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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  June 18, 2017 10:00pm-10:36pm EDT

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breaking news out of london tonight police are calling a major incident with a van ramming in the pedestrians leaving a mosque. wicked weather, and, flooding, and hail, your news, is starting.
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fox 29 news in hd is road by xfinity changing the way you experience tv. this is fox 29 news at 10. breaking news out of london police say just pennsylvania midnight local team a van, rammed into the pedestrian, that is just about three hours ago. this scene is still, incredibly active. police are calling this a major incident, and north london park neighborhood. witnesses say a van plowed into people leaving a mosque. this is the holy month of rama dan for muslims. police after rested one person and they have many casualties.
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where the ambulances and shoppers taking victims to hospitals, remember, of course , casualties can mean injuries, not just death. the news is breaking, more, as it comes in. back here at home a very big day in philadelphia's district attorney tomorrow. jury selection begins in seth williams corruption and bribe ry trial. federal prosecutors have charged him with nearly two dozen counts of fraud, and bribery. good evening i'm lucy noland. williams has refused to step down and tomorrow d.a.'s bat will for his freedom begins. fox 29's sabina kuriakose is live at district attorney's office with the a look at how we got here, sabina? >> reporter: lucy, judge has said he wants a speedy trial in part, because seth williams remains the sitting, district attorney and tomorrow, marks the beginning of his toughest legal battle, just yet, his own. district attorney seth williams has been tight-lipped all along, since federal prosecutors slammed him, with fraud and bribery charges.
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monday williams has his day in court, this time in the defendant's seat, the federal judge hearing the 29 count case against the embattled top prosecutor, has called for a swift trial and appears that tumultuous proceedings could throw the city court system into disarray. >> you have crossed the line, committed a crime. >> reporter: since williams indict in march protesters have called for his resignation, and just shy of three months later, jury selection is expected, to move quickly. williams stand accused of accepting more than $160,000 in gifts, and exchange for legal favors. he is also accused of using governmental vehicles for personal use and oven stealing money meant for his own mother it has been a stunning fall for grace from williams and sit leaders jim calls for him to step aside. this from mayor jim kenney after williams law license was suspended earlier in the year. >> i have made it clear that he cannot do his job, in the
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current conditions and i will not talk about it every day. >> reporter: williams refused to resign, his attorney says there is simply no way that the d.a. sold his elect office >> the indictment does not contain a single allegation that the outcome of the single case prosecuted by my client's office was affect. we look forward to refuting the allegations and to the day mr. williams is cleared of this behavior. >> reporter: and sure to hear much more when opening arguments, begin, later this week, and we are expecting the trial to last anywhere from two to four weeks and if he is convicted williams could face up to 20 years, in federal lock up. lucy? >> all right, sabina kuriakose , thanks very much. once again, the criminal trial for philadelphia's district attorney begins tomorrow with jury selection, we are there, of course, fox 29 will have all of the breaking details if something happens as soon as we know bit, you'll know bit, on twitter, facebook or an alert marked fox 29 app. weekend of summer fun has turned tragic for a family in
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ocean county. an 11 year-old girl was electrocuted in a lagoon. toms river police say she had touched the rail of the metal boat lift some how and a electrical current had charged it. little girl was playing in the water with two friend last night behind a home, and the other children are not hurt. adults there performed cpr until paramedics arrived but the girl later died, at the hospital. >> it is like a nightmare that we're living in and it is just not, not real, not real. >> she was just a little girl, you know, she loved to just do simple things and very excited for dance that was coming up, and it is just very sad, she will be truly missed. >> authorities are investigating what happened. and philadelphia's chinatown a fight outside a club ended with two people getting shot, one of them died police say it happened right around 3:00 this morning at reserve lounge, carried out, in the street, this
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altercation, police are not saying how many people were involved but they say someone shot a 29 year-old man who died, a 25 year-old man later showed up in a hospital, after someone drove him there. his exact condition we do not know but police say that he is stable and they are looking for, the shooter. on your radar tonight we could see a a lot of this, tomorrow afternoon, heavy rain , high wind, maybe thunder and lightening like they saw in kansas city last night. luckily no injuries there. back here at home it is still warm, muggy, as we look live over ben franklin parkway, but the threat of severe weather looms. meteorologist scott williams tracking all this scott, you have been very closely watching radar. >> yes, absolutely, lucy. right now that storm system off to the west. it is a cold front right now moving through cleveland area also around pittsburgh, scattered showers and thunderstorms but out ahead of it, hot and humid for your fathers day. high in philadelphia made it up to 90 degrees, take a look at that severe weather threat,
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enhanced risk right along i-95 corridor north and west toward lehigh valley. we anticipate widespread, thunderstorms activity to move through tomorrow afternoon. and heavy rain, a flash flood watch is already been posted for tomorrow, afternoon and evening, and heavy rain, and, and unfortunate timing them moving in during the afternoon rush. steamy start, monday morning 7:00 a.m. 76 degrees. eighty-seven at 4:00 storms moving in from the west, by 7:00 o'clock still dealing with strong, to severe thunderstorms. coming up much more on the timing of that event and when to expect, potential damaging wind, and also, hail, lucy back over to you. >> a lot to talk b speaking of weather, windy day at jersey shore behind what you are looking at here, and so say officials blame wind for bringing down, this home, and that is under construction at lee part of it in wildwood. happened right around 4:30 on the 400 block of west spruce street, in one was injured.
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philadelphia has been a wash in the sea of color, pride parade took over streets today. capping it off a big festival tonight, at penns landing, our brad satan has been in the middle of it all, brad? >> reporter: well, lucy despite some reports of the few small protests no problems whatsoever according to police we know about 25,000 people took part between the parade and festival here, proud they say of the diversity. despite the heat, large crowd turned out for 29th pride day parade nearly 100 groups marching through center city. >> wow. >> gay, straight, transgender, even pooches and t utus all accounted for and in lack of colorful dress and theater, outfits wildly different but the message, unified. >> you are people and this is not a diagnosis, these are not diseases, people are people. to be here in this community and to be part of so many,
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with so many people, that feel the same way that do you and not understanding and giving support it is a beautiful thing. >> equality, love, body positivity, obviously. >> and, and, lesson dan king and his wife are teaching their kid. >> best way to spend it is coming out here and celebrate, a little bit of unity, a little pride, try to help them understand. >> we want them to know we want them to know, it doesn't matter what you like what you want to wear, you know, whoever you want to be as long as you are authentic to yourself, that is all that matters. >> reporter: marching down locust and market streets to pend lansing for afternoon celebration. >> ♪ >> shining despite what some feel is a shift in the wind, politically. >> there is so much hate, and oppression toward this community knowing that so many people would rather be silenc ed terrifies me and knowing that, there is people here that are still fight ago begins means the world to me. >> you know what i'm happy,
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you know what, like that is all, that is all i choose to be. >> spoke to one woman with a shirt that read pride in the name of love, a reference to the song by the band, you two who happens to be playing a few miles from here at lincoln financial field. she said she was wrapping up the festival here and then headed to the concert lucy not a bad way to end the night. >> through go, love it. thanks very much, brad. >> to a developing story overseas united states fighter jet shot down a syrian air force fighter jet bombing local forces aligned with america in the fight against the islamic state. u.s. led coalition headquarters in iraq says it is in response to syria, syria bombing u.s. jets -- that were actually u.s. backed fighter jets on the ground. the coalition says that it is not want to fight pro syrian regime or russian forces but it won't hesitate to defend coalition fit is facing, any threat. well, president trump is back in washington tonight,
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returning to the cloud of scandals surrounding the russia probe but tonight more confusion as a member of his legal team says that the president is not under investigation, even after, the president tweeted, that he is. fox's christian fisher has more. >> reporter: president trump arriving back at the white house after spending his first weekend at camp david. president taking a break from fathers die tweet about ongoing russia investigation. mr. trump bringing in part quote make america great again agendas doing very well, despite the distraction of the witch hunt. in another tweet posted on friday, the president claims he was under investigation by acting fbi director for firing former chief, james comey, but one of the president trump's attorneys, rejected that notion, while making round on the sunday show. >> there has been no notification of any independent investigation. nothing has change since owe said he was not a target. >> then he contradicted himself in this heated exchange. >> he is being investigated for taking the action, that
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the attorney general and deputy attorney general recommended him to take by the agency, who recommended the termination. >> what is the question, i mean you stated, in fact, first of all you have said he is being investigated after saying thaw didn't. >> no you just said. >> he is not being investigated. >> this is fourth time in four days that president trump has described the special counsel 's investigation led by robert muhler as a witch hunt and that has prompted democratic congressman adam shift to accuse the president of trying to discredit muhler 's findings. at the white house kristin fisher, "fox news". they thought they were under attack, sailors, fast asleep, when the unthinkable happened. this tragedy, could have been, even worse. and bill cosby is a freeman after a judge declared a mistrial but at lee one woman said the fight is far from over and gay pride not only thing celebrated in philadelphia, today, how hundreds, marked this significant day, in our nation 's history.
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terror at overseas tourist resort, two people are dead after a suspect jihad is opened fire in mali. they rescued 30 people. two attackers are dead but it is not clear, at this point, if security forces killed them , or if they took their own lives. happening right now, more coming out of a deadly, maybe, ship collision. and the navy's promising a
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full investigation into how a destroyer and container ship and today nave difficult identify them. the officials don't know if they drowned or died on impact fox's lee gabriel has more. >> reporter: search for seven navy sailors missing since early saturday morning is called off, efforts to locate them, ending after bodies were found, inside of u.s.s. fitzgerald, the destroyer suffering major damage when it collided with a cargo ship off the coast of japan. >> you cannot see most of the damage. damage is mostly underneath waterline and it is a large gash, and near the kiehl of the ship. >> reporter: damage to the fitzgerald starboard or right side is extensive. most of the ship's 300 crew members were sleeping at the time of the early morning crash, and two compartment, 116 sailors were seriously affect as well as machinery room. >> there was a significant impact, that crew had to fight very hard to keep the ship
10:20 pm
afloat. >> reporter: damage also evident on the acx crystal other vessels involved in the incident. philippines flag shipped is four times the size of the fitzgerald. conditions were clear at the&-úe cause, is under investigation. >> this ship is, salvageable, it is extensive though but it will require significant repairs but you will see the u.s.s. fitzgerald back, as one of our warships here but it will be requiring sometime. >> reporter: it is still unknown how much warning the crew aboard fitzgerald had, but water flow to the parts of the ship opened to the sea is said to be tremendous. in new york, lea gabriel, fox 29 news. a raging forest fire in portugal has kill at least 61 people. wind whipped flames started to spread saturday and the fire is still burning, it is a horrific scene with people trying to get away, instead, and getting trapped in their cars. with no way out.
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area is prone to forest fires but officials say this tragedy is unlike any in decade. they think a lightening strike may have, started it. during today's philadelphia pride parade our mike jerrick caught up with attorney gloria allred. she represents some of the women who say bill cosby sexually assaulted them. mike asked allred why she's still going after cosby following's yesterday's mistrial. >> well, the man is 80 years old and i will be 76 in a couple of weeks. so, i certainly have the energy to go with this apparently he has been talking about wanting to go back on the theater tour circuit, with his show. so, he has got enough energy to do his stand up show, which was far from finished tour, and then i think he should find that same energy, for a trial, at which all he has to do is, sit there, and not even
10:22 pm
perform. >> you can hear more of mike's interview with allred tomorrow morning on "good day philadelphia". in north philadelphia, a lot of folks came together for a juneteenth celebration, holiday is actually tomorrow and honors emancipation of slaves across the south. today the human rights coalition, and other groups used holiday to shine light on mass incarceration that they say, this proportionately impacts communities of color. they marched to eastern state penitentiary and calling for reforms that include ending solitary confinement. >> it is a new slavery. it is a new mod em. slavery was called, prison. solitary confinement is when they put a prisoner, in the little cell, the size of a bathroom, and they leave them in there, for 23 hours a day, supposed to be one hour for exercise, and a shower. they are at mercy of the guard >> critics of the solitary confinement call it torture and said it greatly effects
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mental health of prisoners. tonight signs of improvement from congressman steve scalise who is a man last week shot while he practiced for a congressional charity baseball game. doctors have upgraded house majority whip from critical to serious after several surgeries. fox's molly henenberg has more on his recovery. >> reporter: long way to go but doctors say house majority whip steve scalise is showing signs of improvement and has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. he was able to watch some baseball last night, lsu baseball, according to his twitter account. congressman scalise is lsu alumni. all of the people shot by gunman on wednesday alive and one member of the congress at that baseball practice but was not shot, spoke today about something that fell out of his gym bag, a day after the shooting. >> this is a piece of shrapnel from the mad man who came to politically kill innocent people. this is the reminder that all of us have that we have to
10:24 pm
take a step back in this country. we have to tone down this rhetoric and we have to come together as a nation, as americans and say enough is enough.& >> reporter: it was scalise armed capitol hill security detail that shot and kill the gun man before he could do anymore damage. the gun man was apparently targeting republicans. the charity baseball game between democrats and republicans was played the next night, and here's how one democratic senator described it. >> i went there with the 25,000 people that joined in and it is all four leaders were out on the field looking like they like each other. at the end when democrats won the game they gave the trophy to the republicans and asked them to put it in representative scalise office. we need to take that spirit and go two teams to one team in america. gunman had been a volunteer of the democratic socialist bernie sanders which sanders today quote distressing and he wished congressman scalise a quote very, very quick recovery. in washington molly henenberg
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"fox news". employees at burger joint are still recovering from the robbery when to their surprise the robber came back but you will not, believe why. and the reports of beyonce , and jay-z have welcome their twins. into our world.
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in minnesota protests continue after injury a quit ted a officer in the december of philando castille. organizers called this protest a fathers day, for philando, officer shot cost steel five times during a traffic stop saying that he feared for his life, castille's girlfriend, live streamed moments right after the shooting on facebook and in the nation's capitol it has happened again, someone hung a noose near national gallery of art. police say noose showed up on a lamp powe near the museum. it had been there for several days. u.s. park police are
10:29 pm
investigating and want to hear from anyone who has any information about what happened. police say a robber held up a burger joint and then returned, hours later, to apply for a job. and jack in the box in tulsa, oklahoma yesterday. employees say that the man walked into the place in the morning, stole all of their cash and hours later came back and asked for a job. police say robbers's corry powell, employees kept him occupied until cops showed up to arrest him. >> i notice that had there was a guy around the side door, and, then he hear, the employees yelling that is guy that robbed us from earlier. >> police say he is also responsible for robbing a nearby beauty supply store on the very same day. so, the beehive reportedly has two new and rather exclusive members. tmz is reporting beyonce gave birth to her twins, in official confirmation from the singer or her husband jayz as of yet but beyonce's dad tweet
10:30 pm
ed out congratulations and so now the five-year old daughter blue ivy is a big sister. he survived a tour in vietnam but tonight, this veteran ace live, thanks to his young daughter's quick actions, during a fire, and it was a big, weekend for animal, lovers, animals looking for a forever home, animal lovers too incredible number of people who braved the heat to find a new fury friend. hey, scott williams, you are a busy man tonight. >> speaking of the heat we still have warm, muggy conditions and look at ultimate doppler, lucy, off to the west a line of showers and thunderstorms, some of those will turn strong and severe tomorrow. we have got your timing, next. it takes a lot of people to make a good school day.
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giant has unbelievable pro tip produce prices. : so you'll never have to choose between your favorites. i thought i was your favorite. take a fresh look at giant's produce prices. memorial for a firefighter in northern montana turned tragic. about 50 people were standing on the deck of a mountain lodge when it just gave way. five people are in critical
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condition. 20 others including several children are in the hospital with serious injuries. engineers are still trying figure out why that deck collapsed. more than 1,000 homeless animals found families tonight. brandywine valley spca held its seconds annual mega adoption event and it was definitely megaseme hundreds of people showed up over the two-day event in wilmington's bellevue state park. brandywine was hoping for more than 800 adoptions. guess what? 1,134 formerly homeless kitties and pups now have homes. hoping their loving forever families. the pet company foundation helped make this weekend's event a mega event. congratulations to adam lamb and his entire staff. deputies in florida are trying to solve mystery tonight after thieves stole a rare snake, guns and cash from a home in florida but it's the snake a 6-foot white lukis boa constrictor the owner is pleading for the thieves to please bring back.
10:35 pm
fox's josh cash show has the story. >> reporter: if snakes aren't your thing, then this room is your worst nightmare. >> daniel rigs bee has a lot of them. >> roughly about 600 plus in here. >> reporter: all kinds. >> banana. >> reporter: all colors. >> completely harmless. >> reporter: he breeds and sells them from this facility in riverview. this one a 6-foot boa as white as snow was his rare gem. >> it's all white, they're very rare. very expensive. >> reporter: worth upwards of 50 grand. someone stole her overnight tuesday. they also took 1500 in cash and four guns. >> they're very rare. there's probably only six breedable princess diamonds in the united states. >> reporter: snake steeler likely broke in through the rear doggie door. rigs bee think they knew what they were after. >> not everybody will open a snake tank and pull a 6-foot snake out. >> reporter: and like her, her offspring are worth a lot nearly
10:36 pm
$200,000. >> it's very frustrating. she was the pride and joy of the company. we have a couple other ones like her. but nothing her size. it breaks my heart every time i walk by and see it empty. >> reporter: this snake is very similar to the one that was taken albeit much smaller. they have since taken some precautions to make sure something like this doesn't happen again. >> they've added cameras and alarms. someone will also stay at the facility 24/7. of all the snakes he has, princess meant the most. >> please return the snake. because you know it's very valuable to us. it's also my son's favorite snake. >> reporter: there's a $3,000 reward from crime stoppers and the owner and the original breeder have come up with $3,000. so there's $6,000 out there in reward money. hopefully someone can help bring this snake home. josh cash show, fox news. >> hopefully they get her back. seven-year-old girl a hero she rescued her 7ye


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