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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  June 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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first at 11 we're on top of two breaking stories. delyin juniata park. but first a girl kidnapped sexually assaulted and h out th. i'm lucy noland. police are on the hunt for thes. fox 29'sso is live in frankford. shawnette. ents ago i just saw police car kind of circle this block much this happen atight and as of right now, still no arrests have been made in happened to a 16 year old girl reports that three men weari frd trenton avenue again around 7:0r here to tf folk rod. we're told there is abandoned home on this street.
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the girl that the three guys took her inside and sexually assaulted her eventua eventually get away she member'. she call police. she was treated there at the family night no arrests made just yet. police a description of them at all because, again, they were wearing black ski mask all we know they were also in a small black vehicle. lucy, that's the latest from where we are. back to you. >> got to get them off the streets right away. thank you shawnette. another breaking story in juniata park police say an officer fired his gun and killed a man. that man was in his 30s and police say he was armed, too. detectives are right now trying to piece together this whole thing. jennifer joyce live at the scene. jennifer? >> reporter: lucy, good evening. police tell thus they did recover that 30-year-old man's begun from the scene here on the 4200 block of whitaker street. the shooting happened just after 6:30 tonight. an officer fired his weapon here on this block hitting a 30-year-old mail.
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the man was taken to temple hospital where we are told he died. the shooting happened in the area of this restaurant. police say the 30-year-old was on dirt bike a police officer on routine patrol pulled him over because he was driving erratically. the officer was in the mill of transporting witnesses to the police special victims unit. those people are now witnesses to two incidents. police say the witnesses watched as the officer frisked the man on the bike and felt a gun on him. police say disregarding the officer's commands the man pull out his weapon at that point the officer fired his gun. the man was shot at least one time. he collapsed and later died. so police confirm again the suspect was armed with a gun which was recovered from the scene. we saw a short timing a police did transport that dirt bike away from the scene. it's now another piece of evidence as they continue to look into this case. lucy? >> all right, thank much, jenny. such busy night. another breaking story this
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north philadelphia this involving gunshots yet again. skyfox over 25th and lehigh early reports somebody has shot a man in the head. we don't have much more information right now. because police aren't talking. they're busy trying to figure out what's going on here. as soon as we find out, we'll bring it to you. history in d.c. with nation watching. james comey the private citizen returned before lawmakers. president trump fired the fbi director in may of course. comey has been itching to get his side of the story out and today he did just that in front of the senate intelligence committee in pack room. he all but called president trump a liar. >> although the law required no reason at all to fire an fbi director, the administration then chose to defame me and more important thely fbi by saying that the organization was in disarray, that it was poorly lead, that the work force had lot of confidence in its leader. those were lies plain and simp
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simple. >> the historic testimony lasted more than two hours. comey says in his judgment the president fired him because of the fbi's investigation into russia and its role in meddling us election. the former fbi director says mre conversation told comey he quote needed loyalty. trump's personal attorney denies that. >> the president also never told mr. comey "i need loyalty. i expect loyalty ". he never said it in form and he never said it in substance. >> the president's attorney says that mr. trump never directed nor suggested to comey to stop investigating anyone including former national security adviser michael flynn. tonight the justice department said attorney general jeff sessions recused himself from the russian investigation only because he was involved in president trump's campaign and in closed hearing with lawmakers tonight comey according to some reports talk were you possible third meeting with sessions that
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he had with the russians during the 2016 campaign. the comey trump russia saga captured our nation' attention much more on this historic moment on our website of course across the country watch parties for comey's testimony and a confusing exchange between senator john mccain and the former fbi director. mccain later clarified the important point he was trying to make and blamed the confusion on late night of watching the diamondbacks. at one point comey said he had to skip a dinner date with his wife to meet with trump one-on-one it's all on fox29.c on your radar. it is only up from here. live look at wildwood. you know, beach isn't a place place to head this weekend heat wave right in front of us and just in time fort weekend. meteorologist kathy orr is here. kathy, we're talking 80s then the 90s. >> then 90s down the shore lucy we're talking about 70s tomorrow and then the 80s i think i'm going to head down for the day. wildwood looking good busy
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everyone has jackets on. this guy has shorts on but for the most part some jeans and jackets required. because temperatures are only in the 50s down the shore and even in philadelphia. it's 58 in the city. the high today 72. still seeing that easterly wind component that's going to keep it cool tonight changes are underway tomorrow. 60 degrees in reading. 59 in lancaster. 58 in wilmington down the shore temperatures in the 50s. with that northeasterly wind but at least it's calming down it's a light wind. we're watching this area of low pressure offshore pull away taking the cloudiness with it. tomorrow fair weather high pressure brings in the sinking air lots of sunshine the temperature 83 in physical. 78 down the shore. overnight tonight look for low temperature in the 50s so sweater weather or light jacket tomorrow morning. the overnight low temperature is in the 50s but with that east northeasterly wind it keeps a little bit cooler. especially at the beach. during the day tomorrow, the high 83 degrees. notice the wind westerly five to 10 miles an hour kicking up down the shore in the afternoon but that land breeze keeps it warm it will be very pleasant start
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to the weekend. we have a pattern change. that cool air will continue to lift toward the north and some hot stuff moves in for the second half of the weekend. 90s across the board starting on sunday. but the hot part of this the heat and humidity will make it pretty serious in dangerous monday will feel like knife. tuesday it will feel like 100. this is our second heat wave and we're not used to this around here especially the cloudy damp and dreary weather of may and the beginning of june. allergies will be kicking in as well saturday, sunday and monday. those tree pollens the grasses, and the oak will be high, medium to high across the board on your seven day forecast from the weather authority. saturday 86. sunday 91. monday 93. tuesday the peak of the heat and record heat expected 95. wednesday 90 and by thursday 88 degrees. lucy the record for monday and tuesday 95. so we could possibly tie it or break it both days. >> for a lot of folk it's a long time coming. >> thank you very much, kathy. you bet.
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we have developing story to the nation's capitol. in the city's adams morgan neighborhood, police say a pick up hit 2dc officers right around 9:00 tonight. our sister station in washington is reporting at least one of those officers is in critical condition. police arrested the driver after he later crashed his truck. as more comes in, you know, we'll bring it to you. happening right now, a local teacher in trouble. prosecutors say the man assaul assaulted a fifth grade student at wilmington charter school. well tonight we learned that the teacher is fired and police are investigating. our chris o'connell is live at east side charter school in wilmington. chris? >> reporter: lucy, a ten-year-old girl still recovering from her injuries she said came from her own fifth grade teacher. that teacher has been fired tonight as wilmington police investigate. wearing a sling on her arm, ten-year-old lee rash lynch describes how she was roughed up by one of her teachers at
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wilmington's east side charter school. >> he was pulling my arm, and, um, yanking me everywhere, and then i sat in the hallway. i cried to myself. >> reporter: little girl says she was in the principal's office tuesday when she got to her classroom three minutes la late. without a note she says her teacher refused to let her in class. when she tried to walk through the door to class a few minutes later, she said the 27-year-old male teacher picked her up and slammed her against a bulletin board. >> he pick me up in the air from off my feet and he took me out in the hallway and he pulled me -- pulled me, um, by a bulletin. he slammed my head on it. >> reporter: her mother says it was her daughter not the school who told her about the incident. she took her to the emergency room of ai dupont hospital for treatment of a bruised elbow. she then went right to wilmington police who are now investigating. the school tells us that teacher who was only with the school since january has now been fir
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fired. >> she serves an education. she don't deserve to be swung around like a rag doll at ten years old. this is traumatic experience. >> reporter: now in a statement to fox 29 the ceo this charter school says east side charter school recognizes a positive learning 59 system necessary for students to learn and achieve high academic standards. we make all of our decisions with this in mind. now, we are not identifying the teacher who has been fired because he has not been charged but a source telling me that criminal charges could come as soon as tomorrow. lucy? >> all right, thank you, chris. n atlanta, a deadly bus crash on board dozens of high school students and adults on their way to mission trip in africa. the church bus collided with car on four-lane highway this afternoon killing one person and injuring many more. the mount zion baptist church bus had left alabama was headed to the airport for the trip. police say ten people are hurt
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including two in critical condition. investigators are looking into what went so wrong. up next, a big recall. birth control pills that are not doing their job. heart-breaking local story stemming from drug addictio addy children were crying out for help after police say their parents overdosed on heroin. archaeologists have uncovered an ancient temple under a hotel in mexico city. the temple is a tribute to the as tech whipped god dates as far back as 1481. scientists have only uncovered half the temple so far because the other half is underneath a neighboring building.
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♪ delaware county a tragic site for two young brothers aft their parents overdosed. terrified boys 14 years old the other just one started yelling for help. upper darby police in fact responded to five overdoses yesterday. fox 29's dave kinchen is live in upper darby. dave you've been talking with police about what happened with those little boys. >> reporter: that's right. lucy many of these police
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officers well their parents, too, and this was especially tough on them. >> somebody help me, please. help me. >> reporter: desperate cries of four-year-old boy from a back window worried for his parents unconscious from heroin overdoses in upper darby. >> he's like can you please help me. my moment and daddy are lock in& the bathroom. can you help me. >> i said they're in the bathroom. >> reporter: that boy and his one-year-old brother had neighbors answer his call with a call to 911 sending officers rushing to the 7,000 block of greenwood avenue. >> one-year-old and four-year-old grabbed the officer's leg crying help, please help, please help. >> they struggled to open the bathroom door where they found 32-year-old sean and his girlfriend sandra, 31, with drugs all over. >> a couple syringes and a spo spoon. ten bags, three of which had been opened report roar narcan brought the parents back around
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while neighbors cared for the boys. >> we fed them. we washed and bathed them. you know because the little baby needed hits diaper changed. >> the addiction over comes everything. the adds diction is more powerful than the love of your children. that's the bottom line. >> reporter: those parents are facing drug charges tonight. police say they hope those parents can get the help they need. cops also tell us if you can believe this mazingly in the last two years, they say they've saved 200 people, more than 200 with narcan. lucy? >> it's -- that's why they call it epp dim mick. my goodness. >> reporter: absolutely. >> thank you much, dave. another day in the books in the indecent sexual assault trial against comedian bill cosby. today jurors got to hear from the entertainer even though he wasn't on the stand. detective read cosby's interview with cheltenham police from january of 2005 a year after prosecutors say he assaulted andrea constand. now in it, cosby claims their relationship was both social and romantic. he also says constand made no attempts to stop or push him away. he did admit giving con stand
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one and a half benadryl tablets to quote relax her. more details are now coming in on murder suicide in northeastern pa that has left four people dead. prosecutors says the man who killed three co-workers at a w weis supermarket made an 98ed film praising the columbine high school shooters. the wyoming county district attorney says 24-year-old randy stair had a mental health situation that quote utterly spiraled out of control. stair killed two women an map early this morning before taking his own life. after years of arguing in harrisburg lawmakers finally come together and have passed what some are calling a history revamp of the state's pension system. it gives teachers and state workers hired after 2018 a pension that is half guaranteed benefits, half 401k style investment if's they want state employees can actually put everything into the 401k. the bill cuts row tomorrow benefits for new state employe
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employees. it doesn't change the pensions of employees hired before 2019. the current dead ridden planned crushed the state's ability to pay its bills since 2011. we sat down with governor wolf yesterday he's got his pen ready to sign it into law saying it is critical to the future of pennsylvania's fiscal health. >> the expense is going to be there for while. you know till -- i'd like to be governor in 2037 because the spent hers for the state will go down by billions of dollars because such a big chunk of this is the pension. >> supporters of the new pension plan say it had lawmakers from both sides of the aisle actually working together to make this happen. something they say harrisburg hasn't witnessed in years. see it shoot it then zen it to us. our fresco users are showing us what's going on in your neighb neighbor. iain, what do you have tonight. >> lucy fresco user tony takes to us delaware county you can see a dump truck overturned it happened at the intersection of
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south sprawl road and read road in marple township. led to big delays this afterno afternoon. mess say the roads are back open tonight. we don't know whether anyone was hur. fresco use whitney takes to us atlantic city where mayor don guardian cut the ribbon to officially reopen the boardwalk between rhode island and oriental avenue. according to reports the $5 million project includes new handrails, ramps and seating areas. the neck part of the rebuild will extend beyond oriental avenue and add new bulkhead as well as a see wall. when you see news happening take out your phone, shoot it and use that fresco app to zen it to our newsroom. a recall tonight involving birth control and a packaging error that could lead to pregnancy. they're pulling mill bell las 24fe nationwide. the fda says the first four days of the birth control packet have four non hormonal placebo tablets instead of the active tablets. if you have the product, call your doctor and return the pills to wherever you bought them. you'll find all the details on
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all right. sean bell, for me a dubs fan this has been great nba finals. >> you are happy right now. you are very happy. nba final social security over. it's a wrap. the warriors are about to sweep the cavs and become the fir team to ever go undie feeted in the playoffs. i'll tell you why they're the greatest team to ever be a symbol. i'll tell you why that is next in my sports commentary.
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♪ sean bell says it's timeanss to move on over. case for the warriors as the greatest team of all time, hmm, in 152nd.
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♪ the warriors are the greatest tea plain and simple. the '90's bulls can take seat and '80s lakers can move on over. okay. the warriors greatest team ever a ain't closr had this combination of skill, rawaking ability. the warriors have two guys that will end up being among py this. and they have a total ofou uin l of fame. on top of that, the that you have eight or nine gays on the warriors that can hit an open jump shot and, michael jort guard a duran too tall, too long. scott
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steph curry on the perimeter. too fast too quick not to guardy thompson. just too many guys that can do too manydas nba the warriors hao weakness. offensive dwarfs any team in history. we are just happy to be a witness. >> i love them, too. i know. >> not close. bulls, man, it was beauty >> who? >> i'll talk about jessica alba. sit down for second sir. her honest up for, well, not being honest. the company hasay more than one and a half million dollars to settle claims filed t products they claim the company misled consumers that would be all of in those products. if you feel like you were duped you can get a check to the company's website. >> phil collins recovering from statement on his facebook page, he tripped in his hot
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london overnight and hit his head. it left a big garb that needed o sold out concerts in london hoping to return to the stage this. >> that's a shame.s the one sont sean bell knows. >> that's about it. >> i love -- he was alshe way. >> what is it? >> let me see if you can hear it. >> i love phil collins. >> name that tune. >> it used to have a truck stick of fill collins. he's a left handed drummer. >> i know nothing. >> do you know who is. >> jessica alba was one of my first crushes. her and vivica fox. >> we have special treat. "the q" is up next on fox 29. our very own quinn solaris. >> let's enjoy this interlude. >> "good day philadelphia" at 4am with bob kelly and sue ser serio. >> i know this one.
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