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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 5A  FOX  June 28, 2017 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, a search for a shooter, a girl is shot five times after hanging out at a barbeque. >> man died by hitting not once but twice while trying to cross a very busy road. that is so deadly. >> thelma and louise they're not. police on the hunt for two young women, behind a violent crime spree. authority want them off the streets before they strike again. >> finally for our fighting phils, their bats came alive, real late game. of you may have gone to bed before it was over but may have missed an good one, the late offense that catapulted our team to a much needed to win. great to have you, it is 5:00 on this wednesday. i'm thomas drayton with karen hepp. >> good morning, atlantic city. beautiful sunrise on this day, sue says it is amazing down the shore for folks lucky enough to be off this week. >> we're betting on good forecast. >> that's right.
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>> double digits, we're ten out of ten, bus stop buddy still at camp, still with the sunscreen, make sure to apply and reply. today is the day you want to spends a lot of time out of doors. because it is still comfortable out there. off to cool start. temperatures in the 50's, and the 60s, and we will be headed into the 70s, and 80s, later on. look at the gorgeous pre-sunrise time, pre by just couple every minutes. it is 5:35 officially when the sunrises. 63 degrees. we have 57 in trenton, cool 47 up in mount pocono, and cape may, at 67 degrees. in ross weighing owe lake, 52, beach haven, 63, up to the north of us almost sweater weather. perkasie, at 50 degrees. plan on lots of sunshine today. and another beauty with a high of 80. and then the weather pattern changes. we will talk about heat and humidity returning, in the seven day forecast. bob kelly? >> she a beauty coming up today.
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good morning, 5:01, live look at 422, starting to see volume pop, headed in toward king of prussia. they opened up the vine expressway, so we're good to go as promised, usually by 5:00. pretty much all of the construction picked up and out. problem in delaware, northbound 95, overturned tractor-trailer and fuel spill. it is right at the busy 295 interchange. which of course gives you access to the delaware memorial bridge. so coming from the south, and headed north on 95, today, into wilmington, at least for the start of our morning, two of the lanes are blocked, and expect delays heading northbound trying to get up toward that delaware memorial bridge. otherwise, 95 out of the northeast looking good. no problems on the turnpike and mass transit also off to a good start on this wednesday. karen, thomas, back to you. >> bob, thank you. 5:02, to the breaking news there is one out of the southwest philadelphia, a 16 year old in stable condition after being shot five times while outside a home in kingsessing. now police, they're trying to find the person who opened
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fire on her. lauren johnson, at southwest detectives, five times, unbelievable, lauren. >> reporter: that's right, thomas, another question they're trying to get an answer to is was she the intended target? that's what they're trying to get from witnesses who they interviewed shortly after the shooting here at southwest detectives. here's what they know at this hour. there was a barbeque earlier in the day at the home on springfield street. several hours later this was small group of teenager namely females standing on the front stems after home there. well, just after midnight, someone sprayed bullet directly at the teens, at least five of them, hit a 16 year old in her right arm. two other fly through a first floor window, right into the living room, where four other people were. the teen ran inside, leaving the home bloodied. >> it appears that the shots were intentionally fired at this group. there is not only was this female struck multiple times, two bullets enters a window after house, right where she was standing, and there is also strike marks, on the front steps of the house,
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where she was standig. so, we don't know if the 16 year old victim was the intended target. but it, appears that the shooter was firing into the crowd of people that the 16 year old was with. >> another question police are trying to answer, if the shooter fired the shots from a car, and in a drive by, or if this was someone on foot. but witnesses did remember seeing a car speed away from the scene, going west on springfield, right toward 60 street. cameras point in the that exact direction, will be helpful for police to identify the car. maybe even the shooter or the driver, if someone got out of the car to unload that gun, into a crowd of people, at this hour, the 16 year old is at presbyterian hospital in stable condition. thomas, karen? >> all right, lauren, thank you so much. also, following some more breaking news, this is from olney, where police are investigating a deadly pedestrian accident. there was a man who was hit by mini-van just after 12:30 this morning, on the boulevard, once again, such a deadly road. this was right by wyoming.
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he was then run over by an s.u.v. that was traveling in the same direction, police say, the victim, 36 years old, was hit with such force, that he was knocked right out of his sneakers. both drivers stopped. stayed right there at the scene. they do not appear to be at fault. >> human remains found on vacant lot in north philadelphia are now in the hands of the medical examiners office. and they're working to determine who the person is. and how that person died. police say they got the call yesterday afternoon, about possible human remains, this is at the corner of 17th and atlantic streets. they say a private contractor told them they found a jaw bone with teeth in a skull mix in the with dirt and debris. an excavator digging on the site monday of last week discovered bones, but, didn't contact police because they believed they were animal bones. the bones were about 6 feet underground, and police believe, the make up of the body based on the clothing may be a woman. >> ribs, a spine, pelvis, arms and legs, some of the body
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parts are missing, but most, most of the bones are intact. the body appeared to be wearing pink clothing, possibly a pink jacket and other pink clothing underneath. >> a laudromat that used to be on the lot was demolished late last year. investigators believe the body was intact until crews started digging up the ground. >> 5:06. pair every gun toting young women are driving around delaware county, and they're creating a lot of havoc. already held up two taxi drivers and two senior citizens, obviously police want to get them off the streets before they strike again. let's get out to steve keeley. he's over at upper darby police headquarters, steve? >> reporter: well, the women got in the cab, they put guns to the taxi drivers heads to rob them. then 86 year old, the old else of all of the victims, told us through a translator how she couldn't understands the demands, and then she got beaten up with the gun. >> they're very, very violent. they're escalating their
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activity, cabs drivers at night, then broad daylight, these two women from equidore. so, hopefully with a little bit of luck we can -- little bit every visibility, we can get these people identified and get them off the street. >> robberies are bad enough. the thing that really angers me, pistol whip a 86 year old woman for no reason. >> car just came in, two women get out of the car, and they don't -- they don't want to let them take the bag, so they grab them, and just a woman take out a gun and just punched with the gun to both of us, and get the things and just get out. >> well, here is the best clue, police have so far. this hyundai sonata, the get-away car, captured by home surveillance camera, police think a guy is driving these two women around. total of 900 in cash and phone
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from the two women's purses, they never just dump the purses where people would find them and maybe turn them into the cops because among the items worthless to the robbers but needed so much by 86 year old martha, in her purse, her dentures. that's how low these people are. they saw the dentures in there, and they still don't hand them in where she can get her teeth. >> obviously, extremely inconsiderate suspect out there, thank you very much, steve. >> it is 5:08. police departments across pennsylvania will have more discretion when it comes to using body cameras. the governor says he's going to sign a bill to clear legal hurdles for police to expand their use. it will also give didn't discretion to refuse public requests for copies of audio or video recordings by officers. the senate approved the bill yesterday. >> testimony continues today in the trial of philadelphia district attorney seth williams. bar owner michael weiss took the stands for a second day if the federal corruption trial. weiss owns the popular spot
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woody's, prosecutors brought out bokments which appear to show that weiss gave williams a jaguar, money for loans that he never paid back. weiss testified that williams wrote letters to the california liquor control board so weiss could get his suspended license reinstated. however, when the defense asked, weiss said he did not believe he bribes anyone. 5:09. frat turn al order every police throwing it weight behind bet grossman for district attorney. comes after grossman and democratic nominee larry krasner spoke to the union's board, they'll face-off in the general election come november. >> interesting after backing republican. another case against bill cosby, this time it is a civil case happening out there in california a judge has set trial date of july of next year. the civil suit accuses comedian of sexually assaulting a teenage girl at the playboy mansion back in 1974. two weeks ago, of course there is criminal case in our area, montgomery count i am, end in the mistrial. the district attorney has vowed to retry him.
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meanwhile, a lawyer for cosby says, if the 79 year old goes on speaking tour it would not be until after his trial here in pennsylvania, a spokesperson said last week that cosby was planning a series of town hauls, but cosby tweeted late yesterday afternoon information about a quote sexual assault tour is false, one every his attorneys says cosby takes the criminal charges seriously, and will be keeping quiet until the trial ends. oh, it is a good morning here at 5:10. the phillies out west taking on mariner's late last night in seattle. aaron nola on the mound for the phillies. he was sole mid this one, going seven innings, giving up just two runs, and he also had nine strikeout. the phillies offense pulling away late in the this one. maikel franco, with a homerun, in the seventh, to give the phillies a three-two lead. >> aaron altherr capping off fourth run, with two run homer. can't say it enough.
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phillies win eight to two. >> all right, 5:10. let me show you something pretty cool. i don't know if you can see the ship behind thomas' head going by in rehoboth. isn't that cool? look looks like container ship. >> where are you going? it is a cargo ship. they don't have all of the amenities on that thing. >> maybe new cars. >> very important story to tell but disbelief we had a big problem with heroin, opioids, so rounding up suspected dealers? we'll tell you about the massive take down to get them off the streets. straight ahead. >> plus: we will show you some volleyball. now, would you look at the size of the ball? seriously? who is doing that? well, some pretty good athlete. they're football players. we will explain some more when we come back. hey, bob kelly, you can do that, right? >> playing that on rehoboth beach? overturned tractor-trailer for the gang headed north on 95 in wilmington, and let's go outside and say good morning to rehoboth beach, oh, i think it will be a good beach day. how about a traffic jam for you? what do you like to jam to in
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the morning at you get ready for your beach day? sue has your forecast, when we come right back. my girlfriend loves artists. to be unique... and i need a conservative pair, cuz her parents hate artists! get up to 40% off a second pair of glasses. schedule your eye exam at
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>> missing supper, the days are long, but oh, certain way they're getting shorter and shorter every single day, right? we won't worry about that, it
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is summer, things will be so beautiful today, sue. >> you hardly notice that it has been happening, for now, a week, as summer is a week old. the summer solsus was one week ago today. and, it is looking good, to start our summer day, in doylestown, pennsylvania. we start off with our headlines this morning, wonderful wednesday, you know how we love owe literation, next heatwave in the seven day forecast, that includes, holiday heat, the holiday of course the fourth every july. here is your forecast for today, tomorrow, and it looks delightful. with bit of land breeze, but it is low humidity, 81 degrees today. most of our shore towns, 78 tomorrow, low rip countries being, but a eight in your uv index, and the ocean water temperature in the mid 60s, still, on the chilly side. future cast showing no precipitation today. no rain tomorrow, and friday, maybe late in the day. 3:00, 4:00. just north and west of the sit when we have the greatest chance of pop up shower or
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thunderstorm, by friday it is really going to be soupy, hot and humid, like we're used to in the summertime, so this enjoyable, 47 degrees in point pocono, 63, philadelphia, down in wildwood, lancaster, and in trenton, and that refreshing northwesterly breeze, average high is 86 degrees, for the past two days, below average, delightful monday temperature of 82, yesterday, we got to 80. we did have those thunderstorms in the morning. but nothing in the offing for today. 80 degrees, 88 tomorrow, 92 on friday, 90 degrees saturday, probably sunday with late lay thunderstorms being continuing the heatwave possibly through the fourth every july. rip, 101.1. more fm. where you tune your dial, we still have two dials, bob kelly? i guess we punch buttons. >> i would suggest you get a preset for the 101. a lot of options there.
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cd's in the cars any more? >> what? >> i know, i don't know what's going on with all of that. i guess because everything on the satelite and the kids can connect their phones, and all of that, but, nonetheless, reminiscing. north on 95, tractor-trailer game in wilmington, will be rough one this morning, here is the deal, northbound, right at exit number five that split for the 295 delaware memorial bridge, where the 495 interchange newspaper wilmington, talked to delaware state police. they say it was one vehicle accident, the overturned tractor-trailer, was the only vehicle involved. maybe the guy fell asleep. just a thought. but, as you head north on 95, this morning, right here is where we will see the gridlock. this will impact everyone trying to get over the delaware memorial bridge or anyone who would try to go up north in toward wilmington. two of the lanes are block, they got clean up, there is a fuel spill. your best bet, if you are leaving the house right now, you can get to route 13, route
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13 is your best bet. you go all the way up. you avoid the whole mess and the gridlock as it may develop here through the morning, and you can pick up 495 in wilmington, and you'll be good to go. good morning to the blue route. 476, no problems or delays here as you roll through delco. curbside on the freeway, some pocket here, 42 headed in toward philadelphia, starting to see some delays and then expect delays again today, the roving penndot crews, are going to be working on the schuylkill expressway, both directions, between conshy, 476, and the king of prussia mall interchange. that will start probably around 9:00 a.m. karen, thomas, back over to you. >> thank you, bob, just saw service alert for amtrak. >> washington and philly, yes. >> all right. more on that in just a moment. 5:18 the time. republican healthcare plan, has hit a roadblock. the vote has been scrubbed, until after the recess for the fourth every july holiday. now this delay comes a mid dwindling support from rang and file republicans, three more gop senators came out
5:19 am
against that bill. bringing the total to at least nine. they need 50 republican votes to pass, because no democrats support it. law makers have expressed concerns about different part of the bill. so hard to please different factions including cuts to medicaid, and also, tax cut for the wealthy. >> this is who we're fighting for. not a some obscure government funding program. not some ideological desire. >> well the schedule may have change add little bit. but one thing that hasn't changed that's obamacare collapsing. >> once the news broke about the delayed vote, the president called for a closed door meeting at the white house in which he told republican senators that he was open to seeing the bill strengthen. >> a massive cyber attack has crippled computers, grounded airlines, and pretty much halted shipping. the tools used in the hack were developed by the us national security agency, and it was leaked to the public by a group called the shadow brokers. so the software freezes computers, and demands a
5:20 am
ransom to open them. it was delivered through a global spam campaign that tricks users into downloading malicious software that locks them out of their devices. until they pay 300 in bit coin. it is to has hit several companies. pharmaceutical giant merck tweeted out that it computer network was compromised. people couldn't even get inside the building so they were sent home. no word yet if the company systems are back up and running this morning. also, heritage valley health system over in pittsburgh was also affected. >> 5:20 the time. chester county the target right now street level opioid and other drug dealers, you had such a problem with opioids and heroin, look at all of the those people. nearly 50 of them, now facing charges, all rounded up. now among the people, that's on the screen right here, barry baker, senior, guy you have seen his son a lot in the news recently, because of something. take a look. >> so while his son was beating up a man with a disability, barry baker,
5:21 am
senior, was selling us morphine. >> so barry baker senior is the father that far guy, barry baker, jr. and he's the infamous for cheap shot that police say he landed on a man with cerebral pals any west chester last month. so this round up of drugs is called operation wild fire in which chester county detective and investigators from six different police departments have been out there bussing dealers in a all-out assault on this opioid crisis. time now 5:21. officials now know how a new york subway train derailed yesterday. officials blame an improperly secured piece of replacement rail. they say, replacement parts are routinely left near tracks, to speed up repairs. nearly three dozen people were hurt after the train derailed around 10:00 a.m. in harlem. crews are now inspecting every inch. of the rail system to ensure that any extra equipment is bolted down. the family after woman who died after a commuter train slammed into a hoboken train station has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against new
5:22 am
jersey transit. lawyers for the family is seeking unspecified damages. the 34 year old was standing on the platform back in september of 2016 when she was killed by falling debris. nj transit has not comment dollars on the lawsuit. allentown has a new catholic bishop. pope francis appointing the fifth bishop of allentown, the 55 year old currently administrator first local priest to lead the diocese. he says he wants to focus on bringing younger people into the church, and helping those hurt by abusive priests. all right, if you want to own a piece of history, there is beautiful 17th century cabin now up for sale in gloucester county. it is about $3 million, but it is very historic, and there is a little minor catch. so it is called the log cabin tucked away south of philadelphia across the delaware in gibbstown new jersey. inside the most neat artifacts that go back almost 200 years before the colonies rose up
5:23 am
against great britain. the property itself historic photos is 1.3 acres, and it is owned by this lovely couple their names are harry and doris rink. they bought this from their uncle charlie, 50 years ago. >> i'm 88 years old, and, why, we wanted to come to somebody that will take care of it just like we took care of it. >> he's not physically able to do a lot of things that he used to be able to do. >> now, here is the thing. you know, listed $2.9 million. here's the condition. the couple at this want to live there. and they're asking to be allowed to stay in the home as long as they are alive. >> two-point -- how much, 2.6 million? >> 2.9. >> some people can buy log cabins, others have to pay for college. we all know it can be very, very expensive. >> so if you want to cut down on the costs some expert are saying you should avoid one of our state. seriously. entirely. they think it is miss priced.
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too high. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ ♪when you've got...♪ ♪...nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪ here's pepto bismol! ah. ♪nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea!♪
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joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to launch the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including erin. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at
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>> welcome back, so, in your money news, helps measles sleep at night paying college for kids, it is getting so expensive. specifically pennsylvania it, will cost you more than other states. >> forbes has ranked pennsylvania as the thirds
5:27 am
most over priced state when it comes to college tuition. forbes found tuition in the state runs $5,000 more than it should. it looked at in state tuition at four year public colleges in every state, during the school year from two years ago, determined how over priced each state tuition level; relative to the nation, based on cost of living differences alone, so that was soul factor, how much does it cost to live? in new hampshire second most over priced vermont number one. >> 5:27n your health this morning, of course during the summer braining, parent are being urged to give vaccines scheduled for their children, especially if they attend school in berks count. >> i real important. some new rules as to when your kids need to have the required shots. parent used to have eight month in order to get their children caught up on their vaccines after the school year started but beginning this year, you only have five days, if you miss the deadline they could be kept out of class. new rules are designed to give student vaccinated earlier, answer ensure fewer are walking around unprotected. >> serena williams striking a
5:28 am
pose, have you seen this one yet? >> absolutely amazing and beautiful. she looks so great. coming up at 5:30, the tennis star bearing it all in a long tradition of pregnant celebrities showing off their beautiful bodies. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> built after a barbeque, teen girl struck five times, now the search for the gunman. >> paying the price to get guns off the streets. straight ahead, new jersey massive push to reduce crime, in several of its major cities. >> they're going to pay you a lot of money. if you are looking for a little escape this summer, why you don't need to look any further than the franklin institute. the latest trend in live entertainment, coming to that museum. very fun to check out. >> oh, can i just stay in that room? do i have to escape? >> ya. >> you know the feeling, great to have you with us this morning at 5:31 this wednesday. we will talk about the weather in about 30 seconds here. but we've got breaking news, bob, what's going on. >> good morning, we want to get back to you, a situation on amtrak, just clarified with amtrak that service is suspended between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. because of police activity, on the tracks. the wording in their press release makes it sound like a person struck down in the dc
5:32 am
area. but the trains are not able to begin their trips out of dc, so all service suspended right now, between philly and washington, amtrak said they'll have another update coming our way at 7:00 a.m. so, obviously, that's naturally going to impact trains going in and out of new york, again, no trains are able to come out of washington, to start the early morning trip. so service is suspended between philly and dc on the northeast corridor. the other problem is north on 95, this overturned tractor-trailer on the northbound side at exit number five which is right at the split for 495 and the delaware memorial bridge. anyone coming from the south, headed north into wilmington this morning, expect delays on 95, and probably with this northeast corridor amtrak scenario, we will see a lot of folks scrambling to get a rental car between philly and dc. so that's going to throw some extra volume that way. your best bet, through the neighborhood, you can use route 13 and that will get you up into 495.
5:33 am
now, we talked about traffic first. because weather is a beautiful, another good looking day on tap today. i think you'll want to pack your shades, right, sue, for the morning rush? >> not only the shades, but the sunscreen, because these are the days you don't mind being outside. you want to spend as much time as possible, out of doors, so bus stop buddy does have the sunscreen, shades are coming, we've got sunshine out there right now. and temperatures in the 50's. gorgeous, temperatures to the north of you, 67 in cape may, and 63 in wife haven, 80 degrees our high, heat, humidity returning those owe details rom being right up. >> searching for 16 year old girl sitting on steps in her own neighborhood. we get out to lauren johnson with the latest, lauren? >> karen, the good news here
5:34 am
is that that 16 year old is expected to be okay. that while she recovers in the hospital and detective at southwest detective try to find out what happened as they speak to her friends. they want to know what happened in the moments leading to up that shooting what they learned barbeque happened at the school springfield street earlier this is the day but it was over when the bullets started flying did the shooter target the 16 year old specifically or were the bullets aimed at someone else. police say the girl did not live at that. who her friends it, but the victim lived about a block away. >> multiple gunshot round to her right arm. we don't know if they're through and through, but she has at least five gunshot injuries to her arm. >> we know she was hit multiple times, the only victim hit at least two bullet entered the window, if the floor living room of the house when she was shot. although four other people inside that house, all
5:35 am
friends, of the victim, no one inside that property was struck by gunfire. >> well the group was mainly teenage girls, weapon was high caliber handgun, the shooter no description at this time. the get-away car, no one saw it, but they did see a car speeding down springfield toward 60 street and the motive still a mystery. the victim hit five times in her right arm, recovering, at presbyterian hospital. while detective here try to figure out exactly how and why this all happened, thomas, karen? >> thank you, 5:35, funeral services are going to be held for two south jersey teenagers who drowned earlier this month in atlantic city. we know the visitation for ramon quinn until the afternoon, funeral parlor in atlantic city, would have been his 16th birthday. funeral saturday at 11:00 fate baptist church in pleasantville. other victim, 16 year old kolia hand, visitation tomorrow morning 11 amsec
5:36 am
baptist church in atlantic city h gone into the ocean june 15th, right at the beach off martin luther king boulevard when she began to struggle then quinn ran in after to try to save her but both were swept away in a rip current. >> newest plan to battle gun violence in new jersey, to make a what you can't refuse. officials announced they will be holding 48 hour gun buy back program next month three major cities, all taking part in this one, at the end of july, the 28th and the 29th, you can turn in up to three firearms up to $200 each. >> this gun buy back program the attorney general's program, that they thought of, that they sponsored, that they funded, will measure bridge make camden, newark, trenton safer. there is no doubt that the fewer guns on the street, means, that people are safer.
5:37 am
>> and they're too long give you up to 600 bucks worth, the largest scale buy back program the state has ever done. >> delaware county youth football league has been hit very hard by vandals and thieves, broke into the clubhouse and concession stand owned by the chester township youth football league. along with broken windows and doors, thousands of dollars in football helmets, pads, and field equipment were taken. now there is happened last week just a month before the start of the cougar season. >> i hope it was worth it. >> what the joy you got out of it, i don't understand, but we'll bounce back. >> they will and hopefully you can help out, the league land amped go fun me site. we put the linc on our website >> senate republicans, to replace obamacare. >> doug, with the latest on this, so, doug, what happens
5:38 am
now? >> now they spent some more time, they regroup, they try to get a plan done, it is not clear what's really going to change though in the days and weeks ahead, republicans wanted to move pretty quickly to move the legislation through the senate but weren't able to come up with the plan that 50 republicans would support. that's the bare minimum, to get this through the senate. so yesterday the president hosed all republican senators to the white house to brain storming but don't know what the strategy will be, not giving up. but they just haven't hit that right combination of things yet. >> do you think it is possible republicans could very well strike a deal with democrats, possible at all? >> seem row un likely, from the go get go, no hope on the republican side getting any democrat on boards of supporting anything the republicans put forward, because they have the numbers in their toy do themselves
5:39 am
assuming all on the same page, that's been the hard port here. at some point, they're going to be faced with a difficult decision. because if republicans can't get a version of their own plan threw congress, they have to do pretty big fix on obamacare because there really are some real issues, significant issues, with obamacare that need to be addressed if republicans couldn't get a plan through, then meisha plan b to work together to shore up obamacare. at some point something is going to need to be fixed. >> the truth, doug, thank you. we appreciate it. >> 5:39. the great escape. new reality entertainment coming to one of philly's museums. >> first, here is sean bell with sports. >> sixers trying to revisit the well. happy to go, now going after in free agency. that's coming up next in sport.
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>> welcome back, we want to show you the gorgeous sunrise it, comes over the platt bridge, absolutely stunning we begin this new day. did you see what happened in sports overnight? here's sean bell. >> good morning being i'm sean bell, the sixers are trying to get that old thing back.
5:43 am
>> the six letters go after andre egg dall an in agency. still balling for the warriors, so i doubt he'll leave. but the sixers do have bunch of money to throw at them, trying to get paid, the sixers are definately an option, to the cubs and nationals, fourth inning, nationals, michael taylor right here, stealing third, the cubs, with a wild throw. than allows taylor to common home. the nationals, going to win this thing, six to one. to the college world series, florida, bottom of the eighth, up, the bases loaded, clip it, coming through in the clutch. hits blooper to centerfield. two runs come home on this one, florida wins six to one, their first ever college world series victory. sports in a minute. i'm sean bell. >> 5:43, good morning, to cape may. cheryle said my favorite traffic jams, cheryle crow,
5:44 am
soaking up the sun, exactly what she is looking to do this morning down the shore on a wednesday. how hot will it get at the shore? sue has your forecast right after the break.
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5:46 am
>> 5:46, first with amtrak, service suspended between washington and philadelphia, the words from amtrak, a police investigation near dc
5:47 am
is preventing the trains from getting out of the station to begin the morning. it sound like someone hit by a train down on the tracks in that dc area. bottom line for us right here in philly, no service at the moment between philly and washington on the amtrak northeast corridor. amtrak says they'll update us again at 7:00 a.m. that's obviously going to have domino effect for trains going to new york. if we can't get trains into philly, they're not going to be able to get up to new york, so trains that are within this stretch of the track, obviously, will work, but delays and concellations on amtrak, first one to the rental car platform gets the forecaster available. we'll see that happening at 30th street station today. and of course, down in d.c. now, unrelated situations, delays on both the paoli and the wilmington line, and then on 95, in delaware, northbound, overturned tractor-trailer. this happened at about 2:00 this morning. sound like the driver may have fallen asleep.
5:48 am
because the truck is the only one involved. but, north on 95, it is right at a rough spot. it is at exit five, which is right where 495 and 295 all come together, and of course, 295 is your access to the delaware memorial bridge. so if you are coming northbound this morning, from the south, heading up in toward wilmington, that tractor-trailer accident is right before your option of 495 or the delaware memorial. your best alternate would be route 13 into wilmington this morning. otherwise here we go. here comes the sun. getting ready to peak up and over the tree line on the schuylkill expressway coming around your curve and coming in from new jersey, the freeway, starting to see delays into the walt whitman bridge. how hot is it going to get? sue has the forecast in 15 seconds.
5:49 am
did somebody say fourth of july? women, we will talk about that in a moment. but first we've got to look at the gorgeous gorgeous sunrise over wildwood, new jersey. safe to say it is going to be pretty populated there this weekend. and there is going to be a lot of fun, a lot of fireworks, but before you get to the fireworks, you got to get through the day, we've got all of the fancy graphics. so we've got to show you the forecast for fourth of july. 90 degrees, sunshine, hot, humid. is that a surprise? of course not. this is high pressure. it is on shore today. which is why it will not be too humid. but once this high moves off shore, kind of parks there, around the island of bermuda, well, that's why we call it a bermuda high. once that happens, we let in the hot and humid air. then it kind of stings around, though weather patterns tends to stay for awhile. looks like we could end up with another heatwave by the time we get into the weekend. future cast, looks great for today. no rain for tomorrow. for friday maybe some late day
5:50 am
pop up showers and thunderstorms, we will see what happens with that. but that's pretty much a given any time it get hot and humid. but it is not that way yet. 63 degrees in philadelphia. 47 degrees in mount pocono. 57 degrees in lancaster. 66 degrees in wildwood. 58 degrees in atlantic city. the average high for this time of year is 86 degrees. we have spent the last two days below average, with 82 on monday, zero eight yesterday, and 80 today. so that's pretty much the last day of the weather pattern. now we get into the upper 80s tomorrow but it will be quite breezy, wind gusting up to 25 miles an hour, so may not feel too bad tomorrow. really gets soupy on friday with 92 degrees, lots of humidity, then saturday, and sunday, and monday, and fourth of july, looks like, we could be in the 90s, that entire stretch of time. thomas, karen? >> thank you, sue, sue, bob had you laughing so loud. what were you laughing about? >> oh, we had lots of stuff. we were teasing sony who is in
5:51 am
the boothh, yes, having fun with her. >> thank you for that. sony, we will get you later. we want to tell but a passing we love to hate. actor michael best plane for great villains in film, has died, swedish actor, passed away after year long battle with lung cancer. throughout his career you may have seen him in films with john wick and the girl with the dragon tatoo. he was 56 years old. tennis star serena williams going viral again. this time, it is for her vanity fair cover photo showing off her baby bump. now, she is due to give birth to first child in september. look at this, just came out. so gorgeous. it is the august cover of vanity fair, stunning pregnancy pictures right there. it looks a lot like the cover that actress demi moore did back in august of 91. also the same photographer, and i, tennis superstar, announced she was pregnant with the reddick co-founder alexis in april. so, the baby, they're going to get married after the baby is
5:52 am
born in the fall. >> all right, trending right now. you woke. it is official, now, official worked. the oxford english dictionary said it is adding the ac jest tiff. oxford english dirk sean area defines it as originally well inch finder, to up date, now chiefly alert to racial or social discrimination and injustice, frequently in stay woke. been associated with socio political movement like black lives matter, one of the 600 additional words that are being added to the dictionary. all right, so we know our athletes do a lot of things to stay in shape in the off season. but check out some of the pittsburgh steelersment james harrison taking work out to whole another level. this is him, some of his teammates, playing beach volleyball with a medicine ball. to stay in shape during the off season. making it look kind of easy. let's show you a family that was fishing off the coast of the jersey shore. they've got quite a fishtail. that's a hammer head shark.
5:53 am
they reeled it in, this is right off the cape may point, at sunset beach over the weekend. colleen marie put this on instagram. she said she had been swimming in the exact same spot just ten minute before her husband caught that thing. they released the shark with a into the ocean. you can also maybe seen the family dog there, as well. oh, they're bringing it back in. neat. we will be right back. why are you deleting these photos?
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>> welcome back, 5:56, this wonderful wednesday, watching this gorgeous sunrise, all over spirit in the sky. now, you know that we have basically the best science museum in the entire country, our franklin institute. now they have another first. they're adding escape rooms. not one but two of them. they'll have the island escape, and also, intergalactic escape. theme escape game experiences, grab a group of friends go, there, have a lot of fun, have a mission to figure out if you escape. two rooms are the institute's first go at reality entertainment. they're taughting this most technically h escape room experience. >> very proud of these experiences, we have loved working with the franklin institute. i think that they're such forward-thinking organization. and, you know, i hope that you all get a chance to play the games. >> and the games are a part of a move to appeal to new
5:57 am
audiences, as women. well our philadelphia zoo getting closer to naming the newest baby. now we did show you off there is little baby gorilla. now partnering with the gorilla sanctuary that works with children in congo to choose the name, so narrowed it down to three choices, one means thank you very much, another one, which means love, and another word which means miracle. zoo officials are planning to tell us a lot more on this one, later this morning. >> all right, 5:57. we've had a lot of breaking news, unfortunately, a bloody ends to a summer barbeque, a gunman opens up, on a group of teenagers hitting a girl five times. we'll have more on that one coming up. also, cyber security, "good day" continues in two minute.
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> summer night outside ends in violence, a shooter fires into a group of teens, after a barbeque, hitting one girl five times. why police believe this group was targeted by the shooter. >> we need to get them off the street. because they're going to kill somebody. >> two young women with their kim screes, victims include a 86 year old woman. the police video police want you to see to help track them down. >> years apart, were erase in the one senseless crime. thieves steel equipment and trophies from youth boot ball league just before the


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