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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  June 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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street. because they're going to kill somebody. >> two young women, accused of holding multiple people at gunpoint, in delaware county, one of their victims, a 86 year old woman. how police hope this photo can help bring these suspect to justice. >> the opioid epidemic can hit close to home for anyone, including one of philly's most famous restaurant yours. tony like, jr., opening up about losing his son to an overdose. the movement he's starting to help end the stigma of heroin addiction. >> healthcare reform on hold. republicans will miss their own deadline to replace obamacare after delaying a vote in the senate. the president now ramp up his efforts to gain support but is it too little too late? >> good day, it is went, june 28, 2017. >> oh, june almost over. >> july, july 4th, right around the corner, the holiday. >> coming up. nice and hot.
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then -- >> happy holidays. >> but things will certainly be heating up. >> it is true. all the more reason to enjoy today. we will have your forecast in a moment. but, bob kelly has a lot of breaking news. >> yes, not enjoying the trip this morning on 95. here is a live look from skyfox over this nasty what was an overturned tractor-trailer. happened shortly after midnight in the northbound lanes of i-95 in new castle, delaware. right before the 495-295 split. now, they just uprighted the tractor-trailer, you can see, all of the cargo spilling out, on to the roadway, typically this roadway has five lanes, to give you an idea, five lanes for a reason. that's how much volume, as we zoom on in, what do we have here? what do you think? couliflower? >> i think it is cauliflower. >> cantalopes? >> oh, hold on. >> looks like cauliflower, yes, those are bill call you flare. >> alex has good question. could they reuse that
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cauliflower? >> would you buy that? >> how about the ones on top. we have a sale for you. >> rinse it off, you're good to go. >> sure. >> for the fourth every july barbeque. >> i'm take it for a discount. >> don't go to thomas' house. if he's serving cauliflower. >> might have some rocks in it, that's okay. >> look at this, got to be rough go. but bottom line for the track, north on 95, going to the maps, we're jammed solid, headed all the way up past christianna mall in toward the accident scene, which is right here, at the 295-495 split. already miles of just stuck traffic, route 13, option another update, service suspended between washington and philly, our sister station down in with a washington just mentioned that the two pedestrians, that were killed on the tracks, were actually csx employees, so that's something they're going to have to look into, and that's
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probably why the investigation is taken longer than it tip ily would, no train service for amtrak, between washington, and philadelphia, and there has been run on rental cars, at all of the train stations on the northeast corridor here. also, going to impact service between philly and new york throughout the day as well. sue, back over to you. >> all right, may be craze any traffic but we have an excellent weather day ahead, once again, a ten, we should probably give this one a 11, that we have ahead of us. cool start, temperatures in the 50's, 60s, buddy already has his sunglasses on, and his sunscreen. he still is camping this week. now that school is out. i'll have lot of adventures all summer. bit of breeze, beautiful, 63 degrees at the moment, so other temperatures, in the 50's to the north of us, allentown, pottstown, reading, lancaster, millville is in the 50's as well. as we head to the jersey shore and we hope you can. 68 degrees, to start the day in wildwood.
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sixty-one in ocean city. plenty of sunshine, beautiful day high of around 80 degrees, heat, humidity coming back. we'll have details in the seven day forecast, guys, back to you. >> 7:04, 16 year old girl in stable condition after being shot five times while south side after home in south fill. >> i trying to find the person responsible. lauren johnson at southwest detective, any leads, lauren? >> well, thomas, they do have some witnesses who were there. another question they're trying to answer: was she the intended target this so, they're talking to the people who were on scene there. here's what they do know at this hour, how much. there is a barbeque earlier in the day, at the home on spring fields street. several hours later, there was a small group of teenagers, mainly female, standing on the front steps just after midnight. someone sprayed bullet directly at the teenagers, at least five of them, hitting 16 year old in her right arm. two others fly through first floor window into the living room. where four other people were sitting. the teen ran inside the home, leaving behind bloody trail.
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>> we don't know if the shooter got out of the car and fired shot. we found million recall spent shell casings from large caliber handgun, in the 5900 block of springfield avenue in front of the house where this victim was when she was shot. so the balistic evidence is also in front of the property where the victim was. so it appears that the shooter was firing intentionally at this crowd of young teenagers, ages 15 and 16 mainly females. >> victims remember seeing toward six stress, cameras point in the that direction will be helpful for police to identify mayor the car or shooter or driver. if someone got out of that car to unload that gun into that crowd. thank goodness, the 16 year old is expected to be okay, taken to presbyterian hospital where she recovering this
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morning good news is that she will be okay. >> also, following developing news out of olney police investigating deadly pedestrian accident. man hit by mini-van on roosevelt boulevard and we emmy. he was then run over by suv traveling in the same directions. match hilt with such force his sneakers knocked off. both drivers remained at the scene, they do not appear to be at fault. >> human remains in the medical examine office, working to determine who the person is and how they died. police say they first got the call yesterday about possible human remains at the corner of 17th and atlantic streets private contractor told them they found a jaw bone with teeth and mixed when debris and dirt. based on clothing it might and woman. they believe the body was intact until crews started digging up the ground.
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>> they've already robbed four people at gunpoint and police want to stop the duo before there could be more victim here. >> steve keeley live at police headquarters with the details. >> here we are days away from celebrating the greatness of this country, country that people from around the world want to come to some do here become cab drivers, sadly two immigrant cab drivers here in upper darby working hard in the middle of the night get guns pointed at their heads and robbed monday last week, then, three days later, two out every town out of country people coming here from equidore to visit family fine out when they get gunpoint dollars at their faces then they get beaten with the gun one every them 86 years old, woman, can't understand english, had a no idea what these teen girls want with this gun finally get her purse
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snatched from her and her daughter also get her purpose snatched away here is superintendent mike chitwood with the latest thon. >> normally don't see these type of activities. >> one shoves the younger woman, shoves her in the chest, takes her hands bag 200 and cell phone. eighty-six year old woman has hands bag, try and grab. that will she won't give it up. they hit her with the gun. she is are violent preditorsment and they go in the scumbag cat gore when they attack a 86 year old woman. one, doesn't speak english, two, visiting from ecuador, i dub this welcome to america, this robbery. >> well, we'll have a lot nicer welcome america celebration next week, hopefully learn something about america, the police here do great jobs trying to solve these crimes, in this picture
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here, may help you help police of this crime. hyundai sonata, the get-away car, and you see it on the street where two women were robbed. put two and two together knowing two teen girls would be with somebody who has this car, they think maybe a guy could be the third accomplice in the get away. the worse part of the store whitt 86 year oats gets the purse snapped, all of the money in the purse, identification, daughter's phone, and her dentures are in there. she lost her teeth in all of this, as well. makes this extra sad crime, guys. >> 7:09. for the second time this year, cyber attack, grounded airlines and halted shipping around the world. >> very major here, tools used to carry out yesterday's hack were developed by the us and it is being leaked to the public by a group calling themselves the shadow brokers.
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it freezes computers, demands ransom payment to open them. ukraine and russia have been hit the hardest. >> that attack hitting close to home as women. merck tweeted it computer network was compromised people couldn't even get into the building so sent home. officials still investigating the attack. two hospitals in western pennsylvania were also hit, heritage valley health system says it is working to protect. >> they want people to pay upment asking $300 in bit coin for every case, security analysts say don't do it. >> how do we protect ourselves, karen? >> same things you may have heard before. really important. because these will keep happening and they keep coming after you. they know you want your data. they just want your money, they know you want your date a so here's what they say. download the patches. make sure you're staying to up date. one of the best things you can do to protect yourself, because microsoft realizes it is a problem and fix them. importantment it is usually these old system that they are
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getting into because the patches haven't been downloaded back up your computer, you should always do that, just in case you're tack. >> please put it on external hard drive or on a cloud. do the scans at least once a week, download protection programs to fight the attacks, notify you when there is threat to your computer. i always find the hardest one, don't click on anything suspicious, a lot of these come from fishing emails or picture or celebrity things, you click on it, all the sudden you think you're looking at a super model and put the latest virus on your computer. big problem. make sure to try to do that when if it has https at the top for security, listen to this. we are all targets, that's the reality of the world, 2017 should treat everything we do on computers as activity in
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public. >> well, probably pretty good advice, all out there for the world to see. these things will keep coming. do what you can to protect yourself. the best advice out there, guys. >> also for the individuals, back it up, every week. just in case you lose that sense of information. >> sometime you see it on the phone, that pesky, you have to dot update, security update, we don't do it for several weeks. you lose that information, it is gone. >> republicans will miss a deadline. >> so we know president trump now ramming up his effort to make a deal, but the path forward, it is uncertain at best. >> doug luzader joining us, what's the plan now? >> back to the drawing board, talk was initially to have some kind of republican plan to come out of the senate by the fourth of july holiday. not going to happen, republicans will have to regroup now, and try to come
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back at later date with another plan. >> there was an air of resignation. >> this will be great if we get it done, and if we don't get it done it is just going to be something that we're in the going to like, and that's okay, and i understand that very well. >> gop not gig up on healthcare reform, at least partial repeal and re placement of obamacare, but getting enough senators on board has back send at this mitch mcconnell, said deadline will come and go without a deal. >> i think you got good chan of getting there, will take us little longer. >> a victory lap of sort. they had latched onto congressional budget offers claims that more than 20 million americans would no longer carry health insurance un the senate republican plan. >> the republicans cannot excise the rot encore at the center of their healthcare
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bill. >> republicans have been talking about repealing obamacare for seven years. now control the levers of government to make it happen. but even conservatives admit clawing back in entitlement, especially massive expansion of medicaid under obamacare can be almost impossible. >> the reason that the left usually wins, hands out good east since the new deal, ex freedly hard to bring them back. that's the core issue here. >> will try to regroup now, the fundamental issue remains the same. coming up with plan that both moderate republicans and conservative republicans can agree on. thanks, doug. >> aside from healthcare, president trump setting his sites on 2020 hold willing -- holding first fundraiser for his re-election campaign, tonight, right down the street from the white house.
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and tickets, not cheap. $35,000, they start at 35,000, president trump's re-election efforts have already raised more than $7 million from donations in sales of make america great again merchandise. >> 7:15, cool morning, walk outside, oh,. >> felt good. >> did little good. >> won't last too long. >> in spring it felt like summer, now it is summer and it foles like spring. here is the waiting for you wildwood, just a path right down the beach just like this guy, morning walk, right by the water, waves lapping at your feet. we're not there. so let's just get ready for the day. we can certainly make the best of it, and it is a really good idea to do that today. because even though it will be a wonderful wednesday, we have our next heatwave on the way, holiday heat, what holiday? fourth of july is tuesday. high pressure in control today. once it moves off shark,
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that's when we will see the southwesterly win and the heat, humidity move in, and it will change us to a more summer like weather pattern, we've heard of bermuda high. that's what's going to happen. we have no rain in the nor cast for today or tomorrow. now friday late in the day we can get few pop up showers or thunderstorms after we build up a lot of heat and humidity. wait until you see friday's temperature. al in allentown, 50 mount pocono to start, and 66 degrees, where we just were in wildwood. yesterday wean got to high every zero eight, delightful, normal high 86. we've been above, go above, normal i should say, by tomorrow. so 80 today. eighty-eight tomorrow. now friday will be 92 degrees. and saturday, 93, and pop up showers anthony storms possible on sunday, as well. so could end up with at least five day heatwave. but in case you forgot the beginning of that, bob kelly, 101.1 more fm. can't get your forecast there,
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as well. >> got you covered in the car and on your tv n your car, not good spot to be. ninety-five, here is video from skyfox over the scene of the overturned tractor-trailer, happened just after midnight. northbound lanes of 95, was caring couliflower, looks like couliflower all over the roadway, try to upright the tractor-trailer, bottom line, five lansdowne to one, north 95 up in toward wilmington. going to the maps, getting ready to head out the front door, northbound lanes, bumper to bumper for miles trying to get into that split where 295 and 495 all come in together. it is just north of the christianna mall to a locator here. so we're bumper to bumper not going anywhere, five lansdowne to one, best option would be route 13 not good option but the best option out of two,
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three there update on amtrak situation, says, sad ending here. the two people that were struck and killed at around midnight, near union station appear to be csx workers working on the tracks, csx did release statement, concerning the two workers that lost their lives last night. so because of that, no service on amtrak between washington and philadelphia. service suspended since the morning rush hour. that will have domino effect on travel up and down the northeast corridor, some of the folks in that traffic jam i bet you folks that rent add car to try to come north. run on rental cars, washington, baltimore, even at philadelphia's 30th street station. again because the trains can't come from the south, it is eventually going to have a domino delay for travel up into new york. so rough go for rail commuters here with service suspended
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between philly and washington. i95, accident scene, southbound 95, right before the center city interchange, so obviously bumper to bumper cottman avenue on down. just been crazy morning, between accidents overturned vehicles, and the situation on amtrak, all happening in one day here. >> fighting phils taking on last night in seattle. aaron on the mound for the phillies, he was solid. going seven innings, giving up two runs, also had nine strikeouts. the phillies offense pulling away late in this one. maikel franco with homerun in the seventh to give the phillies three-two lead. aaron altherr capping off four run, ninth inning for the phils, two run homerun.
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love to say it, phillies won 2082. >> because we don't get to say it that often. phillies won, yes, yes. >> i don't know if you know, but i love me some cheetos. >> oh, the flaming hot ones, too? >> no, no the regular, i can't do that spice. >> that's a lot for you? >> i'm a terrible tax and, can't. >> then you get all orange, at the end? >> lick it right off. did you know, don't open the bag yet, because cheetos corks help you win $55,000 from cheetos. >> all do you have do fired a weirds shaped cheeto inside. >> i said we could have a competition, i have my bag, you have yours. we will open it, see, we want you guys to let us know who is the weirdest looking cheeto. >> 55,000 from fox? >> no, not from cheetos. we'll explain. >> open your bag, one, two,
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three. >> i still want to eat mine. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪
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>> they do kind of look alike. so lauren, explain what's going on here? why do they want to pay us $55,000? >> go through those cheetos, go through that bag, and you've got to find one, if you look at it, and you really think you can get creative, you might see a bird, or a dog fish, or a plane, or -- >> i think i got two. >> take a picture of it, take a picture. >> smith them to cheetos, their summer contest, you can win $55,000. and have your right here in times square, in a museum, your cheeto. so i'm looking at some sun missions thus far. >> so you post it? you post it and tag cheetos, and they choose, then you get -- >> okay, so this one cheeto looks like dinosaur.
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see some of these are really create of. you just got to think. they don't all look alike. >> what do you got, al next. >> even if you think they do. >> even if you think they do? thank you for explaining, lauren, thousand we will come back. >> anything clever? anything in in. >> thomas, what do you think snuff. >> i think it looks almost like a bear with its arm raised up, see it, the little ears there, the bear, and this one looks like a person with a back pack, hunched over. you don't think so. >> but $55,000 is a reason to buy a cheetos, examine them, lick your fingers when you're done. >> when is the last time you guys real had i cheetos? >> tell me you don't see that. >> little bit after stretch. >> how about mine, ready for this? okay. mine is a dinosaur, but this is a specific type of dinosaur. a break yo soar us. >> now we're talking. >> look at this, so if i hold it up maybe like this way, see, the bottom part? the one with the long neck. if you don't believe me, look at that.
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is, baby. do you see it though? let's ask our viewers. who do you think, my little breakiosoarus. >> i have two, i have the little bear. >> yes? >> with his hand raised looking for its honey, right here, you see that? that's the head. the ears. the arm. >> you guys are good. >> bod. >> i you guys are good at this. >> than is a person hunched over with a back pack. >> you are only saying that lauren because you can't actually see. >> the descriptions so detailed. >> a bear with -- a dinosaur with a long neck, okay. >> just by our pleas, who is the winner? >> i've seen people take a picture, like this here, dog with the mouth open. then the cheeto looks like the dog with the mouth open. and it is side by side. the real dog and the cheeto. >> when is the dead shrine. >> do something like that. >> when is the deadline for in contest? >> it is in august. >> okay, weaver time. >> i don't know the exact
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date. >> we can buy more bags. >> i'll get six. >> thank you, lauren, we'll be $555,000 -- $5,000 richer. he said it is more like a scorpion. >> almost like a giraffe if you at the time it the other way ya. >> we'll let you guys decide who won this one. >> my cute little bear or her monsterous -- >> $55,000. >> dinosaur? we'll found out. >> 7:27. we will take a break, we'll be back.
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>> stop your partner from snore for good, the product it help you sleep more soundly and how you can get your hands on it. >> very important interview coming many many tony luke junior, we will talk about this new initiative really important will be start untiling our community. >> sounds great. breaking news we're following, bob, good morning. >> good morning, overturned tractor-trailer happened right after midnight. here is video from skyfox over the scene, northbound lanes every 95, approaching 495, in new castle, delaware. caring produce, all over the roadway here. bottom line, five lanes, down to one, as you come
7:31 am
northbound, let's go to the maps. anybody leaving delaware, we are jammo, all the way through christianna, all the way up to the 495 split. and your best bet would be route 13 coming up from the south trying to get in toward wilmington. the other update, amtrak service still suspended, between washington, and philly, because of an accident, fatal accident, this morning, actually, 2csx workers struck outside union station, preventing any trains out of its union station, and the dc rail yards, from the start of the morning rush hour, so, again, no service between philly, and washington. there is backups at all of the train stations, and of course, airports and rental cars, getting into motion here, no et a on when train service will be restored. >> sue, sorry. >> that's okay, yes, we've got
7:32 am
cool start to the day today, bus stop buddy, you know what, we're ready for all of it, and anything you do outside, last day of low humidity, nice breeze out of the northwest, 63 degrees, temperatures to the north are in the 50's, reading, pottstown, allentown, lancaster, still in comfortable 50's, this morning, almost on the cool side, really, with all of the sunshine, call it sweater weather i guess. end up with high of 08 degrees, another beauty today, heat and humidity return, starting tomorrow. we will talk about that coming up. alex and thomas? >> well you hear the name tony luke, you think about cheese steaks, you think about hoagies, and sandwiches, and they really make your mouth water. >> what you might not realize is the famous philly family like so many others struggling to come to grips with the loss after loved one to opioid overdose.
7:33 am
>> he talked about his late son, in july issue of the magazine. known him for about fine years, such amazing man. >> so tony luke junior here this morning because you're starting something, coming out of your lost, and what you have been dealing with that you want to tell people about. >> yes, when tony died, people come up to me and go hey i heard your son passed, i'm really sorry. excuse me. and they would say was he sick, i mean, was it cancer, was -- i go well he died of a heroin overdose. and then they kind of shyed away, almost like it is his fault. and i think that there is a stigma. we don't need another campaign, another foundation, another charity to talk about how bad the opioid addiction is here. we know this. what i'm trying to do with brown and white shall because that's the hashtag, brown and white, because heroin comes in two colors. it comes in brown and it comes in white. what brown and white
7:34 am
initiative is supposed to do is take the stigma away, it is not their fault. this is an illness. even when they want to cut back now, i heard on healthcare, people have this impression it is a choice, it is not a choice. people get addicted through perk sets, pain medication, from doctors, and then once they're hook, they're hooked. then it takes over. i seen my son go to rehab twice, went to his church, talked to his pastor, did everything he could to be to beat it, he had two little girls. and a fiancee that he loved, and a mother, and two brother. no one chooses to be an adict. no one wakes up and goes i want to be an adict, and ruin my life and hurt people that i love unintentionally, and then not be here any more. so with brown and white, i want to put a face to the
7:35 am
statistic, my son wasn't a number. >> i met ear son several times, we lived together in the same building, always smiling. why do you think we don't talk about it, why do you think we shy away from it? >> because we're under this stigma, under this stigma that it is your fault, that you caused this, that you have the ability, at any time, to stop, just stop. that's not how it works. that is not what it is. and the stigma grows because people hide it. brown and white initiative is the hashtag brown and white and hashtag i'm not a number. i got an e-mail from a woman named nicole who lost her sister tony, i have a friend name ann who lost her brother cane. these are real people that struggle, they're not some numbers, some addict that don't care. my son worked a job, he -- on the other outside you would think he had had great life there is kid had great life, he came from this, why would
7:36 am
he do something, no one chooses to do that. and what i'm asking people every where that hears this, go on instagram, go on twitter, wearing anything brown and white. i made bracelet out of a ribbon, not an org is into movement. you don't hashtag brown and white tony luke the third, it is not about my son. it is about your son. your daughter. your father, your brother. your sister, your cousins. do it. hashtag it. put a face. put a name. brown and white and the person that you lost, let the world know, and people know that these are people. they're not a number. they shouldn't be treat that way. this is an illness that needs to be treated as an illness like alcoholism, and everything else that they label a test ice, this is legitimate disease that needs to be fixed. >> so are you hoping then, because this has reached our community, so many people know someone who has been affected
7:37 am
by this illness there is disease. are you hoping to help start a conversation, that maybe people will reach out to other? >> i am not only a conversation, i want to walk down the street, i want to see pictures in people's windows of the one they love, not a shame, not ashamed, not hiding this, and talking about it in the basement because oh, this person was an addict, or, you know, put their picture out there. let the world know they're not a number, that they're beautiful, loving person, who was hit with that i will necessary never maybe we can change the way people think about this disease, and not make it someone's choice, but something that needs to be truely treated. >> not just for the family going through, what do you say to those who are battling addiction, who are going through it? >> i can only tell you what i saw with my son. every day he tried. i'm sorry. >> okay. >> he wanted to fix it. he tried to fix it.
7:38 am
every day woe say, dad, i'm trying. >> that shouldn't be ashamed to say to someone my son from this illness. it was not his choice. you get hooked. and you're done. i'm sore. >> i it is okay. it has been three month now. >> it has been. >> and it sound like with this you want people to talk about -- can you talk about it? who he was, what kind of person he was? how you want him remembered? >> look, he had problems. he wasn't perfect. but ' board his kids, adored them. he loved his family. he loved his brother. he loved his mom. he loved me. he loved his family.
7:39 am
you become someone different, i call it the monster. you can tell, i can see, i am hear it, he would -- we would go to parties. and he would be tired, he's always tired. and i would say to him how could you be tired? you just left 12 hours, why are you tire? >> and my son michael eloquently put it in his eulogy, he was tired of fighting. you jest get tired of fighting. you feel like you're letting everyone down. but you can't control it. you can't. and these people have a name. they have a voice. i ask people don't height it let people know these are people. they need help. they don't need to be judged. people judge themself every single day. they don't need to be judged by other people that don't knee them. they need to be loved. they need to be fixed.
7:40 am
they need to be taken care of. they need to be treated. so go out there. nothing to do with me. you don't have to hashtag my name. you don't have to mention my name. you have foundation, brown and white. a shirt, a scar, a ribbon, nick, so people will talk and when we talk, we realize this stigna these are people, maybe then, things that we kept in the becamement or in the closet, we don't talk about this, once we talk about it and we get this movement started and the brown and white, people understanded, able ' not astucities particular, i'm person. then maybe then we can really fix it and get to the people that are on this struggle. they don't want to be on it, they don't want to be on t they don't. they can't get off. don't hate them. love them. try to help them. i don't know. i don't know what tolls say. >> we appreciate it, and you
7:41 am
have said it all. >> don't apologize, tony, don't apologize at all. brown and white initiative. >> thank you. >> i do pedal for the cure, i have the brown and white, and i'm going to offer this on my website for people, and i'll have all of the information at no cost, we will continue this conversation, i promise you, my friend. you're a good man, i love you for it. we will take a break, be right back.
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good morning, welcome bark, updating break cents news here, in delaware, 7:44, northbound lanes of 95, still tied up, because of this overturned tractor-trailer. lost its load of produce shortly after midnight. now, the location is a tough one. it is 95 north, right before the split for 495 and 295. so instead of five lane, there is only one lane open. and the back up is huge. let's go to the maps. because it begins all the way down before the christianna mall. comes all the way north. again, the location is tough.
7:45 am
because it is right before the split for the delaware memorial bridge. and 495 into wilmington. your best bet, route 13, will get you to the delaware memorial. we will also get new wilmington, that's the way to go if you really must head out the front door, right now, the other update, on amtrak, service still suspended between washington and philadelphia. 2csx employees were struck and killed, by an amtrak train, near washington's union station around midnight. and since then, there has been no amtrak trains running, washington, into philadelphia. now, amtrak's latest release said they hope to have the investigation completed soon. but it is to has caused havoc for travelers, commuters up and down the northeast corridor, folks trying to grab rental cars, washington, baltimore, 30th street station, airlines seeing increased flow of folks just trying to get up and down that northeast corridor. so if you are traveling today, certainly, be aware, and a lot of folks trying to get from
7:46 am
washington, stuck in the 59 delay, there in wilmington. forecast for the rest of the day, sue has got it in 15 seconds. >> we told i you earlier, lan breeze, enjoy your day at the beach, beautiful one, because of wonderful wednesday, we encourage to you get outside. the heat and humidity are coming back, starting tomorrow, and we're looking at the next heatwave in the seven day forecast, holiday heat, as well, for fourth of july. that's pretty typical for around here. 63 degrees right now in philadelphia. fifty in mount pocono. 6 degrees in wildwood, in the 50's to the north of us, pleasant and cool morning,
7:47 am
80 degrees today, then zooming into the 90's by the weekend, possibility of a five day heatwave which would include the fourth of july. thomas, alex? >> thank you, sue. 7:47. move over clooney. there is new silver fox in town. >> who, me? >> i thought you were -- >> you don't have any gray hair. >> my gray beard. >> oh, new gray hair stud women are swooning over this morning, you may be surprise today hear who it is. >> we'll find out. first jenn fred at basketball camp this morning, hey, jen. >> hey guys there is one super unique, because they want girls to become coaches. this will benefit the she-can coach initiative. i'll tell you all about it when we come right back.
7:48 am
7:49 am
7:50 am
>> unique basketball camp. we highlighte highlighted this r military shows. so jen is there now. >> hi, guys, so at mount st. mary. good morning, guys. really cool. we met when doing a story at up tour sport, you guys work with getting people sometimes in the military to learn and be coaches and communities, right. >> absolutely. >> that's not why we're here today, though. here today for another initiative, she can coach. and you are don't donating the proceeds of this camp to she
7:51 am
can coach. >> yes. >> what's that and why is it important? >> sure. we need more girls playing sport. we need more females being the coaches. so she can coach hashtag is actually hashtag she can coach is the initiative to promote just more girls playing sports and to hire more females to be those coaches. >> girls are dropping out of the sports. >> yes, six times more likely girls are more likely to drop out of sport than boys. >> so it is cool you guys are all here. >> yes. >> still, you've played overseas, you coach now. why is it important for to you stay in the coaching game? >> i think just because as a former athlete i understand what sports has done for me as an individual as far as developing life skills, as far as developing team bonding and all of those types of things, even more important for me to just remain in the game. >> i love it. and you guys, i'm sure you've been to a lot of coaching things, basketball clinic, mostly guys that are the coaches, right? and you want cool female
7:52 am
coaches for sure. >> they'll teach you how to become coaches. do you think you'll coach in the future? >> definitely. >> i have little eight year old girl at home, i know she would love nothing more than to have a female coach to have really cool road mad he will, you appreciate that? >> cool. something cool about having female coach, female like players in general, when they see a coach, like, okay, she coach so i can play for her, i want to be a part that far movement. >> she can coach. she can coach. so my daughter eight. rec league, but all dads coaching. but my team, we had two mom coaches. it made the difference, right? we talk a little bit about you want specially the type of school where you guys preach it all the time. greats female involvement, the leadership that you have to have. and unfortunately not a lot of women leader, so the school doing just a great job
7:53 am
empowering females to be the leaders because we need more of them. >> i love it. and all of the proceeds go to she can coach loweringly, national organization? >> yes. >> i can't wait to see you guys as my daughter's coaches. high five. stay awesome. they look good. guys, it is really cool. so again the hashtag she can coach. >> yes. >> okay. >> got to keep that power going. all right, jen, thanks. >> most americans say they look forward to rest and relaxation on their vacation, but not really getting it, are we? why is it so hard to disconnect when we get away? are you on social media still when on vacation? we will discuss, with preston and steve next. >> hard to put that phone down isn't it? >> so hard.
7:54 am
7:55 am
introducing colgate total advanced health mouthwash. just shake to activate its unique formula that removes 24x more bacteria. for a healthier mouth and a clean you can feel! try colgate total advanced health mouthwash.
7:56 am
>> rest and relax aches is
7:57 am
important when going away, but only 22% of people actually disconnect on vacation, people don't even try to get away from social media. would you guys agree? are you on social media when go away. >> dude, you're able to do it. >> duddy unplug all the way. it is a welcome experience to me. i set the phone down, i don't look at it. i use the phone for taking pictures, things like, that but i don't post anything on soial media. i don't read social media. i definitely don't look at the news, ignorance is bliss whether on vacation, that he is me, i know some people can't get away from it. >> that's not me. i do go on line. i check e-mail, dow all of that stuff early in the morning to get it out of the way. i never post pictures while on vacation that he like saying hey, guess who is away. i don't like to do. that will but general thing it, drives me nuts if i have it, don't want to return to whole avalanch of stuffy didn't tend to while away. >> so is it for validation?
7:58 am
>> why does using your phone have to be part of relaxing, i mean, maybe that's, you know, we do social media for work, but a lot of people don't. so maybe they're just that's part of them relaxing? >> you bring your land line, you don't bring your cell phone. it is a happy medium. >> bring your brick phone. >> right. >> some people, even like, you know, tripping through news services or even picking up a newspaper or something like, that people can't get away from that i know some on vacation, still got to check the sport scores, all of that stuff, just this, i don't know, i need to completely get away from my normal -- >> important hub what we are talking about. >> i chose profession and career where i can't unplug. so i always have to be looking
7:59 am
at my e-mail, because i need to come back from vacation with all that stuff done. >> when i'm on vacation i absolutely positively have to do it. and it is not a complaint. just profession i chose. how could you possibly survive? >> if you recall last year on my vacation, final day of vacation, put together the dumpster pool, because of a story that we saw on fox 29, about the dumpster pool being shutdown. so we created our own stum did he pool party, all done while on vacation. that's because i have to do that. >> at that moment on the sunday night when you have to check and go back, oh, all of this stuff. >> i would rather come bang,
8:00 am
okay, just prepare, okay, on this day do you have work hard. but leading to up that, stop it. >> like pierre, the legendary pierre robert, he goes on vacation, he comes back actually has to relearn english, that's how much he disconnect. >> does it anger you guys at all when you're at work and you see vacation pictures, people posting day after dismay. >> no. but invent i have, not the classic shear my feet against the backdrop of the surf or the pool. do something invent i have. >> like what? >> you snow take in a cuban donkey show. something like that. >> well that would be something. >> yes. >> thank, guys. >> somebody if the background liked that. >> i did. but one, get one free. >> thomas, all the time. >> absolutely. vip card. >> have a good one, guys. >> see you later. >> good day to you, it is wednesday, june 28, 2017. just going to unplug right now. >> don't knock a good donkey show. >> from the fox 29 studio.
8:01 am
this is "good day philadelp hia". >> armed and unpredictable, two young women terrorize ago local community. who they are targeting and why police say it could get worse. >> count the kixx. one mom says a pregnancy app saved her baby's life. how monitoring her baby's movement, and letter dollars her to a serious problem. >> a solution for snoring, the hottest new gadget from the consumer electronic show are hitting store shelves. and this one, is a stand out. the device that stopped snoring before anyone wakes up. fire up the barbeque. throw your side dishes on it forget the boring potato salad, how you can use your grill to bring it to another whole level. >> when the holiday weekend comes around, start to get on
8:02 am
the grill. >> people are kind of on team back pack hunched over. >> he put it out there. >> i didn't find it by the way, it was a viewer. >> and she will post it and try to win the 55,000. >> know no, she thinks she should win. >> list kay? >> yes. >> are you sure a friend, sue? >> it was -- >> it wasn't you, sue? >> it was a viewer, it was a viewer. >> oh, we've got a lot to talk about with bill. >> i things heating up for sure, sue. >> me and my big mouth. >> good conversation. >> breaking news, are we following with you, first, bob? >> actually doing wetter. >> let's do weather, i'm always opposite. whatever i say, let's dot opposite. >> sometimes you want the bad news first, sometimes the good news n it case ten out of ten. and bus stop buddy has got his sunglasses, brand new bottle of sunscreen ready to be
8:03 am
razak ali artan row your boat little later on, in the 60s, 60s right now, little breeze, out of the northwest, 66 degrees. look to the north of us, we've reached the 60s in allentown, reading, lancaster, very pleasant temperatures there. 58 degrees, in downingtown, zero eight is our high today, another beautiful one, with low humidity, tonight, we switch to southwesterly wind, still pleasant night low of 64. hot and humid starting tomorrow. details coming upment bob kelly. >> oar tunnel tractor-trailer, i95, north into wilmington, shortly after midnight tractor trail he overturned, on the northbound lanes of 95 right at the 495-295 split. couldn't have been at worse spot, because it is now caused a jogger nut here for anybody trying to get up into wilmington and even up and over that 295 delaware
8:04 am
memorial bridge. we are bumper to bumper for miles, headed northbound, they just opened up two of the five lanes coming northbound. but again, typically have five lanes during morning rush hour, gives awe idea how much traffic volume is come that way. and also, how many folks are stuck. route 13, is the way to go. updating our other situation, is on amtrak. two people struck and killed by amtrak train this morning, after midnight down outside union station, amtrak service has been suspended between washington and philadelphia, all through the morning, that's created a lot of confusion, and folks trying to get either a cab or an airline ticket to get up and down the northeast corridor, domino effect for folks not only up into new york but also here, at philadelphia's 30th street station. so outside to steve keeley live outside 30th street. what are the passengers saying, what else do you know about this accident down there
8:05 am
in d.c.? just got here five minute ago, but i had my man chris taking couple of shot. first see looks like normal actually calm morning, no long lines, no problems, no har add par inning ers, nobody complaining. as you look at the board, that when you see the indications of the faith al dc accident. trains to and from washington that are either cancel or at least being marked late. it seems, they're waiting to the last moment to cancel these trains, in the the one coming up 8:15, cams he'd but the one at 8: three the one at 8: 36 both directions, they have one just mark as one hour late right now, hoping, i guess, that that train will get here f they resume service it, would be an hour, to get to philadelphia, same goes for the other one if they resume service 50 minute to get through here. so they are awaiting for amtrak to resume service. now they thought they would be able to resume it, amtrak
8:06 am
first public release, they'll try to resume it after 7:00. when this that didn't work, put out new release, now new estimate mid-morning. what's mid-morning in that could be any minute now. >> trains scheduled from washington or to washington from here, but inside, relative calm. even at the information desk line one or two people, and the people at the information desk were very patient with people and they said everything was calm here. that's good. here is the thing, alex and tonight. when i first heard about the fatal accident. what immediately hit me was just april 3rd, last year, 14 months after two other workers were killed on the tracks, by that amtrak train in chester, you will recall, a sunday morning, it was in the middle of the night. and two workers with a back hoe caused that train to derail, and they got killed. so, here we go again, why are workers on a track, and the amtrak people in charge of the tracks do not know that works
8:07 am
being done on a track, this they share with other freight lines or whatever. and in in case two amtrak workers killed by amtrak train, now we're told it is csx workers but neice guys all share the same lines, they're supposed to know when someone is working on the lines, here we go again within 14 month between chester and dc, we have another double fatal of guys bussing their butt on the track in the middle of the night when the trains are running the least, they still get killed, by a train coming by, so, it was the ntsb, that investigated that, and always takes month to get all of the answers and in that case it was a combination of factor, that led to the fatalities. we'll see what happens here. but sadly, it has happened again, just 14 months after it happened april 3rd, 2016. >> we will be learning more, i know they have extensive plan, amtrak does, in place, when it comes to workers on the track where they actually slow down the train and they call ahead, they actually have flag err which is supposed to get the workers off the track. what happened here, you know,
8:08 am
the ntsb is investigating to find out. steve, thanks. >> well, coming up on 8:08. all philadelphians, associate the name tony luke with cheese steaks. >> sure. but now, as we learn just a moment ago, the famous family certainly struggling to come to grips with the loss after loved one, to opioid over dose. >> so tony luke, jr., has been opening up about did the of his son tony the third. he recently lost his son about three month ago to a heroin overdose. he just announced new initiative to end the stigma of heroin addiction called the brown and white initiative. and tony is encouraging anyone who has lost a loved one to heroin, to crow ate and wear a brown and white item, any kind of item, it could be a shoelace, tie it together, hang it up in your window so people can see it or share it through social media using the hashtag brown and white. shear tony just moment ago on good day. >> what do you say to those battling addiction, going through it? >> i can only tell you what i saw with my son. every day he tried.
8:09 am
i'm sore. >> i no. that's okay. >> he wanted to fix t he tried to fix it. every day he would say, dad, i'm trying. maybe he had a moment of weakness, and he lost the fight. so he lost the fight. but it is a sickness, and i shouldn't be ashamed to say to someone my son died from this illness. it was not his choice. you get hooked. and you're done. >> so you see very emotional interview. tony says the brown and white initiative is not designed to be charity. not trying it raise money. he want to be a platform to launch conversations between survivors and the general public to kind of lift up. >> to talk about it, and he's so right. i had mentioned i saw him and his son, we lived in the same building, almost every other
8:10 am
day, we to would stop, chat, both smiling, and he's right. you look at them and like you have the perfect life, you know, with his businesses, and his son, his ventures, you never really realize what he was going through, and the pain and the struggle, and that we need to talk about it and say we have problems. >> bring it out of the shadows. >> we need to bring our family members and friends together and talk about it more. our hearts just break. and i know will make a difference. so many viewers are reaping out and they feel it. they feel the pain. >> specially with the crisis that we have right now in our area. so many people, so many families affected by this, so it is important that you put it out, there let's talk about it, so it brown and white initiative, if it has touched you, please post picture, put it out there. use the hashtag brown and white. tony we are certainly thinking of him and his family. >> 8:10. sixteen year old girl in stable condition after being shot five times white outside after home in southwest philadelphia. police say she was standing in front after friends' home with about five other teens when
8:11 am
someone just sprayed bullet into the small crowd. right now police are trying to determine if the girl was the intended target. or if the shots were aimed at someone else. >> also, this morning, police are searching for two young women wanted in a string of arm robberies. this is in upper darby. it happened since last monday. the duo held up two taxi drivers, and two senior citizens, stealing, more than a thousand dollars. in fact, they got away in a black hyundai so that the, a which is seen on surveillance video. i don't know if we have that surveillance video, we'll have it on officers believe the female thieves could be as young as 18 or 19. >> still ahead this morning. snoring solutions. dealing next to someone, you hear that all night. >> that was pretty good. >> it is probably because i snore and i don't realize it. >> hot new gadget out there from the consumer electronics show hitting store shelves. and this one is the stand out. it is a device that stops snoring before anybody wakes up. >> do i need this?
8:12 am
>> maybe. wouldn't hurt. >>jason: my dad taught me to play the piano
8:13 am
when i was three. ever since, it's been my passion. going somewhere like the juilliard school seemed impossible. now, i am able to dream bigger. >>joe: hi. this is pennsylvania state treasurer joe torsella. our state treasury is proud to offer the pa able program, a savings plan for people with disabilities, including jason. open a pa able account today by visiting our website at >>jason: start saving to dream bigger today.
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> i seems to enjoy it, this is tv show, not grays anatomy, snoring can be so annoying, you know, try to wake them up, because you're awake. >> is it creepy? wake up someone just lick -- >> little bit. but a tv show, so anything. what's his name, motorcycle dreamy? >> two, three month, then -- >> over it. >> so there is a snoring solution out there. and consumer electronics show in last vague he, we're ready for this one. >> the snoring solution a lot cheaper than having to buy a comfortable couch for your sleeping partner to move onto because you're so annoyed by them keeping you up. this is smart nor a first showed it back to you in the consumer electronics show, reduce your snoring in seven to 14 nights, guaranteed.
8:16 am
here how it does it, video we've got through, nora listens for early sounds of snoring before they become loud enough to wake your sleep partner. once detected starts jet l moment n insert that you put un your pillow, that stimulate muscles, allows for natural breathing, and that way you stop snoring before it actually start, reports great improvement in the quality and continuity of their sleep of course not waking up their sleet partners. >> this is a dean company, product called ross mow mobile. this is technically a steady cam, for your iphone. so these phones, they shoot 4k video, but really aren't unlocking their true potential. take a look at this video, gets rid of the shake, but does so many more, allows to you automatically follow the subject, create motion time lance, edit through the app, share to social media. also use cool features for photos like long exposure. moving over to hear, all great
8:17 am
achievement, start with sun simple concept, that's a measure. this is the zero one, from instruments, doesn't just measure, but it is a dimension tool. we have video to show you what i am talking about, roll the device along any surface to get accurate measure, use inch chest, millimeters, you can switch between units, so account person who receives your date a read scale drawings, roll it over surfaces to get the length of material. anything where traditional measure doesn't quite cut it as if that's not enough, the tip here you can choose from pen, pencil, or a stylist. speaking of style, how about a high style tv for your home? this is the frame tv from samsung. now, we have it on a stand, but the real magic happens when it is hanging on the wall with the included no gap mount. hangs completely king of prussia to the wall, adjusts 10 degrees for your viewing angle. instead of turning off the frame tv displays art. >> love this. >> it has censors on it, the idea when nobody is in the room it will turn of it to self off to save power. if you look here it really
8:18 am
looks completely three dimensional, the matt on here, you can either matt your picture in front or behind the matt. but the viewing is full edge to edge on this television. snow is 4ku hd tv. comes with hundred hundred professional photos pro loaded, access to art gallery. the frame around the edge, totally changeable so comes in this charcoal color. downing blondes wood, do white, you could do walnut. content fed via fiberoptic. so nothing other than one small very nearly invisible cord feeds the content from the smart hub to the tv. finally speaking of home theater, good for home music, from liver tone, new zip speaker, zip, because you can zip on and off different covers to make sure that this matches the decor of your home. this is their brand new offering. so they've got zip mini, full size here, they start at about 199. place them all over, inside and outside of your home, pair up to six of them.
8:19 am
the neat thing, don't ad feature phone to use content here or to listen to content. you can stream directly from spotify. the tv by the way i know you will ask, 1900 bucks. for actually 1999 for the 55-inch. model. $2,800 for the 65-inch model. links right now on my facebook fan page, facebook. com/save me steve. >> for the shocker device how much is that one? >> snoring device is 299. with a money back guarantee if you are not sleeping bet nerve seven to 14 nights. >> have you tried it? do you know if it works? >> i don't snore. i don't snore. >> look at you. >> that you know of, steve, that you know of, until your partner wakes you up, and you need the -- >> my husband might think i snore, but apparently i don't think i do. >> so we have to ask him. thank you, steve. >> i don't know. wakes you up, though, doesn't it? >> no being sounds like it doesn't, just lowers you. >> that might wake you up though. why do i need to be up?
8:20 am
>> because you're the one snoring. >> just saying, to me it is priceless, maybe worth a try. if you guys get it let me know. bob? >> i know she will gladly drop 299, sue is mouth to go me, do you snore too? >> i wake myself up sometimes. >> so we'll take two, steve, if you're still listening to us, ship them to us. >> maybe we can get a discount? >> put them on sue's account. >> overturned tractor-trailer causing havoc, jammo, look at this, 4 miles an hour, from the middle of wilmington, i should say, middle of wilmington, delaware in toward wilmington. your best bet if you are leaving the house right now head right for route 13. not
8:21 am
8:22 am
z. >> police make an unusual traffic stop. why this alien may have helped the driver get out of the
8:23 am
ticket. >> what? oo, yeah. are you ready for a rush? yes, yes i am. you're in for a treat. fast play is the new way to play fast and win instantly from the pennsylvania lottery. pick a game, get your ticket and see if you've won. i won! pretty fast, huh? fast play. play fast. win instantly.
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>> a driver in georgia is pull over, not only for how he was driving but who he was driving with. look at that passenger. a police officer pulled the motorist over for speeding and here's what he saw, you can see for yourself, alien, sitting in the passenger seat. this smells like i'm trying to get into the hov lanes. lock at the aliens buckled, in at least safe. and. >> that's me before make up in the morning. >> oh, stop it, stop. so, the harm tag -- >> so you use that to ride in a hov lane. >> hashtag does this qualify for hov? he got off with it, so an officer said the things you see during every day patrol. >> i did similar thing, that's my passenger. >> oh, my gosh. show it. >> this is me trying to go into the hov lane. >> cuter passenger. hello kit. >> i works every time. >> and by the way, buckled up in a seatbelt. >> i'm assuming you didn't know this was taking. >> taking picks with hello
8:27 am
kitty? >> i live a very sad life. you know the question you asked before the break, are you boring? me and kitty all the way. >> i think it is cute. i used to love those characters. >> you know, kitty rides with you, kitty needs to be buckled up, we made it. >> i love your neice, she cracking me up. >> great girl. >> do you like the other charger? >> the other what? >> san rio, hello kitty part of san rio, no? >> i know very little about them, my family, you know? >> keep that all out. okay, one monday saying press nancy app saved her baby's life, how monitoring her baby movement alerted her to the serious problem. ♪ it's not carbonation. those bubbles are celebrating. ♪ right now, get $1 any size soft drink. only at mcdonald's. ♪
8:28 am
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8:30 am
frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ >> bus stop budd which his shades and sunscreen, most of the temperatures starting to rise into the 60s, now, very, very pleasant morning, looks like beautiful day, take your
8:31 am
canoe on the lake, little camping with bus stop buddy, nice breeze out of the north west, other temperatures to check, 61 reading and pottstown, 56 in atlantic city cooler, 62, so plenty of sunshine all day, low humidity, if you liked yesterday, you'll love today even more. don't get used to it, things are about to get hotter, more humid. enjoy the high of 08 degrees, bob kelly. >> ninety-five northbound still major jammo. coming up from delaware, all because after overturned tractor-trailer, right at the 495-295 split, which is exit five. women over two hours, 4 miles per hour, head for route 13 as the alternate. that's going to be with us for the rest of the morning into the early afternoon. other problem on amtrak
8:32 am
service suspended between washington and philadelphia from the early morning fatal accident, 2csx workers struck and killed by an amtrak train, just outside of union station at washington, amtrak says no et a on when service will be restored if you have to travel the northwest corridor, cab, bus, possibly rental car, some folks went to the airport, will have domino effect as well on rail travel into new york. karen, alec being back to you. >> 8:32 owe eye a mom, crediting new app for saving the life of her unborn daughter. emily 33 weeks pregnant noticed her unborn daughter's activity had slowed down, been using the count to kicks app to help monitor her baby movement. she and her husband immediately went to the hospital. >> doctors discovered that baby's umbilical cord had been wrapped around the child's neck three times, and tight, the staff meade today do an emergency c-section, and the
8:33 am
baby girl you can see she doing fine, mom's arms down there, ruby spent about ten days in the nicu, but home with the family and she's doing great. >> this really shows the importance of county the kixx. doctor now, doctor, from decks direct he will will talk about there is because you say, a lot of mother sometimes don't understand how important it is. >> fetal kick counts, past 28 week, equivalent to seven month, every visit the most important thing the last words they say to them walking out the door, pay attention to the baby movement f you're healthy, you're healthy the pregnancy healthy you don't necessarily have to do formal fetal kicks count every day, but should be feeling the baby move every day. moms generally if they pay attention know their baby activity level. sometimes move a lot in the morning, sometimes riding home in the car, at the end of the day, sometime when they lie down in bed f they notice a change, decrease, in that dip typical movement. baby they should start to pay attention and dot formal kick count. >> so tell us how would you do
8:34 am
that formal kick count. >> formally what you do eat something, drink something. orange juice raises your blood pressure being something to stimulate the babiment symptom moms realize their babies responds to food or some sort of drink. lie down on left side if you can in a quiet place. put your hand on your belly. no tv, no phone, no distractions, try not to fall a slope. should feel ten movement in two hours, ten movement in the fire five minutes, finished, everything good. if you don't get ten movement in two hours then you should call your obstetrician, come in for further evaluation. >> on the first day, if you try it and it doesn't happen one time. >> one time. >> wow. >> you should call and get it checked out. >> because the concern about having still birth. we have about what 26,000 babe that's are born still birth. that, the pain of that, i know many, many women have gone through that horrifying experience where you go almost term and lose the baby. we don't want that to happen. >> correct. so one in 160 per pregnancy, the reason to do fetal kick counts, early warning sign something might not be right
8:35 am
is a decrease in the baby movements. and if the baby is moving well, that's an indication that things are going pretty well there. even if you pay attention, certain million medical condition regardless everything by the books happens. those certain things, as a woman in the story, the court accident, those are random event that happen very quickly. so typically not a big warning sign ahead of time. so the fetal kick count a lot of times won't necessarily help in those situations. >> well thank you for your vice, and for sharing what we need to do. important reminder, you know, most of the time it is not a woman's fault, not like you did anything wrong. >> absolutely not, number one message. >> karen, didn't you count the kixx when were you pregnant. >> sure i did. i was trying to remember, you forget everything after you've had your baby, and discount, usually i was lucky enough it would come quickly. ten, 15 minute, that's it, done with it. >> thank you, we appreciate it. >> 8: 35. move over anderson cooper. new silver fox in town.
8:36 am
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>> tomorrow, still worried about cleat owes. >> i'm disappointed. i thought we would do official pole. this was my bear cheeto there is was my hiker cheeto, she wanted to know why i made them kiss. >> oh, you believe in love. >> she like the bear eating the hiker. grr. >> now i see the bear little bit. >> you see the bear? that's the hiker with the back pack on. >> i don't know about the back pack though. >> you've seen them up the art museum stems, put your hands up? >> a lot of locals do it, as well. apparently temple football team, doing it too. >> alex, apparently they had a work out earlier this morning
8:40 am
on campus. >> david, new strength and conditioning coach. let me see if i can catch up with him. >> david? >> what's up? >> good morning. >> how are you? is. >> you're live on good day right now. >> good morning. >> why not every player in philadelphia dreams about coming here working out like the idol rocky balboa. >> how is it going so far? >> sweating and working hard, so far so good. >> new to philadelphia, welcome to the city. what are you specking for the team this summer? i know you'll get them in shape. >> working as hard as humanly possible, like randall, cook wood, want to keep the tradition every winning going, bussing their humps right now as you can see to do so. >> how sad are you going to be wowed has add reddick but will watch him in arizona? >> he might be gone but not lost. he'll tell everyone he has next man up. >> i know you have to get down to the bottom. reveal quickly did you go get a cheese steak since you've been here?
8:41 am
>> seventeen. >> keeping count? >> yes. >> what was the first one, the last one. >> i won't tell. >> i like that. what are they chanting? >> last set best set. >> then you're back on the bus to go back to tell be? >> yes, ma'am. any time they're finish off the last whatever they are doing, the last moment they're on the clock working they've got to finish stronger than they started that's their motto. >> i love it. guys, you should see what's going on out here. these young men are super focused, i tried to chat with them over on the side, not talking, sweating, hot, focused ready to win. yes, we got had a chance to see them work out i'm a little windy because toyed run up here to catch the coach and it is hot out here. >> we'll have you run up and down and check in with you in the next hour. >> greg says he's not doing it with me. allstate bottom. >> is this the first time they've ever done this? >> coach said, you know, he's new to philadelphia, and of course iconic rocky steps, he said why not?
8:42 am
let's do it did work out on campus, i think they had like inflatable bok cents rings, in their boxing and working out doing things there, couldn't get a glimpse because they didn't let the cameras go, but came here for this work out. been here for about 20 minutes. >> get moving, lauren what do you say to me? boy bye. >> exactly. bye now. >> trying to convince her to run up and down the tens, you need the side dishes, usual barbeque only as good as your side dishes. forget, we have three different types of potato salad for you for the fourth every july you can try. you can put them on the grill. we'll tell you to use your grill to get to the next level. time to get to work. let's head out. ♪
8:43 am
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8:45 am
crest healthy beautiful smiles for life. >> frenchman or the pocono mountains looks fabulous this morning. so does everything. just one of those days, one of those fantastic weather days. now, by the time we get to fourth every july, and perhaps your neighborhood will have a parade, as well, we will be talking about a high temperature of yikes 91 degrees, sunshine, a lot of humidity, as women. that's a look ahead. now, today, high pressure
8:46 am
still on shore, we have decent weather day. low humidity, once it moves off shore, you know the drill, bermuda high weather pattern. lot of heat and humidity. 66 degrees in philadelphia, 53 in the mountains, 68 in wildwood. headed to 80, the heat is on, getting into weekend, temperatures in the 90s, heatwave, once go to get hot, once summertime we fire up the grill. what are we going to eat with our meat? side dishes, right, guys? >> side dishes are so important, look at thomas! >> goods morning, fox viewers, number one morning show. >> we can tell when you're here because of the smells. >> yes, yes, chef. >> so everybody knows potato salad. everyone has their on recipe for it, some can do it right. other little questionable. >> can do it three different
8:47 am
type every ways. so we start over here. >> david's potato salad, onions, mayonnaise, three different types of peppers, yell too four today, red, orange, yellow, green, mustard, relish, eggs, smoke paprica. this is the first potato salad that you'll try. >> you have to have egg. >> that's important for that home style potato salad. >> do you ever see potato salad at a family gathering that i won't start that? >> (laughing). >> thomas, you're allergic toeing. >> i have an intolerance, so if i eat it it won't be pretty but hopefully i'll be out of here. >> yum, yum. >> oh, that was good. >> nice kick. >> what's the next one? >> something i created, respit potato salad which has potatoes, right? the sauce, cucumber was abby
8:48 am
dressing, little fennel, carrot, some golden raisins as well as fresh spinach. actually more healthy. >> okay. >> but got a kick. try it next. >> you know i would ask where's the bacon? >> i got that for you. >> you got that for me. >> bacon makes everything better. >> seems like people, potato salad two different ways, chunky or real smooth and kind of buttery? >> absolutely. the more that you cook your potatoes and that you actually crush them, all of your ingredients have an opportunity to go all the way through the salad. potato salad, good potato salad has to be cook, has to be made while your potatoes are still hot. >> what kind of potatoes do you use? >> for that one, chef potatoes. >> that's not may snow. >> no, cucumber was and inch dressing. >> third one? >> smooth and savory potato salad with the red bliss potatoes, actually what's different about that, we have got little smoke good a cheese in it. >> oh, i love good a good an is good. >> there are apple, honey mustard dressing, smoke see
8:49 am
salt, right? red onions as well as paprica and bacon. your bacon for the morning time. >> so good. >> you can take it even before you put in your mouth. makes sense? >> makes sense. >> these are just to make your barbeque something different, killed weight potatoes, same way i would you do it at home t has butter, little bit of vanilla, cinnamon,. >> we grilled some orange, some a.m. apple. so when you take that, you have to get it with the a.m. >> i i don't know if you heard me say it earlier, but something about a charcoal versus gas grill that gives it extra grill. do you charcoal? >> right here. we drought it down for you all. >> few second left. let's go over some of the other once that we have.
8:50 am
>> we have barbeque vegetarian bake beans which has barbeque sauce, brown sugar, cinnamon sticks, got butter. this here -- >> cinnamon, different. >> cinnamon. amazing. try it. >> okay. >> we have oregano, asparagus, fresh corn, fresh spinach, we've got golden italian dressing anibal sal mick glaze. >> all looks so good. >> why do your sweet potatoes smell like you're eating meat? >> because we have that sense for the sweet potatoes. >> thank you so much. you can't forget, the main course. >> barbeque chicken, got some red wine to go with it, and something to finish everything off. >> what did you say being tank reason orange? >> herbal iced tea. >> oh,. >> we brought fourth of july cups to you all.
8:51 am
>> need little secret sauce, put it in here? >> eatable delight catering. com. call us for the fourth of july. >> you'll be working this holiday. can we ends on you lifting up the grill and all of the smoke coming up? ya, nothing on it, i just like to see the smoke, smoke, baby. guest who is, richard curtis joining us, stick around, i might taste some potato salad. we'll see.
8:52 am
true radiance comes from within. new radiant toothpaste by colgate optic white. whitens teeth both inside and out. for a radiant, whiter smile.
8:53 am
be radiant by colgate optic white.
8:54 am
>> overturned tractor-trailer approaching the 495, 295 split, anyone from the south, trying to go north, in toward wilmington, bumper to bumper,
8:55 am
you can use route two or use route 13, but don't go up the middle. there you go, 6 miles an hour headed into wilmington, still suspended on amtrak between washington and philadelphia. they have a eta sometime mid-morning, but expect residual delays through the rest of the day on the northeast corridor. >> oh, we've got -- oh, my gosh. so good. >> you got the chicken legs. >> uh-huh, little chicken, too? >> i have four and a half minute left. >> which is going to come in, he's getting food, and i'll head out and get more drub on. >> it will be gone if you don't hurry. oh, look, must be hungry in the control room there. bizarre beauty hacks, why she is against -- she swears by meant for different body part. mostly fine out which one, move over george clooney shall there is new silver fox in
8:56 am
town. actor getting all kind of attention for aging. >> silver is in. pea past. >> ♪ beyond is a natural pet food that goes beyond assuming ingredients are safe...
8:57 am
to knowing they are. going beyond expectations... because our pets deserve it. beyond. natural pet food.
8:58 am
because we've got fun for everyone in the family. adventure-seekers -- check.
8:59 am
magi-questers -- yep. never-grow-olders -- double check. the only thing we're missing is you. great wolf lodge. everybody in. >> ocean city, new jersey, getting ready for the fourth of july. looks like it will be a beautiful day. good day to you it is wednesday, june 28th, 2017. the 9:00 hour, hello. >> happy 9:00. >> he's ready for the fourth, isn't he? >> oh,. >> didn't want to save it for tuesday. >> maybe i have another blue one, american flags on there. >> i'm looking forward to seeing that. >> one of your suit maybe. >> i k avenue nice stars and stripes jacket.
9:00 am
>> hey, karen, how are you? >> loving the orange this morning, are you boring? well, turns out a lot of us wore that i we are. there are signs out there, that you are making your friends yawn apathy don't want to hear about your amazing vacation (? >> the bizarre beauty hack. you guys got to hear this one. why she is against lip balm and swears by a cream meant for different part of the body. >> oh, no. >> oh, ya also, the best of the best, i thousand someone on this. so exciting. philadelphia magazine, fish ooh out, best dub from shopping to butte toy nightlife. so there is the places that you will want to check out right now, and some fabulous photos. >> so we will hear the top picks for editor in chief, out there, see those. but did you hear, and have you seen, steve correll lately? >> it is hard not to. >> he is delicious looking now apparently. >> i haven't seen him, have


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