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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 16, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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developing overnight, two young teens missing and search has been suspended. this is swimmers vanishing off the coast down the shore. we have a live report. also ahead this morning dead locked 40 hours, over four days, possible record setting deliberations in the sexual assault trial against bill cosby. so what now? and, a moment of silence, raucous cheer and then play ball, and then emotional tribute one day after that gunman opened fire, they were back out there, at the diamond >> game did go on. >> friday morning 5:00 a.m. great to have you with us i am a thomas drayton with karen hepp, good morning. >> we made it through friday morning. fathers day weekend. send us pictures of the dad you love. >> use the #fox 29 good day we would love to see them. we will check the forecast. sue serio, good morning. >> not as perfect as yesterday but we are starting off nice with temperatures in the 60's. we will have a eight out of 10 there is also a chance of the
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shower or thunderstorm, on this, national cannoli day, a giant cannoli here bus stop buddy is cloudy, comfortable right now, and the phillies actually won a game last night we have rain in lancaster county. we will not see too much around the region at the moment but chance is there so you need to be prepared not only for this morning but pop up showers later in the day. right now 66 degrees. we are at 5:32 sunrise time and probably see some sunshine right now 63 in pottstown. sixty-six mount pocono. millville, new jersey at 67 degrees, cape may, close to 70, all ready, 67 in brigantine and up in wrightstown we have 64. we will get to the north, perkasie at 59. allentown 64. so maybe sweater weather to start but by end of the day we have a highof82. cloud, sunshine, pop up thunderstorms as we said later
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on and that chance is there every day of the weekend. we will break it down coming up indeed give thaw seven day forecast. good morning, bob kelly. >> good morning. tgif, friday is always different then the other couple workdays. everybody is excited for the weekend. we have work crews out here two right lanes on the ben franklin bridge, closed, coming into philadelphia some late running overnight construction. it is okay at the moment but you can already start to see the volume, pockets here coming into downtown, over the benny. now on the northeast extension there is still work in both directions between q town and lansdale, again, until about 6:00 o'clock or so and then watch for construction zones as we head up to the poconos, this weekend. route 70, between kings highway and haddonfield road watch for construction, crews out until 5:30. they will work later today on the roosevelt boulevard at southampton road right by armory there in the great northeast. so watch out for lane restrictions and then this weekend a big one for september they will change it
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up, summertime schedule change for city, suburb and and victory divisions all change their timetables on sunday. so, today, grab one of the schedules as they have them at all of the stations, most of them anyhow or down load them, so you good are to go and make sure you are on time for the train on monday. no problems on the buses, trains, trolleys. karen and thomas, back over to you. happening today bill cosby sexual assault trial entering its tenth day and there is some fatigue setting in the dead locked jury that will be back in court this morning after working in to the night to try to reach a verdict. lets get out to steve keeley, steve. >> reporter: hard to believe for our viewers no doubt watching this right now but here we are again a fifth day, of deliberations. cosby jury will try to agree. when judge called everybody in past 11:00 a.m. yesterday and everyone heard jury note said they could not agree on any of
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the three charges, well, other cosby accusers hoff been here most of the days if not every day, cried out loud. some came outside to vent their frustration and among them lily bernard who we met on day one out here. she was an actress on the cosby's eighth and last season when cosby drugged, raped her in atlantic city in the early 1990's avenue offered to be amen for for her agoing career and told her quote you are one of my kid. >> i implore all of you to consider the fact that bill cosby's moral high ground that he carefully crafted his phonyhs millions of dollars to black historical colleges, his comedy, they are nothing but a smoke screen. they are a diversion to distract the public and the world from knowing his true nature which is that of a depraved, lying, coward serial
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drugging rapist. >> all right. so what can happen next? there is five possibilities verdict either way? partial verdict guilty or not guilty on war or two of the three counts. a mixed verdict guilty or not guilty or one or two and not guilty or guilty on the others , four a mistrial could be declared by the judge today if they cannot agree on anything, and fifth maybe then a retrial. karen and thomas, possibilities seem endless so does deliberation process. >> we will see, certainly what this day will bring. 5:05. another big moment yesterday a tweet by andrea constand playing the theme of the harlem globetrotters in the background. she's in the secure hallway playing basketball. she makes the shot. then the word come, on the screen, always follow through. there are many people who think this is ad in to the prosecution to try cosby again if there is a mistrial.
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lets get to breaking news here at 5:06 out of delaware county this morning, overnight crews battling a house fire in ardmore on east gulf view road they say at least one person has been injured, that person taken to bryn mawr hospital suffering from burns but still unknown how many people written side that house fire, at the time of the fire, it is right now a 22-year old man is in surgery after getting shot in the chest and leg and it happened at chinese restaurant on the 5,000 block of germantown avenue. police say victim was raced to einstein hospital in very critical condition, and calls started to come into police just around 11:30. suspect shot the vick them with bystanders only inches away. police are looking at video to find out if they can find the gun man. also breaking news right now rush ace claiming it has kill the leader of ice is in an air strike in serial. the russian defense ministry says the leader was kill in the strike in late may with 30
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mid level militant leaders and 300 other fighters. if confirmed, this could mark a major military success for russia which has conduct a military campaign in support of the syrian president as sod since september of 2015. u.s. led anti islamic state group coalition says it cannot confirm those reports. developing story this morning we know search will resume, later this morning in atlantic city for two missing swimmers. lets get out to jenny joyce in atlantic city with the very latest, jenny? >> reporter: good morning, thomas and karen. it is windy on the boardwalk right now we are hearing it was windy last night, it was cold, water was cold around 6:30 last night when two teens went missing in the rip currents, and warning people of the rip currents down here in atlantic city. they went missing around 6:30, about 30 minutes after life guard wet off-duty. sky fox was over the scene as the search was underway, this is area off of kentucky avenue
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and mlk boulevard known as mlk beach. search involved the atlantic city fire department, beach patrol and the coastguard, after four and a half hours the search was called off. it was just too dark. officials reportedly calling this a recovery mission, and that will resume this morning. press of atlantic city talk with the teen dad was hailing the unidentified teenage male a hero for jumping in the water, to try to save his, 15 year-old daughter, neither has been found, atlantic city mayor don guardian was out here and commented in the article saying it was windy yesterday, it wasn't a hot summer day that typically lures people i the water especially not when life guard are off-duty. the atlantic city police department plans to release additional fur and again we do expect efforts to continue here later this morning, karen and thomas. >> difficult night, jenny joyce, thank you. emotional night at annual congressional baseball game. >> this game is always an
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important moment for both part toys come together, to support charity, build friendships, and celebrate our national past time. let's play ball. >> that is video message from president trump addressing the crowd before last night's game at nationals park in washington d.c. game went on for 36 hours after shooter opened fire at a g.o.p. team practice. the game started with a moment of silence where congressman steve scalise was supposed to be playing, and then crowd cheered as injured capitols police officer david bailey threw out first pitch, bailey was on crutches while two officers hurt as they brought down shooter during the gun fight. security very tight in and around the stadium. the demand for the game so high that the stadium opened additional seating, 20,000 fans watched as players took the field among them representative ryan costello of pennsylvania, he had several highlights including this double play. he scored on a passed ball from third. on the mound congressman pat
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meehan who pitched a strike out. we caught up with a couple of our local representatives who were there to watch. >> we have difference of opinion but it shouldn't be around violence. violence should never be a part of it. >> yesterday was an emotionally exhaust continuing day, our hearts go out to those that are still recovering and they have a long road ahead. >> in the end democrats won the game 11-two, they are giving their trophy to congressman scalise, the event raised more than one million-dollar for charity. meantime congressman scalise remains in critical condition but doctors say he is improving. scalise had surgery yesterday, he will undergo another one today and will be why is mike mika has been upgraded to serious condition. other two shooting victims have been released as the fbi continues continue on investigate wednesday's shooting it is still believed that the shooter james hodgkinson acted as a lone gunman motivate by political
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beliefs. president trump's son in law jared kushner is reportedly under investigation according to the washington post. special counsel robert muhler is looking at his finances and his business dealings, previously the post reported that he was under investigation for meetings that he held with russians back in december. in the meantime, the president is blasting all of those reports, that he is under investigation for obstruction of justice. president calls it phony and greatest rich hunt in american political history. 5:11. there is some good news, yes, this is a grocery story used and i have them deliver for me they will be delivering in other places. >> coming up on "good day philadelphia", when you can get your groceries from giant delivered right tour home. and also we know she's queen of the tennis court and proving tonight a big way what serena williams just did that shows that she can do anything >> but first, bob kelly, good
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morning. >> hold that trophy high, love it. 5:11 as we go for a ride on the schuylkill expressway, no problems right now as we roll through south philadelphia. open up that front door and say good morning to wilmington , delaware, what song gets you going in the morning? i'm tired of giving you traffic jams, i want to you give me your traffic jam with a j, sueby has forecast coming up after the break. p://>[a5df]
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welcome back. we're playing all kind of father songs. >> who is that beautiful women with her handsome father. >> that was a long time ago. >> you have not changed a bit. >> bangs are back. >> yes, yes, that is my late father joseph anthony serio. i'm trying to remember what i gave him for that fathers day so long ago. >> i'm sure it didn't matter, sue he loved everything you gave him. >> in his eyes i could do no wrong. that was nice. kid coming home with homemade artwork saying happy fathers day, drawing a little tie, number one tie, lots of love for you this fathers day as well, no matter the
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forecast, it is going to be hot, humid with a chance of a shower and high of around 89 degrees on sunday. so get through it. we have got a stationary front practically stationary, meand ering east and west throughout the weekend until this cold front comes through late in the day on sunday and gives south rain on monday, and kind of moves it all out of here. that is what we call an un settled weather pattern where we can't get that system out of here. it is lingers. right now we have rain in lancaster county moving from west toe, looking at future cast we have a slight chance of a shower this morning, more rain rolling around, get a late morning break and pop up showers and thunderstorms later on in the midday toward evening. here is saturday, about 3:00 in the afternoon we could get a pop up shower or thunderstorm but there will be
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dry parts as well. sunday morning, cloudy, sunday afternoon, maybe around lunchtime there is some rain and more showing up in the future cast by 5:00 in the evening. it is going to be that kind of tricky forecast weekend. 66 degrees in philadelphia right now. sixty-eight wildwood. fifty-six mount pocono. we have comfortable, cool morning much like yesterday but with the easterly flow we will see a few more cloud and eventually more moisture in the eras well. 10-mile an hour breezes in philadelphia, right now, but the number, sunday, monday, tuesday that was our second heat wave of the year but we have recovered nicely on wednesday and especially yesterday with that high of 83 . humidity comes back tonight. muggy night tonight. eighty-five on saturday. eighty-nine on fathers day. showers, thunderstorms on monday and we will stay in the 80's through tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. so no more heat waves in the future but if you forgot some of that you'll get a reminder
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once you tune into 101.1 more fm, weather authority forecast on the radio now all morning long, bob kelly. >> folks will be listening to that for graduation parties, fathers day barbecue and of course for folks heading to the shore or poconos. construction crews listening to sue they know when to put cones down and bring them backup. ben franklin bridge, only two lanes coming into philadelphia but they just lifted the cones up so we should be good to go to start our morning rush hour hello south philadelphia, live look at i-95 right here near stadium area the broad street interchange or gang heading down to the navy yard, or maybe heading down to the airport we are good to go on i-95. gone to the shore, no problems at the moment, of course, crunch time starts, sometime between 12 and two on a friday afternoon coming into philadelphia on the freeway and 55 we are looking g row, row, row your boat, schuylkill navy regatta another tradition
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here in town takes over the schuylkill river and our kelly drive will be closed all day tomorrow so all that extra volume will be pushed on to the schuylkill expressway and listening or looking for good music, we got it, fire fly music festival taking over dover speed way through sunday and all those music fans will be taken over route one and route 13 heading in to dover through sunday, karen and thomas back over to you. two escaped inmates, they are now in custody. two inmates were found in tennessee, some 300 miles away from where they escaped. police responded to a call about a home invasion where the two held up an elderly couple and then stole their car. pair now being extradited back to georgia to face murder charges. as well as federal charges for unlawful flight. suspects they have been on the run since tuesday. and a fiery crash, as a blimp goes down right at u.s.
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open in wisconsin. pilot of the blimp is in serious condition. witnesses say that the blimp burst into flames before it hit the ground. you can see the explosion right there. you can hear it, see it. pilot was the only person on board. he did manage to eject before the blimp went down, he is suffering serious injuries including burns, sheriff's office says it looks like there was a minute california problem that may have been the issue, no one on the ground was hurt. we are learning that the u.s. will send nearly four you this troops to afghanistan according to the trump administration official. it comes after the top u.s. command inner afghanistan told the president he doesn't have enough forces to help afghan army's fight against the taliban. an official announcement is expect as early as next week. is there a search on for whoever it was that shot, a 15 year-old, the shooting happened in the middle of the day, 1:30 in the afternoon on north third street in kensington.
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this teen was shot in the leg. he is expected to recover, no arrests have been made. also police are after two men who defrauded a clerk there at goey louie deli. here's surveillance video. they go in, get a soda and try to buy witt a hundred dollars bill and they start a shell game where they asked them to make change with other bills, breaking large bills into smaller once and they get the clerk so confused in the end they managed to get away with $700, they don't want these scam tours hit other people so if you recognize them get them off the street. erie county doctor is back in jail. prosecutors say he showed up at trump hotel with guns and ammunition in washington. brian moles violated his probation by returning to d.c. wednesday and posted information about the congressional baseball shootings on facebook. police originally arrested him two weeks ago. they found him with guns after he checked in the trump international hotel. of course, d.c. has strict gun
5:22 am
laws. friend tipped off police, moles threatened to go to the white house to see president trump. judge has banned him from going back to d.c. unless it is for court proceedings. it is the dirty dozen baseball style. >> so who is the biggest trash talker on the team, on our bird team? we have a contender coming up.
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welcome back. are you a beer person, a wine person, or, been one of those kind of days person, hard liquor type? it turns out according to a new survey more and more people are turning to the hard stuff. >> a lot of people are getting whiskey it turns out more people are drinking more at home as well. people bought more than 220 million cases of distilled liquor last year which is most popular but people are buying tequilla, sales of wine increased in 2016, but beer sales, dipped slightly. getting your groceries is just a mouse click away. >> giant food stores is now partnering with instant cart for same day delivery in philadelphia it helps folks work in the sit. giant already delivers in the suburbs. >> shoppers can use the instant cart app or stick to the web site order groceries.
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groceries can be delivered tour door in as little as an hour or order up seven days in advance. one hour delivery will cost but $7.99 a delivery fee while a time window of two hours or more cost 5.99. annual memberships are available as well. instant cart comes asiana digs to giant's own delivery service. >> that is great for people in the city. >> 5:26. over several years we have been talking about bpa a chemical found in water bottles, toys, other products but recently it has been removed from those products. >> specifically baby bottles was a big concern but is there a new study that shows it is still present in canned food. >> center for environmental health tested 250 cans, bought from the supermarkets, dollar stores, 40 percent of the cans tested, contained bpa. low income americans are more likely to be at risk for consuming the food in the cans containing bpa. more than half of the cans purchased at dollar stores
5:27 am
contained a chemical. experts say bpa is men to cause birth defects, breast cancer, obesity and other serious health problems. >> um-hmm, a lot of times it is in the lining of the tomato product, sauces and gets into that. 5:27. we have something that appears to be a big tragedy two swimmers, teens missing off the coast there of atlantic city. >> coming up in two minutes jenny joyce will have a live update what the coastguard is doing next. chris christie: addiction is a disease.
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good morning, what will happen next. all eyes on norristown once again jury in the bill cosby sexual assault trial dead locked. day at the beach takes a tragic turn, two teens are missing, right now after they were swimming, down the new jersey shore, we have got a live report. and play ball, just one day after being shot at, congressional members, took to the field, to prove a point. we will have highlights from the game and we will have more about the shooter. >> it is a friday, we made it through another week. thanks for waking up and joining us. >> smiles, just get bigger on friday. karen hepp, good morning to you. i'm thomas drayton. sue serio, it will be a milk forecast, isn't it. >> the thing to emphasize it is not a complete wash out but
5:31 am
won't be as perfect as yesterday. yesterday was a 10. today we are going with an eight. we have a few waves of showers at one this morning, one later today. bus stop buddy is ready for witt his giant cannoli on this national cannoli day which we will be celebrating later on good day film, cloudy, comfortable at moment. we have showers moving into berks, lancaster county watching showers just off the atlantic city coast as well, so that is what you have to be prepared foreign though it is dry in philadelphia, you can see a pop up shower, before the morning is through. 66 degrees is our current temperature 10 miles an hour breeze out of thee and just about sunrise, time, it won't be as bright as it will be perhaps another day but we have those cloud around that time around and we are in the 60's throughout the region and if you are going to the shore or perhaps there already, north wildwood 67. sixty-six in ocnj as we get started on your friday.
5:32 am
by end of the day we will be at 82 degrees. seasonal high temperature of pop up showers and thunderstorms are possible, especially later on. so we will take you through rest of the fathers day weekend coming up, bob kelly. >> tgif, good morning, everybody. 5:32. live look, vine street expressway opened for business construction crews pack it up, heading home, we are good to go. light volume. friday mornings are that way, later on this afternoon we will get into our weekend, summertime plans, fort washington 309 looking good, and then report of the chemical spill on lansdowne avenue off of state, we will try to get more details. to and from the walt whitman bridge lag good, 42 freeway, 55, not bad at all, heading to or from the poconos just keep in mind that construction zone between quakertown and lansdale. karen and thomas, back over to you. developing right now, crew s are expected back in the water this morning in atlantic
5:33 am
city as they are searching for two missing swimmers who were just teens. lets get to jenny joyce with the very latest, jenny. >> reporter: good morning. short time ago ac fire department did show up to the boardwalk, they told me they have a 5:30 meet to go discuss what is next what their day will look like hours after two teens went missing in the ocean, according to the press of atlantic city, they went in the water around 6:30, about 30 minutes after the life guard went off-duty, one, 15 year-old was caught in the rip current pulled under water, sky fox was over the scene last night as the search was underway, this is area off kentucky avenue and mlk boulevard known as mlk beach. search involved ac fire department, beach patrol and coastguard, and after four and a half hours the search was called off, too dark, official where is then calling this a recovery mission. it is expected to resume this morning. so, the press of atlantic city talk with the teen's dad who
5:34 am
is hailing the unidentified teenage male a hero for jumping in the water to try to save his daughter. neither has been found. don guardian commented in the article saying it was windy down here yesterday. water was cold, choppy. it was not a hot summer day that typically lures people in the water. so a live look now here taking a look there is a helicopter in the air, not really sure what time the recovery effort is expect to resume but again we do know that crews are gathering to discuss is what next, karen and thomas this were wait forgo day break. heart breaking moment here. 5:34. jury deliberations in the bill cosby sexual assault trial they go on its fifth day, jurors struggling to end their impasse on charges that the comedian drugged and molested andrea constand in 2004. steve keeley in norristown this morning, steve. >> reporter: among people that we, you the viewers, have met while we were covering the
5:35 am
cosby case for past couple weeks is seven three-year old victoria valentino who has a playboy magazine center fold in 1963 told thaws she later met bill cosby in the 60's trying to get an acting role on his tv show i spy. when out to dinner cosby gave her a pill to make her feel better and when she was out of it, raped her at his apartment she told us. she has been here every morning early to get a seat every day of this trial and now every day of these deliberations. she told us before court yesterday, she feared this jury was dead locked. when her fear was proven correct with the jury's note a few hours later she talk to us again about her frustrations and possibility cosby could avoid the only criminal case that is still within the statutes of limitations. >> we have all been standing on 1 foot waiting to put our other foot down and waiting for some resolution so that we can move forward, people in
5:36 am
the public unless they are jaded from living in the more of a cosmopolitan city where celebrity is every day kind of diet, they still confuse the character with the actor. they don't realize that the actor is just a act or. >> i'm exhausted. i'm drained. i just want to go home and crawl in bed and have a end less cup of tea and get a good mystery to read. >> reporter: so we go into a day five of deliberations and this takes to us a full second week of this trial. victoria said it was yesterday at 6:30. she doesn't think that she can be here for a second one and she, like everybody else wants to go home, her home pasadena, california, karen and thomas. >> all right, steve, thanks very much. it is 5:36. congressman steve scalise improving but still remains in critical condition after being shot at g.o.p. baseball practice on wednesday. >> well, they played the game
5:37 am
last night both democras and republicans, coming together, lets get down to washington, and doug, they had almost double the turnout in the crowd then what they would have had on the normal year. >> reporter: normally this game doesn't get that much attention outside of washington but they had almost 25,000 people at this game. there were major league ball clubs that would happy to post numbers like that. a lot of folks were attending this game. a lot of donations made. they raised about a million-dollar for charity which business twice what they normally do. so a lot of attention here. a lot of hope placed on this game that the atmosphere here in washington may be changing, as a result of the attack this week and kind of the moment for both parties. we will see whether it lasts. is there evidence this may be kind of fleeting which is a pessimistic take on things i realize but we will see. folks on both side of the aisle were saying very nice things about one another and maybe that will last. >> we know president didn't
5:38 am
attend but he did have a message for crowd before the game began. members of his family did a tend. >> reporter: that is right, ivanka trump was there. there were people from the administration that were there the official word from the white house is the secret service just could not act quickly enough to allow the president to attend the game in person but he did offer a video message that was up on the scoreboard last night. >> we keep seeing video being played there. emotional moment with first pitch. >> reporter: that is right, one of the capitol hill police officers who was, injured in the attack but credited with taking down the attacker james hodgkinson was honored by having him, throw out the ceremonial first pitch so there was moving moments last night especially end of the game. we should mention the score which was lopsided, democrats carried the day 11-two. it was a blow out. democrats won trophy and then very quickly handed it to
5:39 am
republicans asking that it be given to steve scalise. so a very mag man must moment there at the end which gets back to this kind of hope that there will be more kind of spirit of the bipartisanship here, in washington. >> thanks, very much dug, have a great weekend. >> thanks, you too. 5:39. speaking of the weekend we want to get your weather forecast in just a moment and your friday morning traffic. we will be right back, stay with us. quin was crazy about curls.
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eight game losing streak phillies got some big time pitching, and, clutch hitting. taking on the red sox in score in the eighth, todd kelly comes into hit and gets the job done. kelly with the rbi double, andrew knap hustles home and beats the throw. phillies win one to nothing snapping that eight game losing streak. eagles wrapped up mini cam this weekend. up their games from last season. yesterday doug pederson talked about what he learned and what he wants to see over last couple weeks. >> the guys that were here began to really kind of feed off the last couple of games of last year. that was encouraging to see, to see them kind of, you know, nurture that through the entire off season. come together as a family. >> sixers worked out, players and everyone was there to see if the sixers trade back it
5:43 am
can be a real possibility. that is a sports in a minute, i'm sean bell. in the state that invented the american vacation... a legendary adventure awaits. heroes will rise. bonds will be forged. and memories will be made to last a lifetime.
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new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer trip at
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welcome back, trash talking pretty routine in sports according to safety malcolm jenkins if you watched eagles on the practice field this season you'll see it all. >> get you fired up. jenkins says it is more trash talkers this season and there is ab elevated performance because of it. told media with new permits there is a different vibe for
5:46 am
the team. jenkins says biggest culprits are himself, brandon graham, rodney mccloud and zach ertz. whatever gets it done. for second time in three years golden state warriors won championship and their fans came out, they got a parade, great for them, they got to celebrate. >> good for them. >> when have we had a parade? not for a while. they have had lots of people, hundreds of thousands, warriors they are a great team so they have been thankful to the people who supported them. they went 15-one with the sweep in the first three round before beating lebron and the cavilers in five games in the finals. >> speak of lebron, his hairline was holding him back look at him, freshly bald and he is back in the gym working out. he posted this to instagram with the #i hear him, praying on my down fall and strive for greatness. nothing like coming in second place to make you want to come back with a vengeance.
5:47 am
>> i love that all fired up, second place, taking you down next year. >> take the rest of the summer off, lebron. good morning, 5:47. live look at bennie looking good coming into philadelphia, in problems or delays at all, they had overnight construction, they put cones in the back of the truck and they called it a week even. do you think this tree is over grown here? this is the platt bridge, coming in toward philadelphia. maybe we can get tree trimmers out there, before it takes a car out here as we are working toward the ramps toward i-95. midday jams coming our way on i-95. penndot working between betsy and allegheny avenue at around 9:00. earlier in the week we mentioned the original batman adam west passed away, batzig nal up on los angeles city hall yesterday or late last night as we have fox 29 light up on top of our building. route 422, head up for pottstown gang, arm and hammer
5:48 am
boulevard, eastbound they are doing road work. they will shut all of the lanes down six times throughout the day-to-day between now and 3:00 o'clock. no rhyme or reason. they have some beams to put into place. be ready coming in from pottstown there will be six different closures of 10 or 15 minutes throughout the day on thee bound side and that fuel spill lansdowne at state road with local detours. septa making changes. new schedule coming in the play for city, suburban, victory division all takes place on sunday, you want to be readied for monday morning grab yourself a new timetable. they have them in the stations or down load them on the september's web site. we will put a lincoln our web site and social media pages. hey, big weekend, it is fathers day right, sueby has the forecast for your grilling outside in 15.
5:49 am
big music festival thinks weekend, starting yesterday in dover, delaware to day, tomorrow and sunday there is at lee a chance of rain each day, never stops anybody from having fun and so many great acts this weekend about 80 today. eighty-five tomorrow.& very humid on sunday with a high of 88 degrees. that is for dover and here's dad's to do list wash the car, mow the lawn, no, dad's day off is on sunday. we have 89 degrees and chance of a shower and it will be humid just like dad can sit down and take it easy on sunday. we have got rain around the area right now and this rain will hang on and be in and out throughout the weekend. we will see some showers, through lancaster and berks counties, we will see if they
5:50 am
will hold together and move east. there is a chance before the end of the morning of a shower popping up and then another chance later on that say late afternoon or evening and that is today, here's tomorrow at 3:00 in the afternoon models showing some showers popping up but not every where and not every minute of the day. we're at sunday morning, dry then but more showers and thunderstorms are possible. we will get idea it won't abe complete wash out but those showers will be around and you should be ready for them at anytime, 66 degrees in philadelphia, mid 60's, upper 60's every where else, in the mountains sweater weather 50's , we have easterly breeze at 10 miles an hour and seven day forecast keeps us mostly in the 80's. we could hit 90 on fathers day , very warm and humid but strong cold front comes through on monday, with some showers and thunder boomers, and then we will stay in the 80's through the middle of
5:51 am
next week, thomas and karen. >> thunder boomers. >> we need to get your opinion we will show you something you let us know what you think. kim kardashian is in hot what the they are morning. >> some people like her others don't. they always have something to say here. take a look, kim promoting her new make up line kkw and fans were not too happy with the promotional photos. well, they lashed out at reality star accusing her of black face, kim seen with heavy contour make up air brushing, what do you think? so far kim has not commented on the negativity. it is one of the john lenon's most popular songs, you know, the song, imagine. >> ♪ >> so, he had always talked about how his wife yoko ono was a big contributor on the song, and now she's getting writing credit for it 46 years later. john has always said concept and lyrics came from his wife.
5:52 am
she was married until his death back in 198o now national music publisher's association says she will be receiving a co writing credit as part of the organization centennial song award. lets talk real housewives, housewives of atlanta star kenya moore a married woman. >> forty-six year-old tied the knot with the businessman she has been dating for several months now. they said do i over weekend in st. lukes. she tells people magazine she's excited and happy to start her life with her new hubby she's not revealing identity because she will reveal it next season on atlanta housewives. of course, it will be leaked. >> huge secret. >> tune in for that. >> who was married, and we didn't know follow after she was already divorced. >> we knew it she had baby. >> she also had a secret marriage. >> yes. >> back in the day. >> yes. >> a couple of times. >> jay-z became first rapper to be induct in the song
5:53 am
writers hall of fame last night, in new york city. >> mr. carter, he is new to twitter, even though his wife is all over social media he can barely figure out what he was doing and crazy some of the tweets he was sending out. this one says thank to you all of the people half inspired me then he mentioned different acts, kendrick lemar, chance the rapper. the next one was, somebody find out reply i just hit please, i'm new on this. to be their family or just vent. then he says thank you, this way, and then gave a shout out to the president. confusing. and then like thanking, you know, greatest rapper of all time obama thank you 44. a lot of people could not believe he was tweeting. he put out i promise i'm in the drunk. little confusing. you have the arrow, double arrow and message thing. serena williams seven
5:54 am
months into her pregnancy and she's letting us necessity her backhand is still on power. >> boom. she posted this video playing a fearsly as ever, she has said she does in the plan to retire after she has her baby. thirty-five year-old just won australian open in the beginning of the pregnancy. she has been sharing snapshots of this journey to mother hood on social media concluding when she is on snap chat. a lot of people who are dad that we love in our lives. thank you for sending them in. so many wonderful pictures. from ruth ann and this wonderful one as well. we will always love you. rest in peace for that father up in heaven this one comes from delco strong, jennifer bar thanks for sending this one her son garrett and her fiance eric. >> even those who are father- like figures in your life because it takes a lot to be a father. send in your photos. #fox 29 good day.
5:55 am
we will be right back. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles...
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we have fire fly music if he and beaches and wonderful event if would you like to adopt a puppy or kitten they have thousands that is will be there in delaware, saturday and sunday at bellevue state park near wilmington. we will be right back with good day continues in two minutes. p://>[a5df]
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