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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 4A  FOX  June 14, 2017 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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this is good day philadelphia. >> sixteen hours. well, how are you feeling? >> right now on good day philadelphia, we're going to is have the very latest on the cosby trial. we do have a lot of developments. sixteen hours, no verdicts, they were there until nine-something last night. we have steve keeley with the latest and the very latest on that. >> also ahead this morning, wilmington police admit they arrested the wrong person. the new evidence in the shooting after six year old that has police looking for a new suspect right now. and trapped inside more than 200 firefighters struggling to contain the fire at apartment building right now we do know that there are a number of fatalities.
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than is burning, it is now dawn there, we'll have the very latest. >> also, quite a journey for these baby girls joined at birth. now, for the first time, they're apart. laying side by side. thanks to the doctors at chop. >> good day everybody. it is a flag day, and the whole gang is back. >> look who is back. >> hello. i say yall a lot, you'll know why. >> were you in nashville. you went to the cma's? >> cma's. game of the finals, craze. >> i oh, bob when i grow up, i want to be just like you. >> welcome back. sue serio, what do you have in store for bob? >> cooler temperatures, thank you, bob, for bringing the cooler temperatures, although, never cooler in nashville than it is here. well, sometimes it is. oh, no. am i going to start talking like that, too? oh, no. we've got a eight out of ten in your weather by the numbers. we've got 77 degrees. so we're still off to a muggy start. still have southwesterly winds, but the good news is
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we're in for a change today. so these are pretty mild temperatures. by the end of the day, temperatures won't be a wheel lot warmer than this, 77 in wildwood, dover, lancaster is at 77, we're at 64 degrees in mount pocono. see couple of showers to our north, some thunderstorms, up around new york city, long island. that's a cold front that's sinking southward today. we did get a new high temperature record yesterday. we got up to 96 degrees. and if you were outside, you felt every degree of it. we have a planner today that has 82 for today, that's about where we're supposed to be for this time of year. we'll talk about another warm up just in time for fathers day when we bring you the seven day forecast coming up. welcome back, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, everybody, and sue, thank you for holding down the for the while i was away, back at that time with construction this morning, looking live, this is i-95 northbound, the ramps
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to woodhaven road. part of overnight project. still blocked here, so if you are headed northbound, you'll need to go up to street road. street road to ac sets over toward route one there. again, this is north 95, at woodhaven, cool shot of the ben franklin bridge from the camden side. no problems or delays at all. definitely feel that mugginess as you open up the front door, already, 77 here in philadelphia. as we kick off our wednesday morning, and they are still working on the vine street expressway. again, every night this week, until about 5:00, the vine expressway closed, between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. so, if you are come nothing philadelphia, off of the schuylkill, you can use spring garden, 30th street or south street, coming in off of i-95, the flip side, you can still with vine st. local. again all of the part of the overpasses there that they're working on. so, again until 5:00. expect the detours, otherwise, coming in on the schuylkill into or out of the city no problems or delays to speak
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of. south on 95, again, look out through that girard avenue construction zone. and then if you are headed north on 95, they have that girard avenue off ramp that is set up in a new location there in fishtown. mass transit, going to be making some changes to their schedules over the weekend, so you're going to start to see the signs and the new schedules available to grab one, go ahead, grab it, because the timetable changes this coming weekend. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> bob, thank you so much. it is 4:04, jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial are entering a third day. the fate of the legacy of the comedian, hanging in the balance of all of it. let's get up to the courthouse right now and steve keeley with the latest. steve? >> reporter: well, take look at this, here is rare site for the past week. not one person on the steps or anywhere around the courthouse, and if you look at any still pictures on the internet, any of the video coverage here last night, probably not an open space here. so, everybody finally got some
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sleep, some rest, and 12-hour deliberation day followed a four hour start for the cosby jury monday, putting them, cosby, and everyone else here waiting for averred at our 17, to start deliberation day three this morning at 9:00 a.m. after 9:00 p.m. here last night, everyone was called into the courtroom where the judge said of the seven men and five women, they just said, quote, we're wasted for the night. we need to get rest. cosby yelled out that cartoon catch phrase. >> mr. cosby, 16 hours, are you are you feeling? >> just taking in this moment. believing that these jurors are looking through the facts, seeing the truth. >> if a woman is asleep, and then there is sexual advance or groping or digital penetration while a woman is asleep, that's not romance.
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that's a criminal act. >> mr. cosby is doing good it, his spirits are up, he's confident that this jury is -- they're intelligent, they're asking the right questions, and he feels confident that they're going to come back and make the right decision. >> reporter: our colleague covering this trial for the philadelphia inquirer, jeremy roebuck, wrote last night some jurors were apparently allowed to check in with loved ones briefly during the deliberations. twelve families back in the pittsburgh area anxiously await averred, too. it is their sequestered family members who still have yet to return after several days along with those six alternate jurors, still in norristown's stand by routine, not even in these deliberations. so probably extra boring for them since thomas, karen, they really can't watch television because they can't look at any of this coverage in case they have to go in on the deliberations, and start again, if one every these 12
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get sick. >> that is certainly the case. but we'll see what day three of deliberations will bring this morning, steve keeley, thank you, 4:07, developing out of london, number of people confirmed dead, dozens other injured after a massive fire breaks out at a highrise apartment building. >> smoke, still pouring out of the building at this hour. we know 50 people at least were taken to the hospital. >> let's give you the details whatever we know. so the fire start around 1:00 a.m. london time. that's 8:00 our time to gave you a better understanding of how long this fire has been burning out of control. it is a 24-story tower. it is called the gwen felled tower in north kensington, kensington palace, not too far away. flames, you see, shooting from windows all the way up the side of the building. we also understand london ambulance service says about 50 people have been taken to the hospital. forty-fve fire engines, 200 firefighters, they're on the scene. the cause of the fire not yet known. residents say it appeared to start in an apartment on a lower floor and spread upward
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quickly. >> all right, so take you live. this is a look at the aftermath of the fire this morning. you can see, firefighters still on the scene, very active scene, sprang some of the hot spots there with water, you see on the right of your screen. large plume of smoke still billowing from the building. firefighters, they're going to begin the task every going through the building, making sure that there are no victim, making sure that everyone did make it out safely and the fire investigation will begin to figure out what started that massive fire. >> we are going to keep updated, it is 4:08 throughout the morning. >> also developing this morning, wilmington police are investigating a late night shoot that left two women injured. it happened around 11:30, this is on the 1100 block of reed street. officers say the victims are between the ages of 25 to 30 years old. we also understanded they're being treated at christianna hospital. their condition, unknown at this time. no arrests have been made. >> major developments in a
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shooting that left a six year old boy in critical condition. wilmington police have met -- they admit they've arrested the wrong person. investigators chasing new leads to find the room shooter. sabina kuriakose joining us from the wilmington police department, what do we know this morning, sabina? >> reporter: hey, good morning, thomas. well the shooting happened last tuesday, just few days later police made an arrest, but late last night, as you mentioned, the attorney general's office announced that it was dropping all charges against that man. let's go to video. this was the scene last tuscon this 700 block of east sixth street in wilmington. investigators say six year old jaysean banner sitting in a car along with his 31 year old mother, when gunman opened fire, around 2:30 in the afternoon sprague that area with bullet. police say jaysean nor his mother were the intended targets. police later charged 41 year old man who they say had a long criminal history. he was charged with attempted
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murder. but late yesterday, again, those charges were dropped. police now say they have new leads, and new suspect, all of which lead away from this man that they had arrested. we're not showing his photo or his -- or identifying him by name, because, again, wilmington's office says he's innocent in this case. now back here live, six year old jaysean remains in critical condition at dupont hospital for children. his mother was released from the hospital. that's the very latest out here, guys, back to you. >> thank you so much, sabina, that was a big change that they want to get out there. 4:10 is the time. how about this? dumb criminal alert. >> still ahead here on "good day" philadelphia: this i guess you can call him a genius, not so much, tried to hide his identity by putting a bag over his face. why that simply didn't work. >> and, also, there was a rip tide that pulled them out away from the shore down in jersey. separated and scared they were rescued, now the family wants to find the people who saved
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them. >> good morning, bob, welcome back again. >> good mornings you all. 476, overnight construction still with us, working on the ramps to the e-zpass, the e-zpass express lanes are still blockment and let's open up that front door and go outside to a muggy downtown philly. we're looking live at the parkway, sue has your hump day forecast when we come right back. there's a new essence in new herbal essences it's bio:renew a blend of sea kelp, aloe and antioxidants that help bring your hair back to life.
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>> right to this breaking news just coming in within the last hour. there is a woman from kensington, a pregnant woman, she was shot when people came to her home and burst in. it all happened on the 3,000 block of north front street. police say there were two to three guys recalling they came into the home, the woman confronted them, and that's when she got shot in the thigh. >> all of this information still coming in. we do know she is at temple university hospital this morning, in stable condition. we also understands the boy's boyfriends in the three and five year old, also home at the time. they were not injured. we of course have a reporter headed to the scene as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along to you. >> all right, as we are approaching 4:15 right now on this wednesday morning, let's get a check of your forecast, changes little later in the day, sue? >> right. we will have temperatures little more reasonable, later on today, we did hit that
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record. if only we all could have been together at the shore yesterday. wouldn't that have been nice? it felt so summary. but it is still not summer. six days away from the summer solsus, it is actually in one week, wednesday, june 21st, 12:24 a.m. when that. so, right now, it is still muggy. the cold front hasn't come through yet, the one that will take down the humidity, and take down the temperature. it doesn't look like we will get to 96 degrees again today. but you would think we would with the temperatures that are so warm right now. 77 degrees, in philadelphia, and lancaster, mount pocono, 64, 77 in dover, and wildwood. dew point are still up there, too. seventy agree dew points in philadelphia, the border line between uncomfortable as oppressive so still mug think morning. , long island, where the colds
4:16 am
front is, headed southwards throughout the day, and the possibility is there for a pop up shower or thunderstorm, and it looks, if you get one, like very isolated, there you see the clouds by 9:00. and there you see couple of pop ups around 11:00, 1:00 in the afternoon, could you get pop up shower, thunderstorm, and 3:00 in the afternoon as well. again, very isolated, but you will feel the difference by the ends of the day. >> 96 degrees yesterday. seven day forecast has 82 for today. yeah. eighty for tomorrow. this looks like, i might change this from nine to ten, because tomorrow looks excellent. and then friday is when we get a chance of showers. and the system that's going to be here on friday, looks like it will stall nearby over the
4:17 am
weekend. we have scattered thunderstorms by saturday, sunday, and monday, mostly sunny skies saturday, sunday, father day, looks like it will be the hottest day of the weekends, with a chance of pop up thunderstorm. but you should get your grilling in anyway. don't forget about 101.1fm bob kelly, and remember to tune your radio. >> i'm back for more, more of you on the radio, 101. fm. >> good morning, it is wednesday, 4:17. back at t live look at the blue route. this is 476 northbound, between ridge and the mid-county interchange. crews have been out all night long. pulling a lionel richie here working not only on the roadway but also working on the e-zpass express lanes. oh, don't worry. they'll get you. you just have to get through the regular toll lanes, in order to use the e-zpass tag, live look here, at the freeway, no problems at all into or out of philadelphia. kind of quiet so far this morning. a lot of work though. a lot of construction, the
4:18 am
guys, they are loving the overnight temperatures, a lot better than the midday temperatures. look at this, 77, and they're working on the commodore barry bridge, mid-span, so watch for crews down to one lane in both directions, again, light volume. still the crews are out there. same deal in cherry hill, along route 70 right at kings highway, crews are working until about 5:30-6:00 right over there ponzio's, grab coffee and flap jacks while there. northbound on the blue route, i should say, northeast extension, right at the lansdale interchange. watch for some construction. they're working there in both directions. and the vine street expressway closed again this morning, until about 5:00 or so. between broad street and the schuylkill. if you are coming into the city, there is no way to avoid it really. you want to jump off at spring garden, 30th or south, to work your way in toward downtown. you can use the vine expressway if you are going the opposite way. otherwise, 295 in new jersey, looking good. 202 as you work your way up throuh malvern, watch for the construction, out there
4:19 am
between boot road and route 30, as you head into malvern. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> all right, bob, we want to tell but this update at 4:19 on a man, a judge had sentenced to life in prison whether just 19 years old. but now he is 43. his name is sean thomas. and he's officially a freeman. in court yesterday, prosecutors said they're not going to try this case again. back in 1990, a jury found that he was guilty of killing a man in north philadelphia. thomas has long claimed that he was someplace else at juvenile detention center at the time of the crime. no way he could have done this. it took years every legal work by the pennsylvania innocent project to prove that, and just last month, you were there as he walked out of the jail there in schuylkill county. >> a lansdale man facing a list of charges this morning, after police say he forceably kiss add woman outside a wawa. prosecutors have charged him with indecent assault, harrassment, and disorderly conduct. police satisfy he grabbed a woman at the wawa, valley forge road, and kissed her against her will.
4:20 am
allegedly happened back on april 12, but it was an ongoing investigation. he is free on bail this morning. >> we want you to take a look at this guy. police want to get him for breaking into a tavern called the tellups tavern becomes 3:30 monday. so, there he is, you can see him plane as day on the surveillance video. but then at some point he's like well maybe i should hide my identity. so despite the fact his face already caught on cameras, he decides to put a bag over his face. well, may or may not be on video. for all of that trouble he got $150 worth of alcohol. >> time now 4:20. the search is on for some anonymous heroes, strangers went above and beyond. >> so they saved a scared family who got dragged out of the ocean by a rip tide. they were rescued. now the family wants to say thank you. shawnette wilson has their store. >> i it had all of the making of great day at the beach for this matos family went to long beach island sunday the first
4:21 am
day after heatwave, temperatures over 90 degrees they even brought back see shells when they returned to their home in clementon. but marcia recalls the moment the fun came to an end. >> and that is when shear terror kicked in for me. because i couldn't get to her. >> she and her 11 year old daughter mariah decided to go out further into the water after her 13 year old daughter michaela and other relatives swam back zero shore. marcia said they were only waist deep in the water. >> let's swim parallel. that's what i read before, you swim sideways, parallel to the shore. so you swim out a bit. but it wasn't working. we were still just being pushed out. >> they were so far apart. >> it was the most helpless feeling that i've ever felt in my life. >> marcia says then a man drifting toward them grabbed mariah, a girl on a surf board got them on and back to shore. meanwhile another man grabbed marcia, in all, five people pulled off a daring rescue saving this mother and daughter.
4:22 am
>> i couldn't breathe. like i was swallowing so much sea water. >> but they only got to meet one of the five that saved them. they hope the story reaches them. >> i need them to know like what they did, meant more than they probably realize. >> i would thank them for saving y live and my mom's life because without her i wouldn't be anything or even be here. >> shawnette wilson, "fox 29 news." >> oh, how cute are they? hopefully they'll find the people that did rescue them. great story. 5:22. this is not. there are two team out there who are armed and dangerous and there is a manhunt going on in georgia. >> these guys are violent, felons, and wanted for killing two corrections officers. we're going to have the latest on the search for these two. >> coming up in sport, the phillies go to extra innings for the second game in a row. see if they can finally come through in a clutch situation. that's next in sport. i had frequent heartburn, but my doctor recommended...
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this is fox 29 sports in one minute. good morning, i'm sean bell. the phillies with bad news all around yesterday. ceasar hernandez will miss six weeks abdominal strain. and the losing streak continues. for the second day in a row, the phils went to extra innings with the red sox, once again, the phils came up short in the 12th, andrew, with the walk-off rbi to right. the phils lose four to three, the seventh lost in a row, second straight in extra innings. >> the eagles kick off mandatory workouts, mason
4:26 am
peters is back, he stayed out one because he wanted to stay healthy, two, he want happy with his contract. yesterday he talked about his future with the eagles. >> a little bit, just want to, like i said, i want to retire here. i don't want to go no where. plus i want the to rest a little bit. i show up every year. i don't miss a day. i just want to rest a little bit this year. i don't want to go no where. i want to be an eagle, retire here, make this home. so, you know,. >> that's sport in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> all right, 4:26. still going on. coming up at 4:30, it has been 16 hours over two days. >> exhausted jury enters yet another day of deliberations, in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. what the comedian said as he left the courthouse late last night. you know how your hair tangles the minute you wash it?
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which is longer than any relationship i've ever been in. freshness for weeks! >> braking news out of kensington, pregnant woman shot during a home invasion while her two young children were sleeping. we'll have the details coming into the news room for you in a live report. and it is day three, of jury deliberations, they were there late into the night, past 9:00 p.m.
4:30 am
they'll be back at it once again this morning. >> so what cosby had to say as he was leaving the court last night, and steve keeley have a live report. >> also, burning beyond control. heart break-in london as a massive fire turns deadly. this is a live look this morning. this fire has been burning since 1:00 a.m., london time, 8:00 hour time. firefighters still on the scene, the new numbers coming in right now. >> still see the flames right there, wow. plus, it turns out, a connection with tragedy of child being shot, they did get the wrong guy. wilmington police are admitting they did arrest the wrong person, in connection with the shooting of a six year old, the new evidence that has investigators searching for a new suspect. >> we have a lot to talk about this morning, it is 4:30, this wednesday, great to have you with us, opens ' thomas drayton with bob kelly. >> back in the saddle. 2:00 wake-up call -- >> brutal, isn't it? >> oh, tell us about it. >> it was tough. >> oh,. >> tough when you're out partying past 2:00 a.m. >> i didn't get in until
4:31 am
2:00 the past couple of days, now getting up at 2:00. >> so whatever did you bring home from the trip? >> i got t-shirt for everybody. >> we're on it, we'll wear it later. >> all we get was a lousy t-shirt. >> at least we get something, right? >> june 14th, flag day, we start our day with the aim edge of our american flag and eight out of ten, but it is not eight for the same reason that yesterday was a eight. we do have a possibility of pop up thunderstorms today because cool front is coming through. now it is muggy at the moment. with 77 degrees. and sunrise happening at 5:32. but these temperatures are probably not going to be that much higher than they are right now. when all is he said and done today, we have some thunderstorm activity up around long island, new york city, and we will see what happens, a little later on, yesterday, new record with high of 96 degrees, normal high, 82, and plan on 82 for today. not as hot and not as humid by
4:32 am
the end of the afternoon. and sunset time is 8:31. this is a day, bob kelly, where you might actually want to sit outside and enjoy the sunset later on. >> i'll take my little cat nap out on the deck later on. good morning, 4:32, on a wednesday, looking live here, this is i-95, northbound, crews are still working off the woodhaven road off ramp. they've been doing some repaving on the overnight. looks like they still have the ramp blocked here, so if anybody is headed north, trying to get up in toward the franklin mills mall, or what was it called now philadelphi mills mall, you want to go up up to street road, flip the u-turn. live look downtown, in the background, ben franklin bridge coming in from new jersey, all glory getting little work out. the wind will help you feel good this morning, as you open up the front door. muggy, sticky, 77 here in town. and the vine street expressway still closed until about 5:00 between broad street and the schuylkill expressway. that overnight project, so it will be closed tonight, into tomorrow, and so again, four
4:33 am
nights, each week, fosh the next couple every weeks, weaver to go through the detour, the commodore barry bridge, working here mid-span, down to one lane in both directions. but it is okay. the light volume at least for this hour, and they should be out of thereby the start of the rush hour. over in cherry hill, new jersey, working along route 70, between kings highway and haddonfield road. right there by ponzio's, and then for the gang on the northeast extension, to or from the poconos, just watch for that hot bed of construction between lansdale and quakertown, they'll be out until about 6:00. otherwise, 202, coming up through chester county, just watch for the work zone from boot road up to route 30. karen, toms, back over to you. >> bob, thank you. it is 4:33, breaking news from kensington, where a pregnant woman has been shot during a home invasion. it happened just about an hour and a half ago on the 3,000 block of north front street. police say there was number every men who broke into the home, the woman confronted them, that's when she wound up being shot in the thigh. they raised her over to temple
4:34 am
university hospital. she is listed right now in stable condition. her boyfriends was there, and also, two children, a three year old and six year old, at the house at the time, they were not physically injured. we do have a reporter headed there to the scene. we will bring you the very latest coming up in a live report. >> 4:34, happening today, jurors back in court this morning for a third day of deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial. keeley back at it again this morning, in norristown. steve? >> reporter: well, it was just past 9:00 at the end after 12 hour long day in the mid 90s here at the montgomery county courthouse. and the judge gave the seven men and five women a warning, as he let the jury head to their hotel. be careful what they say to their loved ones, and any late night phone calls, as in, do not say why there is no verdict yet. who is holding out either for not guilty or guilty. well, the jury appears in age to be from their 20's, into their 70s. and they had three requests during the day that brought everyone back into the
4:35 am
courtroom, including cosby, and accuser, andrea constand, who seems to be staying here in norristown, real close, to wait averred with everyone else. protected, surrounded and shielded from all of the press and public, by the same detective, she first talked to about cosby 12 years ago. >> mr. cosby, 16 hours, how are you feeling? >> this is the place where it hams. this is the place where impartiality is supposed to be. >> we're glad the jersey taking time and being thoughtful and asking questions. that's a good thing. hopefully they understanded the implications of this verdict and so they'll take their time and they'll probably debate with each other hopefully in a positive way, and reach unanimous decision, then the verdicts will be announced. >> i didn't think this was going to be some cake walk, i
4:36 am
never saw it being a cake wal walk. >> as everything tries to read how deliberations are going based on those jury requests for testimony red back, well, those will be for guilty verdicts seeming delighted early in the day when the jurors focused on cosby's damaging deposition testimony about giving his accusers pills and graphic decisions what he did to her sexually. but then about seven hours later, cosby supporters were just giddy when the next request from the jury came from them want to go hear more again about the testimony given by that canadian police officer and two other detectives at her home up in canada where she originally reported this near her home, the canadian detectives, and about the dates, times, and whether a long with cosby all of those fact, at least a lot of them, she later changed in follow-up interviews with police here. so depending on how you see it, you had to win both ways.
4:37 am
steve keeley, thank you. number every people are confirmed dead this morning, dozen other injured after this massive fire breaks out at high-rise apartment building, started around 1:00 a.m. london time. this is a 24 story tower, it is the gwen felled tower, kensington palace about a mile away. this morning here at 9:35, this is what it looks like. we understand that firefighters still on the scene, very active, we saw flames just moments ago, you can see the smoke still billowing from that 24 story building there. the cause of the fire, not yet known. residents say, though it, appeared to have started in an apartment on a lower floor and spread upward quickly. we're following this, the latest developments, out of london, kensington, throughout the morning. >> it has been burning for more than eight and a half hours, 200 firefighters out there on the scene, tragically, there has been some loss of life.
4:38 am
we'll stay on top of this story. >> major development in a story you saw here about a shooting that has a six year old boy still in critical condition right now. last week wilmington police had reported that they had arrested a man, from the delaware attorney general's office now says those charges have been dropped. they think they got the wrong guy. they got some new evidence on this one. they've developed some new leads, new suspect, that child is still in critical condition. >> 4:38. there was a young man, held prisoner overseas, in north korea, for a year and a half. he's finally back here on us soil. >> but the question now is: how did this college student ends up in a coma? meta appetite control...
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>> two georgia inmates armed and on the run this morning after shooting and killing two georgia state correctional officers. you saw them a moment ago. donnie row and nicky tebow being transported by bus about 80 miles southeast of atlanta when they broke through a secure gate, overpowered the officers, grabbed their weapons, and shot them. the two inmate have since carjacked a person, and broke into a home, they changed their clothes, authorities say, they could be anywhere this morning. >> an american college student who was release from the north korean prison finally home, but he remains in a coma. he's 22 years old, his name is otto, he lands in the cincinnati late last night, he's undergoing treatment for an unknown illness, so here he is, during his trial, in north
4:42 am
korea. he was serving a 15 year prison term, with very hard labor in north korea foray tell to go steel a political post fresh a restricted area after hotel, thereon a tour, secretary of state, rex tillerson said the state department secured his release at president trump's direction but he is in a coma right now, he flew back with a medical team and his family. >> time 4:42. do you want to get your family to eat more veggies? all in what you call them. fun bites, right? >> well, it is like how you phrase it, like do you want some green beans? they don't want t but do you want to say oh, these a really fancy green beans, made with ginger, drizzle of artisan oil, might make a difference, they might eat them then.
4:43 am
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freshness for weeks! >> welcome back, there is a bear, and it is in a bear trap, taken away, not a trap, really something you transport a bear in. no longer a fear for people there in bucks county, in new britain, because they did catch the bear. a lot of people had spotted this creature, wandering around their neighborhood. police posted some of these pictures on line showing the bear is safe and has been captured, and the game commission is now taking the bear away. they've nicknamed the bear yogy. they released the bear back into the woods but they're not saying where. >> bob kelly on bear patrol this morning. >> hey, boo-boo. hey, boo-boo. >> there is a picnic basket in here. good morning, 4:45, looking live, the schuylkill
4:46 am
expressway south philadelphia, disable tractor-trailer. look how he is kind of hugging, right in what they call the gore point here. this is the ramp, as you come west on the schuylkill, coming into south philadelphia, you have 26 street. you got passyunk, and then the ramps to the walt whitman bridge. so just be careful. he's kind of sticking out there in what would be the left lane, comes up on you by surprise there on this early morning on a wednesday. 77 degrees already hot. but we got some good news, open for business on the vine street expressway. the krause just pulled away, bat injury ers so we're good to go. no problems into or out of center city philadelphia. but, get ready. some new schedules coming our way on the septa regional rails and the city suburban and victory divisions all making changes to their schedules on sunday. so, they've them available at all of the stations, you can go ahead and grab it, also download it on line, so that's going to take place sunday morning, so make sure you, over the next couple of days, grab one, so you're good to go
4:47 am
for the weekends and more importantly for monday morning. fox chase, warminster line looking good so far this morning. i95, still there, the construction between girard avenue and allegheny, and they're still working north on 95, the off ramp to woodhaven road, crews will be out there until about 5:00. and they're also still working on the commodore barry bridge. a hot wednesday ahead. sue has the details coming up in 15 seconds. >> let's look ahead since we have the fancy graphic for you to fathers day. that's obviously sunday. looks like it will warm up again, close to 90 degrees, your forecasting high every 88. there is a chance of a shower, but also, a chance of sunshine, that's the way to cover it, right?
4:48 am
77 degrees temperature right now, still muggy out there we told you about it coming for the to south. that will will happen throughout the morning, so see some cloud cover around. meantime, our dew point is still 70 degrees in& philadelphia. oh, look how humidities in dover with the dew point of 77 keep it in mind walking out the door. good news it, will not be as hot as yesterday. thunderstorm activity up toward new york city and long island, but nothing to slow in you our area at least not yet. we go through the future cast, we see the chance as this cold front mars southward of cloud cover for sure. and a possibility you'll see pop up thunder storm you see little pop up here around 1:00 . but, they're very isolated. so there is real good chance you won't see one.
4:49 am
eye to the skies, good idea for later on in the day, going to the pool or whatever. 83 degrees our average hi, be back to average today. certainly weren't the past three days, just completed heatwave number two of 2017. eighty-two today. eighty tomorrow. ten out of ten on thursday. best weather day of the week, our unsettled weather pattern settles in over the weekend, and by sunday we are in the upper 80s, each day, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, has at least a chance of a pop up shower or thunderstorm. thomas and karen? >> all right, sue, thank you. 4:49 is the time right now, attorney general jeff sessions fired up, and on the defense, during his testimony before the senate intelligence committee. he was answering a whole number of questions about his contacts, with russian officials, during the campaign of last year. sessions strongly denied any improper meetings and suggestion that is he column eude dollars with russia. >> and to suggest that i participate in the any collusion, that i was aware of
4:50 am
any collusion with the russian government to hurt this country, which i have served with honor for 35 years or to undermine the integrity of our democratic process is an apology and de test recall lie. >> so he clarified it with his role in the trump campaign, not his contacts with russia that led to his recusal in the russia investigations, he also defended his role in the firing every james comey. >> time now 4:50n your health we know we need to ad our veggies. but researchers say the keith key to get to go eat the veggies is the marking of t researchers listed green beans three ways: green beans light and low carb. and shallots, and sweet sizzle green beans in crispy shallot. more indulgent the name, the more people were likely to choose the vegetable. they believe more seductive label could change the minds set that tasty food tastes
4:51 am
bad. >> i think they're smarter than that, they'll catch on. the soda tax bringing in less money than city leaders are hoping. so, they're going to lower projections this fiscal year. the levy has brought in $25 million, since it began this year, and that's $21 million less than the city expected. the mayor's office says it will release updated revenue projections later this month. >> oh, baby, the life changing operation doctors at chop just performed forever changing two very young lives. how your clothes smell can say at lot about you.
4:52 am
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4:54 am
welcome bark, looking live right now, the heat may drive you crazy but good news, sue serio says, some relief in site, within a number of hours. 4:54, i love this story, doctor at chop are sharing the joyce of completing life changing surgery. they separated a set of conjoined twins, there is ten month olds aaron and abby. they came to the hospital from north carolina, joined at the top of their heads, you see right there. it took a team of 30 surgeons and nurses 11 hours to separate the sisters. it is quite incredible. doctors say the girls still have a long recovery, but very hopeful for a positive outcome. oh, so amazing. >> they do amazing work. all right, a little girl with a big heart, on a mission to show her gratitude and
4:55 am
appreciation of police officers from coast-to-coast. >> it is so neat. so she is traveling the entire country, every state, giving hugs to officers, just seven years old, man is she making a difference, her name rosalynn baldwin, from louisianna. so yesterday she was in chicago. she began her journey after learning about that ambush of police shootings in baton rouge, her mom said she started asking questions about police and some of the dangers they face every day, then she said, you know what? i'm going to do something. i'm going spread a message of love. >> did i hug everybody? >> she said momma i prayed, and god told me i need to hug all of the officers. >> in the whole world? maybe can we send some postcards? then i realize i was lessening her mission, and i shouldn't do that. >> rosalynn's mission became a movement. she now has a website, a go fun me page, to help offset the costs of traveling, to all states. more than a dozen state down already, she and her family
4:56 am
hope to advice the the rest including alaska, hawaii, by the end every next year. >> mack ago difference, 4:55, turning over to 4:56. following the breaking news out of kensington, a woman pregnant shot during a home invasion while her two young children were sleeping. the details in a live report. >> plus, there is a towering inferno burning right now still a deadly fire at a high-rise apartment building. nine hours after it started, they're still at that scene. we've got the latest on this breaking disaster. ♪ if you want a taste of freedom, keep going. we hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal.
4:57 am
we must want our fellow human beings to have rights. stonewall means fight back. stonewall means fight back. discover new york state's rich legacy of equality. plan your trip to our equal rights destinations at
4:58 am
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4:59 am
straight ahead, heart break-in london, live look at massive high-rise apartment building, fire is hundreds of firefighters work to contain the flames. the deaths we're learning about this morning. plus: >> 167 hours, how are you feeling? >> i heard that one, hey, hey, hey. bill cosby imitating fatale berthas the jury deliberations go on. second day with no verdict. it is a thirds day that they've been deliberating, when the jury will be back in court today. >> hot, hot, hot. a cool-down on the way. it has been hot for a few days now. but, we can expect fosh the rest of the week, plus, we've got to take care of our daddies. father day weekend, forecast. great to have you with us this morning, everyon, the winds is blowing as we look today's
5:00 am
flag day. >> it is flag day. that's with why we're showing you old glory right now, just waiving in a light breeze right now, which is nice, because it is so darn hot outside. 77 degrees, good morning to you, thomas. >> good morning, sue serio, what can we expect on this westerns morning? >> you would think another scorcher in the 90s, but no, this flag day will be a lot different than yesterday because, still, the same number though just for different reasons. starting out muggy, chance of thunder storm later in the day. philadelphia union playing tonight at home. we've got his flag, as well. not as hot today as it was yesterday, so the kids, unfortunately, that are still in school, will have full day of school. and we do have a bit of a breeze outside, makes old glory look great, doesn't it? 6 miles an hour here in philadelphia, 78 degrees sunrise 5:32, checking other temperatures in the region, 57 lancaster, cooler 63 in mount


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