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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> don't pull it out! (gun shots heard). >> it started as a stop for a bus, tail light, and quickly turned deadly. new video that shows the moment a now acquitted officer opened fire killing castile. >> explosive chemicals, a stash of weapons, all found inside after bucks county home. police, hazmat, and the bomb squad, were on the scene since noon yesterday.
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what they were doing when they made the discovery. >> and while were you sleeping, the first day of summer happened. so how do you celebrate the first day of summer on good day philadelphia? well, you throw a pool party. where do you get the pool? yes, ask your friends to build a pool at fourth and market. alex is already in. >> this is one big pool. >> everybody in the pool. now, what do you need for a pool? you need recepticle, a tank. >> yes. >> do you need water? >> yes, i would say you need little water, yes. >> there is no water. come on down, hey, jeff, can you help alex out? so come on down to fourth and market. by the way, weaver special lifeguard watching overall of us, let me block that shot. >> let me go the other way. >> do you have your suit on
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already? birthday suit, i think i saw something. oh, start the water. here we go. >> oh, here comes the water, my phone's still in there. >> oh, no, get your phone, oh, no. >> we can't reach it. >> oh, your phone's in there. there we go. >> common! >> let's do this. nice save. that was scary. all right, so, the fun, as you see, has already gun, here in old city. hopefully you'll have a fun first day of summer. seven out of ten, just got to watch for some afternoon pop up thunderstorms today. shear bus stop buddy on national see shell day. yes, we sent him to the shore on this first day of summer vacation, temperatures in the 60s, 70s, little bit of rain down the delaware beaches this morning, but it is gorgeous here in old city with 72 degrees right now, 6-mile per hour wind out of the south. headed to 87 degrees, yes, we could get stray thunderstorm later in the day all-in-all
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pretty nice for the first day of summer. now it is official. we say the un official start of summer. >> can wear my white shoes, right? >> did you see the size that far host out front? >> excuse me? >> that's a big hose out there. >> oh,. >> 6:03. stay where you are, you have to get my clicker. while i get my cliker the eastbound vine st. expressway watch for accident at broad street. off to the side there. three cars all lined up, police on the scene, again, it is on the vine expressway, but otherwise, starting to see some sun glare, and some delays for a wednesday morning. live look at the freeway, coming in toward philadelphia this morning. construction jams, again today, on 495, they're replacing the peaks sean joints, only one lane open, 495, at exit three. if you are headed through wilmington today, use i-95, instead of 495. and then, right after the rush hour, hot mess coming our way on the schuylkill. westbound, penndot will be
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working taking it down to one lane today. city line down, so far so good. mass transit running with though delays. mike and alex back over to you. >> well, it started, well, this is video from yesterday, when we had the incident that ended up being explosives. >> yes. >> bucks count. >> i stash of weapons inside that bucks county home. police, bomb squad, all on the scene there. so, we've been trying to figure out what happened. we haven't had an update since 4:30 yesterday. but this is all discovered while warrant was being served. >> yep. jenny joyce, are you still in theville? >> reporter: yes, actually a lot closer than we were yesterday. we are right across the street from the home in question here in ottsville route 611, if you take a look at the video, first shot, you can see, a shattered front door. we do know that bomb experts from montgomery, bucks, and philadelphia counties, were
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all here yesterday, police tell us they were initially called to the home here on the 8700 block of easton road to is her after mental health commitment warrant. that's when they noticed weapons and explosives, police tell us, they took this 70 year old man who was inside to the state police barracks in dublin while they spent hours on scene searching the home. the last update we received from police was 4:30 yesterday afternoon. they haven't said what else they may have found inside and sized, propane company about quarter mile away, both factors concerning to people who live nearby. >> whether you heard about this, what was going through your mind if you don't mind me asking? >> maybe terrorist threats or something. they find chemicals and stuff like, that you think about nowadays, in this day and age, that's crazy to me. that's seriously crazy. because, i mean, like, you know, it is 60 feet from your front door. >> so aside from being a seven
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open year old male, police haven't told us the specifics on the person who lives here or who else might live herement they also didn't tell us what led to yesterday's mental health commitment. these types of warrants typically issued to people who present clear and present danger to themselves and others and the warrant also force the person, the patient, to go for an immediate medical evaluation, mike analling. >> that's for sure, all right, thank you, jenny. before we tell you about what happened in seth williams trial, let's check at fourth and market. the pool, well there is pool is filling up rapidly. 17 feet long. we don't do things in a small manner here at good day. >> all i'm wondering is this going to be a heated pool? >> welshing from the looks that far tanker truck down there at the corner of fourth and market. >> yes? >> my guess is this is cold water. >> oh, i guess that will be nice and cooling, once the day gets hot? >> it will be nice in sling-age, i'll tell that you when we get in there whenever we get in there. come on by by the way. 6:06. first day of summer and well
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there you go. >> celebrating bit later? >> i can adlib over this stuff. second day of testimony in the cup trial of district attorney. >> depicting seth williams as uncaring sun, who stole from his own mother. >> there is a head line. >> lauren outside the federal courthouse with more. >> morning, mike and alex, he made bad decisions, exercised poor judgement, he made mistakes in his life. that's how the defense attorneys paint the picture to the jury at the federal courthouse as opening statements began. but they say he did not commit a crime. his money was funny. he had a messy personal life. but he's not criminal or bad guy. listen to this exchange with jeff cole after court yesterday. >> attorney burke, give us little summary of your open, just little summary of your open. >> i have no comment right now thank you. >> can we just get a little, just a little. >> you guys saw. you saw it live. >> but we're not there during the day. little summary of your open. >> i just went over what our version of the evidence was,
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the evidence will show. >> and that he he that he didn't do anything that affected any of these cases in your view? >> that's correct. >> this whole nursing home thing is bogus smear. >> yes. >> on the other side of the courtroom prosecutors suggest this same man was greedy, sneaky and selfish, all evident in how he lived his life. abusing his power, reaching out for bribes, and excepting them, while he ripped offer his own mother. they say. and their first witness helped them tell that part of the story. kathleen de freeze said she made contact with williams had her attempt tops collect cash owed for his mother's room, board and care at nursing home here locally. she said it was a long chase for that cash. and she finally decided after not being able to get in contact with him, or getting any cooperation, to just write it off. williams seems to be handling the case appearing pleasant and in good spirits, coming and going in court, a lot is at steak for him in this. his law license, his reputation, and most importantly, mike and alex, his freedom. co-face 20 years behind bars if convicted.
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>> okay, all right, lauren. it will go on a while. >> first day of summer bridges the first big storm of the season. tropical storm sinned coy bring up a foot of rain by the end of the day. hole on, i'm going on vacation down in the caribbean -- oh, geez. >> every time go on vacation. >> i know. you want to see water? and a big gush every water right now? >> dow. >> fourth and -- oh, that's almost full. >> it is almost full. and almost looks like we have a fountain outside of the station. >> it is like logan circle square. everybody in the pool. it is the first day of summer.
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>> it is 11 past 6:00. we fill pools. oh, do you really? we'll tell you what company this is in case you ever want to use them. it is full every water, we're concerned it is nothing but cold waterment filled the pool to the brim. >> this will make you up in the morning. >> looks like it has yet in there, too. >> oh, okay. jared, our photographer, he said it feels good. >> oh, it feels good? >> you know what? he would totally jump nap ice cold pool of water. >> true. i've seen him. definition of sledge-age. >> oh, stop it. >> oh, well, down the jersey shore, violent confrontation involving police, is being investigated after home video surfaces on social media of course. >> video shows a wildwood police officer punching a man. the incident happened along the jersey avenue this past
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weekend. the 192nd clip is not showing what happened before the punch. but, police received reports that the man was being disruptive. witnesses are still being interviewed, the police officer remains on duty, oh, you can see, the guy right in the face. while cape may prosecutor offers regular g -- investigating this. >> disruptive, do you mean leaning up against the hood of a truck? >> okay, man's life taken in just matter of seconds, dash cam video now has been released. well, what they call a routine traffic stop. even though police officers will say there is nothing such as a routine traffic stop. escalate into this deadly shooting. of castile, yes, the video how out. we'll show it to you. it's time that we bring addiction out of the darkness and into the light. to everyone struggling in silence - addicts, family, friends - you are not alone.
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it's time we lift each other up, reach out, say something. addiction is a disease. don't suffer. don't wait. help is within reach. call 844 reach nj or go to the road to recovery starts now.
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>> part of the gulf coast are bracing for heavy rain and flooding today. all thanks to tropical storm cindy. the storm could dump up to foot of rain in louisianna, mississippi and alabama. thousands of new orleans have already lost power, and the worse of the storm could still be hours away. >> do you want to see a waterspout which i find fascinating. in florida, well, pretty small waterspout, was spotted off st. georges island yesterday, as tropical storm cindy is beginning to churn there. building upstream. i have a question.
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and just be brutally honest with me, sue serio. how did cindy sneak up on me? was i just not listening the first few days of this week, to your weather cast? be honest. >> just sort of dis organized area of rain, which then suddenly started to gain characteristics, of a tropical storm, most notably with the ian then the circulation around the eye. >> true. >> any time an eye is brought up, we normally have week's warning. this just cropped up out of no where? >> welshing we had two yesterday. we brett, which was down by venezuela, no longer tropical storm, like tropical storm for a minute, and then this one, which was a potential tropical storm during the day yesterday. they gave it a name. >> zero six mile per hour winds, the projected path of the storm, see it moving toward the northeast saturday
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in tennessee, then we have to watch if we'll get any rain. typical by tropical storms, it is soaking rain, in louisianna expecting as much as a foot of rain, out of this storm, speaking of rain, the southern system is starting to see some rain sneaking newspaper the jersey shore, delaware beaches, it is expected to stay to our south. as we look at the future cast, but later on in the day, watch out for pop up showers and thunderstorm, first day of summer, typical summertime weather pattern where the thunderstorms pop up, maybe four, 5:00, you may get one, you may not. but you just have to keep an eye on the sky, specially if your kid has a game or you're outside maybe having dinner on the porch grilling outside today. just to keep that possibility in mind, there, we got it out. hey only 59 degrees in pottstown right now, 58 mount pocono, cool start there. seventy-two in philadelphia, headed to 87 later on in the day, 89 tomorrow.
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and 86 on friday. with another round every late day thunderstorms, and by friday, it is humid. and saturday, sunday, cools off little bit. we will be mid 80s both days of the first weekends of summer, bob kelly. >> hey, sue, good morning, 6:18. updating breaking news there is water main break from last night, here's a live look from skyfox, as we hover back over the glennside area. right neck to the septa regional rail tracks for the warminster line. but septa says, it is not impacting service on the warminster line. it is along mount carmel avenue, just off tyson. see the crews here, now, we got good news-bad news. good news is that they were able to turn the water off. the bad news, is that the road here is all buckled, so crews are going to be out there, throughout the day, making the repairs. so let's go to the maps. again this detour, mount carmel avenue closed between houston and tyson. not impacting the septa service. because the tracks are nearby.
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i did get word though that the trains thereon that warminster line will be going at about 10 n past that work crew, so that could add some delays to the regionals this morning. accident scene, eastbound, on the vine street expressway, right at broad street, so that's going to back traffic up on to the schuylkill expressway as you come into downtown philly. and then, spec big delays again today on 495, southbound, only one lane open here, as you head into route 13, exit number three, excuse me, route 13, down there at wilmington. so instead of 495 use i-95, today, through wilmington, mike and alex back over to you. >> thank you, bob. 6:19. brussels central train station now back open, just hours after a bomb attack, inside the major european transit hub. terrifying images so a ball of flames inside one of the terminals, able to foil the attack. look at that. by stopping the suspect months
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after he set off that first explosion. now learning a larger bomb failed to go off. officials say the attacker from the same neighborhood in brussels, as several suspect connected to the deadly attacks in paris, and brussels that have happened recently. >> man, that's close call. good job by authorities, and people saying something when they saw something. >> and the larger one just failed to go off. >> yes. >> failed to go off. well, authority up in minnesota have released now this graphic dash cam video of the last, of last year's fatal police shooting, after driver, fill and dough castile. these images are, as we always say on television, pretty darn disturbing. >> so what you're about to see the officer after he approaches the car, castile starts to politely inform him that he's in possession of legally permitted gun, and then -- >> fill andiron the passenger side. his girlfriends is the driver. okay. >> i have to tell you, i do have a firearm on me. >> okay. don't reach for it then. don't pull it out.
6:21 am
don't pull it out. (shots heard). >> did you just kill my boyfriend. he wasn't reaching. >> don't pull it out. >> he wasn't. >> don't move. >> yes, he got off seven rounds, the whole thing took about seven seconds from the time he walked up. and so you remember this footage when she did facebook live moments after maybe seconds after this happened. and that ended upgoing viral. that's when people start today learn about this. so that footage that we showed you, the dash cam video, is was evidence in the officer's trial ended last friday and the officer was acquitted of manslaughter. the dashboard camera shows the shooting it self, and it is a little different, different perspective from the facebook live video that shows what happened after. >> okay. >> we will bring in some attorneys talk about that video and what it means, because a lot of people are questioning now after they've seen this, why the jury acquit the officer. >> why did the jury acquit the officer y did fill and dough
6:22 am
reach for the gun in the club box in the first place instead every just telling him that i have a gun. oh, boy. >> he did tell him. then he started -- >> yes. >> yes, he did tell him that he had the gun. why he had to go for it, i don't know why the guy -- anyway, we will discuss. >> time for a change. the phillies struggles lead to some big roster moves. they kick women guy's out every town yesterday. which un performing players have been shipped out, and then guess what happened last night? in their absence? nothing good in extra innings. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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emerge and see. itthe power of nexium 24hr protection from frequent heartburn. all day, and all night. now packed into a pill so small, we call it mini. new clearminis from nexium 24hr. see heartburn differently. >> choke, extra innings, in the 11th, steven, with a double to right, seven runs, would score, in the inning. phils go onto lose eight to one, their fourth straight lost, and before the game michael saunders and gomez were designated, that basically means, they will never play for the phils
6:26 am
again, sander just batting .205 on the season. to the naa, markle, on top of the world. this was him yesterday at the empire state building draft. just a day away, day away from becoming a sixer. and lakers, making moves, they traded d'angelo russell and timothy, to brooklyn for brooke lopez in the number 27 pick in the draft. russell was supposed to be the to kobe bryant. i'm sean bell. >> it is summertime and the living is easy. wilmington, delaware, the forecast, that easy, though? we'll let you know how it will be today. then eventually into the weekends coming up in your weather authority outlook. jenny? >> good morning, sue. weapons and explosives found inside this ottsville home yesterday. police still on scene. well ' have the latest coming up.
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>> explosive chemicals, local bomb squads and hazmat team spends hours at bucket county home after police make shocking discovery. what they were doing at the home when they found the dangerous item. >> bick shake up at the top. big changes to the way you ride, uber makes some more big announcement yesterday. how it will affect it customers and drivers. summer vacation season is here. why you won't have to go far
6:30 am
to advice the one of the top destin aces in the country. >> it is fourth and market, in good day philadelphia, one of the top summer destin aces there is year. >> this is a place you should visit specially today. >> having pool party, wednesday, june the 21, 2017. ae we full, ready to go? >> oh, it is fool, baby, more waters being pulled in. >> shark? >> free willy? >> i think it is a whale. >> yes, free will. >> i okay. >> you can touch our willie if you come down here to fourth and market. >> you judd had to do it, didn't you? had to do it. >> last day of school was yesterday, so bus stop buddy took today at the shore. temperatures in the 60s, 70s, and it is national see shell day. so we wish you good luck with finding your see shells at the seashore. we have little bit of rain to the south of us.
6:31 am
tonight look like us for developing, but shower or two at some of the shore points, in the delaware beaches, as well. it is 72 degrees in the city headed to 87 later today. chance every isolated afternoon and evening thunderstorms, then tonight, overnight, partly cloudy, pretty nice night, low of 68 degrees in the city even cooler in the suburb, but what about the weekend? we will look ahead coming up in our seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> who was it cindy braidy? see shells -- >> she fawn see shells by the seashore. >> 6:31, good morning, eastbound, on the vine street expressway. accident right near broad street here. >> i have water main break, mount carmel avenue shutdown between houston and tyson, good news bad newsment they turned the water off. but the road is buckled. so through the morning rush hour, you are going to need to use glennside avenue happen the break mount carnal he will
6:32 am
avenue is just a half block away from the railroad tracks for septa's warminster regional rail line. so septa sent out note saying that the trains will be slowing down to 10-mile per hour past the work crew there at glennside. that will add some delays to the warminster line this morning. headed through wilmington, use i-95, 495, down to one lane, hot mess yesterday, all through the day, repairing those metal expansion joints along 495 through wilmington, right after the rush hour about 9:00 or so, penndot will take the schuylkill down to one lane westbound between city and 476, headed out of town, mike and alex back to you. >> with a was going on in bucks county yesterday? many questions remain after explosives and weapons found at bucks county home. so the hazmat crew had to go out, there the bomb squad was out there they've been working through through the night, couple of officers still owe house. >> now jenny joyce is still trying to figure out what
6:33 am
exactly went off. >> we know zero seven year old man inside this home, on the 8700 block of easton road also known as 611, here was taken to state police did your lynn barracks, unclear whether anyone else was inside with him. police tell us yesterday they were out here to serve a warrant for a mental health exam they said once they arrived they found multiple explosives at the home. all removed, bomb expert responded and continued to search the home. the last update that we received from police was yesterday afternoon what opens may have found is unclear regardless, the site of bomb units, and emergency responders flooding this block of easton road certainly alarming to neighbors. >> it is weird. to pick picture something like that happening. >> little scary when something like that of course.
6:34 am
multiple weapons. >> that's crazy to me. that's seriously crazy, because, i mean, like, you know, it is 60 feet from your front door. >> and heard about this, what was going through your minds if you don't mind me asking? >> maybe terrorist threats or something. you think about nowadays, this day and age, it's going on. >> they're shall eude to people who present clear and present danger to themselves, or others, allow mental health administrators or police to execute the warrant and take the patient for medical evaluation, again (this man qualified for 302 commitment hasn't been released to the media. also unclear whether or not police have ever responded to this home for any problems in the past, mike analling. >> we'll finds out soon about that, i'm sure, all right, jenny, listen to this, what happened on market street yesterday.
6:35 am
>> little summary. >> no comment. >> just a little? >> you guys saw it. >> you saw it? >> not in there during the day, little summary, please. >> just win over what our version of the evidence was, what our version we believe the evidence will show, that's all. >> and that he didn't do anything, that affected any of these cases? >> that's correct. >> all right. and what this whole nursing home thing is bogus here? >> never want to see jeff cole waiting for you anywhere. >> you noel ' get the answer cents and probably be out there again, because dai-ichi two of the testimony in the corruption trial of philadelphia district attorney, seth williams. a key witness tells jurors he even stole from his elderly mother. >> who is this from the nursing home. >> that's right. someone from the nursing home where seth williams mother was living. she said he owed room, board, and care money for that, prosecutors say he always had his hands in someone else's,
6:36 am
including his mother, when he stole money. the government's first witness was called into explain exactly how her name kathleen de freeze, she told them, she was in charge of collecting the cash owed for williams 80 year old mother. she described the attempt to collect the debt as wild goose chase having to mail, e-mail, she said she felt like she was harassing williams realize he may never pay. so she just wrote the debt off in opening statement, defense lawyers admit williams did not handle his airs fares with the best care but didn't commit crimes. they told jurors did he get gifts gifts but didn't solicit there. were no bribes involved. prosecutors did i agree saying they have evidence, laid out in text messages, audio recordings, tax document, and witnesses who watched it, since williams did serve as inspector general, responsible for rooting out corruption, the government argues he more than most people new the rules and he knew better.
6:37 am
so that witness will be back on the stand, defend attorneys say not done with her yet, testimony will continue this morning. >> all right, we'll see what happens. some people say this thing could be over in a week. we'll see. it is moving right along, 6:27. >> school reform commission vote, between the district every philadelphia and it teachers union, but there are still some concerns. the deals expected to cost $245 million, more than the city had set aside to pay for it. and at this point, it is not clear where that money will come from. bill green loan voice every descent on the commission. >> irresponsible, not paid for, and there is no commitment to pay for it. >> we'll work with funding partners and locally to try to find a way to get this done. >> tax increase do you think? >> i'm not prepared to say that now, what we are working with funding partners to find money. >> working to find the money. without attacks hike, or help from the state, green predict the new contract tract will lead to massive teacher
6:38 am
layoffs. >> not always easy to get money out of harrisburg for sure, bill green, we should put call into him. see exactly other reasons why he said no on this. all right, 6:38. >> well, travis has resigned as ceo of uber. he will remain on the board of directors, but he co-founded the ride sharing giant back in 20,009. he's done well. his exit comes on the heals of turmoil and a major overhaul within that company. uber's facing claims every sexual harrassment, bullying and unprofessional behavior within the workplace. >> also making new changes here. >> starting next month customers will be able to use the app to tip their drivers. uber drivers tell us it is about time the company caught up with it competitor lyft, because lyft, able to tip for
6:39 am
awhile here. >> some 1 dollar, some $2, some $5. >> it adds up over a day. >> yes. >> other changes include shorter cancellation windows for riders five minute down to two minutes. customers will have to pay for wait time. >> over a year ago, i was tipping, and then my friends that ran uber with, you know, dont have to tip. >> that's what it start out as, i guess it is changing because supposed to be completely cash less, don't have to worry about that. >> i was never refused. >> who will refuse money. >> nobody. >> another thing they can do. >> what is it about uber drivers i love taking ooher. >> oh, here go. >> maybe switch to lyft. >> you may have to after what you are about to say. >> they are chatty. now, what is it about an uber driver, or the uber company, that attract chatty people? >> maybe, i know that some
6:40 am
drivers told me that's why they like driving, they meet different people from all walks of life. >> oh, so they go get into upper driving to meet -- >> not just to, but they like it as a benefit. >> oh, the talk willing, the chatting, even when you're on the phonement okay. >> maybe they're trying to be friendly. maybe they want a good tip. now that's the goal. >> okay. less chat will get bigger tip. >> they don't know that you talk for a living, so by the time you're done working you're talked out. >> yes. cabbies don't talk that much. uber. out in the cold. in with the new. beginning this year penndot is up dating pennsylvania's doors licenses, and state issued identification cardsment the agency says the new design has more to do with security enhancement, and less to do with -- all driver and photo centers will transition to the new cards by the end of this. do you like the new card? i like it. >> a lot more going on in the background, right.
6:41 am
>> yes, a lot of security inside that plastic. >> like the hologram, all of that. >> yes. >> nice photo of her though. >> do you think her name is really janice ann? >> i don't think her last name is sample though. >> no, i think this is a sample. >> whatever happened to jane dough? we don't do that any more? i mean, i don't mind janice. >> no, more for missing and dead people i think. >> oh,. >> i thought it was a general term. >> no. refers to dead people, hopefully january cyst still alive. >> just shows the difference, i immediately thought janees. >> i'm white guy. >> well, you're also a white guy, in my ear, i thought janice, too. >> wonder woman's paycheck. not so wonderful. or is it? a report about how much --
6:42 am
>> gal gido. >> make for this block buster. so it is stirring up some gender wage gap debate again. you know there is has been a problem forever in hollywood. why wouldn't actors no matter what their gender make the same money for the same roles?
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>> we just showed janice
6:45 am
sample, i remember listening to the crusade ertz, remember the jazz group? >> oh, yes. >> one of their members was joe sam job joe sam job there is joe, right there. >> maybe they're relate. >> i don't know, but he spent some time with prince, apparently. because he's turned purple. hope he's feeling all right. >> and playing new kids on the block, they're coming to town this weekend. >> oh. >> oh, nice. >> this is my weekend plan right there. >> aren't they on tour with new audition. >> yes, i don't know, gentlemen, maybe, boyz ii men. >> oh,. >> at the wells fargo center. >> got t you got t6:45. live look, at the 42 freeway coming in toward philadelphia, some sun glare, but of course, now that all of the kids are out of school officially we will start to see the trips to the shore, start, hello fishtown, 59 southbound, stacked up, from pretty much bridge in toward girard avenue. got the water main break from the overnight, mount carmel avenue closed between houston and tyson. now the water has been turned
6:46 am
off. but, the road is buckled, and mount carmel avenue right there, by the warminster regional railroad tracks, so, all of the trains for the warminster line, septa says, are slowing down just as a precaution to about 10 miles per hour as they roll past and through glennside. delays again today on 495, down to one lane, through the construction here. if you are headed in through or to delaware, wilmington today, use i-95, instead of 495, and get ready pacca snack, smacks for the fish and juice boxes for the kids, westbound on the schuylkill, down to one lane again 9:00 from city, out to 476. should we take convertible to work day? sue has the answer in 15 seconds.
6:47 am
>> it was a nor nato in greenwood, down in sussex county monday afternoon, with a estimated zero eight pile per hour winds, they call that categorize ef0. 50 yards wide. it went for 2.1 miles. a lot of destruction down there. we also had one in shartlesville. that's in berks county, just to the northwest of reading. also, a ef0 with 80-mile per hour winds, they estimate that that one went for about 2 miles, before it dissipated. now, we have tropical storm cindy, and that's a lot of rain along the gulf coast, from florida, all the way over to louisianna, and they're expecting as much as foot of rain. we have rain to the south, but that's expected to sing further southward. it is raining though in southern delaware. and we had few showers, at the jersey shore, but, what you need to watch out for later today, let's say, after 4:00, 5:00, pop up showers and thunderstorms, typical summertime weather pattern with instability in the air, we are going to get to the upper 80s today. so eye on the sky later on, 87 .
6:48 am
mid 80s for friday before thunderstorms hit, 80s both saturday, sunday, with sunshine both days, couple of showers in the morning saturday but all-in-all for the first weekend of summer mike and alex looking pretty good. >> all right, wonder woman. >> i like it, 79, i'll particular it. >> every day of the week. >> yes. >> and sunday, 84. >> i'll get it together. wonder woman, have you seen wonder woman yet? >> i have not. i don't care. really don't care about it. >> oh, because it is female superhero? >> , no i don't like superhero movies but i hear really good. >> a lot of people do care about it, amazing, i've seen people who have seen it twice already, yes. so it is pulling in more than $570 million world-wide, in less than three weeks. >> what? >> yes. but now, there is some rumors started going around that the film star the woman who plays wonder woman was only paid
6:49 am
$300,000. for the mover. >> i oh, well yesterday, on line report suggested that galgudo is her name made 46 times less than her male counterpart who played superman in the man of steel. here is our wonder woman. >> $300,000, karen? >> it turns out it is not the truth basically. i'll deflect it. yes. that's not the truth. they both got paid basically about the samement gender gap just spread wildly on twitter and everyone saying wow that sounds 14 times, that's crazy. but here is the deal. unconfirmed report stated that henry had made $14 million for his own first outing as superman, man of steel. of course in this one, only got $1,300,000 from the move that i made so much money. but, the actress, six figure base salary for every move that i she has made so far in the dc universe, inside source says entry levels actors and franchise films paid at initial rate.
6:50 am
she got paid initial rate. so did the other guy. so as the franchise then takes often you make some more mine. then negotiate, making a million a film or something. so if she signed a deal similar to that guy, the wonder woman bonus check will soon be rolling in, and then the sequel could be more luck tiff, get paid more up front. so, all every these numbers un confirmed, no one making the movies confirming it, allegedly he got paid $14 million, but that was over the course of the films. and that some of the bonuses for box office performance were include in the that one a little bit. >> so basically it is too early to tell she could get more money? >> like sport, only rookie contract, the initial base salary, then get to be more of proven star getting the crazy kind of star money. so -- >> you hope. >> well, one would hop -- hope. >> let's go back to the day she signed that contract. happy with the $300,000? >> sure. she bid in some other films but not like she was the lead
6:51 am
yet. wasn't the star. >> and henry, he's been -- he's quite established now for ten years. >> one guy whether they did the reboot, got paid $80 million. so, you know, once you're established you can get paid crazy monday. >> i now established. everyone watching wonder woman. they love it. so she better call her agent, hey, let's get this money from at the make three quarters of billion dollars in three weeks. there will be another wonder woman. >> oh, yes. >> for sure. i heard they were already in talks for doing a touring, like multi part deal. so for sure going to happen. >> how much did she make then for the next one? >> i guess as much -- >> it doesn't happen but hopefully make somewhere close to what the man is making. >> she is a great gal. remember this, burger king, alex holley tweeted about it, inch stomach from about it, and tried it live on tv you. >> tried it too.
6:52 am
>> i thought it was pretty darn good. tasted like serial. well, there is new cereal flavor out this morning. you want to try that one too? >> what's the flavor? >> i won't tell you. >> oh. >> until of at break. we got the keys! ahhh! wooo! this is exciting we've got our own house! yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
6:53 am
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>> ♪ >> if you would like to meet somebody on the first dave summer, which is today. >> calvin harris, man. >> calvin harris. he used to date who? >> taylor swift. remember that? >> oh, wait. the beat is about to come up. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> so we're only going to get in this pool now? >> that's the word, yes. >> we'll get in the pool. out at mouth and market. >> i think we need a water heater. >> yes, now, we've been promise that it is warm. i don't believe it for a second. >> i don't believe it either. >> no oh, this is such a good -- this song does make me think of summer it is fun. >> it is fun. if you want to meet somebody in the summer come on down to fourth and market. never know. love may blood and blossom here on the corn. >> have like a mixer here? trying to get people together? >> why not? >> if you're planning a summer o
6:56 am
isn't, now that it is june? >> not too late for some destinations though. >> okay. >> because you don't need to look any further than philadelphia. >> or farther. >> you know the magazine u is the news and world report, just ranked our city, as the second best vacation destination in the country. only behind new york sit. >> i and it is in front of other spots, such as honolulu, hawaii, and the grand canyon. >> how about -- >> can you imagine? people are saying that you should come to philly before go to hawaii. i mean, price weiss, i agree. >> or orlando, no, i don't want to poo poo this whole thing, but his is the second tourist destination in america. >> i mean, i do love philly so i'm glad they're saying. >> probably wondering what's the criteria? we'll break that down with car a from the tourism department. >> from visit fill. >> i all about trying to get people to visit. so i'm sure they're excited
6:57 am
about this. >> oh, ya. >> all right, coming up on 7:00 this wednesday morning, jenny, what do you got? >> good morning, guys. so state police still on the scene here, in ottsville hours after they found firearms and chemical explosives inside of a this home. the latest on the investigation is next.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
>> seven shots. >> i do have a firearm on me. don't pull it out. don't pull it out. (shots heard). >> a routine traffic stop turns deadly in just moments. newly-released video shows just how quickly now acquitted police officer opened fire, killing castile. >> explosive chemicals, and a stash of weapons. >> might as well kiss everything good-bye. >> local bomb squads and hazmat teams spends hours at bucks county home after police make a shocking discovery. what they were doing at the home when they found the dangerous items. republicans celebrating another major political victory this morning, what a win in the most expensive congressional race in history means.


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