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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 19, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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london, again. terror, one person is dead, and 10 others, at least, are hurt after a van plows through a crowd of people outside of a mosque. what we're learning about the attacker. philadelphia's district attorney in court today, jury selection begins in the seth williams bribery and corruption trial. the jail time he faces if he is convicted. have you heard about this one step closer to completing the process, some saying the process, is now complete, sixers expect to finalize a deal today that would give them the topic in the nba draft in the second year in a row. it will happen thursday, that is the day of the draft. what we know about the project
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number one markell fultz. fultz speed ahead. >> i like that. i like that. >> will fultz fits with the sixers? >> good day everybody it is monday, june 19th, 2017. >> hi alex holley. >> good morning. >> you look all pretty, summery and light. >> that is because it was hot yesterday. >> it will be 90 degrees today , sue. >> well, close to it. >> close. >> we have got thunderstorms heading through our area now look i have to tell you this i had a stain on my shirt and i thought it would be dry. don't tweet me and tell me, i know, it will dry? >> no jokes. >> appreciate you guys are so observe ant. six out of 10 in your weather by the numbers. have umbrella for later on like bus stop buddy does today and thomas philadelphia public school students have left of school, so it is almost over, temperatures are in the 70's to start.
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we have got rain we have been watching around the pocono mountains, so that is what we have got going on for right now. it is, 79 degrees, already. so we're already starting out hot, yes, we will get in the 80's by end of the day probably topping off at 88, 89 before the thunderstorms hit and some could be strong to severe, we will time it all out for you, coming up, and hopefully i'll be dried out by then. >> get the hair dryer going. the clocks are all messed up it as 4:05. it certainly is no the 4:05. i'll tell you what, you you know what it is time for, it is time for a new clicker. look at 95 near cottman avenue as we look through to port richmond and folks coming out of northeast philadelphia, a live look at feet way, coming from south jersey, again, pockets as folks work their way back from the shore. coming back from the shore atlantic city expressway
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westbound watch for an accident near route 40 the may landing interchange police are on the scene there also eastbound lanes of 422, an accident right here near royersford interchange and a couple of down trees in the neighborhood and a accident south philadelphia, at 16th and fitzwater creek police mike and alex back to you. sit 6:03. >> yes. it is 6:03 on this monday. >> developing news out of london. police now say that this morning mosque attack had all of the hallmarks of the terror incident. a man police say behind the wheel of the van that hit pedestrians is in custody. van struck a crowd of muslim worshipers killing one person injuring several others. witnesses say it unfolded just as people were leaving a local mosque following midnight pray ers, during this month which is holy month of ramadan >> i seen maybe eight to 10 people, some people lying on
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the floor, some people being driven by police. >> britain's terror alert has been set at severe meaning an attack is highly likely and this is late's tack in england earlier a van drove in the pedestrians on the london bridge and eight people died before the police were able to kill the attackers. then last month manchester was hit by a bombing that killed more than 20 people at ariana grande concert. >> all right. that is, there is a live shot there helicopter shot this morning, or this afternoon in london this was in the a terror attack just a horrible fire. we have an update though, officials now say that 79 people are dead and or missing , and you know previous number was 58, search and recovery operation at that 24 story grandfell tower continues, investigators revealed new exterior, you know, cladding, they call it, the skin used in recent
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renovations, may have been, well a violation of uk building code. authorities are trying to determine if any crimes were committed when they decide to make the fisod out of plastic. all right. 6:05. philadelphia district attorney seth williams gets his day in court. >> well, jury selection is set to begin this morning in his corruption and bribery trial. >> so lauren johnson is live outside the courthouse in center city with what we can expect, good morning, lauren. >> reporter: good morning, jury selection will begin at 9:30 but today marks biggest trial in seth williams long political career when he showed up here at federal courthouse defending himself against strong accusations of bribery, corruption and fraud. >> mr. williams was willing to compromise his position of public trust in exchange for private, financial gain. >> reporter: prosecutors painting a picture offset williams as a politician who
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sold his sole and oath of office. >> the indictment does in the contain a single allegation that the outcome of the single case prosecuted by my client's office was affected. we will look forward to refuting allegations and to the day mr. williams is cleared of this behavior. >> his defense attorney saying the 29 counts 50 page indictment alleged bribery, fraud charges are a stretch but prosecutors alleged williams did commit crimes over the course of the years involving hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> mr. williams took money that did not belong to him. >> jury expert believe the timing of the williams trial could prove to be a problem for the defense. >> what mr. williams is dealing business not only the issues and allegations and the evidence against him but this larger perception, larger issue that the public has been dealing with of people with power abuse ago this power. we just had congressman fattah convicted of very similar
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crimes. so people in this community might be thinking didn't we just have this trial. >> reporter: people in this community will come from nine counties in pennsylvania, about 140 potential jurors will show up here at 9:30. williams could face 20 years behind bars, if convicted of the charges, mike and alex. >> just the beginning, thanks, lauren. after four years of negotiating, actually close to five, the school district of philadelphia and its teachers have agreed on a tentative contract this evening the union is holding a special meaning and it is expect to happen tonight, jenny. >> it will happen tonigh at 6:00. so that is when teachers union will vote on whether or not to accept this tentative deal. it has been a long five years for teachers and staff of the philadelphia school district and many putting out money out of their own pocket to pay for school supplies as district struggled with major money
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issues. will it be approved? we will find out tonight. union leaders haven't released specifics, they wanted to present deal to the roughly 12,000 members over the weekend ahead of the tonight's vote. doctor hite says it has taken so long because of the district's financial woes, series of school closures, massive layoffs and big cuts, parents that we spoke with on friday say they are impressed the teachers stuck it out this long and they see that this tentative agreement is positive thing and it is a necessary step in the process. >> without school guidance and supplies how can they take future to the next level. >> being a teacher, and current assistant principal it is very important that the teachers feel value especially in area where there is a teacher market. we have to make sure that our teachers are compensated just like anybody else we compensate the sports, we compensate all of those other things and we need to look out
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for our teachers because every within need a teacher to get into any profession that they enter into. >> superintendent doctor hite said he believes that this contract deal will provide stability necessary to move the district forward to keep teachers here and recruit new talented teachers and staff members and improve overall educational climate for the children. so if approved the contract terms will be in effect through august of 202, union vote happens tonight, at 6:00 o'clock, mike and alex. >> thanks, jenny. we will have camera there and probably their life, in fact, i know we will. this is unbelievable, soldiers -- sailors, rather fast asleep when unthinkable happens. you heard this story. seven members dead after a ship slammed into their destroyer how those who were who are being remembered. setting the record straight sort of mixed message coming from the white house about donald trump and
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sixers history could be made they are expected to finalize a trade that will give them topic in the draft for second year in a row. >> sixers are expect to send the third pick in this years draft, and a future first rounder to the celtics for the number one pick this year. so once that happens sixers will likely select markell fultz a point guard out of
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washington and fultz is considered top player in the draft and a huge need for sixers right now. they have several players coming into work out today including national player of the year. >> where did he go frank mason the third, alex. >> he is player have the year in college basketball, in player is better than he is. >> you will say kansas. >> that is because he went the two university of kansas, yes, frank mason the third. >> how cool would that be to play back at home. >> that would be a dream come true for him. >> yes. >> and jahlil okafor go to duke. >> jahlil okafor went to duke. >> yes. >> or yes. >> we will get two duke players and two kansas players >> anthony gargano and eytan sander will join us to talk about this did we give up too much is this good. >> sit right to get so excited right now because over weekend it was exploding with excitement. i want to wait.
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this is bad. from what i have learned here in philadelphia i want to wait until it is signed and for sure happening. >> fultz just got injured. i'm kidding, i'm kidding. he is not even a sixer yet. >> we cannot say we have been here before, ben simmons. >> let's look at radar. >> you know i'm fascinate by radar and like to stare at it. >> yesterday was so hot but random pop up storms. >> did you see video out of kansas city missouri. >> what? >> that is heading our way we will play that after the break
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you know my friend bob lives in kansas city missouri. >> you guys text through every morning. >> look at this, that is kansas city, missouri and kansas city, kansas people running for their lives. >> how will they barbecue in that. >> that is your biggest concern. >> they are known for their barbecues. >> well, true, well, they have to do it inside. >> thunder, lightening, severe weather, a lot of hail, lot of hail, and no injuries were reported but that same system, is heading our way. >> what do they say turn around don't drawn is that right.
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>> sue lulu win ski is in with the weather. >> it is gone. >> rip current risk is high, not to mention, only that we have risk of, severe showers, thunderstorms, later on this line of strong storms is coming with the cold front an it will be at its war during evening rush hour. we have a flash flood watch in effect and showers and thunderstorms out to the west. nothing else going on at the moment. it is later on today and we will see these storms with the cold front starting to form about 4:00 o'clock out to the west say berks, lancaster county by six or 7:00 here they are in philadelphia. it will be loud, there will be lightening, thunder, heavy downpours and high wind by eight or 9:00 o'clock these storms have reached the shore. that is the timing. it all happens today. we will get to a high of 88. 85 degrees tomorrow. dry out first day of summer is wednesday, so far, so good the
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forecast and it looks okay for thursday as well, late day then are storms possible on friday. that is your forecast heading out don't forget to join us all morning long 101.1 more fm your weather authority forecast available there as well as here, bob kelly, it is every where. >> every where. we got it. good morning, on a monday we have an accident right here on the westbound side of the 422 at route 23, leaving king of prussia heading west this morning watch it, it will be a truck here hugging the shoulder in that right lane. here comes the sun glare popping out here i-95 north right here near the airport. we have had a few delays yesterday from pop up storms, we will have, some thunder boomers later on this afternoon. air travel today, certainly going to be impacted as it is all about the timing depending upon when you head down to the airport. new scheduled kicked in yesterday. before you speak unkindly
6:19 am
about the late train or bus make sure you have the right schedule. you can guarantee that the city, suburban, victory divisions changed it up yesterday to make sure you have the new one in play, west on the ac expressway for gang coming back from the shore this morning watch for an accident right here near route 40, near mays landing and a lot of extra volume and folks staying down the shore, get an extra day and coming right from the beach right in the office on a monday, mike and alex, back to you. people have been asking all weekend it is a huge ocean out there how does a japanese cargo ship slam into a u.s. navy ship? but it happened. >> people were killed. >> yeah. >> but u.s.s. fitzgerald. this is off the coast of japan destroyer collided with philippines merchant ship four times its size. >> yes. >> sailors ranged from 19 to 37 years old. their bodies were found by divers and in flooded compartments. collision happened early saturday while many crew members were asleep and unclear how much warning they
6:20 am
had if any at all. >> i don't think they had much at all. fitzgerald is back at port. ship is sal agable but will endure lengthy significant repairs. the conditions were clear at the time and they are promising a full investigation >> i heard damage to the navy ship is under the waterline. it didn't look that bad but yeah under the water a huge gash. >> yes, compartments were. >> they had a hard time keeping the ship afloat. my goodness. president trump's legal team wants to set record straight the president is not under federal investigation for obstruction of justice. >> one of the president's lawyers appeared on "fox news" sunday with chris wallace but his comments may have created even more confusion, instead of clearing some up. >> there was heat. >> he is being investigated for taking action, that the attorney general deputy tern general recommended him to take by the agency, who recommended the termination. >> what is the question? i mean you stated, first of
6:21 am
all, you have said he is being investigated after saying he didn't. >> in, he is not being investigated. >> play the tape back it is exactly what he said, interview follows washington powe which unnamed sources as many as five unnamed sources say president trump was being investigated by special counsel robert muhler but president trump says he is a victim of the witch hunt. here's the thing, the president over weekend put out a tweet that said i'm being investigated. >> yeah. >> a big um. >> there seems to be back and forth he blamed it on 140 characters and what he was saying was, so now, he just needed to put a question. now i'm being investigated by. >> hard thing about twitter, put your message out there, put tonight one tweet it doesn't always work. >> mr. president, question mark. >> there is covfefe. >> covfefe. >> is your beehive butting.
6:22 am
>> beehive last been butting all weekend. after reports say beyonce a jay z had their twins, but someone may have asked them and spilled the beans. you know beyonce she keeps everything private and she let us know when she wants to know >> yes. >> did someone in her circle spilled the beans. >> maybe so. >> um-hmm. >> i know nothing of these two they are so private.
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trade between sixers and celtics will get down today sixers trying to get that number one pick and if they do pencil in markell fultz. ninth inning phillies up by one, greg blanco with the single to tie this game up. hector nearest blew the save and then in the tenth diamond backs finest with the solo shot to dead center field a 424-foot bomb phillies lose five-four getting swept in the weekend series. u.s. open at erin hills a
6:26 am
no name putting himself on the map, on the brooks capka with the pretty bird that i just went in, that was his third straight, he shoots 16 under for tournament and wins his first ever major. to soccer union taking on the red bulls, and perfect set up to bradley wright-phillips, and that is a goal he had two on the day, that is sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. summer is still two days away, but summer thunderstorms are in our immediate future we will time out some strong to severe thunderstorms on the way for later this afternoon right now jenny joyce. good morning, sue so tonight philadelphia teachers union will vote on whether or not to accept a contract deal proposed by school district of philadelphia, if the vote is yes, this could mean raises for teachers and staff for first time in five years.
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injury you selection begins today how much jail time he is face if you go convicted. and a big vote tonight for philadelphia teachers, for the first time in five years, local teachers could get a raise, but, at what cost? and is the process, finally, complete? the sixers report live a deal to get topic, number one pick
6:30 am
in thursday draft, and we talked about potential number one pick markell fultz with the guys from 97.5 the fanatic morning show. i want to know if we are getting a good deal. could this really be the end of our process? are we finally here. >> yes. >> mike says yes. >> all this time we have been saying trust the process, what will our new slogan be? mike thinks fultz speed ahead. >> i got it. hold your breath. >> yes. >> it is time. i like that. it is time. >> wow. >> yeah. >> we will talk to them to see what they think. it is monday, june 19th 2017. it is a hot pick, and hot day to day. >> another one, yes. we got 90 yesterday, warm, humid already in the 70's and bus stop buddy has umbrella, why? we have strong thunderstorms in the forecast for later on in the day, they are not here just yet but we will keep an eye on radar and just be prepared, keep an eye to the sky this afternoon for strong to severe, thunderstorms, and
6:31 am
remember if you are driving and you run into one of those big puddles that forms with the heavy downpours, turn around, do not drowned. that is your forecast for today. we will talk about what else is in store in the seven day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. bob kelly. how are folks doing on the roadways this morning and what is going on over there. >> you don't want to know what is going on. >> behind the scenes, baby. >> yes. >> 6:31. a live look school shot, look at that, here's city hall, do you remember back in the day when billy penn was the tallest building, mike, do you remember that. >> 1985. >> bam. >> none of the buildings could be taller then billy penn pen 's hat. >> who was mayor who made decision to change that. >> it was a good decision. >> wilson goode. >> okay. >> wilson good did that. >> i was going to say green
6:32 am
but goode. >> we have all of the buildings there, cool shot 95 southbound heavy from cottman into downtown. coming back from the shore we caught ken rottweiler in the delay here he came from the shore right into the station here this morning. so again he is not only one coming right back from the shore after a fathers day weekend and right in the office. now some new schedules went into play over weekend septa adjusted city, suburban victory divisions on the regional rail lines, west trenton one of the trains cancelled because of equipment problems, so, be ready for some delays on the west trenton line and make sure you have right timetable for regional rails, on this monday morning, mike and alex, back over to you. >> one person dead and several injuries after a van careened into worshipers, outside of the london mosque. police described it as a suspect terror attack. >> thomas drayton what else have we learn here. >> here we go again another example mike and alex why
6:33 am
britain's terror alert has been elevated to severe meaning an attack is highly likely. the 48 year-old driver of the van reported to be caucasian is now in custody, the scene unfolded early this morning about 12:30 after near two mosque. the finsbury park neighborhood worshipers just completed midnight prayers during this the muslim holy month of rama dan. >> in the most holy month we don't need this. >> i never heard people scream of that nature. >> once again a chaotic scene. some at the scene were angry that this was not quickly described as an act of terrorism but british home secretary disputes that saying this was treated as a suspect terror attack from the very beginning. as you know mike and alex this is one of the series of attack this month a van drove in the pedestrians on london bridge eight people died there. then last in manchester a
6:34 am
bombing there killed 20 people at ariana grand day concert and this morning one person dead 10 injuries after a van careens in worshipers outside london mosque. >> they had high rise fire, 8 people dead but wasn't terrorism but london is rock. >> my sister just moved there. >> she did. >> she is on a flight right now and there is concern. >> no question. >> understandable. >> big fire fly festival took place thursday, friday, saturday and yesterday down in delaware but this is we are. >> there were big names there but that is not what people are talking about this morning when it comes to fire fly. delaware state police are investigating discovery of skeletal remains on the ground there. >> yes. >> not far from where festival happened. concert goer foundry mains in the wooded area near marley lane, police were called to the scene thursday night. neither victim's identity are in how they died are known at this time. very interesting find.
6:35 am
>> by a concert goer, can you imagine, wow. all right. 6:34. >> authorities are still trying to figure out how an 11 year-old girl died of electrocution swimming in the ocean county lagoon. it happened saturday night toms river police say girl touched rail of the metal boat lift, somehow it was charged with an electric current. adults in the area performed cpr until paramedics arrived but girl later died at the hospital. two other girls were in the water at the time but they were not hurt, wow. >> freak accident i guess. >> yes. >> for philadelphia teachers the long wait seems to be almost over. >> it could be over once state official tonight. >> union will vote on the contract with the school district and its teacher has preliminarily agreed on it. >> what have they agreed on. >> jenny has those details. >> hi there jenny. >> reporter: good morning. we don't have too much details because union wanted to of course present the plan to its
6:36 am
12,000 teachers and staff over the weekend. there was a good article on though talking a little bit about even if this deal ace proved is there still a big question as to how school district of philadelphia will pay for it all. school superintendent doctor h ite says district had been in really bad shape financially and that why it has taken so long to get this deal even tentative deal, nearly five years. there was a series of school closures, layoffs and big cuts , doctor hite also said he is hoping that this contract deal will provide stability necessary to move district forward to keep teachers here to recruit new talented teachers and staff members and improve overall educational climate for the children. we talk to some parents who said they are impressed with the teachers sticking it out this long and they say this is a good step in the process, superintendent hite feels same way and says even though financial situation has improved from five years ago money issues have not gonna
6:37 am
way. this tentative deal would last through 2020, doctor hite says they are still figuring out how to cover cost through end of the contract and they will continue to push hard for fiscal support. >> it is really important for us to continue to advocate for additional for all funding sources not just from one side or other but all funding resources from all of our funding sources and we have time to do that. >> so no contract is last five years meant no raises for these teachers, teachers we know pay out of pocket for various school supplies so that might be enough for everyone to vote, yes, tonight we will find out at 6:00 mike and alex. >> will you stay there for the whole day. >> reporter: i will get some relief. >> we will send someone to relieve you. >> thank you, thank you. are you going to stay full day in. >> our cameras will be there. schoolteacher watching the show which i know do you what do you think of the contract? >> are you happy witt that is a big question.
6:38 am
we do these stories and they say without a contract, it is what they are looking for. >> big day for philadelphia's district attorney alex holley. >> jury selection begin for seth williams corruption and bribery trial. federal prosecutors charged him with two dozen counts of fraud and bribery. williams is still sitting district attorney. has handed off his daily responsibilities. seth williams faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. opening statements are expect to begin this week so this will be fast. they will get jury to day and then by even of the week this will begin. we will keep you updated. >> how about the venue, philadelphia, really. >> maybe they should move it. making progress, you know, making process. one step closer to completing this process sixers expect to finalize deal today giving them number one pick in the nba draft coming up thirst, we will talk to ant at 97.5 and his buddy eytan in a bit.
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get ready markell fultz who we are expected to finalize the deal today that will give sixers number one pick in the draft and with that pick, they will likely take fultz who is guard out of washington and in
6:42 am
exchange sixers will send number three pick this year, and a future first rounder, to the boston celtics. >> i don't know what do you think about this, ant, anthony , eytan, how are you doing. >> we will start with you, ant >> i love it. i think it is a great, great trade. markell fultz is the perfect fit, mike and alex for this team, to play alongside ben simmons embiid, dario, you need someone who can shoot, score. markell fultz is perfect. 6-foot five, sweet jump shot. he can take it to the rim. a good offensive player. you can put mike and alex, get ready for philly sixers. >> the general manager knows what he is doing. >> it will happen. it will happen right away. this team will be a championship contender, they will make playoffs next year, the following year, they will
6:43 am
be ready to compete in the east. >> i hate to bring this up. >> good team. >> take it to the bank. >> take it to the bank. >> hate to bring this up but what about the fact that his team, out of washington right. >> university of washington. >> they didn't do so well, last year. >> they had nine wins. >> don't worry about that. let me ask you a quick question did anybody worry about ben simmons record in college when he was slicing and dicing through summer league and he looked like a generational talent not one person had that concern. it is the same with fultz. don't buy into that hype. >> lsu didn't make it to the march madness and he played for lsu. >> true. >> it means nothing. so is what the starting line up when i go anal evenings and i go in the first game in the fall anthony. >> are you ready, so your point guard will be from lsu ben simmons. your off guard two guard from washington markell fultz. then i think they will have
6:44 am
covington at the three. and then dario at the four. and then big joe joe at the five. >> all right. >> there it is. >> yes. >> 2017/2018 sixers. >> that is a playoff line upright there. >> what does the new slogan, it cannot be trust the process sit the process is here. >> no, process is here. >> hope against hurt. >> i do, i think it is show time philly. i think that is what it will be, show time philly because the one thing with brett brown , that is right, we saw from brett brownies, he likes to break. he wants to move. the ball moves just like san antonio, get the ball out, run , run, run. now he has these kid that just will run. everybody is a if silt tait or they will get the ball and run
6:45 am
>> eytan? >> the energy of this place, imagine what it was last year in the 31 games you saw joel embiid electrified multiply that by a thousand right now. energy for the fans, reward for the fans, who sat there for four years you will see it opening night. >> you think there will be a run on tickets today? i guess you can. >> you know what is amazing, they, they are sold out, they are already sold out. >> really. >> yes. >> they were already sold out, just smattering of tickets are left and now those few tickets are gone. >> it will be like an eagles ticket, good luck. >> i don't know, wait until you see that building, it hasn't been alive since allen left, left. you remember that building was like when allen was here. >> loved it. >> they have not been relevant since then. it is over 15 years since they
6:46 am
have been relevant. >> it like my sex life a lot of anticipation and then nothing, it falls flat. >> yes, not this time. >> no. >> this is real. >> guys, it is tangible, it is real, it is okay to be happy. it is going to happen, alex, we will not fatalism with a ph >> it feels good, trust us. >> i'm excited. >> back the two radio. >> thanks very much. >> thank you. >> everybody. >> he is pumped, i love it. >> what is it show time philly back again. doing thate coast swing instead of the lakers show time. >> it is time it is time. >> it is our time. we're ready for this. we have been waiting. >> by the way it was the way they were seated in the radio studio that look anthony, ey
6:47 am
tan look this big. did you note that is. >> yes. >> gargano was big. >> they have the chairs from the same place we get our chairs. >> good morning, everybody. here's a live look at the blue route 476 on ramp from route one here starting to see our first jammo on a monday morning downtown vine street expressway stack up that right lane backup. here comes sun glare. we will have some sun around that conshohocken curve. we have some problems on septa 's regional rail lines. new schedules first of all for city, suburb and victory divisions. train may not may not be late but you might not have right schedule. west trenton line one of the first trains out, had to be cancelled because of equipment problems, so one or two of the fox chase trains are running short cars this morning. be ready for some prices even though we have sunshine and a nice monday morning, we could have delays on the regional rails and a accident westbound on the ac expressway for gang
6:48 am
back from the beach right in the office it is westbound right at route 40 that is mays landing interchange. thunder boomers for this afternoon sueby has time line in 152nd. here's what you need to know we are under a enhanced risk of severe thunderstorms later in the day which means high wind, possibility of hail, and , heavy downpours which means flash flooding and flash flood watch kicks national noon and goes through the night tonight, for the possibility of ponding on the roadways. nothing happening in our area at the moment and as we mention we don't expect it until later on. we saw showers in the poconos earlier. quick look at the timing shows not until three or 4:00 north
6:49 am
and west of us, by six or 7:00 . eight or 9:00 as those storms roll through jersey shore and for all of us strong to severe eye to the sky later on 88 degrees today. eighty-five tomorrow for first day of summer, looking good, mixture of sun and cloud and high of 84. members chance of thunderstorms is not until friday, lasting into saturday morning. we could be rocking and rolling, guys, later on today. hey sit important to know about the jury? we could find out names of the injury hoy could not reach the verdict in the bill cosby case over weekend they came back dead lock. so i caught up with gloria all red. she represents some of the women who say bill cosby sexually assaulted them. i asked her why is she still going on with this. >> i'm hoping that in this next trial, mike that decision will be reviewed and the court will allow more than one lets
6:50 am
call it prior bad act witness to testify. >> as you know cosby remains free, on one million-dollar bail, judge stephen o'neill could schedule a retrial in weeks. i don't know it was weird did you hear the stuff back and forth, spokesperson for bill cosby andrea drew wyat, he said gloria allred should go back to law school and take classes again. but then i said, you know, gloria may have started this when she said something on friday, this is what she said about brian mcmonigal the attorney for bill cosby who she thought was getting scared >> what i said was that apparently the defense was on edge and wanted to terminate jury deliberations and mr. mcmonigal the defense attorney should try to relax and wait for the jury to continue to deliberate. i said maybe he could ask his
6:51 am
client mr. cosby if he has anything with him any pills perhaps to help him to relax. >> wow. >> they didn't like that. >> they were going back and forth. >> yes. >> i remember when i was watching coverage i said my goodness. >> why are they so upset. >> taking shots at each other. >> yes. >> wow. >> it got kind of ugly out there. >> maybe he had some pills he could give you. >> okay. by the way, watch wendy williams at 10:00 o'clock in the morning. our steve keeley in the doing satellite interview he is in studio with wendy williams talking about the cosby trial because she's fascinated by it >> steve keeley in the studio, on the couch. >> yes. >> wow. >> that is must see tv. >> he is big time, in one says i cannot do y'all show today i'm going to wenty they sent a
6:52 am
limousine for him. >> did they. >> yes. >> no, noy don't believe you. >> he gets to be in so much trouble about limousine service, he is in the limo right now. >> he drives like a lamborghini. >> he has a ferrari. >> so he is used to fancy cars , fancy life. >> have you seen that ferrari, it is bright yellow or something. >> a ferrari is a ferrari. >> beyonce. >> beyonce, there are reports that she welcomed her twins. >> she has twins. >> problem is she hasn't confirmed it just yet but someone else did. we will tell you who may have accidentally spilled the beans before she could what are you doing?
6:53 am
6:54 am
watching this breath savers protect mint neutralize the plaque acids in my mouth. i can't see anything! that's because it's working so hard. hey, what are you guys doing? karen. we're neutralizing. maybe i want to neutralize. you ever think of that?
6:55 am
tmz is, and, we have not had any official confirmation from beyonce herself or her husband jay-z but, someone else, seems to have done that for them. beyonce father matthew knowles he seemed to have scooped his own daughter. he tweeted out they're here and says happy birthday to the twins love grand dad. first you may be thinking how
6:56 am
sweet, wishing a happy birthday to his two new grandsons, we don't know what the sex is, but then i thought beyonce herself hasn't said she has had her babies yet? is it okay to jump april head and steel the shine in the way because he went ahead and said this has happened. maybe she didn't want people to know yet. >> their relationship. >> he is just a guy, it is fathers day. >> just excited, for the love of god she had twins i'm very happy for her. it is not like, you know, revealing the security codes to the missiles, and bombs and stuff. >> if you were about to have a kid or engaged or some big life nice, congratulations, just got whatever you would be okay with that,. >> i probably would be if you were my father or mother, i would let it go, yeah. >> their relationship. >> if it wasn't for him there wouldn't be twins. >> look at you.
6:57 am
>> laying down the law. >> jay-z has a new album coming out, june 30th. >> they only had twins to promote four, four, four, yes, i don't know. >> beyonce dropping babies and jay-z dropping albums. >> boom. >> drop that. >> power couple. >> philadelphia's district attorney defending himself in court well, not literally he has an attorney, jury selection begins in the seth williams case how much jail time could he get if convicted it is not getting a head of ourselves here just jury selection today. >> but trial could begin by end of the week. >> true. >> live look at the radar now because, do you see that green >> it is the yellow, i'm worried about. >> and not to mention orange. >> well sue has details for us severe weather threat. >> yes. do you really use head & shoulders?
6:58 am
no, not really. i knew that not the one you think you know
6:59 am
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because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check. magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. i van rammed in the mosque, what we are learning right new about the attacker. philadelphia's district attorney in court jury selection will begin in the seth williams bribery and corruption trial. the jail time that he faces, if he


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