hospital where he later died. police say the 26 year-old suspect shot the victim multiple times and then ran out of the home with the gun still in his hand. police hope surveillance cameras in the area will help catch him. in mantua police are investigating a murder, they say a 56 year-old man was shot two times in the head, on the 600 block of north shedwick street. police found him on a nearby highway around 11:30 last night and died on his way to the hospital. authorities are asking anybody with any information to come forward on that case. developing this morning a germantown man who appears to be mentally challenged, punched in the face by two teens. police are trying to track
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down those teenagers in this video. >> sabina, what is going on here. >> reporter: first of all this video is so disturbing from a couple of different front. the victim said to be mentally disable and the alleged attackers are so young. they are just young kid. we want to warn you, of course this video is hard to watch. we did have to blur faces in the video but here take a look , here it is, it was posted on to facebook yesterday. it apparently shows the victim who again is believed to be mentally disabled surrounded by about four kid, the oldest of which could only be about young teens. the victim is punched twice. second time it appears he is trying to get away when kid follow him, right now we don't know identity of the victim or of his alleged attackers and one of the things that police are asking for help, from the public, with trying to figure out. we do know that the victim was wearing a i love jesus land yard around his neck and video was taken around chelten avenue in germantown. we don't know when video
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itself was filmed. back out here live one of the things we can't show you because we had to blur faces is sheer emotion on the victim 's face. at first he is smiling along with the kid, and then laughing with them, he doesn't realize that they are laughing at him until one of them sucker punches him and does his face fall and he has sheer terror as he tries to get away police need your though figure out hot part is in this video are. if you know anything call the philadelphia police, guys, back to you. >> a couple things, but a couple things how am i supposed to help you find these guys if we blur their faces, is it because they are teenagers? >> reporter: well, in the video there are some bystanders thaw can actually see so we do necessity there were people there who were watching this as it happened, in the video they actually looked like older teenagers, maybe an adult, so somebody who saw something will come forward. >> we have that. >> man who posted the videoy
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get that. >> that is not my question, how am i supposed to help you if i cannot see their face. >> reporter: problem is we have to blur video because kid are so young, that is crazy part about all this. also whoever posted the video we are hoping he comes forward as well. >> i'm just asking questions that the audience at home is probably wondering. another thing, how hard is it raining my god lets punch up radar sue said pockets of the downpours and split is, right over sabina. >> yeah, thank goodness she has an umbrella. >> wow. >> this is what we will be dealing with this morning. >> all right. >> sue will give us more updates where this rain is moving.
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this is a downpour. >> thinks trenton right now, raining right there too. >> trenton. >> that is what we will be dealing with this morning. sue will have an update. ten students thought they were going to harvard, but not anymore. what they posted on line, that led to the school, rebooking their acceptance. >> that ace great lesson for high school kid. he is out of the tree and
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in the wood, the young bear that spent a few days in bucks county, is, waking up in a safe place. we think. we have no idea where he is to tell you the truth. >> don't say that. >> he is off in the wood.
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heavy downpours moving through the philadelphia area as we speak. our man on the scene is mike jerrick and he is, gotten on our patio where it is pouring on your head or at lee above your head, right. >> i will be quiet. i'm under the new classic awning out here, listen. >> wow. >> okay. we're looking outside. this poor woman. she's getting drenched. umbrella is doing no good. okay, see, good idea. everybody watch bus stop buddy , earlier this morning. >> ahh. >> we are still looking at mike jerrick. >> there is no camera just my mike. >> just supposed to hear you. >> okay. >> that sounds bad. we could hear it. see it. now lets look at it on radar. we will zoom in the philadelphia area, every where you see orange, yellow where
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it is raining heavily. checking in a few neighborhood bustleton, lower moreland, cheltenham, heavier downpour. we will move down to delaware county, media, raining fairly hard there and then it is even heavier a locke minquadale in delaware in new castle county. right around christiana mall heavy downpours as well. we are moving through quickly. don't think that is the end of it. once these heavier downpours move through, we have some more rain, wrap around moisture from the system to our north, that is going to slowly exit the area, cloud continue to bother us on wednesday, sunni merges on thursday, and then we will start a warming trend after that. meanwhile, 2 miles visibility at philly international as rainfalls, very heavily and 61 . sixty's every where. it is going to stay in the 60 's all day, 67 degrees, with scattered showers, and 66,
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tomorrow, and 70 on thursday, upper 70's on friday, 80's on saturday and then 92. >> what? >> by monday. we will go seven days from the 60's to the 90's, and then you can hear music from all those areas from 101.1 more fm and you can hear our forecast from the weather authority all morning long on the radio. there you are, now, you survived it. >> turnaround for a second. i want to question the brand new awning we have out here. >> he is soak wet. >> we have a problem with the awning. >> here's an example of out front at fourth and market. lot at cars going through, boom. that is corner at bus stop, okay. imagine standing there waiting for the bus, waiting to cross, look at this here, this is the puddle is halfway out in the middle of the street. that is an example what we are talking about all this heavy rain coming down in just such a short period of time. lets check jam cams at 6:18.
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live look, 476, slower than normal speed, it is one of those yucky, you know, i'm thinking soup and grilled cheese kind of day. >> yes, please. >> you want some grilled cheese. >> is your wife home. >> honey, i'm coming home early. 6:19. ben franklin bridge slower than normal. look at wind too. not just heavy straight line rain but that rain coming at you sideways. no matter how big your umbrella is you will still get wet from the weigh on down. look at south jersey we have not seen heavy rain just yet but it is on the way. it is in olde city about ready to cross over the river into south jersey, tractor trailer accident, westbound, i78 right at exit for lehigh university an a accident north on the new jersey turnpike at exit number six, 15 minute delays on the market frankford line and scattered delays on septa's regional rail as again all weather related, mike and alex back to you. >> mom and daddy just got into
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harvard, all that hard work, money, i just got into harvard >> imagine announcing to your family and friend because it is harvard. >> yes. >> only to find out, nope you will not go there anymore because of something you posted, yeah. school officials gave 10 students accepted to to go to harvard the booth, shortly after they did this because they were found to be sharing offensive memes on social media. >> what a good lesson this is for all -- first of all, you look fantastic karen. >> thanks, mike. >> what happened? >> it remind me of risky business, do you remember that move which tom cruise, and i'll explain why in a minute. he thought wow go to an ivy hill college and then went to the state school. that may be what happened to these kid this he were accepted to the university, all blown opened by harvard crimson a student newspaper breaking the story. these are from the class of 2021 welcomed to a close facebook group to share
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interest and form friend. some created their own chat groups and that is where everything went wrong because they shared very inappropriate material making controversial powes on the official class of 2021 facebook page. investigators say they were sexually explicit, targeted ethnic groups, woman and mocked child abuse and even death. completely inappropriate. harvard official did his a review and they rescinded the acceptance of 10 of the incoming students because they found the post so bad and they did not want this reflect the larger community. spokesperson for the school said they do not comment publicly on admissions, status of applicants, harvard does have a clause that gives the university right to withdraw admittance if the incoming student engages in bad behavior that could reflect on the university certainly. so it appears that is what happened in this case. you guys will have a expert on to discuss this one, which is really interesting. >> i know some research i was looking at yesterday afternoon says about 40 percent of
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admissions directors, across america will check out your social media accounts. >> it doesn't stop there. when you graduate trying to get a job a lot of employers they are going through your pictures, your powes. >> wow. >> just a reminder. >> you hit 18, 19 you need to get rid of these, you know. >> yeah. >> or the won that don't put new a good light. i will speak to some students today who got a scholarship and they will hid out to college soon. >> bring that up. >> yes. >> make sure you watch what you post. if you have any suggestions for what i should tell them, advice. >> get rid of the twerking videos right now. >> busting out in a big way just days after talks of send ing this guy to triple a, odubel herrera does something at the bell that has never been done ever. we made history last night. well, i didn't. but phillies did. did he.
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good morning, i'm ron berk the eagles are holding their final round of otas and one thing coach is stressing quarterback carson wentz is making plays down field for having a better feel for is whatting on around him behind the line of scrimmage. >> pocket movement has been good in the drills, team drills, we have done, there is some specific things in this game there is a lot of pressure on the quarterback all the time. just subtle movement in the pocket are very important for the quarterback. >> phillies, first winning streak in atlanta to open up a nine game road trip, odubel herrera hits one deep to right , it is called a home run herrera has two home runs and six doubles in the last four games and first philly ever with two doubles in the first three games. predators up two-one in the second. diving pass toes victor arbi
6:27 am
son, they even series, game five thursday in pittsburgh. that is sports in a minute. this is ron berk. deadly ink what one man did days after getting a new tattoo his doctor say cost him his life. uh- i- [sound of wrench] [intricate guitar riff] [engine starts] [guitar continues]
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oh, man look at that little picture up on the box on the left. it is pouring, all over the place. it is a big thick band moving through philadelphia, and delaware valley right now. but we will see purple there. little bit of orange and purple. it is heavy, rain. when is it out of here. show of support on day one of the bill cosby sexual assault trial why rudy or keisha knight pulliam was there and where is his wife camille and who exactly is kelly johnson. we will answer those questions as we head in today number two >> we have a disgusting attack being shared on social media, what police are saying about this video appearing to show teens attacking a man with disabilities. i just looked at footage without the blurs, it is ridiculous. >> unbelievable that kid are out there doing this. >> good day, everybody it is tuesday june 6th, 2017. we have to get right to this
6:31 am
weather. i don't know if i have seen a downpour like this in a long time. >> it is starting to let up, already, it is fast and furious, as not a lot but it is letting up a little bit you see what it has left, big puddles on street corners. this will slow you down this morning as this heavy rain which we have watched a couple hours ago moved through lehigh valley is now here, in the philadelphia area. we will zoom in and see dark orange that is where heavy downpours headed toward you, mount laurel, and, woolwich, starting to get that heavy rain, down there, as well. so, it is moving through and don't think that we will be finished with rain when we are finished with this rain. oh, no. is there more lighter rain to come later in the day. heavy rain is here on this national yoyo day juggling lot this morning at the bus stop, 2 miles visibility at the airport. right now fog anyslightly fog ad reading, out there as well with all this moisture in the
6:32 am
aio fall, it is 61 degrees in philadelphia right now we are not going to get warmer with mostly day high7 degrees, much cooler then yesterday and tonight we are down to 53. evening showers as well. we will tell you when things get bright and warmerseven day , bob kelly. >> good morning. 6:32 on this tuesday, yucky start, already. southbound lanes of the blue route an accident here at saint david/villanova causing delays from mid county, a live look at northeast philadelphia k zones because like 925 at girard drainage grates are right there in the travel lanes. live look at the freeway, we have puddles, spray, half an hour delay alr idy-95, just over half an hour inbound on the schuylkill expressway, tractor trailer accident with the gang up in allentown westbound side for lehigh university, already delays at philly international
6:33 am
, check with the airline, it will impact arrivals and departures for rest of the morning and into the evening and then north on the new jersey turnpike an accident at exit number six, mike and alex, back to you. attack anded and that is what police say, happened to a man in germantown who appeared to have a mental disability. >> sabina, now police are looking for those teens. >> reporter: yeah, that is right they are trying to identify victim and i heard mike said he watched the video , and it is so much harder to watch when you can see emotion on the victim's face, as it is all happening. just a shock when the kid actual a allegedly hit him. so lets look at the video. it is disturbing to watch. it has been posted to facebook and been shared about 30,000 times. it shows a group of four kid surrounding a man who was said to be mentally disable.
6:34 am
one of the kid throws a punch, bewildered victim takes a step back, and he tries to leave but kid, actually follow him and another of the kid hit him again and whole time kid are surrounding him and laughing. now now police are calling this video disturbing. they want public's help in identifying the victim, the attackers and anybody there or who have information about what happened. again, the attackers here, alleged attackers, appear to be very young. oldest could only be a young teenager. so back here live that video was taken on chelten avenue in germantown. we are not sure when it was reported but it has gone viral and facebook and police want to find out exactly what happened. >> sabina i'm not trying to twist you in the knot but i have some question every time you have a report. the person that is video taping it, seems like he or she is part of the attack, the person video taping, it looks like they are a foot away from
6:35 am
the victim. >> reporter: yeah, it is hard to tell because video was posted to facebook but we did reach out to him yesterday, person who posted the video he says he wasn't one who took it he said that the victim is his friend. we don't know who took the video. >> how did he get it, there are so many questions here. >> exactly. >> he looks like he is video taping it for the other creeps >> yes, other people around too. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> all right. >> boy i wish we could knock out those blurs because they are so recognizable. they are laughing bit. while they are doing it. 6:35. suspect accused of attacking a man with cerebral palsy is back in police custody. does that sound familiar? just like story we just did. baker junior is in jail after being on the run for look at what he did. he was arrested two weeks ago for his, inn december event
6:36 am
incident, outside of that 7-eleven in west chester but authorities say he never showed up for court. why was he even out of jail? baker faces more charges. what a creep. 6:36. >> bill cosby is back in court today on charges that he drugged and sexually assaulted a woman more than a decade ago that woman andrea constand. >> um-hmm. >> all right. lets get more from steve, steve's in norristown at the courthouse. >> reporter: i will try to answer some of the questions you guys have teased now twice so we don't keep teasing viewers where was camille cosby his seven three-year old wife? why didn't we see her yesterday. it is all planned out, and strategy probably. ask ken rottweiler his thoughts on this but let me give you my thoughts as a 30 some year veteran of covering stories like this. just some straight knowledge here. that is likely for a reason. that doesn't mean she will not
6:37 am
be here after day one. number one she may be called as a defense witness. witnesses in trials are not allowed to sit in and watch other witnesses testimony beforehand. number two cosby's defense lawyer in his preplan, well thought out ahead of time opening statements and strategy may not have wanted her sitting behind bill when he was getting up in front of the jury to open up this whole trial and say cosby had multiple consensual sexual affairs with woman. he didn't want jurors to then just stare at camille for her reaction and have their mine on how bad of a husband he was and if he was an awful husband , awful human being and maybe did he this. maybe that is why she wasn't here. just likely, possibilities, not facts, just my thoughts because it is not just evidence and testimony but as i have learned from talking to lawyers for decade, it is carefully choreographed seating, who is on both defense and prosecution teams. the prosecution team, it wasn't kevin steel that gave opening it was an african-american assistant district attorney.
6:38 am
now the prosecution's opening statement told jury cosby was a sexual predator who used pills, constantly trying to gain trust and then would drug them and assault them when they were too weak, too helpless to stop them. they put a woman on who testified when she was 34, cosby assaulted her eight years before the victim in this trial was assaulted. the day ended with arguments over whether the prosecution can call the women's moth they are morning as the next witness to prove that the woman at least told people close to her cosby assaulted her after it happened, back in 1996 and she didn't just come forward, and the whole, you know, 60 woman who came forward one after the other as this story gained traction and publicity. cosby's defense wants to keep her from testifying and arguing. it would be hearsay. judge expected to rule soon after court gets underway for day number two. hopefully that answers your questios, back there, guys. >> thanks, steve. we will try to answer most of the questions with our attorney ken rottweiler coming up in a bit. a judge in delaware
6:39 am
sentenced two teenage girls in the school bathroom attack that left their classmate dead a 17 year-old girl is at juvenile facility for next three every six months. other girl is on probation for 18 months. case centered around amy joyner francis who died hours after the fight in april of last year. let's check on the rain again. could that be why nobody is at the polls. we will check them on our shot stand back. take a number. polls are opened in new jersey for today's primary election. this is a live shot from cherry hill, that ills the fire company, yes, number 22, on kings highway. the biggest race is for the state's next governor, six democrats, five republicans, hoping to replace chris christie when his term end. other races include state senate, assembly seats, the polls will close tonight at
6:40 am
8:00. maybe they are taking their time, they have until 8:00. they will wait. >> it is raining. >> yes, rain will clear. >> let's hope. >> admit it, did you even know it what's lex day, admit it, twitter. no, i'm not judging. >> no judging. >> there is a big nasty clean up after a large break in montgomery county. this is a 16 inches, it broke yesterday afternoon along 900 block of edge hill avenue, in abington, township sending water gushing into homes. oh, my goodness. main belongs to a private company aqua pennsylvania who hopes to have repairs done before noon. that will be tough. neighborhood is now under a boil water advisory until further notice. that is a gusher, my goodness, it is moving the car. >> or is the car backing up. >> is there somebody in there.
6:41 am
>> my gosh, yes. >> wow. >> i'd backed this thing up too. >> there is somebody in there. >> wow. >> i'm going to break up with alexa. >> no, not your alexa. >> where is she. >> you haven't given her much attention so i'm not surprised reason why i could not use her on the air because when would i say alexa, it would set it off right now. >> like dit just now. >> so i will break up with alexa today, coup the sad music but i have a replacement already just like in my personal life. >> is that how it goes. >> you know they like septa buses. >> this one. >> another one coming along. >> so i'm breaking up with alexa and found woman who will take her place. >> she getter be special because you love you some alex a. >> i sure did.
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goldman sachs was one of those companies whose illegal activity helped destroy our economy... vo: as a goldman sachs president, phil murphy made his fortune in a rigged system. now the jersey machine has lined up with murphy and his millions. leaders should stand for the people, not the political machine. as a prosecutor, at treasury, and as head of the brennan center, i've taken on the powerful - from the mafia, to the nra, to the dark money that poisons our politics. i'll be nobody's governor but yours.
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we are looking live at trenton new jersey, again, heavier rain, a mess for morning rush lot at spray coming up off everybody when we get to the street corner, be ready for the long jump up
6:45 am
and over the puddles here in center city. as we take a live look at a jam cams all over the place, abington, that video we showed you a few moment ago 900 block of edge hill road. traffic diverted on easton road, school buses, have a delay, as well, weather delays , already, philly international at both arrivals and departures not just here in philadelphia but these storms have straight line affecting airports in the new york area check with your airline through the day, it is not a morning issue. here's a live look at the, what are we looking at, this is i-95 southbound, approaching route 322, ab accident here, on the southbound lane and here's a live look at center city, vine expressway, ben franklin bridge extra heavy and crawl on the 42 freeway, heavy rain, that came through our area and rolled over center city impacting bellmawr and south
6:46 am
jersey, is there travel times in i-95 and schuylkill, already 40 minute delays on i9 and schuylkill. we have that tractor trailer accident, jackknife up here near i78 westbound, right at the exit for lehigh university how quick will this rain move out? suebias moving in 15. fast and furious describes the heavy downpours moving through at year all morning from northwest to southe east and the trek continues looking at orange and yellow now moving into new jersey, further inner to the state of delaware. so you can see around mount laurel, as bob just mentioned, gloucester, around woolwich, we will zoom into a couple neighborhood getting heavy
6:47 am
downpours. ram many wood, moorestown new jersey, heavy rain for you, green tree is about to get the very heavy rain and then salem county, salem i should say as well, and here we are in middletown delaware, raining heavily for you as well as townseven. this continues on and off throughout the rest of the day , maybe not as heavy as rain we are experiencing but still glummy, rainy through today and cloud will link inner to tomorrow. we will stay in the 60's today and tomorrow, and 70's on thursday when sun returns, upper 70's on friday and then we will head in the 80's for weekend, just in time for monday and we are talking 92 degrees from 67 today. >> wow. >> to 92. >> that is day i will start running again. >> yes. >> great day to start running. >> i said it minute turns 90.
6:48 am
>> yes. >> only if the cops are chasing me which is not impossible. >> i brought alexa back out again. right there. >> here is anthony. so alexa, alexa. >> it is not even working. i'm breaking up with you. fine. >> sorry. >> alexa i'm breaking up with you. >> say what? >> i'm sorry. >> say that one more time. >> i'm sorry. >> too bad. >> anthony mongeluzzi is here because there is a replacement for alexa. >> yes. >> relax. so, it is an apple product. >> what was the big apple thing everybody is all excited >> i need an extra cup of coffee i have a list of the list. they have announced so much. first day of their conference.
6:49 am
one thing you are talking about is home pod, now you will to have keep alexa until december because that is when new device is coming out. >> don't break up yet. >> until december. >> might want to apologize alexa. >> alexa, i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> no i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry i'm sorry. >> it looks like you will get back together, everybody is sorry. >> yes. >> so home poddies out until christmas. >> cool device. one thing that people are sad about it is $349. making it about double the price of alexa, it is expensive but it packs a powerful speaker, and -- >> why so expensive. >> it interfaces and turn on your lights, turn on, all sorts of different devices, fit is 92 on saturday, forget to put shaped down tell siri to put shade down if you have compatible products. so it is basically a full
6:50 am
blown automation system in the box that works with your i phone and it will revolutionize home music. it is very cool. >> plus for ladies out there it can have a male voice. >> new ios updates siri is not only going to have option for male voice but both voices will sound more human and not so robotic. >> siri sounded like a woman, didn't tom cruz have a kid >> okay, so siri have a different name. >> they didn't announce a new name but maybe man voice would be mike, that sound macho, maybe jerrick. >> what about karl. >> karl. >> yeah. >> karl. >> couple other things with siri. some people think it is creepy , it will get smarter. people bash siri, google doing much better job but in the reports i'm reading with siri will do to get smarter it will read through your notes and
6:51 am
browsing history, stuff like that. it will know, in the news, and different suggestions to you. apple is towing the line so it doesn't invade your privacy too much but they want siri to give you a better experience. >> it is like having a good friend that knows a lot about you. >> how do we know they are a good friend. >> alexa, i apologize for alex >> i'm sorry. >> she's sorry too. >> i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> alexa, alex is sorry, alex, alexa sorry. >> i'm sorry. >> okay. >> but they did debut a new operating system too. >> yes, ios11 is coming out, lots of new features. but let me give you a couple cool won. lets say me and mike make a bet and i win bet and i say mike, you owe me 20 bucks. siri being smarter and with the new ios you could hit a
6:52 am
button sending me $20 via apple pay. give someone a star bucks gift card that goes through there. safety feature, the phone can detect when you are driving and say listen, you're driving do you want me to put do not disturb on and auto text people back. nice safety feature. >> yes. >> hold on. >> do i to have give the permission to shut me down. >> yes. >> yes. >> you do it ahead of time, enable that feature. >> yes, exactly, shut off the phone and say we notice you are driving turn this off. >> do it in the set up. >> not every time you start this car. >> what was five you this dollars at this thing. >> imack, 5k monitor, $5,000, super powered system. there is your 10 seconds. >> you will not see that in my house. >> mike, once you go mack you will never go back. >> what has happened to you,al cigarettes macks are great.
6:53 am
>> okay. >> i went back. >> you did. >> i did. >> we will discuss at a commercial break. >> black berry... >> you are messing it up. >> i don't know. >> i got rid of my black berry >> i picked up an alexa. we're going to break. ped. uber pro-tip: buy delicious produce you don't need to chop at all. boom. summer made easy at amazing prices. only at giant.
6:54 am
donald tmeet phil murphy,by former goldman sachs bankers. another wall street banker running for governor, whose firm helped trigger the financial meltdown that put millions out of work and out of their homes. murphy's trying to buy the election, paying off new jersey bosses. my name's john wisniewski, and i'm running for governor of new jersey. john wisniewski, the son of a millwright, who uncovered the bridgegate scandal and exposed chris christie's corruption. the choice -- insider wall street politics or main street, new jersey, values.
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever.
6:56 am
well, we got a name here breaking news out of london british police have named the third london bridge attacker he is 22 years old. joseph zogba, other two suspects were identified yesterday, ra she had and kareem butt. all suspects were killed by police. london police say all 12 people being held as part of the investigation have been released. the attack happened saturday, seven people were killed, and 40 others were hurt, most of them still in critical condition. >> when we were reporting earlier about the two suspects one of them was known and on a list and people were saying that he seemed suspect but third person just announced associated press just tweeted
6:57 am
he was not on police or intelligence radar so this third london attacker, was not on the radar. >> i think guy butt was only one on their radar. well, so many questions after day one of the bill cosby trial. i had a couple questions, and alex and write talking about this, here he is coming out after the first day, his wife wasn't there, camille. but kelly johnson took the stand, that was a new name, for us, who is she and why was she on the stand and why was, rudy there.
6:58 am
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emotional testimony and show of support for bill cosby sexual trial. >> this is not the man i have ever seen or ever known hor me. >> how cosby reacted to his former co-star showing up, standing by hiss expected on dar two. disgusting video being social media. sucker punching a man with disabilities on a philadelphia street, how police are responding to these images. deadly ink what one man did just days after getting a new tattoo that doctors his lif.


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