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tv   Fox Morning News at 5A  FOX  June 23, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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fire not just wye lawmakers but people in our area live report coming up. a self proclaimed dirty santa arrested for alleged dirty deed, what he is accused of doing that landed him on a pretty bad list. fresh off a mistrial on indecent assault charges bill cosby may be hitting the circuit again, lectures he is reportedly planning and what he is hoping to teach young men. also... >> with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> welcome to philadelphia. the sixers get their man. now fans say it is fultz steam ahead. you know we can't resist. great to have you with us, great news it is friday i'm thomas drayton thomas hepp has the morning off so you are wondering, it is summer, first weekend of summer, how is forecast looking? scott williams. >> hey there thomas its it is
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friday. it will feel like summer but we have tropical downpours later on today. not one or two round but three round to get through over the next 24 to 36 hours. mostly cloudy right now, rain off to the west moving through hageers town, washington d.c. right now and that is still several hours away from the delaware valley but as we expand the view the main area of circulation remnant moisture from cindy still around sections of arkansas. that will tap into a cold front so we will squeeze out a lot of moisture once again, over the next day or so. we will give today a six. 77 degrees at 5:00 a.m. very muggy 84 percent that is humidity. look at the temperatures already 75 in wilmington. seventy-six atlantic city, wildwood, lower 70's right now north and west. on your radar we are looking at tropical moisture, periods of heavy rainfall before all is said and done and here's
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your friday planner. so muggy out the door but dry for now late morning into the afternoon, scattered showers, thunderstorms, high today 86. that entire weekend and seven day forecast coming up, how are the road. >> bring my happy hour indoors this afternoon. >> good morning, everybody. tgif live look at blue route in problems up and down traveling through delco, live look at freeway coming in toward philadelphia you are good to go. later this afternoon you know it we will be singing on the way to cape may and heading to the shore. speaking of the shore, lets roll video from sky fox. good news for everybody down the shore townsend inlet bridge ocean drive will reopen this afternoon to vehicle traffic, good news, grab your flip-flops and lets go between sea isle, avalon we will be rolling across that puppy later this afternoon so good news for everybody heading down the shore, speaking of the bridge opening we have got one right here coming up at 5:45 the burlington bristol bridge is set to open up this
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morning. so head for tacony palmyra. another bridge opening this is good news too the family court pedestrian bridge, that is big span between 18th and 19th will reopen to pedestrians later on today. that is all part of the next phase of the reconstruction of that vine street expressway, and they are still work on 295 ramps to and from the 42 freeway running late, maybe until 5:15 or so but until then use ramps for black horse pike route 168. mass transit looking g thomas back to you. we are learning more this morning about the long awaited health care reform plan from senate republicans. 142 page bill scraps obama care and replaces witt what g.o.p. leaders say is a better system. it includes cuts to medicaid, end mandate to force everybody to buy insurance and prohibits insurers from increasing premiums based on preexisting conditions. the measure is facing opposition for members of the both parties, lawmakers say
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they are billing to negotiate. >> we're opened to negotiation but we want the bill to look more like a repeal. we're afraid when we read the bill it looks like a reiteration or keeping of obama care. >> there are some people in our area that say this new g.o.p. plan has them worried they will lose their medical coverage. in fact, they have been rallying throughout the night, our jenny joyce live outside senator toomey's office in olde city for this 24 hours vigil, jenny, good morning to you. >> good morning, thomas. we are live here at second and chestnut where is there still a group of people out here, biggest issue to the people still here is the proposed cuts to medicaid funding. also in the senate bell tax cuts for people with higher incomes,e limb nation of the individual and employer mandates, the bill still allows young people to stay on their parents insurance plans until age 26 and still prevent employers and insurance companies from hiking up
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premiums or denying coverage with preexisting conditions. people sitting outside toomey 's office tell us they are upset about the process by which the bill was produced. >> i think what is insane about this you have 12 white men doing the job of the entire country ignoring the women, ignoring people of color and it is insane that these men have their lives in their hand and it is ridiculous and for them not to even consider any of the constituents when they are getting thousands upon thousands of calls they refuse to listen and then something is wrong. >> reporter: g.o.p. leaders are pushing on a vote for a bill before the july 4th holiday, congressional budget office says it has an estimate of the price and many pack of this plan by early next week, thomas? >> expecting more rallies throughout the day, jenny joyce, thank you. while all that is going on president trump put to go rest question over whether he has
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tapes of his conversation was former fbi director james come y, president fired off a set a tweets saying i do not make and do not have any such recordings, trump's confirmation came a day before deadline set for house committee investigating russian meddling to hand over any possible tapes. bill cosby reportedly planning and series of town halls over the summer to educate young people about sexual assault. of course it comes in the wake of the cosby's sexual assault trial ending last week in the mistrial. cosby and his wife spokesperson revealed the plan on good day alabama. they say he is planning to teach on how to look out forewarning signs for potential victims and accusation that is could follow. >> this is why people need to be educated on a brush against a shoulder, you know, anything at this point can be considered section you'll assault. good thing to be educated about the laws. >> i assure you that this is not coming from his add vice,
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this is a open matter that will be retried as the d.a. said and any public statements the defendants makes could come back to haunt him. >> cosby hit willing road, he plans to start his tour in july. a self proclaim dirty santa right here is facing sex charges this morning, police say he tried to lure what he thought was a 14 year-old girl he met on line, 56 year-old william mckinlayoff northeast philadelphia was arrested at ritas in ridley township delaware county. the teen say he thought he was meeting was an under cover officer whom he allegedly sent graphic pictures too. mckinlay claims on his fast book page he works as a seasonal santa claus at a macy 's in center city some parents when they heard about this they were concerned. >> my daughter's a manager here at rita's and that is disheartening to think that someone would do something like that. >> thank god we have a great internet crimes division in
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delaware county and i'm glad that they caught him. >> they were quick to act. fox 29 reached out to macy's corporate office for a comment regarding his employment and we have not heard back just yet. mckinlay was jailed after failing to powe $25,000 bail. happening right new police in moorestown, new jersey they need your help this morning, finding, this woman, police will continue to search for 84 year-old angela, later this morning n1 has seen her since wednesday. she suffers from dementia, if you know her see anything or know anything about this case please give police a call. new jersey state park police are hoping you can help find a man who attack a woman at par vin state park. a 25 year-old woman who was riding on the lake trail monday says that man, that sketch right there grabbed her shoulder, and then hit her in the face and neck with a stick , she says she for the back and got away. if you know or you think you may know this guy, i know it
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is a sketch but anything that looks familiar give police a call. day five of the seth williams trial and witnesses testify about the gifts they gave to the d.a. bucks county businessman muhammad ali testified yesterday that he gave williams lavish gifts and sent him on trips all because it is good to know someone in power. ali's testimony came as part of the plea deal in his own tax evasion case, prosecutors say williams accepted bribes, misused campaign fund as district attorney and williams claims he did nothing wrong. with the first pick in the 2017 nba draft the philadelphia 76ers select markelle fultz from the university of washington. >> with those word, it is done trusting the process hopefully it will pay off for sixers fans we are hoping, as expect, team select markelle fultz with the number one pick in the draft and fans, were
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pretty happy. sabina kuriakose in upper dash think morning, i haven't heard anything negative so far, have you. >> reporter: funny you should ask, actually thomas because i was going to get to. that we have talk to so many excited fans at piazza and here at 69th street station this morning but this morning difficult run into my first skeptic. i call him a debbie downer. he said he was a realist hardened against the hype. this is the latest, latest sixer, new hope, fresh blood, markelle fultz a 19 year-old point guard from the university of washington. he was first draft pick by the sixers, that was to be expected but everybody is hoping that he is the golden ticket. so, first here we will hear from sean bell with the one on one with the new 76ers, just after he was chosen last night , sean actually sat down with him followed bile our skeptical fan. you will want to hear from him >> one of the best things that ever happened to me in life. it is unbelievable.
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i'm blessed for this opportunity really. something i dreamed about as a kid to hear my name called, and those kid are looking at me probably saying that same thing, i want to be him. it makes me want to work hard. >> what has last couple years been like for you. >> hell, torture but i don't know about trusting the process but we will see what happens like my thing they have all these first round picks and everything if they don't win right away then they are going to eventually leave, they will not sign everybody as we get along, so, i don't know, we will see though. >> it will be g it should be really g they may not win champion ship but they will be in the playoffs this year. >> reporter: dairy say it, mixed emotion, i say hard and he begins the hype because of the last four seasons. it is hard to let all of that go but again we do want to mention markelle you are coming to the city of brotherly love and these fans are not really known for
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brotherly love, a little heartened fans out here, i talked to but this yesterday, thomas we have list toned some sound from markelle, he talked earlier in the week about coming here, to the and select the city, and, what is that? >> stake and cheese, did he say which location. >> he didn't say which location but i think he meant cheese steaks we will let it go. >> he has to layoff on that and stay in shape. we need our doubters, sabina because it will make us work even harder. >> true, that is true. we have a lot of work to do. >> we will check back with you and fans coming up in a bit. lets talk about pushing out the pushers. coming up on "good day philadelphia" how one community is counting on cold hard cash to get residents to turn drug dealers in to police also tropical storm cindy bringing heavy rain and flooding to the gulf coast and we will feel her effect this
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is weekend but first bob kelly , getting around on this friday morning. >> you got it, ferris wheel there and burlington bristol bridge will be up and opened except for 5:45. lets go outside and say good morning as we look for your favorite traffic jams, good morning to susan of bensalem, i can see clearly now susan, it is friday, we have your forecast, when we come right back.
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we made it through another week, very good morning if you are just joining us here, the time just a little bit past 5:16 have a look at the watch here. beautiful look outside our studios in olde city. we will look at your weather forecast in about 30, but we want to check on tropical storm cindy because it continues to lose strength this morning as it head toward our area this morning people across south east are taking a lot damage, storm made land fall in louisiana, spawned tornadoes and water sprouts right here. >> well, when water goes down, we have a lot of cleaning up to do. the boat didn't get tore up or floated off, it is not too bad >> it is actually a pretty good shape. everything tied down and secure. >> so, scott is in for sue serio this morning. you have been tracking this one. is there concern this storm dumped up to 12 inches of rain
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in the south east and gulf and it is moving our way, scott a lot of devastation with all that heavy rainfall parts of the southe, gulf coast, some of that tropical moisture is heading right to the delaware valley, not anticipating 12 inches but locally an inch or more before all is said and done. grab an umbrella because cloud cover will thicken and yes, some showers, even some thunderstorms later on today. so by 4:00 o'clock 86 degrees is the high temperature and we are watching for some scattered showers. so what about the upcoming weekend? will it be a wash out? no. saturday morning we have some tropical downpours, maybe some thunderstorms but we will dry out and look at that 87 degrees is the high temperature. then sunday, dry, low humidity 83 degrees, that is pick day of the weekend but look at ultimate doppler ride now, cloud cover is moving in and yes, off to the west hageers town washington d.c. we are watching those showers, and that will eventually move into
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lancaster, chester county, sections of delaware and right through the philadelphia area over the next several hours but take a look off to the west, the left over circulation with cindy, still around memphis area and that will run into a cold front that will squeeze out a lot of those tropical downpours over the next 24 to 36 hours. here's the clock 8:00 a.m. we are watching lancaster, chester county, new castle county, kent county looking at those scattered showers moving through and then once again comes through philadelphia area nine or 10:00 and then we will get a break and then later this afternoon into the evening some scattered showers and thunderstorms mainly north and west, and then look at those bull's eye of rainfall, 6:00 a.m. saturday morning, we are looking at moderate to heavy rainfall and that moves into south jersey, down the shore eight or 9:00 a.m. on saturday and then gets out of here. seventy-seven in philadelphia,
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76 in atlantic city, so for today, once again, some morning showers, and then another round, later on this afternoon 86 degrees is your high temperature. heading down the shore 76 degrees for saturday, a storm chance 74 degrees on sunday looking good and that weather authority seven day forecast showing you scattered showers, thunderstorms today but not a complete wash out, like wide for saturday, mostly out of here in the morning, temperatures top out at 87, 83 0 's, monday, tuesday, wednesday of next week and looking g don't forget to list don't weather authority forecast on 101.1 more fm, bob , how are road. >> gotcha on the tv and car. 5:19. we have a bridge opening coming your way, burlington bridge settle for an opening. i have another bridge opening too this one goodies news. lets go for a ride. sky fox down the shore, yesterday where the townsend inlet bridge that connects sea isle to avalon will reopen to
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vehicle traffic, later on this afternoon. it is going to be a happy hour down there, down the shore, where everybody is heading down there this weekend. that is great news. it has been closed for a couple months now. lets go back to the jam cams schuylkill expressway looking the georgia moment. is there schuylkill river, how about a swim in the schuylkill river i don't know about you but i'll pass but they will have a triathlon this weekend in philadelphia without saturday and sunday, takes over fairmount park and one of the events is a swim, in the schuylkill river, is there still shut down ramps here to 295 to 42 ramps from bellmawr and they now tell me until about 6:00 o'clock with this construction project, they are trying to wrap everything up for weekend and they have a influx of folks head together shore on a friday. use black horse pike to avoid a delay there later on tonight we have a waterfront concert lady antebellum bringing extra volume up and over ben franklin and mass transit looking good, thomas back to
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you. > what is wrong with the schuylkill. >> nothing, okay, just put my toes in it. >> keep your mouth opened you may get a sick day out of it. >> how much would it take for to you avoid a drug crime, bucks county officials are hoping $5,000 is incentive enough. as fox 29's dawn timmeney reports it is part of the counties push out pusher program that allows citizens to help he police in the community. >> reporter: jenny proudly display push out pushers sign in the front yard of her falls township home. bucks county crime stoppers kick off initiative which offers people up to $5,000, for turning in drug dealers who air rested and convicted. >> we have to get these push ers. the addicts themselves are in the the people, get them and it would help. >> reporter: residents can get the signs by logging on crime stoppers web site. jenny was more than proud to oblige because it touched her in a personal, frightening way >> i was robbed by a fell a
5:22 am
that was on drugs. i was sleeping. it was during the day time. he just came in the house and went through my house, took rings, and several things, even food out of the refrigerator and i never heard him. >> reporter: lieutenant nelson whitney of the falls township police department says heroin problem is at a critical level here and it is getting worse. >> when i was a young officer in the 90's we might get four or five overdoses a week. now we have four or five a week. it is incredible. >> reporter: light nelson says anything to eradicate this growing epidemic in bucks county. >> maybe reluctant to call 911 they may not have a relationship with an officer in the local police department this provides an easy phone number to leave an anonymous tip. >> reporter: signs have a tip line to call and hope is they will be in every yard around the county. >> that is people standing up and saying we are not going to take it anymore we're putting you drug dealers on net is. >> reporter: local leaders admit their best efforts to battle heroin crisis aren't
5:23 am
good enough and they feel machine try incentive just may be the answer. >> we have got to find a way to engage the public, and if offering a reward helps, then that is what we will do. >> reporter: your calls air none must so when you phone in your tip you are given a number and then use that number to collect your reward when drug dealer is arrested and convicted. dawn timmeney fox 29 news. time right now 5:23 on this friday morning if you are about to step outside it is a muggy one, scott will have your forecast in just a moment also if you are an ebook reader amazon might owe you some money we will tell you why you need to act fast because they are dishing out free cash.
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if you can. 5:27. still ahead here, on good day new attraction is coming to pence land ago this will give you best views in the city, going around and around, stay with us "good day philadelphia" will be right back.
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health care overall latest plan by republicans is causing a divide with both side of the aisle, a live report where people are camping out here in philadelphia to protest that bill. and philadelphia fans are asked to trust the process, last night part of that process came through, with the sixers, taking first in the nba draft so the question is did philadelphia get the right man we will break it down. great to have you with us on this friday morning, karen hepp's off i'm thomas drayton. question thinks morning as we head in the weekend how is weather holding up, scott williams. we have some rainfall to get through, a tropical connection that left over moisture from cindy, it is heading in our direction as it interacts with a cold front off to the north and west, so we will squeeze out more moisture. so we will have round one that
5:32 am
will move through later this morning, this afternoon, we have threat of pop up showers, thunderstorms and then the heaviest of the tropical rainfall hold off until tomorrow morning. live look outside our studios a nice sunrise, 77 degrees right now, humidity at 84 percent. those cloud will thicken because we have some rainfall just off to our west, bus stop buddy, national take your dog to work day, muggy start, temperatures in the 70's, there is muggy, barking there, you can see umbrella and bus stop buddy's hand for these showers. we have 75 in wilmington. seventy-six in atlantic city. seventy-four in trenton. take a look at hageers town maryland washington d.c., that is the morning rainfall that we're keeping tabs on that will move in over next several hours. how about we will go hour by hour and time this out for you , by say eight or 9:00 o'clock to the west of philadelphia around chester county, lancaster county moving into parts of the delaware and south jersey and then by 10:00 a.m. moving
5:33 am
toward trenton, atlantic city it is on your radar by 10:00 a.m. we are done with the rain for most of the day but by this afternoon and evening we could have scattered showers and thunderstorms, so that planner we are looking at late morning showers, muggy, temperatures today topping out around 86 degrees. we will have the seven day forecast in our next half an hour, back over to you. >> you got it, scottie. 5:33. good morning, everybody. here's a live look at i-95 near philly international airport. no delays at the moment on the tote board but we are traveling, via philly international would i keep an eye to the tote board because that storms are moving across country coming our way, it could be impact ago rifle flights throughout the day and then, of course that then creates a domino effect with the departures. opening set for burlington bristol at 5:45. another one, this is great news, great news, lets go for a ride sky fox went down the shore yesterday, a lot towns
5:34 am
end inlet bridge reopening later this afternoon to vehicle traffic happily connecting all of the folks between sea isle, avalon for rest of the summer that is great news for everybody that is heading down the shore, today, and of course, as i said for rest of the summer. another bridge opening this is also good news family court pedestrian bridge have been working on that is big span between 18th and 19th that will reopen, to pedestrian traffic, today we have had delays, first couple of trains out of the gate on the paoli thorndale regional rail line so expect early morning jams and 495 down to within lane as you head south bound back over to you. this one sparking controversy this morning, bill cosby is reportedly planning a series of town halls over the summer to educate young people about sexual assault. this comes in the wake of the cosby's sexual assault trial ending last week in the mid
5:35 am
trial. cosby and his spokesperson revealed plans on good day alabama and planning to teach out forewarning signs, from victims in the accusations that could follow a sexual assault. >> this is why people need to be educated on a brush against a shoulder, anything at this point can be considered sexual g to be educated about the law. >> this is not his advice this is an open matter and any public statements cosby plans to start his tour in jump. is there a new report out that says, penn state need to address tuition we will get to that in a moment. but doug luzader, is doug lou said inner washington. >> we will have doug in just a moment to talk about the health care reform but i want to talk about this new report that says penn state need to
5:36 am
address sky rocketing tuition and spiking enrollment of out of state and international students. auditor general says that tuition had jumped 500 percent over the pennsylvania three decade. the study says background clearances are missing for some adults who work at youth camps on campus. penn state says it is working to reduce cost and find new revenue streams. look at this person, not this one but there should be another one, well, he is wanted in connection for vandalism, at glassboro veterans memorial. this is, critical here that is the person, vandals spray painted featuring a quote that read without heroes we are all plane people and don't necessity how far we can go, officials say along with the memorial several police card in the wellness center at rowan university were also damaged, that is the image right there? if you recognize anything about that person you know what to do give police a call.
5:37 am
marple township police kneader help this morning finding four men, police say they broke in the family's home and crime didn't stop there, those same men just hours later also targeted, the philadelphia families business do you know who these people senator is there a number of image is here? give police a call. we are just hours away from the public hearing at city hall on philadelphia's state senator anthony williams requested it, williams supports the program to tax fund but concerned about the impact it has on employment and low income residents. city controller alan butkovitz another opponent is expect to testify. a spokesperson for mayor kenney dismissed it hearing as public of the public relations effort to attack the tax. hearing gets underway at 11:00 l there been. republicans are making what could be a final push in the senate for an obama carry placement and vote could be just days away. philadelphians say this new plan has them war that i had
5:38 am
they could lose medical coverage, they have been rallying throughout the night and our jenny joyce business them outside senator pat toomey's office in olde city, jenny? >> reporter: yes, good morning , thomas. senator pat toomey issued a statement on the health care bill saying quote i welcomed all feedback from my fellow pennsylvanians in the coming days so pat toomey here's a little feedback from outside your office here in olde city. overnight protest outside your office people are very upset and especially about the cuts to medicaid. >> if this bill passes, there are millions of americans who will lose health care among those particularly, folks suffering from aid and hiv and something that a lot of people don't know is that people hoff aid and hoff hiv when they are on their medication, they are undetectable and undetectable means untransmittable. and if they lose access to that medication which your provided by their insurance company and cost thousands of dollars, they lose access to
5:39 am
that, they become transmittable which means this country will be facing a public health crisis, similar to the opioid epidemic right now. >> so rose's talking about aid but there are a number of medical issues, and disease that he is people are concerned about, with this new health care bill. i got an e-mail specifically about cystic fibrosis is with similar concerns with the medicaid cuts and also doing away with the cap on lifetime insurance coverage cost. there are a lot of issues that people will be protesting, protests continue throughout the day. there will be a big one outside pat toomey's office at 8:30. >> we are waiting on details of the health care reform bill here. as you can imagine people have questions, jenny joyce, this morning, thank you. still ahead at 5:39. breaking down sixers first round pick in the nba draft. tom sredenschek? coming up in sports in a minute sixers get their guy why markelle fultz was player
5:40 am
they had their eyes on all along and phillies salvage a game in their series with the cardinals, who made an impact when we come back.
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years of tanking and trade sixers think they have a nucleus to build on. they drafted markelle fultz out of the university of washington joining ben simmons , car ohio saric and joel embiid to give sixers a solid foundation. brian colangelo says that the
5:43 am
sixers have that had their eyes on fultz for over a year. here's markelle fultz one on one last night with our sean bell. >> one of the best things that ever happened to me in life. it is unbelievable. i'm blessed for this opportunity. something i have dreamed about since i was a kind to hear my name called, they are looking at me like, probably saying same thing i want to be, truly an inspiration. >> phillies wrapping up with the cardinals on thursday afternoon first inning, freddie galvis, solo home run, tommy guess he have drives in three, phillies beat cardinals five-one. one other note, chiefs extend contract of the coach andy reid for five more years, that is sports in a minute, i'm tom sredenschek.
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good morning, 5:46. tacony palmyra bridge set for an opening at 6:05. sail boat going out so grab jumbo coffee heading that way, watch the clock or use old betsy ross bridge as an alternate. having some delays, on the paoli thorndale and wilmington line, so buckle your seat belt lets go for a ride. sky fox took a trip down the shore to take a look at towns end inlet bridge. it will reopen later this afternoon, that is great news it is a happy hour between sea isle and avalon later on today as that bridge has been closed for quite sometime. we are good to go heading down the shore, back here though
5:47 am
staying in town through the weekend, just watch for construction, they have been working on the 30 bypass ram tops 202 closing them at 10 at night until 5:00 he o'clock the following morning. they are working on 495 down to one lane again today at exit number three. traveling through wilmington, and this weekend how about a swim in the schuylkill river? maybe not. but there is a triathlon in town both saturday and sunday taking over fairmount park and one of the events is a swim in the schuylkill. and then, watch for the manayunk arts festival coming to town both saturday and sunday you'll see blockage of main street and extra volume there exiting the schuylkill at belmont avenue. is what forecast looking like for all activities this weekend? scott has tonight 15.
5:48 am
road are dry this friday morning but we are keeping tabs on tropical moisture moving through today and first thing tomorrow so the timing today, we are looking at about eight to 11:00 a.m. a few scattered showers around and then this afternoon five to 10:00 p.m. we are looking at scatter storms mainly north and west and then tropical torrential, downpours, tomorrow morning, roughly between five and 10:00 a.m. as we look at ultimate doppler we are dry, quiet, parts of the south jersey, delaware but off to the west around harrisburg, hageers town, baltimore, washington d.c. we are watching that rainfall that will push in over the next several hours. we have some tropical moisture to our south, remnant left over moisture from cindy interacting with a cold front so we will squeeze out that moisture. lets go hour by hour so once again we are dry, quiet for now, rainfall off to the west but as we time everything out
5:49 am
we can see by eight or 9:00 a.m. we are watching that rainfall moving from the west lancaster, chester county, moving into parts of the delaware, and it continues to push through the region rapidly, mid to late morning and then we will get a break for much of the day but once again north and west, later on this afternoon into this evening will to have watch out for some scattered thunderstorms moving through and then the bull's eye of that moisture really arrives early on your saturday morning 7:00 a.m. moderate to heavy rainfall on i-95 corridor pushing into parts of the south jersey mid to late morning and we will dry out and we will warm up on your saturday. temperatures right now in the mid 70's for most, 75 wilmington and millville, 76 in atlantic city. so for today included thicken we are looking at scattered showers this morning, thunderstorms by the afternoon and 86-degree will be the high
5:50 am
heading down the shore for tomorrow, scattered showers and storms, 76 degrees, and 74 . weather authority seven day forecast showing you high today of 86 degrees, 87 for the high on saturday, sunny, nice, look at sunday 83 degrees, low humidity pretty comfortable for next week and temperatures below average, 79 on tuesday. eighty on tuesday. 86 degrees back to average as we move toward next thursday, thomas over to you. >> can we work on the showers, scott. we will see bob. he makes a pretty good living, paycheck. we have been telling but this all morning long, yesterday, you know the deal, sixers they pick their man, as expected, sixers select markelle fultz as overall number one pick in the nba draft is the process finally complete here? joining me this morning eytan sander, 97.5 a friend of the program to break this down.
5:51 am
>> us a a pleasure. >> how old does it make you feel that this by was born in 1989. >> hey listen you can take me i don't know if you want to date yourself. >> i'm old anyway. >> we're all excited here but why is he such a good fit for sixth tours play alongside embiid or saric. >> is there a encore reason which is perfect fit next to simmons hoist true facilitate or. all ben simmons wants to does set guys up to score, shoot, markelle fultz did that in college but his natural position toys shoot basketball , take it to the rack and be aggressive. that is going to be all they will ask him to do right away stepping in. off the court he completes this four group of kid right now who will grow up. that is difference. yesterday we talk about just excitement of the city and building up to last night but you saw the young kid out there. this is a generation now that will grow were four young kid
5:52 am
to see them play for hopefully over a decade. >> he is being compared to dwayne wade, james harden is that a fair assessment. >> we like to say this next guy will be a hall of famer and like to look at aspects of the game. he has dwayne wade in him and james harden in him. those two guys are ball dominant scorers. they can do things from the outside, they can do things from the inside but they are also fast. >> we see struggles when it comes to transitions to the nba and difficulty of finding your shot. >> that is not as big of a concern for me with fultz because he is more natural shooter and scorer. problem with fultz or at least struggle will be early on he will be asked to pass the ball anybody who comes in the nba, ben simmons as well, first year point guard struggle when it comes distributing the basketball. he will get open shots. he will income down open shots it is nature, they will spread
5:53 am
ball around and they will have a lot of fun, that is huge. >> we are hoping embiid and simmons will be good to go. >> there is nothing i can tell but joel embiid, nobody, nobody can give you any vote of confidence other than just believe he will be healthy. we all believe he will be healthy. >> word we don't like to say hurt question raises now with this guy coming in because he had a knee injury as well. >> i understand, ben simmons look at it like a freak injury , other people have suffered that injury, even twice and they have been fine. kevin durant is perfect example. ben simmons has generational talent. there is no concern about his talent. fultz injury was there but he played through it. it hasn't been a concern you don't think it will be a concern. >> in the at all. >> there are jokes is that why they vetted him to make sure he is hit no concerns about fultz. >> sixers made other picks i wish they would go with some guys with common names here so
5:54 am
we can pronounce them. >> no, i can't. he is lativan center. we tried to do it, and you cannot even do that. >> we will call him ap until we learn later. >> ap. >> he will be a powerhouse. >> 7-foot two, shoot basketball, he need to get better on defense. he need to fill out a bit. >> he is a poor poor man certainty. >> we will be right back. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network. now with our new fios gigabit connection, you get amazing download speeds up to 940 megs,
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20 times faster than most people have. and the price is amazing too for $79.99 a month online for the first year you'll get our fastest triple play with hbo included for 2 years. leave cable's slower internet speeds behind. so hurry up and switch to fios gigabit connection for $79.99 with tv, hbo and multi-room dvr service for two years all with a two year agreement.
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if you are not heading to the shore but still want that carnival action, the philadelphia water front is getting its very own version of the boardwalk classic, we're talking about a ferris wheel starting to day you can enjoy that ferris wheel, best part of the going down to the waterfront and our jen fred will have a preview coming up on good day, we will be right back in two minutes good morning. we're talking bill cosby.
5:58 am
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yeah! i'm sorry do you like it here maddie? i love you. i love you too.
6:00 am
well, sixers get their man they are 5,000, 6,000 people they have packed piazza at northern liberties to watch this there they are, markelle fultz, at least markelle fultz , number one. wye grabbed an interview with markelle and the first and you will see it only here on fox. obama care overhaul backlash over the plan to replace the affordable care ago where people are camping out, locally in protest. just days after his mistrial and bill


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