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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 8, 2017 10:00pm-10:59pm EDT

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16-year-old girl hauled her off to a abandoned property. >> they sexually assaulted her. she somehow escaped. the search for her abductor social security now on. your news in 30 seconds. introducing fios gigabit connection. superfast internet at an incredible price. with speeds up to 940 megs. that's 20x faster than most people have. and, it's just $79.99 a month online for 1 year. and only $5 more per month for the second year. get fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv,
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hbo for 1 year and multi-room dvr service for 2 years. all with a 2-year agreement. switch now at live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at ten. good evening. we're following two breaking stories out of philadelphia right now. first, a 16-year-old girl snatched right off the street by men in ski masks. shoved into a car and then driven more than a mile away to abandoned building where police say she was sexually assaulted. incredibly she managed to escape and ran to a relative's house. we do have a crew headed to that scene. he'll have a life report in just moments. >> that's not all. wild scene at a shooting in north philadelphia. a lot of questions unanswered as of yet. fox 29's jennifer joyce live on the scene. jennifer, what is going on?
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>> reporter: good evening, lucy and iain. so we know that this is a deadly police involved shooting here on the 4200 block of whitaker street in juniata park. taking a life look at the scene, you can see police across the street there continuing their investigation. the shooting happened just after 6:30. we're told that an officer fired his weapon here on this block hitting a 30-year-old mail. the man was taken to temple hospital where he died. the shooting happened in the area of a restaurant. 30-year-old was on a bike when he and the officer got into some sort of exchange and the officer fired his weapon. police confirmed the suspect was armed with a gun which was recovered here at the scene. detectives have been combing the area for evidence. the crime seen unit was also here. detectives were walking in and out of that restaurant across the way. again, still details coming out on this case. but we do know that a 30-year-old male was killed in an officer involved shooting that happened around 6:30.
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lucy and iain? >> jennifer, thank you. a lot of people were glued to their computer or tablet or tv to witness history as fired fbi director james comey with much anticipated and dramatic testimony on capitol hill. >> ♪ do you solemnly swear to felt truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you god? >> i do. please be seated. >> now here's the question. you're big, you're strong. i know the oval office and i know what happens to people when they walk in. there is a certain amount of intimidation, but why didn't you stop and say, mr. president, this is wrong? i cannot discuss this with you? >> that's a great question.& maybe if i were stronger, i would have. hung up hadn't to call my wife and break a date with her. i was supposed to take her out to dinner that night and -- >> that's one of the all-time
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great excuses for breaking a date. >> in retrospect i love spending time with my wife. i wish i had been there that night. [ laughter ] >> comey said the sitting president of the united states lied. >> and said this moment is not a witch hunt, not fake news about protecting the country. >> do you solemnly swear to felt truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you god. i do. >> under oath and no longer under wraps. >> it's my judgment that i was fired because of the russian investigation. comey game out of the gate at this senate intelligence committee hearing with glance blazing clearly he what happened to set the record straight about number of things including his firing. >> the administration then chose to defame me and more importantly the fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray. that it was poorly lead, that the work force had lot of confidence in its leader.
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those were lies plain and simp simple. >> president trump made comey uncomfortable. reportedly comey tried to blend into the curtains of the blue room during a reception after the inauguration. got call out. >> then pulled in for unreciprocated hug and a whispered message. >> what the president whispered in my ears was i really look forward to working with you. >> comey felt so uneasy about the relationship especially the usual one-on-one meeting he started takely copious notes. >> i was concerned he might lie about the nature of our meet eyeing thought it report to document it. >> so why if he was so uncomfortable didn't he say anything democratic senator diane weinstein pressed him. >> it's a great question. maybe if i were stronger i would have. i was so stunned by the conversation that i just took it in. >> comey more about carefully chosen words than shoot from the hip tweets like this one. from president trump saying --
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james comey better hope that there are no tapes of our conversation before he starts leaking to the press! >> look, i've seen the tweet about tapes. i hope there are tapes. >> the president is not saying word. not this time around. >> mr. president, any reaction to comey's testimony? >> thank you. >> any reaction? >> do you think he toll the truth. >> his personal attorney stepped into the spotlight instead taking on russian influence and investigation into the president himself. >> mr. comey has now finally confirmed publicly what he repeatedly told president trump privately, that is, that the president was not under investigation as part of any probe into russian interference. other key moments from the hearing comey testified he felt pressured by the president to end his investigation into fired nsa director michael flynn. he leaked his own memo to a friend who gave it to a reporter hoping to spur the appointment of a special prosecutor.
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and neither republicans nor democrats came outlooking great. comey testified that he felt pressured by the clinton campaign and the obama white house on the fbi investigation into her e-mails. aside from comey's testimony itself one of the biggest things that people are focusing on is senator john mccain's line of questioning where he just seemed off. >> but you reached the conclusion that there was no reason to bring charges against secretary clinton so you reached a conclusion in the case of mr mr. comey, you -- president comey -- >> no, sir. >> in the caves president trump. >> the senator says nothing is wrong. he was just up late watching a diamondbacks game. something he says he will not do again before really big day. >> also knew tonight the justice department is now saying why attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the russian investigation. sessions stepped aside back in march only because he was involved in president trump's
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campaign. this statement comes hours after comey testified saying he knew of several reasons why it would be bad for sessions to stay involved. there are reports tonight that he told senators this afternoon's closed hearing about a possible third meeting sessions had with russians during the 2016 election. now to story you'll see only on fox tonight. a wilmington charter schoolteacher is under investigation by police for the assault of a student a fifth grade girl. >> tonight we know the school has fired that teacher. chris o'connell is live at east side charter school in wilmington with the details you'll only see on fox. chris. >> reporter: lucy, ten-year-old girl tells me she is too scared to finish up her final three days at fifth grade here at east side charter school in wilmington. too upset still recovering from injuries she claims came at the hands of her own teacher. wearing a sling on her arm, ten-year-old lee ara lynch
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describe he was she was roughed up by one of her teachers at wilmington s east side charter school. >> he was pulling my arm and, um, yanking me everywhere and then i sat in the hallway. i cried to myself. >> reporter: the little girl says she was in the principal's office tuesday when she got to her classroom three minutes late. without a note she says her teacher refused to let her in class. when she tried to walk through the door to class a few minutes later, she said the 27-year-old male teacher picked her up and slammed her against the bulletin board. >> he picked me up in the air off my feet and he took me out in the hallway and he pulled me, um, by bulletin and slammed my head on it. >> reporter: her mother says it was her daughter not the school who told her about the incident. >> i feel sick though, very sick to my stomach. >> reporter: she took her daughter to the emergency room of ai dupont hospital for treatment of a bruised elbow. she then went right to wilmington police who are now investigating including
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reviewing the school's surveillance video of the incident. the school tells us that teacher who was only with the school since january has now been fired. in a statement to fox 29 the ceo says, east side charter school recognizes that a positive learning environment is necessary for students to learn an chief high academic standar standards. we make all of our decision with this in mind ". >> she deserves her education. she don't deserve to be swung around like a rag doll at ten years old. this is a traumatic experience. >> reporter: now we tried reaching out to that fired teacher for a comment by phone and in person. our calls have not yet been returned. fox 29 is not identifying that teacher because criminal charges have not been filed. but a source is telling me tonight those charges could come as soon as tomorrow. iain? >> all right, chris, thank you. happening now, sickening story out of southwest philadelphia. a one-year-old boy found dead in a home.
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his body bruised and with signs of sexual assault. the man behind it, police say his step dad. fox 29's shawnette wilson reports from philadelphia police headquarters. >> it is sad. it's sad it really is. >> reporter: neighbors are in disbelief over what police say happened to a one-year-old boy on their street his stepfather is in custody and facing charg charges. diane williams was sitting on her steps around 5:00 o'clock yesterday when emergency crews showed up. >> they pulled the baby output it in the ambulance and i thought the baby was going to be all right. >> reporter: police were called to this home on the 1700 block of south conestoga street in southwest philadelphia for an unresponsive child. investigators say when they got there, a 24-year-old man who says he's the boy's stepfather led them upstairs where the child was on the floor and didn't have a pulse. he was pronounced dead a half hour later at chop. where police say a doctor discovered multiple bruises on the boy and signs of sexual assault. >> i thought the baby would have been all right.
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until they put the yellow tape out we just started. everybody started crying. >> reporter: thursdy a city worker showed up at the house. soon after, a group of people who maybe neighbors say were renting rooms in the house arrived to move out their belongings. a man and woman who did not want to talk on camera told me they owned the house but that someone had been squatting there and renting the place after they moved out. neighbors say they didn't know the man charged but they say the mother had been living there for about six months. >> always holding the baby. i know she loved that baby. i know she did. report roar the boy's stepfather is facing a list of charges including attempted murder, aggravated assault and rape. reporting outside police headquarters, shawnette wilson, fox 29 news. neighbors here two little boys screaming out their window for help. these two? their parents. cops say in the bathroom on heroin and when cops show up all those kids can do is hold on to the officer's legs and cry. heartbreaking. see these flames. started by a guy lighting fireworks so say police.
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two homes on fire and a couple of cars, too.
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>> heartbreaking and terrifying sight for two young brothers. one of them is barely old enough to talk. they found their parents unconscious from an overdose. >> sadly the parents were not the only overdoses in town that day. fox 29's dave kinchen is live at upper darby with the story. dave? >> reporter: iain, police see a lot of things but here in upper darby this case officers tell me under scores the seriousness of the heroin epidemic. >> somebody help me, please! help me! >> desperate cries of four-year-old boy from back
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window worried for his parents unconscious from heroin overdoses in upper darby. >> can you please help me. my mommy and daddy are lock in the bathroom. can you help me? i said they're in the bathroom. >> that boy and his one-year-old brother had their neighbor to answer his call with a call to 911 stepping officers rushing to the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. >> one-year-old and four-year-old grabbed the officers leg crying help, please help, please help. >> police say they struggled to open the bathroom door where they found 32-year-old sean and his girlfriend sandra with drugs all over. >> a couple syringes and bent spoon, ten bags, three of which had been opened. >> reporter: far cam brought the parents back around while neighbors cared for the boys. >> we fed them. we washed and bathed them because little baby needed his diaper change. they're both two innocent little children. live just beginning for those kids, you know. you just want to keep them out
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of that. you don't want them to get depressed or sad. >> the addiction over comes everything. the addiction is more powerful than love of your children. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: police superintendent michael chitwood says the parents were among five overdoses in the day wednesday with the children having the most to lose. >> this is a perfect example of destroying the family. destroying the family these kids don't have a chance. >> reporter: parents are now facing numerous drug charges& their boys in the care of extended family. >> they played with their kids they take them to the park. they do good things with their children. excellent parents. except for what's going on. >> reporter: well, neighbors and parents are really hoping that those parents can get the help that they need. meantime, police tell us that here in the last two years they've used narcan to save more than 200 people. iain? >> dave, thank you. the family of a six-year-old who was shot in the head middle of the day is talking to night.
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the familiar of the little boy released a statement, jay sean is very strong and courageous child and proving this by the seconds. he was shot on tuesday around 12:30 in the afternoon while his mom with his mom along the 700 block of east sixth street in wilmington. the family also thanked the community for their love and support through this most difficult of times. a paternity now offering $4,000 for any information on who set this house on fire. several members of the fraternity at rowan university lived at the home on hamilton road in glassboro. officials have ruled it arson and it happened back on may sixth. any information leading to arrest and conviction could get you the money. fireworks and then fires and tonight police arrest add man behind a big one in morrisville, bucks county. prosecutors say abraham akita admits he set off fireworks near this home on the 500 block of stevens road this past weekend. police say he was with three other guys. he caught -- they caught him the next day when firefighters
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responded to another fire in town also started with firewor fireworks. now, this fire spread to two homes as well as cars in the driveway but no one is hurt. another day under wraps for the indecent assault trial of comedian bill cosby. >> the jury got to hear from the legendary entertainer just not from the witness stand. fox 29's bruce gordon explains. >> reporter: there seems little doubt the public reading of the transcript of bill cosby's interview with cheltenham police a year after his alleged indecent assault was humiliating to the man once known as america's dad but will it help or hurt... >> obviously we have technical issues with that bill cosby story from our bruce gordon. hopefully we can get that back up and running for you and bring it now a little bit. more on the days news. after years of arguing in harrisburg, lawmakers finally
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come together and have passed what some are calling historic revamp of the state's pension system it's called a hybrid plan gives teachers and state workers hired after 2018 a pension that is half guaranteed benefits and half 401k style invests vestments. if they want they can go all in the 401k. it cuts benefit force new state employees. it doesn't change the pensions before employees hurried before 2019. it crush the states ability to pay its bill since 2011 we sat down with golf nor wolf yesterday he's got his pen ready to sign this into law saying it's crucial to the future of pennsylvania's fiscal health. >> the expense is going to be there for awhile. you know, till 20 -- i'd like to be governor in 2037 the expenditures for the state will go down by billions of dollars. so a big chunk of this is the pension. >> supporters of the new pension plan say it had lawmakers from both sides of the aisle actually working together to make this
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happen. something they say harrisburg hasn't witnessed in years. attacks on people with disabilities. some lawmakers are saying enough is enough. so they're taking action to take down those who would do such horrible thing. ♪
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>> early police reports say someone shot a dog on unruh avenue tonight. details are still coming in. we do not know how that dog is
10:23 pm
doing or why someone shot it. happening now, tonight local officials are saying that enough is enough in the wake of some recent crimes. >> two pennsylvania lawmakers want stiffer penalties for criminals who attack people with disabilities. fox 29's joanne pileggi has that story from west chester. >> reporter: it's evidence like this in stories like this that make many wonder about humanity. >> i think there has to be stronger penalties for creating such horrendous crimes. >> reporter: audrey, watched the videos in horror. she's the head of a non-profit in philly that helps people with dissables and their families. she also has an adult child with ace doubles. audrey's concerned the perpetrators will get off with slap on the wrist. >> we don't need disabled people or people with disabilities living in fear of being targeted and that's how it is today. it needs to come to a stop and we need to be able to prosecute these people with the full force of the law.
10:24 pm
>> reporter: state rep becky corbin and state senator tom killian and chester county da tom hogan introducing new legislation that expands hate crime law in pennsylvania to include people with dissable. >> this law would give prosecutors and the police a tool. a tool to punish appropriately these predators who pick on these most vulnerable victims. >> raise the maximum sentence from two years to five years which will send a clear message a clear message, to the community. we will not tolerate this type of behavior. >> reporter: while it wouldn't necessarily impact these two recent cases state lawmakers hope to fast track this legislation. in west chester, joanne pileggi, fox 29 news. check your bank accounts. these guys hit up atm's all across our area. and they are getting your information. ♪
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sallie mae can help you find the money you need. following breaking news right not. men in ski masks grab a 16-year-old girl off the street, throw her into a car and then drive her to abandoned property where they sexually assaulted her. fox 29's shawnette wilson is live near that property in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood. shawnette, this is just scary. >> reporter: yeah, a frightening trail of events here iain that started we're told at 7:00 o'clock tonight. philadelphia police say that a 16-year-old girl says that three men wearing ski masks grabbed her from near orthodox and trenton avenue through her in the back of a car and then drove here on the 1300 block of folk rod where she tells police they took her inside abandoned building or some sort of a house and sexually assaulted her. now during this whole ordeal somehow the girl managed to get away. she got to a relative's house
10:29 pm
where they called police tomorrow night police have not made an arrest in this incident still interviewing the victim and gathering details. not a good description of them because again the three men we're told were wearing ski mask all we know is that they were in a small black car. so, again, the victim a 16-year-old girl here tonight who says that she was grabbed from the street by three masked men and sexually assaulted. we'll bring you more as we get it. >> iain. >> shawnette, thank you. in north philadelphia a deadly officer involved shooting that happened on the 4200 block of whitaker avenue. an officer reportedly fired his weapon at a 30-year-old man. he later died at the hospital. police confirm that the man was armed with a gun although it's not clear exactly what led to the shooting. mr. president, any reaction to comey's testimony? any reaction at tall. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> do you think he toll the truth to the senate? >> president trump stayed mum on the testimony of former fbi director james comey during an event at the white house today. fox's karo behind shive system right in the thick of it all.
10:30 pm
what a day, caroline. president not quick on the draw when it comes to twitter today or when it came to answering questions about comey's hearing. >> reporter: you're right. a few days ago we thought he would be tweeting his rebuttal to comey-during the hearing that did not happen. the white house seemed to pack his schedule full with other events during the day. you know who was tweing was president trump, jr., defending his father a lot of what comey said during this hearing was he would up four things from mr. trump said. mr. trump hinted what he wanted. donald, jr., tweeting today, when my father orders or tells you to do something there's no ambiguity. you'll know exactly what he means. there was a donald trump on twitter today just not the president. >> this is true. now, when it comes to defending the administration tonight, the spotlight actually landed on trump's personal lawyer versus, say, other republicans. >> reporter: yes, that's interesting, because sometimes in these cases you have the republicans rush to their side to their guy.
10:31 pm
but even the republican head. senate intelligence committee senator burr said we believe comey toll the truth. that is a huge statement. you don't see a lot of backers and it was president trump's perm lawyer who went out and said comey admitted he leaked. so we think there should be an investigation into that. to see if that's illegal. >> yeah. absolutely. you know one of the things like marco rubio was talking about he's open to the possibility of looking more into an obstruction of justice thing. i mean it's really interesting to watch how this is playing out in the fallout here, caroline. >> reporter: yes. comey was pressed on that again and again by marquis rubio by diane feinstein, do you think this is obstruction of justice that's the key question in this case. was eight crime? he would not answer that. comey would not take the bait. he said that's up to the special counsel robert mueller. >> all right. caroline shively live in washington, d.c. thank you so much for the insight as always. >> reporter: you bet. today's comey hearings may have been the most anticipated
10:32 pm
commercial grilling since those oliver north in hangs toes take if you wanted to watch them in good company with an add dull beverage you got a good friend in hank. here he is. ♪ >> drinking heineken that's all i drink. heineken and gray goose. >> reporter: it's hank i'm down at scott pee's bar.& everybody is watching the comey hearings. my take is, only one way to watch this stuff. >> i'm having a budweiser like did you. >> drinking white zinfandel. >> reporter: those comey hearings dragged on, didn't they. if they made you want to drink you were far from a loan especially if you didn't thing any good would come of it. >> they going to swipe under the road. >> exactly. >> like they usually does scott pee's was quite when i walk in. all eyes on the tv but soon the hearings and a little liquid refreshment got things cooking. >> i should be your next president. united states. i'll tell them what to do. >> reporter: does comey seem like a trustworthy dude.
10:33 pm
>> no. >> you don't trust him either. >> no. i don't trust none of them. they're full of crap. >> reporter: is trump in any kind of trouble? >> maybe down the line. not right now. because they got to get more evidence. >> reporter: i didn't want to leave. >> good to see you. ladies. >> have a great evening. >> be safe. >> reporter: people were watc watching from bar rooms all over town like milk boy in center city. >> what do you do to making watching the hearings easier? >> i got a bloody mary and a burrito. >> what rather see more washington interested in the truth than in winning the politically. >> it seems hyper partisan much it's hard to hide the partisan nature of something like this. you have to watch it's your job. >> i fell like it's our duty to be involved and see what's going on. >> reporter: hard to tell what if anything was accomplish those who love the president are claiming victory on twitter but so are those who can't stand h him. i don't drink as much as i used to but if the politics keeps on like this, i'll see you at the
10:34 pm
bar. i'm hank and that's my take. so did he have a bud or not? >> kind of thinking he might have. people from across the nation a lot of people took the day off. >> yeah. >> to actually watch this. >> watch this rivetting testimony. >> history in the making. >> and it was rivetting. >> it was. >> my goodness gracious. scary night for 7eleven cashier this man walked in, point add gun, demandd cash. then started hitting the today cashier in the face with a gun late tuesday night. he got away with cash. dozens cigarette lighters. police are hoping to catch him before he strikes again. another day in the books for bill cosby in his indecent sexual assault trial. today jurors got to hear from the entertainer himself even though he wasn't on the stand. detective read cosby's interview from 2005 with tell cheltenham police a year after prosecutors say he assaul assaulted condreya constand. he claims their relationship was
10:35 pm
social and sexual. he did admit giving her one and a half benadryl tablets to quote relax her. >> naked and walking down the street. that's what deputies in florida encountered when they went out to check out a car crash. >> come here. yo! hey! >> reporter: marion county deputy kipp peterson was on the look out for a man involved in a crash on 441. instead he found this. >> what's deal, man. come over here. that's fine. come over here. right here in front of my car. >> yeah. >> what's the deal, man? why are you naked? >> reporter: andrew humphries strutting down the side of the road in his birthday suit. >> were you in that accident up the road there? >> reporter: humphries walks away then off camera deputies say he tried to get into driver's seat. >> why would you try to open up my driver's door? are you kidding me dude. >> reporter: deputy peterson slaps the cuffs and puts him in the back of the car. >> normal people in their normal
10:36 pm
mind aren't going to open up the front drivers to's side of a police car. in addition to that you are absolutely naked, my man. another thing not normal. >> reporter: apparently he wasn't happy with that. >> what's that? [ inaudible ] >> stop! deputies say he buffed the handle, kicked in the door, all in all, doing $1,000 in damage. >> there were some reports that he relieved himself on that door as well. clearly something was going on with that guy. >> yeah. possibly drugs. possibly, yeah. >> with what these police have to deal with. if you have a bank account with first trust i want to you listen up these guys are wanted for putting skimming devices on first trust atm's throughout the area. this photo is from june 1st at bank on second street pike in southampton bucks county. they also wanted for putting skimmers on atm's in doylestown,
10:37 pm
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business. the change comes as 8us states have launched right to repair bills aimed at prioring open the tightly controlled repair network of apple and other high tech manufacturers. a coalmine in western pennsylvania that president trump recently talk about has officially opened. president trump mentioned the acosta mine when announced his plans to pull the u.s. out of the paris climate accord. it's in free dense about 70 miles outside of pittsburgh. it's expected to generate up to 100 full-time jobs. >> hopefully the industry stays on the up rise here and, upping, all the guys that work here, you know, appreciate having the opportunity to have a job number one, and everybody is kind of excited to open a new one outpatient. >> president trump has pointed the opening of new coal proof that deregulation is bringing jobs to the industry. wiping out unemployment in the african-american community. leaders say one solution is simple. it's one card.
10:42 pm
so why is it so controversial? >> all right. we just keep climbing, kathy. finally heat and a lot of it. >> um-hmm. i'll say. we're talking about days, iain. days in the 90s and it's coming up this weekend. we'll talk about how long the heat wave will last and how hot it's going get. ♪
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>> unemployment violence and a lack of hope are all too common problems in communities across the delaware valley. in many neighborhoods it often comes down to people with creative even controversial solutions to address the problems. >> today our bill anderson talked to group trying to hold themselves accountable for goodness sake. ♪ in the white community a dollar stays in their community for 19 days. in our community, it's only circulated for six hours. one quarter of a day. so i get a paycheck at 12:00 o'clock on a friday, by 6:00 o'clock on friday, that money has left the african-american community. >> reporter: their stories almost every day about crime and violence in inner cities but not nearly as many about solutions. so now one group believes that at least one solution is african-american community owning our challenges and the responsibility to address them. >> according to a study, unemployment in the black community is wiped out if we just spend 9% of our dollars
10:46 pm
with black businesses. >> reporter: michael rasheed is part of a group call the philadelphia community of leaders. the group believes that at the core of many problems in african-american communities is money. the i buy black card is one solution they came up with. >> this i buy black card is -- was taken from a movement that's going on in detroit and other cities around the country. >> reporter: go to the website buy the card and receive discounts at participating black opened businesses. the owners of omega optical one of the 300 current businesses told me the benefits are pretty obvious. >> if we get more customers coming in we can earth definitely hire more people within the community. >> reporter: looking at the diversity in their store it's clear they don't view the i buy black card being anti black. >> it's not racial. i'm trying to -- as a black community we don't spend dollars amongst ourselves the way other cultures do. >> reporter: so far about 1500
10:47 pm
cards have been sold there is the criticism that comes from some who see singling out specific races as divisive. dr. chad lassiter he thinks they missed the point. >> the argument becomes if somebody had a buy one card put a sign up in their window that i support white businesses, there would be problem. >> you dammed if you do, dammed if you don't. you're just plain dammed. now what you have criticism. when you don't do for yourself, they're just welfare kings and queens and looking for hand outs. >> reporter: community of leaders believe money means jo jobs, jobs reduce crime. criticism or not, their up tensions are to do this for goodness sake. i'm bill anderson. today atlantic city mayor don guardian cut the ribbon to officially reopen the boardwalk between rhode island and oriental avenue. the $5 million project includes
10:48 pm
new handrails, lights and some seaing areas. the next part of the rebuild will extend beyond the avenue and add new bulk heads as well as sea wall. on your radar tonight calling all beach goers since you're talking about the beach, iain much this is your time. temperatures will climb into the 90s just in time for the weekend and kathy orr has your forecast in 15 seconds much temperatures soaring into the 80s tomorrow in the philadelphia area. down the shore in ocean city, we'll be in the upper 70s. we still have that easterly wind it becomes westerly tomorrow. you want that land breeze especially down the shore. the temperature is 59 in the city. 72 the high for the day still winds out of the east northeast at 5 miles an hour. we have a mini moon tonight and tomorrow night. so if you get to see it,
10:49 pm
consider yourself lucky. it's a little bit smaller than usual. the moon is the far nest point in orbit away from the earth. 14% smaller in the sky than when we have the super moon kind of the opposite and this moon also known as the strawberry moon. our native american indians named it that because it's perfect time of the season to pick strawberries makes perfect sense. right now our temperature is 59. 56 in shore the ocean waterdegrees. temperature 62 degr that northeasterly wind city. sea isle 57. 55. not much difference between the shore and that northeasterly wind. ere.e'll be seeing things h low pressure moving further away to the north skies tomorrow. high temperatures in the 80s hih pressure building in and creating a sunnyd the rain. we're above average in rainfall and noweal of sun.
10:50 pm
overnight tonight low te the 50s open up the windows let that fresh air to get much hotter around here the high cits much winds out of the west five to 10 mer whipped for us. and a few days away we'll see southwest. suddenly it will feel like summer not just 80s chasing record warmth as we looe knife. tuesday the heat will turn dangerous and serious around 100 on your seven day forecast from the sunday 91. monday 95. wednesday 90 degrees our secont. thursdayot out there, wrapping p their third week of ota's. see a guy to do anything to get an to win their second series in a
10:51 pm
row tin chance late in the game. see if they next in sports.
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
tonight the phillis have chance to win their second series in a row. i know that sounds really basic but that's a huge thing for a team that went in entire month without winning one. they won the first two games of four-game set with the braves they tried to finish this thing out with a dud tonight. fills down one. matt kent hits one deep to center. this ball would ricochet off the wall and that would basically allow a runner to come home and the braves would take two-zero lead. in the bottom of the fifth braves starting to add some more runs. hit up the middle and look at that. a due bell herrera with the throw gets him out at second but later on a due bell not doing so well in the outfield. misplays a ball that goes over his head. that would add run. phils go on to lose three-one splitting series two-two. to the eagle. voluntary workouts end this week. it will be mandatory next this guy behind me trying to get in
10:55 pm
the building any way he can. former northeast high school grad rashaun sliyh stood outside the novacare complex for hours hoping to get a shot. >> i'm a receiver talent with amazing hands. i'm not boasting. i've been known to have amazing hands. give me the opportunity to show you and i guarantee i'll be one of the secret stories that philadelphia may need and potentially looking for. i really do know for a fact i can do this team some good. i just want an opportunity to do so. >> give him a shot, dug bee p. why not what do you have to lose. >> to the nba finals it was lit last night. best game in the playoffs by f far. lebron james came up short in the end. i'm sorry to say it. i know he tried hard. i know he's tired. i know ethos carry the entire team on his back but if orgeat lead at the end of the game, you have to keep it. but instead it was kevin durant who did all the closing. kd with this clutch go ahead game winning three last night.
10:56 pm
that was ballgame. look at that shot. just kahunas right there. that's the series. warriors were able to come back on the road big time victory. nothing that feels better than that. >> opportunities for you to try to copy your exposure as the road team. you know, if you have the opportunity to step you and make a big shot, have confidence in it. that change in atmosphere is really fun as road team when you're able to get over that hump like we did last night. >> let's show love to little women's soccer. why not, right? usa taking on sweden in a friendly rose labelle with the goal and the us wins, one-zero we never show any love to soccer i just want to do. >> we need to. >> lucy what's coming up at 11. >> big show. tell was. a lot of breaking news tonight. and this is out of juniata park. one man is dead after police opened fire on him. police are still combing the
10:57 pm
area for all kinds of evidence. our jennifer joyce is live at the scene. also, a teenaged girl abducted and sexually assaulted so we've got those stories plus of course your weather in the first five minutes. we'll see you right back here in just couple. ♪ are allergies holding you back? break through your allergies. try new flonase sensimist allergy relief instead of allergy pills. it's more complete allergy relief in a gentle mist experience you'll barely feel. using unique mistpro technology, new flonase sensimist delivers a gentle mist to help block six key inflammatory substances that cause your symptoms. most allergy pills only block one. and six is greater than one. new flonase sensimist changes everything.
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11:00 pm
first at 11 we're on top of two breaking stories. delyin juniata park. but first a girl kidnapped sexually assaulted and h out th. i'm lucy noland. police are on the hunt for thes. fox 29'sso is live in frankford. shawnette. ents ago i just saw police car kind of circle this block much this happen atight and as of right now, still no arrests have been made in happened to a 16 year old girl reports that three men weari frd trenton avenue again around 7:0r here to tf folk rod. we're told there is


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