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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 6A  FOX  June 22, 2017 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> all right, what happened here? a mini-van, towed away, with a seven year old girl inside the van. >> the driver, and the child's mother, driver of the tow truck, and the child's mother being questioned by police. but the driver, did he own know there was somebody in the car? as the car was toted away? >> the current so strong it, took him away from my hands. >> day of summer fun turns tragic, teen gets carried a by rushing water. crews call off their search after hours in the water. when they'll be back out to try to find him. >> a cosby juror speaks out.
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the judge releases the names of the jurors in the bill cosby trial. how one of the jurors describes what went on during the two week case. >> coming in rookie year, i got pretty high goal for myself coming in. i want to be the mvp. >> may the fultz be with you. i've tried everything. i mean, every slogan possible. the man the sixers will take with the top pick of the draft tonight. setting lofty goals for himself, and this teen, not bad for somebody who was cut from his high school team whether he was a sophomore. from being cut, to a millionaire tonight. >> yes, somebody made a boo-boo. >> going to watch the draft tonight? going to up brock lynn? >> you're fans if i you're doing there. >> you're fans which your red on already. >> you know i'm representing the sixers. >> good day everybody, it is
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thursday june the 22nd, 2017. >> where is your blue or red? >> wait until 7:00. wait until 7:00. >> we'll have a draft party, sue. >> i'll be here for that and more. eight is our number of the day today. it will be about 09 degrees later on, so it will be a hot one. maybe bus stop buddy chocolate eclair will melt. temperatures mostly though in the six off's, little cooler than it was yesterday, at this time, but it will ends up being warmer, and as we look, we see just couple of pop ups on ultimate doppler radar. really hardly worth mentioning, we do have clouds around this morning, sunburning through those clouds. sunrise was official at 5:33, and of course, now that we've had the summer solsus, incrementally those days will be getting shorter and shot err, but you'll hardly notice. 07 degrees right now, in philly, 49 in mount pocono. we have 65 in millville. cape may, 73, seaside park 68. pottstown, 59, so cool start there. but, sunny, warm, by
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lunchtime, at 84 degrees, we have 90 degrees high temperatures today, sunset not until 8:33, lot of sunshine to enjoy today. already getting sunny on the roadway, but at least dry this morning, bob kelly, how are we doing? >> yes we are dry, 6:03, good morning, everybody on this throw back thursday, live look at the schuylkill, headed up the hill into belmont avenue. little bit of sun glare out there this morning, same deal coming in from south jersey headlight are still on. what a difference again 12 hours can make here, as we got wallopped with some storms. then on the overnight a fatal accident. let's roll video from the news van, route 55 northbound, closed, at the vineland interchange, fatal crash involving this dump truck and pick-up truck. so, as they investigate, and clean up all northbound lanes, of route 55, are closed this morning, at the vineland interchange, jump off at vineland, use route 47, as the alternate, fire location, pottstown, route 100 and hanover, downed tree, left
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over from last night here, whitemarsh malitia hill road closed at joshua road. and downed tree, on the roosevelt boulevard, right near solly avenue blocking the inner driver of the boulevard. i know we had some problems last night on the regional rails, but septa says, everything is back to normal, mike and alex back to you. >> let's get back to the weirds story. frantic moment for mother, who left her young daughter asleep in a car, mini-van, so a tow truck driver pulls up in a repo situation, hauls away the mini-van with the little girl still inside. family says they've been reunited now, but now police are investigating what happened. >> investigating this as abduction, sabina? >> really? >> yes, that's right wealth the call came in as abduction, so when the 18th district officers got to the scene, that's when the mom told them somebody towed away the van with the kid inside. they began investigating it, as abduction, now take a look again, the police holding the scene right now, still have the van here.
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here atwood lands and 50th, police talking to the tow truck driver. going to video we got for you, when all of this happened early 2:30 this morning, 18th district officers, 45th and chestnut, when, 26 year old mother toll them she had ran into her workplace for about five minutes, apparently just had to run if for few minutes, so left her seven year old killed inside of the car sleeping. that's when the tow truck came, apparently tracking the van and towed away the car, but didn't check inside to make sure nobody was inside of the car. now, officers luckily, they caught up with the tow truck here, they pulled him over, and they found the seven year old inside the vehicle. she was apparently still sleeping. luckily, hadn't really realized when had been going on, again, she is okay, and the video there, of course, see the mom and daughter reunited. but again, police right now say they've a lot of questions, for authorities,
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let's go to the sounds we got for chief inspect store scott small. >> why did this 26 year old mother go inside her place of employment for several minutes, leaving her seven year old daughter in the back seat all alone at about 2:30 in the morning? >> also of concern, why did this tow truck driver, repossession, has paper work repossess this van? why did the tow truck driver repossess this vehicle without first checking? >> for the adults involved in the situation, both of them, in fact, make it, luckily, the child here okay, guys,. >> why is the van still sitting there, because under investigation? >> i guess waiting for detective to come out here. got the tow truck driver back with police. >> oh, okay. >> still talking, yes. >> all right, 6:06 now.
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well the recovery effort resumes this morning. now in it first light in hamilton township for 17 year old, who was swept a while while swim withing friends, supposed to be day of fun on the first day of summer until this tragic turn. >> so jenny joyce is in hamilton township new jersey with the latest this morning, like mike said, the sun now up. i'm sure they're starting to go back out there. >> we haven't seen too much activity here at the entrance to the rowan lake. the concerning thing here is the teen missing cannot swim. he was at the lake with friends, celebrating the last day of school, but light hearted fun turned to danger and panic, when the 17 year old was pulled under water by a strong current. so, all of this happened just before 5:00 p.m. yesterday at rowan lake in roebling park, just after those strong storms rolled through, the hamilton fire department responded and began their search, the new jersey state police searched from the air while diver teams entered the water after four
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hours in the water, the remember cue mission turned into a recovery operation. that got called off after dark. a boy who was swimming with the missing teens tells thaws he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old, but his hold was not strong enough. the teen is still missing at this hour. so again, at some point, crews will resume the recovery mission, even though the school year is over, so yesterday was the last day of school for hamilton township school district, they will have grief counselors on hand for anybody who is having a difficult time obviously, tough to understanded, on the last day of school, that something like this happens to their 17 year old classmate. mike and alex. >> yes, you can't explain it. all right, jenny, thank you for. that will 6:08 now. did you hear this? fifty-two hours every jury deliberations, to hold-outs, in bill cosby's sexual assault trial, refuse to convict him. that's what the reports r juror who spoke on condition of aninimity, he didn't want anybody to know who he is, says the injury coy not reach
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a concensus after voting ten-two to convict on the first and thirds counts. and 11 to one to acquit on the second count. the jurors say, they initially voted overwhelmingly to acquit bill cosby, on all three counts of aggravated, indecent assault, judge released the names of all 12 jurors as you know yesterday. he gave them strict instructions, not to do what i just told you. it is supposed to bar them from discussing actual deliberations, that's why everybody's doing this in secret. but we're not supposed to know what i just told you. >> i wonder what will happen to that juror? if the juror can get in trouble? >> if they ever find out who he or she is, could be in trouble. >> okay, well, a possible act of terrorism at a us airport. what happened in flint, michigan yesterday, that is raising airport security concerns right now.
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>> tropical storm cindy taking aim at the gulf coast, bringing heavy rain and flashflooding. we are going to be live on the gulf costes a storm makes landfall. [vo] strong. intelligent. explosive. the all-new audi s5 sportback.
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[vo] the grille is distinctive. but it's usually seen from the rear. the all-new audi q5 is here. >> the stabbing. a police officer at an airport in flint michigan being investigated as act of terrorism now. >> authority say they've no indication at this time the suspect was involved in a
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wider plot, lone wolf. >> lieutenant in stable condition after being stabbed in the neck at bishop international airport, initially list in the critical condition. the suspect, armor fatoi, caned ya man from tune even a in custody. shout in the arabic before stabbing the officer. >> as you will see in the complaint, when the subject, went up to the officer and stabbed him, he continued to ex claim ala, and he made a statement, something to the effect of you have killed people in syria, iraq, and afghanistan. and we are all going to die. >> also getting words police in canada searching montreal apartment, i think connected. they say three people staying at the residence have been take never for questioning. so the suspect will remain in custody until the bond hearing. >> hey, where is cindy right now. >> i believe cindy is in texas, near houston.
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>> oh. >> see right there? >> oh, yes. well, spreading all across the red neck rivera, as they say. >> oh, stop it. but, cindy is moving toward louisianna, and that's why we're going to louisianna next, because we want to talk about, expecting a l you know the power already out yesterday. >> yes, yes. >> before the storm even got there. >> but it is not a hurricane, right? >> a tropical storm. >> a ts. >> emily: i want to live on my own
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>> tropical storm sent i making landfall, came a short in southwest louisianna with winds at 40 miles per hour. also saw texas, as well. >> every single time, lauren, that we talk about this, new orleans, those two words, new orleans, high winds, tropical storms, you think of cat reason, a all of these years later. so do people have to evacuate when it is a tropical storm? well, no, they don't, not this time. so there are voluntary evacuations, people elderly, those with medical conditions, were suggested to leave just in case an area they were in was floods dollars, and therefore, roads were closed down. now, driving around this area, yesterday, this morning, there are roads that are shutdown. there was one area, i saw
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yesterday, under about 3 feet of water, jeep was half submerged. did i see some very brave, if that's what you want to call them, louisianna, decided to drive their trucks through it, that was not advised now this storm, the danger of this storm, is that it doesn't have the crazy winds that some of these hurricanes do what it has is a lot of rain t did just make landfall about three hours so west of here, near the texas louisianna border. it is expected to bring to up 15 inches every rain. >> what? >> could turn into one to 3 feet, right, one to 3 feet of flooding and course those could be flashflooding, and that's where it turns deadly. >> it looks staying pretty mild right now. what's expected to get to new orleans? >> yes, it is surprisingly very mild. it has been dry since raining here yesterday. the wind have started to pick up quite a built couple times i had to grab my hat before it blue off. we are thinking we should start to see some rain
6:18 am
probably next two, three hours, but this storm has been weakening moving inland. and with that, we've been watching the percentages drop down. as they come across lands but couple every things for you, first, the key, how fast is it moving? you want it to pick up speed and get moving here. and what do you see on local television in new orleans? do they still talk about katrina, stuff like that? >> well, so, as for the speed. it is a very slow moving storm, originally, it was about 7 miles an hour, about how fast it was moving it, did pick up to about 12, is the last number that i saw those wind speeds only 40 miles an hour, and just for reference, to be a tropical storm, it has to be about 39 miles per hour. snow, at this point, barely a tropical storm. as for the local news here in new orleans, i did run into another reporter out there yesterday. doing these stories, checking
6:19 am
on folks, see if they can drive-thru standing water, but they're also tracking the storm making sure folks stay safe and be smart. >> even on alert after katrina. >> they are. i've been watching the twitter. they are a there checking to see if anybody knows what's going on. >> and power outages, too. >> nice job, lauren. >> we will be checking back in about an hour. >> was it 2,002? >> five. >> 2,005? >> twelve years already? august the 30th as i remember. >> people live there, something you never forget. >> i would think. all right, 6:19. here comes sue. >> the band of the storm, you see, very thin, and they stretch out very far from the center of the storm, which is now, as we mentioned, made landfall near that texas louisianna border, barely hanging on, tropical storm, 40-.
6:20 am
and now it is moving toward the north at the rate of about 12 miles an hour, we expect new update from national hurricane center at 7:00. and we will see what the strength is of the storm and the speed at which it is moving. so first it is moving toward the north. really don't expect a direct hit in new orleans. but there will be rain as a result of this storm. then by the time we get to saturday morning, we are thinking about the effect of the storm on our weather, and already expecting some rain friday into saturday, so, we could get that rain happen maybe heavier rain because of the effect. renmant every cindyment so today, 09 degrees, should be dry tomorrow, scattered shower, thunderstorms, around in the morning, then around later on in the day saturday morning some rain, should be able to salvage saturday afternoon, sunny, nice, sunday, high of 83. stretch of pretty pleasant temperatures as we head into monday, tuesday, wednesday, of next week. upper 70s to around 80. and don't forget about the radio. once you get in the car, tune
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into 101.1 more fm to get your forecast. bob kelly? >> you got it, sue, 6:21 this wednesday morning, getting up, what, thursday morning, live look at i95. northbound, had disable, what would be the right lane. got little free push up here perfect example. look at the tight squeeze, three here, northbound, and the brand spanking stretch that hopefully in our lifetime will get a chance to ride on that thereon 95 north of center city. left over delays from last night septa had rough go, storms last night hit during the height of the rush hour. downed wires, downed trees they sent out alert, everything ready to operate this morning. but that quickly, it has changed. paoli thorndale line running with 24 minute delays. same deal on the doylestown line. fox chase another had problems. i wouldn't be surprised if you experience some delays there. north on 55, all northbound
6:22 am
lanes closed at the vineland interchange. all due to overturned dumb truck, traffic forced off vineland, use route 47, get back on at route 40 in south jersey. mike and alex back to you. >> bob kel what i will happen in 14 hours and five minutes? >> the draft: >> not just the draft. number one pick. >> will it be markelle fultz? i it is not, beer ' going to all be shocked. likely become the latest first overall pick for our sixers. why he says he's already trusting in the process. he trusted the process in high school. and why did his coach kick him off the team when he -- when he was a sophomore? what? >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> good morning, nba draft coming up tonight in brooklyn, the sixers will be on the clock around 7:30 with the first pick in the draft. this is the player the sixers expected to take, 19 year old guard, markelle fultz, from the university of washington. a player who believes you have to trust the process, but not in the way you might think. >> i got cut from jv, staying is he same high school, trusting the process, not transferring schools. so i didn't really know about saying trust the process was philly until my senior year going onto college, when i started watching basketball i
6:26 am
seen the tweets and all. that will i thought i came one it at first but then i found that out. >> phillies and cardinals last night at the bank, phillies have a five-four lead in the ninth. until this. hector gives up game tying homer to tommy pham. would go to the inning, pick off, joe em embiid don't even catch. winning run scores, ran through stop sign, thrown out at the plate, it was a mess, phils lose seven-six in ten. i'm tom sredenschek. >> one of the keystone cops play again? they play today? this afternoon? oh, i forgot, ken rotweiler asked me to go to the game this afternoon. >> did he? and you know he always has great seats. you better about. >> i know. watch them lose 14 out of 15? >> you do have to get ready for the draft. >> oh, draft party tonight. by the way the flyers open up their practice fast ill toy special young man, but it is the flyers who may have gotten more out of this than the young man.
6:27 am
plus, this weird story out of southwest philly, sabina, a mini-van. >> towed with seven year old child inside. that tow truck and the driver, plus the child's mother, now being questioned by police. >> what?
6:28 am
6:29 am
>> whether crews will be back out to serve for the missing
6:30 am
boy. >> mini-van towed away with seven year old, inside. that tow truck is now stopped. >> the driver, and the child's mother, are talking to the cops. >> huge day for sixers nation, will select first the number one pick in the nba draft for the second year in a row. >> this is all stuff we know, alex. >> well, you know what? we'll tell you some things you don't know about our projected top pick, markelle fultz. you think you know everything about markelle fultz? >> i know that you like to get kind of into the more personal side of the story, too. >> well, i think it is good, if he's living in philly. we should know more about him, what he likes, doesn't like. >> his parents, what he likes to eat? stuff like that. >> yes. >> i like to know that stuff too. get to know the person. he is 19, sue, 19. >> younger than my daughter. my goodness. wow, anyway, let's celebrate whatever happens today, with
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that chocolate eclair. national chocolate eclair day. bus stop buddy in the backyard with temperatures mostly in the 60s, little cooler than it was yesterday. some clouds around, no rain on radar. 70 degrees in the city. 5-mile per hour winds out of the west. probably get close to or reach 90 degrees by the end of the day today. a hot afternoon, not excessively humid until tonight. humidity rolls in, rain after midnight. overnight low of 75 degrees. so muggy night for sure. and we will talk about heading into the weekends coming up in the seven day forecast, bob kelly. >> sounds good. 63:00; good morning, everybody, we take live look, the schuylkill expressway, jammo, leaving town, westbound, already heavy from the boulevard all the way out to belmont avenue. this is the stretch where they're working later today. you think it is tough now, going to go down to one lane starting at 9:00 a.m. on that westbound side. good morning, to the benny. up and over into downtown philly sue mentioned kind of hazy out there this morning,
6:32 am
don't have the sun yet. left over delays from the problems last night on the regional rails, both paoli and doylestown line running with roughly 24 minute delays. southbound lanes every 459 still only one lane open exit three. if you are headed into wilmington, this morning, your best bet to use i-95. northeast philly the roosevelt boulevard, solly, remember benny and flynn's, there you go, an oldie but goody for throw back thursday, right there on the corner. we have downed tree, blocking the inner drive, on the boulevard. mike and alex back over to you. >> 6:32, all right. what happened? a tow truck driver, you know, doing his job there, i guess, reap owe situation. toast off mini-van. but inside the mini-van was little girl sleeping. seven years old. in the back seat. who knows if this guy even saw the girl. but now he's being questioned. and so is the mom who was driving the mini-van by the comes. >> probably important to note this happened only couple of
6:33 am
hours ago. >> in the milled of the night. sabina in southwest philly. is the car still there, the mini-van? looks like it is gone? >> well, yes. actually they just towed it away. actually the tow truck driver just got back. he took his car, and the van away. we actually just talk to him a moment ago. so we got his side of the story. he tells us, you know, obviously been released by the police, he says, without any charges. he said he actually had some body cam footage of the police looked at. let's go to video of the scene as i tell you exactly what he told us, his side of the story. he says they had been tracking this mini-van for a day or two now. he was going up. he actually started towing the van away. he says people were actually yelling at him. that there was a kid inside of the car, so i asked him well did you check? he said well a lot of times people yell at you that there are things or kids in the caribous they want you to stop. so he says that he traveled a safe distance, about a block, that's when he got out. he said he checked the van. and he didn't see the kid. so then he start driving
6:34 am
again. then he stops when pen officer stops him on bike patrol. she checks the car, he says, visually, she didn't see a kid in the car. then he keens going. he is headed toward the 12th district. this happened in the 18th district. that's when he sees another officer. and he pulls over to tell the officer just about the reposition, apparently they have to report it they do that. then that officer came over and check the car. that's the officer that actually in the dollars the that the kid was asleep in the back, had blanket over her. he saw her leg through one of the tinted windows of the vehicle. so that is when all of this finally came out. that there really was this child in the car. so, of course, police then reunite the mother, who had been apparently at her place of work, over at 45th and chestnut, 50th and woodland. she came over, obviously very upset. they reunited her with the child. the child was fine. and again, police questioned the tow truck driver, and he told us that they let him go. he had the body cam footage to prove what he says happened. and he actually was able to take the vehicle away. but it just seems like a mere
6:35 am
add of miss steps this morning, resulting in this ray parent call for abduction that's what it came in with the police. but luckily the child is okay, guys. >> my life is a myriad of miss steps, but anyway, sabina, real quickly, so the woman who, working in the middle of the night, but was the mini-van right by her work? >> good point. >> yes, apparently right outside of her work. so she works at 45th and chestnut, apparently she works at fast-food restaurant. i look at the map, there is a domino's there. >> cool. i got that. works at fast-food restaurant. so maybe childcare, whatever, had the kid sleeping in the mini-van while working? >> reporter: not sure. according to thely she ran into the business for about five minute. now the tow truck driver again, had is side of the story. he says he thinks she might have been making deliveries, at night, maybe didn't have childcare. but that's what he is saying. >> oh. >> that's what the at the truck driving is telling us.
6:36 am
>> but because afro position? >> reporter: exactly. had been tracking the car so apparently they new where it was, they went and found it. >> wow. ever see that show repoman? movie, repoman? sabina, thank you for, that complicated. well, for me. >> 6:36. >> recovery effort resumes this morning in hamilton township for 17 jerold boy who was swept away while swimming with his friends. >> jerry -- jenny, what new details do you have at 7:30? >> reporter: yesterday being the first day of summer, already had multiple incidents like this, so we know a 17 year old went missing while he was swimming in the lake here, it is rowan lake, roebling park, hamilton township, the problem is this teen doesn't know how to swim. he was with three other kids. emergency crews were called to rowan lake here just before 5:00 yesterday. this was after a storm rolled through which meant the water was little roughed up. four teens from hamilton township were out at the lake, celebrating an end to the school year. when their excitement turned to panic.
6:37 am
and one of the four was suck away by a strong current. fire crews responded, and combed the marsh, that leads to the delaware river. >> new jersey state police searched from the air. dive teams entered the water after four hours and no success. the rescue turned into a recovery mission. and that got called off after dark. so, a boy who was swimming with the missing teen tells us he tried his best to grab hold of the 17 year old when he got pulled away. that boy's mom says as soon as she heard about the rescue, she returned to the park, thinking it was her son, who was missing. >> i got ahold of james' mom, jarrod was safe with james' mom. the other two boys, i wasn't sure of. then the one boy like i said they're still searching for him. i just hope they can find him. >> i feel like maybe he shouldn't have gone in, and we shouldn't have gone in. >> so even though the school year is over, grief counselors will be at the hamilton school district campus today just working with student.
6:38 am
again, they got out of school yesterday. and this is the news that they're waking up to hearing that their classmate is now missing in this marsh area of rowan lake, again, that leads into the delaware river. the recovery effort is expected to resume today. mike and alex. >> all right, gosh, horrible. 6:38 now. >> newly-released video shows what happened to the girlfriends and little girl in the car with philando castile after he was shot. >> all right. so to this story, thomas. >> yes, the video showing following the shooting. it shows the girlfriends along with her four year old in the back of a police cruiser. we will show you that in just a moment. you will remember, yesterday, the dash cam video of the actual shooting was released showing the moment the officer, approached castile car during traffic stop and then fired another warning here. >> sir, i have to tell you, i do have a firearm. >> okay. >> don't reach for it then. don't pull it out. don't pull it out. (shots heard). >> so that office ever right
6:39 am
there, was acquitted last week of sparking protest around the twin cities. so what we're about to show you now is the moment after the deadly shooting when castile girlfriends was handcuffed in the back of a police cruiser with her four year old daughter, trying to comfort her. >> how heart breaking is that, mike and alex, for the four year old to tell her mom she didn't want to get shot. she wanted to calm her down. the family, the castile family, they want the public to see these videos because they're filing a wrongful death suit against the officer in the city every saint anthony. >> oh, my gosh. that little girl. >> i don't know that i have ' ever seen anything like that.
6:40 am
>> she said mom calm down, i don't want you to get shooted. her words. >> she just saw philando castile get shot. my goodness. >> all right, 6:40, philadelphia police are trying, taking a good hard look at their policies and practices after they inadvertently released accused rapist. it happened tuesday, when police transported russell allen bryant from the curram fromhold prison to the 18th district headquarters for arraignment on u unrelated theft case. well the paperwork on the two cases got separated and authorities deemed him, well, releaseable on the lesser charge. right? not the rape charge. he was free for about 16 hours until officers caught up with him yesterday, i think this guy really thought he was free. >> wow. >> he was walking around drexel's campus, runs into a
6:41 am
drexel campus police officer, he kind of -- he seemed like he thought he was free. like it was over. >> yes. >> and the police -- >> well, if they release you, what prisoner would say i think i need to stay in. >> stay for the rape charge. i mean, he is pretty recognizeable, well, that's the guy they're looking for, back in jail. >> from being cut in high school when he was a sophomore, to the number one pick in the draft tonight, markelle fultz has come a long way, baby. if you can come along way and only be 19. >> how did he do it? from being cut to the number one pick in the draft? we'll explain. some fun fact to know and tell. >> he has come a long way, even at 19.
6:42 am
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>> good morning, they cut the grass yesterday, al ers gist probably driving you crazy if you come in with the windows down, freeway, in toward four it, we got the motorcycles out there this morning, no problems but starting to seat begnning every a rush hour. afternoon baseball 1:05 down at the ballpark, so afternoon games always bring a nice crowd, so see a lot of folks head in the there at lunchtime. that will impact in a instant traffic jam. by the way, the john legend concert that was scheduled for tonight, remember, he is sick, and he canceled, don't be headed on over thereto camden he re scheduled the show for
6:45 am
sometime in july. i believe it is july 24th. john legend. >> oh,. >> yes. >> cans snelled. >> canceled. he was sick. >> oh, he's sick, he has a cold, like you, aling. >> hopefully christie teigen will take good care of him. >> alex hanging out with john legend? caught a cold? >> where was christie teigen when were you with john ledge end? >> john legend married, folks, seriously. >> silly. >> closed at joshua because every downed tree, left over from last night. and in bordentown, got some downed wires along 130, downs mill road. big delays last night on septa regional rails on the way home. already about 24 minute delays on both paoli and doylestown regional rail line. what's the forecast like for baseball, and the draft tonight? sue has it in 15 seconds.
6:46 am
>> bob was tacking about the business person's special, it start at 1:00, about eight a degrees already by then. bring your sunscreen andres cool, because by the end of the afternoon, this very warm afternoon, it will be about 90 . there is a look at cindy, tropical storm that still is continuing to move inland, north, through louisianna, as far as we're ken, just seeing few clouds here and there. we had few showers earlier. now as we look at the future cast, today should be okay. little bit of rain possible tonight. and a little bit more tomorrow morning. then we get little break. and more rain in the afternoon. so, hon and off showers and thunderstorms friday into saturday morning. by saturday, we may start to factor in little bit of moisture from the renmant of cindy, and 90 today, but then in the mid 80s over the
6:47 am
weekend, sunday, definitely the better weather day of the weekends, i think, the rain will only be on the first half of saturday. and nice weather as we head into the first part of next week, mike and alex. >> thank you, sue serio. let's talk about the big night tonight. i think you and i will go to the party at the piazza to watch the draft? >> just might. >> oh, that's not a commitment to me. >> well you know i'm not feeling well, so probably should be watching from home. but if i were feeling better i would totally be there. >> let plea get out of the way so you can see what's going on behind us here. nba draft, it is expected they'll take the sixers will take guard markelle fultz from the university of washington, the huskies, as the number one pick in the draft. >> we know all this stuff that i am bea to give you, but real quickly some stats. in college, the average 23-point per game. six assists per game. he also shot 44% from the field, we want to know some of the inside juice on this guy, though. he grew up in upper marlboro
6:48 am
maryland, outside of dc where he went to catholic high school. >> welshing famous for its basketball, sure. >> makes sense. >> then sophomore year, he was cut from the varsity team. yes. >> what? >> he was forced to play jv. >> in fact, one coach said why don't go to another school? he said no i'm staying at dematha. >> known for basketball. win on -- but went onto be one of the top basketball players in the junior year. one of the reasons he was cut, his size. >> back when a sophomore he was five-nine. >> thank goodness he likes to drink his milk because he had a growth spurt. he grew to six-three by his junior year. and now he's at six-four. >> now he stand at six-four i. >> i need to know his secret. >> he's 19, and he's six-four, so markle, being overlook his sophomore year when he was five-nine, as a driving force to become a success. >> so he's about to back multi-millionaire. >> let me get out of the way here, back off just little
6:49 am
bit. oh, look at this. >> there he is with his mama. for mothers day. he put nice little column and together. because they're very close. he still lives at home with his mama. she still makes him do chores around the house including taking out the trash, and mowing the lawn. now i wonder if he pushes the mower or if he likes the riding mowers? >> i bet it has an engine. markelle fultz very close with his mommy. her name is ebony, he has an older sister named seanestimate s. his twitter page filled with photos of three of them together. >> that's wonderful,'s family guy. >> that's his sister, yes. >> love it. >> plus he's also a fan of chick-fil-a. >> really? >> yes, i wonder if he likes the new buns that they have made of quinn with a? >> well, i don't know if he's quinn quinoa guy or not. >> then, also, firehouse subs. >> yes. >> boston thought they were going to get him, go to the boston celtics, they traded to the sixers now number three pick, and so, when they were
6:50 am
doing it, they took some pictures of him at a work out. and in the back, if you look real closely at the picture, there is some chick-fil-a. >> in a box. >> in a box. somebody's holding a box of chicken sandwiches. >> was late, because he had to stop by chick-fil-a. i love. >> yes. >> firehouse subs there is one in lawrenceville, right. >> one in lawrenceville, you're right, there is. >> so like a subway shop basically. they had them in south carolina. they're really good. >> okay, markle, he's always trusted the process. he revealed that yesterday in a interview that back when he was in high school, they used the same term trust the process. >> really? >> but he never equated it to the sixers. how about that? listen to this. >> me i got cut from jv. staying at the same high school, big thing we used to say back home, trust the process, not transferring schools. so i really didn't know about the process -- trust the
6:51 am
process, and i started watching basketball i seen the tweets all about it, so i thought i came up with it at first but then i found that out. so pretty cool. >> he thought he came up with t that's all right. they're all coming to the and all be trusting the process, right? >> he also has some lofty goals. at 19, for himself, and the sixers. here he is. >> i'm coming in. i want to be rookie of the year. i got pretty high goal for myself, i want to be mvp. i set my goals high. i want to work hard to achieve snell. >> also, the ladies say, he has nice looking eyes. >> they are nice eyes, that honey brown. >> oh, ya. >> i love he has high hopes and big goals for himself. >> high hopes. >> he's got high hopes ♪ he's got high apple pie at the sixers hopes ♪ >> of course there is all goes up in smoke if with the number one pick in the draft tonight the sixers choose josh jackson out of the university of kansas. >> you just want to put a kansas person in here somehow.
6:52 am
>> or they trade the number one pick, the sixers might, to the nicks, to get -- >> why would they do that? no, we made every indication we're excited about markelle fultz. >> wouldn't that be funny though if we don't after all that? >> that would be great. >> would it be? i'm not sure. a lot of people are excited for shultz. >> it would be a smoker. let's switch sports to hockey. the flyers open up their practice, facility, to a special guy. but it is the flyers who probably got more out of this. uh-huh. we'll take you there.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6:55. >> the flyers had a very special guest at their practice yesterday. >> yes, they hosed mark smith. you know mark by now, the man who was seen brutally attacked, and that facebook video. that was, what, late may? >> yes, late may. so, he's a huge sports fan. and when we met with him earlier this week, he was wearing a flyers shirt. >> yes, so the flyers game haim signed custom eyes dollars jersey and other items, things that smith says he wants to give to others, who will enjoy them, as well. >> the thing that caught me off guard the most how he said right away he didn't want any of the stuff. he wanted to give it to little kids make them as happe happy ae was today. i think that struck me inside.
6:56 am
>> oh, good for him. good for the flyers. nicely done, guys. >> so nice. he's real excited to meet everybody. give it to many soft kids he knows. >> that's cool. 6:56. jenny, give us a update now that we have some light over there in jersey. >> yes, good morning, guys. so we did just get update hearing that the search will not resume for couple of hours crews here waiting on low tide. i'll tell you what police gave me this morning, coming up next.
6:57 am
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>> oh, oh, a repo. mini-van towed away, with seven year old girl inside. the driver and the child's mother now being questioned by police. but the main question is: did the driver actually realize anybody was in the car? before towing it away? >> a day of summer fun turns tragic. >> we were like this, then since the current so strong it, took him away from my hand. >> a local teenager out for a swim with friends on the first day every summer, is swept away, by rushing water. what began as rescue mission, now a recovery effort, the tragedy in hamilton township this morning. >> and speaking out. less than a week after the jury dead locked in the bill cosby sex assault trial, the judge releases the names of the jurors. how one man describes what
7:00 am
really happened throughout those two weeks in norristown. >> and is it really the end of the process? >> ♪ >> one, two, three, four, five ♪ >> the sixers have the number one pick in the nba draft tonight. what markelle fultz means for philadelphia's future. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> we're ready for the number one pick. >> draft part. why do we have cats? because the game that came over from jersey, alex, explain the cats thing, ben simmons. >> ben simms on started, when he was injured he was watching a lot of the games. he got to do it at home, he would take the cat, lift it up. >> raise the cats. >> yes, let them out. >> lift the cat in the air. >> you know you're on good day philadelphia, week


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