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tv   FOX 29 News at 6PM  FOX  June 29, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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with 29 counts and in federal corruption and bribery case. he plead guilty to one of those charges. the man who used to prosecute philadelphia criminals and center them to jail is in jail himself he face as long as five years in federal prison when the judge sentences him in october. let's get over to fox 29 29'ings jeff cole who was at the courthouse all day and joins us in studio. jeff. >> reporter: iain, in court this afternoon it was a moment of high drama. seth williams had admitted guilt now the question was would he go straight to jail. >> the judge said he must and the dee graced da was cuffed and marched out. his former wife broke down as prosecutors declared victory over corruption. >> it was hurst morning broke that embattled district attorn h williams humbled from his lawyer from two weeks of damaging testimony called it quits. >> mr. williams asked me to express to you and to the public his sincerest apologies, not only to his supporters and the
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voters of philadelphia but also to the hard-working men and women of the philadelphia district attorney's office. >> reporter: burke alerted the lead federal prosecutor at 1:30am to say williams, 50, would take the plea deal on the table for weeks, guilty to one count related to taking a bribe from this bucks county businessman in return for resignation as da and five years in prison. his spiritual adviser tried to explain his thinking. >> he's concerned for his fami family. he loves his family. his daughters and his ex-wife, you know, they're close, and, um, you know, he wants to get this over with and get this behind him. >> reporter: it was a 29 count indictment painting williams as the da with an appetite for expensive fun willing to do favors for wealth they men were return for political favors. the adopted son with a georgetown law degree who used his mother's nursing home money for personal expenses. the da with judge so poor he directed one of the city's top cops to help a businessman move
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through the airport who was being tailed by federal agents for possible money laundering. >> today's conviction is a great victory in the battle against corrupt conduct by public officials. >> reporter: williams was visited by one of his daughters before striking his plea. one of hess three daughters. he actually took the stand today for awhile and became emotional when talking about them. he's trying to stay out of jail before sentencing he lost. bottom line williams has resigned as da. faces five years in jail. three years supervised release and a quarter million dollars fine. i'm jeff cole, fox 29 news. iain. >> jeff, thank you. prosecutors in the philadelphia da' office want people to know their work will continue. talking at a news conference just after williams resigned as district attorney, they said crimes in philadelphia will still be prosecuted and criminals will still be brought to justice. >> the philadelphia district attorney's office embodies the
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phrase that the whole is greater than the it's parts. the assistant district attorneys and professional staff many of whom are here today are among the finest in the country for the last number of months this office has continued its mission seamlessly. under sometimes very difficult circumstances. and we will continue to do so while awaiting the election of a new district attorney. >> first assistant da kathleen martin says she got text from seth williams early this morning letting her know his intentions to plead guilty and resign. so how did we get here? let's take look back. in 2009, philadelphians elected seth williams as the city's first african-american district attorney. then last year, came real trouble. with news williams failed to report more than $160,000 in gifts he had received from organizations and individuals dating back to his very first
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month on the job. the city ethics board fined williams a record $62,000 and this was happening as it all was happening the fbi and irs probed williams campaign and personal finances and the charity he founded in 2011. then this february came. williams announced he will not seek a third term in office. little more than a month later, on march 21, came the federal indictment. ♪ it's a summer thursday and that means it's time for orr down the shore. live look at cape may. it's a windy day but the heat is returning just in time for our july 4th weekend. can you spot kathy there? >> not yet. >> all right. but she's there. there she is. >> what's up, kathy. >> hey. you couldn't find me? >> now we can. we needed that close up. [ laughter ] >> well, let me tell you, guys, this is unbelievable. the wind sustained at about 20 miles an hour. it almost feels like there's a storm out there but it's just a sea breeze. that's all it is. so we have very warm inland
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temperature in the pup per 80s very cool ocean at 62 the wind reverses and off sea breeze on shore flow is keeping it so chilly you can see the rough surf. moderate risk of rip currents right through the weekend. so please only swim where you see those lifeguards on duty. take a look at today's high temperatures. at home it's pretty warm. philadelphia the high 88. reading the same. 87 degrees in allentown. wilmington, trenton and the mid 80s. atlantic city 80 at the airport. right now, it's still well in the 80s with some humidity and down the shore it is much cool cooler. at the ac airport it's 79. but look at the shore temps the boardwalk in atlantic city is only 71. north wildwood 72 and here in cape may it is 72 degrees. winds out of the south sustain at 21 miles an hour in dover. you can see in wildwood sustained at 16. we're gusting to about 30. so down the shore cool tonight, sweatshirt weather but at home still pretty balmy. 83 at 7:00 p.m. 77 at 9:00 o'clock and still 75 degrees at 11:00 o'clock
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tonight and the philadelphia area and guess what? we have a potential heat wave by the time we make it through the holiday weekend. we'll talk more about that coming up with your seven day forecast. and boot camp on the beach. want to work off those after dinner drinks, lucy and iain? >> this is how you'll do it. >> that and the fudge. >> all right. thank you very much, kathy. [ laughter ] so philadelphia police have a man in custody who they his shot and killed a marine veteran last night. the shots erupted outside a bar at the corner of fifth and spencer just past midnight. how did the police catch the man they think pulled the trigger? it happened by chance. >> and with some help from a dad and his son. fox 29's dave schratwieser has got more tonight from police headquarters. dave? >> iain a tragedy bolstered you some what tonight by the bravery of a father and son who helped nab the suspected killer of a decorated marine corps veteran. >> a veteran of the military comes home to be with his fami
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family. he gets murdered. so sad. >> reporter: xavier vasquez was upset over the murder of 47-year-old marine veteran howard white thursday after he and his son helped subdue murder suspect randy johnson as police say he fled the shooting scene and broke into the vas questions sixth street home. >> hit me in the face a couple of times with the gun. so i started struggling with him. i grabbed the gun. i grabbed his wrist. and i -- i grab his hair and i just tried to hold him. >> i saw them struggling. i didn't know what was in his hasn't i saw my dad struggling the first thing i can do is get him off my dad. >> they took action moments after police say the suspect shot and killed white outside this bar at fifth and spencer. police say and surveillance video shows, white and others escorting johnson out of the bar for acting up. >> our vick sim in there with his cousin just having a drink, minding his own business not bothering anybody and say to a man why don't you calm down just relax. >> reporter: white a 16 year marine veteran was shot multiple
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times. the suspect took off and ducked down anallily off sixth street he broke not vazquez home. xavier, sr., confronted him. >> i was scared because i didn't know if the gun was loaded or not. >> reporter: 23-year-old xavier, jr., heard the commotion in the kitchen and came to his father's rescue. >> my son comes down. my son picks him up and body slams him and i was able to take the gun off heff um. >> they held the suspect down until police arrived and arrested him. >> it was great work by the father and son tandem. >> he's my hero. the best thing in my life right now. >> he's my hero.& you know, he knows he's my biggest role model. >> reporter: incredible bravery. vazquez was slightly injured and treated at the hospital. johnson is behind bars tonight expected to be charged with win hours in the murder of howard white. iain? >> all right, dave, thank you. who is the driver behind this damage at a lehigh county school? that's what police are trying to figure out tonight. students at parkland high school
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are now unable to practice sports because someone drove all over their field. it happened after a lot of rain as well made the damage even worse. >> fox 29's dawn timmeney has the story from parkland high school in allentown. >> the school district is not happy at all about what happened here and wants who he have did this prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. you can see some of the damage there on the hill behind me. deep ruts and this is just one of four field that is were torn apart. >> it's not the right thing to do. it's really disrespectful. >> jake is getting in a quick work out on the parkland high school turf field with some buddies. he can't believe someone would damage the school's four practice fields driving their pick up in circles leaving deep ruts behind. >> he played football before graduating this month. >> it's really horrible like we use toes fields to practice every day. and like, i don't know, we were always out there working hard. >> reporter: it happened friday night after a heavy rain. this is drone video of the extensive damage. the fields are now unusable. the fear someone could fall and
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seriously injure themselves. school safety director david keppel says the worst part -- >> i think it was pre med dated yeah. >> he says he is convinced it was all planned out. surveillance video captured this newer dark colored chevy for deer pick up driving suspiciou suspiciously in the school's parking lot two hours before the mud started flying on the field. >> just the way they were driving around going real slow. stopping at certain areas we have a feeling that they were casing it out. >> reporter: he says the same vehicle returned about 10:00 o'clock with its lights off. >> hurts the kids. we have a limited maintenance crew, and right now a lot of people are on vacation and we got to get it repaired so that we can get the fields ready for practice starting mid august. >> reporter: lot of work to be done in a short amount of time. school officials say whoever did this was familiar with the campus because of how they accessed the field. >> it leads to believe that was a student or at least someone that lives in the area, but i mean it could have been like someone from the opposing school that like came in and was like hey, we don't like parkland we'll tear up their practice
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fields. >> reporter: school district the mates it will cost at least $2,000 to repair all the dam damage and hopefully it can get thyme done in time for athletes returning for pre-season. if you recognize the pick up in that surveillance video or know anything at all call south whitehall township police. dawn timmeney fox 29 news. it's a celebrate abrasion 25 years in the making. the massive hero at the annual wawa hoe go day. >> talk about being at the right place at the right time. how major league umpire saved a woman's life. hey, ron. hey, lucy. sixers summer league mini camp tipped off today includes a home grown who did not expect to get the call. he'll explain to you how he was even able to make it here later in sports.
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frappé or shake for $2. small mcdonald's smoothie, how do you top a deal like that? ♪ hurry in, only at mcdonald's. ♪ ♪ don't call it a sub in our area. it's a hoagie. [ laughter ] >> today was wawa hoagie day. wawa marched in 6-ton hoagie this afternoon at the independence mall to celebrate
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its 25th anniversary of hoagie day. the mega zapped witch was served to the crowd and it was free. >> we have a really exciting event. besides just honoring hoagie day wee honor our local heroes, we have fire, police, uso troops. >> the hoagie was half italian, and half turkey. >> did you get your wawa app downloaded yet. >> i got to do that so i can order my hoagie and scoop it up and go. >> major league baseball umpire hailed a hero after he helped save a woman dangling off bridge. phone video shows the harrowing moments in pittsburgh yesterday. umpire john due pain was walking to his hotel when he saw that woman climb over the railing of the roberto clemente bridge. did he not miss a beat. grab the woman to keep her from falling. police rushed there and brought her down to safety. >> after she came back on the side, i went up to her, because she said you'll just forget me
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after this and i said no, i'll never forget you. this is -- this is, you know, this was -- unbelievable day and i'm glad to say that, you know, she can have another day with us and glad i was in the right place at the right time. this isn't about me. um, i appreciate this opportunity but i know this is just for her and people care about her. >> um-hmm. he was too shaken up to function. no he's the calm in the middle of the storm. think about what he does for living. he went right to work served as the home plate umpire for the pittsburgh pirates game last night. there you go. >> good for him. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority. kathy orr got in that plane and flu down the shore. let's take look at cape may. people getting ready for the july 4th weekend. it's going to be a long one. your forecast is 15 seconds aw away. ♪
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nothing wrong with being down the shore right about now. >> i know. beautiful in cape may. there's kathy. how you doing, kathy? >> oh, my gosh. you guys, it is so beautiful. it's windy down here. temperatures in the 70s. not like at home. so if you want to beat the heat, down the shore is the place to go. ocean water temperature only 65. so it's a little cool but guess what? you can work up a little bit of a sweat after he eat all that delicious shore food doing a little workout. how about boot camp on the bea beach? we'll talk more about this coming up in just a few minutes. but first let's talk some weather. ultimate doppler we have showers and some storms up threw new england and new york. but all of that is going to stay well to the north and we are going to stay in the heat. here's look at the probability of rain over the next couple of days. no issue for friday. saturday a few scattered showers in the afternoon. sunday looks great and so does monday. so right now at home 86 in philadelphia. 84 in trenton. pottstown 83. 85 in reading. little bit cooler down the shore
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with a sea breeze that's going to be with us through the holiday weekend. overnight tonight, philadelphia 71. trenton 70. wrightstown 69. atlantic city inland at the airport 69. down the shore this weekend, highs the next couple of days in the 70s but with the sea breeze it will feel cooler. it will be sweatshirt weather definitely in the evening and at night. rip current risk moderate to high because of the sea breeze. sunday 81. monday 79. the fourth looks great. that's not all always the case. 78 degrees down the shore. still breezy but a mostly sunny day for the holiday. and as we look at the seven day forecast, heat wave coming our way at home fourth of july 89. wednesday and thursday looking hot as well and the poconos temperatures in the 80s in the afternoon for the fourth and in philadelphia the high near 90 degrees for the fourth of july. and for the evening 83 for our fireworks. back here life, come on over. we're talking about boot camp on the beach. tell us about this. it's at congress hall, right.
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>> that's right this is one of the events we have at congress hall every day you can come out 8:00 o'clock in the morning and don our trainer will get you into shape. >> kids can come too. >> 12 and up usually welcome to come and whatever skill level don will have workout for you. >> okay. so i know that i'm a novice at this and i'm kind of out of shape. what about me? >> oh, definitely. everybody can join. >> are you sure sure? do you show me something really quick before we go. >> you can do the hurdles right here. do you want to try those. >> here we go guys. she's going to show me. >> there she goes. >> don't pull a ham me. >> that's right. >> all the way down. >> want to see what she's doing. >> all right. good. she got that. >> i'd topple over by now. >> good job. >> i give up. >> it was good. that was hard. >> thanks guys. >> come down the shore remember congress hall boot camp on the beach. >> the thing that was scary to me was the rabbit that was
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lifting waits earlier behind y you. did you see a large rabbit lifting waits behind you? >> that's the blue pig. >> oh. >> that's the mascot if you go to congress hall that's your mascot. >> it's a pig. >> i'm sorry. i saw big ears. eden see the snout. sorry. he's aqua. i love pigs. pigs are smart. all right. [ laughter ] >> rabbit, pig it's at the beach. i've never seen one at the beach. i thought it was a rabbit, too, lucy. >> big ears. >> yeah. >> anyhow. >> we're talking a little bit of if the ball. >> okay. >> and basketball. michael vick primarily still flinging it on the football field. honester day in his new league. nba new league for markelle fultz and today began his on court learning process as the sixers summer leaguers practice. hear from the number one overall draft pick next.
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♪ this summer in a place where flavor runs deep, any dish and every glass might be the best you've ever tasted as long as you don't forget your appetite. new york state. it's all here. it's only here. plan your trip to the finger lakes at
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♪ sixers season is about to begin. the summer season that is the number one focus during the first dave practice today in camden was the number one overall draft pick markelle fultz. we'll see fultz compete with sixers for the first time monday when they take on the celtic in the utah summer league he started today during the sixers summer league mini camp the process for him is underway he's already impressed coaches by asking questions and not assuming he has all the answers. so what is it this 19-year-old wants to learn in his first pro experience? >> everything. like i said, they have different plays and the way they play defense and i gist want to be the better player i can. in order to do i got to learn the plays to the best of my ability. if i don't know something i'm not hesitating that ask questions. >> what kind of questions was he asking about?
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>> just specific details. maybe about the plays or the offense or what he does after he passes the ball here. what should he be looking for and he was really good at picking something up just off a white board. among the participants at the minnow camp local guy who traveled from far away to come back home. lower merion high stand out and villanova national champ darrell reynolds explained how he got the call to may ball with his hometown team. >> i was in dubai. i'm so serious. i was about to go to bed. my agent was like -- 12:00 o'clock over there. my age teched me you need to get back asap. are you serious. >> he's like very much so. so got on the next flight and came up yesterday for practice and found out yesterday i'll be in the entire camp. >> long way back home. two of the most explosive eagles players ever back outfooled playing the game. non contact version of course. imagine michael vick and terrell owens as teammates. well, there's still in opposing sides in their new league as their teams met in the san jose debut the american flag football
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league. vick passed for 547 yards and eight touchdowns leading his team to 64-41 win over owens team. to also caught a pass for touchdown in that one. they say in this league catches on they'll look to start regular league next summer. when hardly anything is going on. try to fill that void. >> there is a big void in the summer. ron, thanks. >> cvs is one of the places you stop before day at the beach. the pharmacy chain is making some changes some of the things you've been buying may not be there any more. the store says it's for your own good. >> it's for my own good. >> that's what they say. >> i'm glad they're telling me what's for my own good. >> you'll have to fine out what it is at 10:00. >> i do love my cvs store, though. >> we'll see you back here at 10:00. inside edition is up next. have great night.
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president trump's shocking tweet. >> he sent a pretty vulgar tweet. >> he said her face was bleeding from a facelift? >> oh, my lord. >> and wait until you hear what melania had to say about the uproar. then, youtube stunt gone wrong. she opened fire, as he shielded himself with a book. the book was supposed to stop the bullet. >> it went through the book. >> and there's a pregnant mom behind the wheel. >> get out of the way. >> and she's mowing down the guy she says stole her purse. >> don't mess with a pregnant woman. >> plus, she found a bear in her garage. >> oh, my -- >> bear, ge


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